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  1. N201XG

    Thanks for the additional info and the pm@zdog.
  2. N201XG

    Thanks@Dale Logsdon,@AaronDC8402
  3. N201XG

    Thanks @bradp, @bluehighwayflyer, @Oldguy for the information and thoughts. I've been watching the J market for a while now and feel it's high for what's advertised. I guess it feels like a flip to me and without knowing it's history, recent or otherwise, I'm not going to spend anymore time on it..
  4. N201XG

    @carusoam I am not familiar with the STC and from what little bit of google fu I have, the engine shop hasn't had the best name in the business, but that may be related to business practices and not necessarily quality of work.
  5. N201XG

    Anyone know anything about this particular 201? Wondering if it's @amillet's old 201. turns up a clean history, is it worth $119K?
  6. Mooney Girls Fast, not Easy

    I’ll second that.
  7. Probably this Vampire.
  8. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    Good point. I’ve always considered FL180 (18000) as the bottom of the flight level since that’s what the military taught me. I know my hypoxia signs from multiple chamber rides, but still have a hard time justifying being above FL180 in an unpressurized aircraft. Not condemn anyone comfortable there, just my personal limit from having spent a lot of time in the 11K-14K band walking up, down, and around really big rocks with no supplemental O2
  9. Prepping for Harvey

    Cat 4 now.
  10. Acclaim Ultra, Carbon Cub, And a King Air.
  11. Ha. I know that guy. Interesting dude to say the least.
  12. It's a K, but might be worth looking at.
  13. Mooney tatoo

    Had that conversation (with the Jimmy Buffet quote) with our daughter when she was about the same age. She got the ink, we sold the car. She was happy with the decision she made and accepted the consequences that came with it. She's since added to her collection and is currently an elementary school teacher. Though we are still disappointed with her choice to 'get some ink', in the grand scheme of things, it isn't that big of a deal. Some of her friends have had similar expectations and results in their lives re: tattoos. Sometimes, the reaction the parents got from implementing the consequence were an equivalent of the medicine killing the patient.
  14. Having issues with Tapatalk

    Same experience, here. MS OOS TAPATALK
  15. Wow. What a story.