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  1. So I am up very early this morning. Couldn’t sleep for some reason. Thought....what the hell...let me check the Garmin website for any updates. Certification for the C\D\E\F\G is still in progress. However there was an asterisk on the C,D,E models. I thought this can’t be good. Scrolled down to find this... *Certain serial numbers excluded, see authorized Garmin installation center for details. Initial Mooney M20 C/D/E model coverage is planned to include model year 1965 aircraft and later only. Mine is a 1963 C model. What the hell. Garmin is bound and determined for me
  2. At the risk of sounding ignorant on this...What are you building? It looks like possibly an RV of some sort but I did not see where you posted what you were building. Looks good so far though.
  3. I didn't realize how much I missed checking in on Mooneyspace until it was gone. Glad it's back. Withdrawals came on quicker than I would have expected.
  4. if $7000 is the swap price, then I would go with something portable. I used a portable device for many years until I did my panel and it worked great. I now have the GTX345 which is great too but I paid less than $5000 for the transponder. Tough to tell you the installation price since it was in the whole panel upgrade. I looked at the Garmin website and they have gone up in price on the transponder but not $7000 unless you get diversity with it (2 antennas, one on top and one on bottom of the fuselage).
  5. The one on my 63 C model is also a hand cut piece of rubber as well.
  6. Matt mentioned Savvy Aviation. So I assume that they are involved with his purchasing an airplane. Mike Busch who owns Savvy Aviation just posted a youtube video this week about annual, pre-buy inspections or examinations as he calls them. If you use their service, according to his video, they insist that you take the airplane to a mechanic that has never laid eyes or hands on the airplane before. Since Don Maxwell has worked on this airplane I can only assume that Savvy won't like him doing the pre-buy. Mike Busch uses the terms insist, and strict rules they follow without exception in h
  7. That is always a possibility and makes good sense as well. They don't really travel that much by car other than to go to the vet because I always travel by Mooney.
  8. If you google Mooney aircraft symbol, there are a few images that she can probably use. For instance there is this one...
  9. When I bought my C model, a previous owner had riveted a little metal container with a sliding lid that had the words Hide a Key on it onto the inside air box that is below the Voltage regulator. I don't keep a key in it anymore but it is still there. Looks almost exactly like this:
  10. I guess my dogs are the exception to this. As I posted earlier, my dogs hate to ride in the car. They won't settle down and are constantly moving around from lap to lap to seat back to lap, etc.... In the airplane, they are almost asleep before I take off, they sleep the entire flight from a short 1 hour hop to a 4 hour cross country. When we arrive, they are ready to great the lineman. Go figure.
  11. Thus the smiley face. I guess the emoji's don't have the effect intended.
  12. Wow, a rare sight for sure. Apparently only 12 were built.
  13. I fly with my dogs quite a lot. 3 Chihuahuas. They do much better in the airplane than they do in a car. In the airplane they are usually bedded down before I even take off. They get the back seat with their pillow and blankets and are comfortable. No mutt muffs, no harnesses, etc... I have flown quite a bit for Pilots N Paws. I don't do too much with them anymore but when I did I never had a problem with any of the dogs that I flew. I would recommend taking your dog up for a flight with someone else with you and just see how the dog does. If the dog has issues you will have s
  14. A quick glance at controller.com has some late 70's J models with average avionics and one with a low time engine like the one you describe going for upper 60's to low to mid 70's so I would go somewhere in that range. Its going to take a pretty good investment to get at least a WAAS GPS if it doesn't have one as well as ADS-B out if it does not have that either. I am not sure I would jump to putting in a glass panel as has been mentioned. If I want a glass panel I would just buy an airplane with one.
  15. Here is an article that may help you with the red box. It is essentially an EGT and CHT range that you want to try to stay out of at certain percent power due to high cylinder pressures which can cause issues with cylinder life, etc. The article is by Mike Busch and he essentially explains the work that was done at Advanced Pilot seminars on engine operations. https://resources.savvyaviation.com//wp-content/uploads/articles_eaa/EAA_2012-12_red-box-red-fin.pdf
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