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  1. eman1200


  2. eman1200

    A Surprise with the G500 TXi

    1) more right rudder 2) more left rudder 3) more left rudder Oh, and pretty coo!
  3. eman1200

    A couple of questions from a newbie

    a Lance, maybe.
  4. eman1200

    Hydraulic Flaps Question

    how does it work? (the field switch, not the hydraulic flaps lol)
  5. eman1200

    GoPro Video Editing/Software, Tips etc

    'easier'? no, not at all. on top of that cable you also need something to actually record the audio. on top of that, now you need to sync your audio with the video. so no, while not 'easier' (also not difficult), this, paired with a good audio recording device, will probably get you much better audio. however, not even close to 'easier'. if you're looking for higher quality, your option is clearly the better option. if you're looking for cheap, easy and acceptable audio, lapel mic all day.
  6. eman1200

    GoPro Video Editing/Software, Tips etc

    I went the super high tech route and stuffed a lapel mic inside the earpiece of my headset. I know, I know, but it gets the job done. get yourself one of these (make sure the connection is right for your camera): lapel mic plug it into the gopro and stuff the mic end into your earpiece (take the foam thing off first). this way it'll record everything you hear in your headset. you can hear my videos, not professional quality but certainly good enough for the cheesy youtube videos I do. you can usually get a few of them for a coupl'a bucks, this way you have backups if (when) they break.
  7. eman1200

    I need to sit in an M20F

    I'm 474nm from you. "need to test out sitting in the back seat" sounds like a perfect excuse for a xc. btw, I had a 6'3 250# dude in the back seat of my F, he said he was more than comfortable (and completely shocked at the amount of room he had). and yes, well within W&B.
  8. eman1200

    GoPro Video Editing/Software, Tips etc

    here's a vid I edited in movie maker. absolutely nothing special about it, but you can see I just clip stuff out to try to shorten the video a bit: movie maker and here's a goofy one I did using iMovie last Halloween. it's "a little" trickier than movie maker but once you do one and you get it, it's easy to do. I did this one entirely on my iPhone: iMovie a long time ago I used the gopro editing software and found that to be easy as well, but I haven't used it in a long time. hope this helps.
  9. eman1200

    GoPro Video Editing/Software, Tips etc

    Movie maker. Basic, easy, free.
  10. eman1200

    Tempest oil filters

    torque wrench + 1" stubby socket and you're set.
  11. eman1200

    Tempest oil filters

    this is a better explanation:
  12. eman1200

    Tempest oil filters

    be careful....adding length to the torque bar changes the actual torque. there may be better explanations online, but take a look at this vid:
  13. eman1200

    Tempest oil filters

    I recently used a 1ā€ crows foot wrench on the champion and it worked great. It looks like I might have enough room for a stubby 1ā€ socket which Iā€™d prefer but the crows foot worked just fine.
  14. this is the method I learned from @DrBill cost me pennies to make, works great.
  15. eman1200

    starting engine de-cowl'd

    lol yep, that was me. he makes some pretty good videos and they are good peeps.