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  1. I’ve landed at both in a 180, little over a year ago. as far as grass strips go, both were pretty nice, but I wouldn’t attempt it in my Mooney. Between prop clearance and gear doors, I don’t believe the odds are worth it. This is an approach at Johnson’s creek C3ED6BC9-3C4D-4C4D-AE75-A82D8758223E.MOV
  2. There was never a restriction of running on the ground that I’m aware of. there were several that had a limitation where it couldn’t be used on takeoff, but that can be rectified easily.
  3. Sounds like it just boils down to risk. Personally, I’d like to avoid losing an engine in the air, and while that isn’t guaranteed, even with a new engine, the odds are much better you will, flying around on that one. But you know what M Twain said about statistics. “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics”. That being said, if everyone here detailed their last five flights publicly, I bet there would be a whole lot of comments about what each should or shouldn’t do. Or at a minimum, what they would have done differently. If you feel like it’s a worthy risk to take off in a plane
  4. I fly pretty frequently. Uncontrolled fields are not my preference. not bc of atc direction , its bc people more often than not, don’t follow good etiquette, much less the rules. I won’t refuse to my go somewhere if it’s not controlled but I prefer the safety. I’ve had more than one bad experience at uncontrolled spaces. If you prefer them, more power to you.
  5. I only “enter a pattern” once in a blue moon. Where I live atc loves to dive bomb me into the airports, and I seldom if ever fly vfr so I don’t even really know how to answer that question. I prefer to be around or ideally 90knots at 3 miles away from touch down. this almost always allows me the last 1000’ descent without picking up speed.
  6. Aviation is all about trade offs, and what’s worth something to one person doesn’t carry the same value to others. I have no bravo experience, but know enough bravo owners who love their plane to understand its attractions. I have hundreds of hours in two ovations and two acclaims, and an ultra acclaim. I would be ok with an ovation but I wouldn’t want to fly without my turbo. Understand the chatter for what it is, others opinions. Then buy what you want, and the chances are you will love it. (as long as it’s a Mooney that is, if you get something else, caveat emptor)
  7. You’re right, an acclaim probably doesn’t start out climbing an ovation with 310hp until after 500’, but it doesn’t take until 5000’ for sure. That is, unless you have one of those magic ovations that I keep reading about, you know, the ones that will climb at 2000fpm then cruise at 196ktas on 11.5gph. I wasn’t fortunate enough for either of my ovations to be magical, I never saw those numbers.
  8. Actually max MP is about 33.5”, max cruise is 30.5”. I usually fly 26.5” at 2500rpm.
  9. 205-210 ktas rich of peak. about 19.8gph 193-198 ktas lop about 16.3gph this is full gross, after a 1100-1400fpm climb burning 33gph. an ovation leaps off the ground and easily out climbs the acclaim until about 500’, then the acclaim is in a class of its own. someone else said earlier, once you get a turbo it’s hard to go back. that is very much the case for me, I sold an acclaim and got an ovation, and sold that to go back to an acclaim. I bought a plane to go fast, the only way I could sell my Mooney is if I can afford something faster. I have 950# UL, an
  10. As it was explained to me, it’s a mandatory HSI for this engine simply because of the timed out parts. This engine was a helicopter engine that was adopted for airplane use, which is why it is temperature limited, by altitude rather than torque. I didn’t find the $75,000 hot section out of line, because it’s basically equivalent to a 1600 hour tbo. The fact that no other auto pilot can be put in nor TKS be added is what queerered the deal for me. I don’t think the GFC 500 can be added after the turbine, it would’ve had to be done prior to the turbine being installed. So even upgrade
  11. it isn’t like a pt-6 hot section parts are timed out and the hot section is a fixed price of $75k. I looked at that one in person, hasn’t flown much in the last five or so years. paint is decent, interior is rough, and the avionics are pretty dated. It does have a decent useful load, but still, three hours is about the max for planning purposes. it’s tempting, I think they keep it annual, but don’t fly it much because the hot section is only a few hours away. It didn’t occur to me to ask, but it it may be in a 135, which is why the HSI is important.
  12. I’ve purchased three sets from aero sheep. the latest set were very well fitting and they changed from those stupid clips to plastic buckles on the bottom which work a lot better. I always thought they would be hot, but one plane I had came with them and after flying with them I was a convert. I even got them in my truck. I wouldn’t want to take a long trip in a plane without them.
  13. https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/tag/teledyne-continental-tsio-360-gb-1/ this record breaker is actually listed for sale presently. The owner didn’t k ow about the record. (The one in the lead pic is. It the plane that broke the record) https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/202016847/1979-mooney-m20k-231-piston-single-aircraft
  14. For me airplanes are like boats. They are 100% discretionary and unnecessary. When I bought my first boat someone told me that old saying, the two happiest days of a boat owners life are the days he buys it and the day he sells it... This was not my experience, I loved all my boats, and was sad to see each one of them go, and I feel the same way about my airplanes. The point is, I view them both romantically. I get excited and happy when I see them. This, for me, is a prerequisite to buying one. Reason being is that you have to write a lot of large random checks to care for
  15. Completing the training and especially the instrument rating in your primary aircraft is the definition good training practice. I bought my ovation 3 two weeks before my ppl check ride. I did all of my instrument training in my ovation and 700+ hours later, I am very comfortable and proficient, which I personally equate with safety, in my aircraft. I don’t believe flying two completely different airframes, engines and avionics over two years and transitioning into yet a third as a new pilot is safer or smarter. Point being, people are successful with both methods, and if one’s de
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