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  1. >>> side note about 'eastern TN'.........play hooky from work, fly into 6A4 (Johnson County) and play a round of golf at Redtail Mountain. I highly recommend it <<<
  2. How do you mount your ipad

    with $.02 worth of Velcro. sorry for the crappy pics.
  3. Get the rating.

    I think what I'm gathering out of this is that it's good to have your IR although it's not bad to not have it. Having your IR could possibly make you a safer pilot although being VFR doesn't make you an unsafe pilot, and in some cases a VFR pilot could in fact be safer than an unsafe IR pilot, depending on how safe the VFR or IR pilot is, or isn't. It would be beneficial to get your IR although it would be more beneficial to be a proficient VFR pilot than an incompetent IR pilot. You may benefit from being an IR pilot, check with your CFII to see if IR training is right for you. Side effects of flying in IMC with or without your IR could lead to dizziness, unusual attitudes, and spatial disorientation. Flying in IMC should not be done on an empty stomach, unless you are going on a burger run then it is perfectly acceptable. I think I got it, clear as soup (the non-clear kind of soup, otherwise that wouldn't make any sense).
  4. 2018 Mooney Resolutions

    Ugh, just when I was starting to get over my hangover......
  5. GoPro Hero 6

    does it come with a waterproof type plastic case? reason I ask is it looks like the camera is exposed to the elements, wonder if you'd want to protect it in a case if you're going to mount it outside.
  6. How reasonable are these estimates?

    Just had my 650 and 345 software updated, was charged 1 hr. Actual work was prob 15-20 minutes.
  7. Engine Problem

    replaced. so far so good.
  8. Engine Problem

    Had some similar issues on a recently purchased F. Started and idled fine. On roll out, low rpm, massive backfiring popping burping coughing. Long $tory $hort, SO FAR it’s running good..... Problem was intermittent. Well, ‘worked fine’ when mechanic ran it, same issue when I drove 40 minutes to test it. Finally replaced the nozzle, two flights good.
  9. Time for a new Mag

    Bunch of us meeting up at GMU on Saturday which would take u a bit west of CLT but the burger is well worth it...
  10. Time for a new Mag

    Where in NC?
  11. Charlotte NC Advice

    can't comment on actually flying into CLT but the controllers are always great to work with. JQF or 8A6 are also convenient to downtown, with JQF having rental cars. EQY is not inconvenient, just slightly further but real easy in/out.
  12. Elevon Allianz

    Has anyone ever heard of or used these folks? Any feedback? Thanks!
  13. 'Annual in lieu of Pre-Buy' - ?

    I'm curious why you say "at owners cost".....I'm not saying I agree or disagree, just curious why you say that. is it just in case the deal falls through?
  14. 'Annual in lieu of Pre-Buy' - ?

    yep, at his expense. what I was hoping to do on the the plane I just looked at was have the PPI done, finalize the deal, then turn turn PPI into an annual at my expense. but it doesn't look like I'll be able to do that.
  15. Traveling mechanic?

    see I didn't want to turn this into a back-and-forth with the owner, but I was hoping the details in the purchase agreement would address his concerns. however, it is currently his plane, so his rules. it's a deal breaker for me but my partner is trying to get this to work. as for some of the rest of your situations when you purchased, wow, you had some generous sellers. I'm sure they probably just wanted one last flight in to make some of those long distance trips. honestly I wouldn't even think to ask that from a seller. in this case, the MSC is 40 miles from it's home base. the mooney wouldn't even be warmed up by the time it got there lol.