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  1. hhhhmmmmm http://southcarolinabreakfastclub.com/2019-schedule
  2. Thanks. SBAS is just used to specify that you’re WAAS enabled. I’ll double check on the PBN codes.
  3. once I added the correct 'other' switches, the error cleared in garmin pilot. the error being MY error, not GPs.
  4. can someone check my work? gtn650, gtx345 Z - OTHER NAV/SBAS CODE/MyHexCode SUR/260B
  5. Until someone asks how your plane is equipped. Used to be a nice simple /G response, now it’s, well, who knows, I won’t remember this nonsense.
  6. he successfully ditched in the water. regardless of how or why it happened, it's on video and we can learn from it.
  7. dude seemed hell bent on videoing every step of the way and I didn't see him come close to consoling his passenger. I'm SURE that was all edited out, but man, at least ask if she's friggin OK. anyways, good to see a safe water ditching.
  8. any chance you have one that either says INOP or just blank? if so I'd take one of those and one strobe. thanks!
  9. hahaha, the giant mooney bird, I love it! I wouldn’t personally do it, but I love it.
  10. if no one takes any of the switches I might be interested in one or two, assuming they'd fit in a 75 F.
  11. Envelope protection is only enabled if one “commands it”. It’s meant to be a last ditch effort to try and save your ass when everything else hasn’t worked. With that in mind, it seems kinda silly to say you wouldn’t want it. EDIT: for the record I’m more talking about the blue button than systems that correct your bank if you’re banking more than x degrees.