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  1. During your next annual, pull the seats and inspect/clean the holes in the rails and inspect/replace the pins in the seat. Then you will know that they grab and hold.
  2. Your club planes were grounded for temps around 90ºF / 32ºC??? Was something else contributing to the grounding? I fly in those conditions (and warmer!) for 4-5 months every year. It's always uncomfortable, so I use nature's air conditioning. Took off one afternoon, temperature was 96º [35½C], but it was cool and comfortable 59º [15C] at 9500 msl. Descending through 5000, though, it started to get warm and humid again . . . . And I did have to land, only 5½ hours endurance with standard fuel tanks . . . .
  3. Don, I've always used the long A for aviation, just like in "plane." And Parker, anchovies aren't fish or vegetable, they are a salty, crystalline mineral. Or at least that's how they are in pizza, which turned me into an EBA fan (Everything But Anchovies). But packed in a tin with mustard sauce, they are surprisingly tasty little fish! But I think it's a generic term, not a particular small fishy.
  4. @SCPilot1161 my experience with a C model matches @Htwjr. I'm in your vicinity occasionally, but my next trip will be on the ground to bring a vehicle back to AL. So unless you're up for a 6-hour followed by a 2 hour flight home, look up htw. Next time I fly that way, I'll try to remember to reach out to you.
  5. War Eagle, ya'll! BSME, Auburn, '86 (the glory years with Bo) P.S.--if ya'll need any gear, send a PM. I work n Opelika now . . . .
  6. Even my C is like that. Sometimes I roll the mains on, but unless I briskly raise the elevator a lot, it thumps down almost immediately after. Oh, well . . . . .
  7. I remember that discussion . . . I also remember when I participated on POA . . . . Not in a year or two . . . .
  8. That's how all Garmin electronics are done . . . .
  9. At least she can reach your fuel selector if necessary! Mine is between my feet, not in the middle of the floor . . . .
  10. My 1970 C has a switch atop the gear leg. The posted video of gear retraction on jacks was done by jacking the plane up, adding tail weight, then my short IA reached in and moved the knob. Apparently there ain't no "extra protection" thingy on the ASI . . . Looks like the subject F was the same way.
  11. Stick shifts in this country have been virtually extinct for several years. Very sad state of affairs . . . . .
  12. I can't watch 32 minutes of that, but it appears to be a C model in pretty good shape. Sad . . . . .
  13. Same for most states--varies beween each county, city and town depending on local options. The thousands of different sales taxes is why the mail order business was originally exempted from collecting sales tax. There's no practical way for a business to keep p with the constantly changing sales tax in every jurisdiction, much less which jurisdiction each individual buyer is from . . . But the Republik of Kalifornia has decides that every business in the world needs to collect and forward sales tax to them. Wonder how folks in NY, GA, OK, etc., are supposed to know when Kali sales tax goes up and down???
  14. What does the other half of the sentence say? "Or" what?