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  1. Doesn’t sound like a Mooney challenge… What HUD do you have in what plane? -a-
  2. Transition for the O3 powered Mooneys…. Is often the first time…. you feel Corvette like acceleration you see the VSI clip 2kfpm…. you experience ground speeds over 200…. Damn the annual expenses… full speed ahead! Best regards, -a-
  3. BW, This is a long standing question that every plane owner goes through…. 1) How much fuel is in the tank… 2) How much is useable… 3) When do my low lights actually come on… 4) How important is the level ground while filling… 5) How accurate are the fuel level indicators on the ground… 6) Everybody gets to calibrate their fuel level equipment once…. One gallon at a time…. 7) The POH has many answers regarding volume and filling procedures…. 8) Long bodies can pack 100+ gallons in the tanks…. Some require more care than others…. 9) Some small details can cause challenges…. So know your tanks… don’t expect them to work, until proven to work like the POH or STC…. 10) Don’t recalibrate your FF equipment until you KNOW how much fuel is in the tanks…. And how to fill the tanks consistently… One of my first conversations with @Cris more than a decade ago…. We were discussing his Eagle’s fuel tanks…. The M20S artificially limited the fuel capacity to something like 60g…. And Cris was bringing his plane up to Screamin’ Eagle level…. The fuel neck makes a huge difference… some need a vent hole…. PP thoughts only… Best regards, -a-
  4. Hey Fix, your ship has come in!!! See the message from DRJP above… -a-
  5. Great detailed response Steven! Thanks for sharing it all. Best regards, -a-
  6. Once the lever is up…. The E-gear is trying to mesh with the electric system…. When this happens… a brass gear is in contact with a moving steel gear… The brass gear is at risk of being damaged making it not able to mesh… thus disabling the E-gear system…. The spline gets damaged keeping things from meshing… There is an inspection to make sure the brass gear is still healthy… There is a step in the check list to verify this lever is in place to avoid the expensive maintenance step associated with it…. Good luck with the next steps. Best regards, -a-
  7. Welcome aboard Mike! I believe there is only one arm rest shared between the two seats… it is a bit oversized and attached to the pilot seat… But, since the seats can be swapped from one side to the next… expect that hardware can be probably moved as well…. Trying to move the Johnson bar with the arm rest in position could get interesting… My 65C didn’t have the arm rest…. Best regards, -a-
  8. The smile never goes away! -a-
  9. Welcome aboard A! There are many M20A owners around here…. So many, they often just fit in as ordinary Mooney owners… They hide the fact that they own the first natural composite Mooneys ever built…. Best regards, -a-
  10. Rob, For some interesting flight videos… around your area…. 201er has posted a few on YouTube and connected them around here as well… Best regards, -a-
  11. Look up the parts for the towing limitations needle and decal…. (Nice update applicable to older Mooneys) And keep the big tow bar and high powered tow vehicle away from your nose gear…. It is very easy to twist things until they break…. Also check further back in the nose gear for damage… the steering horn and tubes attached further back can be at risk… Nicely painted gear legs look great! PP guesses only, not a mechanic… Best regards, -a-
  12. I’m not implying that he did or didn’t… But… Most MSers would…. Based on conversations regarding declaring an emergency… and conversations about how much extra fuel we carry depending on the flight…. There are four accident types we know we want to avoid… Two come early in our flying experience, and two come later on… 1) Don’t run out of fuel 2) Don’t fly VFR into IMC 3) Avoid icing 4) Avoid flying into thunderstorms Lots of modern tools to help with these issues… and tried and true methods available for when the dough isn’t available for the tools… Best regards, -a-
  13. Yikes… At this rate things are falling off daily! So…. see if I have this correct… 1) Plane is AOG…. (Aircraft on ground, unable to fly…) 2) Needs replacement Dukes electric fuel pump for the Rocket… 3) it is located…. Where? (Home field or away?) Lets invite some people to the conversation…. 1) @M20Doc a highly skilled mechanical genius… 2) @kortopates a highly knowledgable M20K owner/pilot… 3) @aviatoreb a highly knowledgable Rocket owner… 4) There are pre-flown parts suppliers around here as well…. And many more Rocket owners… Best regards, -a-
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