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  1. Great follow-up Kevin! Anything is possible... Best regards, -a-
  2. Gents work with me for a moment... I once worked in marketing... writing brochures for technical machinery... I made a really good website... My plane’s tail is option free... A vast open space... Unfortunately all this emptiness comes at a cost... The WnB must be maintained using Lead (Pb) bricks... So... Doing the math... A steel tank may weigh a lot and be really cheap... and a Kevlar tank may be really light.... and have a less enjoyable life cycle... In the end, while installing a light or heavy tank... I will be removing the same amount (weight) of Palumbum that is already bolted in the tail... Call it a wash... Long bodies have an interesting amount of flexibility to add things in the tail... just toss out the ballast. Now... If you already have Fiki or AC, lucky you... you will have a lot less Pb back there... Hmmm... I considered buying parts to install an O2 System once... it is un-fun to leave such awesome performance on the table... leveling off at 12.5k’ when you can easily go higher... Check in with Doc John... last I knew he had Some O parts for mounting the bottle in the tail... leftover from his O/F updates... For more details... the bricks are quantified in the POH WnB section... Best regards, -a-
  3. Bonanza must have an interesting fuel injection system..? With an automotive style FI system... fuel pressure is maintained no matter how much fuel gets used by the engine... a bunch of excess fuel goes back to the tank... It would be important to see how much went to the tank and compare how much was sent towards the engine and subtract the two... As far as I know... I have one FF sensor, and the return line isn’t operational continuously... But... pull the mixture, turn on the electric pump, ... FF is sent back to the fuel selector and off to the chosen tank... this is used to cool the fuel lines for a hot start... Some planes, the excess fuel sent back always goes back to one tank... more simple, but more confusing to know where the fuel is at all times... Looks like I have an opportunity to learn something new... When it comes to liquid flow sensors... long straight entries and exits distances are measured in IDs of the tube... 90° elbows are terrible 45° elbows are better Some flow sensors have a bearing support on the bottom, turning them upside may add a challenge... Stickiness can be a challenge... 100LL likes to form deposits when able... Vents on the FF sensor? Tell me more... Washing the paddle wheel sensor may improve its operation PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  4. Welcome back a Henry... you can delete one thread or the other if you like... Best regards, -a-
  5. omission? We have four options that could have been checked the day the plane was purchased.... 1)AC 2)O2 3)FIKI 4)Pb inogen systems have limited output great for one person... check the details see when it changes again... or expect to buy two...? Portable systems are good to determine if it will work as expected... for your situation... I have the Plumbum (Pb)option... Would love to trade it for the full O2 system in the tail.. Kevlar not needed... WnB is important... what other options did you check? There are threads around here on how to fill your own O2 tanks... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... best regards, -a-
  6. Public Hassling of the OEM avionics guys is a terrible idea... If you need to find Trek you know where to go? Best regards, -a-
  7. Imagine being a day late to the cool party... -a-
  8. Don’t forget the before pictures to go with the after pics... Best regards, -a-
  9. This is one of the things that Transition Training is good for... There are lots of good details written by good people.... But... not all of them apply directly to a TC’d engine... Dave M. Is a great resource... Mapalog is a great resource... Reading MS is a great resource... GSXer is a great resource... Make sure the resource’s info applies to your engine before using it... Some pilots may need more training than others... it is easy to miss something and think it applies... or so much information available it is easy to leave out a step or get the order mixed up... Ask lots of questions...and take good notes... Don’t be surprised after you have all the good hardware.... training is still very helpful. PP thoughts only, not a CFI... Best regards, -a-
  10. Flying in IMC or VFR only? Some things are worth spending the AMUs required to improve the layout of the instruments... Its a piece of sheet metal. Flying with a failed AI is a near emergency situation... Following a worn TC may be impossible in turbulence... they flop around. Try it... Find pictures of anyone that has eight instruments in two rows... note the center gap over the yokes... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic or instrument guy... Best regards, -a-
  11. I’m the voice at the back of you head? The governor system is proven to not be working properly... could be a simple oil leak. Fly it... risk overspeed of the engine... manually watch/control rpm, full power can’t be available... This goes in the do not fly box until the problem is known... In the shop... it is easy to pressurize the system to know where the leak is occurring... To continue to fly it and hope the engine tells you what is wrong is relying on hope... Hope makes a crummy flight plan... So... Where does this rant come from..? My M20C lost the disc seal at the back of the shaft.. it leaks oil pressure into the case... To produce enough power for continued flight it is in or near the overspeed range... or while flying the plane the rpms climb well past the governed range... The prop would have to be set-up with impossible precision to have the stops be in the right place for 2700 rpm... it just doesn’t work that way... You might consult with out prop guy to better understand what you want to do... @Cody Stallings Call me a friend, looking after the health of your engine... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  12. E-turbo company of interest... originally garret was part of the BK, Allied signal, Honeywell group of companies... Recently spun off as part of a corporate paring down... Best regards, -a-
  13. Welcome aboard, Atlpegasus. Thanks for the kind words... Best regards, -a-
  14. I left a response for Dev, on the tweet line.... Believe... -a-