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  1. Landing Gear Horn

    Paul - Thanks for the reply. I'll check and let you know. Larry
  2. I have a '90 J and am having a problem with the gear horn. The horn will sound for about 1 second, then stop. The throttle microswitch has been cleaned with contact cleaner and hits the detent at the correct MP. The Sonolert was replaced, but still the same 1 second warning. Any ideas? Larry
  3. Watch out. Cliffy talks about Airbus all the time, so he must think highly of them.
  4. Rain cap for fuel

    I know that these are more durable, but are they Mil-Spec? IOW, what is the IA going to say at annual?
  5. anti seize on spark plug insulator.

    Why not just use engine oil instead of anti-seize. It is even suggested in Lycoming SI 1042AB. Larry
  6. Ignition harness

    Thanks! I'll try to find the springs tomorrow. Thanks to Clarence also. The local Spruce shows them in stock. Larry
  7. Ignition harness

    If you can post the repair manual, it would be great. The number that I was given for the spring turned out to be a dead end, as no one stocked it. Larry
  8. Ignition harness

    It's a Slick harness. The spring that I'm asking about is the one that is attached to the "cigarette". Thanks, Larry
  9. Ignition harness

    A couple of springs on my ignition harness are heavily worn and need to be replaced. Being a CB, I would prefer to not replace the entire harness. How are these replaced? where can I purchase them? I've tried the usual online sources, but am not able to find them, or I'm not using the correct term in the search. Yes, I know this is not owner maintenance. Larry
  10. flyer7324 - Check for message.
  11. Set of Wisor Visors, right and left, for all Mooney aircraft that have corner mount visors. These are in "like new" condition. My daughter bought me a set of Rosen’s. To keep family harmony I removed my Wisor Visors and installed the Rosens. One of the visors got chipped while in storage, so I am providing two new lenses. One is mounted, as shown, the other you can use as a spare. $250. Plus shipping. Call Larry (760) 715-7097
  12. West Coast Mooney 2016 Get Together

    I have to cancel. Maybe next time.
  13. West Coast Mooney 2016 Get Together

    SBP on the 10th. Count me in for 2.
  14. Donation Drive 2015

    Done. Thanks Craig.
  15. SoCal Summer Get Together

    I just saw this string. Are people still planning on 2:00 at AVX?