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  1. An O3 powered O1, with a TopProp... can be off the ground in 800’... An ordinary O1 requires 1200’... Choose your weapon wisely... -a-
  2. Excess hp really shines! Cold weather, and low DAs are really helpful. Great data, Ross! Best regards, -a-
  3. let’s not dig too deep what qualifies a shop to be an MSC... because those rules can change with every change of ownership of the Mooney company... What is important... Who is working at the shop... who runs it, and who is working on your plane... Select your MSC, or independent A&P by their skills... Not too hard... ask who people use in your neighborhood... Some people choose a local guy for many things, and use the MSC for Mooney specific things... Often, a few MSers work together at splitting up the task of delivering a plane or retrieving it... I have als
  4. One of the key ingredients to a successful tow bar... Use a bit of an acute angle at the end... Under stress of towing, it tries to open up even more... Once the angle opens up past 90°... you can see how the system tries to wiggle free... Very easy to end up on your back after that... try to have the cross piece have contact beyond the center point of the wheel (deep inside the tube)... this forces the wheel to want to turn in a direction that keeps the bar in place... Is my writing clear enough to understand??? This is why a gusset often gets used on the
  5. Most of the three point harnesses, use a hard point on the side wall under the window trim... I haven’t seen any four point harnesses in a Mooney... that may consider using the steel hoop that is above the front seats... not sure exactly where that hoop is, but it probably aligns with the existing hard points on the side wall... For a more expensive option... the airbag seat belts get considered... +1 For the life long efforts of Jack Hooker! Best regards, -a-
  6. Send a message to @AGL Aviation... In the Covid era, it’s hard to know exactly what is happening, without the ability to stop in... if you get a cell phone response, asking for a tail number... I’m pretty sure that is a defense mechanism to tell if you are a robot dialer... If you are afraid of handing out your tail number, leave your message... any way you are comfortable... I watched my doctor suffering through the same challenge... having to take every phone call coming in... just in case. Throw the small business a bone... having your tail number is the first
  7. For more discussion re diamond like coating... DLC... https://mooneyspace.com/search/?q=DLC coating&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and -a-
  8. @Ryan ORL Check in with Rich above... See if he is willing to part with his spare parts... Best regards, -a-
  9. Welcome aboard AKE! Solo, or family of four? full grown adults, or small kids... Tight budget, bare instrument panel OK? Tight budget, need decent IFR instruments...? Don’t buy the lowest cost plane of any model... it will require a ton of updates... PP advice and questions only, not a mechanic or CFI... Go Mooney! Best regards, -a-
  10. Runway requirements require a longer discussion... Fortunately there is a thread that handles that pretty well around here... Search for shortest runway... or something like that... Expect that some people use around 2k’. It also depends on what is at either end of the runway... And... how much weight you want to carry with you... Skills are important as well... An extra 10kts on approach can use up 1k’ in extra distance... You don’t need super human skills... You do want to pay attention to detail... Winter vs. Summer... Summer warm wea
  11. Things to consider... 0) Check with your mechanic to see if stop drilling can be an appropriate fix... 1) parts may be hard to come buy, but... that doesn’t stop you from asking... 2) We have three resources of pre-flown parts... Alan, Jerry, Shery... 3) Going to a prop guy may open up a variety ideas... Cody 4) When you need to go new... contact your prop manufacturer... they are a good resource for knowing what spinners fit... 5) it may be helpful to have that exact part number when looking... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... How does that sound?
  12. Great CAP detail / pirep Ross! Thanks for sharing them... Best regards, -a-
  13. Great Mikrokit pirep, Don! Thanks for sharing it. Best regards, -a-
  14. Marc, There are a few threads around here where people have discussed sharing cad files like you are asking... There may even be drawings in the download section... Best regards, -a-
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