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  1. You are correct. I should have added if you want the GPS and Comm in one unit. Forgot that part.
  2. So, the photos are of my 1963 C model. We have owned the airplane for over 12 years. Instead of paying for a wedding, my wife and I bought the airplane, flew it out to Santa Fe from Texas and eloped in Taos, New Mexico. Photos are of the original paint, new paint, original panel and new panel. Well, the photos got out of order but you get the gist.
  3. Probably not since as was said earlier, the 175 and 375 are GPS only and the 430/530 are GPS/Comm. So if you only need a GPS then they are a good thing. But if you need the comm as well, you are right back with the Garmin 430/530/650/750 or the Avidyne products.
  4. I just went on to the STEC website and the 3100 is not certified for Mooney aircraft yet according to their website. It is apparently in the works but not yet certified. However, according to the website the cost to change from an STEC 30 to a 3100 will probably be far less than changing out to a GFC500.
  5. I have purchased a few things through E-bay. Mainly inexpensive equipment for my dental office. Laboratory handpieces, etc... things that do not need to be shiny new because they are not used with patients, etc... I have never had an issue with E-bay. I know what I am getting into and I know the chances that I am taking by purchasing on E-bay and not directly from my dental supply company or the manufacturer. I recently purchased a Garmin GNC 300XL GPS/Comm off of e-bay. It worked as advertised which was great. I did so because either I did it or my avionics shop was going to do it. They purchase used avionics off of e-bay all the time when they are extremely hard to find or the manufacturer has stopped producing/supporting the instrument such as the GNC 300XL. I knew I was taking a chance but I also knew it was about the only place I could get this unit. It works and worked out fine. But I do not go to E-bay expecting brand new even when it says it is. I am trying to understand why, if it were me, I would expect Bose to do anything about this. They had nothing to do with this guy on e-bay, how he got the headsets, and they obviously were not brand new. I think if I were Bose I would have said the same thing. I am sorry but there is nothing we can do for you other than charge you to fix it. Which is what they did. I think my beef would be with the seller but good luck on collecting on that. And the OP mentioned legal action. Well, I think I would just pay Bose the $250 and have them fix it. I am not sure what you paid for the headsets (hopefully far less than new from Bose) but just consider yourself fortunate and sleep well at night knowing that you will have 4 functioning headsets. Your "legal action" would probably cost far more than the price of the 4 headsets including the repair.
  6. I took a look at Garmin's website and it looks like they will be starting work on the Pre-J models within the next 12 months. I am happy to hear this. I originally thought they were stopping with just the J's and up. I have been flying my C model for over 12 years without an autopilot, not even the PC wing leveler. It has been fun shooting approaches to minimums without an autopilot after 4 hour IMC cross countries but it is time for me to cave and get something and it is nice to hear Garmin is working towards that. Thanks for this pirep.
  7. I bought some placards from when I did my new panel. They may have what you need and if not they may be able to make them for you. Not sure.
  8. I just want to chime in here and say how great it is to have someone lurking and posting on our forums with the weather knowledge that Scott has. I appreciate that he is willing to chime in with his advice and education on our forum. Thanks Scott for hanging around here. I have learned an incredible amount of information from his avwxworkshops website and forums as well as his app WeatherSpork. I am not trying to plug his stuff. I am just passing along great information for other fellow Mooney pilots to check out if they did not already know it existed. If you want to learn more about weather and its affects on your flying check out his website and app.
  9. Just putting in a second for the door seal remover from knots2u. It worked very well when I changed out the cabin door seal and baggage door seal on my plane.
  10. That is a good idea although the mechanic said that nothing was fused and when he took this part of the exhaust off it came apart pretty easy at the slip joints. But it is a good idea non the less. Thanks.
  11. This is our 1963 C model. Photos of the before and after paint, you be the judge as to which is which. Panel was recently done last year.
  12. There was a slight smell of just the exhaust but my CO monitor did not alarm nor did it show any change at all. It was not being run LOP because my O-360 with the carburetor won't even come close to LOP.
  13. I just got the plane back yesterday. Flew it from Columbia MO back to Fort Worth Texas. Plane flew very well. I just wanted to give a Pirep to a great shop at the Columbia Regional Airport (KCOU) if anyone ever needs help. Columbia Avionics were awesome. They fit me right into their extremely busy schedule, had me diagnosed and parts ordered the very day I had the problem and got me fixed in a very timely manner. They even made room in their already full hangar to keep me out of the unbearably cold weather up there. I cannot say enough about them and how great they treated me.
  14. I do have a CO monitor on board. It is a very sensitive monitor and not just one of the cards that changes color. It never showed anything nor did the alarm go off. I got an occasional smell of exhaust in the cabin but no where near what you would expect. Just an occasional odor. As far as the CHT levels, I am not sure. But they were much colder than the other 3 cylinders. The big difference was of course the EGT on this cylinder being very cold compared to the others. I was not able to download the data. I was scrambling to speak to the mechanics, get to my meeting and then get an airline flight after my meeting. I caught the last flight out of Columbia to DFW for the day. I really did not have the time to even think about things let alone get the data. I will download the flight when I return.
  15. I use the Knots2U/Aircraft Door seals (same company) version. It mounts on the cabin door. The key is keeping it lubricated with silicone grease. I have tried the one that mounts on the airframe. Stay away from it. It will get screwed up the first time someone tries to slide into or out of the airplane.