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  1. +1 Know your DPE… Select the good one if you can… There are no free rides… But, there are plenty that can go wrong with a system based on limited individuals… PP thoughts only, not a CFI… Best regards, -a-
  2. Hey @Sportster64, Stop by and see all the great responses that have come in… Best regards, -a-
  3. LC, Thanks for sharing the few details we have regarding this situation… Best regards, -a-
  4. Thank you gents, for sharing your experience… I always enjoyed Indy where the speeds can be about 240mph on the back stretch…. This is near a factor of 2 faster…. And no whining about tire technology…. Best regards, -a-
  5. Must be VT…. The have a 12 scoop program… -a-
  6. Welcome aboard Bryan! I’m glad you have tried to do something with the Dad’s details… Hey, did you know we have a Mite section around here? Looks like your thread has started in the general Mooney Talk area… That is OK… but in a few months when some Mite owner happens in…. It will be pretty hard to know it is here…. Let me invite a couple of Mite-iacs…. @Kevin Harberg and @Mooneymite PP thoughts only, not a web site manager… Best regards, -a-
  7. Continental engines often don’t get a fuel pressure gauge… The M20R uses FF instead… It would be nice to have FuelP for maintenance and problem solving reasons… Some Mooneys didn’t get vac gauges either…. Best regards, -a-
  8. Glenn, Your friend is probably sorta right… The lollipop switch is an airspeed switch… no squatting involved…. These types of switches have shown up for a couple of reasons often measuring engine hours after reaching a certain speed… Chances are… he still has a squat switch because this aftermarket lollipop airspeed device didn’t remove the existing squat switch…. Too flimsy. A real airspeed switch is hidden behind the instrument panel attached to the real source of air data… the pitot system… The trim seems to be a bit out of touch as well…. They are constant speed and often match the speed of the flap system…. Raising and lower flaps and increasing or decreasing trim to match the change in the Center of Lift…. Click both switches together… trim and flaps… hold the trim switch for as long as the flaps are moving…. A Transition Training nugget of gold…. Direction of trim switch travel…. I expect mine to be wired so that when the nose is pushing up… I push up on the switch, to trim down…. I push back on the switch to raise the nose…. A full flap go-around requires a long wait for the trim to come back to the T/O position… pushing the thumb against the switch can easily be over done…. The click of the tiny switch can’t be felt under ideal conditions… there isn’t much ideal doing a full go-around with your thumb fighting and your arms fighting the nose…. (Practice makes this ideal, smooth, and easy…. ) The trim switch should be clearly marked and be meaningful… My trim system is a BK KAP system… probably identical to all using KFC and KAP APs… PP thoughts only, not a CFI.. or mechanic… Best regards, -a-
  9. There are two popular methods of dyno-ing your engine…. With enough accuracy to be meaningful…. 1) Use a WAAS source to measure your T/O distance…. 2) Use a consistent climb rate, use the same WAAS source for data… 3) Compare to Book Numbers… 4) It takes a bit of an engineering mind set… DA is important for the numbers to work properly… 5) It was the first thing I did after the OH’d engine got installed…. I also compared to @Cris’ plane… Screamin’ Eagle… 6) When your plane performs to book numbers… under a couple of different conditions…. The whole collection of book numbers becomes way more meaningful than numbers on a page in a dusty book…. 7) That 310hp was about a 20amu (prop, STCs, etc) project that was hinging on actual performance…. 8) My WAAS source for the project… portable SkyRadar and CloudAhoy app on an iPad…. 9) either way… no need to wonder how well your engine is performing… no actual dyno is required. 10) Safety margins still apply… just not overly huge ones… 11) You may not like putting your engine through the tests as hard as a factory test pilot… so measure with your style, and see how well your plane actually responds… you may be surprised… 12) MP, RPM, and FF… if you have all three, you probably have the HP stated in the book… 13) There are also similar methods to know if the firebird is producing rated power, or the ignition timing has been retarded… the opti-spark system can need to be cleaned… The user won’t know the timing got automatically adjusted… until a simple test of torque is performed…. (simple test, go / no go… if the bird can spin the wheels on a wet road in second gear… Go!) if not… clean the opti-spark… 14) Let’s say you wanted to know if your engine was tired… you think there has been metal filling your oil filter… the pics of your cam are showing nubs… but the plane has been still flying for a year…. Cams are responsible for the engine’s breathing… if the engine can’t breathe, it can’t produce rated power…. This will show up when compared to performance charts… Go collect data! PP thoughts only, not a CFI…. Or mechanic… or gear head… mostly stuff seen around here… Best regards, -a-
