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  1. Keep em going! Strong work Preston!
  2. That is infracool knowledge Andy. I’ve done lots of upgrades to my Trillian, as soon as Garmin or someone comes out with the infinite improbability drive (IID 420) my upgrades will be complete
  3. That is correct Andy. Only the froopy would truly understand this though.. and a digital watch won’t help.
  4. Trillian! Named after a character in one of my favorite books, and progression from Billion, a great dog my Mom named, tribute to all!
  5. My CO alarm sensor went off while in the run up area, for no reason other than a big business jet passed in front of me. It didn’t shut off when it was my turn to takeoff so I asked for taxi back to the run up area, opened the window and it went away after a few minutes, telling me it was the business jet that was polluting my cockpit and not my airplane. Don’t have the exact number as I’m still trying to get my CO value to display on my Garmin equipment, but it must have been a rapid rise at a high level. Glad I didn’t take off, but makes me think if other airplanes around you can pollute your cabin to the point where it might be hazardous for you to take off, and those without a monitor may never know? Just some food for thought, and why I am still bent on knowing my CO numbers all the time.
  6. Congrats on the upgrade trigger, you’re going to love the stuff you’re putting in! I remember my project started wanting to put a jpi monitor in landscape configuration and it snowballed into a TXi and all glass cockpit. All good! I saved around 11 pounds or so if I recall from removing my standby and primary vacuum pumps. So i can’t imagine the electric speed brakes would weigh 11 pounds more than your current ones, so you’ll get a weight savings. Once you get your electric ones, you should never need to get new ones, as they can overhaul them if they ever need them pretty inexpensively. ( one of mine needed an overhaul at around 1,400 hours, I decided to get them both overhauled for I think was around or less than $500 each and they’re both like new now) congrats again! And perhaps you can join my quest to get Garmin to add a display of the CO number from your remote CO detector on the TXi which currently it does not. oh and if you really decide to buy another vacuum pump to replace the one that’s failing (I wouldn’t but) I have an entire vacuum system you can have for $10 + shipping if it will work in your airplane.
  7. +1 on that. Trailboss, Can you share a picture of your panel at night with the led backlights on? I would love to see that to see if I need to add these switches to my next wanted list!
  8. Mechanic done, with mine he cleaned my #6 fuel injectors and problem solved, #6 is now just like all of the others. My baffles were ok this time.
  9. That’s fascinating you post this now, my M is in maintenance now checking out the exact same issue, #6 running hotter than the others. Also discovered that my cowl flap motor needs repair or replacing , which is a separate but related issue. My guess is that it’s the baffling on mine, but I’ll keep you posted, also curious what others are finding.
  10. Weather was great! Was severe clear by 1 pm. Fun times!
  11. Heading to Catalina in a few. I’ll be the guy in the Mooney Hat directing Mooney traffic to the special dirt parking area. Hah! Marine layer should burn off by noonish so I’m planning for 1pm for now, will keep an eye on the weather as we don’t need to do an imc approach just to have some burgers
  12. Great!! Flight is ON for Sunday July 7th at Catalina island. I’ll plan on being there at around noon, and I promise not to eat all of the buffalo burgers before you can get there. John “Paws” B
  13. Alrighty looks like it’s this weekend with the most votes. I just got a request for a dog rescue flight Saturday so this Sunday would work better for me but if everyone can only do Saturday, I’ll move the pups!