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  1. jma201

    New Member in Michigan

    You will fit. I'm 6'3 300, but you will have to resign yourself to the fact you will have a two seat airplane with a 50 gal range.
  2. Unfortunately I do not have any data. EDM is now definitely on the list of things to do.
  3. This SB does not apply to my circumstance. From what I understand from my A&P, there are two diaphragms inside the servo. One our both failed causing the excessive fuel.
  4. I've had a few days to calm down and thought I would share an experience hoping it might be of use to someone else. I've gained a lot from this forum over the years without posting or commenting much. I hope to change that going forward. Especially when I have something that might be useful to others. I apologize for just lurking for so long. After a two hour cross country on Monday with no issues, I landed at my local airport to refuel before heading home to our private strip. On takeoff just after gear up the engine loss 90% power. I was able to recover and land on the runway after a scramble to get the gear down. I think it lock in about 30 ft. above the ground. I rolled to the end of the runway with the engine barely making power. I was able to keep it running by pulling the mixture back to about an inch before cutoff and taxied to my local A&P's shop on the field. Luckily he was there and came out just before I shut the engine down. His first thought was that I had a valve stuck because it was backfiring back through the exhaust. Here is what we found. It appears the Bendix Fuel Servo failed and flooded the engine with excessive fuel. All four spark plugs we equally fouled. The engine just could not handle the extra fuel and basically flooded. There is no other apparent damage to the engine. We are still investigating to be certain, but after calls to Lycoming we are pretty sure that is what happened. Any other insights are surely welcomed. Lessons learned. First: Always use every inch of available runway! Second: Do not put off maintenance on the fuel system. As I understand it, the TBO for the Bendix Fuel system is equal to that of the engine. We had a factory overhaul at 1500 hours or so and have only put 800 or so hours on the engine since that time. However, there is also a time TBO of twelve years regardless of engine hours. That is what I ignored. We are past that time limit by several years. Big mistake that could have cost me the airplane or worse. I was very lucky that I was on a 5,000 ft runway and not the 2800 ft private strip at home. That would have been a disaster.
  5. jma201

    430W losing satellites

    The same thing is happening to me. The google machine indicates it is a known issue with some GA35 antennas. I found this on the Vans site:
  6. jma201

    Finally finished!

    No that’s not me. He is my A&P. He did the work.
  7. jma201

    Finally finished!

    I will try and post a few interior pics later. We replaced all the plastic and had the glare shield covered. The leather seats were done a while back. Thanks to all for the comments.
  8. I finally got my baby back today after a long and extensive refurbish. N201JJ is the 51st 201 to come off the line in Kerrville. It’s been in the family since new in ‘77. Now she is ready for my kids. Special props to KSMooniac for the inspiration some years back. I’ve loved his airplane since I first saw it here on the site. We made a few changes to make it our own.
  9. jma201

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    I do not often post, but I came across this and thought the thread might have an interest.
  10. jma201

    How long have you owned your Mooney?

    They are 19 and 17. We'll see. I hope so. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. jma201

    How long have you owned your Mooney?

    40 years in the family for N201JJ. Dad and a partner bought new when the 201 came out. I bought my half in 1994.
  12. jma201

    pirep on willmar air service?

    I used Paul to do a re-seal last year and hired Eric to ferry the airplane back to me in TN. Highly recommend both!