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  1. I park like you do, have for over ten years since I bought my C in 2007. I move into and out of the hangar using the towbar on the nosewheel, and either then the plane so the prop blast doesn't go into the hangar when I start the engine, or shut the door first. Why do you start up inside? That would blow around everything in the hangar . . . .
  2. Generally, the brass base of the bulb twists a little bit. Often there's a spring behind it, pushing two tabs into forward slots so that it doesn't vibrate out. Push gently on the bulb and twist both ways, see if it loosens up. I've not had to replace these lights in my Mooney yet, but that was common practice "back in the day" for small bulbs.
  3. That's depressing, @Will.iam. Here's my scenario: Drive to ATL, 1-1/2 - 2 hours Arrive early, 2 hours minimum Pay $14/day for cheap parking On a work trip a week ago, a coworker flew ATL - CIN. Left home (closer to ATL than me) at 0800 CST, was through baggage claim at CIN at 1730 EDT. Travel time 8-1/2 hours. His return flight left CIN at 0806, so he arrived at 0600; mechanical trouble made him miss his connection, he got home at 1915. Travel time 13+ hours. My Mooney scenario: Drive to KALX, 20 minutes Preflight, pull out of hangar, close doors, 15 min
  4. Hey, that means I could put "200" on my C!! I've seen 186 knots = 214 mph groundspeed, leaned out at 7500 msl . . . .
  5. Is the climb actually faster? Check your VSI. I would expect the deck a great to be different, but the VSI a d airspeed will be the proof. Fly the same airspeed both ways, the VSI will show if the "angle of climb" is better, or if you're just noticing the deck angle.
  6. I just checked my Owners Manual (1970 C), the highest speed is 174mph at 2500msl, 27"/2700 at 2200lbs.
  7. Well, Js have "201" for their advertised speed in mph. My C runs well at about 170 mph, I imagine flat out that I could coax another 15 from her. Maybe the OP or a previous owner liked the look and style of the J scheme, and created a C version of it. My own long XC, from WV to WY and back, I averaged 129 mph Eastbound and 151 mph Westbound (block speed). But I was a new pilot and Mooney owner, hitting 200 Total Hours on the trip and ending just over 150 in my Mooney.
  8. The Maintenance Manual addresses when a leak is bad enough to be an airworthiness issue, complete with artist's sketches.
  9. Mine is on the left main, up inside the wing. You should see a small tab to one side of the gear leg, which presses on the switch. If the pucks are hard and compressed, the tab won't reach.
  10. When you take them off, place a stack of old ones beside a stack of new ones. Cold weather is when old donuts show up as a problem, the gear won't raise after takeoff.
  11. The reseal takes much less time than waiting in line. Wet Wingologists in S. Fla does good work, it's been his career for 20+ years. Paul Beck is in MN and developed a process with less hand removal of old sealant--he has licensed it out to the MSC in Troutdale, OR; Don Maxwell at KGGG, Longview, TX; and a select few others who slip my mind. Houston Tank Specialists is a relative newcomer and a sponsor of The Mooney Summit with a growing reputation for good work. Just about all of these top vendors offer 7 year guarantees. Be sure to include your round trip flight to leave your plane, and
  12. Sounds like what Dr. Bill used at the grass strip in NC before it closed. Seems like someone bought his Mooney, and someone else bought his fabric hangar.
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