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  1. It's what they are used to doing. Often before I can tell them not to . . . . I close it for runup but nit before. On the other hand, I never drive with the csr (truck!) door open . . . .
  2. Climbing WOT will keep your engine cooler, and get you to altitude sooner . . . . Especially if you lean to Target EGT.
  3. I've seen them described as a collection of spare parts rotating around an oil leak . . . . But this configuration appears to work, as long as timing holds up.
  4. Top Gun 3: Maverick in the retirement home, winning walker races to the water cooler, while adoring fans in open-backed hospital gowns cheer from their doorways. The head nurse spills her coffee on her shirt when Mav cuts the corner too closely. At sunset, he sits by the window, listening for the occasional Hog running down the highway, smiling at the noise . . . That's what happens when your sequels are 30 years apart--25 years old in the first, 55 in the second, and 85 in the last one.
  5. The 4-bladed MT prop for the Rocket is made from sound-absorbing composite, 2" smaller diameter, and 25 lb lighter than my Hartzell 3-blade. All three of those contribute to its meeting German noise requirements.
  6. How in the world does electrical tape on the stabilizer leading edge "help"???
  7. My gear is electric, and I don't waste climb flying above the runway with the gear hanging out. Positive rate, gear up; they usually thump home as I pass the treetops. Then establish desired climb speed, set trim and go up.
  8. Hendersonville is huge and in great shape compared to 33A a little further south . . . No fuel, one hangar, no services, a handful of tiedowns. And the patches in the pavement have been patched . . . But it's close to mom & dad.
  9. I agree, but it's not really hugely different from the venerable CH53, except they are closer together.
  10. That's what I do for my electric C, except I only use flaps when I'm loaded heavy--then I climb at Vx to clear obstacles, retract flaps and accelerate to Vy or Vy + 10.
  11. I keep a set of ropes in the plane with eye splices on one end, to put in the ground loop. Then I tie the loose ends to the plane. When needed, I put bungees around the yokes, holding the center arms to each other (guaranteed not to attempt takeoff that way!). I've put bungees from the lower seat rail to the right yoke to hold the elevator once, when Sun n Fun turned into Tornado n Fun. Out west, many airports have chains, and some have pierced metal tie down areas with chains.
  12. I'm just saying that my 3 blades are all 76" long, just like your 2 blades are. So when they are running 2700 RPM for takeoff, our blades are making the same noise due to tip speed being the same. Your engine makes more HP than mine, but our muffler design a d condition determine the engine noize. Prop noise will dominate, tbough; but I'm not the right person to get into detail with. I do remember from schkol that rotational speed involves r*omega , and we both have the same r and run the same omega, so the sound should be the same, with different engine undertones. That's all I got . . . But I suspect Don's MT prop is quiter because it's composite and has shorter blades.
  13. When they added blades, they also reduced diameter, which is lower tip speed at the same RPM. Prop noise increases hugely as tip speed approaches the speed of sound. My 3 blade tips move at the same speed as your 2 blade tips at the same RPM.
  14. Watch out for popup Trump TFRs around West Palm. 30 nm radius . . . Otherwise, fly safe and have a good trip.
  15. Clean it up, and watch to see how long it takes to reappear. Then you'll know if it's a real problem and how hard to chase it down.