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  1. congrats! that's some acceptance speech!
  2. I was thinking of legally changing my name to eman1200 to match my forum name.
  3. we'll be the judge of that!
  4. nice looking bird. that 750 leaves no room for anything else in the center stack!
  5. juke, I believe what you MEANT to say to mooney_mike was: THIS POST IS USELESS WITHOUT PICS!!!!!!!!! but I got yer back!
  6. interesting. I got confused when she said it'll take a couple of hours to get from shelby county to gatlinburg, but when I looked it up, it's shelby county alerbama, not shelby county north carolina.
  7. he's got it listed on barnstormers.
  8. if there's a 20% mooneyspace discount, I'm in!
  9. it is the aopa donated plane and I'm not sure how recent the photo is, I know I just got it today but that doesn't mean much. funny you mention that plane in the background, mooniac, I almost looked that up as well.
  10. thanks. and no ads-b?
  11. ugh, gsx beat me to it!
  12. very nice. I see a heading but but no mention of AP?
  13. not to mention, a whole lotta oil
  14. does that gap look pretty big and droopy? could just be the angle of the shot but it looks off to me. what says y'all?
  15. no, and I've sent a couple of follow up emails and got no response.