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  1. It's more about the length of your legs than total height. My father in law was 6" shorter than me, and the inseam of his pants was 26" compared to my preferred 33". FWIW, I'm 5'11" (71" as used above), and I fly my C from the middle seat position (there are only 3 positions that lock in place).
  2. I set my Halos on the panel. My wife puts hers on the floor, and I'm careful to avoid the cord getting in and out. (They won't stay on the panel when I fly without her.)
  3. Many of our doghouses are messes,and it's tough to find someone willing and able to rebuild it. The doghouse is very important for cooling air flow across the engine--cracks and gaps negatively affect performance.
  4. I don't know how many Cs have doghouse, but this is the original cowling on mine. While @Sabremech's conversion is appealing, I don't want to give up the large removable cheeks on both sides. Taking off the.lower cowl is something I've done once since 2007, and i don't want to have to do it every oil change or annual!
  5. Do you think this is enough reinforcement to prevent cracking? I'd rather not replace the whole cowl, just the doghouse.
  6. Oops! Been there, done that . . . . Noticed early, stayed slow and landed soon, nothing but a small crease in the top of the door--holds it open a couple of inches, easy to notice that it's not latched closed. Don't notice soon, or happen at / near cruise speed, then all bets are off. Hope he did the former!
  7. I know the Rocket does. Not sure about the Missile. @Seth? This is so sad. I remember Rae from the MAPA email list when I first bought my Mooney. I kept up with it for several years (6? 7? 8?), but doing that and three aviation forums was too much. Now I'm down to pretty much just here.
  8. My quick drain uses 3/8" silicone tubing from the local Big Box store. While you're there, buy a coupler then sand one end down to be a loose fit--now you can loop the hose after using it and not drip oil all year until your next oil change. Here's how I do mine: Please ignore where I say to test fly the plane before putting the cowling back on, that's a bad idea which I have never tried . . . . .
  9. They used to be there, but we're lost in the last server change. Let's see . . . . Jan 2017 . . . . Note that these are AFTER the repair. I'd stilling a new doghouse. Even better, a set of baffles to REPLACE the doghouse. Alas . . . . .
  10. Sure thing. I'll quit my job, ignore my Masters degree, head back to junior college and in just two or three years I'll emerge with my A&P certificate and some job experience. My career will have been flushed, I'll have to sell the house and Mooney to pay alimony to my wife who would leave me . . . . That's a great idea, but not feasible for very many of us.
  11. I loaded four adult guys in my C once (me +3, thank you!), and was limited to 34 gals of gas. Flying was easy, even leaving the grass field light on fuel. But I was very careful at the pump, and topping off by the fuel truck to co e home was excruciating! In balance, inside CG limits, below max gross weight. But close . . . . Even landing back at the grass strip after the storms cleared out was easy, all normal.
  12. The mechanics aren't paid that rate, it goes to the shop owner, who then pays part of it to the mech, part to the landlord, part for utilities, part for insurance, part for payroll taxes, etc. Back in the day, I was paid less than a third of what the shop billed for my time. And as everywhere, not everyone is at the same pay rate, but the billing rate doesn't change based on who does the work.
  13. I used the local A&P where I found myself with a dead magneto. Drive 9 hours home, went back to get the plane in a couple or three weeks . . . The only travel expenses were my own. Oh, the repaired magneto died again on the flight home, a wire was pinched when it was assembled and the internal gear sawed through it.
  14. Just don't have problems away from home. Back in 2016, a 3 hour flight away, I was charged 1.6AMU to remove, repair.and remount a magneto that had failed enroute . . . .
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