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  1. Moving from 10mins to the plane to 40mins cut my flying in half in year one. A lot of spontaneous flying dropped off and I find myself having to plan when to make the trip. I would not do it again.
  2. That change happened almost two years ago. Here’s AOPAs bit on it. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2020/july/02/whats-behind-the-faas-switch-from-student-to-learner
  3. Lived there from 97-01. Commuted to Eglin from Santarosa Sound by the Indian Temple museum by boat from late Feb to Nov every year. Docked at Postl Point and biked to the 33FW/ACC gate for work. Happy hour at Don Carlos, I think it was. Tom D (Tradewinds’ original owner) was a great friend gone too soon. Best times of my life. Miss it, but it’s grown too much.
  4. A more accurate analogy would be purchasing a used vehicle from either a private party or a dealer. As a condition of sale, you take the vehicle to a shop and ask them to conduct a pre purchase inspection (it’s actually a common thing). What do you expect that shop to look at/perform/do? Same thing happens with home inspections. What the average purchaser think is covered in a home inspection is not what they are purchasing. Trust is earned, not given.
  5. What did you specify the MSC observe and report during the ore-buy? There is no adopted or regulatory standard.
  6. Why does your W&B image reflect 40 gallons of fuel if your scenario calls for 50 gallons?
  7. Good choice. Some v tails have an AL re-skin STC, but many of the later models don’t. Textron is out of mg skins and not real interested in producing more as their corrosion treatment can’t be done in the US due to environmental restrictions. Their type club estimates 30 sets of skin/year is the market and has pony’d up $500K to anyone who can deliver a long-term solution. None of the big shops are taking it on and neither is Textron. Meanwhile guys with serviceable sets are commanding a huge premium and anyone trying to sell an aftected Bo is taking a hit on offers.
  8. Are you not familiar with the problem in that community on this very topic of mg ruddervator skins?
  9. That’s a conversation between you and your doctor. I would be thinking about safely entering/exiting the plane, duration of flight, ability to feel (feedback) and manipulate rudder controls and ability to do an emergency egress from a physical standpoint. I’d also want to talk about medication and pain management.
  10. Last time I was at T89, the runway was growing weeds through the cracks; glad they fixed it. Lajitas is a neat little oasis in Big Bend.
  11. Congratulations on a dream come true.
  12. Yeah; the benefit of GA is our ability to flex the schedule. Adding an airline transition forces a fly or drive situation that pretty much requires an extra day on each end and the associated costs might just end up it a wash on both the time and the budget savings.
  13. Minor update; spent some time yesterday flight planning a majority of the likely destinations and comparing against the airlines. The flights are split roughly down the middle. About half the destinations are in the 1K -1.3K NM range with the rest in the 300-600NM range. For the long flights, the shortest airline flight is 2-stops, clocking in at 8h 11m before waiting at the airport. That can be cut down to 1-stop/6hrs by getting on the airlines at DFW. Thinking differently, SJT - DFW or AUS is roughly 200NM, HOU is ~300NM, opening those airline departures up as being reasonable for the long hauls while still likely being able to do the short hauls by GA and softening up the hit to the pocketbook both initially and overtime. We’ve got some thinking to do on this.
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