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  1. Marcopolo

    Experimental Avionics in Certified Aircraft

    @jaylw314, How do the warbirds get around this? Ron
  2. Marcopolo

    GPSS & Waypoints

    The difference in how Garmin and Avidyne handle these course changes may also have something to do with the two different architectures or formats that these navigators use – the Garmin format and the FMS format, which is the format used by most airlines and also used in the Avidyne IFDs. Garmin arranges their flight plan in chapters where the FMS uses a continuous waypoint flow. Anyone flying "Big Iron" that can comment here on how these >135* course changes get handled by their FMSs? Ron
  3. Marcopolo

    GPSS & Waypoints

    Hi Paul, First let me put it out there that I am not arguing with you about the "craziness" part of this, I get it. If the GPS commands the turn 2 miles to the inside of the fix or a mile or two outside of the fix is there a difference in the violation threshold? Maybe the 270* turn in the opposite direction is the issue, not sure. The answer to all of our questions on this, and how Avidyne got it certified, may be in this document RTCA DO-229 MOPS, but I haven't gotten to the exact answer(s) yet as I'm a slow reader. Ron
  4. Marcopolo

    Garmin G5 Screen Protectors

    John, This is a response from Avidyne support concerning screen protectors for the IFD products. Not sure if OSUAV8TER has submitted anything for endorsement from Avidyne, but this is their current stance. "No, we don't endorse any screen protectors. In fact, some will actually damage the touch screen glass. It'll be interesting to see if any users come up with something neat but for now, we definitely don't recommend anything. In the past, on other Avidyne products, folks have used stuff then sent it in for service and since the glass was so damaged because of it, the warranty was void." Ron
  5. Marcopolo

    GPSS & Waypoints

    Paul, Most of my high angle course changes were created for me during my IFR training by my instructor due to how the IFD handle these compared to the G1000 he was used to. He wanted to make sure we had the bottonolgy or the phraseolgy (Atlanta Center, Mooney 1079B requests maneuvering space to the northeast of VOR ABC due to course change angle) down pat, most were in actual as he preferred real life training towards the end of the syllabus. I have however run into these situations a couple of times in real IFR life due to some funky flight plans or course reroutes due to airspace or MOAs. Ron
  6. Marcopolo

    GPSS & Waypoints

    Ken, Knowing that the IFD will instruct the autopilot to run the 270* opposite direction turn past the waypoint I have also asked ATC for "maneuvering space" beyond the waypoint and that has been granted in all three instances I've requested, but I have mostly just activated the leg beyond the waypoint within a mile or two depending on speed being flown. Ron
  7. Marcopolo

    GPSS & Waypoints

    @KLRDMD, I edited my previous post(attached above) to change the degrees used by the IFD for changing a waypoint to a fly-over to 135*. If the turn is less than this the IFD will give a 10 count down to the turn, if the turn is 135* or greater it will give a 30 second count down. Hope this helps Ron
  8. Marcopolo

    GPSS & Waypoints

    Ken, I am almost 99% sure that this is standard operating procedure for the IFD units. The pilots guide references this for any turns greater than 135*. I have seen this behavior many times in my local area and on long cross countries (IFD 540, KFC200, GPSS). When I see a turn on the map that doesn't depict the smooth radius I simply fly toward the intended waypoint and then activate the barber poled leg when I get within a mile or so of that waypoint where the high angled turn is depicted. You can try this on the simulator. Ron From the pilot's guide "On any course change greater than 135 degrees, the FMS will treat the waypoint as a flyover"
  9. Marcopolo

    Any tricks to pulling oil screen on IO-360?

    @TheTurtle, The screen has a slight interference fit in both the cap and in the block/sump. Ron
  10. Marcopolo

    Student pilot training tips?

    @midlifeflyer, I would also check with the insurance company on the dual brake issue, or at least make sure they understand the configuration prior to starting the training. I've never heard of an issue for training in the Mooney for Instrument or commercial, but there seems to be another bar that gets set a bit higher when it comes to primary training. Ron
  11. Marcopolo

    Mooney down at KHEG (north FL)

    Ok, So I think we are somewhat in agreement. I was unaware that you were aiming your question at a specific member of the forum, my apologies. However, I will, as un-harshly as possible, still direct the larger portion of responsibility to the PIC. The fuel vents are part of the pre-flight inspection process, now if the material that was removed from the vent line was anything other than insect housing building materials I will change my song in a heartbeat and profusely apologize to all involved. I agree with @gsxrpilot that the fuel vents are rarely inspected on the majority of our planes on a regular basis but that doesn't take the responsibility off of us as PIC and put it on our MX providers. I would probably be on the same side of his poll as he is, but again, the question was who to blame! Sorry, I'm stuck to the PIC answer, but glad all involved were able to walk away. Ron
  12. Marcopolo

    Mooney down at KHEG (north FL)

    If the pilot did the pre-flight, yes! If the pilot didn't do the pre-flight, yes! If the pilot trusted someone else to do the pre-flight, yes! Not sure who you are expecting the blame to be placed on, but in my opinion it shouldn't be on anyone other than the PIC! I wish nothing bad on anyone, but sometimes bad is overlooked. Ron
  13. Marcopolo

    M20K Power Settings..?

    This statement has me confused, if I understand correctly (which I may not) if LOP and you increase MP on a fixed fuel flow you are adding air therefor leaning the air-fuel mixture further which should not increase your speed, it will most likely slow you further. I may be missing another variable that Jack is not mentioning or I may just need to go read some more! Ron
  14. Marcopolo

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    Assuming the Stall Warning Tab is not iced also! If heated it needs to be turned on, if not heated (like mine) and iced over, its clueless to AoA. Ron
  15. Marcopolo


    Except for this one...M20M Bravo turbocharged and intercooled 270-horspower Textron Lycoming TIO-540-AF1A