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  1. I saw this on another forum. If not allowed, so be it. I’m always interested in doing business with people that have similar interests. It’s all about relationships and I’m typically closer with customers/vendors that like the same things as me. Topping that list, Mooney! In an effort to potentially connect with other Mooney flyers in a professional capacity, post below what you do for work! ************************************** I am in the trucking business. We operate in 48 states and Canada, specializing in oversized/overweight cargo. We typically haul industrial machinery, heavy equipment, silos, transformers, generators, asphalt plant equipment, as well as your typical flatbed freight.
  2. Roger that, I just came out of the hangar. Update is done. Easy peezy. From here on, I won't wait 9 versions later to keep it up to date.... Thanks for the help!
  3. @bradp I’m going to pull up the info tonight, but is a recalibration required when updating software?
  4. @bradp thank you for the helpful info. I believe the software is v2.4 if I recall correctly so there ya go... I’ll have to look into the install calibration. it came with plane, now have 150 hours with it and this is the first time I’ve suspected an error. thanks again, great feedback
  5. Hey guys, so I was flying today on a short hop home and had my Garmin G5 showing 10 degrees bank to the left while my vacuum driven AI and the visual horizon itself was reading straight and level. I had the Century ii on a heading bug, and the conditions were quite gusty, so I initially thought it might be banking into a Xwind a little, so I changed direction a little bit and moved around some, and same thing. After I landed, it was showing a very slight left bank on the ground. I turned the unit off and back on again and it seemed to recalibrate correctly. Anyone have experience with this? It was very annoying, during my instrument scan and essentially had to ignore it on approach. No big deal in VMC, but jeez, no bueno if the conditions are imc. Thanks for any input. I did have one thought, I cranked and taxied a little quicker than normal, since I only stopped briefly for lunch. It’s probably not the reason, but I thought maybe I started taxiing before it finished calibrating and it stayed jinxed up. Anyway, fire away. Thanks
  6. I’ve put KBOW on my calendar, try to join in.
  7. Mine was similar last year. Cut it in half putting time on the bird and getting the IR
  8. It never ceases to amaze me how common it can be for two separate issues to show up around the same time. After valiant attempts to prove they’re related, you just end up concluding it was just coincidence.
  9. @carusoam you da man! Water built up about 2” in front of the drain valve
  10. Hello friends, I just had my first experience with a pitot static failure. For the first time since I’ve owned my ‘77 J, I was forced to leave it outside. :( Had a little bit of rain, etc and it hung out on the ramp for 3 days. Hopped in to take off, airspeed came alive and kind of stuck at 55knots next thing I knew I was airborne so after cleaning up the airplane and keeping a shallow climb rate to build speed, it only climbed to about 68 - 70 knots. After confirming gear was up, flaps were up, I went to GPS ground speed which read about 115 knots so felt comfortable that it was indeed not reading correctly on IAS. Climb rate was showing crazy and altitude also acting erratic. Long story short, I went to alternate static and everything stabilized. Where do I start to trouble shoot? I did not see any obvious obstructions to pitot or static port, but it seems to me like there is blockage somewhere. Thanks for any feedback
  11. Just figure out how your going to cover the extra $30k now. You’re going to do it anyway, might as well consign to it now and be looking in the correct pool. =)
  12. Just curious, does anyone around here have Serial Number “1” for any model? I have a J, would be cool to have S/N 24-001.
  13. I’ve heard of people using LLC so they can sell the airplane by way of selling the LLC instead of the a/c and therefore, offering incentive to the new buyer that there will be no registration change and depending on your local situation, no sales tax. The biggest disadvantage to this is making sure that the LLC (the airplane) does not have any debt associated with it, which is difficult to confirm absolutely. You buy the LLC and you buy the LLC’s debt, if any.
  14. I hear a lot of people say things about insurance being higher and longer training, so get a Piper/Cessna, but it’s less talked about that the acquisition costs of buying two airplanes instead of one you’ll keep indefinitely probably exceeds the higher insurance/longer training time.