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  1. And kudos for him for flying his plane and not becoming the passenger along for the ride. A Chute pull totals the Cirrus I believe. His plane, after repair of the engine, meant the plane lived to fly another day. And he was uninjured. I have heard that the landing under the chute is not an easy one and could be quite violent with possible injury. He was able to walk away without a scratch.
  2. Just checking if you saw this earlier in this discussion. The OP says this was him.
  3. I will be there with one other. Greg and Sam. Thanks.
  4. Also, just be mindful of the fact that if you are purchasing an aircraft at this time be wary of the ADS B mandate coming up in a few short months (unless the FAA extends it which they swear they are not going to). This aircraft is not ADS B out compliant. You would need to budget that into your purchase as well as the time that it would take to do it since a lot of shops are getting backed up from what I hear. Just a couple of things to consider if you plan on purchasing before the end of the year.
  5. Thanks. I am enjoying the panel. LPV approaches are great. Now just need an autopilot.
  6. All of the work was done at Fort Worth Spinks by Cam Aircraft. Cliff Millican is the owner. I can look up the other info for you. They are not cheap. In fact probably very expensive when compared to others. But the work was done well, I think. I was kept in the loop the whole time. They cleaned up a bunch of very old wiring. Some were live wires leading no where. So I have all new wiring along with the new panel. They assigned one guy to my plane except for the install of the EDM sensors etc where the Head A&P/IA did that work. I will PM you with the specifics in the next couple of days. Currently I am away from that information.
  7. Don Kaye wrote about a spin that he got into.
  8. There are photos of the one with the gear collapse here when it was being salvaged.
  9. A quick search of the planes that are still registered with the FAA shows that according to, 2 of them have flown within the last 7 months, One was last flown in 2018 and one last flown in 2017.
  10. That is a really good question. The FAA website shows 15 in their US Database all with current registrations and all but one have been renewed into 2021 or 2022. However, a deeper dive on some of these shows them not to have flown in a long time. One of them had a last reported flight on Flightaware 24 years ago!!! Did not know they kept a history of flights since before the website existed. But I am sure with a little research you could probably track down at least the number in the United States that are flying. Sorry this does not help much but may be a place to start your research.
  11. 1963 C model. This is a photo of my elevator with the trim in T/O position. Compared to Chris Calandro, mine is pretty even with the horizontal stabilizer.
  12. I also burp my tanks when I am filling and set the EDM 900 to 48 gals (1963 M20C). When a lineman fills from a fuel truck I just add the amount they fill on the EDM 900 because they never burp the tanks nor do they even make it to the top sometimes. This seems to be quite accurate for my airplane.
  13. Hard 8 in Stephenville got rid of their golf cart. They will however send someone to the airport to pick you up if you call the restaurant when you arrive. They are very happy to do that.
  14. Well... as long as this has turned into a Pirep Page for good avionics shops, I will put in my 2 cents for a shop at Fort Worth Spinks Airport in Fort Worth Texas. Cam Aircraft did a great job on my panel upgrading from the original shot gun panel to ADS-B In/Out, new GPS, G5, new audio panel, and EDM 900. They did a clean install. They assign one guy to your airplane and yours alone. He does not jump around between jobs. He did a really great job and followed up on the one problem I had after the install. They are probably one of the most expensive shops in the area but they deliver for the price.
  15. You are correct. I should have added if you want the GPS and Comm in one unit. Forgot that part.