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  1. Expect the holes in the cover are for cooling air.... acrylic starts to soften right around the temp for boiling water... Best regards, -a-
  2. Measuring a noise decrease... One would have to first measure the current noise level... Its pretty high to begin with... We have three sources of noise... prop tips... nearing the speed of sound... Exhaust noise...a muffler that doesn’t really muffle... Air frame sound... We are Not really noticeable coming in in stealth mode...aka dead stick... Might want to look into that claim... there must be more detail to it? Having the prop made from composite materials can also change the sound quite a bit, for people on the outside... Europe has a few laws about noise reduction, MT has put some effort in for that... For comparison, The O has a nicely enclosed cowl... great CHT cooling, with no cowl flaps at all... And it is pretty quiet inside for having a reciprocating 9 liter engine up front... The sabremech cowl took many steps to smoothing airflow inside the cowl and outside the cowl as well... Doing away with the square-ish dog house is a brilliant airflow design step.... PP thoughts only, not a sound... hmmmmm... not a noise engineer... Best regards, -a-
  3. Summary... The best way includes... Using a different approach... One that can use your GPS... to avoid flip flopping VOR indicator as you approach the station. Using a ‘different approach’... One that requests ATC to give vectors to final... Flying the complete approach... including the procedure turn, because that is standard for something not marked NoPT. Most important... If you don’t know, ask. Confirm with ATC your intentions... Be familiar with the protected space as indicated on the chart... don’t exceed the limits in radius or altitude... Radius can be a challenge without DME or GPS, or really strong positional awareness... As far as using this approach... standard consistent speed, stop watch, and really paying attention to minute/tiny detail, all help... It takes being precise to fly a non-precision approach. Thanks to McM... you inspired me to do some more reading/review... Best regards, -a-
  4. There is a thread around here... and a material provider... Give @GEE-BEE a call... -a-
  5. Somewhere... it should say NoPT for procedure turn not needed... I’m not seeing that anywhere near the IAF... Expect the PT to be needed... How to enter it and which direction to turn.... Be ready with those answers because speed and time can have you out of the protected zone pretty quickly... It really helps to have the GTN and magenta line... -a-
  6. I think you need to have a conversation with the CFI who said turn away from the airport and fly a procedure turn... to come back to the airport 21° off your current heading... He either didn't understand your question, or he really knows something I forgot... Got a copy of the standard intercept model from an IFR book? Does this approach use a direct entry? Or does the math require a procedure turn? when you give a wide range like 280 to 300°... I get the feeling there is a trick question. One of these numbers probably exceeds the limit for using a direct entry. Which would you use... direct parallel Tear drop My memory of this level of the IR training isn’t very strong... Are you training for the IR? Best regards, -a-
  7. Is this related to an airport? Can I guess... KDWH? Want me to to post the IAP? There are standard procedures to follow when approaching IAF... based on the angle you are approaching from... PP thoughts only, not a CFII... Best regards, -a-
  8. I know a resource if you want an intercooler...? -a-
  9. AGL is a really well known resource... and MSer. how far away is the plane from there? Getting a seller to move the plane a long distance becomes a challenge if things don’t work out so well... best regards, -a-
  10. KLOU... KMRN... NC
  11. @nebhuskr123 Sorry Husker, That much detail has gotten away from me, if I ever knew that much... But, I know a guy that has that kind of answer... Dan @LASAR can help you find the exact parts for your plane... Best regards, -a-
  12. @Captnmack your supporter badge is lit... This is the sign that access is granted. Best regards, -a-
  13. Descending to catch a glide slope has some inherent danger associated with it... So APs have their limitations... The user manual will have a paragraph on what to expect regarding intercept angles and rates for both lateral and vertical intercepts... Each AP is going to be different even from within the same manufacturer of several devices... The FAA even plans for pilots to intercept the GS from under it, by flying into it while level... mostly... PP thoughts only, not a CFI... Best regards, -a-
  14. Comes with screen refresh issues... Sometimes pushing send works... but the screen doesn’t indicate that the button got pushed... Traditionally, The second posts usually get edited with ‘dp’ to indicate double post... happens all the time... Unfortunately, I don’t know a way to make a post go away completely... How do you think I keep my post count so high? PP thoughts only, not an IT guy... Best regards, -a-