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  1. I just sell the bottles. 115cf Kevlar for $1475
  2. I just spoke to Jack on a referral from Parker. After talking to him and reviewing this advertisement, I advised him that he should drop his price from $49,900 to $44,900. At $44,900 I think it represents a good value with the low total time, the Bladders, the new Top Prop and some of the nice maintenance items he has incorporated and will give the new buyer a nice platform to build a good first Mooney on. We discussed me selling it for him but after commission and transportation to TX, I advised Jack that he would be better off to keep it up there, reduce the price and get it sold locally. Ja
  3. Wow!!! That is a LOT of flying! Glad you are enjoying it. We will be here when you get ready to trade up!
  4. Yessir. We sold one Missile and took a nice M20C on trade for it. My first personally owned Mooney was a Missile. Good planes. Maybe we should figure out how to revive that STC?!?
  5. Just a quick note to say Happy New Year and to say a BIG thank you to the folks on the board that have recommended me and our business over the years and those that we have sold Mooneys TO and FOR. You guys are great and I appreciate the referrals you guys post. While I know it is impossible to have a completely painless transaction every time (with the experience of the 1,000 Mooneys we have sold I can't tell you how many little things can go wrong on and plane and or its sale), I do work hard to make each transaction a smooth one and the support from the Mooney community is greatly appreciat
  6. Mooney made three different versions of the J during this era (I know they did in 1987 but I believe also in 1988). The 205 (28V, Inner Gear Doors, round windows, a few other small additions), the 201, very few made, (28V<I think>, no inner gear doors, square windows and a scaled down slightly vs. the 205) and the LM <Lean Machine> (14V, KAP-100 AP, No HSI and really bare bones on the paint and interior, along with some other downgrades to keep costs down - aimed a flight schools). The LM sold at a significant discount to the 201 and even moreso to the 205 ($30-40K- or a 25-35% dis
  7. Half Simple Green, Half Water. A scrub brush and a towel.
  8. Selling for a customer (estate). This is a Electric Powertow and runs off of a chord (not a battery). As the unit is bulky and the person involved in liquidating the hangar equipment is unable to ship, the unit will need to be picked up at the Chester County PA Airport (KMQS). Initial contact can be made through me and then I will connect you with the appropriate party. email me a jimmy at gmaxamericanaircraft dot com Thanks!
  9. Selling a Bonanza for a friend. 530W is constant receive (like when you test squelch). I saw on another topic that someone fixed a sqelch issue in the field. Can anyone advise if there is a fix before we commit to the $1,200 Garmin flat fee? Thanks, Jimmy
  10. A quick and dirty VRef comes to $209K (using VRef specific numbers for the upgrades), but not counting upgrades for Flight Director, Altitude Preselect, Hartzell Top Prop Upgrade and the Electronic Standby AI (in the TC slot). Those are upgrades to the standard aircraft from the year model. And that is only giving the standard $6,500 for the new paint, which I have been told was a $30,000 cost (rumor has it that it was painted by the same shop that does paint work for Air Force One - but that could just be a rumor - I do know it was a top end and pricey paint job). That all being said, I am go
  11. Pretty plane. Not original paint though.
  12. I am selling my best friend's Bonanza B36TC and have convinced him into trading into a Mooney to either fly or have me resell. Let me know if you may be interested in moving to a six-seater. 1994 model with low total and engine time. Thanks, Jimmy jimmy at gmaxamericanaircraft dot com
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