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  1. S M... Long time MS tradition around here.... Don’t forget the before and after pics... Really important when building a Mooney forever-plane..! Best regards, -a-
  2. A, We all use the same nose gear... does that help? Technically, some have the turn limiting screws, some don’t... Some got that funky bungee to smooth something out... 99.9% of them have been removed... We all use the same tow bar.... but, I don’t recall 1/4” being the right size... Best regards, -a-
  3. Perfect time of the year for cold weather forecasting discussions! Snow in the North, hurricanes in L.A. (Lower A) Thanks Scott! Best regards, -a-
  4. Another WnB thread for @Steveolyo... -a-
  5. Welcome aboard, Chuck! I see @gacoon was around here earlier... I’ll light his message light, in case he missed your message... Best rgeards, -a-
  6. I used to keep such good notes... every person’s first flight got mentioned... I’ve seen so many videos around here of people’s epic journeys with family members... I have only had one person refuse the offer to go for a flight... I planned one for years... I practiced every step in my head... It needed to be perfect... Early on She said, I’ll never go in that plane with you.... So there I was... nice day... I needed to take the plane from the tie-down to the fuel pumps.... Perfect opportunity for that short ride.... to build confidence.
  7. if in Florida... Jesse Saint (an MSer) has a nice avionics shop... I visited one day... saw a Mooney being worked on... @Jesse Saint... There are some tax advantages of doing work in FL... Best regards, -a-
  8. Soon to be 21 downloads... Thanks, Norman! If the download is a form of video... One successful way of sharing it that people have used... is through YouTube... Post in YouTube, copy link here... YouTube does the heavy lifting, matching hardware capabilities to your source... Best regards, -a-
  9. The silly rocker cap is ungodly hard to get... Each switch new, gets one... They are not for sale separately... They snap in place, using a small undercut in the plastic... easy on/off... I think the Klixon people have figured out... by the time the cap is broken... the CB switch is worn out.... The click wears away so slowly... most people can’t tell the CB part is wearing... until there is no click... Best regards, -a-
  10. Cyril, We are slowly winning that same argument here... The last time was for the airbag seat belts... the science is there, says they work... but they weren’t tested at every level with every plane.... so we couldn’t use them.... The seatbelt manufacturers have done a great job to figure out what was really needed, and how to get it done... As far as cost effective replacement avionics... check in with @Alan Fox he may have exactly what you are looking for, or know where to get one... or have something more modern that may be of interest to you... I have used
  11. The prop looks brand new! Dynamic balance for turbine smoothness... for a few dollars more... Great pirep for Cody Stallings and his team! Best regards, -a-
  12. An example of what you may be looking for... https://www.skygeek.com/sensata-klixon-7270-1-10-amp-circuit-breaker.html Sensata is the brand owner of Klixon... Best regards, -a-
  13. They are such standard parts... there aren’t many options... When it gets to the CB switches with plastic caps... there are two options based on the flush mounting depth... Klixon has an online catalog if that helps... Aircraft spruce has most of their parts, but not all... By the time you select a CB switch And it’s amp rating... you will be out of options... Matching the pics to what you have will do a great verification in the event it doesn’t say Klixon clearly on the pic... Best regards, -a-
  14. Great details, SJ! Hey @Steveolyo... Check out this thread... An example of WnB calculations as we were discussing elsewhere... Best regards, -a-
  15. If you haven’t written in cursive in a while... try it... There are probably a few letters that you won’t remember where/how to start quite right... Some people are blessed with awesome artistic writing skills... I got block printing of capitol letters.... and a pretty small vocabulary to go with that... Best regards, -a-
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