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  1. Has anyone rebuilt or overhauled their hydraulic flap system successfully? I’ve put up with my flaps slowly creeping up to avoid opening a can of worms that I couldn’t successfully close. Do any of the MSCs do it routinely? So far it’s just an inconvenience. Thanks.
  2. Sent mine to Garmin last year; came back looking "like new". They replaced the battery, either replaced or repaired a board (would have to look at invoice again), and replaced the display. I thought it was well worth it relative to the install price of a new unit.
  3. My '67F flap setting will creep up as well waiting to take off. Been that way for a long time. Interestingly, I've never noticed whether the handle comes up too. I usually just give it a short pump if needed before takeoff. It's part of my routine. If you find a defect or repair, please let us know. Thanks.
  4. I have an extra hobbs meter and cigarette lighter if you need one. Not sure I want to part with the lighter though. It's nostalgic.
  5. I'm aware of some folks adding aluminum sheet to their seat backs to extend the height about 4 inches (with the necessary foam upgrades to go with it). You can't even tell it's a modified seat. Looks modern and provides additional support. Don't know if it's "legal" (I'm not a mechanic) but it appears to be a possible alternative to newer seats.
  6. I really don't know any pilots currently that neglect their airplanes or avoid fixing things that are inoperative. I do everything I can to keep up with maintenance and do whatever I can to make the plane as safe as possible. Most everyone in my aviation circle seems to do the same thing. I can't say none but I can say one. I have one recent avionics squawk (not required equipment) and it'll get taken care of soon too.
  7. Good point. Keeping the plane and prop clean and waxed is part of my coastal ramp parking regiment as well. I'm also considering ceramic coating next time instead of waxing to help preserve the darker stripes.
  8. CA is not FL and the marine environment is different here but I've been parked near the ocean at KCRQ for almost 20 years. I've had ACF-50 treatment and I've had the plane painted once. I keep the cabin area covered. I really can't say the marine environment here has been an issue; I've inspected under the belly and in the wings during every annual myself; can't really say there has been any changes; same with the steel tubing. There are a lot of planes that spend their life on the ramp here. But I'm no expert... just sharing my personal experience here in CA.
  9. Thanks. I've had the parts manual for years. Finally got the maintenance manual for myself.
  10. Mine has an airspeed safety switch. I may have mixed up that function with the gear warning horn switch on the throttle. Will have to revisit the airspeed switch function. Thanks. Either way get them working !
  11. I'll make one suggestion. If you're low time, make sure your gear warning horn is working and make sure you can hear it with headsets on. If it's like mine, it activates when you pull back the throttle and if the airspeed is low enough. Not an expert... just a '67 F pilot for almost 20 years.
  12. 5/16” I’m 6’1”. I don’t think they raised high enough to support my head in a position suitable for flying. The way mine were attached to the posts also seemed flimsy. They might provide some benefit for a shorter woman. Are your seat back cams worn out or are they not adjusted to be upright enough? That can be uncomfortable for passengers. I had to replace my worn seat cams years ago.
  13. I took my '67F headrests out years ago too. Have them sitting on a shelf. They didn't seem at all supportive or functional. Haven't some folks extended the seat backs to be more supportive (instead of headrests)? If so, it would be great to have some pics if anyone has done it.
  14. Mind me asking who made your panel (the sheet metal). I'm thinking about contacting Hendricks.
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