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  1. @KLRDMD may be able to provide some insight here. He has owned both Mooneys and a V-Tail Bonanza but I am unsure what year his V-Tail was.
  2. My 63 C has one. Not sure if it was stock or added later. Was there when I bought the airplane 16 years ago. I have read through all the old logbooks and don’t recall reading an install entry but that was a long time ago.
  3. In my C model, I paid about $28,000. And that also included a G5, a mid continent charger/clock, a new altimeter, a new copilot side panel, removal of all vacuum components, and the parts and labor for everything including the autopilot with servos. I think I would shop around if I were you.
  4. I’ll second EzWxbrief. Excellent source for weather and weather planning. And his YouTube videos every weekday morning are excellent if planning a trip or just want to learn about weather.
  5. A shop in Clovis, New Mexico. My hands were tied. Forced landing in Clovis. Only shop on the field recommended Western Skyways.
  6. If in my own airplane, I usually entertain myself much like @Hank. I monitor the airplane, watch the world go by outside. Continuously plan on where I would go if I had an engine failure, etc... I don't listen to music, I don't read the newspaper (some may know what that is...) And, much like @Hank I am convinced that somehow ATC knows what is happening in my cockpit. It is amazing how they clear you to a certain altitude and wait until you bring the MP brack, bring the RPM back to cruise and then and not until you have set up for cruise, will clear you to climb to your next or final altitude. I think it happens all the time.
  7. Yes. I can see it as well.
  8. My only comment is that I had an engine from Western Skyways put into my airplane and had a lot of problems with it. I know lots of people use Western Skyways and have never had anything but great things to say about them, but that is not the case for me and I probably will never use them again. And I will just leave it at that.
  9. You should be able to go to the actual graph of the flight on Savvy and cut and paste the URL that is at the top of the page here. That should give access to everyone to see the flight.
  10. You mentioned in your original post that you are using Savvy to help out with this purchase. I would suggest that you contact them on how best they like to proceed for a smooth outcome. Mike Busch has written many a writeup about how the buyer went out of order to get an airplane and Savvy had to try to fix issues that should never have been issues to begin with. So, I would consult with them first and see what they say. If you are a Savvy customer then you are paying for their service to help you out so use it.
  11. I would be surprised if it did. If it was announced, I think it would have been reported on Mooneyspace.com by someone seconds after the announcement. Could be wrong though but with so many waiting for it I would think it would have been posted by now.
  12. As always, we expect, nay....demand photos!!!!
  13. Looking forward to going to your talk on Tuesday at Airventure on the Dangers of Low-Topped Convection.
  14. I think he was saying that the filter on the front of the cowl will clog with wet snow. Carb heat does not affect this since it is on the front of the cowl and not in the carb venturi inlet where ice can form as well.
  15. This past weekend, there was a grass fire south of my house. I live in between what was the grass fire and the closest lake large enough to supply the very cool Air Tractors that helped control the fire. These guys are based close to where I live and I had no idea. They were awesome. Flying extremely low over my house for about an hour. Four in total.
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