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  1. Very helpful sir! Thanks for sharing! Makes perfect sense. I knew prop full back increases your forward glide distance, But had to guess about what it does to descent rate. Well executed experiment and easily verifiable! I didn’t think it would be that big but That is a HUGE difference where you gained 1 extra NM per 1,000 feet by simply pulling out your prop and might help save someone reading this to remember if they do have engine out actually, pull the prop control all the way back. The theory I was thinking of which is confirmed by your test run is if your engine not producing forward thrust, the wind that hits your prop is what’s turning your propeller which is slowing your airplane down. So to keep the same glidespeed as you did, you’d have to pitch down which would increase your rate of descent. Pulling back your prop makes much less wind hit your prop blades therefore less drag. I would also hazard to guess that the more blades you have, the more pronounced this effect on descent rate will be, so if you have 2 blades there is probably less of a difference and if you have 4 blades, you would have a massive difference in descent rate if you forget to pull your prop all of the way back. Thanks for doing that Rene!
  2. That would be a very interesting experiment to repeat with your prop all of the way out, i.e. go to 10kfeet, power idle, airspeed 90 knots, watch stabilized descent rate with or without prop fully back. I have noted a VERY large difference in glide distance with the prop fully out in mine, which I think is very likely due to the drag created by the prop, particularly prominent in our three bladed prop system. I would be very curious though to find out if your actual descent rate at the same airspeed is reduced by pulling your prop all of the way back. My guess is that it would be, but before I start theorizing on why, if you do it, let me know? JB
  3. I use LPV for my approaches pretty much all of the time, in IMC and VMC conditions when available. Since I have a secondary, if available, ill put the ILS in as a secondary backup in case of GPS signal failure or degradation. I prefer the LPV approaches, as if you use ILS as your primary and you're navigating by GPS, you need to remember to change your CDI back and forth which is not a huge ordeal, but one extra step in doing a missed approach which you don't have to do if flying an LPV.
  4. Please make all bids by PM. I am using one half of JPI's retail price for the buy it now price. However feel free to bid any amount you wish, best offer received within 7 days of accepted bid gets the 830. No trade in required.
  5. They were able to re-use most of the probes and sensors from the JPI system, with exception of the pressure sensors (oil and fuel pressure) which had to be replaced with Garmin specific ones. Other than that, there were no additional upcharges for using my JPI sensors for the other instruments. Which reminds me, that I do have both the OEM fuel and oil pressure transducers, that were removed from my airplane, so if anyone needs either or both of those, let me know.
  6. JohnB

    The NEW new panel

    Rmag, Your panel looks great! Like mine you have your standby instrument on the right side of your TXi which makes it simple to center the full screen display over the yoke. Nice! I now see why Don needs to put his PFD on the left and get the GCU 485 as his TXi is far right due to his standby instruments on the left, and full or half screen would be too far right to be comfortable to view. Looks like you're also in the same boat as I am with your L3 as your backup for potentially upgrading to a GFC 500. I would be interested in buying one if I didn't have to change my backup system (Aspen which I like very much). Im going to wait on that one, and hopefully in the future once approved Garmin will make it such that you can install a GFC 500 with a different backup system than the G5, by purchasing the GAD adapter, which I wouldn't mind. But changing out your entire backup system just to change your autopilot, I'm going to wait on that one and listen to what Don has to say about it when he gets his early. (I know he's gonna! Anyway.. Nice Setup!
  7. JohnB

    The NEW new panel

    That's interesting, I didn't know that the GFC500 has to be coupled to the G5 backup. So does this mean, you would have two sources to drive the autopilot, the Txi AND the G5? Or would your TXi autopilot controlling functions be disabled if you install a GFC500, or would one switch back and forth? (I remember asking about that possibility of having two sources to drive an autopilot and my installer said that would not work well and be prone to failure even if it could be configured)
  8. JohnB

    The NEW new panel

    The GFC 500 looks very nice, and I would be interested in that upgrade, but just looked at their website small print: ¹Required. G5 sold separately. ²G500 or G500 TXi require G5 as the standby flight instrument and the GAD™ 29B adapter. It looks like as for now, in order to install a GFC500 autopilot in a TXi system or a G500 system, you are required to put in a G5 as your backup. Now that seems a little like forced buying as your backup system would not be connected to your autopilot. Hmmm.
  9. JohnB

