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  1. Am I the only one that has a problem with his CHT temp at 460 during climb? Not sure what model this is but I don't think it matters in this case. Aluminum and Steel tend to separate at temperatures close to this, and we are assuming his gauge(s) are accurate.
  2. Last I saw was the factory issued set were now water jet cut aluminum and they run ~$2800.00
  3. Tabor, from the offset of the turbine wheel in the picture it looks like the turbine housing V-clamp was either left loose or not tightened until after the turbo was mounted to the exhaust manifold. If the turbine v-clamp is left loose while the exhaust manifold v-clamp is tightened it could change the alignment of the turbine wheel within the turbine housing.
  4. so NA = Normally Affordable? and Normally Aspirated, sounds about right!
  5. Meerja, I am based at KIPJ (Lincolnton, near Charlotte) and I travel to KMRN where AGL aviation is based several times a month. If I can help with any transportation logistics just let me know. Ron
  6. FlyHigh, I absolutely get what you're saying about the mechanic and trust, and I'm in no way trying to get you to waiver on that trust, but maybe he's not thinking this whole situation through with you. He has to clean out the entire fuel system from the tanks to the cylinders anyways, putting in a ferry tank after that cleaning process and using it to run the engine so he can finish the anual, minus the tank work, shouldn't cause him too much hesitation. Then you are able to apply for the ferry permit and get resolution, whatever it is and wherever it is. Please make the calls to MSCs, tank repair stations, and Griggs, if your mechanic has issues with you making phone calls then I certainly may question him. Ron
  7. Sfurr, I am also based near Charlotte (Lincolnton, but live in Mooresville) and I travel to KMRN (Foothills AGL Aviation) 2 to 3 times or more a month. If you decide to take your J there (and I think it would be a good starting point) let me know if you need any travel assistance. Taking your Plane to Lynn at AGL or any other Mooney specialist could be the best first step as showing up at an engine shop looking for speed might get you more than you bargained for. If it is in fact an engine issue or you just want to start there then I agree with DrBill and recommend Triad up in Burlington. Lynn at AGL works with and has a very good relationship with Triad should he find the need to involve them or require their services. Using a Mooney specialist to check the normal things, rigging, mag timing, compression, cam wear, etc may save you a bundle over an engine shop. I took my K to Lynn for a rigging check (just to see, no speed complaints) and he found one aileron and the elevators out of spec, couple of knots...maybe, but having the full up travel of the elevators has definitely changed the feel of my landings. Again, whatever you decide to do, if you need any assistance please don't hesitate to reach out, even if its just to meet up for a burger. Ron
  8. Oh...and Hi, my name is Ron and I'm an ____-oholic! (Insert gadget, tech, pretty screens, bright lights, loud sounds, power, speed) There's too many Inserts, thats the problem!
  9. Hi Robert....would you like to share? just sayin!
  10. Very well then, some new folks are gonna get to go flying! Thanks, Ron
  11. I am a liitle bit far away to trade time with the folks in New England but I have a question as I am using a safety pilot for Simulated Instrument time as I work on my IR. The guy I fly with is a commercial rated pilot with complex and high performance endorsements (flying M20K=210hp). There are a few pilots at my field that post on the board they're availabilty for safety piloting but they are niether complex or high performance endorsed. My understanding is that both would be needed in my right seat, correct?
  12. Flight to Wilmington NC to have dinner with some friends. Crappy part is I didn't see any of this as I was under the hood the whole way with a safety pilot (Instrument training). Daughter took the photos and saw all the sights.
  13. I looked at these walking beams on Bob's plane and at first impression I would agree that there would be no real force in play on these parts, but as we looked closer at the action on the landing gear in motion you can see that at the upper and lower edges of travel there will be a twisting motion on these beams due to the offset of the two heims held between the fork of the beam. If there is any binding during travel of the gear or if the rigging of the overcenter or limit switches is off, it would appear that these beams can take on a good bit of twisting force at the fork end of the tube. Ron
  14. Hi Alan, is this multi voltage or specific for 14v or 28v system? Ron
  15. I have to agree with acpartswhse on this, the Hartzell paperwork shows a different bulkhead design than the one in the photo. Not an expert, just an observation Ron