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  1. Marcopolo

    IFD 440 LNAV at FAF no LPV

    @J0nathan225, Is it possible that WAAS is not enabled on your IFD440, there is a setting in maintenance mode that shows it (WAAS or Non-WAAS). During your "RAIM" check you would have seen a Status line, this line should have read SBAS nav as opposed to FDE nav or Basic nav. Just a thought, Ron P.S. If you've had a software update done on the unit this setting can revert back to default (Non-WAAS) as part/result of the update
  2. @PTK, I have a set of panels from a '91 J MSE, not perfect but in very usable condition. Let me know if these will work for you.
  3. Marcopolo

    IFR Setup

    @Skates97, I think the process can be done in steps as long as the upgrade is done as a whole, what I mean is kind of similar to Paul's ( @gsxrpilot) panel. He built up the stock of items he wanted over time, saving some money or at least spending it in steps, I did the same with my panel. This opposed to walking into an avionics shop and getting the sales pitch on what your ideas are compared to what they think you should be doing/buying could make sense to you. But the install of the equipment needs to be done in one fail swoop to cut cost as much as possible. Even wiring for future expectations can save some money down the road but I think installing everything you want at one time is the best course, YMMV! I do believe you need to know what you want though so you can do your research in advance (as you are doing) to make sure all items are compatible and will serve your needs down the road. If you think you will move up to a WAAS GPS at some point then save a bit longer and do it rather than installing a non-waas GPS now and then moving up later. You will pay twice the install cost for that change, and its not cheap. My .02-.03 Ron
  4. Marcopolo

    IFD Question

    It can be turned off or changed to non-waas but must be rebooted to Maintenance mode to do it. Not very conducive to a training scenario. Ron
  5. Marcopolo

    Seat Rollers

    Yes Don, I agree with the process you've given. My statement was based on his observation that there are rollers not touching the tracks. I was thinking that this may be because the seats were not installed correctly, meaning that either the front or rear, or maybe even one side of the seat was not engaged into the track and therefore would not have to be dis-engaged to remove. If the seat is currently installed correctly and the rollers aren't touching the tracks then there is a larger issue and I would suspect that adjusting the seat forward or aft would be a huge challenge and almost impossible while being seated. Ron
  6. Marcopolo

    Seat Rollers

    Sounds like either the front or rear of the seat did not get installed correctly. Removing the cotter pins (or whatever stops are in place) and sliding the seat to the rear, lift the frame out of the seat track, then slide to the front and lift the frame out of the track. If I'm correct in my statement then you will only have to slide it in one direction to completely free it from the track.
  7. Marcopolo

    Rest stop NC to WI

    I don't want to give up my favorite place cause it may become everyone else's, Ha! Nah, I stop @ 3TR (Niles Mi.) , cheap fuel before arriving in Madison. I fill up there on the way in and then again on the way out of Osh. Currently says $3.99/gal. self serve. Per the OP's spec though there is no restaurant on the filed, there are snacks and cold water in the unmanned FBO on the honor pay system. Cool little field in the middle of a thousand acre corn field. The vasi cannot be seen until short short final if the corn is too high. RNAV approaches available. Ron
  8. Marcopolo

    Teens going to Oshkosh?

    @skydvrboy, I shared your concern last year with my then 14yr old daughter, I was worried that she'd want to leave half way through the week. She likes aviation, but she doesn't "LIKE" aviation. She made it 7 days until we left on Sunday and she actually shed a few tears as we took off. She has been planning this year's return since that day and has a couple of friends from last year meeting her again this year, she is also communicating regularly with KP's daughter who will be attending for the first time this year. She was allowed to venture off on her own with strict times and places to meet after we had the lay of the land. He'll do just fine, there will be enough distractions around to keep him entertained. Ron
  9. Marcopolo

    Annual Questions

    If you need/want a wingman on this trip and a 231 won't make your 252 look too bad, just say the word, I'm your huckleberry! Ron
  10. Hi Folks, I really don't want to put a tangent on this thread but I do want to try to get this to an attending MS member if possible. I have a weekly student (6-18) pass for OshKosh available at a deep discount as apparently my daughter is getting her pass through the Women Soar We Soar program. I was unaware that she had been selected for the program when I purchased the pass. Again, I apologize for the drift and if I'm breaking any rules. PM me if interested. Ron
  11. Marcopolo

    201/231/252 for family/commute

    Last I heard, "The Kid" was leasing the Bo from the owner who is located in southern California. He does do some public speaking appearances about his aviation globe trotting experiences and produces some very good videos. I was not aware that he had purchased the airframe, but it wouldn't surprise me. I think the "plot" of the attached video is the "what do we do if" scenario. I've watch almost all of Matt's videos and I think he has the ability to relate the what if's even though he has the big picture worked out already. Ron
  12. Marcopolo

    Engine quit on takeoff roll

    If that were to happen then I guess I would get really good really fast at using the red mixture knob with the electric pump on, pull it out a bit when the engine pump is working and push it in when its not! Ron
  13. Marcopolo

    Engine quit on takeoff roll

    Yes, per the POH. I watch the fuel "flow", no pressure gauge, and listen very intently to the engine with a finger pointed to the switch for the electric pump in case I need it. As Mark stated above, if you try to turn the electric pump on while the engine driven pump is operating the engine will die shortly there after due to an uncombustabley rich mixture, and we don't want that on take-off or landing. Ron
  14. Marcopolo

    Engine quit on takeoff roll

    Anthony's example above was on an M20K model, the electric pump on the K model is off for all regimes of flight where the engine driven pump is working, including take-off and landing. It is used to provide fuel flow before/during starting and at any time that the engine driven pump fails. Ron
  15. Marcopolo

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    Just to add a cent to Andy's .02(not to take a liberty), add in the word "corrosion" to all of this and people think they have to fly every two days or their cam/lifters will spall/corrode, fly more, rebuild the engine more often. Win Win for Lycoming. but no conspiracy theory!