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  1. I agree with this. I would not do the check ride in the simulator. You are just trying to get the rating. That is not a time to simulate it better than real world. Get your rating then use the simulator to practice, practice, practice emergencies that can be set up as they would happen in real life. Partial panel in the check is nothing compared to how it happens in real life so don't put the added stress on yourself. Set yourself up for success then use the simulator to practice the real life emergencies. Back in the early 2000's when I got my Instrument rating, the only simulator available to me was an old Frasca simulator that had just the yoke and instrument panel. Nothing out the view screen. The instructor could program things in the simulator but pretty rudimentary. However, I remember my first time in it, my instructor failed the attitude indicator. I followed the tumbling gyro right to the scene of the crash. I will never forget it and it solidified it for me how important it was to practice partial panel and emergencies.
  2. I liked President George W Bush Please do not start a political debate or this thread will be shut down immediately, I'm sure). But one of my pet peeves of his was his pronunciation of Nuclear. He would pronounce it Nucular. Where in the word NUCLEAR do you see the extra U that would cause one to pronounce it Nucular? Used to bug the crap out of me. Then I found out that particular pronunciation is listed in Merriam Webster as a variation in pronunciation of the word. I still can't stand it. Not sure of they had it in there all the time or added it because the President used it...
  3. Having a wife that has grown up in aviation helped me a lot. However, we had the discussion that sometimes we may not know if we are going until the day before and sometimes we may not know what time we are going until the day of. She understood and realized I would just keep her in the loop of when she needed to be ready to go and it would never be a hurried situation.
  4. I cannot understand how these folks got to 36,000 feet without oxygen. Much like the days of early aviation and the brave and/or crazy mail pilots that flew open cockpit in the winter well in the teens and flight levels without oxygen. I drove up Pike's Peak which tops a little over 14,000 and I had to immediately come back down because I got an incredible headache and just could not handle it. And I was not about to buy one of their cans of Oxygen they sell for an exorbitant amount of money.
  5. I have been flying with They give me the bifocal reader on the bottom and they fit well under my headset. I think I may check out some of these others that have been mentioned though just for grins. I have never been too loyal with sunglass companies. Give me something functional that doesn't break the bank.
  6. A few years ago I toured that area (Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands etc...). It is absolutely phenomenal. I landed in St. George and it was nice driving the southern area of Utah.
  7. Okay, I know...these are old and have been shown more than a million times I am sure and probably on this forum somewhere. But I ran across these and got a pretty good laugh out of them so I thought I would share for those who needed an end of the year laugh. The debates on these videos resemble some of those on various airplane forums around the web. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.
  8. Just a note on using an older C model as a trainer. Someone on this list can chime in here and it may not be an issue but the older planes did not have co-pilot brakes. My 63 C model does not. So just a thought if you are going to use it to train someone to fly, you may be putting all the braking ability in the hands of the student in the left seat. Some have been retrofitted with co-pilot brakes. I am not sure what year co-pilot brakes became standard. Just a thought.
  9. For those who are unaware, the site to get your performance report from the FAA is I did it as soon as my ADS-B was installed to make sure everything was working correctly. I know of a couple of people who had ADS-B installed, was told by their avionics shop that all was well but failed the performance report. The performance report looks something like the one attached. If there is nothing in highlighted in red then everything is okay.PAPR_20190224_A89E24_70570520.pdf
  10. Painting a picture in my mind of the look on the flight instructor who signed this guy off to solo....
  11. Here is a good place to give you an idea of the cost. and there are a few more for sale. Or if you want a project and get your foot in the door, there is this...
  12. There is an article about the Naked Mite in a recent edition of Mapa Log. It was restored and donated to the museum by Boyd Maddox.
  13. I flew it for about 10 minutes. I was heading to Missouri and was in the middle of no-where. It was extremely cold outside and the CHT's were quite low. I chose to continue to my destination because the plane was doing fine and there were no other issues. CO monitor stayed at 0 so there was no CO getting into the cabin. And I was joking about the cost. It was not bad considering they had a new part made.