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  1. I’ve had no issues with my unit after approximately 50 hrs. I also have a IFD440 and STEC 50 autopilot. I’m sorry for your troubles.
  2. Thank you all for the replies. One more thing for the upcoming annual punch list.
  3. I noticed something concerning on my last flight. When starting the engine with the avionics master off, the audio panel and number two radio briefly lit up with power. After engine start, I turned on the avionics master and everything came on as normal. Any thoughts about what might be happening. What would cause the avionics buss to get power with the avionics master off? Thanks!
  4. I have used one of these for years. Full oil level with no oil on the belly.
  5. That is in the ultimate plan. I will also have for sale a STEC ST-901 GPSS roll steering module for sale. In the meantime I've have the "old way" available as I learn the "new way". I inquired about just upgrading the E5 at install, but was told the upgrade is not approved yet.
  6. That is still to be resolved. I'm just glad the E5 as primary is reading correctly. I'll get it sorted when I get a chance to fly.
  7. Bingo! Thank you very much! Mark
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am in test mode at startup on the ground. I should have been more clear. Sorry. My question is whether the E5 localizer deflection should match the Garmin CDI during this test mode. My fear is that the E5 is somehow wired backwards since it shows the opposite of the Garmin CDI.
  9. I recently had an E5 installed. After some tweaks, I believe we have it all working but I do have a question for those with Aspen in the cockpit. My current configuration is this: E5 Avidyne IFD440 (upgrade from GNS440W) KX155 Nav/Com w/o GS (no display for Nav at present. This will come with future E5 upgrade) STEC-50 wAlt hold and Electric Trim This is a transition panel at this point with future plans for a complete new panel cut when a STEC-3100 and Engine monitor are added. For now I chose to keep the vacuum AI for backup (new pump at last annual). I also kept the Gamin CDI as backup to the E5, so the approach info is simultaneously displayed on both the E5 and the Garmin CDI. Here is where my question comes in. Looking at the attached picture taken at startup, shouldn't both the E5 and the Garmin CDI show the same deflection on the localizer. You can see the deflection on the Garmin is to the right and the E5 is to the left. I have not had the chance to fly to check it out and it's bugging me. Is this correct? Thanks in advance for any help Mark
  10. The KX155 does not have glideslope. Is it possible to make the Garmin CDI secondary to the E5? My thinking is using it as a backup if the E5 fails.
  11. As often happens with our beloved birds, the failure of an item in my panel has prompted a reach into the wallet. I have an S-Tec 50 w/alt hold, electric trim, and GPSS. The autopilot will no longer fly the heading bug and the DG is worn out. The GPSS still works great. In lieu of rebuilding the DG, I have scheduled to replace with the new Aspen E5. I went this route in anticipation of an eventual upgrade to the S-Tec 3100. My question is how much of the vacuum system should I remove or keep? My inclination is to keep the Altimeter and VSI for backup. What say you? Also in the mix is a IFD440 swap if the budget allows. Thanks!