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  1. I wouldn't live anywhere else!
  2. How so? Too big, too loud, bad over-the-nose visibility, ground loops, what?
  3. My first Zenni prescription sunglasses (6 years ago) were $25 . . . . I'm still buying more after every visit to the eye doctor. My new daily transition glasses with titanium frames shipped today, $90. I used to pay more than that just for frames at the eye doctor!
  4. S + this mod = Screaming Eagle R + this mod = Standing Ovation? Didn't realize they were the same package . . . . But both sound like great fun!
  5. You? Or a friend? Either way, that's not my idea of fun!
  6. Hey, just noticed the OP's name. Howdy, Neighbor!! Where are you based? War Eagle!! (I'm being polite around the unwashed heathens who don't know how great football is here on the Plains! )
  7. For CO monitoring, many of us use Sensorcon units. Some are clipped onto shoulder belts, some velcroed to panels or even ceilings. They have a pretty good discount going too, if you search for it here. 20%?
  8. I like 'em both. Have no use for SUVs--they do mediocre service as cars, due to the truck frame; and they do really bad service as trucks because the cargo space is one with the passenger cabin, and carpeted--who wants to haul horse manure to fertilize their garden in the back of their luxury behemoth SUV? Throw it in the truck, drive home and unload, hose out the bed!
  9. Isn't @Ghattig looking for prop options on the S?
  10. Sure, we'll all just motor comfortably along behind the slowest car in front of us. The Toyota has three settings, the closest one is approx. 4 seconds behind the slowpoke. In Driver's Ed, I was taught that 2 seconds back is a good following position. Either way, you can't pass from even 2 seconds back . . . . .
  11. I thought there was a Screaming Eagle STC that pushed power to 310hp at 2700??? Or is that an engine change too?
  12. I will never buy an SUV. I haul stuff in the back of my truck. Need firewood? Not good in an SUV, but doable. Need gravel for the driveway? No SUV will do that. Ditto with mulch for the flowers, dirt for the flower bed, yard trimmings [bushes cut back, tree branches that fall from storms] that need to go away. SUVs are just cars built on truck frames, with truck performance and truck mileage. I much prefer my little Altima at 35+ mpg back and forth to work [the whole reason I bought the car!]--it even has a respectable-sized trunk. Don't want the car to ever control where I go. Not a big fan of the automation on my Tacoma--it's really hard to get close enough to pass with the cruise control set to it's default "following" setting, even on the closest it's too far back and won't accelerate good when I press the gas. Don't even get me started on the headlights--I like them to turn on and off as needed, but Toyota also takes away control of the bright-dim switch, meaning the bright lights go dim when I turn off the rural highway onto the unlit, dark sideroad that I live on [why?????], and to get them back to bright I have to move the headlight switch from Auto past Parking Lights to Headlights before they go back to bright . . . . And on-coming traffic? Sometimes it recognizes them and goes dim, sometimes it doesn't and my moving the switch does nothing! So no, you can keep your automation and self-driving car. I don't want any part of driverless vehicles and certainly not pilotless aircraft!
  13. Let me know when you can drive your Tesla 1000 miles, topping off one time in less than 10 minutes, with multiple locations to select from. In the meantime, I'll be driving my ICE car to the airport, then flying my ICE Mooney to my destination, where I will use another ICE car for "the last mile."
  14. They have hundreds of frame styles, look around and see. I get regular glasses and prescription sunglasses [a pair for each vehicle so I never leave them in the other car], but I wear Halos in the plane so really don't know about arm thickness; I generally get thick ones on my sunglasses anyway, so I can tell by feel if I'm wearing them or my regular glasses.