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  1. Hi. I could use the trim/flap indicator plate. I could also use the plastic that surrounds the heater vent in that same area. Thanks.
  2. Hi. Looked on Ebay. No luck. Not urgent but would like to find one. Any leads, please LMK. Thanks.
  3. I purchased my GLD82 and wiring harness from this company and would purchase from them again. They were very responsive and helpful. I'm intrigued by the hub concept and would consider it I were planning a more extensive ground up avionics installation.
  4. Plane Plastics web site could use some work. I've had to look across all the models to find something that will fit. I'm not convinced the drawings are correct or the parts are assigned to the correct models or years. With that said, I've had good success with their parts after significant trimming and fitting. I've bought one part that appears to have been the wrong one (front left interior panel) and one that I didn't really like using because it was too different from the original (fuel selector valve cover). I appreciate them giving us an option for new parts though.
  5. A bit off topic, but I added a fixed center cowl opening years ago prior to my overhaul. My oil temps were always too hot particularly on climb out during the summer. Now I rarely touch my movable cowl flap; I just leave it open unless I'm on a long high cruise. I'm not sure I can see a measurable difference in temps regardless of where it's positioned. Now that I have an engine monitor, and a fresh engine, I'll take a closer look. Is there really a danger of over cooling?
  6. Where is it and what does it do? I'm trying to get more familiar with my Brittain system. I don't think my '67 has one. Thanks.
  7. Great choices. I'd add the F33 to the list and that's about it. I'm satisfied with my Mooney decision though. At the time it was either a 177 or a M20F (with J mods). Wouldn't mind having a really new J or an Ovation.
  8. I believe it's Porter-Strait Instrument Co. in Tulsa. 918-838-8711.
  9. According to Kevin Westbrook, former Brittain technican, the Brittain EVT TC's can be overhauled through Porter Strait in Tulsa, 918-838-8711. Kevin can be reached at 918-521-5139.
  10. For those of you still operating a Brittain wing leveler or autopilot, Kevin Westbrook (former Brittain technician for over 30 years) is willing to help over the phone with troubleshooting. He has helped me trace a recent problem to the DG. I'm trying to keep my Brittain system and in particular the EVT turn coordinator operational for as long as possible. Kevin may be reached at 918-521-5139. If a turn coordinator needs overhaul, it can be serviced through Porter Strait Instrument Co in Tulsa. I asked Kevin if it was OK to post his phone number and he said it was fine.
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