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  1. Does this happen worst at very low idle? How dependent upon temperature is it? More importantly, how does it idle at 1000 rpm? What about 1200 rpm?
  2. Then I'm supposing he did the job right and removed the jumper that grounds the right magneto during start. I'm glad- but I stand by my thoughts that I would rather sell the left mag/SOS and keep the simple right magneto.
  3. @201er Just like you, me, Marauder, Mooneymite, and some others, he might be weaning himself off MooneySpace.
  4. That's just dumb- and a little lazy. He replaced the right magneto because it's easier to get to and work on- not to mention then he didn't have to remove the SOS box or mess with the ignition switch. It's dumb because now you're still starting with the SOS left magneto, so you don't get the benefit of the higher power spark. You also could have sold your left magneto for more money. Finally, now when your 500 hour magneto inspection comes up, that'll cost you more money too. If he hasn't sold your right mag yet, you should consider paying him (or somebody else) to do the job right. Sigh.
  5. That is a seriously decked out 1964 M20C!
  6. Warren Gregoire yoke covers.
  7. Nerd alert. I thought the character's actual name was Tricia McMillan, but she changed it for Zaphod.
  8. I always thought the Cirrus looked like a sperm with wings and spindly landing gear.
  9. And whether you prefer Guinness, Harp, or Jameson when we drop by to visit!
  10. I think that's probably right, but the difference will come when comparing 2 otherwise comparable airplanes- one with a "Primary-Noncommercial" certificate, and one that was maintained to the original Airworthiness Certificate. I'll take bets on which will be worth more...
  11. When I had the same symptoms about 20 years ago, it was a seal in the carburetor that was making the idle mixture way too rich. Carburetor overhaul fixed mine, which was also about 500 smoh. One difference with mine is that it was all the time, not intermittent.
  12. Bugs Bunny. The actual Germanic name is "Brunhild" or Brunhilde, a mythic germanic female warrior. In the Bugs Bunny cartoon they changed it to Broomhilda, and then there was the comic strip by that name.
  13. I think there's a decent chance I'd trip on that and fall out of my airplane.
  14. Oh crap. That means I started the next 13 pages that took this downhill.
  15. Byron, I felt the exact same way and would constantly question my FSDO at IA renewal seminars about it. They finally convinced me by saying that putting it on a 337 makes it a permanent part of the aircraft records so even if the logbooks are lost, there is still a record of it. Should you put every minor alteration on a 337? No. But a fairly complex one like moving the battery location- probably. And as easy as it is to fill out the PDF, why not?
  16. It's also an excellent degreaser for the belly.
  17. Cliffy is the IA he uses for his Annuals, so no problem there. And honestly this modification is really just a minor alteration based on the FAA's own wording. Putting it on a 337 is probably a good idea just for documentation purposes. Everything he's using are Mooney Factory parts that are installed on every fuel injected Mooney starting with the 1964 M20E, so that isn't a problem either. The only thing I haven't heard mentioned is doing a forward and aft limit weight and balance for both full and empty tanks and documenting that on the 337. But that shouldn't be a problem either because of his 3-blade prop.
  18. I was taught the same way so I asked this exact question of the Electroair guys and they said it didn't make any difference. Not sure if they were BSing me or not. Doing a magneto check at high power doesn't seem to make any difference, nor does it seeem to cause any significant issues in high performance cars with only a single spark plug that is not centrally located. Maybe they were telling the truth.
  19. What if you had multiple antennae/s on a Volkswagen Beetle?
  20. They all look good, so screw the resale value and get what you want. None of them will help/hurt significantly on resale.
  21. Just call the parts department at LASAR first thing Monday morning (California time). They know their parts and any idiosyncrasies of installation. Unfortunate you can't finish it over the weekend.
  22. I don't think so. ScottfromIowa, MyNameisNobody, and RogueOne all share a grammatical error, that CaptainOveur doesn't.