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  1. Did you get a new MP sensor with the G3X? when the engine is not running… what were MP and altitude…. (Basic test of the MP system) If you have an MP leak… the MP typical reads higher than actual… A big leak and it will read the outside pressure at altitude. It would be hard to produce power and get a low MP reading… other than a failed sensor… PP thoughts only… Best regards, -a-
  2. What does your POH say about running 27.5” at 12.5k’? I think you may be making some assumptions that may not hold true… over a wide variety of altitudes… Including how well engine and oil cooling work with additional altitude… Turbo Mooneys use a vented oil pressure gauge…. See if yours is vented. For convenience, there are pics of how an oilP gauge was poorly installed and got its vent hole covered… probably in the Bravo section… hot oil changes its viscosity and gets very thin with higher temps… much lower pressure results… See if your oil cooler is working 100%…
  3. Is there any JPI or other engine data available to look at? Best regards, -a-
  4. There are plenty of pages of install notes and pics and decisions… Bob, Terry, or Marauder might be able to point you towards the thread… Old sealant gives new sealant a bad name… -a-
  5. My HSI is alive because an MSer didn’t need his parts any longer…. See Alan for the exchange… Best regards, -a-
  6. rd, See if you can get moving on this project… Sure… the project can be a whole can of worms… but, it doesn’t have to be… Yes, planes can easily get twisted… Mooneys don’t… pics of the damage tell a little about what may be lying underneath… Fortunately we have enough inspection panels and removable panels to see everything… Aside from the hard learned rule of not running a plane inside the hangar…. There is just way too many unknown risks of what can happen next…. From stuff blowing around and doors falling off hinges… Its really fun to watch Mike Pat
  7. One explains the other…. Go MS, -a-
  8. Some interesting details to use and to avoid when thinking about having tanks resealed… Best regards, -a-
  9. Check the Caravan site… https://www.mooneycaravan.com/Web/Mooney/default.asp There are a few MSers around here that usually jump on the opportunity to discuss training… See if @N9201A is around… Virginia may be their typical close location for a weekend of formation training… Best regards, -a-
  10. Great updates bmc! Thanks for sharing them… Best regards, -a-
  11. There are a couple of threads around here that have pics of the switch and other details… including disassembled reasssembled switch… And heated vanes that are not very sturdy… The actual switch is an industrial part that should outlast the plane… so expect proper cleaning or calibration to help… Too bad it is so hard to reach… pp thoughts only, not a mechanic… Best regards, -a-
  12. +1 on finding the recent thread regarding turning and brakes applying… It is real… not just an accidental stepping on the brakes kind of thing… Best regards, -a-
  13. The fed raising rates always occurs… it is always painful… it always has to happen… Kind of like picking the lesser of two weevils… increase the economy, or control inflation… recessions are typical of the economy getting out of sync with supply and demand… Raising the rates quickly is akin to slamming the brakes on the economy… raising rates stops inflation… terribly slowly… W.I.N. Whip Inflation Now… Lots of psychology involved… Talking about raising rates works pretty well for some fed reserve participants… like feathering the throttle or tapping the brak
  14. When kept below 65% bhp… technically, not a problem… from a red box point of view… Followed by… what is CHT6 doing at the time? if all cylinders are a few degrees LOP… some more than others… are you still feeling roughness? Roughness is typically caused by something not running very well.. Find the point on the graph where that happened… look for spikes in EGT… where something has caused incomplete burning of fuel in that cylinder… skipping of a spark plug or two… Too late for me to hang out… big day tomorrow…. -a-
  15. Jumping between planes (GA) and trusting an AOAi without knowing how or if it was calibrated could be interesting… without going through slow flight and having eyes on the instrument… there doesn’t seem to be a calibration like for the pitot/static system… How do you know your Boeing/Airbus system is up and running properly? They have all learned a ton about AOA vanes over the years… Best regards, -a-
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