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  1. So what does one do who has to taxi after they land? I get the shut down at the hanger, but I have to taxi to the hanger, I also have to taxi up hill a bit if landing in one direction. If it takes me 2-3 minutes to taxi and that includes some increased power should I take off again, fly the pattern and request a shorter taxi route to protect my turbo? I get the science, and I trust it, but I have yet to see anyone flying a turbo equiped piston actually shut down on the runway because thats where there turbo is the coolest. That being said, if you have to taxi, and you increase power to do so, do you think APS will be okay if I idle at reduced power for a moment or two before I shut down?
  2. Zero Fuel Weight is similar to MGLW. It is a value that keeps one from adding things other than fuel that would put you over the MGLW if you were to land with zero fuel. Simple math MGTOW = 3500 MGLW (zero fuel) = 3000 Empty weight = 2300 You could add 1200# of "stuff" but no more than 700# of non-fuel "stuff" so there would not be a chance of landing over MGLW with zero fuel. Not saying it makes aviation sense, but thats the way I understand it. Ron
  3. Installing a DAC31 to integrate with a KFC-200 as we/I type. Will let you know soon how it all works. Ron
  4. Morning Coolshot, Welcome to the group, I live in Mooresville NC just south of Statesville (KSVH) and I am at the field 5-6 times a month. I also frequent Foothills (KMRN) where, as Sgrooves mentioned, AGL Aviation (MSC) is located. If I can be of any assistance with transportation or any other travel or maintanence logistics, please feel free to reach out. Ron
  5. They are antennas/antennae, VOR/Glide Slope, sometimes both! Ron
  6. Poorly made + Rare = many AMUs, nope, doesn't sound the least bit insane to me. I've heard the same words/amounts put together far too often in aviation.
  7. I was in this camp also, waiting for the prices on ADS-B equipment to drop until an article I read somewhere talked about "time to market" for new solutions. If you look at how long it takes to develop, manufacture, then certify a new product then I highly doubt that there is any new technology or huge changes in manufacturing coming out for ADS-B prior to the mandate. I would love to be wrong about this but I dove in head first after reading this article (sucker) and purchased the equipment to upgrade. if no new technolgy or devices come out between now and Jan 1 2020 and the lines at the avionics shops keep getting longer then I can only see device prices and labor charges starting to increase. Who Knows! Sorry for the thread drift. The ADS-B upgrade was not on this years aviation budget so this years hourly rate had to be adjusted. Ron
  8. Correct, No vertical speed coupling, set the auto pilot trim to climb or descend and I will get the 1k alert and then auto level at pre-selected altitude. That' the best the KFC200 will offer as far as I'm aware. Ron
  9. I am in the process of addng Alt pre-select and GPSS to my K's KFC200 right now, along with ADS-B KEA-130A = 1 AMU KAS-297B = .8 AMU DAC GDC31 = 1.2 AMU Installation, paired with Lynx NGT-9000 and GNS530w is 3-4 AMU The addition of the altitude pre-select to my KFC200 will only give me the 1000' to altitude alert (climbing or descending), and automatic level off once at the preset altitude. Ron
  10. No need to go round and round, its reallty quite simple. 1) if you're a good, safe VFR pilot you'll probably be a good, safe IFR pilot. We all know what the other option looks like, The instrument rating does not make a good pilot out of a bad one. 2) If you've ever wished you had the intrument rating to get to or into a destination when the weather was IFR doable and you were VFR only rated, or you were already in the air and the IR would let you descend where you wanted to (this is the situation that promted me to start the training). Then figure out if equiping the plane (if needed) taking the time and paying for the training is all worth the 1 or 2 or more situations you've been in where the IR might help and either sell yourself on it or don't. To the OP, I don't think there are any surprises here. if you were looking for an epiphany on why to get the rating, unfortunately you'll probably have to fly into it on your own, I did. I mean no offense to either side of the argument, just my 3 cents. Currently in the middle of IFR training and I know why I am doing it, but my reason may not drive the argument for some one else. Ron
  11. I believe the panel pictured is the panel just outside the gear and it is usually where the Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter is located and it is usually revited as opposed to screwes. Ron
  12. Got mine in the mail yesterday, nice unit for the price in my opinion, made all the more appropriate with Dan's work on the discount. Thank You Dan! Ron
  13. Am I the only one that has a problem with his CHT temp at 460 during climb? Not sure what model this is but I don't think it matters in this case. Aluminum and Steel tend to separate at temperatures close to this, and we are assuming his gauge(s) are accurate.
  14. Last I saw was the factory issued set were now water jet cut aluminum and they run ~$2800.00
  15. Tabor, from the offset of the turbine wheel in the picture it looks like the turbine housing V-clamp was either left loose or not tightened until after the turbo was mounted to the exhaust manifold. If the turbine v-clamp is left loose while the exhaust manifold v-clamp is tightened it could change the alignment of the turbine wheel within the turbine housing.