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  1. Oh...and Hi, my name is Ron and I'm an ____-oholic! (Insert gadget, tech, pretty screens, bright lights, loud sounds, power, speed) There's too many Inserts, thats the problem!
  2. Hi Robert....would you like to share? just sayin!
  3. Very well then, some new folks are gonna get to go flying! Thanks, Ron
  4. I am a liitle bit far away to trade time with the folks in New England but I have a question as I am using a safety pilot for Simulated Instrument time as I work on my IR. The guy I fly with is a commercial rated pilot with complex and high performance endorsements (flying M20K=210hp). There are a few pilots at my field that post on the board they're availabilty for safety piloting but they are niether complex or high performance endorsed. My understanding is that both would be needed in my right seat, correct?
  5. Flight to Wilmington NC to have dinner with some friends. Crappy part is I didn't see any of this as I was under the hood the whole way with a safety pilot (Instrument training). Daughter took the photos and saw all the sights.
  6. I looked at these walking beams on Bob's plane and at first impression I would agree that there would be no real force in play on these parts, but as we looked closer at the action on the landing gear in motion you can see that at the upper and lower edges of travel there will be a twisting motion on these beams due to the offset of the two heims held between the fork of the beam. If there is any binding during travel of the gear or if the rigging of the overcenter or limit switches is off, it would appear that these beams can take on a good bit of twisting force at the fork end of the tube. Ron
  7. Hi Alan, is this multi voltage or specific for 14v or 28v system? Ron
  8. I have to agree with acpartswhse on this, the Hartzell paperwork shows a different bulkhead design than the one in the photo. Not an expert, just an observation Ron
  9. I felt it better to limit the travel of the water to the splice, if I were to leave the splice in place and use the fuel shutoff as my gate to keep the water on the left side only, I would have to make sure not to move the selector and to completely drain the line of water prior to starting the engine. I just felt that using the fuel selector allowed the water a little too far down the line for my comfort and increased the possibility of other actions needed. Just my opinion. I felt much the way you do as I stood there with a water hose filling a fuel tank, even more strange as I pulled the plane out of the hanger and let the water drain onto the ramp through the removed sump drain as people walked by with looks on their faces like...hmmmm... the FAA would love to see this. We had drained the fuel into clean containers and allowed the tank to air dry for a good 24hrs before filling with water. Ron
  10. Robert, Not sure this will make you feel any better but if I'm not mistaken, DMax uses water to wash out all of the soapy bubbles after his check method, using water to completely fill the tank and rinsing the soap out. I have recently used the just fill the tank with water method and it works great. Just be sure to cap off the fuel line using the splice at the wing root in the cabin. I fabricated two plexi-glass plates to tape over the access panel holes, dropped a mirror on each side of the rib I was checking and applied a slight vacuum to the fuel tank vent tube, found three leaks in a matter of 2 minutes. Drained the water through the sump drain, patched the leaks, let the sealant cure, refilled the tanks with water to check my work and viola! No more leaks, no soap to clean up, and now we just re-attach the fuel line splice, fill the tanks with fuel, let sit for a couple of days before sign-off. Hope this helps, Ron
  11. I have a bunch of new old-stock tire spikes and the tool to put them in, do they still sell those up there in Michigan? Might work better than chains! Ron
  12. The best possible outcome was realized and executed succcessfully, great job! Ron
  13. Sorry gents, but I do not believe that to be timber construction, Those are steel beams painted almost the color of wood if I'm not mistaken. Ron
  14. 55.2 hrs in 2016 PPL in Jan Mooney purchased in April Complex and High Performance Endorsements in May Looking to complete Instrument rating early this year and many many more trips planned. Ron
  15. Peevee, can you explain why the battery direct connection is not an option? I have a fused link disconnect for my battery charger to connect on the rear mounted battery in my K. If I couldn't connect it to the battery then I would trace the positive and negative leads out of the box and connect it to the first junction found on each. Ron