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  1. Hmm ill try to see if I can rotate the pictures above.. had a cool landing video, but ill try that later. Nice to see you did 4 safely @Niko182, the slope isn't well advertised, and may be surprising to some pilots who are expecting the middle hump (it is in the AFD) but im sure it helps a lot with getting larger planes into Catalina via rwy 22. Here's our updated entries. June 15 - 0 June 22 - 0 June 29 - 2 July 6 - 4 July 13 - 3
  2. Looking good! Just flew into Catalina yesterday and have a pirep. No more potholes! Its got striations between segments of concrete so you’ll hear them but not a big deal. No more hump in the middle of the runway. It’s now a fully up sloping runway with a 2.1% uphill grade on landing runway 22. So now very easy to land 22, even bigger planes have no problem. But would NOT land on rwy 4 given the steep downslope. If there’s a headwind strong enough to keep you on a steeply down sloping runway 4 it would be possible to land 4 but if winds were that strong I personally would be rethinking about going to Catalina that day. RWY 22 is the one that should be used. Don’t try rwy 4! (Someone did Saturday with a very expensive outcome) Parking is a breeze. Yes it’s on flat dirt with nice rebar lines attached so you can tie your plane to it easily (bring rope). Just like before but no chock rocks present or needed. All in all, great runway, now easier to land (rwy 22) and would be great if we can get a group going!
  3. July 6 or June 29th work for me as well. And dirt it is! Thanks for the update @Skates97. I think that's the way it was before, but it had some low weeds on the previous dirt parking and chock rocks. Here's our updated entries. Just post the days you can make. I've been craving a $100 Catalina Buffalo Burger for a while now. June 15 - 0 June 22 - 0 June 29 - 2 July 6 - 3 July 13 - 1
  4. Ok so it looks like late June, early July works for most folks? Works for me! That would be the weekends of either June 15, 22, 29, July 6 or 13th. Any preferences for advanced planning purposes?
  5. Well thought out explanation, makes perfect sense. Thanks Skip!
  6. Roger that, I put some June and July dates. July would need to be 1st or second weekend for me because of Oshkosh which I’m hoping to get to this year!
  7. According to Catalina airport, the airport will be re opening on Friday May 3 at 3pm, with a brand new runway built by the military. (No more potholes, yaaay). Anyone up for a fly in to Catalina Airport? I think it would be huge fun to get a bunch of Mooneys taking over the new runway! If yes.. what do you think for a date? Saturday May 4 Sunday May 5 Saturday May 11 or?
  8. @smmcray yours looks like mine, and I can make mine display EGT 4 if I wish. What happens when you swipe the portion just under your egt numeric value. It should change and cycle through several different screen options When you swipe your display to the right Egt 1, 2, 3, 4, TIT. If after you’ve swiped your screen several times, if the tit bar doesn’t appear on the right, you just need your installer to activate it as I see you have it Installed in your EIS on your strip screen. If your swipe is not activated, you should be able to get your installer to just set it to display tit in the box.
  9. @smccray, Here’s a still picture of my TIT display. In the box just below the TIT number just swipe your screen with your finger where the yellow arrow is until TIT displays in the top box like mine is.
  10. I thought mine didn't too, took me about a month to figure this one out, but I saw an advertised picture of the Txi /EIS with a numeric TIT displayed and figured there had to be a way to do it. Until I realized you could swipe the bars back and forth to show different items on the bar graphs. ill try to put a video of it up here next time I'm out at my airplane, as if you can select a dedicated full screen engine page you should have it too, or have your installer turn it on, but if you only have the engine gauge primary strip option in your setup, it won't be there.
  11. The TIT actual number can display on the TXi. This was one of my beefs at first. On the split screen, you’re correct, TIT can only display as a gauge with no numeric value. But on the engine page, you can select a numeric tit. Go to the page, where you see the bar graphs for egt, swipe right or left on the egt display and you will get to a display that will have your TIT bar as your right most bar, and just next to that bar you will see your numeric TIT value. This took me a while to figure out, it once you swipe it to the display you want it will stay there and always show your numeric TIT displayed on your engine page. My biggest remaining beef now with the EIS system is that there is no way of displaying your numeric CO level with appropriate equipment like exists on the JPI or EI or any other engine monitor. (CO level even displays on the G1000 system, but NOT the Txi.) I really wish that Garmin would add this to the TXi panel, as knowing how much CO is in your cabin with alerts that lets you know when your level is too high, and prenotification of small leaks before they become problems so you could leisurely fix them would be a great safety enhancement that exists on almost all other engine monitoring systems, but NOT the TXi. And so far I get crickets from Garmin when I have asked if they could unlock or add this functionality. Yes, a %HP display would also be nice to have, but if Garmin could only have room to add one additional item, I would prefer it to be the numeric CO level for safety reasons, as you can guess what your %HP would likely be close to if you have memorized your numbers in most settings, but you can’t guess your CO level at all. And I don’t miss not having my %hp display as much as I don’t like that my CO level no longer displays after my upgrade to the TXi from my JPI.
  12. Very helpful sir! Thanks for sharing! Makes perfect sense. I knew prop full back increases your forward glide distance, But had to guess about what it does to descent rate. Well executed experiment and easily verifiable! I didn’t think it would be that big but That is a HUGE difference where you gained 1 extra NM per 1,000 feet by simply pulling out your prop and might help save someone reading this to remember if they do have engine out actually, pull the prop control all the way back. The theory I was thinking of which is confirmed by your test run is if your engine not producing forward thrust, the wind that hits your prop is what’s turning your propeller which is slowing your airplane down. So to keep the same glidespeed as you did, you’d have to pitch down which would increase your rate of descent. Pulling back your prop makes much less wind hit your prop blades therefore less drag. I would also hazard to guess that the more blades you have, the more pronounced this effect on descent rate will be, so if you have 2 blades there is probably less of a difference and if you have 4 blades, you would have a massive difference in descent rate if you forget to pull your prop all of the way back. Thanks for doing that Rene!
  13. That would be a very interesting experiment to repeat with your prop all of the way out, i.e. go to 10kfeet, power idle, airspeed 90 knots, watch stabilized descent rate with or without prop fully back. I have noted a VERY large difference in glide distance with the prop fully out in mine, which I think is very likely due to the drag created by the prop, particularly prominent in our three bladed prop system. I would be very curious though to find out if your actual descent rate at the same airspeed is reduced by pulling your prop all of the way back. My guess is that it would be, but before I start theorizing on why, if you do it, let me know? JB