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  1. Mine are 2 or 3 years old, and sat out in 4 days of rain that totaled several inches with no leaks. Love em, love em! All from a picture of the bottom of my caps. Thank you!
  2. What, the sub spar? At some point un the 60s the flap attachment was changed. I don't know if my 1970 C has a flap sub spar or not . . . . But Clarence probably knows.
  3. Especially when you need several screws, some oil filters and a couple cases of oil! Then take the crew car for lunch . . . .
  4. This happens by forgetting to raise the flaps after takeoff . . . A situation usually found while wondering why cruise speed is so low.
  5. That's me, the 2" seat cushion really made my landings better, because I can now see the front of the cowl. My 5'3" wife can't reach the pedals.
  6. Being only 40 Mooney minutes away, I go to Spruce, hand them the screws I need and buy each in bags of 100. The dimpled washers, though, are pricey!
  7. @Tcraft938, I generally fly my '70C so that the numbers on MP dial and Tach add to 46. Down low, short trips--23"/2300 Mid-level, trips < ~45-60 min--22"/2400 7500 msl and up, traveling--WOT less a little / 2500 I pull the throttle at altitude just enough to make the MP needle wiggle, which shuts off the auto enrichment circuit in the carb at WOT, and hope that the cocked throttle body creates turbulence to better atomize the fuel and make a more homogeneous mixture before routing to the cylinders. Does it work? My engine performs well . . . . Been doing this for ~
  8. Visitint my brother at KMLJ, the runway points straight out into Lake Sinclair. Depending on winds, I sometimes approach from way out over the lake. But still no water landings yet . . . .
  9. @jgarrison is a Mooney broker par excellence in Texas.
  10. It also has to do with the engine oil being cold, which increases its viscosity and therefore reduces flow rate. Flushing the cold oil out of the governor and prop makes it respond faster.
  11. I read recently that an H model was dropped during development. Probably skipped P because M20P is the ATC code for NA Mooney, as M20T for our turbo brethren. No clue why N was skipped, but remember, the M20-M is when names became popular, and when the engine was changed it took on the modification "Bravo" as its name. Followed by Ovation, Eagle, Acclaim, et. al.
  12. Just scroll through the M20, M20A, M20B, etc. You'll reach M20J after a while, it's right before M20K, M20L, etc.
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