  10. True true… It’s in the plans… Probably won’t find out more until it is time… We know it is time when the first buyer claims to have bought the update for his plane, or a new plane rolls off the factory floor with it… as far as it being oleo this or oleo that, or magic donuts… Getting to full seats and full fuel will be magical no matter what mechanical method they use… Hmmm…. What would be a good way to approach the big cheese and ask …. ‘What’s the latest update on that MGTW project?’ Probably a PM, showing how interested you are…. PP thoughts only, not an STC sales guy… Best regards, -a-
  11. To put some guidelines for how important this can be… 1) You have to be flying in or above IMC to make this really important… 2) If all of your AIs are depending on it… it becomes incredibly important… 3) Once that important wire from the VR vibrates itself loose or breaks…. The charging system goes off line. 4) Once the charging system is done… The amount of electrons in the battery are at their highest, and the clock has started…. 5) Battery capacity changes over time, and use, and temperature….. 6) If everything in the panel is electric, and your ship has one battery… it’s capacity just became really important … 7) Your panel may have a few other batteries for back-up… their capacity is also important…. 8) Lets say your ship has two batteries, it hasn’t seen the inside of a cloud in decades…. you are IR, but not current any longer…. Battery capacity may not be your biggest priority… 9) The reason new batteries may not get tested for capacity…. They are built to specifications… when all of the construction procedures are followed… this pretty much guarantees the performance out of the box… leaving the factory…. If the battery has sat in the box, it may have limitations on how long it can sit that way… 10) Nothing worse than finding out your generator has croaked, you got no warning, until all your electric displays start to blink…. In this case whatever capacity you had got used up…. Shutting every electric device down, and letting it rest may allow some charge to come back out of deep storage and show for the final moments of the flight… 11) It’s too bad that capacity testing is so stressful for some batteries…. This destructive test method may be getting to be less destructive with the newer generation of batteries… 12) My firebird has a hybrid drive system… a 350 cubic inch gas engine…. And when it croaks… the starter motor is pretty good at driving the car to the nearest parking space…. Battery capacity is going to be really important on a rainy day… PP thoughts only, the clutch lock-out switch needs to be defeated for the hybrid option to be available… Best regards, -a-
  12. Hey wait! There is more from the serial arial inventor Peter Sripol…. He could have a television show… Light weight, low cost, and duct tape… It does give some insight on how complex this flying thing can be… -a-
  13. Have you seen what it looks like lately? The magic of YouTube and Juan Brown have captured some of the live action from turn five… Planes passing overhead at nearly 400mph… We have a couple of MSers that are involved in this awesome sport…. They are probably really busy lately…. The Sport class is most interesting… if you like a classic rival between a modified Bravo engine VS. a modified Acclaim engine… Watch this…. Glassair III Vs Lancair Legacy… and a whole cast of others… JB’s video yesterday was a stop in the hangar with unusually close up views and discussions of how modified these engines actually are… lots of water spraying for cooling, and 80” of boost…. See if @AirPirate is around? Best regards, -a-
  14. Interesting cartoon video showing how the spring clip is supposed to work… https://southco.com/en_us_int/fasteners/emdzusemreg-quarter-turn-fasteners The retainer… the part I think Pasture is looking for gets mentioned briefly… Looks like they want you to download their e-catalog to find the various details that go with the Dzus fastener… which is probably a good idea… They have a brief article showing uses and a pic of the various Dzus fastener cores… https://southco.com/en_us_int/resources/Benefits-of-Quick-Release-Latching-for-Escape-Doors-and-Hatches The details about the different fastener heads and the various retainers can be found here…. Go further down the page to see the options… https://southco.com/en_us_int/fasteners/emdzusemreg-quarter-turn-fasteners Wish MS was around when my Dzus fasteners weren’t constrained…. Go MS! Best regards, -a-
  15. Add in the variable of continuous education…. And enhanced knowledge about your flying machine… Members of local community flying groups, and MSers, must have some level of improvement in safety… This is a great way to know what you are missing…. Before that missing item shows up in flight…. Fortunately, there isn’t enough accident data to go on…. Most days… (all due respect to the latest lost Mooney airmen in the Ontario area… recently reported around here) Best regards, -a-
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