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  1. Marcopolo

    1979 M20K 231 Turbo Voltage regulator

    @Aspen2013, I also have a 231, 1981 though, but same engine and charging system. Due to the gear driven alternator, 1500 rpm is a bit low to expect 14.1 volts on our system in my opinion. Also you would need to be looking at the voltage directly off the alternator to get the actual output voltage, not the battery buss as anything you have turned on will be drawing against that 14.1 figure. I usually cruise my 231 at 2450 RPM and expect the battery bus to level off at about 13.8v in normal usage scenarios. Tested on the ground, I was getting 14.1v at 2200rpm at the back of the alternator (or a lead coming directly from the alternator +). The OEM voltage regulator is adjustable (charge voltage, over voltage threshold, and one other adjustment that I can't recall right now) as is the suggested Zeftronics regulator if you need a replacement. Hope this helps! Ron
  2. Marcopolo

    Light Grease on Prop Blade

    One of those options you might consider is shipping the prop to Wynn Arkansas where Cody's shop is located. Absolutely no worries that what needs to be done will be done and nothing not needed will be charged for! Ron
  3. Thank you -A- for the blinky light. Will send @Peter T a PM. Ron
  4. Marcopolo

    Sheepskin opinions

    That much sheepskin may require a weight and balance update, yikes! Ron
  5. Marcopolo

    Brand new Bravo owner with Monroy fuel question

    The W&B page you attached in the photo says TKS ice protection, not sure that makes the plane FIKI. What else needs to be in place to confirm FIKI ability? Two fluid pumps, windshield spray, vertical stabilizer weep panel, prop slingers or heat? Just curious, Ron
  6. Marcopolo

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Great info Don, I took this to mean that we could "set" the power to cruise or climb as we started the maneuver not setting up for the maneuver. thank you! Ron
  7. Marcopolo

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Don, You've been at this for an hour or 10,000 more than I have, and I am definitely not arguing with you, but the ACS does reference the application of power during the maneuver. My instructor and I initially worked the maneuver like you suggested but after reading the ACS we changed it to include some power application, again, only up to 29ish" from 23" or so. From the ACS for Chandelles: "Simultaneously apply power and pitch to maintain a smooth, coordinated climbing turn, in either direction, to the 90° point, with a constant bank and continuously decreasing airspeed." "Begin a coordinated constant rate rollout from the 90° point to the 180° point maintaining power and a constant pitch attitude." If this is negotiable with the DPE I'd be game going with the steady power and controlled climb to airspeed loss as you suggest. Ron
  8. Marcopolo

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Over boosting is really no concern if you work into the maneuver with a specific speed each time, 110-120 KIAS at lower altitudes is usually 22-25in MAP and I only increase to a maximum of 29ish inches at most, no chance of overboosting there. Nothing in the ACS dictates 100% power during any phase of the ride, I believe the only reference to an actual power setting is in the Accelerated Stall section which calls for "At Least" 65% power, which can be negotiated with the DPE prior to performing the maneuver. Now, I'm not saying that having the ability to just shove the throttle forward like in the C172 wouldn't make it easier but I don't think I'm abusing my 231 any more than I would be while flying formation, maybe even less so (YMMV). I guess I'm just more comfortable in my own plane than I feel I would be in the school's rentals and I am chasing this rating to make me even more proficient in my own airplane. But I do understand why folks would go other routes and I don't mean to take anything away from their accomplishments. Ron
  9. Marcopolo

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Lets do this two ship! I'm in the same position, just starting the flying portion of the CPL, although my instructor has been in the Mooney (M20K-231) with me since PPL so we get the speeds and throttle setting down pretty quickly, but we are doing a bit of experimenting in the beginning of each new maneuver. We've been treating the plane as normally aspirated for the most part, nothing above 29in MAP. We extend the upwind on take-off to allow the engine/turbo to cool on downwind prior to pulling throttle for the power-off 180's. The spot landings have proved the toughest part so far, mostly within the 200' mandate but I want more consistency so we keep going, plus he won't charge me anything for the instruction so its just fuel. Good Luck Paul, have fun with it! Ron
  10. Marcopolo

    When to overhaul the turbocharger?

    Hi Larry, Any info you can provide on this test would be appreciated. Ron
  11. Marcopolo

    Experimental Avionics in Certified Aircraft

    @jaylw314, How do the warbirds get around this? Ron
  12. Marcopolo

    GPSS & Waypoints

    The difference in how Garmin and Avidyne handle these course changes may also have something to do with the two different architectures or formats that these navigators use – the Garmin format and the FMS format, which is the format used by most airlines and also used in the Avidyne IFDs. Garmin arranges their flight plan in chapters where the FMS uses a continuous waypoint flow. Anyone flying "Big Iron" that can comment here on how these >135* course changes get handled by their FMSs? Ron
  13. Marcopolo

    GPSS & Waypoints

    Hi Paul, First let me put it out there that I am not arguing with you about the "craziness" part of this, I get it. If the GPS commands the turn 2 miles to the inside of the fix or a mile or two outside of the fix is there a difference in the violation threshold? Maybe the 270* turn in the opposite direction is the issue, not sure. The answer to all of our questions on this, and how Avidyne got it certified, may be in this document RTCA DO-229 MOPS, but I haven't gotten to the exact answer(s) yet as I'm a slow reader. Ron
  14. Marcopolo

    Garmin G5 Screen Protectors

    John, This is a response from Avidyne support concerning screen protectors for the IFD products. Not sure if OSUAV8TER has submitted anything for endorsement from Avidyne, but this is their current stance. "No, we don't endorse any screen protectors. In fact, some will actually damage the touch screen glass. It'll be interesting to see if any users come up with something neat but for now, we definitely don't recommend anything. In the past, on other Avidyne products, folks have used stuff then sent it in for service and since the glass was so damaged because of it, the warranty was void." Ron
  15. Marcopolo

    GPSS & Waypoints

    Paul, Most of my high angle course changes were created for me during my IFR training by my instructor due to how the IFD handle these compared to the G1000 he was used to. He wanted to make sure we had the bottonolgy or the phraseolgy (Atlanta Center, Mooney 1079B requests maneuvering space to the northeast of VOR ABC due to course change angle) down pat, most were in actual as he preferred real life training towards the end of the syllabus. I have however run into these situations a couple of times in real IFR life due to some funky flight plans or course reroutes due to airspace or MOAs. Ron