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  1. sí. I mean C (on the aspen). Most of the temp gauges are eff. I mean F.
  2. everyone comments on my balls. I believe they are regulation sized balls. but how 'bout the fact that I have no arms below my elbows!
  3. I flew to Myrtle Beach this weekend to play golf! I prefer to take the clubs out of the bag. Then the bag will fit perfectly in the baggage compartment and I tie a string around the clubs and lay then in between the back seats. If there’s two of us I’ll either do that or just put the bags each in their own back seat. But I don’t prefer that method as it puts a lot of pressure on certain spots of the seats. Guess I could put a cover over the seats or something.
  4. I also went thru AOPA and was happy with the service.
  5. my two recent shtty nite landings
  6. thanks, that was actually as far as my googling got me, but the smallest they have is small. I'm not sure if that'll work. did I mention she's tiny?
  7. I want to get my mom a mooney tee shirt.....that's right, my mom. she's a tiny thing. she checks the weather for surface winds, because if it's gusty it'll knock her over. she claims she wants a tesla so being the good son I am, I bought her a tesla.............tee shirt. she is an extra small. do y'all know where I can get a mooney tee shirt in extra small size? thaaaanks!
  8. You can see the other guy try to warn him just before landing “you’re too fast, too fast! Don’t force it down!”
  9. looks like you're in VA so I'm sure you're aware of the restaurant at MTV......tasty food but super busy on the weekends.
  10. I went to the pig yesterday, it's one of my favorite places to go.
  11. can u recommend other restaurants or places of interest near CEU? I did a touch n go there once (yeah that's right, I'm crazy like that) but haven't explored the area. wondering if it's a good fly-to-eat location. I still want to go there to get a round of golf on the walker course one of these days.
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