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  1. I also use the WnB pro. Took a while to get all the points entered. But once in there cranking out answers was easy. I would like to see an app that cranked out Mooney specific performance numbers... I would buy that direct from the MSC tomorrow. Best regards, -a-
  2. Good for anyone thinking about converting a C to an E... John, Where did the prop go? Best regards, -a-
  3. Try this on for size... Hope that helps. Piloto is really good at answering questions about this system. Best regards, -a-
  4. Hugo, The micro switches inside or the physical switches that your thumb touches? I see your other post, not sure if this is a second question. Best regards, -a-
  5. I can't seem to duplicate the problem... using an iPad Air... I recall something about the newer iPads adding an additional layer of safety... this may be the change for newer i devices... I have had a wire seem to be problematic and behaved in a similar way... working for one I device but not another. Tossed the old wire and bought a new colored one to keep from having another issue... The old wires have a rubber coating that oxidizes and breaks down and gets crumbly. Best regards, -a-
  6. Would an IO550 be using the same plugs as an IO540? The link supplied by Lance above indicates the Continental engine.... Cut and pasted... **************************** Brand new set of (12) Tempest URHB32S ***************** hope that is helpful, -a-
  7. Rick, What do you see for SL departures? Have you used the MSFS flight sim Bravo? Not technically accurate, but it shows some long T/O runs at sea level... 1800' or so. Are you measuring the actual T/O run using a WAAS source like CloudAhoy? Comparing T/O runs between the O's 280 and 310 hp engines... I went from 1200' to 800' ground rolls at light weights... The Bravo has less HP and can drag the T/O run even longer... Is the Turbo lag very noticeable in your plane? The NA IO550 has full power as the MP is firewalled... Best regards, -a-
  8. Richard, See if you can liberate an LS7 at cost for your friends. Complete with all the sensors and controllers.... 505 hp and gobs of torque, for the bird (almost aviation related) firebird that is... A 15AMU device... Par, The 2:1 gearbox for an ordinary prop turning 2700 rpm has been the deathknell of using the Corvette engine for aviation applications. from my industrial experience that gear box is quite heavy. To do it in aviation weights, it needs to be extremely strong. Aluminum hasn't been the right stuff... Best regards, -a-
  9. Bob, That is a great explanation. I learned or re-learned something new tonight... Flat cylinder engines run the electrons differently from center to the outside, or the outside to the center, depending on their location... The most of the erosion occurs depending on the direction of the electrons flow... Go EAA for explaining real life plugs and magnetos for me..! Best regards, -a-
  10. Start asking about preferred flight schools... And types of flight training... Read about the last two guys that have come through trying to finish their flight training while working at the same time. One youngish guy, one mid life guy....(sorry Richard) both with great writing skill... both were successful getting their licenses. One had a hard time selecting the proper tool for the job in the end. Distracted by flashy lights and colored screens or something like that... The nice part about some flight schools is you can get started and fit them into your schedule. Some people like one flight instructor. Some don't mind following a rigid syllabus. If you only get part of the way into the program and then hit the brakes... the only thing lost is your time and money spent up to that point. It all goes into your log, resume when you have more time. An example of a flight school I used for my instrument rating is... They had a handful of similar planes and a handful of similar instructors all with the same goal of getting you to the next level... if one plane was down for service or out with another pilot, the next one was similar to the first one.... same with the instructors... They had a lot of documenting to do. As a businessman with a schedule to keep, this fit my lifestyle best... Best regards, -a-
  11. Think corvette engine at full throttle... 5000rpm geared up to 6000rpm at the fans. Somewhere around 400hp 500ft-Lbs of torque (based on old memory) The engine builder said the gear box is 1.4:1 ratio. Doing the math, 6/5, Siri got 1.2:1 The radiators must be gigantic. They brought it from Russia to show at SnF. But, it isn't near complete yet... the retract landing gear is still fixed down. 'They ran out of time' 200 mph top speed 59 mph stall, flaps down 45 hours of flying done in Russia. No idea what happened to the cruise speed, it got garbled by the video. available by the end of the year. they're going to need to polish a few things... Best regards, -a-
  12. Welcome aboard, Hugo. It is probably a Bendix King part number. It was installed as a package with the AP. The good news is it is probably still in production. The bad news is the price will be ... uncomfortable. You might check with all the plane dismantlers to see what you can find. Best regards, -a-
  13. Somebody at the factory had the same observation. So they set the flaps about an inch open and left them that way through the following years... Airflow will get better with David's cowl with either flap situation. It will be interesting if the fully open cowl flap shows increased benefit compared to the set cowl flap... Send a spare JPI to the guy with adjustable cowl flaps for testing... Best regards, -a-
  14. I like the LS6 series of engines, it's the gearbox that has always been the weight / strength challenge. Running full out is not the design spec for the LS engine either. 5000rpm for a 1/4 mile yes, continuous jet like performance...? Tell me what you think... Best regards, -a-
  15. Thanks Eric, I did drop out some thoughts along the way... There are two issues... 1) Dirtiness of the plug. The lower plugs see a lot of oil and lead bead build up compared to the top plugs. Hence it is easy to see swapping the top and bottom ones. A good cleaning also helps here... 2) erosion of the plug anode tip. Cylinder location (longer plug wire, shorter plug wire) The wear appears to be erosion related to the strength of the spark. apparently the shorter wire moves more electrons..? its kind of surprising how well the plugs stand up to the constant electron barrage... Why are we not seeing platinum and iridium tips? Best regards, -a-