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  1. New Bose Headset

    AVWeb just did a video on these. They are marketed to jets and turbine pilots who fly in quieter airplanes. They are not going to do as well in our piston planes and this is according to the Bose rep in the video.
  2. Engine rough at 2400 RPM

    N6018Q — Read through the topic on this forum entitled Fuel Servo Replaced—Everthing Changed. some of the responses sound a little like what is happening to your airplane.
  3. Baggage Door Arm / Hinge

    Same thing happened to me. He took my money and did not send me the part. His website is down. Tried calling his number and it is out of service as well. Live and learn.
  4. Door Seals again

    I have used Aircraft door seals but I may give the MD weather seal a try.
  5. Vx for my Mooney M20G

    You can find the video version of Rod Machado's article here if you wish.
  6. Fuel smell in cockpit

    I fly a 63 C model and I have absolutely no fuel smell in the cockpit so in my case any smell is a cause to stop and make sure everything is okay. I have had fuel odor in the cockpit before but that was due to two very bad things happening. One was a fuel leak from my left fuel tank. They are notorious for leaking into the interior behind the pilot's seat. You will see blue stains on the carpeting. The second was something very unusual. I was flying home one afternoon and got a tremendously strong fuel smell in the cockpit. I mean it was very bad. Giving me a headache, etc... I was a few minutes from home so I landed. The next day I flew the plane to my mechanic at the time. On that flight there was only a slight fuel smell. While trouble shooting the problem it was discovered that there was a metal fuel line coming into the cockpit down near the pilot side rudder petals. When the mechanic turned on the fuel pump, fuel started pouring out from the firewall in this area. When looking down by the rudder pedals fuel was pouring into the cockpit. The mechanic was able to remove the metal line. Over the years vibrations in the metal tube had worn a thin slit in the tube where it was vibrating against the firewall. There should have been a protective grommet there but it was not in place. So over the years it just made a nice narrow slit in the metal tubing and eventually broke through allowing fuel to leak into the cabin.
  7. It is the ultimate VFR panel. No reason not to be looking outside. And you can't beat the air conditioning.
  8. Don't think I will be flying over there. Last I checked in with my airplane, this was what she looked like.
  9. Icing event.

    He is also doing some stuff for
  10. Icing event.

    I use the CIP and FIP on when planning a flight. I think this maybe what you mean when you say NOAA. (the site seems to be down right now) There are very good subscription type talks on icing to help teach you about it, when it occurs, how it occurs, etc. I personally have used workshops on Scott Dennstaedt is a meteorologist and a CFI that does some really nice weather workshops. I also subscribe to and they have some nice workshops on weather as well.
  11. You kind of get what you pay for as is life. After many, many patches to my very old fuel tanks (some patches not lasting one flight!!!) I bit the bullet and paid for it to be done right. Took the plane to Paul guys have heard of him right? Photos are before and after. You can pick which is which. But Paul's work is like a work of art.
  12. LOP video

    Martin Pauly flies his Bonanza into very large commercial airports, DFW, ATL, Kennedy, O'Hare etc.... If you want to see what it is like to fly a small GA airplane into a major international airport, check out his other videos as well. They are very well done.
  13. M20B Weight And Balance Manual

    Mine is in the Airplane Flight Manual in the airplane. Well, a copy of it is. The original has very yellowed and old pages that were done with what looks like a very old typewriter with graphs that look like they were hand drawn by a Mooney engineer. It has all the station arms and weights etc.... But the way they did it back in 1963 takes some interpretation. They were not much on documentation back then.
  14. New avionics for Miss Maggie!

    When I bought my Mooney 12 years ago a backup electric attitude indicator was the first thing I installed. I have had to use it one time in 12 years and I am very glad it was there!!!
  15. EDM 900 lighting question

    Thanks for all the responses. I appreciate it.