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  1. @Becca, please keep poking as you are getting very close the true issue(s) here. For the first time in 5+ years I have to disagree with Anthony, mainly on how "well" this has been handled, in my opinion. Sorry if this is considered a BS way to enter back into this discussion, but I believe time has been on the side of what I believe are the true issues here and they seems to have been forgotten. Ron Mander Marcopolo N1079B (2018 and 2019 Caravan Element Lead)
  2. Hello @ElCid05, Owner of the "dreaded" 231 with the -GB engine here, although I cannot say mine is one of the dreaded examples. 1978hrs on the airframe and on the original -GB engine. Flights in the mid teens are the norm. No intercooler or wastegate or GAMI's. Engine monitor? Absolutely! I fly LOP on every flight, 30", 2500rpm, 9.5-9.7gph all day long, hottest cylinder 365*(cyl#3). I do think the 231s require an elevated work load to manage correctly but they are most certainly not a problem to handle. I bought mine with 46.3 hrs in my log book with my PPL still dripping wet. I found
  3. If I understand correctly, they do get approval, they just don't get that approval based on the "claim" of lowering the stall speed. Ron
  4. So far=0, including myself! But don't give up, if you build it, they will surely come. Ron
  5. Flightaware and FlightRadar24 should tell you any recent activity for this aircraft. Ron
  6. Ohh, but they do! SF50 Vision Jet is a retract and has a BRS.
  7. @231LV None of us do! But his chart is also in MPH TAS not knots, still faster than me though. Ron
  8. No sir, not junk at all. I just think it has variables that it doesn't mention that would be relative to the expected TIT temperature. I think for the time that it was written it was very relevant given that every STC build they did was probably extremely similar when the customer picked them up, but as the engines are used, cylinders changed, turbos overhauled, engines overhauled, exhaust systems rebuilt, and probes replaced, things (variables) change. I would much rather see a test with a known temperature as Doc has mentioned then you setting the offset based on an expected temperature.
  9. Hi Erik, Does the TIT line up with the other probes at ambient before engine start? If so then I would say its good at whatever reading you get. Sure, there may be some non linear difference as temperatures go up, but I would not suspect a difference of 55 degrees. I would go with the TIT readings you are getting with this probe before I would expect the calibration routine in the POH to give me a number to trust as there are just too many variables to think that every Rocket engine would be at that temp at those settings. Just my opinion! Ron
  10. Selling for a friend, will answer any questions I can. $1,500 Shipped continental US
  11. I'm knee deep in the Commercial training in my 231 right now, its an excellent commercial platform. The chandelle is entered at a pre-determined airspeed (~120KIAS) and the throttle isn't touched throughout the maneuver. I have seen it done with throttle changes as the airspeed diminishes, but my instructor and the DPE that I'm using has no issue with my process in the maneuver, YMMV. Now, spot landings in any Mooney....all bets are off! I think a 231 with long range tanks would be just the ticket for the OP! Ron
  12. Hi Paul, I think the question is, Now that the prime is disabled/removed, how are you going about the process for each cold and hot starts? I am assuming the momentary mode of high boost would closely simulate the prime action but still it moves fuel into a different area than the prime circuit used to. Ron
  13. Let's ask the folks that stayed with Bendix King about their thoughts on this statement! Peter? Ron
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