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  1. I have a couple of pair of these from Dual eyewear. I like them. They are light, comfortable and only cost 70 bucks.
  2. Well, this is a first for me. Floating across Texas is a Balloon being tracked on Flightaware. It shows it doing a whopping 15 mph at 58,300 feet!!!! This is the company flying this balloon. From their website: Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, delivering connectivity to people in unserved and underserved communities around the world.
  3. I would also think it was more for ground operations. When in cruise flight at a high altitude (In an Ovation you are probably cruising above 10,000 into the teens) it is already nice and cool outside so no need for the A/C. Although, here in Texas last weekend I went for a flight and it was 90 degrees at 4000 feet. Could have used something then.
  4. $1515.00 This included the muffler, all tubing including all risers etc... There are probably less expensive shops out there but I felt good with this price and the work they did was quality work.
  5. Some of you have been following along on another thread about my woes with a hot cylinder. Well, we have that sorted out finally. But while they had the airplane for many months troubleshooting the cylinder issue they removed the exhaust and the photos show what they found....I should rephrase....what they didn't find in the exhaust. I have also included the after fixing it images as well. It is about 98% new. There was not much they could use. I post this because the shop did a really nice job on my exhaust and at what I thought was a reasonable price.
  6. Just out of the 60’s how many Mooneys would be on the assembly line at one time? I am just curious because this Mooney’s serial # is 2318 and mine is 2324.
  7. The EDM 900 did replace all of my other engine instruments as a primary.
  8. I am not exactly sure but I can find out for you. Not sure if they are working on July 4th. They usually work on Saturday but not sure about this Saturday.
  9. An update on my hot cylinder #3. The mechanic working on this issue stuck with it. He checked everything. Baffling, timing, borescope, plugs, etc, etc....if you read my previous posts it gives you an idea of what we were going through. I took all advice from the forum to him as well and nothing was making a difference. JPI has been closed due to coronavirus. But my mechanic was able to get a hold of the tech that he usually works with. Turns out on some Lycoming cylinders there is an issue with the way the CHT probe fits in the cylinder. I do not know the exact issue but it has something to do with spot for the probe being bored too deep and the probe does not sit in the right spot. It has happened enough times that JPI has a fix for it. They put in a special sleeve and a spacer. Viola...the CHT on #3 was in line with the others and never went above 370 on take off. It was going up to 470 before the fix. I had emailed back and forth twice with JPI and told them my issue and they never once mentioned this. They said to me that no way it could be the monitor or the probe. Too bad. Could have saved hours and hours of labor. So while I do not know the specifics on what happened, I put this out there just in case anyone else has the same issue. But I am very happy now. Plane is running cool and it is happy as well. Thanks to everyone who offered help with this.
  10. I think first difficulty would be finding one. Take this for what its worth, there are 15 registered with the FAA, not sure about Canada, and of those only 2 of them have shown up on as to having been flown recently. One on 6/28/20 and one on 6/4/20. All the others have not flown since 2018 and older. The same gentleman that flew on 6/28/20 actually owns 2 M22's according to the FAA but the second one has not flown in a few years, probably used for parts.
  11. Paul did analyze this data through Savvy. They pressurized the induction system and found no leaks anywhere. But I will revisit that as well with them. Thanks.
  12. I did not do any of the work. It was done by a shop here at my airport. The cylinder was overhauled, not new. In previous posts I mentioned that it has been borescoped and everything looked fine. After continued flying they then removed the cylinder and visually inspected it and the piston and the rings and anything else they could see and all looked great including the cylinder and walls. No signs of any damage, scoring or anything.