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  1. I thought this was going to be some weird LGBGTBGTQ thing but turns out it was just about flying mooneys. and yes, the mooney IS awesome!
  2. The OP just got a new plane so I understand the focus on checklists, but for those who have owned for a while, only fly your own plane, and fly regularly, how much are you REALLY using a checklist? I have mine with me all the time but it never changes, there’s almost zero reason for me to ever look at it at this point if I don’t know how to start my plane I probably shouldn’t be flying it. Now when I was renting, flying different planes, 100% checklist usage. Now? Strictly for reviewing emergency procedures. There, I said it. Checklists? C’mon, man!
  3. I would say the difference is the last time the economy was in the shitter and basically any manufacturer could have gone under. Now business is booming, people are spending money on aviation, and Mooney still can’t sell more than an airplane or two. Big difference, although like everyone else I hope there’s ‘nothing to see here’
  4. Brittain accutrak all day! I’m stickin’ with it!
  5. Interesting. And improvement #s? Cooling? Speed?
  6. #3 for departure..... #2 for departure.....
  7. I would have been happy to fly u from Charlotte up to MRN if I knew. Anyways, congrats!
  8. X06 is in Florida, for the rest of us who don’t know.
  9. Flight to North Myrtle Beach* *actual flight not pictured
  10. Who knew the real Popeye was here on mooneyspace?!
  11. Don’t let it make you feel blue.