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  1. Well it is sort of. Just about every lake of any size in Texas is man made by damming a river. The only one that was naturally formed was Caddo Lake which was formed by a log jam called the Great Raft that dammed the Red River naturally but then later was cleared and a man made dam was put in place.
  2. About 2 weeks ago I was up for an early morning flight. It was quite cold, at least for North Central Texas. It was in the mid 30's. I took these two photos. The first photo is of a discharge lake for a power plant. Notice the low cloud and fog formation that takes the exact shape of the lake. The water must have been much warmer due to the discharge than the air just above it. The second photo is of Lake Granbury which is only about 5 miles north of the first lake, photo taken on the same day just a minute or 2 apart. It is not a discharge lake so the water was a lot colder and thu
  3. So........where ya goin'? Or is it a surprise?
  4. Aircraft Spruce has those as well. You may want to compare prices and shipping costs although Spruce is usually proud of their shipping.
  5. Before, during, after and a photo of most of the old wiring that was removed. Some of this wiring were live wires that were not attached to anything!!! Just added to as the years went on and never removed.
  6. Yep, that is what I tried to do. That drop down menu is greyed out and cannot be selected so no drop down occurs allowing me to change it.
  7. Interesting. I go to mine and edit it and it lists A/B/C/D/E/G under aircraft model and does not allow it to be changed. It is not limited to the carb'd short bodies as you say. I also changed the mags from Bendix to Slick and saved it yet it did not save. I went back in and they were back to Bendix.
  8. They lump the A/B/C/D/E/G together and does not allow me to separate mine out to just the C model? Is this correct? Are you keeping all those models lumped together?
  9. Interesting. I am 6'2" and 240# and I fit very comfortably in my 63 C model. I am a good ways away from the instrument panel.
  10. I knew Earl Kirkpatrick. He had his hangar 2 doors down from mine. We would speak quite often and he always made time for everyone. We were usually early birds out at the airport on Fridays and Saturdays. We would stop and have a short conversation about flying, etc... and then go about our business. He took it upon himself to get to know each and every pilot that was on our Southwest side of the airport. He was a good man and will be missed.
  11. On controller.com there are 11 MU2’s for sale. 4 of them are the 3 blade variety.
  12. I can only speak of Weep No More. Paul Beck is fantastic at what he does and I could not recommend him more highly. He was also very helpful in teaching me how to properly replace the side windows in my airplane. He will go out of his way to help.
  13. It would be interesting to know if any of the Mooneys in the advertisements are currently still flying and if so...a long shot... are any of them owned by members of Mooneyspace?
  14. I had a patient a few years ago who worked for Mooney for a short while back in the late 70's or so. He found out I owned a Mooney and gave me this photo. It is now framed in my office. It is an original photo from the Mooney factory of an M22 Mustang over West Texas.
  15. I do not get telemarketing calls but I do get something about once every week or two in the mail asking for donations for the foundation.
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