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  1. Im not sure if this question is phrased correctly, but my question is regard to all the (adjustable) items that affect drag and aerodynamics. As a plane lives it gets its dings, adjustments, paint, replacement parts etc. I have never seen any of my planes have a comprehensive check of all of these things; control surfaces, gear doors, door, baggage door, cowling etc. Not even sure what to request or who to go to. I know any A&P "can" do this, but I would prefer someone who takes their time and understands the purpose. I don't just want a lazy look at them and a log e
  2. Ive seen two g1000 bravos with ac, came very close to buying. it also had FIKI and the UL was 860 or so which I thought was pretty good for the equipment. That being said I realize it had a narrow appeal, for for a solo flyer or small couple, that is a very capable and comfortable airplane. I think the acclaim with the same equipment would be well under 800.
  3. “The is an unique Mooney M20K with amazing performance. Was an upgraded Rocket” is it no longer a rocket?
  4. 40-50k will evaporate in weeks with attorneys involved. Not to mention the anxiety and stress and hassle. I’d give the shop an opportunity to fix the way I want and if they declined I’d probably just grit my teeth and go another route. Maybe after its done send the bill and see if they pony up something. Even if, big if, you prevail, you wont likely get attorneys fees, and will never recover the time and stress. it sucks, they were wrong, your being punished but such is life. I have been in this position more than once, fortunately not in the aviation world but its the sa
  5. Varre phips and heaven will be on your route, it will get you through the corridor they want you to go. even if you file otherwise and get a clearance, they will amend it and send you there. Ideal is at least 8k
  6. Anyone know what this mod costs, or if it’s even really available today? trying not to get into a debate about why this shouldn’t be done, just want to know what it costs to do if possible.
  7. There may be a few nicer c’s out there, but not by much. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=MOONEY&model=M20C+MARK+21&listing_id=2390383&s-type=aircraft
  8. I don’t believe that’s correct. Left is left in relation to controls. tanks are labels this way too. Why would it be a left tank and a right tire?
  9. I would think it’s mostly a function of familiarity and proficiency. if I had been sitting behind a six back for 20 years and a glass panel for a month or two, and was forced into an emergency or even high workload situation, I would probably be a lot more comfortable with a six pack. I trained for my ppl with a six pack, no AP and no gps, in about 10 different planes and five different makes/models. A few weeks before my ppl checkride with a scant 48 hours, I bought my first Mooney, a g1000 ovation. 95% of my hours today are with a g1000, (about 85% of those in mooneys) I a
  10. Best thing to do is get in touch with the public side of the airport management, and ask them to let you know about sublets. Also, troll the pilots lounge and or the pilot shop at the airport you’d like to find a hangar. most of the airports in south florida have lots of seasonal residents and their hangars are open at least half the year, some are between planes for years and sublet so they don’t lose the hangar. im on the west coast of south florida, and we have the same problem, I found a temporary hangar almost immediately. while the hangar wait list ticked away for two years I b
  11. Flight aware will track every flight of a plane that has adsb. If it’s filed, it will usually have a “filed” speed, and would show a route in the form of a white dashed line. if it’s a car flight it just shows a track. This is of course, assumes the planes owner hasn’t blocked the tail number. this flight looks like the pilot filed.
  12. I’d go most anywhere within 250 miles of south florida. most things seem to be available around this neck of the woods.
  13. Have him fly in both back to back. if he is a pilot there will be little selling required.
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