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  1. Below is the website for Jim Fackler, his contact and bio are on the w/s. Larry
  2. As a follow-up: Two months ago the grease seeping became worse. I crated the prop up and shipped it to Cody Stallings for an IRAN. Cody was great, keeping me advised by texts/pics. The cost to ship wasn't bad via Fedex ground - well worth it for good service.
  3. Thanks Hank. I know that Cody has been giving of his time on MS, but If possible, I would like to avoid shipping with the inherent risks and trouble.
  4. Thanks for the info Byron. San Antonio has gone up in price to $800, still reasonable, plus shipping. Has anyone heard positive or negative about Johnson and Son Propellor in Shafter, CA? Larry
  5. I've had my McCauley 214 IRANed twice in the last 350 hours by a shop in Redding, CA. It's seeping grease again. Does anyone have a prop shop recommendation for an IRAN in the southwest (I'm in San Diego)? Thanks, Larry
  6. As stated in the original post, my plane came from the factory with a Gill 243, which does not require a battery box. It was a flooded battery, but was designed with a dam, an aluminum cap and a vent nipple to save the airframe manufacturer from making a box. My plane was not listed in the correct area of Concorde's STC or in the Mooney parts catalog. A call to Mooney was met quickly and efficiently with the factory drawings (the specification that is used with each plane in order to account for changes) which shows the exact point at which Mooney changed the J to the G243. They also supplied an SI that allows the owners of G243 equipped aircraft to change to the Concorde RG24-11M or RG24-15. I received the contact info from a MS lister and I couldn't have received better service from the factory on an airframe that left 28 years ago. If anyone needs the above info for their J (SN 24-3076 - 24-3218) let me know and I'll send it.
  7. The listing on Concordes website only shows 28 volt with a serial number above 3200. It doesn't address my SN. I have a call into Concorde engineering, maybe they have a work around. Anyone with a 1989-1990 J probably has the same issue.
  8. There are several 201s that have the same issue. I'm hoping that someone has already been down this road. I try to keep things legal. I don't want to deal with a sharp eyed IA one of these annuals and have problems. I've emailed Mooney, I don't know how long they take to answer. Larry
  9. I have a later 201 serial #24-3149. It was delivered from Mooney without a battery box using a Gill243 manifold vented battery. The problem is that Concorde, Gill, the TCDS and the Parts manual all call for serial numbers between 3000 - 3200 to have a battery box and a Gill 242. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, how did you handle it? Thanks, Larry
  10. Paul - Thanks for the reply. I'll check and let you know. Larry
  11. I have a '90 J and am having a problem with the gear horn. The horn will sound for about 1 second, then stop. The throttle microswitch has been cleaned with contact cleaner and hits the detent at the correct MP. The Sonolert was replaced, but still the same 1 second warning. Any ideas? Larry
  12. Watch out. Cliffy talks about Airbus all the time, so he must think highly of them.
  13. I know that these are more durable, but are they Mil-Spec? IOW, what is the IA going to say at annual?
  14. Why not just use engine oil instead of anti-seize. It is even suggested in Lycoming SI 1042AB. Larry
  15. Thanks! I'll try to find the springs tomorrow. Thanks to Clarence also. The local Spruce shows them in stock. Larry