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  1. Just flew one today, the Kelly Field ILS 16 behind a GTN750. At the lead radial, the GTN sequences to intercept the FAC beyond the IF. Once established on the FAC, the auto switch to VLOC occurred with about 4NM to go to FAF/GS intercept.
  2. When did Junction close? AWOS is still pumping out the weather this morning. Nevermind; NOTAM’d as temp closure:
  3. Gate 12 at CLL is great on field for lunch. LBX (Lake Jackson) has an awesome restaurant about 32 seconds walking distance from the tie downs. SJT has a restaurant on-field that’s been there since at least the 90s though a few years ago it changed owners. Burnet is just east of AQO and there’s walkable options. Pretty sure everyone knows about Hangar Cafe @ T82. The diner at Brenham closed again earlier this year. I’ve heard Lufkin has food on field, but can’t confirm. https://flightsforbites.com/ is a fresh attempt at building a crowdsourced $100 burger site. *I’m based at SSF and fly for food as a hobby.
  4. RKP 3x courtesy cars and great seafood near the airport. GLS is nice; one courtesy car. CLL for lunch at Gate 12 when you want to feel classy.
  5. How many hours have you flown in the past 90 days, since your 20-year break? The Mooney won’t be harder to fly, just different techniques, but you’ll need the complex endorsement to solo and to take the check ride. If you’ve already done the long XC, no big deal. If not, well…… I think the real question I’d be asking is “What DPE will I use?” and what that DPE’s opinion is. You’ll need to bring more systems knowledge for the oral and the DPE will want to be comfortable giving an initial in the plane. That may be the hardest part as some FSDOs are now requiring DPEs have PIC time in make/model to give an initial PPL ride.
  6. I don’t know if the AD is warranted or not. That’s entirely a separate discussion from whether a direct final rule was the appropriate way to address the issue. An agency can issue a direct final rule when it believes consensus in the affected community exists. Owners still have 15 days from 1/27 to show an adverse impact due to the rule and *potentially* have the rule modified.
  7. Do I see consensus? Sure, between the manufacturer and the regulator. Impacted owners can begin to comment on the day it’s published in the Federal Register, which is running at least 14 federal business days behind submission right bow. If you read the submission, it says the submission periods is 15 days, so what I see is some people will be ignorant, some won’t be impacted, and some will get their panties in a knot, impacted or not. Until it’s published in the Federal Register, it’s just a regulatory wet dream. But ignorance of the rulemaking process isn’t reason to launch the next Boston Tea Party.
  8. Or not. Direct final rulemaking allows bypassing the front end but significant adverse comments submitted still count and can alter destiny. “In a direct final rule, the agency states that the rule will go into effect on a certain date, unless it gets substantive adverse comments during the comment period. “ https://www.federalregister.gov/uploads/2011/01/the_rulemaking_process.pdf FAA issued direct final rules in December around commercial balloon medicals that also fixed the BasicMed safety pilot fiasco and around aircraft registration periods that extended most to 7 years (backdating some) Not always bad or serious, moreso that FAA believes there is consensus on the best path forward.
  9. This is one of my more favorite scheme shamelessly stolen from a different thread here. Don’t know who’s it is, but I like it.
  10. Moving from 10mins to the plane to 40mins cut my flying in half in year one. A lot of spontaneous flying dropped off and I find myself having to plan when to make the trip. I would not do it again.
  11. That change happened almost two years ago. Here’s AOPAs bit on it. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2020/july/02/whats-behind-the-faas-switch-from-student-to-learner
  12. Lived there from 97-01. Commuted to Eglin from Santarosa Sound by the Indian Temple museum by boat from late Feb to Nov every year. Docked at Postl Point and biked to the 33FW/ACC gate for work. Happy hour at Don Carlos, I think it was. Tom D (Tradewinds’ original owner) was a great friend gone too soon. Best times of my life. Miss it, but it’s grown too much.
  13. A more accurate analogy would be purchasing a used vehicle from either a private party or a dealer. As a condition of sale, you take the vehicle to a shop and ask them to conduct a pre purchase inspection (it’s actually a common thing). What do you expect that shop to look at/perform/do? Same thing happens with home inspections. What the average purchaser think is covered in a home inspection is not what they are purchasing. Trust is earned, not given.
  14. What did you specify the MSC observe and report during the ore-buy? There is no adopted or regulatory standard.
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