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  1. I went last year, cameras rolling, fun approach, came in too high, went around, good experience captured on film for review and discussion..... to find on review “memory card full”. Go pro stopped recording just prior to descent. Ugh. Take some pics for me so I can claim them as my own.
  2. While I appreciate the attempt at bringing traffic to the website, and promise of Mooney culture.... nothing is worse than advertising an intent and then completely failing to execute (sound familiar). Case in point, the full time Mooney of the month, the coffee mugs, and zero responses from Mooney on the form designed to interact. I understand it’s strange times and still working out the kinks of staffing etc but I’d have preferred a “website under construction” page for several months rather than a fall on face launch which seems so far, it’s just that.
  3. A friend of mine took their C177 Cardinal to annual inspection last month. They went to pick it up yesterday at the shop. After a thorough pre-flight inspection, the pilot noticed a noise when manipulating the elevator (stabilator). Upon closer inspection, this is what was found. Right out of "inspection". Y'all stay vigilant out there!!! IMG_9948.mov
  4. My original book got left in a back pack in the back of my truck when it rained, so I got a "new logbook" pretty early after it was water logged. LOL
  5. Welcome aboard JB. Lurker turned contributor. There are several similar posts of recent, people looking. All the usual responses. Good thing you’re retired, it will be a part time job of savage hunting. Quick on the hop, learn what you’re looking for as quickly as possible, go look at some to know what you’re NOT looking for. I spent 8 months hunting every day before mine popped up in 2018. Every day, 2-3 times per day, calling, writing, looking, emailing etc. knowing precisely (within reason) what your looking for helps. Or, hire a broker to do that work for you. That was my experience a
  6. The internet is not for finding answers, it’s for finding clues. You take those clues, test them against your own knowledge or findings, and verify against people/places/things that you trust.
  7. I have a G2 as well. Great product.
  8. I will have a life long resentment against AOPA finance. The banker they put me with said point blank “you can’t afford an airplane.” After lecturing him with a sharp tongue, I hung up on him, went thru EAA’s preferred vendors, had the money right away, and never missed a beat. I’ve also barred any banks that denied me capital loans in starting my business the opportunity of ever getting any of my future business. One of my petty grudges I choose to keep up. =) end rant
  9. The fact that FAA hasn’t made certification for modern engine gauges a simple process is one of the most frustrating things. Lose attitude indication- might die. Lose airspeed indication, might die. Auto pilot malfunction/trim, might die. Lose RPM reading, shrug shoulders and fix as soon as practical. Lose fuel level, same. Lose MP, same. Lose oil pressure, cautiously land. WTF? EDM 830- not certified. Insight products, etc etc. Tell me those aren’t as good as the trash still existing in the retro fleet. I’ll wait.
  10. No no, not the question of whether the sag is right or wrong. I have no clue. He asked about a good AP in Southeast FL.
  11. So what I’m reading is, the oil flows thru the oil cooler before being filtered? Also, what are the dotted lines on the prop governor? I can’t tell direction of flow. (The reason for my inquiry here is to determine the vulnerability of cam/tappet wear particles entering oil cooler or prop governor, or it filtration happens between the pickup and the 2 systems)
  12. I don’t think the AP question has been answered; I believe the AP of choice down there is Phil Jiminez. Or so I recall reading.
  13. @PT20J was this drawn before oil filters were standard? It doesn’t show it as part of the system, unless you should basically consider the screen as the filter?
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