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  1. It really was just a goofy little video meant for a laugh....no over analyzing needed but I guess that’s good ‘ol mooneyspace for ya.
  2. OK I’ll say it.........LETS GO YANKEES!
  3. EQY is almost always cheaper and 8a6 is further from rock hill.
  4. 1) if u go to EQY, TAXI SLOW!!!!! You have been warned. Nice lil airport, gets busy sometimes. Oh, and 2) lemme know if u go there and have a few minutes to meet up, it’s a short hop for me.
  5. eman1200


    Is piloto’s wife a pilota?
  6. see what happens when you don't get transition training folks? you end up on an Air Safety Institute video like this one!
  7. It does. They mentioned it on the call. But ‘legacy’ here is I like the G3X but hate that my aspen can’t be a legal backup. Would hate to lose the aspen in place of a G5, that’s a step down.
  8. PM me the details/contact info and I'll do my best to swing by this weekend if he's available.