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  1. So... The important part to know... Cracks get initiated by all kinds of bumps and bruises... It is important to follow procedures to eliminate the potential cracks... If not eliminated properly, under stress and strain, they have a tendency to propagate... So... picture the crack growing in size. Until a part decides to leave... @2700 rpm the centripetal/centrifugal forces of the propeller are measured in thousands of pounds... Now, if those forces were to free a part of the prop... the imbalance will surely cause an eye opening, teeth shaking, experience... You might want to share a pic of the nic... or send it to Cody... If the blade is really Damaged... there are ways to get them fixed properly as well... first stop, visit with your mechanic... don’t be surprised if he passes you direct to the prop shop... Some dents are bigger than others... depending on what hit the blade, and how it got hit... If you need a good prop shop... a few MSers have gone to Cody... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  2. Or a Donna Summer fan... -a-
  3. The grumpy old codger was right, 9999/10000 times... Pointing out the green light lit, wastes a few seconds of life... that was going by whether you wagged a finger or not... But... if wagging your finger, caught a GU landing before it happened, that one time... you are AMUs ahead...! Statistically speaking... wagging your finger wouldn’t be a waste of time if it keeps you from landing GU... Now... who wants to be the first to let grumpy know, or just let the old dog lie... You know what grumpy was going to say if you landed GU on his watch...? If it is true we can’t prevent GU landings... then it becomes a challenge to put them off until after our last days of flying... eat well, rest well, spread out the challenges, breath, this helps you deal with cognitive errors before they happen... PP thoughts only, not a cognitive therapist... Best regards, -a-
  4. Larry, We have a guy! Ask @OSUAV8TER he is our fuel cap expert! You might get some Teflon based Orings with a cap OH... Best regards, -a-
  5. On a good clear day... Sitting at the beach on cape cod... Looking south towards Martha’s vineyard... Parts of the island disappear behind the ocean... Making it confusingly look like a few smaller islands... The tall glacier built hills stand above the curvature, better than the low lands... 5 miles away, is probably not enough distance to notice the far away beach disappear.... 20 miles away, whole parts of the island seem to be missing... Old fuzzy memories of sailing around cape cod... Best regards, -a-
  6. Add some specifics to the warning... In the 60s, we got two types of warnings... 1) beeeeeeeep.... 2) beeep beeep beeep...... The 90s, gave us another warning... 3) beeep... One is a warning I get that a nice squeaker landing is about to occur.... unless I’m six feet above the runway when it occurs... The other is a warning of impending crunching doom.... The third occurs when the KLN90B senses passing through 900’agl... is that a gumps reminder? For about $100 worth of parts... these warnings could be speaking an easy to understand language... Expect in the new millennium... we will get terrain and traffic warnings... and the possibility of loud chirps... from the CO alarm In a stressful part of the flight... if anything beeps, I lower the nose first... then figure out what that sound was... Best regards, -a-
  7. Same here... came with the transition training... The additional weight and cleaner aero of the Ovation makes slowing down to pattern speed a more thought out in advance procedure... No fear about the engine quitting in the traffic pattern... for landing... The only way to get a Mooney engine to croak during the landing procedure... don’t feed it! on that note... there is a way to not feed the engine... One of the reasons we put the fuel on the fullest tank... (gumps) If you only have a few gallons in the tank... when you point the nose towards the numbers... the fuel moves towards the leading edge, away from the fuel pick-up... you have technically unported the fuel pick-up... You have to be really paying attention. The engine isn’t really loud at idle... so when it goes silent, you may not notice... When you flip the fuel selector, and fuel pump switch... it takes a few seconds to respond... because it is at idle... You have already surprised yourself with a low fuel challenge... you don’t really want to Go-Around since you might be really out of fuel... Fun times with an Old M20C with crappy fuel level gauges, on a Maintenance flight around the pattern... It takes more than a few gallons in each tank to go around the pattern... File that in the number of ways you can unport the fuel pick-up... All that to say... put the gear down early, fear not the engine dying... During the landing phase... PP thoughts only, not a CFI... Best regards, -a-
  8. Welcome aboard, Zippy! Hey, you are in luck.... Mooneys are on sale because the plant closed! The last plane listed for sale around here took a whole week to sell... you can find the thread... it was an old M20K, with only a handful of recent updates... Wait a minute.... Are you buying a brand new Mooney? It may be harder to buy a brand new one if the plant is actually closed... Are you sure the plant is closed? Somebody was recently selling their new Acclaim... They got a touch of turbine fever, and needed to move up the ladder... Other than the full harassment for asking a goofy question... You will find the only person that can answer the question is the person that is asking it... (that’s why it’s a goofy question) So let’s find out about the OP... 1) Do you prefer Toyota Camrys over Corvettes? 2) Do you prefer to have your oil changed at the Toyota dealership, or do you do that yourself? 3) Do you always buy your Toyota brand new, or is your favorite car lightly used at a deep discount? 4) Did you select the car by the engine that it had, or you don’t even know how many cylinders it has? If you got this far, you fully realize you aren’t buying a brand new plane... If it’s your first Mooney, it may be over 40 years old... and it hasn’t seen the factory in that long... If not buying a brand new plane, the chances of needing the factory to be open, is pretty slim... About me... 1) I don’t drive a Camry... 2) I have owned two Mooneys... one was a 65C. 3) Both were purchased while the the factory was either closed, or had a skeleton crew... 4) If I were buying some other brand plane at that time... those factories were closed as well... 5) One of the coolest things that supports the Mooney community... all the Mooney Service centers are independent of the Mooney factory! 6) The really cool thing... really good Mooney mechanics don’t need to be at an MSC... 7) Have no fear... if you are a self guided individual that appreciates... Speed efficiency safety ...and you want to buy a pre-owned Mooney... Hang out on MS... Read up about Mooney ownership... Go for a flight in a Mooney (don’t do this unless you are serious... tough memory to erase) Realize that the factory isn’t what is slowing you down... If you need to find an example of somebody that has made flying a Mooney possible... there are plenty around here... All the Camry owners I know, don’t fly planes... my apologies to Camry owners that fly Mooneys... sub in the words Honda Accord.... Figure out what you need, and go after it... Ask more questions... Use the search function... this way, the next goofy question you are about to ask... somebody else has done it for you... Go Mooney! Best regards, -a-
  9. A little added cloud cover for spice! Great pics and details, PMc! Thanks for sharing. Best regards, -a-
  10. Welcome aboard, Wes! I’ll let @toto know you are asking... Best regards, -a-
  11. The before picture is pretty modern. The after pic is pretty spectacular! Thanks for sharing all of the details. Best regards, -a-
  12. @Andy Smith Aspen Guy ..... (memory device, for when I’m looking for the Aspen guy) I was unable to get the link to work. Could be an iPad issue? was the presentation loaded up to YouTube? Very iPad friendly... Best regards, -a-
  13. Doing the math... that’s $404 difference... when compared to the initial amount of $976.. 404/976X100 = 41.39% Rounded, that’s 41% Looking it at several different ways probably won’t make it any better... Unless it helps... I paid more, and got less... I had Alexa help with the math... let me know if I missed something... No matter what the percentage is... $404 buys about 100gals of 100LL... Best regards, -a-
  14. CU, Great details! How well did your back up O2 systems work? Any challenges getting plan B on and going? Best regards, -a-
  15. Must have been a strong X-wind... ^^^^ -a-