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  1. Okay, Shadrach. The interest seems quite high for you to give a talk about combustion events and engine ops. How about a webinar? Maybe Mooneyspace could host it. Just a thought. We may have lots of folks on here with knowledge in many different areas of flying that would want to put something together as a webinar. Live streaming on YouTube may work as well if a webinar is not available. Just a thought.
  2. This thread reminds me of why my A&P/IA charges what he does and why I pay it without question. There is so much that goes into an annual being done properly.
  3. Greg Ellis

    Flight tracking

    When my Dad owned his Cessna 340, it was based in Texas. However, Flightaware showed it as an Aerostar based in Florida. This was 7 years or so ago before ADS-B out was even a twinkle in the eyes of the FAA. Not sure why it happen. I don't think I would worry about it unless you or family members rely on Flightaware for information about your flights.
  4. Greg Ellis

    AvWeb Video Review of the New Acclaim

    The demonstration of the engine mounts and the movement of the engine was interesting. I did not realize this about this airplane. Is that style of engine mount just for the Ultra's (Ovation and Acclaim) or did it come before in the Type S and prior Acclaims and Ovations?
  5. Greg Ellis

    B11 B805 Accu TrakII on Ebay

    I would think this would go pretty quickly. There are a lot of vintage Mooney owners that have the PC that are looking for more capability. I know an A model owner that if he was not selling his airplane would probably jump at this. He only has the heading hold on his Brittain Autopilot and was on a waiting list with Brittain forever for an upgrade to the Accutrak until they went out of business.
  6. Greg Ellis


    I flew with my step down on my C model and it caused a noticeable 5 mph reduction in cruise speed on the airspeed indicator and similar loss in ground speed.
  7. Greg Ellis


    Sorry about that. It seems pretty straight forward to me since it is labeled on the chart where either UAT or 1090ES is needed.
  8. Greg Ellis


    Free flight systems offers their Rangr series of ADS B as well. They work with old transponders do that is another option.
  9. Greg Ellis


    I would have to pull the receipts but is was around 30-35K. Most of that was labor. The labor was high because all wiring was redone. Behind the panel was an absolute disaster with 55 years of wiring left behind when things were modified or upgraded through the years. There were live wires running nowhere, etc...etc... the shop I went with is quite expensive. I could have gotten it done cheaper elsewhere but I know their work and I know it would be done right. I asked multiple shops about this upgrade. One never got back to me. Another got back to me and said he would get me a quote. 3 weeks later I called hi and he acted like he knew nothing about it. I then asked again and he told me to buy the avionics and he would install them. Well. I know nothing about what would be needed so I said no to him. I told a third shop what I wanted and his quote was for completely different products (for instance, I wanted a Garmin audio panel and he quoted me a PS Engineering one, etc...). So I ended up with the shop I did. They were at my airport so I also paid for convenience. The attached pic is of useless wiring pulled from behind my panel.
  10. Greg Ellis


    The sky beacon from maybe the least expensive way to go. About $1900 and gives you the required GPS position source, etc...etc... No need to get into the panel. It replaces one of your nav lights. For around $5500 you can get a WAAS equipped Transponder like a Garmin GTX 335 or 345 that will give you what you need but would require a pretty substantial install charge with getting into your panel. There are others out there that fall somewhere in between. And it is not required for IFR flight. I have attached a pretty good image of when ADS B out will be required. It should help. Of course, while not the cheapest way, I dove on head first and just re-did my whole panel. Pre and post Pics attached.
  11. Greg Ellis

    Magneto confusion/Ignition issue

    I do not have SOS. It was removed long ago when the engine was replaced.
  12. Greg Ellis

    Magneto confusion/Ignition issue

    Thanks for the info. Just sounds like I need switch and mag work. These are slick mags. No SOS. The timing may be off as well. I sent in data from my JPI to Saavy and was told that it looked like the mags were not timed correctly. They gave me a long explanation of how they could tell from the engine monitor data so hopefully that will get corrected at annual. Thanks for the responses.
  13. Can someone please clear up a little confusion for me. When you move the ignition key to the R position, is this grounding out the Right mag or grounding out the left mag? And vice versa? Also, I am having an issue with the ignition. When I turn the key to the R position and push the key in the prop turns. Won’t start but turns. When I put it in the L position and push it in nothing happens. In the both position and push it in nothing happens and of course when I turn it to the start position and push it in the engine starts in less than 1 turn of the propeller usually. Is this a problem with the switch, or the magneto or something else? The right mag always runs rough during run up and I have to run the rpm up and lean it way out for a minute or 2 to clear it so I am not sure if that has something to do with it as well because it all points to the R mag. Anyways, any help is appreciated. Plane goes in for annual in September and I would like to be armed with some information before it goes in. This is a 1963 C model with an O-360-A1D. Thanks, Greg Ellis
  14. Greg Ellis

    Window Tint Solution

    This guy was at Oshkosh and sells a similar product. You can make your own templates according to his website (he shows you how) and then he will make them for you.
  15. Greg Ellis

    Moving to Fort Worth area - Fall 2018

    I am based at Fort Worth Spinks (KFWS). As others have said it all depends on where you will live and how close you want to be to your plane. Other good choices are a Meacham (KFTW), Alliance (KAFW), Hicks (T67), and a little farther west is Parker County (KWEA). There are plenty of choices depending on your location. If I can be of any help let me know. I have lived in Fort Worth for 40 years.