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  1. JohnB

    G500 TXi Upgrade

    I have the 10.5" Txi with the EIS strip, removing my EDM 800. At first, I thought it would be less data, but it is actually MUCH more and intuitive. The EIS gives you advisories when you are starting to get close (so for your CHT's you'll get a blinking when your cht's even start to get higher in the yellow zone, along with your other parameters, much easier to detect earlier than on any EDM system). My EIS has allowed me to run my engine much more efficiently. If you have the 10 inch display and you want to look at all of your parameters, (like startup and takeoff I have my engine page usually up) going to the engine page on the secondary page does exactly that and will give you actual numeric values for your parameters. I wouldn't suggest the 7" engine only display unless you've got lots of real estate in the panel, as your EDM 700 will show similar data with less real estate. The only thing the EIS does not have that the EDM's do is a numeric display of CO levels, which I wish Garmin would add as an option if you have CO sensing equipment in your airplane,(Garmin has it integrated in the G1000 series) but apparently there's not enough pilots requesting it yet for them to add it for now. Other than the CO level issue, the EIS is at least equivalent to the EDM, and with the advisories, I think it alerts you faster before there is a problem.
  2. I looked at my original post in 2014 and I'm not sure I posted the video of this that I shared with Garmin and Sporty's as I didn't see it. But here it is for anyone who is interested. The replacement antenna they sent did not have this problem. So just a note if you're having bizarre onboard GPS failures and have a stratus GPS antenna, you may want to look at this as a potential cause. IMG_1177.MOV
  3. That is great that they are finally admitting that the stratus antenna/cable can disable on board gps! Even after I showed them my video, they still discounted it being a significant problem and sent me a new antenna. Interesting, so it sounds like the insulation on the cable to the antenna if its damaged, it can disable your onboard GPS as with mine, the actual antenna was located in my back window. Interesting. Glad you liked my video. Thanks for the followup!
  4. JohnB

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    This is really sad.. I am so sorry you have to deal with this Don. You know, I had a similar experience with what I'm pretty sure was this shop during my one and only annual with this shop, inattention to detail, leading to a major oversight which could have been fatal. I was told at the time that they corrected this by now having their experienced mechanics oversee the inexperienced ones, but I have never gone back to this shop for another annual. Wondering if their overseeing of their inexperienced mechanics has fallen by the wayside again?
  5. JohnB

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Yikes! That's scary. Mine is going in for annual tomorrow. Hope nothing bad happens to any of our Mooney's. Seems like since it's the shops fault, the shop's insurance should pay for a new engine.
  6. The final destination airport disappearance is a very annoying quirk! So glad that will be gone. Ha! And the Garmin pilot can be used for real time engine information! That’s great! I bought the 510 recently and it absolutely will not transfer any information to Garmin pilot as advertised with the TXi. I called tech support and they said they would get back to me. Guess they fixed it! Ok time for another avionics shop stop! Thanks for the heads up Bryan!
  7. Interesting Jay. I did note on a friends J, he had a ton more tries at starting that I ever would have. On my bird, the 5th try on one battery was definitely wimpier, and the 7th, fuhgeddaboutit! I wonder if there’s a model difference? Or it could be that I drained my battery from previous hot start attempts then jumps in my early Mooney flying time. Well that’s all gone now thanks to my slick start. And I don’t have to ever stress about being stuck somewhere particularly at airports where the only living thing around is a cow who probably won’t help you much. I love the sound of my engine running, as it means fly time... and the sounds during starting add tension in anticipation of the sound that will hopefully very soon come! (Ok so I’m feeling poetic today)
  8. I USED to have this problem with hot starts. I had around 3 to maybe 4 good tries then the battery would fail and I would need a jump. I wanted to be able to go places that a jump was not available and be confident I could get off the ground. I bought a slick start magneto booster and it completely removed any starting problem I ever had. Cold, hot, too rich, it didn't matter, my airplane now starts on the first or second try every time. I have no connection to this product whatsoever, but I think it was one of the best gadgets I bought for less than a grand, highly recommended if anyone has any starting issues without an actual engine problem. Sure, I did get pretty good at doing hot starts eventually, but now, I've experimented with all sorts of things, leaving the mixture full, using DM's technique, half mixture, doesn't matter. Almost every combination except for leaving the mixture completely out starts every time on 1 or 2 tries. Almost too easy. JB
  9. JohnB

    Meet Our New Bravo (almost)!

