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  1. Elevon Allianz

    Has anyone ever heard of or used these folks? Any feedback? Thanks!
  2. 'Annual in lieu of Pre-Buy' - ?

    I'm curious why you say "at owners cost".....I'm not saying I agree or disagree, just curious why you say that. is it just in case the deal falls through?
  3. 'Annual in lieu of Pre-Buy' - ?

    yep, at his expense. what I was hoping to do on the the plane I just looked at was have the PPI done, finalize the deal, then turn turn PPI into an annual at my expense. but it doesn't look like I'll be able to do that.
  4. Traveling mechanic?

    see I didn't want to turn this into a back-and-forth with the owner, but I was hoping the details in the purchase agreement would address his concerns. however, it is currently his plane, so his rules. it's a deal breaker for me but my partner is trying to get this to work. as for some of the rest of your situations when you purchased, wow, you had some generous sellers. I'm sure they probably just wanted one last flight in to make some of those long distance trips. honestly I wouldn't even think to ask that from a seller. in this case, the MSC is 40 miles from it's home base. the mooney wouldn't even be warmed up by the time it got there lol.
  5. Traveling mechanic?

    We offered all of the above. Also, the owner wants to be there for the inspection.
  6. Traveling mechanic?

    Yikes, that sux. I texted them the other day asking if I could possibly bring a plane there for a prebuy and she said they were on the road. But it doesn't look like bringing the plane there is an option so I'm trying to find someone to get to the plane. I expect I'll hear from them tomorrow.
  7. Traveling mechanic?

    Thanks Bob, I've sent her a txt and hope to hear from them tomorrow.
  8. I hate to do this because I know the seller is here on MS but 1) does anyone know if Savvy will send a mechanic to someone's field to do a pre-purchase inspection, and 2) @Bob_Belville do you know if the folks at AGL would send a mechanic out to a nearby field to do a PPI? Thanks!
  9. Movie with a Mooney 201 in it

    plenty of cameo's in this clip: Bond
  10. 1981 M20J restoration

    Now known as Paintgate.
  11. 1981 M20J restoration

    I had a girlfriend who used to take fashion magazines to her hairstylist and point and say "I want THAT hairstyle". I hope the original hairstylist isn't reading this.
  12. 1981 M20J restoration

    I mean, of course I want one!
  13. looking into this J

    I've asked for the logs on 3 different occasions.
  14. looking into this J

    I specifically asked if there was ANY other damage history. Answer was 'No'. So, dunno what to say. He didn't bring the logs, said he would if we moved forward but I don't think we will. Overall a nice looking plane.
  15. looking into this J

    But if you back up and look at the plane from afar it looks pretty sweet.....