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  1. Only because BK is stifling the Tru Trak. Guess they don't like competition, or innovation that they didn't develop.
  2. I think the additional door catch is a simple pin, based on old memories from the MAPA mailing lists. Adding the pin to the door isn't hard, but there was much discussion about drilling the hole in the frame as there was no chance for correction and no second tries. My C does not have the upper catch, so I can't confirm pin-into-hole vs. ball-and-claw.
  3. So it's 14+ for the AP that we want, and another 8-10 for the G5 that we don't want? No thanks!
  4. I use whatever works for the trip, and have only requested pop-up clearances a couple of times. That being said, I flew my Mooney for three years and 300+ hours before getting serious about IFR. That included a trip from WV to WY [1300+ nm each way] so my wife could see Yellowstone, and more trips than I can count going over the Appalachians to see family in NC and GA (summer, winter, Thanksgiving and Christmas). There were very few cancellations but several schedule adjustments, and I only diverted and landed elsewhere one time. And just for @steingar, I was based in South Point, Oh
  5. Looks pretty fancy to this (mechanical) engineer! I use the handheld Dremel-type vibrator, then the big box for media blast, air cleaning and spark testing. Or I did when I had an IA who enjoyed owner assistance . . . .
  6. I enjoy green too much. With everything brown, I can't tell S. Cali from S. Arabia or the Sahara . . . . .
  7. Sadly, I can rarely wear my nice, heavy, leather G1 flight jacket, which was my winter mainstay for several years in WV for several months each year. Now I'm lucky to wear it a few weeks each winter . . . .
  8. You can also check the Download section here.
  9. Woo hooo! Looks like you qualify for several awards: Most connections for a short Caribbean flight Most miles flown for a short Caribbean flight Longest duration for a two-week (?) visit Emptiest airliner flown in as a paying passenger And probably some that I'm missing!
  10. Yep, we just stay home and hope the power doesn't go out . . . Which was a much more serious issue in Ohio winters than here in Alabama.
  11. This is how my previous IA did things. He'd buy parts, do the work and I would eventually receive an invoice and promptly pay it. My new IA actually asks me to order the parts, unless they are something simple and common. Either approach works for me, as long as the IA is happy.
  12. Nice! But you were about 8mm to the left of the centerline . . . What is the purple sticker on your door?
  13. I've had a number of good times, great memories and cool pictures while flying and hanging out at the airport. But my all-time Favorite Flying Moment has a back story. A coworker had asked to go flying, to help get over her fear of flying. I guess I talked about it a little too much? Anyway, we met at the airport with a friend she brought along for moral support. She was so nervous that she had to stop at a gas station to pee despite being only ten minutes from home. We had a leisurely introduction to the plane, in the hangar, with the bifold door closed. She almost jumped out of her skin
  14. This is why I'm so happy to have moved back South! Around here the next couple days, we're just expecting liquid water to fall in variable inches with locally heavy spots, flash flooding, etc. Durned Zeta!
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