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  1. PM me the details/contact info and I'll do my best to swing by this weekend if he's available.
  2. where is it located? I might be able to swing by. I wonder if it's the one at EQY I looked at a few years ago....
  3. foolish to rule out ANYTHING that may potentially save your life. as for not relying on non-panel mounted equipment (also foolish), the synviz I get on my tablet is sourced by the panel mounted GTX345 AHRS data. still foolish?
  4. I'm based at Concord and I think I've seen it on the ramp. don't know the owner though.
  5. todays weather would certainly inhibit SAR. I could certainly help all day tomorrow, does anyone know who I could offer help to if they want help searching?
  6. You use vcalc enough to justify a spot on the default nav page?
  7. Isn’t there an avionics shop at TTA?
  8. doesn't the 430 have a 'nearest' VOR page? what is this 'paper' of which you speak?
  9. aaaaaaaaand hopefully you're not wearing a dress!
  10. here's my go at it: Is a Mooney to much airplane for me? no. How tricky are they to land? not at all. How hard will it be to transition to? if ALL your prior time was in high wings, get ready to love low wings. otherwise, not hard at all. How reliable are they? depends how well it was maintained, I guess. How safe are they? as safe as you are. How expensive to insure and maintain? I guess you have to shop around and get quotes, but if you have retract time and your IR, shouldn't be TOO painful to insure. mx is whatever it takes. What do I need to know I have not even asked yet? be prepared for a good time. Who would you get involved for a prebuy inspection ? I've only purchased one plane and I got a PPInspection done, however in the future I would have a hard time accepting anything other than a full annual as part of the deal. good luck!