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  1. Air force light attack ....Air Tractor?

    The leader in this light attack build race in my opinion is called IOMAX ( They are currently building these at the field in my home town which is why I can't hanger there and have to drive an hour to the next closest field to base. If the reports are accurate then they just signed an order with the country of Jordan for 124 units. Neat aircraft, just wish the business was more friendly to their surroundings. The signing of this order may give them the financial backing they need to move to more conducive facilities allowing the field they are currently on (14A) to bring some folks back that were persuaded to move elsewhere. Wishful thinking maybe, we'll see. Ron
  2. Lycoming Ad received last week

    Your question was "what other industry covers replacing parts out of warranty" I was just answering your question not debating the logic. My opinion does differ from yours though, I think that if Lycoming is willing to come forward and admit that there is a part in their supply chain that is substandard then they should cover the costs of replacing with known good parts no matter who installed them. They should be resposable for the due diligence of vetting these deficiencies on any parts they are willing to put their name on. You say that the cost of an engine should be much higher if the warranty went on forever but I don't think this is a case of warranty as much as their "miss". They should step up. The prices of these 70 year old technology lumps is already high enough due to their "liability" this should be covered under their liability. I choose to fly so I apparently accept the process, doesn't mean it's right. my .02 Ron
  3. Lycoming Ad received last week

    I believe the auto industry does, its called a recall. They send bad crap out and then after threats of a class action suit they recall it and fix it on their dime (most of the time)!
  4. Flying to see the Eclipse

    There is an arrival procedure on their website that needs to be reviewed and followed. I've never had an issue with the inner doors when landing or taxiing there, YMMV. Ron
  5. We have a Mooney driver that does the ear molds also, I believe his name is Wayne, he was at Osh with a booth (Hear Gear LLC in Elk City Oklahoma). I know he was with the caravan, but not sure if he's on MS. He was doing custom molds for the caravaners in the Mooney tent at the north 40 all week. Ron
  6. Continental TSIO-360-MB1 Cam corrosion

    Does Continental even have roller cam/lifters available as a replacement on the TSIO-360 series engines? Ron
  7. KAS 297b blank screen

    Hi Top, Sorry for the delay, was enjoying airventure and not mooneyspace for a while. If you haven't already resolved this issue then the next easiest step would be to check pin 18 for power and pin 19 for ground. If no power on pin 18 then tracing it to its source will be necessary, hopefully while tracing the wire you'll run across a blown 1 amp fuse. Ron
  8. Oshkosh 2017

    Hey Doc, What were the ones that didn't flip tied down with? What would you recommend as a solution? Ron
  9. KAS 297b blank screen

    Top, The altitude pre-select should be on its own 1 amp inline fuse behind the panel. Power is usually supplied from the Auto Pilot circuit breaker with the inline fuse as 1 amp protection. This is how the installation manual has it laid out. Ron
  10. Charlotte North Carolina help

    Mx, I have a K model (mid-body) at Lincolnton Regional, PM me and we can get you a look see. (after Oshkosh:>) Ron
  11. Pre-buy in/near Charleston SC

    AGL Aviation, KMRN (Morganton, NC) Mooney Service Center. If you need any assistance in the travel logistics just let me know (after Oshkosh :>). Ron
  12. Hot start procedure for TSIO-360

    Looking at the OP's procedure and reading what folks are doing has me wondering about my own process. I run the boost pump (low) for 10-15 seconds with the throttle full closed and mixture full rich (TSIO-360-GB) then a few seconds with the throttle open 1/2". Then pull the mixture to ICO and then with throttle open 1/2" or so and work the mixture in while cranking. Starts every time as the mixture reaches a certain point. It does stumble every now and then so as soon as it starts to catch, my key hand moves to the prime switch to catch the stumble. No issues using this method. My question based on reading the above responses is what throttle / mixture positions move the fuel back to the tank as opposed to into the cylinders? I don't think the OP is moving any fuel during his process if the mixture is at ICO and the throttle is closed. The prime circuit will not move cooler fuel into the injector lines which is a must before attempting to start these types of engines. Ron
  13. SCBC @ Triple Tree - July 9th

    Weather looks great, lets go. I'm in!
  14. Flaps on touch and go

    Oh I got it, that's why I practice (solo or with an instructor, no "pax") a few things that some may feel unsafe or useless, to try my best to keep the plane out of the bunker.
  15. Flaps on touch and go

    Peter, I'm going to make an assumption right off the bat so don't get mad, you're a doctor of dentistry if I'm not mistaken so I'm going to assume, like a lot of doctors, you play golf ( I'm trying real hard to tie some stuff together here, huh). Do you ever hit any "practice" shots out of the bunker when your warming up or just at the range? I'm guessing you do, now I'm also guessing that when you hit a golf ball off the tee or from the fairway you are not planning on ending up in the bunker, but you've practiced for it and after a few curse words you walk into the bunker, retrace a few swing thoughts from those previous practice bunker shots you took earlier and swing away. I guess all I'm getting at is even though we all try to do things the right way or try to realize as soon as possible that things aren't right we sometimes end up in places we wish we weren't, I practice, as safely as possible, a few things just in case I end up further down that decision chain than I originally hoped I would. R