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  1. flew there on wednesday. yeah, it was pretty rough, but the flight and experience was a blast.
  2. I'm hoping to check out Catalina in about 3 weeks, I'll report back if no one has been there recently.
  3. L5/S1 micro. BradB probably could'a done this in his sleep.
  4. I took a QUICK look at the PPI. these are the things that stood out to me: both tanks leaking excessive nose wheel play/shimmy tail loose at the trim points $6k to fix that full list is nothing in the grand scheme of the price of that plane. with the advise of an A&P, if he thought all of the items on the list could be fixed for $6, or even under $10k, I would probably go for it, it's a great looking plane. again, I took a quick look, I don't know any other history around it. likewise, given the tank leaks, I'd be even more focused on corrosion. but not really sure what you mean by 'meet my standards' in this case. this plane has much more than I 'need'. I've heard "be prepared to shell out about 10% of the purchase price in the first year of ownership to fix stuff". if that's true, than this plane comes in under budget, so to speak. as far as the PPI, I didn't specifically see anything that would lead me to run away from this plane. not sure if I answered your question or not.
  5. with no disrespect I really don't care if my timeline meets your expectations. my money, I buy when I'm good and ready. I haven't led a single person on about potentially buying their plane.
  6. and how much will and 80k J need?
  7. haven't found any decent J's for 60. I AM looking for either a C, E or F, trying to find a way to make a J work. Yes, I am ready to pull the trigger. I am not in a RUSH to pull the trigger. RIght plane, and right plane only.
  8. Budget: solo ownership would be mid 40's max no exceptions. with the latest potential partner I found, we talked about looking at the $60kish range, somewhat flexible. '22 others' M20C would have been perfect for sole ownership, g430 and basic AP. with two of us it opens up options and I really like splitting fixed costs. Mission: I like going fast. I want to travel more, FLA and NJ. and go fast. I don't NEED a J but with a potential partner I am definitely pushing for it. a basic autopilot has been high on my list. now that I've been flying some nicer planes with working HSI's, that's been high on my list but absolutely not a deal breaker. I prefer engine times over 400 and less than 1200 but also those are just preferences and not set in stone. interior condition is not super high on the list. like the J posted above, it's got brand spankin new interior. it's gorgeous, but I don't need it. basic engine monitor would suffice, so between the nice engine monitor and new interior, this plane is higher priced than I need. but it is nice. my absolute biggest concern is corrosion. it must be corrosion free, it will be the primary focus of any PPi of any plane I get. there are more requirements or general things I look for but this was just a quick summary. honestly "the nicest C" right now would work. it wouldn't work with just me, but with 2 it should be easy. a top of the line E would also work, as would 'most' F's. a J is a stretch, but I'm trying to make it work.
  9. so I really like that plane lol. for the record, the point of my post was the lack of RECENT planes for sale HERE ON MS. just an observation, that's all. I HAVE been looking for 2 years and I'll continue to look until I find the right plane. I'm not on anyone else's schedule. also, things have changed recently with me finding one potential partner. the last plane that I was seriously interested in was on here and sold quickly by 22 others. I wanted to get over to "the middle of nowhere" to take a look at it but it just didn't work out logistically. ANYWAYS, I'm gonna take a closer look at this bird that ina201 posted.
  10. He's partially right in that I'm looking for a sold plane at a good price, but I disagree that RECENTLY there has been anything good in the J and under range posted here.
  11. have we picked a place outside of mooneyspace to post reasonably priced, good quality, well cared for mooneys for sale? where have all the good for-sale mooneys gone? c'mon mooneypeople, let's get 'em up here! eman needs to start flying his own plane!
  12. more bacon for us!
  13. sweet beautiful baby feeders. humuna humana
  14. hhhmmm, click on a link named EmailBlast......