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  1. The dilemma will be whether to install what you want and within your idea of budget vs. what the market will prefer. The old days were easy (by old I mean the start of this millennia). You had to have a GNS-430 in the plane or you couldn't sell it. My advise when talking to the MAPA conventions back in 2002-2005 was that you might as well get one installed because you are going to pay for it when you sell it anyway, so why not get some utility out of it in the mean time. The complexity and depth of avionics has thrown everything out of whack and the latest is ADS-B. In theory, a plane should probably be discounted $2,500 - $3,000 for not having it. But the reality is that it will probably run between $5,000 and $10,000 because you are going to be at the mercy of a buyer's 'wish' list vs. a practical solution (ADS-B out only). Smart money will go ahead and get something installed.
  2. Because I am a business and commercial operators are discouraged from selling stuff here. The forum is for individuals. I'm good with it. I respect the system. I have tons of parts I would like to sell, but that is specifically prohibited.
  3. I am not allowed to advertise here, but if you want some info on unadvertised planes inbound, please email me and I will get you on my list of new inventory (jimmy@allamericanaircraft.com). Currently inbound: 1997 Bravo w/ TKS (Edit 8/18) - Arrived, will be advertising today 1989 M20J 201 (Edit 8/18) - purchased for inventory, will have '0' SMOH, New Paint, New Interior, 750/345R/Aspen and more plus gross weight increase) 1981 231, 1300 Total Time (Edit 8/18 - picking up on 10/24) 1978 M20J, Nice overall (Edit - Arrived) 1976 M20F 1967 M20F 201 Clone 1967 M20F 201 Clone 1966 M20C (Edit 10/18 - Purchased, will arrive 8-23) Added 8/18 as incoming - two M20K 252 'Encore' Conversions - these are Potentials, not confirmed but hoping to get soon: 2000 M20R Ovation 1999 M20S Eagle 1996 M20R Ovation 1997 M20R Ovation with AC - Added 8/18 as a potential 1989 M20J (Moved to Inbound) 1987 M20K with TKS - Edit 8/18 - will probably be after the first of the year 1983 M20J - Added 8/18 as a potential 1974 M20F 1965 M20C 1963 M20C - Added 8/18 as a potential - very likely on this one
  4. Looking for the round dial FF/MP gauge from a 231. Any of you that have put in an EDM-900 or 930 have one they want to part with?
  5. Departed Appleton at 0900 and flew over RIPON. Thought it was pretty cool looking on the ipad
  6. Need one for a delivery. Email me if you have something. jimmy@allamericanaircraft.com
  7. Now why didn't I think of that? Taking one step back to rethink this....
  8. 28V Sidewinder tow. Used only a few times, nearly new. Selling for a client. Preferably would like to sell it locally (San Antonio area) to avoid the shipping hassels. Please email me instead of replying here. Thanks, Jimmy jimmy@allamericanaircraft.com
  9. I wanted to share this with my MooneySpace Friends: On Friday June 7 at the MooneyMAX conference in Longview, TX, Jimmy Garrison and Don and Paul Maxwell announced the formation of a new aircraft sales company, GMax American Aircraft. The new company will focus on the sale of most models of Mooney aircraft and will have facilities in the San Antonio, TX area and in Longview, TX. Jimmy also announced that David McGee, longtime All American Aircraft team member, will be retiring from aircraft sales after a long career in aviation, including accumulating flight hours exceeding 25,000. David has been part time for over a year now and has made the decision to make it full time retirement with the exception of doing some transition and recurrent training and ferry flight. Contact Jimmy if you would like to employ David to do some quality Mooney instruction in the Texas and surrounding area. The new company combines Jimmy's nearly 24 years of aircraft marketing and sales experience in Mooneys as the owner of All American with the Maxwell family name, a fixture in the Mooney world that stretches back into the 1960's. Jimmy has sold in excess of 800 Mooney aircraft while at All American. One can only imagine the thousands of Mooneys that Don Maxwell has worked on and flown in his long career and the tens of thousands of hours of free advice he has given Mooney owners over the years. While Don will continue to operate Don Maxwell Aviation and provide support as needed, his son Paul will take the primary reins of GMax's pre-201 sales (Mooney models M20C, E, F, G), leaving Jimmy to focus on the marketing and sales of models ranging from the M20J to the M20TN. In addition to the current 10,000 square feet of hangar space currently occupied by All American, GMax has secured additional hangar space at East Texas Regional Airport just a few hundred yards from the current Maxwell hangar. It is the vision of GMax to continuously house from five to eight pre-201 aircraft at KGGG under Paul's oversight while maintaining and inventory of 15-20 later models under Jimmy's watch. The launch date of the new entity is July 1, 2019. GMax will publish any phone number or website changes at a later date. In the interim, continue to keep up with Mooney inventory at www.allamericanaircraft.com and direct any questions to Jimmy at the phone numbers and email address published there.
  10. Are you 07N? I think you were going west and I was passing you up above, going east. I only maxed 219 knots across the ground at 11,500, M20E.
  11. Here is the advertisement: https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/32640637/2005-mooney-m20r-ovation-3-gx?dlr=1&pcid=17527&crmid=614667&if=1
  12. Not mine. My picture is on the link to get to that spreadsheet (a picture taken from the MAPA log, years ago), but I don't contribute to that valuation program. I'm not sure where they get their data.
  13. Just to be clear. I don't cap the market. The market caps the market. Once you hit a certain price, buyers tend to look at alternatives. In my addendum, my statement says that at about $80k, buyers will tend to start looking at J's. At $65K, M20C buyers will start looking at Execs. The addendum also says that a $120K Exec or $100K M20C is not out of the question. It is unlikely, but not out of the question. I looked at an Exec earlier this week that I think will bring more than 80K. But the general statement still stands. Some of that is because of BlueBook and Vref and the banks. Some of it is due to what other planes are available for a given price. If you are at the convention in Longview in June, I have some interesting stuff to show you that may prove some of this (and in particular, your statement about the C172 prices). Also, can I ask what spreadsheet you are referring to?