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  1. Marcopolo

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    We talk about these accidents on here because someone chose to start a thread on them. If someone posts an NTSB report, and they do on occasion, then we talk about those too. I personally can learn from either one as I can draw my own conclusions, right or wrong, from what I read on here. I am not in any way taking lightly the loss of life or am I personally crucifying those that make mistakes or even deciding if any mistakes are being made. I am only taking in the information and processing it in my own way and stacking that information up against my own decision making engine. If we were to wait for the NTSB report on most of these incidents then some here may never hear about them, they would be forgotten entirely. Posting shortly after the accident means its fresh, evolving and puts a sticky note for me to go back in a few months and read the NTSB report. YMMV Ron
  2. Marcopolo

    Which is the right RPM

    By far the best photo of you that's been posted to date.
  3. Marcopolo

    Which is the right RPM

    Holy Crap, with my manually controlled waste gate (360-GB), I am only able to keep 100% power to just above 16k, I can maintain >SL MAP to just over FL230. Your turbo can keep 36" of MAP all the way to FL260?
  4. Marcopolo

    Stolen Garmin GPS-400W and G5

    Cheaply, once the Bank has the asset, as I understand it, they can then auction it off and claim any loss taken. Ron
  5. Marcopolo

    Stolen Garmin GPS-400W and G5

    Other than on T.V. I'm guessing they don't! The Bank's paper work my cover their possession rights but they are bound by the FAA to make sure the airplane is airworthy or to request the appropriate ferry permit if not. This would take log book inspections and/or physical inspections in order to file properly for the ferry permit. I'm guessing Airplane Repossessions don't happen exactly as portrayed on T.V. Ron
  6. Marcopolo

    Fine wires for the Rocket?

    Anything made of metal and shoved in the spark plug hole may be better than the one on the right! It was time to replace those no matter what you chose. Ron
  7. Marcopolo

    Fine wires for the Rocket?

    Tempest Tempest Tempest!!!!!!! The only thing in my plane that says champion on it is the hoodie my daughter wears cause they sponsor her swim team's apparel! (Don't look to see who made my slick mags ) +10 for Tempest fine wires
  8. Marcopolo

    How to install LED Strobes?

    ^^^^^^^This! In order to gain the 360* coverage that you are assuming, then these lights would have to be butted up to each other. Once you separate them by 37 feet then where they still provide the 180* viewing angle they are no longer providing the assumed 360* coverage. Ron
  9. Marcopolo

    A little formation flying over Texas

    Yes, everywhere! Usually if you are in a 3 ship or four ship then its not bad at all if you are "in position" or moving from one position to another within the element. The fun stuff comes when there are multiple elements in trail (Mooney Caravan). if the winds are calm then you will feel the wake turbulence all flight long. Ron
  10. Marcopolo

    ILS vs LPV

    Agreed, I should/could have included the rare PAR approach and also GBAS, and MLS and a couple of others as options for precision approaches. Thanks
  11. Marcopolo

    power loss on takeoff when cold M20K 231 Turbo

    If the engine idles at ~650-750rpm then the throttle is not out of rig. The 231 has a fixed/very little adjustment available waste gate, without the Merlyn the adjustment can only be made on the ground and adjusted to the wide open position I can still get 45" at Sea Level, but my critical altitude is lowered considerably. I usually roll in to 32"-33" to start take-off roll and that puts me at about 37"-38" at take-off speed. I do not have an inter-cooler so my max continuous manifold pressure is 40". Ron
  12. Marcopolo

    ILS vs LPV

    I was invited to sit in on an Instrument ground school class recently (got my IR last December) and there was a pretty heated discussion that took place concerning ILS and LPV approaches. The discussion centered around the alternate minimums and what approaches can be used. As I understand it, If the expected minimums are expected to be 600-2, or anything lower than 800-2, then there would have to be an ILS at the alternate as its the only approach recognized as a "precision" approach. What say you? Ron
  13. Marcopolo

    1979 M20K 231 Turbo Voltage regulator

    @Aspen2013, I also have a 231, 1981 though, but same engine and charging system. Due to the gear driven alternator, 1500 rpm is a bit low to expect 14.1 volts on our system in my opinion. Also you would need to be looking at the voltage directly off the alternator to get the actual output voltage, not the battery buss as anything you have turned on will be drawing against that 14.1 figure. I usually cruise my 231 at 2450 RPM and expect the battery bus to level off at about 13.8v in normal usage scenarios. Tested on the ground, I was getting 14.1v at 2200rpm at the back of the alternator (or a lead coming directly from the alternator +). The OEM voltage regulator is adjustable (charge voltage, over voltage threshold, and one other adjustment that I can't recall right now) as is the suggested Zeftronics regulator if you need a replacement. Hope this helps! Ron
  14. Marcopolo

    Light Grease on Prop Blade

    One of those options you might consider is shipping the prop to Wynn Arkansas where Cody's shop is located. Absolutely no worries that what needs to be done will be done and nothing not needed will be charged for! Ron
  15. Thank you -A- for the blinky light. Will send @Peter T a PM. Ron