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  1. Sorry, guys, no parlez vous. Studied Spanish in high school, never used it, then spent 5+ years working for a Japanese company with a series of bosses who spoke no English. 頑張って ください.
  2. As a matter of fact, my key and Master Switch are next to each other on the bottom, leaving room for a Carb temp gage and remote compass.
  3. I've had two inadvertent dry tanks: First time, I was distracted and forgot to change; it coughed once, ran fine for a while, coughed again and sputtered while I franticly scanned the panel, as I was descending and about 2500 agl over the bumpy part of central WV. Saw the clock hands 20 minutes past each other, threw the selector and had a smooth landing 15-20 nm away. Second time, my fuel stop had pump problems and couldn't deliver fuel. I was sure I had plenty for the trip, but wanted it all in one tank for descent and landing. I was watching the clock, the fuel gage and the fuel pressure. Reached my last-figured change point, thought I could make the extra 3 minutes to Top of Descent. Nope. No cough, no sputter, or fluctuations of any kind, just silence and a significant pitch down at 9500 msl that my wife didn't appreciate. So I threw the selector and it restarted almost immediately. Filled up with 40 gallons, meaning I landed with 12 gallons in the one tank, good for 1:20 more flight time. Last weekend, I thought I had magneto issues in cruise (9500 in clear but darkening skies). So I tested it, turned the switch one click left and it quit--silence and that pitch down again. Turned it one click back to Both and she was immediately running again. Turned it two clicks left, she kept running, and I left it there. Three restarts, two at 9500 msl, the third one maybe half or a little less. Nothing to it, no delays, no fuel pumps, no drama. Then again, I don't panic about changing tanks anyway. It's always nice to do within a reasonable distance of an airport, if there's one around, but I wouldn't deviate or wait to reach one; I also lean down and turn the selector (fairly rapidly) without turning on the electric fuel pump. My Owners Manual doesn't say anything about that, and recommends running the first tank for an hour, then running the second tank dry as a regular practice. No thanks, I'll keep changing hourly.
  4. The only change I would make is to put the switch on the bottom. My C has different keys for the baggage door, people door and ignition, plus the hangar key. Why have all of that hanging down in front of anything? By 1970 when my plane was built, that's where Mooney put it, too. As for the ipad, do what you want. Just realize that Apple, Samsung, Motorola, etc., release new versions every 12-18 months, and the size changes slightly each time. Just sayin . . . . I have yet to get two consecutive phones that will fit in the same holster, much less tablets in the same cover.
  5. The breakers in my C, to the right of the right yoke, are labeled with paper. Test print them in various fonts until you find the right size, then reverse print for white letters of a black background. Spray with a can of color oreservative, cut apart and glue on. It looks good on my black panel . . . . Look to the edge of the picture.
  6. Your guessnis as good as mine.
  7. Whenever I sit rightseat, I turn my headset around so the wires and mic are on the outside, where the plug in the panel is. Keeps the cord from getting in the way.
  8. Has Mimi bought a new one yet? Marvin K. Mooney had a problem . . . .
  9. I have holes where mine used to be . . . Later models don't even have that.
  10. Similar to what I've been told, too.
  11. My C is the same way. Although I did entangle my headset cord after my first simulated emergency gear down, when I forgot to stow the handle by my left knee before resetting the breaker and raising the gear. I've had to do it for real once, but certainly didn't try to raise them until after landing and letting the mechanic do his thing (so this is a risk only when practicing, not during actual necessary use).
  12. Vref will vary from flight to flight--it's 1.3 x Vs for your current the weight and configuration, isn't it?
  13. I like real books better than ebooks. Have to get one of these . . . It's so much easier to flip pages back and forth comparing or rereading.
  14. My C runs 30 psi on all tires, as shown in my Owners Manual. Memory says the mains are 6.00 x 6, the nose 5.00 x 5, but I don't recall the plies.
  15. When it's bumpy, it sounds so clunky . . .