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  1. jlunseth, My apologies for leading you astray, was not my intention. I am sure I've seen the mod, I cannot say I've seen the STC to perform the mod. The B&C pad mount shaft driven unit would be my choice also, Is there any precedence for a field approval on such a mod? I've seen the 28v version on a Bravo with the whole emergency buss isolation process, would love to have the ability to do something similar on the 231 (after I'm done with the vacuum pump of course). Ron
  2. Morning Peevee, I arrived at my hanger this morning to get you a pic of what I had. I say "had" because all there was in the box was a $50 bill and a note from my A&P saying thank you, M20K on the field needed one. Sorry, hopefully Bryan can come through for you. Ron
  3. Don't change a thing, hang it in the museum just the way it is! This is probably the most original looking example I've seen on mooneyspace yet. Love it! Ron
  4. jlunseth, I have seen both a belt driven and a shaft driven second alternator on the TSIO360 (GB,LB) in a 231 (unless my eyes deceive me, which they have been known to do). The belt driven requires a set of bevel gears and new vacuum pump pad arrangement and the shaft driven just replaced the vacuum pump (B&C I think). The B&C shaft driven I think would be considered a "stand by" where as the belt driven is a secondary unit, capable of supporting the full 60-70 amp load. Ron
  5. I agree with Jack, With a diff temp of 50 degrees I don't think its a particular cylinder issue. I climb at 33" 2600rpm with a fuel flow closer to 19-19.2gph and rarely see 380 in the climb on a hot day. At 40" 2700rpm I think you need to be closer to 24.5-24.9gph and I believe @kortopates suggests adding an additional .5 to the maint manual numbers. Ron
  6. I get your reasoning on low time and sludge, but if there is a ring issue sludge and coking can start to form in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours. Ron
  7. The loop in the fuel line is probably correct, the fuel transducer is mounted on the firewall and the carb is obviously mounted to the engine, the loop will allow for vibration differences to be dissipated between the two ends. Ron
  8. Mark, I had a very slight but noticeable oscillation with KI-256/KFC200 AP engaged in cruise in my K model last year. The King AP "king" (my opinion) Bob Bramble (913- 680-4169) cleaned and adjusted the clutch on the pitch servo and all has been perfect since. In cruise flight it would start the oscillation after a minute or so, I could put very slight pressure forward or aft on the yoke and it would cease the oscillation, but as soon as I removed the pressure it would start again. Bob specializes in BK HSI's AI's, FD's, DG's and VG's, but if you ask nice he may still do the servo adjustment/repair if necessary. I would suspect that most shops may be able to make the same adjustment, no rocket science involved. Hope this helps, good luck, Ron
  9. The need for cell service on the Ipad or phone while flying is dependent on what you want or have the device doing for you and whether there is another connectable source for that information. If the cellular device is stand alone but has an integrated GPS receiver then as long as the charts are downloaded to the device and a GPS signal is present then your little blue plane should be represented in sync on any of the available downloaded charts. When operating in this mode it is best to have the cell service turned off as not to compete with the on board information. If you are using the cellular device to keep track of weather and it is not connected to an ADS-B in device then the cell service needs to be on and an adequate signal needs to be available (Piloto's MO I believe). If the device is connected to an on-board ADS-B device and the app plays well with the on-board device then all that is needed is the appropriate wifi or bluetooth connection to enjoy all available information, but the charts and plates need to be resident (downloaded) on said portable devices. I think! Ron
  10. pcheli, You've already outed your demon, please fill us in on the details here. R
  11. I have one or two, but I won't be back in the hanger til next week. Ron
  12. Will get back to you, currently reading up on "Statute of Limitations" Ron
  13. TW, keep in mind that Oliver is in a DA-40, built by a glider company. He can be airborne by 45 knots or so if he tries. And I think that is what he's saying, the red X may not disappear until airborne. Ron