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  1. handheld transcom recommendations

    @Bob_Belville Hi Bob, Let Nancy know that my wish list is ready also, I can get it to her whenever she's ready! Merry Christmas to the both of you and thanks for all you've done for my daughter and I this year! Ron
  2. Weighed my Naked Mooney Today

    Very interesting, I sit corrected...once again. Wonder where it changed, as mine is weighed with it in, not drained, and asked for max fill. Ron
  3. Weighed my Naked Mooney Today

    @Raptor05121, I'm not completely on board with the book here if it said to weigh without engine oil. It looks to be different than all other service manuals that I have read, including mine for the K, says to fill engine oil to max which is 8 quarts prior to weighing. I do agree with only having un-usable fuel levels in the tanks. Ron
  4. Aviation Jokes

    In an issue of Flight Training magazine they talk about mnemonicswhen an engine died he used:(F)irewall everything(U)ndercarriage up(C)heck which engine failed(K)ill itand the second word(M)ags check(E)lectrics check.In the article the plane was full of parachutists that all bailed shortly after the pilot shouted the mnemonic!
  5. 1963 M20C Down for the count

    Hmmm, I think I'd rather see it before my airplane turns into a big aluminum lawn DART! Ron
  6. Got ramp checked

    I could see not denying the claim for an expired medical if the incident wasn't caused by a medical condition or issue, but if you were to suffer a medical event causing the incident while flying on an expired medical I would think they could definitely deny the claim, no?
  7. 1963 M20C Down for the count

    Not sure how having bladders keeps you from having spar corrosion, if anything, I would think it only keeps you from finding the corrosion. You still have sealant in the tanks that may have trapped moisture from years ago. Am I missing something? Ron
  8. Got ramp checked

    Okay, guess I'll finish up that PPL pronto, thx Ron
  9. Got ramp checked

    So, Hypothetical situation, A guy who has no pilot's license or medical, and I don't mean he's not current, I mean he's never had either. If he gets caught, what can the FAA do? There's no pilot's license to suspend, do they call in local law enforcement and cite him for something? Sorry for the tangent, just curious. Ron
  10. Stall warner inop

    I'm not 60+...yet, and I'm not under 30 either so I don't really have a dog in this fight, but I don't think RXO is headed in the right direction. I can't speak for the first example he cherry picked as to the pilot's skills but the second one stated (by the surviving pilot) mechanical issue, yet he was able to land it and survive. My instructor (PPL and IFR) is 78 and handles an airplane unlike anyone I've ever seen. 12,500hrs, (6000+hrs in the A-10). I could care less if he can drive an 18 wheeler or even a car. If anything ever went sideways in my plane while he was in the right seat my first words would be "you have the plane". We can find as many accidents on either side of this fight as you'd like, but I'd still take my chances with an "older" pilot as opposed to a younger one. YMMV Ron
  11. Removed Stuff, any interest?

    @Rookie, I sent a PM to Patrick (@Caws12) yesterday morning but have not heard back from him. If I do not hear from him by end of day tomorrow I will PM you. Ron
  12. AOPA Opinion Leaders Blog

    @mooneygirl, For my own selfish reasons (IR check-ride scheduled just over a month from today), best article yet! Congratulations on the rating and your perceverance. The training is exhausting and rewarding at the same time. Unlike PPL training I do find myself willing to fly longer as there are rewards (or failures) at the end of each approach and both seem to spur me on to the next approach, either to better the last or try a new one. Again, congrats! Ron
  13. 252 Encore oil puddle under exhaust

    My apologies to the OP, as my "jibber jabber" is putting no less oil on his gear door. I will take my tangent else ware, sorry! Ron
  14. 252 Encore oil puddle under exhaust

    @jetdriven, Yes, agree that the Osh procedure is an outlier and I used it as such to point out that there are situations that go in the face of what people are stating APS says is gospel. Everyone is saying that the turbo (housing and bearing) are coolest at touchdown, which I completely agree with, but no one seems to think about what it takes to get to the chocks. I taxi for approximately 2 minutes at my home field to get to my hanger. I taxi between 1000-1200 rpm because it keeps a charge on the battery and my POH says at least 1000 rpm, also leaned aggressively on the ground (which adds heat). I will send you any of over 50 flights worth of data that shows the oil temp, CHTs, EGTs, TIT rising after touch down during taxi, thats whats supposed to happen according to APS and everyone thats quoting them, and it does. My point is not that APS isn't correct in their statement its that none of us make it a regular habit to shut down at the point where they say its the coolest, so give people a bit more information on what to look for to put them in the best state before they pull the mixture, that's all. And they may do this, I've never been to their course, plan on going, just haven't been, but no one is saying anything other than we should shut down immediately upon touch down cause that's when its the coolest. My procedure is to taxi as stated above, get to the hanger and watch the TIT, when it starts falling and the oil temperature starts falling I move the mixture to full rich throttle to lowest idle wait 10-15 seconds while I watch TIT plummet and then pull the mixture. That's my process, beat it up if you like, but I'm looking for these things to trend in the right direction, most importantly (to me) is the oil temperature. I'm not trying to argue with any one and I apologize if I'm coming off that way, I just don't see the blanket statement fitting in most of my situations. Ron