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  1. Prepping for Harvey

    Cat 4 now.
  2. Acclaim Ultra, Carbon Cub, And a King Air.
  3. Ha. I know that guy. Interesting dude to say the least.
  4. It's a K, but might be worth looking at.
  5. Mooney tatoo

    Had that conversation (with the Jimmy Buffet quote) with our daughter when she was about the same age. She got the ink, we sold the car. She was happy with the decision she made and accepted the consequences that came with it. She's since added to her collection and is currently an elementary school teacher. Though we are still disappointed with her choice to 'get some ink', in the grand scheme of things, it isn't that big of a deal. Some of her friends have had similar expectations and results in their lives re: tattoos. Sometimes, the reaction the parents got from implementing the consequence were an equivalent of the medicine killing the patient.
  6. Having issues with Tapatalk

    Same experience, here. MS OOS TAPATALK
  7. Wow. What a story.
  8. Introduction! Future Mooney owner!

    The K is a turbo. Turbo allows you to fly higher. High enough get over the Rockies safely, and to need supplemental oxygen. Turbo also adds to you maintenance and operating expenses since there's no such thing as a free lunch.
  9. Great job. Adding Gs to help Mother Nature out was smart. Just to get an idea of troubleshooting vs fuel remaining, how long was the overall flight?
  10. Thanks for the fill in@Godfather.
  11. @jackn If I understand your thoughts, you want the adapter to enable the full capability of the KAP-150 (coupled approach) and not just ALT/HDG/NAV. I can see the rub in that. For some of the fleet it seems this will be a good, low cost option to gain more capability and for other parts of the fleet this isn't a complete solution.
  12. @jackn, not to say I understand all the variables, but unless I'm mistaken, the announcement says it's expected to support the KFC150. I'm not an AP expert, so am I missing something critical here?
  13. Thanks@KSMooniac. After getting lost in the G5/GFC500/600 discussion in the other thread, I'm back on track now, I think.
  14. Hi everyone, hope this isn't a duplicate of what's going on in the G5 thread. Since I'm not yet an owner, I wanted to leverage the knowledge here to better understand what Garmin's announcement that the G5 will soon support 3P autopilots means for the Mooney fleet. Short version: G5 coupled with GAD 29B adapter expected to support the following autopilots: Honeywell (Bendix King) KAP 100/140/150/200, KFC 150/200/225 S-TEC 20/30/40/50/55/60-1/60-2/65, 60 PSS, 55X Century II/III, IV (AC, DC), 21/31/41, 2000 Cessna 400B, 300 IFCS/400 IFCS Thanks.
  15. @HawkDriver. I live in the SAT area now and relocated from COS last year. The answer to your question on where to hangar is it depends on how long you want to drive. If you'd like, shoot me a pm and I'll share my knowledge. Depending on your needs, I can think of a several options.