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  1. My avionics shop had a required dealer webinar last week. Apparently, Garmin told them that the fix will be in Q1 of next year, not this year. Don't hold me to that. It is just what I heard from my A&P/IA. They also told my shop that they had to disable the trim. On the service alert it states that "Before further flight one of the following actions must be completed: Disable the GFC500 Autopilot by pulling the circuit braker and placarding it inop or contact a Garmin dealer to disable the pitch trim" My shop says they have to disable the pitch trim according to Garmin. Oh well....
  2. I take mine home in the case it came in. My Lightspeed PFX's were pretty pricey and they have lasted a long time by taking good care of them. When I first bought my airplane I had a set of Dave Clarks and upgraded to my first Lightspeed Zulu's. I used to leave them in the airplane and in a short time, in the Texas heat, even in a hangar the rubber products on the headsets went south and the battery pack became all gummy and sticky. Ever since I always take my headsets home with me.
  3. Once again... us poor little old C model owners are left out of another poll. Of course, I am just kidding....
  4. When you have to remove the 75 (yes...75) screws from the cowl of a 1963 C model....a power screwdriver comes in handy. Not a drill, a power screwdriver.
  5. The KRS website lists onsite car rentals. Whether they have any or not would take a quick phone call to check.
  6. Are these pitch oscillations isolated to the models in this poll? I have a 1963 C model with the GFC500 and I have no pitch oscillations at all but wonder if I am lucky or is that the norm with the older models.
  7. Where can one find the list of STC's from ModWorks? Just curious.
  8. Ron Blum gives the best talk on Aerodynamics at Oshkosh and it is specific to the Mooney. I learned more about why my Mooney was built the way it was in a 45 minute talk than anywhere else I have read. He is awesome. He did a series in The Mooneyflyer that is worth multiple read throughs.
  9. @bknight, You are in luck. There are three for sale on controller.com. There is one for sale in Canada and one for sale by GMax American Aircraft which is Don Maxwell's and Jimmy Garrison's group in Texas and one for sale in Kerrville, Texas. 1996 MOONEY M20M BRAVO For Sale in Longview, Texas | Controller.com 2004 MOONEY M20M DX BRAVO For Sale in Kerrville, Texas | Controller.com 1990 MOONEY M20M BRAVO For Sale in Thompson, Manitoba | Controller.com If you end up buying any of these, I'll send you my address for the finder's fee.
  10. @rickseeman, Years ago, before I knew about Battery Minder, I used a Black and Decker Trickle charger that was made for automotive batteries on my Gill lead acid battery (I now use a sealed Concorde). In one week It boiled out the acid and I had to replace the battery box and fortunately it had not eaten through the firewall although it was close. This was about 16 years ago so things may have changed but if I was going to Trickle Charge a Gill aviation battery I think I would stick to a Battery Minder. And, just if your interested, I may still have my old Battery Minder that I used on the Gill Batteries way back when I actually had a Gill battery. If you are interested PM me and I will go to my hangar this week and take a look for it. The Battery Minder for the sealed Concorde is different than the Gill Lead/Acid one.
  11. How times have changed. About 3-4 years ago, can’t remember exactly, I called them and had mine in about 3 days or so.
  12. I ordered in August and received them in October. Just a little over 2 months. Not bad really. Model 48110-2
  13. At Tarrant County College, they have an excellent A&P school which has an avionics course you can take as an add on certificate. https://catalog.tccd.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=14&poid=3677
  14. If necessary, LASAR sold me mine a few years ago. They may still have them. I had to call because it was not listed on their website.
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