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  1. Unfortunately, that’s what the market is bearing these days.
  2. Jimmy’s got a couple.
  3. Thank you for the clarification. One way to ensure separation is instrument arrival and departure.
  4. This has been an interesting thread. Your last sentence is intriguing. If I understand you correctly, you have a specific reason to believe another pilot, one with instructor privileges and a student on-board, deliberately intended to cause a mid-air collision. How do you know this to be the case? Why haven’t you informed your FSDO?
  5. I’m not sure Ci refurbs their pre-owned planes. Depending on how deep one goes on the refurb, that’s pretty labor intensive. I’m wondering if the Ci model is taking in planes on trade at wholesale and then resell at market rate.
  6. I would not, even at zero added cost because the chute isn’t a must-have feature for me. I’m more intrigued by the Mooneyshares program, but would prefer a 4- or 5-way partnership option and don’t see the value prop of the program over DIY partnering and ordering. I’d also be interested in seeing a factory pre-owned program similar to the Cirrus Pre-owned program.
  7. I don’t know; GA trends are moving toward business aviation and away from personal aviation. That generally means cabin class, crewed aircraft. I’d probably start looking at the people who are moving up to a owner operated SETP and work backwards from there to find the gaps, both in product and market. There’s an assumption there. It’s that Mooney’s current product and service offerings have a market to position in. In essence, is Mooney’s product a big square peg and the market a little round hole. I don’t know the answer to that, either. But production numbers indicate there’s a mismatch somewhere. Unless Mooney’s goal is to barely survive in new production numbers while profiting in other areas, such as legacy fleet sustainment.
  8. Why should Mooney target that market? Cirrus targeted that market and basically built two products that were differentiated enough from the rest of the competition to support their value proposition and literally captured that market. A market survey should identify where gaps exist; those gaps are where Mooney should focus their efforts; that begins with understanding profitability....can the product be positioned and profitable in the target market? If so, where do you expand next? Factory refurb’ing/updating existing Js is labor intensive and not very scalable; out the door would probably be close to current Ultra prices. The Mooneyshares product doesn’t appear to be boosting production, and neither does any of the Mooney Experience ™ offerings. That should tell you something about product/market fit.
  9. Not that I care about B, but I’ve been following the ruddervator skin problem closely. While raw material isn’t a sourcing issue, it appears the particular corrosion coating specified for the skins is the tough cookie as no one appears eager to do that work. If this is the case, I’m not sure the problem will be solved as no one can be held at gun point to produce something. For an STC solution, it seems there’s a fear (rational or otherwise) of the FAA testing regime for control surfaces, given the history of certain models of the airframe.
  10. Awesome. I’ll be the first to say if C can get the cost manageable for an average person to go from piston single to RVSM-capable personal plane, then more power to them. Wish it were Mooney, but alas. The future is there, not here.
  11. Honestly, it’s none of our business. From a regulatory perspective, unless your name is in his logbook, what do have to worry about? If, instead, your name is in the logbook, then I’d expect you would be handling any questions in a more professional manner. As for insurance, it’s not always safe to assume one carries insurance. Even if they do, unless the policy is available for inspection, clauses and riders are in force are simply speculation. I tend to assume positive intent even, when to an experienced or jaundiced eye, it may not look that way.
  12. I look at partnerships as a business transaction. How is the partnership structured? What (if any) financial information is available for review? Aside from the buy-in, what are the recurring costs and how are they handled? What‘s the value of the assets, and what are the liabilities? What entity is the plane titled to, and who owns that entity? How are the 3 Ds (death, dissolution, divorce) handled? Due diligence on all the assets and partners should be performed.
  13. I renewed on 3/20/19, just putting a date out there for currency of information.
  14. As of 3/20/2019, if the AME can issue then you walk out with paper in hand.