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  1. I would ask Steve at Aerospecialties is he could do it. Other mechanics in the area won't do wiring, so an Avionics shop may be your best best. Also ask @skates97 for his advice.
  2. +1 this. My 65E with fixed wastegate (not RayJay) holds 30” @ 12K
  3. Mine is disconnected but still installed in the panel, since I have a turbo and 201 cowling. If anyone needs it, I can remove it and send it for a reasonable price.
  4. Do the harnesses made by Aircraft Spruce or FastStack meet the warranty requirements?
  5. I'm replacing KA-134 and SPA400 intercom with PS Engineering. My question is "Which model"? Obviously, the best choice is the 450b since I want BT. But I want to install myself and I read that self install voids the warranty, which argues in favor of installing a used G340 then upgrading. What am I missing?
  6. I had my Interav Prestolite "airboat" alternator OH'd at a marine electric specialist. It tested fine on their bench, twice. Installed a used Plane Power R1224 which Hartzell confirmed worked normally. The system would NOT charge, and Hartzell couldn't tell me why. Said "it should work". Others have told me Plane Power regulators don't always work with Interav alternators. I ended up giving my OH'd alternator to Spruce as a core for a new Plane Power STC kit. Worked like a charm. And I also replaced ALL the wiring to field and buss.
  7. I used to fly into VGT often and had a lot of work done there. Mind sharing the shop you are using?
  8. It turned out they were old (replaced) wires for the Shower of Sparks. Further research into the lack of charge (no amps and voltage on bus same before and after start and at 1500 rpm) discovered no power at Field wire. Interav over voltage relay appears to have failed (has power from bus going in but isn't connecting field wires) so ordered a plane power regulator to replace Interav OVR and regulator. When new regulator is installed, we will see if the alternator is good.
  9. Working behind the panel of 65E, I ended up with two wires from the main harness disconnected. Neither is hot. Not sure where they go. Could it be master switch or ignition switch or somewhere else? Ammeter is moving slightly but not showing normal amps. Voltage is not increasing with engine running. Searched for wiring diagrams for master switch and ignition switch without success. Any help appreciated.
  10. Greg; This is the year for a basic Dynon 10" on the pilot side, connected to IFD 440 for IFR. Will not include engine gauges, radio, transponder, or AP prewiring. Will need a new panel cut for left side only. Will leave vacuum system in place for Brittain AP and step. Can you recommend software to design the new panel?
  11. I have spent about 1 1/2 years since I bought my E (with the same system you have) working on it. Your turn with PC on is probably due to a leak on the left aileron of the PC wing leveler. As Doc says, make sure your rigging is good first, then if the PC causes a turn, try trimming with the valve on top of the clock on the pilot's yoke. If that doesn't pull it equally right and left, it's time to check vaccuum to the left and right sides. You can find red and green lines behind the trim on the left side of the baggage area. If they don't leak, they will hold 5 psi of vaccuum for a minute or two. The system is elegant, simple, and inexpensive. There is more to learn, but that should get you started. Kevin Westbrook, a long time employee of Brittain, is also available to troubleshoot and repair components of these systems. He has a new number - five 3 niner dos niner dos zero quattro seven quattro. PM if you have questions.
  12. paul loewen may have it. https://www.loewensmooneysalvage.com/ He will also be able to help you figure out what caused it to break.
  13. My standby vac is from the intake manifold and it causes idle to increase about 150-200 rpm when pulled.
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