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  1. Selling a Bonanza for a friend. 530W is constant receive (like when you test squelch). I saw on another topic that someone fixed a sqelch issue in the field. Can anyone advise if there is a fix before we commit to the $1,200 Garmin flat fee? Thanks, Jimmy
  2. A quick and dirty VRef comes to $209K (using VRef specific numbers for the upgrades), but not counting upgrades for Flight Director, Altitude Preselect, Hartzell Top Prop Upgrade and the Electronic Standby AI (in the TC slot). Those are upgrades to the standard aircraft from the year model. And that is only giving the standard $6,500 for the new paint, which I have been told was a $30,000 cost (rumor has it that it was painted by the same shop that does paint work for Air Force One - but that could just be a rumor - I do know it was a top end and pricey paint job). That all being said, I am go
  3. Pretty plane. Not original paint though.
  4. Mods, Delete if not allowed. In addition to the 14 Mooneys currently on our website (about five of which of which are currently under contract), we have the following unadvertised Mooneys that are available and will be advertised soon: 1968 M20C Ranger 1976 M20F Executive 1980 M20J 201 1980 M20K 231 1980 M20K 231 1984 M20K 231 1988 M20J 205 1992 M20J MSE
  5. I am selling my best friend's Bonanza B36TC and have convinced him into trading into a Mooney to either fly or have me resell. Let me know if you may be interested in moving to a six-seater. 1994 model with low total and engine time. Thanks, Jimmy jimmy at gmaxamericanaircraft dot com
  6. Any of you that have read my stuff over the last 23 years know that I am not a fan of Bluebook or VRef and a true guide to value. The primary reason is that they have no clue when it comes to the actual sales of aircraft because sales prices are not published anywhere. Complicate this by a factor of 100 (vs. when BB started out so many years ago) with the number of variables available to be installed on a plane. There is no way to keep up with it. In the old days, you have a two or three brands of avionics and autopilots and about four typical installations in the panel (Nav/Com, ADF, DME, HSI
  7. A Vref Appraisal or a VRev evaluation or a Bluebook evaluation or a Professional "Appraisal" or a Jimmy Garrison evaluation is only as good as it relates to what an arms length transaction actually reflects. And a lot of it that transaction depends on the buyer and his needs or wants. A good example is TKS. Appraisers and Value Guides and Jimmy will add value to a Mooney anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 for the installation. Fact is, it costs in excess of $50K to install it. But it is a reality that if a buyer lives in the PACNW or Great Lakes or New England, that this installation can add wel
  8. I have two customers who recently sold their aircraft and I offered to sell their tugs for them. Have one RoboTow and One Sidewinder. Email me and I will get photos for you. Thanks, Jimmy jimmy@allamericanaircraft.com jimmy@gmaxamericanaircraft.com
  9. I am actually not the author of that valuation tool, although it is often attributed to me. However, it is based on my formulas used in the MAPA magazine that I authored from around 1998 until sometime in the late 2000's. Valuing an aircraft can be difficult and a good guide can help the process. At one time, I was a mostly Bluebook guy. Then I started a combo of Bluebook and VRef, adjusting both for where they were wrong. Then I stopped using VRef altogether because it became unreliable. I have now switched, no longer subscribing to Bluebook and back to using VRef, again adjusted for where th
  10. Could happen sooner rather than later...
  11. Correct. If the bottle has been replaced more than in the last year or so in an '05 it probably wasn't because of life limit. I wonder if by replaced he wasn't thinking of the hydro.
  12. Composite (Kevlar). They weigh 21#. This is just for the bottle, so if you are coming out of a steel bottle, your regulator may not fit. May want to check on that. Also, if you are going from smaller to larger bottle, you may have to get new straps to accommodate. I think they run about $100 for the pair. Don't quote me on that.
  13. Repost from the Modern Mooney forum: I buy them a bunch at a time since we replace so many of them and I get a decent discount. I have my new batch inbound. Retail price is $1,871.96. I sell them for $1,475 plus shipping. The bottles I have arriving were manufactured in September of 2019, so you 14 years of life vs 15 straight off the assembly line but the price is good. If you have a 1989/90/91 aircraft, you may check your bottle for date (bottle was probably already changed sometime around 15 years ago). Same with 2004/05/06 as these planes have or are soon hitting the 15 year mark
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