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  1. Hank

    Paid my deposit for paint today

    dp--you think I'd have this figured out by now!
  2. Hank

    Paid my deposit for paint today

    Let me know when you come to Selma, it's not far. Compared to Texas, I'm already there . . . .
  3. That looks a lot like what I installed when my flasher died. Works great, less drag!
  4. Hank

    Is it ever too cold to fly?

    The power of the Mighty C! I've always been toasty warm in mine, but have never flown with ground temps below 0°F. At 8°F, she climbed like the proverbial homesick angel, and during my many evening IFR lessons in a WV winter, we were both (CFII & I) quite comfortable.
  5. Hank

    Spark Plugs -- Massive or Fine Wire

    Champion massives work well in my O-360. I may have fouled a plug five or six years ago . . . Just lean hard on the ground, it's not a problem. Massive vs. Fine Wire is almost as religious a topic here as LOP vs. ROP. Lots of opinions, proclaimed loudly, but few conversions. Enjoy flying your J!
  6. Hank

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    And to think how happily impressed I was on my Student Night XC to notice that the lights on the ground were an exact match for the yellow areas on the sectional! Even now, it's not very built up. It was 12 years ago next month . . . KHTW --> KIOB [Lawrence Co. OH to Mt. Sterling, KY. Lawrence Co. is across the River from Huntington, WV, and was its original commercial airport until jets came along.] Other than the lights shown in yellow, there ain't nothing visible out the windows at night . . . But my first night departure from 06A on 13 taught me all I need to know about "black holes" when I first moved back to AL in 2014! There's no problem taking off on 31 at night, and 13 is OK now that I know.
  7. Hank

    How many hides

    I'd buy at least three. It took a hide and a half to do my car front seats and center console, and those seats have hard plastic backs. You can always ask your upholsterer, unless that's you.
  8. Hank


    an sum smaaart pipples, tu!
  9. Hank

    PPI recommendations

    @Delta Whiskey, AGL Aviation comes highly recommended by several people here. I have visited but not had work done. Ask @Bob_Belville. They are near Asheville, NC, a short Mooney hop away.
  10. Hank

    Airspeed Insurance Agency - MooneySpace Sponsor

    Amen, brother! Maybe multi-Mooney Summit attendees can do the same, too. Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Not just our airplanes . . . Next week will make 10 years 4 months, and you are closing in on your decade mark yourself. With more posts than Parker and I combined!
  11. Hank


    I've been based at two fields with active jumpers. There was minimal interference, other than occasionally waiting a minute to takeoff or enter the pattern. There was also minimal interaction between the two groups. Decent behavior in the air and radio broadcasts both ways will make it simple. Don't try to beat jumpers to the ground, make a single 360 while waiting for them to land, and keep a close eye on them (and count chutes in the air).
  12. Hank

    M20C cruise vibration

    Never seen a plane with no EGT at all . . . Does it still eventually smooth out as you richen it?
  13. Hank

    M20C cruise vibration

    Carb heat will make the mixture richer at any throttle & RPM setting, by reducing the amount of air coming in (engine intake is a fixed volume, but warm air is lower density). If too rich for conditions it may stumble; if too lean for the power setting, it WILL run rough with less power than desired.
  14. Hank

    252 Cruise Speed

    Since it's a new Acclaim, it's probably known ice, so that would be alcohol spray for the windshield [or something else to keep it clear].