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  1. He did a good job showing the world that a Mooney is NOT hard to land. But he seemed to mostly avoid grass strips, too. Gravel, dirt and bare rocks aplenty, but not many with solid grass covering the landing surface. I've not taken my own C anywhere, as Idaho is one of the 3 or 4 states that I haven't made it to you [although I've only flown myself into 18 so far]. But I've been to grass fields in my Mooney in at least WV, GA and NC.
  2. I don't know. Minnesota is a long way from here . . . .
  3. It's not Wilmar any more. Oasis Aero is there, run by Paul Beck who developed the chemical strip-and-reseal process they use instead of hand scraping.
  4. Lookup piperpainter's videos on YouTube. Then again, he flew a C not an R--likely would make a difference.
  5. One screw on the bottom inspection panel is leaking now, 10 years after reseal. It's one of the two closest to the sump, so I'll fly it as dry as possible, then slide a grounded washtub under it to collect fuel after opening the cap. Let it sit a couple days, clean up, goop up and put back together. Another day should be good to refuel. Or did I miss anything important?
  6. So what kind of trade-in can I get on my Parmetheus? My new home has poor paint, and it's tough to see the runway at night.
  7. When I travel, I throw the canopy cover on top of all the baggage. Helps keep it in place, and is handy if I tie it down. Otherwise, the canopy cover lives on a shelf in the hangar.
  8. So far my only misses have been when wearing foggles. But I have one (1) hold on an IFR flight, above the layer, waiting for a plane ahead of me on the GPS approach. And one "Emergency breakaway, immediate right turn, hold over the college" from Tower. The instructor was familiar with the area as I was away from home. Gotta be prepared! Still waiting for my first "real" missed approach.
  9. Check the Downloads section here. I got the last year's copy for my C there (1977). See what is available for Es.
  10. Sounds like progress, Richard! After a couple years with no IFR flying, I'm getting back in. My 2nd flight was last week, we did an ILS into KMGM (ILS 28 Y). Tower said keep the speed up, there were 2 others behind me and he was busy. Went old school, used VOR #2 to track radials from the VOR to locate each waypoint, while the GPS was tuned to the localizer but not showing the map. Center the needles! Quick miss to get out of his hair, did a few laps around the hold, then cleared to the IAF at home, ~30nm away. And he forgot about me . . . . When 5-6 NM from IAF, I started to sl
  11. Be careful what you put there. The weight limit is only 10 lbs after all. I keepsake headsets, tie down ropes, a blanket, fuel dip stick and sample cup, etc., back there.
  12. I learned that move in WV. Works here in Sweet Home Alabama, too! But my C ain't got no A/C . . . .
  13. That'll help a whole lot, yes. But I just topped off this morning . . . .
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