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  1. Let us know how it goes! This is what I am contemplating for my C, a fraction of the airplane's total value rather than the multiple that Big G wants to extort . . . . . Wish the Skyview A/P would get approved!
  2. I installed these blue o-ring sets at annual, while the IA watched. Then he and I together tweaked closing the first cap and I did the second one under supervision. Quick, easy and painless. My plane was parked outside under a strong enough storm that I received an audible warning on my phone; the sky was black to the ground. Not a drop of water was found in either tank. The joys of traveling away from home! But the beach was very nice.
  3. My Thermodynamics professors used to laugh at the idea of injecting water with fuel! They had a very profitable consulting company on the side, and removing water injection systems was part of it. Why? Water is extra (cold) mass that must be heated by the fuel; what is important to efficiency is the temperature change between intake and combustion peak, and water lowers the latter temperature. Then there's always the problem of adding and refilling a second tank, as well as finding sources of distilled water as you fly around the country injecting it into your engine with fuel. And it's pretty much impossible for those of us with carburetors. Not sure, a lot depends on plumbing, but would your fuel injection system need to be modified to inject water AND fuel?
  4. If I put in an armrest, how would I reach the snacks & drinks (and occasional papers) that I keep there? Bottles and travel mugs slide naturally back to rest against the back seat, easily reachable in my C. Then again, I don't have a J-bar that swings through the space and blocks the floor in flight . . . .
  5. What ever happened to Dave Morris, N1959A? He has / had a website about his A model, too.
  6. That's where transition training and establishing new habits come in. I always check the floor indicator on short final, regardless IFR / VFR, regular pattern righthand pattern, ILS, GPS, straight in, etc.
  7. I remember Pong from '76 or '77, a quarter a game. Used to play Lunar Lander on a calculator in late 70s and early 80s.
  8. You have me confused with someone else. I have visors, and did not post a photo of them here. No modifications needed.
  9. The guppy mouth closure is less a speed mod than a cooling improvement for the engine. Seems the huge front opening is too large, and in cruise air actually comes out the front instead of going down between the cylinders and out the cowl flaps. If this has not been done, I'd make it a priority.
  10. Why would I take down my existing visors, screwed to the outside corners, and try to jury rig a center post attachment that won't let them swing over to the side windows??? I just searched my Owners Manual and the following terms are not found in it: sun, visor, sun visor, sunvisor and shade. "Screen" appears once, in a reference to checking the oil screen. But significant changes were made to the C model (interior, exterior and flight controls) for the 1969 model. Longer rudder, standard six pack layout, tweaks to cowl design, cowl flaps fixed, etc.
  11. My 1970C sun visors are screwed into something at the outside corners. It's been a while since I've had the ceiling panel off, and I think it may be a small piece of webbing rather than into the tubing. No idea when Moiney started adding this to the frame.
  12. It has to do with the gap above the shock discs immediately after jacking the plane off the ground. There's a measurement that I don't recall, but if the disc on top doesn't spin (the tab is blocked when you rotate it), I think that's good enough. Just don't wait a half hour after jacking to check the gap.
  13. Right. But I don't want to confuse a new operator into thinking he should leave the throttle fully forward, because it should be pulled back just enough to make the MP needle wiggle. That's how you tell it's far enough back. And it can be a surprising distance.
  14. Your injected engine runs best WOT at all altitudes. Our carbureted engines run best with the throttle body cooked inside the carb to create turbulent flow inside, so we have to back off on the throttle some. Really.
  15. So 3 minutes on each leg? Or was 2 minutes each enough for everything to stabilize? "Uh, I need to collect some data . . . . . "
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