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  1. L3 ESI 500 question

    Thanks Don! Hugely helpful as always! I didn't know you could put two bearing pointers on the G500 as you can't do that on the clunky sim! Ill go through the training on the TXi to get comfy with that, or.. hmm you guys have me thinking of another solution.. hmmm. Ill ask my avionics shop. But yes I get that kind of departure reasonably frequently and its easy for me to do with a CDI or HSI, but using my second pointer! Im going to look into that.. thank you sir!!
  2. L3 ESI 500 question

    Yup! You probably know exactly where I am in thinking of doing this conversion in two steps vs. one, as you did the two step conversion with several years between if I recall. And without the luxury of being able to put my hands on the ESI device and try it out to boot!
  3. L3 ESI 500 question

    Hugely helpful guys. Thank you! Marauder your explaination was better than the manual’s one! Need to make my decision about glass plus vacuum backup instruments, or glass plus one of these as backup next week. This is going to be tough as I really like my current instruments and I’m totally proficient with them, this one not so much yet. But it seems not too hard to get used to so far. Still digging. Hope you guys don’t mind if I run another question by you if one comes up, as I am delving into these manuals before I buy them.
  4. L3 ESI 500 question

    If I do get one of these I think I’ll also ask for a flip switch which I know Don Kaye has.
  5. L3 ESI 500 question

    Hugely helpful @Marauder ! So like a cdi or hsi, if you turn the course knob while tuned to a selected vor until the horizontal situation bar centers on the ESI 500, you are on that radial with to / or from the selected vor? After reviewing your panel pic Marauder of you in a turn (thanks for that!) with the same selections in your HSI and ESI, I’m thinking that caution statement in the ESI manual that was concerning me refers to if you have your ESI and another Nav receiver ( like an HSI ) tuned on the same source, changing the course on your ESI won’t change the obs on your HSI. That seems obvious to me, but they’re not saying the ESI needs another Nav receiver to change an obs of the ESI. Is that correct? Huge thanks all!
  6. Quick question for those of you who have an L3 ESI 500 in your panel. I’m considering using an L3 ESI 500 as my backup instrument to a glass upgrade and nav 2 display instead of my hsi/cdi indicator. Can I use the ESI 500 as an OBS selectable vor like an hsi? There’s a statement on the manual for the ESI attached which states you can select a course from the ESI menu, but the obs value is set from the hsi/cdi receiver. My current nav 2 cdi is run from my GNS 430W, and this would be switched to input to the ESI 500 if I went that route. What I am used to if I get a departure clearance like “ fly runway heading to 800 feet, then right to 120, expect vectors, maintain at or below 3,500 until crossing the 290 radial from xyz, after crossing the radial 290, clear direct to abc climb maintain 8000. Right now with my instruments, I would set my nav 2 obs on my cdi to 290 from xyz, whenever the needle centered I would then climb and turn to course. Not sure I can do this with the ESI 500, as if my cdi/hsi is removed, not sure what would set the obs on the ESI?
  7. Certainly Niko! I can take you up in my Trillian whenever! Funny, I was actually going to rent a 172 from SNA to make it up there but they were all booked for that day, maybe you have it, that would be funny. Ill PM you
  8. John,

    My plane is available for us to fly up from KSMO to the fly-in.

    I will just be finishing my transition training that week and might not be cleared to fly solo due to insurance requirements.

    If you want to consider riding up with me in my M20F perhaps we can make that happen.

    Mooney Pic.png

    1. JohnB


      That would be great, but SMO is a bit far for me to drive from where I live. Very nice plane though and Im happy to fly with you whenever.

    2. JohnB


      Oh just thought, if you won't be able to go if you still need a safety pilot then, I might be able to make the SMO drive for you depending on how early you're planning on leaving.

    3. MrRodgers


      Hi John,

      Thanks for your reply.  I can leave from KSMO at anytime.

      I have a hangar so you can park inside without concern.

      Let me know.  Thanks, 


  9. I'd very much like to go, sounds like big fun!!! But my airplane will be in the avionics shop getting a panel upgrade. Anyone of you going from the So Cal area I could hitch a ride with? If not, ill see about renting a plane to get up there, but it won't be a Mooney!
  10. Great thanks Marauder, Caruso and Don!! Huge help! Another prop Caruso? No I think my prop is good for now. Helping with my decision point of using a few good round gauges as my backup or go all electronic, as I do not have much all glass time, and I think I'm thinking like Marauder did when he went mostly glass first then all glass later, that I like the redundancy and I just am skeptical of all computer anything, particularly when it comes to equipment that for safety of me and my passengers might completely rely on in the soup, but i would imagine this fear may pass with familiarity and I may make that leap down the road. But if I do keep a few round ones, (AI/HSI/AS/ALT), even though I might get more cool panel looks by getting only glass, I might have one of the most redundant system equipped planes in the fleet if I kept a few round ones as I already have 2 alternators, 2 batteries, 2 vacuum systems which I know is ludicrous redundancy, but I like it!
  11. I'm curious for those of you who have gone from steam to all glass, like @donkaye and @Marauder have, have you removed your vacuum and standby vacuum pumps from your airplane? if you have, how much did weight did you get back or are they still in your airplane?
  12. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    Hasn't happened to yet? I hope I stay in the never had a gear up landing club. There's got to be several pilots that have had long retractable flying careers with never having a gear up landing. But I see it does happen with some regularity in pilots being distracted so I'm going to be humbly cautious! There was a pilot who was flying a pilots n paws flight on the same day I was flying one who near the end of his flight, the dog in the baggage compartment had somehow got the baggage door open and was trying to jump out in flight! Pilot of course was very harrowed, and somehow managed to get the dog back into the seat. But in all of the worrying about the dog jumping out, he forgot to put his gear down and landed gear up. Just looked into this one.. verbal warnings several critical items.. may have to get one of these. Thanks for the info! John
  13. Just pulled the trigger today. Getting my TXi installed at the end of this month. Lots of things to configure, as I'm also getting the engine monitor EIS as well, but apparently this is very configurable and customizable at install. Ill keep you all posted.
  14. Why Upgrade to the G500TXi

    Ha! I had a feeling you were going to upgrade! I'm getting my G500Txi installed at the end of this month! My installer says the resolution is leaps and bounds better than the G500 display.
  15. Northern Ca. Fly In Idea

    Sounds fun! I would be interested in seeing the G500Txi.