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  1. Not sure what brands you are shopping but Flight 1 avionics is in Statesville NC (KSVH less than 100nm form KSPA), Dealers for Avidyne, Aspen, L-3/Lynx. They just finished off my ADS-B with the Lynx NGT-9000 and I think they did an outstanding job. Ron
  2. In the FAQ it states it meets the 2020 ADS-B mandate on experimental and light sport aircraft. Nothing mentioned on certified aircraft.
  3. I would definitely attend the clinic in July at KHKY but it will not help me with the caravan as I cannot leave for Osh until Sunday(23rd) morning. Thanks for the heads up on the possible additional date though, it helps as I ended up having to work the weekend of the one in June.
  4. Thanks Bob, I should be arriving very near the caravan time, and I am not asking for any preferential treatment, I understand the caravan is the ticket to mooney camping, I will take whatever I can get and will enjoy whomever my neighbors turn out to be. That being said, if there is a space that someone would rather have a Mooney fill then I've got one of those and would love to fill it. fingers crossed, Ron
  5. Thank you KS, and Paul, I understand the process for the north 40 and pretty much had the plan in place for the clinic in June and the caravan into osh but work is getting the better of that plan. I saw Mr. Belville's post about camping with the mooney's and thought I would ask the question. Ron
  6. Found out this morning that I will not be able to swing the caravan logistically, is it still possible to park with my Mooney brethren? I will be arriving on the 23rd but just single ship.
  7. Prisoner #25-0577-1079B
  8. Welcome aboard, Thank you for your's and your son's service!
  9. See, you're not alone at all, feel better? Welcome Back! Ron
  10. +2 for Kelly Aerspace replacement harnesses. Got a great price through Aero Inc. on a set with the clockable 90* elbows. Ron
  11. I believe the KNS 80 has the same indicator stipulations as the KX165. If so, here is a pretty good list of candidates. Ron
  12. I have it loaded and running on 2 ipads and an android Galaxy S7 Ron
  13. Paul, I also hope to see you back in the air soon, but additionally, that panel is going to be "AWESOME". Chocks has done what appears to be a fantastic job.
  14. I probably shouldn't open...or re-open this can of worms, but I feel compelled to correct a statement that was made against Mr. Busch. It was stated that he (Mr. Busch) suggests that owners push rebuilds beyond TBO which is simply not true. His entire philosophy on maintenence is based on the "On Condition" theory of doing maintenence. I have read all the articles of his that I can find and I have watched and listened to all of his webinars, along with many other so called aviation maintenence experts. Not once has he suggested that an owner, without supporting diagnostic data, push a rebuild beyond TBO. He has only tried to get us as owners to treat TBO as an arbitrary number, which in my OPINION, it is . He has a pretty good legal department supporting his maintenence programs and I highly doubt that they would allow him to push owners to make uneducated or unsupported decision around anything having safety of flight ramifications. Sorry, rant end!! Ron
  15. Oh, I gotcha Thin, it's the process for that location you were providing, big help, thanks! Ron