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  1. @Flash I opted to replace with a WAT led beacon. Pricey, but brighter and I can’t hear the RF noise anymore.
  2. Is it just me or did others see this thread title and think it was going to be about Al Mooney's comments of comparison of the Mooney M20 to the Bonanza? ha ha ha
  3. I got the medeco from the source listed above. I ordered 2 extra keys when I ordered so I’d have extra on hand. Some also talk about using aluminum tape to tape a spare key inside the battery access panel. Then worst case you can open with a screwdriver and get to the spare. I’ve been lazy and haven’t felt a huge need to do that. But I do like the ability to drop off an extra key to my shop so they can get into the aircraft and I don’t have to track them down to go fly.
  4. I don't have the answer but I DO have the Precise Flight 100 series (original electric speed brakes). Here is the STC that at least shows when they were approved. Looks like late 1988, but I'm not sure what the 1991 revision was regarding.
  5. I think this boils down to if they pay out as a "total loss". In that case they give you the "total value" agreed upon in your policy and assume possession of the aircraft. I'm not sure what options you have to choose how a claim is processed...i.e. choose to have the aircraft repaired vs treated as a total loss, or is this completely up to the insurer? I'm sure there are situations where the cost to repair is less than total value however the total value paid out - amount from salvage and sale of parts is less than the repair. I've always heard to adequately cover your hull value adequately to protect your financial investment, but I guess maybe not necessarily protect that specific aircraft? Good first hand lesson from Malibu Flyer on YouTube...great aircraft, silly mistake/accident, underinsured hull (had completely updated interior, avionics and paint but didn't adjust insurance) with spar damage = significant financial impact. I guess some lessons you learn the hard way. Yikes! Have heard of other accidents here on MS where an aircraft hull value not increased and insurance "totaled" it and salvaged the aircraft. Kinda sad that way. Does the mere fact of having an insurance policy mean that the insurance company "owns" your aircraft?
  6. @Mooney_Allegro Nice! I told Hector that's a great nod to have a relatively modern interior being made even better!! (and it absolutely will be made even better)
  7. I believe this may be the same Whelen lens across models. PN 68-425006630 I attached the parts diagram for my wingtip (M20K). If I remember correctly they are around $130 and usually get broken when removing to replace bulb. If you search for led wing tip lens replacement you may come across more info. Can’t recall the thread off top of my head.
  8. I had a two week slot, but missed it by a month with the Mooney in the shop. Took right around 2.5 wks; due to weather/schedule I picked it up 3 weeks after drop off.
  9. Glare shield repair and covering, yokes, seats, carpet, ultraleather cover the plastics and side panels, headliners, placards, compass post, rudder boots...pretty much any of the interior besides the panel. They can also repair seats, arm rests, lumbar supports, etc. They replaced one of the plastic knobs on my pilot seat that had broken.
  10. Picked up the Mooney from San Antonio and Hector and crew do amazing work! Due to other work my drop off was delayed and fortunately Aero Comfort worked with me and still got me in. Hector was easy to work with and made the process straightforward and helped with choices where I was waffling. I have pilot O2 connections on headliner so he suggested O2D2 pocket in copilot seat back and this is a great place for it! Easy to access, allows clean tube mgmt, and has easy to pull out and adjust from pilot seat. If you’re looking for price, reach out to Hector for latest pricing sheet. All aspects of work is priced as package or individually so very transparent pricing and no surprises. He can do it all or just what you need. Thanks Hector and crew for saving me from maroon madness! Seats are just as comfortable as they are beautiful!
  11. I've been using an XL moving blanket from Harbor Freight. Inexpensive and works well. Not quite as much loft as a sleeping bag, but much larger size wise and I can fold it to fit and add layers. But I'm in a hangar and don't have to worry about wind blowing the blanket off or flapping back and forth underneath straps. If I were outside in the elements I'd probably opt for a custom cover like Bruce's. https://www.harborfreight.com/80-in-x-144-in-extra-large-double-sided-moving-blanket-58062.html
  12. When I did the PROTE at BJC there was an attendant on oxygen inside the enclosure with us, 5 pilots going though the chamber, a person on a microphone outside asking questions and running the equipment and about 3 people standing around watching. We weren't locked inside, we had demand oxygen masks in our laps, and we were monitoring our pulse ox the entire time. Instruction was at 5 minutes everyone put on masks OR sooner if you were at 60% or lower, had more then 3 symptoms of hypoxia, or if one of the instructors told you to put on mask. @kortopates They said the idea behind brief time and not below 60% was to avoid hypoxia amnesia where you don't remember your experience. The instructor outside asked everyone a question at some point (i.e. what are the forces of flight, what is a typical glide slope angle, etc.) and then instructed you to write a 3 and circle it. Then on the debrief they asked what number you had circled and do you remember what that represents? One guy was clueless and honestly couldn't remember being asked a question. We had a sheet with crossword puzzle, math problems, and a maze to do "in your free time" but everyone had to write down their symptoms every min on the min (1/2/3/4/5). they had write ins as well as typical symptoms (color saturation, nausea, headache, tingling, air hunger, tired/fatigue, etc.) Never once did I feel the process was dangerous or unsafe. On the contrary, my experience was very well run. At 5 minutes I was at 70%, felt a little overtired (just finished a night shift) type feeling/dull, felt a slight need to take deeper breaths, and some slight tingling. So if I feel dull and overtired that's my cue to consider oxygen and check my pulse ox. Highly recommend all pilots do this, even the normally aspirated guys can get high enough to have problems! Plus it's good to know your hypoxia symptoms in case there may be something else at play (i.e. CO). CO may show normal pulse ox reading...so if it doesn't add up, maybe head down.
  13. Interesting. I'll have to check my voltage as I'm not sure...M20K Encore, MSM schematic (25-2001 thru 25-2012) looks like it has a resistor but not marked regarding specs. 28V system; but not sure the voltage on the recogs. Where is the resistor located? at the wing tip vs. accessible from inspection panel? I have a set on pre-order from @OSUAV8TER.
  14. @Marauder ya it's a great unit and worked well. I would have kept it but the GFC500 said "homie don't play dat" ha ha. So G5 in, ESI500 out. I think that pricing on the G5/GI275 vs pricing of a new ESI500 are off enough that I may have to just price it as a used G5 to sell it...or keep it for now. Great standby and pretty easy to use when I'd play partial panel.
  15. I did a PROTE event last year that was hosted at one of the flight schools down at Metro (KBJC). It was free, took about 20 min start to finish and was just a 5 min trip in the portable chamber with 27,000ft simulated oxygen. It was basically to expose you to hypoxia and see what type of symptoms and pulse ox at 1/2/3/4/5 minute marks. I found out about this through the Colorado Pilot’s Association, not the FAA. So they’re still up and running. Perhaps it just takes a site to request and host it?? Maybe send an email to CPA and see if they know who to contact. I would love to take the FAA aeromedical physiology class in OKC. It sounds move involved and covers more information than just a hypoxia chamber. So if you find out more, post up! It’s on my aviation bucket list.
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