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Donations to Mooneyspace - Getting Supporter Status


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59 minutes ago, JoshK said:

I donated today however I’m not sure who/how to contact the OP to make sure it’s appropriately noted. Do I need to message anyone? 

Nope, it will take a couple days but it happens without needing to contact anyone.  Welcome!

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Nope, it will take a couple days but it happens without needing to contact anyone.  Welcome!

Great, thanks!

Things are looking good on me moving from a Piper Arrow into a Rocket. I was recommended to join here by several folks including a close friend who is in a 231, great place from what I’ve seen so far.

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On 9/18/2023 at 11:18 AM, missile said:

I mooniac58

I donated last week and am looking forward to my Supporter designation.  You must be busy I unsderstand and will check back occasionally.  Is it possible to PM me to let me know? thanks


John Lee

I donated sept 18 and am still waiting for my Supporter status did my dolation fail??  let me know


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On 11/22/2022 at 5:00 PM, mooniac58 said:

Hello all,

I figured I should update the 7 year old topic regarding donations to Mooneyspace and how to upgrade your membership to "Supporter" status since there has been some confusion regarding this shared with me lately.

Anyone that makes a donation of $10 or more will get Supporter status on the site for 12 months.   While $10 is the minimum more is always appreciated!  The average donation is $25 which seems to support the site nicely. In the past year we upgraded the hosting package to a dedicated virtual server at a 400% increase in hosting costs and the forum software we use has raised their subscription pricing many times over the years.  However, we have kept the same $10 minimum donation since 2009.

Supporter level will give you:

  • No ads on the website - note that you will still see ads when using Tapatalk as that is separate software from our forums.
  • Ability to post in our classified sections to list personal aircraft/parts/items for sale.  Note that this is *only* for personal items and we do not allow businesses to use the forums as a sales platform.
  • 5x Increased storage space for uploads such as attachments in your posts (1GB vs 200MB)

To donate you can use THIS LINK.  If you wish to mail a check or if the link does not work please send me a message on the site for my address or direct PayPal email address.

I would like to give a BIG thanks to all of the members here that have supported Mooneyspace over the past 13+ years.  It would never have been possible without YOU!




Is the link above still the easiest way to donate?

Just realized i've been "delinquent" re my mooneyspace dues and would like to rectify the situation :-)


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