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  1. “The manufacturer recommends keeping fuel in them on a regular basis .they don’t want them to sit dry for a long period of time it will cause dry rot…If by any chance this should happen the bladders can be reconditioned” … Griggs Aircraft.
  2. (1) same senders .. i have (2)EI senders. (2) yes Griggs calibrated my CGR30C. (3) forgot to ask if i should keep it a certain level of fuel... but ill keep it topped off. (4) ~$15,600 out the door. (5) 36.90 lbs (useful load 955.64).
  3. Griggs installed the B800 8-bag 64 gal system in my 1963 M20C. Went from 48 gal to 64gal ! Right at a week turn around. I’m very impressed with their skills . They did a great job!
  4. Any updates on the tailbeacon ?
  5. Good looking moondawg.... MDW is becoming a Mooney base...
  6. http://www.donmaxwell.com/publications/MAPA_TEXT/_overlay/Fuel Tank Repair_How We Fix Them 2-05.htm.
  7. http://www.freeflightsystems.com/images/products/RANGR978.pdf
  8. Total Flight Solutions @ KLHZ 919-340-8801. Ask for Don...
  9. http://www.grainger.com/product/SHAW-PLUGS-%20-14M031?cm_mmc=EMT-_-OrderConfirmStandard-_-GuestOrderConfirm-_-sku&RIID=146295573&GID=&mid=OrderConfirmation&orderNumber=1242212727&rfe=5bbd257fe803e2aae2db1ce4c37525ce0ed955222358a6f911d280fadc983629&origin=prod Hmm...
  10. Mooney was out of stock, they gave me the part number to give to shaw... Maybe one could try to use the top of a PA-24 cap "new cam" ($85) with the bottom of the 2 inch Mooney cap... The top and bottom unscrew ...
  11. Good idea, I'll ask..... Michael, P/N: 55727 4-5 weeks Lead Time ARO... $295.00 each for quantity 2 ($590.00) Mini. Order 2 pieces. Terms - prepaid. Shipping not included. We do repair and/or service this cap. We do not sell the components separately.., sorry. Please advise – thank you. Best regards, John
  12. Contacted shaw plugs...fuel caps haven't been made since April 2014... Part # 55727 Standby for price and lead time.
  13. I tried those and they didn't work, they're to tall the door wouldn't close...
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