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  1. I'm changing jobs right now, vacation time is up in the air. If I can get time off, we'll be at the beach with my wife's extended family (40-50 people); if not, she'll probably drive and leave me here to do the Mooney lunch.
  2. Me, too, @cliffy, for 12 years anyway. What's with the Retard Retard Retard bit??? I've not done TOGA since college, well before I migrated to the front seat of any airplane.
  3. Which so many of our planes left the factory with. About one has been installed for every dozen times you throw AoA comments into our speed discussions. Meanwhile, speed should vary the same as for landing--subtract 5 mph for every 300 lb below gross at that time. Round numbers are easier to do in your head. Or if near the ground, use the book number and concentrate on a good landing somewhere you can see. FWIW, Best Glide in my C is 105mph with the prop windmilling and 100mph with the prop stopped.
  4. And the FAA gets interested in Reckless Behavior arrests, anf generally triple digit tickets get an automatic Reckless Driving add-on.
  5. If you dip a wingtip into the water at 150 KTAS, as you tumble across the surface parts will break off due to overload. Rhis guy apparently skipped off the water, climbed, stalled and went in pretty steep. Something sheared off the left wing; that whole failure was due to overloading the main spar, the sub spar and all the wing skins . . . . The phraseology is consistent with NTSB reports that I have read over the years.
  6. But they're in opposite directions for most of us. So let's pick one and set a date, then pray for decent weather.
  7. You're right. The airframe people say lift by the engine, never mind what the engine maker says, right?
  8. And Lycoming says to not lift the nose of the plane using the engine hoist point. So we all need to practice our levitation skills . . . . .
  9. Let's not talk about time delays . . . 10 freaking weeks for an annual, then a month wait to get into an MSC to correct things they buggered up and/or did wrong . . . Only been at Cole's for three weeks, not too bad at all. Catching up on an AD or two also, a benefit of experienced people seeing the plane.
  10. Love my Halos! I use the silicone Christmas tree plugsthat come with them. Been using them since 2010, including working on / around the runway while plugged into my handheld radio. Simple, lightweight and much sturdier than you think looking at it.
  11. Look up some of @Bob_Belville's panel porn and videos . . . . Fetch a drool rag first!
  12. I'm shocked at the low speeds some of these Fs are making! A friend used to have a 75 F with no step, and he walked away from my C; but I would walk away from some of these Fs while some I would run away from. My C gets ~147-148 KTAS at altitude (7500-10,000 msl], WOT- / 2500. And I have a 3-blade Hartzell speed brake on the nose, guppy mouth closure and 201 windshield. AND a fixed step. I generally indicate ~145mph like this, with groundspeed envelope of 68-186 knots. When I get it back from the shop, hopefully next week, I will do a 3-leg GPS groundspeed check. Can't believe I'm that much faster than so many F models . . . . .
  13. Keep temps under control, shouldn't be a problem. Right? CHT < 380?
  14. I agree, but his directions have me confused! --native North Georgian living in Lower Alabama, with family in Western North Carolina north of South Carolina and south west of North Carolina MSC . . . .