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  1. oddly enough the explorer II has become one of my favorites and one that I'm considering adding. really tough choice between the polar and black dial.
  2. lol touche. but I don't like to show off. jk, I'm a watch fanatic but made the choice to spend my money on flying more than watches. I have a few queued up that I'm looking to get though and have a coupl'a watches that I rotate through, although I've been on a no watch kick for a while.
  3. lose the invicta and you got a pretty decent starter kit there
  4. a little early for Halloween but scaaaarrryyyy TnG's! Actually power off 180 TnG's.
  5. I've found GP support to be pretty responsive, especially if you can walk them thru the steps to reproduce an issue. Also, like pretty much every other app out there, they typically publish bug fixes not too long after a point release. That is, unless you're Microsoft. They let people suffer and blame them for a year or three before admitting there's a bug and supplying a fix.
  6. Yikes. Although I don’t have a vacuum step, mine is bolted on. Doesn’t retract.
  7. I thought we were going to see 231 annual questions, which would be a lot.
  8. Thanks. I’m a nervous wreck. Mostly because I float quite a bit or bounce my power off 180’s. Otherwise I’m good to go.
  9. this is almost exactly what I'm NOT looking for, not to mention your bullet point #1 is wrong.
  10. Thanks. I'm pretty sure we're using the same POH, but I'd look at what mapa has to say.
  11. commercial. I think I'd rather tell him "it's not in the POH" than "I got it from another plane of different year/weight/body dimension/etc...", even if that kind of is how I got it.
  12. do you have a climb performance chart? mine shows climb performance #s using Vx and Vy, but no glide ratio info like the chart above.
  13. Thanks. I’m asking more from a ‘examiner asking me how I know my glide ratio if it’s not in the POH’ on a checkride perspective.
  14. 1) no glide ratio is mentioned in my POH ('75 F). for shoots and giggles I checked the TCDS, nothing there either. where, other than "I heard it on the internet" or "that's what they tell me at the mooney gatherings", does one find this info? 2) are there threads on the impact of a non-retractable step on gear up landings anywhere? if not, there should be. wondering what the impact would be on both hard and soft surfaces. I'm assuming it could snap off but my guess is it wouldn't be until after it altered your landing in some way. thanks
  15. if you have a sudden stop in the air, golf clubs are the least of your worries. but if so, just yell FORE
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