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  1. It will probably be difficult to find our GB / Guy Ginsbee. but not too hard to search outside of MS to find him… he makes a high quality product, worth looking for… Best regards, -a-
  2. Hey munnerlyn! you mentioned the plane is new2U… there are about a dozen places that the small Lycoming is know to possibly have drops from… Get the bright light out… and start at the top where there are seals, gaskets, and hoses… simple solution to a common problem… often, people find these things are ancient, and can use a nice replacement… See if you can identify the valve covers… their gaskets may still be ancient cork… their screws could be equally ancient and have uneven torque applied.. nearby is a group of oil return lines that drain the valve box area… lots of hose clamps that may be ancient… The M20E makes a great forever-plane! Welcome aboard and best regards…, -a-
  3. hey gents! The goofy battery relay works ok when brand new… … and you don’t take a lot of time when pushing the switch… But… if you push the switch real slowly… you can either find a dead spot with no power running through it… or both batteries connected allowing for excess voltage from one battery finding another way to go to ground… if you study the electrical drawings for the switch and relays…. you may find that they theoretically make sense… but, in real life, with a bit of wear… remember to push the switch with intention… there are a few relays by the batteries that share the same part number… I bought a spare because the relay wouldn’t switch batteries… it turns out… the battery switching relay was attached to my dead battery…. O1s didn’t get the nice set of CBs in the tail… (‘94) pp thoughts only, not a mechanic… Best regards, -a-
  4. For Dan, that used to be a single fill up… not sure if his Acclaim has the same max fuel capacity…. Gotta love José’s extend fuel tanks! Best regards, -a-
  5. All this talk of bottles… I need to invite José…. See if he is up for the conversation…. @Gagarin The ziploc bag is a nice general purpose device, that doesn’t look like a urinal. nobody picks up a ziploc and asks what is this for? Best regards, -a-
  6. When looking at the fuel necks of various long bodies…. you can see different lengths of the neck… and how air can get trapped above the bottom of the neck…. Mooney did this intentionally to the M20S eagles… to additionally limit their volume. Strategically installing a vent hole in the neck can restore the full volume of the existing tanks… There are three or so placards that indicate the ‘legal’ fuel volume… on the panel, at the tank selector, near the fuel caps…? Filling the tanks above 100g takes time for air to pass through small holes drilled in the wing ribs… of course, the plane has to be parked on level ground…. The POH has the placards and locations in the limitations section…(?) Over filling the volume doesn’t become apparent… the tank vents are so far up hill the fuel doesn’t reach them…. If you strategically use a hill to put even more fuel in each tank…. When back on the level, fuel will try to escape out the fuel cap if its seals aren’t up to the task… The Cg of the fuel tanks doesn’t change from fully full, to fully empty… at least the POH on gives one Cg location for the tanks… regardless of their status… Sooooo…. With proper venting, about 103 gallons usable can be found without modifying the tanks…. Adding the next bay outboard… brings usable fuel up to about 130g… PP thoughts only… @Cris and I discussed this back in 2011 for his Screamin’ Eagle. Proper drilling technique is required to avoid dropping aluminum bits into the tank… and avoid lighting a gasoline fire… The O has a slotted vent to avoid the usual air trapping issue… consider buying that part from Mooney in place of modifying the existing one… note: the fuel nozzle with auto shut off, will keep from filling the tank unless you hold the nozzle while filling the last few gallons… Best regards, -a-
  7. … disassembly of a Mooney for flat bed hauling is done via removing the tail cone and firewall forward…. Our local MSC does this as needed… usually a recovery process… In the event of landing in a field…. I keep a business card with their number on it… Select your favorite mechanic before going down this road… His signature is going to be important to the ongoing future value of the machine…. oddly, having an N-numbered plane in Europe has its advantages… Speed and efficiency is preferred world wide… PP thoughts only, not a mechanic… Best regards, -a-
  8. Odd notes on door opening in flight… 1) everyone has had at least one… 2) Check lists usually cure it from happening again… 3) There are odd reasons to do it on purpose… like a seat belt hanging in the wind… (really loud vibration sound) 4) They mostly happen in the traffic pattern at low speeds… where the door doesn’t get or cause any damage… 5) A couple of baggage doors have opened in flight and wrapped around the fuselage… the piano wire hinge stayed intact, requiring a replacement door. 6) MS has had one baggage door open in cruise flight… get torn off, and wrap around the horizontal stabilizer… It is one interesting read… if you are not familiar. Lots of rearrangement of the tail feathers occurred… Fortunately, a very professional (test) pilot handling the rest of the flight… Fuzzy PP memories only… not a mechanic. Best regards, -a-
  9. Eric is always helpful… and we also have a really good Whelen guy around here if you need any help regarding the new bulb you are trying to use… See what electrical connectors the plane has already…. Often, the landing lights use a ‘blade’ style connector(?)@OSUAV8TER Best regards, -a-
  10. Way cool! We get great EI support right here on MS! Way to go @oregon87! Thanks for being here. Best regards, -a-
  11. Way cool… A bunch of color screens to aviate and navigate… but no colorful engine monitor? tachometers get better… when they aren’t driven like a bicycle’s speedometer… Important note… When using two digital displays like the G5s… they look like they can both show attitude if one display fails…. Be sure they both have an independent AHRS unit to support each one… Nothing is worse than expecting to have a back up display, when your single AHRS unit fails…. You get two red Xs for the price of one failure… bargain! Sure, the TC used to count as a back up attitude indicator… and so did the TnB before it… in real life… old TCs only work good enough in smooth air. So don’t have an AI failure in rough air…. And if you haven’t practiced partial panel using a TC lately… make doubly sure you have two truly independent AI systems… There is a thread around here where an MSer (unknowingly) had a single AHRS device supporting two screens…. The AHRS device failed in IMC… fortunately, he is still around here somewhere. For fun… watch your TC on a bumpy day… see if you can follow it with any accuracy. PP thoughts only… not a CFI. Best regards, -a-
  12. Great summary Mike! This would be another important calculation for flying in the clouds… The battery(s) has to support the panel long enough to get back on the ground (or back into VMC) after an alternator failure… it really helps to have digital electronics in the panel… for their lower amperage requirement…. And larger battery capacity… for more electrons to use. we don’t usually have a ton of excess electrical power to support ancient avionics… So cutting battery capacity in half would be going the wrong direction…. Best regards, -a-
  13. Side note: (lead observation) My O360 was a lead pellet manufacturing system… for my first year of ownership… somewhere near Y2K… No engine monitor, no Fuel Flow sensor… minimal instrumentation… (low pilot time) Aggressive ground leaning was the method to minimize the lead balls that would collect in the lower spark plugs… Good luck Gevertex! Nice pics and descriptions! Best regards, -a-
  14. The hard part about using a V-band clamp with no written history… How many torques does it really have? What happens when it has too many? The known part… Bravos have experienced V-band clamp failures… Leaking like a blow torch under the cowling… That part of the exhaust system is under the most stress, highest temps, and greatest pressures… a tough place to be for a clamp… Always use a CO monitor… it can help identify an exhaust leak near its beginning… @mike_elliott is my go to guy for details on V-Band clamps… he has the experience of their weaknesses… PP thoughts only… not a mechanic. Best regards, -a-
  15. MD may be a bit far…? https://flyrpm.com Byron aka JetDriven is a great mechanic and M20J owner and… commercial pilot. When you see his plane, or read some of his posts… it makes an easy decision… Byron helped me transition back into flying my M20R, a lot of years ago… Best regards, -a-
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