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  1. @Seth, Restoring to factory settings will offload system files that are getting in the way of precious resources for flying apps. Download the itunes app onto a PC, Connect your Ipad and backup the device, In the Ipad settings find reset, restore factory settings, Then restore the backup from Itunes and off you go. I do this process every 3-4months on my 16gb mini2 and it is a noticeable difference every time. All of your wifi settings and passwords are maintained across the refresh from the backup. Ron
  2. At Osh last year there were a few booths selling custom or semi-custom ear pieces, there was also an audiologist in the Mooney Caravan, sorry his name escapes me, but he was making custom ear molds and having ear pieces made for a variety of in ear headset types at a pretty good discount over what I've priced locally. Hopefully he shows up with his kits and discounts again this year! Ron
  3. Marcopolo

    GPU Mishap

    FWIW, most newer avionics, and some older, are built to accept both 14v and 28v, but in wiring them up it is very rare that the power pins will take either voltage. There is usually a pin for +14v and a separate pin for +28v. For this reason I am not so sure that 28v applied to 14v/28v avionics will not cause severe damage. Sorry to hear of this complication, Ron
  4. Marcopolo

    IFD not talking to KI256?

    I usually make that switch as I approach the final approach course either within a half mile or so of intercept(less than half scale deflection with needle moving in) if on VTF or with no procedure turn, or the last leg of the procedure turn if flying the full approach. Ron
  5. Marcopolo

    IFD not talking to KI256?

    @Tommy, I have the IFD 540 / KFC200 combination with GPSS added. When I'm intercepting the final approach course and within 1nm of that course, I switch the auto-pilot to Apprch mode, it will usually arm then couple within .5nm of the FAC and the turn will be whatever angle needed to intercept. Ron
  6. Marcopolo

    Bruce Jaeger Interior

    I'll "let" you install it in the K for practice Tamara, when would you like me to drop it off? Heck, I'll even help! Ron
  7. Marcopolo

    Any tricks to pulling oil screen on IO-360?

    He's firing you, not Sydney! Guess I'll see you tomorrow, Have Lynn text me if that's not the case. Go Nathan!!!!!!!
  8. Marcopolo

    Any tricks to pulling oil screen on IO-360?

    Tell him tomorrow works for me!
  9. Marcopolo

    Any tricks to pulling oil screen on IO-360?

    Nathan is going to go on strike if you try this! Ron
  10. Me +2, Mini Marcopolo, and Boss Marcopolo Ron
  11. Marcopolo

    Dry vacuum pump poll

    I use the Air Wolf wet vacuum pump in my 231, also have the stand-by electric pump installed. Ron
  12. Marcopolo

    Pitot drain

    If you have the normal 231 wing root fairing then the button will not be evident in the hole, you will need to press it with a pen cap or other smaller device. Ron
  13. Marcopolo

    Bent retract rod

    That's the right main gear extend/retract/control tube. Extreme bind on the pre-load spring, or the gear hung up while in transition coming down or the right gear took enough side load to unlock and almost collapse before righting itself. Yikes! Ron
  14. Marcopolo

    Scottsdale Comanche crash.

    "In my opinion" 290lbs over gross will not bring a Mooney down (high DA not withstanding), but 290lbs over gross and outside of the aft CG window..... all bets are off! Ron