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  1. Ocracoke, Nc

    @tucsonmooney, Got the kitchen pass but then got a call from work. Kitchen pass revoked by other boss so no Oakracoke for me today. Enjoy, fly safe and please reach out if any other trips planned while you're out this way. Ron
  2. Ocracoke, Nc

    That's a heck of a lunch run from Tucson! Go Mooney! I'm tossing around the possibility of joining you, checking on the kitchen pass now. Ron
  3. 65 M20E Pre-Buy Help! STAT!!

    @Bob_Belville, calling Bob for you. I am located near by (Lincolnton) and will help any way I can. Lynn is the IA at a Mooney Service Center in Foothills NC, about 2 hr drive from Wilgrove. Mr Belville, if you get this and talk to Lynn, let him know I will assist if needed. Ron
  4. TD, You might want to check your Type Cert for the ship's CDT/TIT gauge. If I'm not mistaken (and I was once) both sides are required equipment for airworthiness. Placarding inop is not an option due to both gauges having red-line limits in the POH, be careful. I have played with an intermittent issue on the CDT side of my ship's gauge for quite a while now, finally found a connection issue that seams to have solved it. Good Luck, +1 for Lasar and their ability to refurbish the gauge and supply a new probe. Ron
  5. New Glass

    You absolutely can! They'll even throw in the rest of the plane with it for the low cost of $759K, after trade in of your old door (with plane attached) you are probably down into the $745k range. The new door even comes with a warantee at this price! Woohoo... Ron
  6. Basic med problem

    4 plus a thumb, two fingers are being held up!
  7. Electroair ordered for M20C

    True, but unless I'm mistaken, the Electroair can only replace one of your two magnetos which lessons its advantages to some point and also leaves you with only one working magneto shortly after the power goes out. I too would welcome the advantages of electronic ignition, but as I'm greedy, I would not want to give up the safety of what I've grown to rely on. They're working on it, I know, but it's not available yet for certified 4 cylinders or any 6 cylinders last I heard. (E-Mag P-model) Ron
  8. Electroair ordered for M20C

    Or in other words....a Magneto!
  9. Would anyone be interested?

    Again Joe, I agree, unfortunately, all (edit; most) of the like minded folks are working at the companies you mentioned...making change, or they are building their own planes! Ron
  10. Would anyone be interested?

    @Dream to fly, Joe, You've already broken the first rule in sales...Never let 'em see you sweat! You had to know you may have entered into a room full of devil's advocates and you mentioned conceding. I think we may come from similar backgrounds, I don't mean to assume, but I relate to much that you have written here. When taking in the "Big Picture" I think more than just greed has kept us leashed to the technology of the 30' works! I've built no less than 50 "advanced engineered" engines for several forms of transportation and I see most of what you see in our struggle to advance the "certified" aviation engine. Greed, Liability fears, and as of yet, a solution that just overwhelms the old technology at a cost that makes sense even in aviation terms are just not able to be over come. I see and work with some folks in the experimental world and where I do see some of the benefits to economy and longevity, I also couldn't imagine what the cost would have to be to certify these, and then the end price to us on top of that. Now you may say that that is the "greed" you speak of, but the liability fear is created by us, the pilots and our families(for the most part). There is a thread here on MS covering some folk's entry into the prototype Raptor airframe and engine design. This could be the type of project that you could get behind as Peter Mueller and his team are trying to overcome many of the stigmas that you mention, albeit on the experimental side, but overcome none the less. Even when given the opportunity to stretch the envelope and build whatever combination Airframe/Engine?avionics package they want, most (that I've seen) home-builts show up with a version of a certified engine as opposed to any of a number of other options. This could be due to ease of integration or cost or proven reliability, whatever, but they tend to favor the known. Don't give up, keep hope alive! Where the walls seem to be tall on the certified side of aviation, the experimental side is wide open for people like you and I to prove the "nay-sayers" wrong... or right in some cases, but proven none the less. Go for it! Ron
  11. 85 Mooney Missile ...Damaged left wing- $50,000

    okay, now I see where the mailbox structure made contact, thanks @mpg Ron
  12. 85 Mooney Missile ...Damaged left wing- $50,000

    Am I missing the photo of the part of the wing that took out the mailbox? That was a significant stone structure that got taken out. The wrinkle at the wing root was caused by something that I'm not finding in the photos or I haven't seen/found the right photo.. Ron
  13. Thank you for the clarification, Now back to our regularly scheduled program, sorry for the tangent! Ron
  14. Hi Paul, Based on the thread title, the OP has a 530W, I thought the required 30 day VOR checks went away with WAAS. Am I wrong? I agree that this check should have been a first step in the OPs troubleshooting tree, just curious about the IFR required/legality statement. Ron
  15. @Oldguy, I have a working A490ATSCF power supply I'm willing to part with, not sure what the "F" adds or subtracts from the model specs. Ron