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  1. If what you are talking about is what I have circled in red then I think that is his compass deviation card taped to the side of his compass. I don't think it is electronic. It is taped over giving it a reflective quality but not electronic.
  2. Well, I am taking the course in San Marcos this year. I am looking forward to it and flying into Oshkosh with the Caravan. I was supposed to do the clinic last year then Covid hit. I was also part of the Caravan XIII (The Phantom Caravan) during the 2010 Shloshkosh that was so wet and rainy the Caravan could not get in.
  3. If you are considering the Caravan and have not done the formation clinic then you need to do that first before flying in the caravan. There is one in San Marcos, Tx the weekend of May14-16th. Go to www.mooneycaravan.com. It looks like the clinic in San Marcos has some spots left.
  4. Just for curiosity sake. In the photo that I attached, it looks like the area circled in red has been bent somehow allowing it not to seat flush and there seems to be a crack in the skin (area circled in blue) that possibly has been stop drilled at some point. Is that accurate or am I looking at the photo wrong?
  5. I don't think anyone here will fault you for good, sound aeronautical decision making. With your three reasons given, any one of those would be satisfactory for me to cancel the flight. I think you are making a good decision.
  6. I think the kicker for me in this poll is the you have to pay all the expenses part of the poll. I really like the Piper M600. But I don't want anything to do with the expenses of inspections and maintenance on a turbo prop. So that wipes out all turbo props for me and really anything with a jet engine. I have heard of the number of zeros needed on the check to maintain these things and just can't do it. I have also seen first hand the fuel bill for a Premier Jet and that would wipe out any chance of flying again for months. So I think I would stick with my beloved Mooney product and
  7. I recall Bill Wheat talking about the Mooney twin. He flew it and said it flew like a dream. I would expect nothing less from a Mooney product though.
  8. There are two nice looking E-models for sale on controller.com and 4 available on trade-a-plane.com. Two places to get you started. You may also want to enquire with gmaxamericanaircraft.com and see what they may have. Let them know what you are looking for and see what they can do for you.
  9. This could be possibly something to use. It is through the FAA. I think it is free unlike blocking at the user level on Flightaware which costs a minimum of $600/yr. LADD (faa.gov) They go through the requests monthly on the 1st Thursday of each month. So depending on when you submit your request, it could take a month to see it go into effect. A quote from the website: FAA Source With the FAA source option, your aircraft data is limited to FAA use only. No FAA flight data will be available to external vendors. If you are considering limiting data at FAA Source, FAA
  10. Here is a copy of the data table form the AFM on my 1963 C model.
  11. I have the takeoff data for my 1963 C model that is in the Airplane Flight Manual. It has data for 5000' and 7500' for takeoff and climb. I have also flown out of a couple of airports that were above 5000' as well. What is it that you are looking for?
  12. Nothing in this reply tells me that you are dealing with an owner who loves his airplane. It sounds more like a guy who cannot afford the airplane now, or never could afford it, or circumstances changed where he cannot take care of it. This is not someone who loves this airplane. Someone who loves the plane would either do what it takes to keep the airplane in good condition (in annual, etc...) or sell it before it became "dirty and stinky with disaster lurking...." not someone that would fly with reckless abandon and fly out of annual etc... I may be wrong, never having met the owner, but
  13. I have the POH for 1964 310. It does not specify the actual model (A, B, C....) Would that help or not? Its PDF format.
  14. Something like this online calculator works well also....Takes the math out of it for you....unless you just like math. True Airspeed Calculator VIA GPS (csgnetwork.com)
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