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  1. Having had an F and a K (231) before my E, (all turbocharged), I have a few observations: 1. Manual gear is easy to get used to and much cheaper to maintain. As long as your shoulder works, it is superior. Not as sexy though. (My E has electric flaps) 2. My E is 10 years older than my F and 15 than my K. There are differences which some people overlook. Lack of sun visors. Older yokes and door handles that break. Steel windscreen tube that messes up the compass. No emergency baggage door unlock. Flying in the yellow arc alot. Fewer autopilot options. Wiring that is ancient and hard to troubleshoot. Vents that don't work the same way. Mooney really did improve the airplane over the years. 3. The K engines usually need a top overhaul about 900 hours. I loved my 231, until I had to pay the bills. Unless you need to fly high (over mountains, weather, or winds) they are a lot more expensive than an F. For me, it wasn't worth the extra money anymore. Which one is best depends on your mission. You are smart asking lots of questions and getting loads of free advice. Good luck!
  2. This antenna is below the belly, with 2 thick blue wires running to behind the panel where they are snipped off. What is it?
  3. I took my K model to a MSC 13 years ago for annual and tank reseal. It needed a top OH, which they did. 10 hours later the crankshaft sheared in flight. Post failure engine inspection determined the cause was excessive side torque on the #5 connecting rod that caused the crankshaft to shear. The shop had no insurance (has since gone out of business) so we had to pay for an OH'd engine. MSC's are great, except when they're not. You always pay more, and usually get what you pay for, but it boils down to who is doing the work, their training, experience, and supervision. I now focus on the individual instead of the shop.
  4. Need suggestions on where to take my E model to get proper rigging in Socal. I know who the MSCs are, but am interested in pireps on A&Ps with experience rigging Mooneys specifically. Thanks in advance.
  5. suggestions for an experienced Mooney mechanic to rig my 65 M20E in Southern CA?
  6. Bob; That picture of the sprocket looks the same as the replacement new ones I received. Don't think it is worn. Does your motor rotate the trim up fairly well? In testing mine, it goes down fine but is a little challenged going up.
  7. I have finally received the replacement sprocket specified in the STC. Have 6 extras if anyone needs one. I bought the new motor from Aerotrim. Still looking for the mounting bracket to attach to the floor next to the trim wheel / rings.
  8. I asked them the question directly when I started with them two years ago. They said it was fine.
  9. Anyone have a 6 pack (or 8 pack) pilot panel for sale. I am upgrading the original shotgun panel. PM or reply. Thanks
  10. I have a 65 M20E SN 539 with aftermarket M20 Turbo. My Manifold Pressure wouldn't go below 26", even at idle. Investigating, I found a short line connected to the back of the MP gauge with a tee into the line that goes from the gauge through the firewall to the intake manifold. This line was dangling, disconnected and open. I tested the system and, with this line plugged, it holds vaccuum well and the MP gauge goes down to zero. If I plug the end of this short line with the engine running, the MP gauge works normally, showing 15" MP at idle. Is this tee line supposed to connect to something? I can't find a diagram in the manuals I have. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have the SWTA STC windshield too. Called LP Aero and was told they only have one windshield for an M20E, not this STC. Sounded like the person didn't really want to dig into it much.
  12. AS said prepayment is required because this is a "special order". So it is outside of their normal "pay when we have it in stock ready to ship" model. I might be inclined to trust AS too, certainly more than Duncan, which is the company getting your money. But ultimately, once they have your money, they can drag it out a long time unless they give you a hard delivery date, which no-one is willing to do. The clincher for me is that BK does not yet have the Mooney specific parts, although they claim to be in the process of ordering them. Too much uncertainty for me to give any of them $6K.
  13. AS is ordering through Duncan Avionics, which holds the STC and is ordering from BK. Duncan has set the requirement that the AP must be prepaid to protect themselves from orders being cancelled after they have ordered from BK. I want the AP but decided not to prepay until some have been delivered. Duncan says they have ordered the first batch, and are waiting on BK to deliver them. Aren't we all???
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