    The NEW new panel

    Don! This post made me chuckle as I think I recall complaining about the same thing and I think it was you who said they wouldn’t get a GCU unit, now you’re getting one! :) i know what you mean, the Txi altitude and vs preselect is a little clunky, but I’ve adapted with a few workarounds, one is if you change altitudes during a programmed descent before reaching the set one, it’s a simple twist, knobs only. So I set altitude first on rapid fire atc altitude changes, and try to do a gradual continuous descent rather than a rapid step down which will require you re arming the new altitude each time. remembering where each stop is also helps on the large knob, so I don’t have to think about it. Hdg no large knob, altitude one large knob click right. So... now that you’re re doing your panel, are you going to put your pfd on the right? (I would still recommend you consider, that makes the control of AP functions so much easier.)
  10. Thanks for the interest! Accepting offers now for the unit. Best offer up to 1/2 of retail price gets the unit. If someone bids more than half of retail price, I will reduce that price to half of retail and it will be theirs for that price as Im not trying to make money on the unit, but recoup some of its costs. Check due within 7 days of confirmed accepted offer. Here are the retail costs and descriptions of the EDM 830. Please bid by PM. Thanks!!
  11. Selling my JP Instruments Engine Data Monitor 830 which was removed for upgrades in my Mooney M20M - 6 Cyl airplane. Unit works flawlessly at time of removal, one of my favorite units. Configured for 6 cylinder, TIT probe display, FF, GPH, EGT, CHT, CLD, DIF, OAT, RPM, MP, %HP, built in USB port for downloading your engine data, and when connected to GPS source will give you REQ to next waypoint, Numeric CO level in ppm if connected to appropriate equipment and many more. Unit bought new in 2016. EDM 830 In flight Pictures of this unit. IMG_0767b.bmp EDM 830 in panel.bmp NO PROBES ARE INCLUDED WITH THIS SALE. EDM 830 Unit for sale plus flush mounting bracket. (See pictures) . Best offer up to 1/2 Retail. If someone bids the 1/2 retail amount it will be theirs, otherwise, bid what you wish. All offers considered! Here is the unit from the JPI website if you're not familiar with these.
  12. JohnB

    G500 TXi Upgrade

    I have the 10.5" Txi with the EIS strip, removing my EDM 800. At first, I thought it would be less data, but it is actually MUCH more and intuitive. The EIS gives you advisories when you are starting to get close (so for your CHT's you'll get a blinking when your cht's even start to get higher in the yellow zone, along with your other parameters, much easier to detect earlier than on any EDM system). My EIS has allowed me to run my engine much more efficiently. If you have the 10 inch display and you want to look at all of your parameters, (like startup and takeoff I have my engine page usually up) going to the engine page on the secondary page does exactly that and will give you actual numeric values for your parameters. I wouldn't suggest the 7" engine only display unless you've got lots of real estate in the panel, as your EDM 700 will show similar data with less real estate. The only thing the EIS does not have that the EDM's do is a numeric display of CO levels, which I wish Garmin would add as an option if you have CO sensing equipment in your airplane,(Garmin has it integrated in the G1000 series) but apparently there's not enough pilots requesting it yet for them to add it for now. Other than the CO level issue, the EIS is at least equivalent to the EDM, and with the advisories, I think it alerts you faster before there is a problem.
  13. I looked at my original post in 2014 and I'm not sure I posted the video of this that I shared with Garmin and Sporty's as I didn't see it. But here it is for anyone who is interested. The replacement antenna they sent did not have this problem. So just a note if you're having bizarre onboard GPS failures and have a stratus GPS antenna, you may want to look at this as a potential cause. IMG_1177.MOV
  14. That is great that they are finally admitting that the stratus antenna/cable can disable on board gps! Even after I showed them my video, they still discounted it being a significant problem and sent me a new antenna. Interesting, so it sounds like the insulation on the cable to the antenna if its damaged, it can disable your onboard GPS as with mine, the actual antenna was located in my back window. Interesting. Glad you liked my video. Thanks for the followup!
  15. JohnB

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    This is really sad.. I am so sorry you have to deal with this Don. You know, I had a similar experience with what I'm pretty sure was this shop during my one and only annual with this shop, inattention to detail, leading to a major oversight which could have been fatal. I was told at the time that they corrected this by now having their experienced mechanics oversee the inexperienced ones, but I have never gone back to this shop for another annual. Wondering if their overseeing of their inexperienced mechanics has fallen by the wayside again?