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  1. hey MS, he bounced more than 3 times and didn't have a prop strike...…………….!
  2. my '75 F has one. I don't recall seeing anything in the logs but I also don't have the logs memorized.
  3. you didn't use a checklist. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I'm KIDDING, chill! nice job! I think I would have been much more concerned with that PIO that at that point you couldn't do too much about. just along for the ride waiting to see what happens.
  4. quoting this again to see if we can get the OP to answer the important question at hand.....
  5. Left the nose wheel chocked after firing up the engine with a plane full of PnP dogs and a lady friend in the front seat. Oh and another cute girl who had just parked her 310 next to me was watching. First pax I ever took, we loaded up our golf bags into a rental Cherokee. Upon leveling off I was like why is this thing going so darned slow....left a notch of flaps in. During primary training we’d fly into JQF (towered field) and upon landing would always hear “exit at delta, taxi via alpha”. Over and over after landing “exit at delta, taxi via alpha.” So it came time for my solo landings at a towered field. Dropped my CFI off at the FBO, called up tower and heard “exit at delta, taxi via alpha”. After a long pause I was like “no, I’m already on the ramp”. “That’s right, exit at delta taxi via alpha”. I couldn’t understand that he meant exit THE RAMP, I had it in my mind that I always exit the runway.
  6. Another way (since you may not always want to start from the same airport) is to just scroll to where u want to start from and hit the ‘set’ button. I use this a lot when I want to check out an approach. Say I’m flying point a to b which is 300 miles. I’m not gonna sit there while it flies the entire route, or speed up the plane.....I’ll just scroll along the route until I get towards the end and hit set. Boom, the plane jumps to that location.
  7. I read somewhere that allegiant has the most amount of flights running now out of all the airlines. That scares me a little since the few times I flew allegiant out of Charlotte it was filled with dirty disgusting people. No offense to dirty disgusting allegiant fliers....
  8. I would have thought the upgrade price included trading the old unit in...
  9. hhheeeeyyyyyyyyy waaaaaiiitttt a minute……………………..
  10. Haven’t read the whole thread but I slip my F if/when I need to, nothing to it.
  11. A week ago I asked them about the weekend and they replied they were open 11-8 fri and sat and 11-2:30 on Sunday. U might wanna check before u go though.
  12. Best way to get a ton of mooneys in Greenville SC is to organize a lunch fly-in at the runway cafe at GMU. They are opening up, there is outdoor seating, and planes. Lots of planes.
  13. When’s your birthday? I’ll buy u some dry erase markers.