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  1. The Avidyne forum says the GI275 is not included in the STC for IFD 540/440 so avionics shops are unwilling to quote installing them together ATTM. The G5s work with the GFC500 because the IFD series mimics GNS navigators.
  2. I’m redoing my interior panels and looking for opinions on whether to keep the cushioned armrests or not? Bruce Jaeger says they’re not necessary. Anyone removed them?
  3. Excellent points.....I talked to the owner’s daughter. He has 15 in it and wants 10 AMUs or more. We parted friends.
  4. Tucson is as good a place as any for a plane to sit for 5 years. Probably little if any corrosion.
  5. Rick; Survey completed. I own an M20E with original panel and Brittain AP. I am ready to install Skyview now, but won't until the AP is approved for M20E. Will do a minor upgrade to bring my panel into the 90s, upgrade to IFD 440 and keep my Brittain working as well as it can for now. I may be forced to go Garmin eventually but will wait for a while due to my preference for Dynon.
  6. OAT is 70 degrees in Yuma AZ. I have owned this plane for a few months so limited history. This is my first (of three) Mooneys with Shower of Sparks ignition. Initial problem was that engine stopped completely on L mag during runup after working fine previously. Replaced mag with tested good from Aircraft Magnetos so it should work. Engine started but died on L mag so it's the same problem. Starter is fine. No engine data pulled - EI may have some.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback. The battery had 11.7 volts (may be run down due to all the cranking on FBO ramp with no electricity) so we are charging it to full. Hopefully that will energize the shower of sparks and get the engine running. Will then try to move plane where we have ground power to keep battery charged. Once shower of sparks is working and engine starts, next step is to troubleshoot why new left mag is dead on mag check. (BTW, removing left P lead doesn't work on SOS system. Right mag is disabled on start, and left mag needs P lead connected for SOS system to make the plugs fire.
  8. we love Sedona and would definitely go if we can. Joe
  9. After installing rebuilt Slick 4347 left mag from American Magnetos, timing both mags to 25 degrees BTDC on compression stroke, reconnecting P lead and retard lead (engine has a Bendix Starting Vibrator), and checking grounding on ignition switch, engine started once, but won't start again. Mechanic is stumped. American Magnetos says to check all wiring, which we will do tomorrow. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  10. Since this mag has 400 hours on it, was 14 years old, with cam worn causing points not to open, and the IA can't test the internal parts, and since the engine is turbocharged (which makes 500 hours inspections more desirable), I was leaning toward replacing it. Aircraft Magneto Service in Montana had a replacement with 500 hour inspection and wear parts replaced for $750. This is half what Spruce quoted and it comes with a 500 hour warranty. This will give me one recently inspected mag, which improves my safety margin. It's time to rent a car, drive home, and come back in a week.
  11. 65 E model, IO 360 AIA with M20 Turbo and Slick 4347 mag. AOG Yuma AZ. On runup, mag appeared to be completely dead, but at idle it would fire briefly before dying. Believe problem to be with left mag since it dies when ignition switch is closest to "Both" (panel not marked L and R). AP/IA removed left mag after placing #1 cyl at TDC position. On tear down, mag shows no corrosion, gear damage, or wear on points. Points barely separate. IA said he felt they should open further. Mag (and engine) has 375 hours since OH in 2007 so little flying over many years. Questions....1. Can the mag be fiel
  12. I have installed two Gold Seal overhauled engines from Western Skyways and was very pleased, not only with the quality of the engines, but also their after sale service and support. Very competent people, and it's nice not to have to wait weeks or months to get your plane back in the air. Just order the new engine and swap it out. Longest downtime is for accessory overhauls, but they will send those too if you need speed, and give core credit for your old ones.
  13. During an expensive annual on my M20K, he patched both tanks. They held for a couple of years before starting to leak again. I had them completely resealed. He didn’t promise the repairs would last, just did his best. Possibly could have repaired them again if I had asked him to. Great guy, knows a lot about Mooney tank seal problems, and also knows his limits. Wouldn’t hesitate to go back if I had leaks again.
  14. They are $295 from hendricksmfg.com, laid out the way you want and ready to powder coat. Lyle does a nice job.
  15. I have a turbo-normalized 65 E and would be happy to introduce you to the breed. Plane will be based in Corona or SNA shortly. Previously owned a 67 F (turbo RayJay) and 79 231. PM if interested. Joe
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