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  1. Please, nobody quote Marauder's post and subject us to the picture again!!!
  2. Wow, $150/yr for the IFR package! I try to remember to use Avare, but even this afternoon I had the tablet on the backseat and forgot to pick it up. If I had to pay for the app, that would make me feel really bad.
  3. Not long enough to warm it up . . . .
  4. I think you're trying to make Clarence jealous . . . . All of those cylinders, all of that fine plating . . . . .
  5. If it had been parked and waiting, maybe; but in the video it is pulling forward to the Hold Short line as he went over it.
  6. Thanks, David! Getting a code for us to use on our own is much better than trying to coordinate a group purchase and handle fund collection and product distribution.
  7. Woo hooo!! Let the good times roll! Err, fly!
  8. When approaching to land, I typically fly downwind at 1000 agl, turn base leg ~800 agl, and roll into Base-to-Final turn ~500 agl. It's also rare for me to need to choose the right runway, although my home field for the last couple of years does have a taxiway (my original home field had a single runway and a lot of grass, sometimes mowed).
  9. A plane is being rehabbed now, so traffic should soon double! (Hey, two planes should generate twice the traffic of one, right?)
  10. My best landings are generally Night Currency ones, when I'm alone and the field deserted.
  11. That one looks good. It's All American, bet they have more, too. Get thee West, young (e)man!!
  12. On final . . . Thoughts? Runway alignment, glide path (are there VASI / PAPIs?), speed check, mechanical indicator in the floor, altitude, speed, alignment, pull power, speed, alignment, altitude out the window, alignment, flare, altitude out the window, alignment, touchdown, alignment, flaps Up, where am I exiting, brakes needed?, taxi. More or less . . . .
  13. I've moved from 3000' obstructed at both ends, 567 msl, to 3200' mostly open but far from level at 326 msl. 70-75 mph works well on short final. Landing on 31, if I'm on speed, hardly need brakes to make the turnoff to the hangar.