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  1. What’s on your mind a Pete? I bet you are able to delete a thread that you start at any time... Best regards, -a-
  2. Clarence/Eagle Eye What did you notice first... The missing pipe, or the two plastic ties attached to the remaining exhaust parts? Being able to recognize missing parts, in a limited time frame, takes gobs of memory skills! Best regards, -a-
  3. 88V, I’m glad you were able to share that part of the story! Best regards, -a-
  4. Start collecting the turbo parts for next winter’s project... -a-
  5. If copying a good design helps... Go O, no cowl flaps, and great CHT control... Best regards, -a-
  6. Congrats on your first post, BB! Welcome aboard, DRJ! Couldn’t we have started with something easier like... a pic in today’s flight... 1) It helps to have lots of instruments... but we get what we get, and we don’t get upset... 2) be on the look out for various weirdnesses... 3) leveling off causing the challenge... is interesting... 4) Some people have reported... air leaking into the fuel system... blue stains leaking out... fuel pressure can change some with attitude... more of a carb / lower FP issue... mixture can help define the problem /better or worse when mixture is adjusted? adding the electric fuel pump can help define the problem / better or no change with the electric pump? changing tanks... better or worse? Anything in the sump drains? Any idea what your FF is in any condition? Timing fuel used from one tank during cruise... Any idea how well your baffling is set up? Excess heat can cause a bunch of challenges... having noticeable pre-ignition... probably won’t fix itself and behave normally for very long... not under high power climb conditions.. partially blocked fuel injectors a bad plug 5) +1 visiting Lynn at AGL PP thoughts only, just collected some ideas around MS... Best regards and good luck with your next steps... Got any pics? Any data? Best regards, -a-
  7. For all... It is better to sign up and reserve a spot... At the summit, I was concerned about the exact timing of my reservation... and accidentally occupying a spot... In the end... the timing of all things is typical aviation fluid... Don’t wait for everything to be perfectly aligned. Also Consider how low O2 may affect you personally... I was thinking... if it affects me in the Prote... I would rather know this on the ground, with supervision, in a training environment, than at 14.5k’, Alone With an AP... If you find my plane wandering off the coast in a very slow descent... know that I have flown East, with intention... flying west is sooo permanent. Best regards, -a-
  8. Oops.... I was trying to be casual about the users of home O2 systems... unfortunately, so many don’t use them for very long... an end of the line situation... Nothing wrong with the hardware itself... The used bottles are quite low cost... A simple challenge of getting all the proper hardware to fit properly can be found around here... Mountain High has a lot of the parts that may be of interest... (more expensive) Best regards, sorry for the miss... Best regards, -a-
  9. I wrote a bullet point list of how great a Mooney aviator George is... from a highly modernized M20F to a beyond compare Screamin’ Eagle... Amongst a very long list of his other aviation and management accomplishments... that would make Maverick jealous... (really!) Unfortunately, MS ate my post as I was looking for that final detail.... What was that detail, that was so important... What could a forum of Mooney pilots do for a great aviator that has everything... Somebody needs to find some fancy clothes for that naked bird... Can we embark on selecting a proper paint scheme for George’s Screamin’ Chicken? Happy veteran’s day George! May you never need to use that chute. the scheme designer site requires buttons to be pushed... Find a scheme worthy of a Navy F18 plane/pilot... Best regards, -a-
  10. Nice words, Tom. Thanks for sharing a part of Steve’s story... Best regards, -a-
  11. Old style... firestone(?) number of donuts per stack was different... probably five vs. four... Most have been changed out over the years... to the post 64 standard... the swap included some additional parts to go with the donuts... Kind of minimalist detail, but probably enough to know what version you have... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  12. For the OP (jr) There are a few threads that give the details on how to get the most out of the O2 supply tanks... Since every time you fill the ship, the supply bottle goes to a lower pressure... O2 bottles are cheap on the used market... for unfortunate reasons... Many MSers have set-up a cascade system with two bottles so that they get the most use out of the higher pressure left in the new tank... Also review some of the safety logic regarding chaining O2 tanks to the wall, or laying the cart down if you have the fancy cart, and not having any oils or grease anywhere near the O2... O2 makes ordinary things very flammable... flammable things become so extra-flammable they can auto ignite... Getting the right bits and pieces seems to work pretty well... PP thoughts only, not a thermodynamicist... Best regards, -a-
  13. Cruising at 114kts... I suspect he not only new they were down, but was doing so on purpose... Often there is a discussion about the gear operations... and ferrying to a maintenance shop... Best regards, -a-
  14. James, Any idea if the iridium fine wires don’t have the faulty resistor of the usual Champion plugs? Champion’s biggest challenge is the internal resistor failing to a high near infinite resistance... Best regards, -a-
  15. Want to see a funny discussion regarding check lists? -a-