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  1. There isn't a battery box in the later Mooneys. They use a different battery with a slightly heavier case. ZuluZulu: Sorry for the misquote.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check SEM and Rustoleum for a possible match. The touch-up is minor and plan to do it in situ, so anything I do will be with a brush. Thanks again!
  3. My '90 J was built with light beige yokes that could use some minor touch-up. The caps on the horns are a slightly different color. Does anyone have a color to use for a paint match? It's not worth removing a yoke, were talking about a couple of chips. Thanks, Larry
  4. I'm interested! For those of us that have picky IAs, will these be TSO and/or STC?
  5. If you have the time, tell your wife to climb in the back seat. She'll be safer and shift your cg a little (or a lot) to the rear. Thoughts?
  6. Petehdgs- Have you researched how much time and cash it will take for the DER and the STC needed to install it on one of our planes? Larry
  7. Wasn't that Fred Carter's Mooney? Does anyone remember him from the old Mooney email list? Larry
  8. Rick - FWIW, the 201J has two gross weights. The later models had a max gross of 2900#, either from the factory or retrofitted via factory drawing. LP
  9. Parker - Why not have a higher deductible for gear up, let's say 5-10K, no matter the cause. The owner can opt in for a lower price. Most auto and home policies have various deductibles. Just offer me one. For the right price, it would be worth it and it would make owners triple check their gear if they knew that they were on the hook for 10K.
  10. I've used Jim twice (prop O/H necessitated a rebalance). He is friendly, informative and knowledgeable. He wrote the book on prop balancing while working for Chadwick-Helmuth. Larry
  11. Eric - I'm pretty sure I have the paper version in my Service Manual. I'll check later this week when I'm at the hangar and sent it to you if you haven't found one before. When I have it in hand, I'll PM you. Larry
  12. Below is the website for Jim Fackler, his contact and bio are on the w/s. Larry http://www.jfdynamics.com
  13. As a follow-up: Two months ago the grease seeping became worse. I crated the prop up and shipped it to Cody Stallings for an IRAN. Cody was great, keeping me advised by texts/pics. The cost to ship wasn't bad via Fedex ground - well worth it for good service.
  14. Thanks Hank. I know that Cody has been giving of his time on MS, but If possible, I would like to avoid shipping with the inherent risks and trouble.
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