    Congrats and Welcome! Nice Bird!
  10. JohnB

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    This is terribly sad news. As Marauder mentioned, Palo Alto is a short runway that I am reluctant to fly into, and won't if there's any significant crosswind or gust because of this fact. According to his communication to ATC, he came in too fast, (and may have been high as he couldn't initially find the airport?). Either or both are not a good combination with our laminar flow Mooneys particularly at short runways. Perhaps this terrible accident emphasizes the go around with a simple pattern entry even before attempting to land if your approach is not stabilized, or if you don't see the airport with enough time to make your approach stable. Prayers to his family and the survivors. None of the above may have happened, but I am really saddened by this and I would not like to read about anyone of us having anymore accidents, ok?
  11. JohnB

    Sunriver (S21) Weekend Fly-In

    I would soo like to go as Sunriver is one of my all time favorite places. Don't think I'm going to b able to swing with all of the work I have to do to help pay for my airplane upgrades. (We work for our planes right?) ha Have a great time!
  12. JohnB

    Improved speed documented

    From my recollection, the GS on my Txi and my Aspen are essentially identical. IAS is identical, the TAS is only different if I didn't change the barometer setting to match that of my Txi, but when i do that's the same too. the only thing different I have noticed is that the aspen displays an OAT, where as the Txi displays some other three letter abbrev representing some variant of air temperature (one of these days ill look it up), which are different numbers. Ill look next flight to see if there is even a minute difference but from my memory, GS is pretty much the same number on the Aspen and the TXi.
  13. Here’s an example of how I think the HSI map is useful on the TXi. Here’s me flying over a field with a plethora of windmills. Sure, these would be displayed if I had a terrain map up in one of my displays but it’s nice to have here always in front of you on your HSI in case you happen to be looking at some other mfd screen like traffic or chart etc. 9B200511-8996-46A6-A5BC-42442DAB05F0.MOV
  14. JohnB

    Flying the G500 TXi to Oshkosh

    Hey Don!! Glad you got yours installed, I think like me, its going to grow on you and you'll probably love it. Have not had any issues with my touch screen responsiveness. Maybe its a sensitivity issue that needs some tweaking by your mechanic? If you can, I would suggest reversing your screens so your PFD is always on the right, so your control knob for PFD functions is always on the right which makes it easy to do course, altitude arm and select, VS arm and select ONLY with using my right hand only no matter if I am in full or half screen. I have gotten very fast at doing all of these motions quickly. Also with my MFD on the left, I've started to use that knob as well and found that full large knob left is map, an full large knob right is engine (which will be different for yours since you don't have the EIS page) and its just a matter of time before I memorize how many clicks from full right or left each screen is to quickly go from screen to screen without having to use the touch screen which I have found it to be faster. BTW, @donkaye, I havent yet seen a picture of your full panel since you've got your TXI installed, care to share? And true, the map inside of the HSI probably isn't necessary, but since its a nice feature as I have weather, obstacle, traffic alerts, lightning and course info on it at the same time, so it doesn't matter what screen my MFD is on on my TXI or GTN, I can always get an idea of whats going on in multiple systems by looking inside of my HSI map which is already integral in my scan. I just upgraded from the Flightstream 210 to 510 so I can hopefully more simply obtain my EIS data, but I'm sue that will take some tweaking and getting used to, but Im hoping I can still update the cards at home if I choose to, but I think you said you had no issues getting used to yours except for the Flight chart data. Anyway, I would do the PFD/MFD side switch if I were in your shoes if your panel layout allows it. John
  15. Its personal preference.But with PFD on the right, and MFD on the left, I like that the right knob ALWAYS controls the PFD in full or split mode, and the left knob controls the MFD (split mode). Don has lots of gadgets on his left side so I see why he chose his setup. I have been using my left knob a lot recently for my MFD, as I discovered the left knob large knob full left gets you the map, full right gets you your engine screen, and full left -1 gets you traffic. So it makes 4 screens very easily accessible by the large knob on the left. (Map and engine, followed by traffic being my 3 most common MFD screens)