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  1. carusoam

    Gear Switch Replacement

    @Hank see the top pic? Right in the slot next to the broken/missing piece... Best regards, -a-
  2. carusoam

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Tied going into OT... -a-
  3. carusoam

    Aerostar Mooney

    See if you can find Gecko Air LLC... The last registered owner, they seem to have a few planes registered to them... Other than the plane showed up one day, and got its picture taken... not much history seems to be available around here... It is a classic. Most of the button hooks and stinger tails have been removed over time... There is history of Mooneys that is helpful to know regarding value. Based on the ownership of the Mooney factory... some years are more valued than others... So... Paulie may have been expressing something peculiar to the ship, or to the year it was manufactured... hard to say with out asking Paulie what he meant... Best regards, -a-
  4. carusoam

    Gear Switch Replacement

    @FFpilotChris See the tiny cotter pin? It looks like it may be retaining the broken part... If the new switch is the same as the old switch, but not broken... take out the cotter pin, and remove the broken part? PP guessing out loud... Best regards, -a-
  5. carusoam

    ADS-B troubles

    Got any pics or screenshots? -a-
  6. carusoam

    Aerostar Mooney

    Welcome aboard, Tcraft. Trail of ownership, here... Not sure how a guest got a post in like that. But there is a Paul in the ownership chain. Best regards, -a-
  7. carusoam

    Advice on this M20C

    Hey Brian, congrats on going twin! Which engines do you have in the Be95? Best regards, -a-
  8. carusoam

    Gear Switch Replacement

    The broken part looks like threads...? Verify that you can Turn the handle counter-clockwise and unscrew it... It may have some thread locking glue on it... It is pretty clear from your panel pic, the wheel has to come off... to mount or un-mount the switch. There is a cotter pin there to really make things interesting... How much for another one if this one breaks? PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  9. carusoam

    I Think I Found The Source of the CO leak

    Since you have a Bravo... And V-bands have their limitations on re-use... Do you know if the V-bands were new or re-used? If not, be sure to become familiar with these details... Turbo exhaust systems take on a higher amount of criticality(?) compared to the NA version... Best regards, -a-
  10. carusoam

    Runup on Snow

    In most Mooneys.... if the Governor’s gear pump isn’t supplying oil pressure or the control valve is stuck open or the seal at the end of the shaft has fallen out The low oil pressure situation occurs to the prop blade angle controller... the blades will sit on the high rpm stops... The high rpm stops are not at 2700rpm, they are a bit higher.... The other Mooneys are Missiles and Rockets with their twin related props that fail in the feathered position... great for gliding, terrible during T/O... So... make sure the rpm control is functioning prior to T/O... If the shaft seal has gone on vacation... the result is an over speed while making full power. To come off the overspeed requires pulling the MP back... more than a comfortable amount.... It becomes like flying a fixed pitch prop, but With the wrong blade angle.... Being familiar with the engine manufacturer’s definition of overspeed... how many rpms for how long is acceptable can be helpful.... my 65C’s shaft seal went on vacation one day... putting it back requires removal of the prop... after checking all the other things related to the Governor... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  11. I moved to iPhone 6S... recently... The trickle down theory of finances at work... The finance administrator gets the new one... i’m Next in line... My 5 was starting to have difficulty upgrading any apps... as they become unsupported by their writers... Best regards, -a-
  12. carusoam

    Strange Stratux Phenomenon

    @Jerry 5TJ sending the bat signal requires hitting enter.... -a-
  13. Like learning to fly from a book... Part of Transition training often includes various methods people use... including moving the front passenger seat forwards... There will be a lot of ‘what’s the best method’ questions. Use the search function to find them all... At the moment you think you have a really goofy question... rest assured somebody probably has asked it already... If you think I’m being mean... @201er showed me how to enter a Mooney in 2012... amazing what you can forget with a little time off... Best regards, -a-
  14. carusoam

    Attitude Indicator Question

    Getting a modern display on the AI will be helpful... The old mechanical AI in the mid 60s has all the data presented... it is just ‘upside down’ from your standard presentation... the important detail is not the amorphous blob in the middle. Bank angle by reading where the wing tip is... Attitude by reading where the wing tips are... If you have the old (loud) TnB indicator, be on the look out for an alternative for that device as well... they wear out without much indication of the wear... until bouncing around in turbulence... a problem for flying in IMC... Things to consider along the way... Best regards, -a-
  15. carusoam

    Attitude Indicator Question

    Absolutely... You buy the instrument, at the price of an AI... and get the whole shebang with that... Use caution... I sense some seedy under-current forming... Big G is not known for being so consumer friendly... The first hit of glass panel being handed out for nearly freeeeeee........ After installing your second G500txi in the panel, you will point to the lonely G5, lying in wait, as THE back-up device... Use additional caution... it can be pretty easy to start down the slippery slope early... a second G5 makes a great HSI for a bargain price compared to a traditional HSI... for a few dollars more they can be flush mounted... Extra points for using an MS word of the day! Best regards, -a-