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  1. Thanks for the response. There is a jam nut in the other side. I removed it to get the photo since it broke right at the nut. I had two on one side and one on the other. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for that. I thought about it as well and found some at McMaster Carr but I am unsure of the thread size. Any easy way to measure that? Also, there is not an alignment problem. The stop block has some play in it and can be move slightly side to side to realign the cable pieces.
  3. I have a 63 C model. As you can see in the photos, the trim indicator cable broke at the threaded part near the stop block (left side of the block). Anyone have a creative way to fix this? I called an MSC but I don’t think they understood what happened. They said just pull out the wire and thread in new wire. They gave me a Mooney part number but said it was just piano wire. That does not look like piano wire to me. Any thoughts? Thanks. I looked in the parts catalog and the maintenance manual but could not see this cable in there anywhere.
  4. That is pretty cool. You'll put the rubber band companies out of business.
  5. They have lots on Amazon at very small quantities. This one for instance... Amazon.com: InterDynamics Certified Auto Pro Oil and Fuel System UV Dye Leak Detection for Cars & Trucks & More, 1 Oz, 374CS, Universal : Automotive As well as others in small quantities.
  6. @00-Negative On another thread on Mooneyspace, someone mentioned that planexhaust.com (They said PlaneExhaust.net but that does not seem to exist) was able to make them a down pipe in an hour and get it to them the next day. Maybe they can do something for you and still help you make it to the Bahamas. Although with July 4th upon us, that may be difficult.
  7. Added to my checklist...."Check Fuel Selector for Rocks"
  8. If your concern is with Beryl then go to the National Hurricane Center website. They have the storm tracking much farther south than Galveston and it will hit more towards Corpus Christi, South Padre and northern Mexico. You may get some rain and wind but according to the NHC it is not going to hit Galveston. Although that could change because landfall isn’t predicted until Sunday. If your concern is generally for any hurricane that may hit Galveston, head up to DFW. When the Texas Coast gets a hurricane, we barely get a rise in wind and maybe a drop or two.
  9. I think I would transition into something that allowed me access to remote airstrips and mountain airstrips to visit places in the US that are not accessible by Mooney due to unimproved runways, etc..
  10. Don Maxwell at KGGG is only about an hour to hour and a half away (depending on wind and model of Mooney) from Little Rock as the Mooney flies.
  11. If any of you guys with a Pre-201 Mooney, have not had a chance to read this Valuation Guide, it is worth the read. Just full of a ton of information that I was not aware of about my Mooney. Mr. Garrison really put a lot of effort and time into this and the research effort shows. It is a great read and worth the time. I suggest getting one if you can.
  12. If your new airplane is a Mooney, congratulations and let us know what year and model so people on the forum know what you may be looking for. However, if your new airplane is the 182Q Skylane that you have on your avatar then you may want to check out a different forum for parts.
  13. I feel this way with just about every thread on Mooneyspace....
  14. This is the one I ordered. Tempest Lycoming Fuel Pumps New | Aircraft Spruce It was about $300 less than the Lycoming Brand pump.
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