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  1. If you actually have the knob itself, just visit a haedware store and test different machine screws to find one that fits. Then look fir a set screw the same size. I'd guess #4-40 or #6-32, but it's only a guess. You'll also want a little teeny Allen wrench to fit jt.
  2. This morning could certainky be better. I'll be alone next Saturday ifnthe weather's half decent.
  3. In my hangar, I prepped in advance by removing cowl, spinner, inspection plates, dog house, etc., so it's ready for the IA when he arrived. Then we worked together. I buy lunch, we both go home for supper. Usually done in a 3-day weekend, then I'd put her back together. Before I moved, the IA would take it to the Maint. Hangar, pull plugs and check compression. I'd stop by after work, remove the rest of the panels; clean, gap and test plugs; grease the landing gear; etc. I'd leave a note with what I did, sometimes he'd be there on Saturday while I was working; sometimes I'd call him during the day when I had a break at work. Usually took 2-3 weeks. Every year I did a little more as we developed a relationship and trust. This year, my IA retired and stopped answering his phone and email, leaving me up the proverbial creek without propulsion. So I called the only other one I knew, and he was willing to do it and could start before the old one expired, meaning I could fly it to him (15 min, wheels up to wheels down). This guy also doesn't respond much to phone calls, texts or emails; doesn't follow instructions; did things I explicitly asked him not to do; induced failures in things he wasn't supposed to work on; and presented the highest bill for any work ever done on my plane during 12 years of ownership. Took 70 days, then 13 more to finish writing the invoice. Oh, and he no longer has the initial quote where we discussed and I marked which tasks to do and which not to do, although the invoice is (hand) written on the exact same form, all 11 pages of it . . . . Did I mention the logbooks are signed off on 29 March, and he called me on 5 April to tell me it was ready? <-- This doesn't even come close . . . Now I need another drink!
  4. It's the Not Instrument Current part that gets me right now . . . .
  5. It's supposed to clear up. If not, I'll have to take the wife somewhere else for lunch . . . . . Oh, crap, this ain't no good!
  6. It gets people flying into Mountain Air, a private air park north of KAVL. At 4432 msl, it's the highest airport east of The River, on the flank of Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of The River at 6684 msl.
  7. This is them. There is a technique to putting them in, not just push on the end.
  8. My 1970 C also doesn't have a POH, but it does have am Owners Manual that lives in the plane. And another one at home for reference. And various electronic copies stashed everywhere including here. It has three equipment lists: Day VFR, Night VFR and IFR. Each one incorporates everything from the previous list. So yes, a CHT Gauge is required. Ship's original or JPI? Depends if the JPI is certified to replace it or not, ask your installer. But to make a lap around the field troubleshooting a problem, I'd like to think that you're alright even if it's not approved for primary CHT indication.
  9. Straight line cuts would be milled. Unless you're talking through the knurling [but not done by the knurling tool on the lathe], in which case a triangular file should suffice. Need an electric typewriter for the 337 triplicate form, though.
  10. I have standing water in my yard right now, but nothing like that!
  11. Finding a whole sheet of paper in the logbook pile is easier than finding a written entry in the Airframe book itself??? My "logbook" is a zippered notebook, overflowing with papers, including a zippered poich with the Engine, Airframe and Propeller logbooks near the front to find quickly. Anything else must be searched for.
  12. My old rusty towbar never slipped out. Then I had it powder coated to match the plane, and it's slippery. Now there are enough scratches on it that it doesn't slip often anymore.
  13. Looks like fun! Gillette is a nice airport, I made a quick fuel stop there headed SE, chased by a snow squall. Didn't stop long enough to get caught, although I did cut the corner around those tall rocks to the west closer than I would have / did in better weather. My C wasn't really up to going over them, loaded close to gross and all of 200 hours in my logbook.
  14. Actually, my very similar chart at work lists four types, each with several country-specific wiring variants. Now I need a picture, but we're closed for Easter and under a Tornado Warning severe enough that 2nd Shift was sent home at 2000 instead of 0130. Thundering outside now . . . .