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  1. M20F mixture knob

    If you were thinking of doing a red and blue one for the F, I’d be interested!
  2. looking for strobe power supply

    Thanks! Looks like I made a deal with KSMooniac but appreciate the offer.
  3. looking for strobe power supply

    I’ll PM u.
  4. looking for strobe power supply

    so it's either try to replace this power supply or go all LED lol. the cost difference is obviously huge, but at the same time, one day I'm going to go LED. are you looking to offload one or two of them?
  5. does anyone who's upgraded to LED's have a working power supply like the one pictured they'd like to get rid of? thanks!
  6. Insurance

    When I was shopping for insurance AOPA surprised me with the lowest quote of all. I almost didn’t even call them, thinking along the same lines as what you mentioned. Just saying, I wouldn’t rule them out, it’s worth a phone call at least.
  7. Enough is enough

    "deceasedom" anyone else notice the bed surrounded by professional film lighting? 201er, you animal you!
  8. Marina airport crash / fatality

    Very sad.
  9. Hickory, NC

    "later" when, like today? I recommend the ranch burger yum. if people want to meet there sometime for breakfast, even during the week, I'm in.
  10. iPhone and Garmin GTX 345 -AHRS

    Garmin Pilot: Sorry, I’m not in the plane connected to the 345 but maybe you can see the traffic rings in this pic of the dedicated traffic page on my iPhone:
  11. 65 M20E Pre-Buy Help! STAT!!

    coupl'a things........1) I asked the nice people over at AGL if they would go take a look at a plane much closer to them than wilgrove and they were unable to do so. hopefully they can accommodate you with that request. I ended up getting the plane over to them for the inspection. 2) I have to imagine this is DrBill's E. I have several hours with Bill in that plane. 430, adsb, stec30....should make a nice traveler if you pick it up. I wish Bill was able to fly more but I don't think that is the case. I know he's a meticulous fella and didn't delay on mx. 3) unfortunately I have to work tonite or else I'd say let's meet up for a beer. good luck!
  12. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    Looks like he’s making the dreaded phone call....
  13. signed, although this has been going on for a long time.
  14. Digital 1975 M20F poh

    I would appreciate a copy as well if you don’t mind. Thanks!
  15. 360 with a little cloudsurf over the Czech republic

    Very cool!