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  1. Now known as Paintgate.
  2. I had a girlfriend who used to take fashion magazines to her hairstylist and point and say "I want THAT hairstyle". I hope the original hairstylist isn't reading this.
  3. I mean, of course I want one!
  4. I've asked for the logs on 3 different occasions.
  5. I specifically asked if there was ANY other damage history. Answer was 'No'. So, dunno what to say. He didn't bring the logs, said he would if we moved forward but I don't think we will. Overall a nice looking plane.
  6. But if you back up and look at the plane from afar it looks pretty sweet.....
  7. And for the OP
  8. Very concerned about the crease that runs THROUGH this mount bolt. NOT the crease parallel to the line I've drawn, the one that goes thru top portion of the mount bolt. Thoughts? Overthinking that?
  9. Yes. And yes. More pics coming.
  10. I don't want to 'only' point out the bad, but I have a few concerns. Most importantly:
  11. where did you see the damage in '04? I saw the gear up from 09. they did an OH, then apparently another OH 100 hours after that.
  12. $45 to park for 3 hours a couple of weeks ago, and I completely agree with flyboy
  13. flew there on wednesday. yeah, it was pretty rough, but the flight and experience was a blast.