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  1. Hugely helpful David and a Steve! My WOT gets me about 36-37”, ( these are on takeoff climb) so if only makes sense that my CHTs would be hotter on climbing like a banshee which then requires a power down / speed reduction to keep them lower. But at 34 I can climb all day without a cht issue, I’ll have to check what takeoff climb rates I get at that, but nice to know don’t have to spend any money on this one, thanks guys!
  2. Greetings all! Question for Bravo owners only. I'm wondering what another Bravo owner's CHT's are on climb? I have noted that climb at 500fpm/ WOT, full rich , boost pump on, cowl flaps open, empty back seats, on an average day (like 70-79 degrees F) leads to CHT's of up to 390, but at 700fpm, the CHT's are 400, and even though I can climb at 1,000 fpm+, my CHTs would exceed 410 after about a minute or two. I'm wondering if this is typical? Since I installed a more accurate CHT measurement system I'm wondering if I am just noticing this more now that its easier to see or is there some issue I can get improved? II have had my mechanic check baffling which appears to be ok, but before I start throwing money at this one wanted to see what was typical.. Realizing that some may have "tall tales" on answering this question, like "My Bravo can climb 1,100 fpm on a blazing hot day at a CHT of 350".. right! But hopefully looking for an honest CHT as it relates to your rate of climb on takeoff if possible? Here's what I've noticed on an average day as above at near sea level. Climb rate CHT degrees F 500fpm 380-390 700 fpm 400 1000 fpm 410 + Appreciated In advance!
  3. Has anyone tried to do this with a video camera? I wanted to see if my A20's would pair Bluetooth with my Garmin camera to get cockpit audio recorded rather than using the cables.
  4. I was hoping by some miracle Oshkosh could happen this year, the trip across country visiting all sorts of cities, the Caravan, the Oshkosh band, those things pretty much define my summer fun! But deep down, I knew that was going to be almost impossible. Glad they cancelled it, though, as it would have put lots of people at risk, until there is a vaccine or very effective treatment for this virus. I'm now tackling my list of things I need to do "one of these days". Its very rewarding. Just did my first landing at LAX a few weeks ago (going back for another one once I get my plane decked out with cameras, huge thanks to @Skates97 for tips!). Flying nowadays is in such clear, smog free air, having my plane camera-ed out will be great. Got some of my little avionics annoyances fixed, and a whole host of other things, going down one by one on my OOTD list.
  5. This one would work! Adding to order. Thanks Richard! John
  6. Hugely helpful sir! Ill be buying this setup thanks! And I especially like you made the links with the link as makes it easy for part of my purchase to go to the Mooney Caravan! One question though, how did you connect your Nflight cable to your camera? On my Garmin VIRB, once you put the case on, you cant access the jack. Was thinking of drilling a hole in the case so that the audio plug will fit, but curious how you got yours to work. Great setup! thanks! John
  7. I would be interested in a picture when you get it set up if you can share?
  8. Thanks Paul! Hugely helpful
  9. Paul, if you or anyone else still has a wiring diagram for an M20M, I would be interested in getting it thanks!
  10. This has got to be the most horrific, ATC recording I have heard that unfortunately, I cannot un-hear, and will probably remember this voice every time I fly IMC. I won't speculate what happened, but would like to know the NTSB report final, but I sincerely hope that NO ONE is ever in a similar predicament or fate. Very sad, very sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  11. Excellent, was planning on stopping in Omaha on the way to or from OSH one of these years, ill check it out! x2! Wow.. may need a bit of time in Omaha
  12. If anyone travels to the West coast, would highly recommend Harris Ranch 308 for an awesome steak. Fly in to airport, walk to restaurant, with hotel if you need. Relatively narrow runway, but if you're comfortable landing near the centerline, its absolutely no problem for our Mooney's. Discounts for pilots. I'm taking notes as I'll be looking to travel to some of the other restaurants all of you are mentioning above after Corona season.. don't mind a $100 yummy steak stop!
  13. Everyone knows being on speed is the key to a good landing. If you have an AOA indicator that helps tremendously without having to even think about it. As a bonus, I too have found that holding the nose off as long as possible impresses your passengers greatly as people tend not to notice much when the mains touch, but when you hold off and just barely tap the nose gear down, you get 5 star landing ratings from them, and makes almost every landing a great one. And I think it saves your brakes as if you do it right, you bleed off lots of airspeed holding the nose off as long as possible, as if I'm on speed, and hold nose up, I can usually make that first exit without much braking at all. Of course this doesn't apply to gusty or large crosswind landings, but every other time, its fun to do.
  14. Nice all, it’s amazing the breadth of knowledge on this board. Impressive diagnostic @Bob Weber from such a distance! Thank you all. My installer found the problem, it was a diode that had gone bad that was related to my TXi install. Works like it should now. Thank again everyone for the tips!
  15. Paper dots should not be sold. One of the first things that goes if you have carbon monoxide poisoning is your sense of color vision, so even if you were lucky enough to to glance at your dot in case of CO poisoning, you would have no idea what color it was. if you still have a paper dot in your airplane, remove it and place a real CO detector with an alarm. The only use I can imagine for a paper dot is for an NTSB agent if they see one of those in your plane with a color change, they may be able to deduce the cause of a fatal accident, but this won’t help you. You need something that will alert you so you can get on the ground safely and get the problem fixed. A dot won’t do that.