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  1. I actually don’t give a shit. I’d prefer you take this to your own thread and not clog up mine with something totally unrelated to the original topic. Yes. Yes I would. It’s totally the same thing. Buh bye.
  2. I still don't see how that relates to the former owner spending 100% of the money to put in adsb. split it? maybe, all in the negotiations. price it accordingly? sure. but if it was my plane I guarantee I wouldn't front the full cost of putting an expensive adsb solution into the plane I'm selling.
  3. huh? what in the world are you talking about? adsb has no impact on how a plane flies. if you wanted a plane with adsb, you should look for a plane with adsb, not one that doesn't then whine about it. I'm also not even close to making your point for you. you were the one who said you can get adsb for a grand, I said I'd price my plane accordingly. if two planes were identical minus adsb and that was the plane I was trying to sell, I'd price it a grand less. why in the world would I agree to the most expensive adsb solution and pay for it? I actually doubt that even happened to you, sounds pretty made up to me. it's like telling someone to put on tundra tires because you want to fly in the bush. not the sellers concern, put em on yourself.
  4. That sounds crazy to me. If I was the seller I would have said adsb isn’t required, put it in yourself. I might have dropped the price slightly but that’s about it.
  5. he who shows up with no adsb, buys the pizza for everyone. sorry, it's not my rule but we do enforce it.
  6. as long as I get a prime parking spot in front of your hangar, it doesn't matter to me!
  7. I was thinking like a 12-2 kind of thing. somewhere around there.
  8. As some of you may know, Wilgrove (8A6) is shutting down ( @David Lloyd posted about it here). They have just under 90 days before they put up a parking lot, or more ugly houses stacked on top of each other or maybe some crack houses, I dunno. Please let it be crack houses. Either way, The Grove is responsible for training several stunt pilots such as myself and other psychopilots willing to land on a short sidewalk tucked between overgrown trees and a heaping pile of LLWS (you’ve been warned). I was thinking if anyone wanted to meet up and say goodbye to the place, or if u haven’t been there before say your first and last hello, on Saturday 2/22. Maybe grab some pizza for lunch, take some pics, judge someone “landings”, maybe have a group pee on the runway (I hear it’s good luck)..... Anyways, I’m not officially organizing anything, I’m just saying it would be cool to meet some peeps and say goodbye to another local GA airport while we still have the chance, and 2/22 has a bunch of 2’s in it so why not pick that date? If you're in, lemme know what kind of pizza u like, I'll grab some pies. Rain date is when it's not raining, or before The Grove shuts down for good, whichever comes first.
  9. I don’t mind 5 g’s in the rv. It’s 5 g’s in the mooney I’m a lil worried about.
  10. hhhmmmm, have u ever flown with him? [emoji2957]