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  1. M20k magneto question

    @Geoff, I believe it is Slick model#6324, that is what's on my '81 M20K. Ron
  2. Introductory Light Jet flight?

    @DMJones "Most any warm body" I'm your man.....body!!!!!!!! Ron P.S. willing to fly to location.
  3. Alarm sound on master on

    @Hyett6420, If I turn on the master without the avionics and the trim switch (switch/CB) is on I will get the autopilot disconnect horn blarring, might try that. Ron
  4. Photo of top of IO-360

    I'm very interested in what the push-rod inside that tube looks lie, I hope that there was something on the outside that may have worn into the tube, but I'm afraid it may have been the push-rod inside trying to find a way out. Fingers Crossed! Ron
  5. @231LV, I was only pointing out the use of the term "critical altitude" for troubleshooting purposes so we were all on the same page. It sounds like ~14k is now your service ceiling, which sucks. If the throttle position difference on take-off is noticeable, as you say it is, then this would be a no-fly issue for me, whether its an induction leak or a lose turbine shaft or whatever else, it could get much worse very quickly. Please keep us informed on what's found and I hope it is as simple as a hose clamp or the over-boost valve not being fully seated. You mentioned that you have an inter-cooler which adds a couple of extra hose connections to the system, more areas to check, good luck! Ron
  6. Critical altitude with "the bolt" (fixed waste gate) is usually between 13,800'-15,000' depending on the position of said bolt. What this means is not that you can't go above 14,500', its that the engine can't maintain 100% power above 14,500'. the 231 service ceiling is 24,000', so between 14,500' and 24,000' your Map should fall from ~29" to something that will only allow you to climb at 100'/min. Turbocharger turbine shaft looseness or an induction leak would be where I'd look. @231LV, are you still getting 40" on takeoff roll and does the throttle seem to be pushed further in while doing so? Ron
  7. Parts for brakes on the right side

    Paul, I think @RicardoA is looking for the Co-Pilot brake pedals and master cylinders, not sure that's what you're removing for upgrade. Ron
  8. "Hot-Hot"starts

    Upon landing, your engine and cowling area are actually pretty cool, temps are at there lowest point for 30 seconds or so. Maybe a normal start procedure is what the doctor ordered instead of a hot start procedure. As soon as your landing roll is under control you may try to lean the mixture for ground operations which may help keep the engine running, but I would also seek the input of a mechanic as to why it's stalling. Ron
  9. M20k 231 engine

    Yes Ken, I would agree that the non-intercooled -GB engine runs hotter than the intercooled -LB. My opinion is if you were to intercool a -GB and balance the fuel flows via GAMI jectors or mix-matching the current injectors to a .2 or .3 gph spread then the temps would be very comparible between the two...again, my opinion, but balance is what helps the -LB, granted they balance the air better on the -LB also. My POH states the Best Angle and Best Rate climb should be as you stated 40" 2700rpm, normal climb is 33" 2600rpm. I usually climb to 1000' agl at 40" 2700 rpm and then go to "normal climb" setting. My -GB is original to 1981, ~1610hr TTSN airframe and engine. Ron
  10. M20k 231 engine

    Hi Ken, Correct, take off power is 40" and 2700 rpm, my POH calls for "normal" climb power at 33" 2600rpm which gives me 750-850fpm at gross and the temps mentioned above. Not sure what climbing at full power does for me except add a whole bunch of heat and just a bit of climb. There's a reason you won't consider a 231 with a -GB engine, I'm guessing this is part of it. You do have to baby it a bit which goes against everything "Mooney". I'm not in a hurry...yet, I'm finishing up my IR ticket and then we'll see how I feel. Ron
  11. M20k 231 engine

    I also have a 231 with the -GB(3) engine, no intercooler and no aftermarket waste gate. 1610 TSOH and do not have the climb out cooling issue mentioned above. As long as the cowl flaps are either open or in trail I climb out at 33" 2600rpm 21.5-22gph and 110-120kias all day long 750fpm up to cruise altitude and CHTs usually maintained below 370. On an extremely hot day I might see my #6 cylinder creep up to 382-385. Ron
  12. WTB: Fuel Flow Indicator

    @Jayhawk_aviator, I think I have an FT101 that I could part with, might even have the proper transducer with it. I will check the hanger tonight if you think its what you need. Ron
  13. Hurricane Irma

    I think he's (Limbaugh) absolutely right except for the "hoax" part. And his explanation doesn't lesson the destruction factor at all. The "core" is the most dangerous area and that's the part that we would like to see stay east of the Florida coast. There will be damage and lots of rain but the damage factor goes up exponentially as you get closer to the eye. I think the point he's trying to make is more about how the media seems to describe the storm in a way that will increase the viewership and also the fear factor. They use the highest windspeed they can find in the storm even if that part of the storm never touches land. This tactic isn't necessarily a bad thing though as it does get some people moving away from what is a dangerous situation. I'm from Hollywood Florida originally and I've seen my fair share of these face to face, never have good things come out of one that even skims the coast...except for the surfing conditions. Ron
  14. Gunter, @terbang Hello, I am located at KIPJ (Lincolnto NC) about an hour up the Mooney road. I would be happy to assist you with your oil change and I have all the necessary tools, pans, buckets and hanger for shade. I can get you the oil and oil filter also if needed. I have a K model 231. I also have an A&P available if you need any other work done. PM me if I can be of assistance! Ron
  15. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    A lot of good preventative maintenance finds there to go along with what you had planned to do, good work. Get some sleep and enjoy the test flight while you have the focus to concentrate on both. Ron