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  1. So do I get to tell the FAA my 1000 is ‘essentially the same thing’ and therefore doesn’t need the update?
  2. WhAt am I missing, the AD only references the 1000, no mention of the 2000/max/ etc... https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/07/31/2020-16592/airworthiness-directives-aspen-avionics-inc
  3. just burnin' some avgas on the two times in the past 60 days that we didn't have t-storms
  4. I don't believe there is any expiration date for the ENDORSEMENT to take the test, but the test itself expires after 2 years. so I 'think' u can just take the test again with the original endorsement. if this information is incorrect, my name is actually maraurder hank von carusoam so feel free to blame him, them, uh, I mean me.
  5. this was at DAN a few years ago
  6. The restaurant alone makes mtv the place to stop. As for the restrooms, I dunno, I go in, I make a peepee, I go out. That’s the best I can tell you. DAN is fun to fly into and you have a small chance of seeing some military planes flying in on occasion but between the two my vote goes for mtv.
  7. has never worked one time for me. got my own process that works, I'll keep using that.
  8. I just changed mine this weekend, if that matters.
  9. Forecast here all day was severe clear for this evening. It’s been thunderstorming for hours, although clearing up now. Too late as I made the call to start imbibing but I really wanted to get night current. Weather forecasting is a fargin joke.
  10. Always extend the flaps when boarding new pax. 99% of that problem solved.
  11. Permission to snag this previously snagged pic?
  12. Next time u sump, pour a little water in to see what happens. For me, I’ll fuel up then push the plane back and out of the way, then sump. #1 I get out of the way in case someone else rolls in for fuel, and #2 I feel the motion of pushing the plane would help any water make its way to the lowest part of the tanks. Should be plenty of time, I don’t see a need to wait longer than that.
  13. thanks! not the cheapest solution but to me, like u said, looks nice and clean and I'm not one to poke holes in the flag.....nothing but the best for our American flag! so I went with this solution: hanging rails I only needed to order one of them since they come with 2 4' sections. the outer hooks I used lightweight chain that I cut 2 identical length pieces at lowes (I wanted a little weight to keep the flag from flopping around anytime u walked past it), and the middle two hooks I used one piece of rope with 2 small hooks tied on either end (also, measured twice, cut once!). you can kind of see it here: