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  1. I've had Air Stop tubes for several years, added when tires were changed. Tires never seem to lose more than 2-3 psi, and I generally top them off spring and fall. Lose a little more pressure if I don't fly regularly; sitting causes lots of things . . .
  2. Anthony is onto something. 16" at idle is crazy . . . I cruise at 20"/2500 at 10K, reducing throttle in descent to maintain 20", leveling off around 140 mph. If I don't get down to 15" or less, I can't slow to flap speed, 125 mph. Even in the pattern, gear down, takeoff flaps, 90 mph, 2300, I'm often around 15" when level, ~13" descending on base. Never paid attention to MP on the ground, but at 1000 it should be pretty low . . . That's well below governing range.
  3. My stall speed, gear down, Takeoff flaps is 64 mph, 56 knots at gross, so usually even less. I've landed with a noticeable tailwind twice (once following FSS instructions, once Tower instructions) and have since figured out how to tell before it starts getting weird in the flare. Tailwinds really mess up my landings! And it's not because my groundspeed is a little high . . . .66 knots is my target speed over the numbers if I'm within 300 lb of gross, but of course flare and touchdown are rather slower.
  4. Yep, that's winter in the South. We get an inch or so every few years here in LA. Just enjoy the unplanned day off!
  5. Today the temperature was just was 39°, but last Wednesday the heat index was 46°!
  6. Just like cars, model years and manufacturing dates may not match. Some Model Year 2020 cars are already available. Your '69 model could have been manufactured and even sold in late '68.
  7. I know someone high up in Quality Assurance with a sign on the office wall: In God we trust. All others bring data.
  8. Ain't it great being unique!! Please post some trip reports with photos / video from the Emerald Isle and outlying destinations!
  9. That's fine. Many of us have zero ability to buy new. But you did say that price wasn't a condition . . . .
  10. We ALWAYS worry about each other, and especially about new owners. Please be careful and do your stall practice 3 mistakes high!
  11. Ummmmm, donuts!! Donut Hole, Panama City . . . . C'mon, Mooney Summit! Sorry for the derail, but I'm ready.
  12. How did the discussion morph into icy runways? There ain't no ice on the ground anywhere in Tennessee in August, unless someone knocked over a cooler . . . .
  13. Sure, my C has a little less gas, 52 gal. Math says that's 5:30 flying time. Experience tells me its 6 hours, and that the 4:45 trips I've made [landing with 1:15 or more in the tanks] are longer than I can sit comfortably in my Mooney. But with 970 useful, that's me, full fuel and almost 500 lbs. Leave some fuel behind and carry even more for two or three hours, at 145 KTAS. That's nothing to complain about. She's fast, stable in IMC, is in the air 1000' after oushing in the throttle. I've landed everywhere from 12,000' of superwide concrete to 2000' of slightly-curved grass. Versatile. Frugal. What's not to like?
  14. Another great flight! What continues to amaze me is that you literally built this super plane in your garage . . . . . The Conquest crew may have just been verifying what they saw on their traffic scope ["fish finder"], to make sure you were out of their way.