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  1. Sorry to hear about this, David. Let me know if I can help out in any way (sorry, just reading this now).
  2. Or click in the supplied map link, if the creator entered it.
  3. Exactly. But I don’t see the difference in functionality. Punch in an airport code and get a list of associated restaurants. Or is that “too easy”?
  4. This one is free and also relies on user input but fky2lunch hasn’t been updated in forever, hence this new site.
  5. So this new site is being built up because fly2lunch hasn't been updated in forever. Feel free to add new restaurants and hopefully we can keep this up to date. It's pretty easy to use (leave off the 'K' in the airport codes). You 'could' leave questions here and I 'might' pass them along to the guy developing the site but you should probably just email any questions/suggestions to the email on the site, which would go directly to him.
  6. I don’t use FF but will use GP on my phone when out and about instead of a standalone app. Skyvector is my go to at home for a quick peak, I find it to be very accurate.
  7. Yup, it’s a crazy market. About the only thing that plane has going for it is its age. Lots of planes with far better panels for a lot less. Run out engine. Nice plane, I’d like to be flying it but no it’s not worth the asking price. But neither are most planes for sale right now. There, I said it.
  8. lol "...aircraft 1-20 years old..." I wonder if AGL informed APS that the first annual is traditionally half price.....
  9. sounds like it's just me and @Junkman, and that's IF it's not 100+ degrees out, at least for me. again, no plan, just gonna swing on by and shoot the mooney sht.
  10. alright, we got two! maybe if it's a light crowd we'll hijack them and take them to lunch at HKY or something like that........just a thought. OR just hang out for a bit and say our goodbyes.
  11. no interest? I know those guys are busy so if no one is planning on swinging by I'll let them know not to worry about it.
  12. ok, maybe not so extravagant, how about just a mooney gathering to send our friends at @AGL Aviation off to Texas? I'm not much of a planner, but the date's been set, the time's been set, and the location is MRN. also, dibs on any champion oil filters they got left WOOHOO! JK. who's in?
  13. I use it on longer trips when I’m way past a waypoint, I remove it from the flight plan, clean it up a bit.
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