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  1. Greg Ellis

    Moving to Fort Worth area - Fall 2018

    I am based at Fort Worth Spinks (KFWS). As others have said it all depends on where you will live and how close you want to be to your plane. Other good choices are a Meacham (KFTW), Alliance (KAFW), Hicks (T67), and a little farther west is Parker County (KWEA). There are plenty of choices depending on your location. If I can be of any help let me know. I have lived in Fort Worth for 40 years.
  2. Greg Ellis

    Tie down anchors for Oshkosh

    I use the claw and it has always been good. Takes a few minutes to set up but locks into the ground very well.
  3. Greg Ellis

    Back to #MooneyZoom for this girl

    I used to do a lot of flights for Pilot's N Paws. Not so much anymore. But I spoke to a veterinarian who said that dogs ears are very sensitive to high pitch (like the dog whistles that humans cannot hear). The low pitch noises in a cockpit from an engine apparently will not bother their ears at all and covering them is really not necessary. I fly with my own dogs all the time and they have never needed ear protection. In fact they are usually asleep by the time I taxi to the run-up area.
  4. Where in the DFW area are you located? I am at FWS (Fort Worth Spinks). If you want to take a look at a C model sometime let me know. I have owned my C model for 12 years. No autopilot and just got WAAS navigation 2 weeks ago (complete avionics overhaul for ADS-B and more). I flew IFR for 12 years and never really needed it. I have never needed an autopilot either but now would like one after 12 years.:) Let me know if I can help you at all. Welcome to the wonderful world of a Mooneys.
  5. Greg Ellis

    rubber fuel tank caps for early mooneys

    I tried a Shaw cap on my 63 C model. the latch sits up too high and the locking door that covers the fuel cap would not close. Make sure you get a measurement on how tall the latch sits before buying.
  6. Greg Ellis

    Doghouse Parts Source

    Air forms in Alaska made a new one for me. Closer tolerances than the old one and I saw better cooling immediately.
  7. Greg Ellis

    Cut two mooneys in half...

    Just an FYI.... the twin Mustang never saw service in WWII. It was, however, used by SAC, Air Defense Command, and also used in the Korean war.
  8. Greg Ellis

    ADS-B Out Compliant and then some!!!

    Affordability right now. I got an amazing deal on the 530W (I assume that is what you are talking about) and there was a limited amount of money to spend on this project so I had to allocate it where I could and not go all in on one part of the project. The GPS was not even going to happen at all until I got the deal I did. The Garmin GTX 345 was satisfactory for the ADS -B compliance but when they offered me the deal I just took it. Tough to spend more than the plane is worth on avionics but we plan on keeping the airplane for a while to come. Would a new GTN or Avidyne have been nice, yes of course, but it just was not in the budget at this time. And unlike some other folks and their planes, looking at what I have been flying with for 12 years, a GPS box from 20 years ago is like brand new to me.
  9. Greg Ellis

    ADS-B Out Compliant and then some!!!

    It has been years since I have been back. My wife wants to visit some time so if we are in the area I will let you know well before hand. Most of my family other than my immediate family (Mom, Dad, sister, brother, etc..) have passed so I don't visit family up there any more. I do want to come see the area soon though. I am sure it is completely different than I remember.
  10. Greg Ellis

    ADS-B Out Compliant and then some!!!

    Thanks. I was able to take a few showers in between photos.
  11. Greg Ellis

    ADS-B Out Compliant and then some!!!

    Thank you.
  12. Greg Ellis

    ADS-B Out Compliant and then some!!!

    Thanks very much.
  13. Greg Ellis

    ADS-B Out Compliant and then some!!!

    Thanks. I notice you are from Burlington, ON. I was born in Hamilton but my Godparents lived in Burlington. My whole family is from Canada however we moved to Texas back in 1977 when I was 8 years old.
  14. Greg Ellis

    ADS-B Out Compliant and then some!!!

    The avionics shop said there should not be a problem with installing another G5 above the HSI. I, however think they may have to cheat a little and widen the top of the hole to fit it in and the bracket around the G5 will cover up the enlarged hole. I did not install one this go around for a couple of reasons. One, is I now essentially have 3 Attitude indicators. The vacuum one, the electric one and the G5 HSI can be changed back to an attitude indicator by a couple of clicks of a knob. And the other reason is a long shot but I am hoping that Garmin gets their act together and certifies the GFC 500 digital autopilot for Mooneys next year. If so, that will be my next install and it can run off a G5 Attitude indicator that I would install then along with the autopilot. This is a LASAR panel. They had them in stock and were at a great price compared to other people that wanted to design them from scratch. Even though LASAR told me that it should not require modification, it did. They had to shave off some from the upper left side of the left panel to get it to fit properly as well as take off some from along the bottom. The right panel was a blank with no holes cut in from LASAR. It also had to be modified slightly in size. I have a back up AI on the left lower where you could fit a clock there.
  15. Greg Ellis

    ADS-B Out Compliant and then some!!!

    Nothing planned as of yet.