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  1. I think I need an actual new switch. My strobe switch won’t click and stay on. Any ideas? I can’t imagine just the switch cover would help.....
  2. I’m curious if you received a ‘jerk alert’ via adsb? EDIT: this is a legit question btw.
  3. The TLDR version: strong fuel smell, big fuel leak, could have been bad.
  4. And since the OP clearly stated he’s flying an F model, which is NOT turbo, there’s really no need to even discuss turbo procedures whatsoever in this thread. But that’s the nature of how these things go, answer a question with something completely irrelevant to the actual question.
  5. Thank you for saying what I said again.
  6. Because unless you’re just out low-cruisin’ the blvd, most of us aren’t reducing throttle at TOC.
  7. I sure would like one.
  8. I'm in Charlotte which is South Central North Carolina. That's East North East Of North West South Carolina. Seems like Cole is South West of North West South Carolina and AGL is North of North West South Carolina. I can't see it taking north of 30 minutes to get to AGL and maybe north of 60 minutes to Joey Cole. Also, The Runway Cafe at GMU in North West South Carolina has the best burger east of the south east smokie mountains.
  9. You forgot “and I fly a mooney, b!tches!” Actually, how close is the closest landing strip to all that action?
  10. Dayum! I dunno though, just cause you put “mountain” or “bighorn” or “bloods” or “crips” in front of the word “sheep” wouldn’t make it easier for me to shoot one. But that actually does look like fun and when I did hunt deer it was only with bow. Pheasant and turkey on the other hand, say hello to my lil friend.....
  11. You may develop a group of jealous friends and a perma-grin leading to excessive laughing and insomnia over the fact that you own an F-ing awesome plane (see what I did there?). You have been warned. Good luck!
  12. that could be the ugliest cooler I've ever seen. nope, it definitely is. EDIT: I'm always caution about these soft coolers in the plane. a lot of the cheaper ones tend to 'sweat' and can get the plane wet, and that would make me mad.
  13. It really was just a goofy little video meant for a laugh....no over analyzing needed but I guess that’s good ‘ol mooneyspace for ya.