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  1. Screws and nut plates get swapped out for different hardware (rivets) when the magnetometer is factory mounted in the wing... The oddity of these rivets seem to be the material they are made of... They look like brass rivets on mine(?) Not sure why an aluminum rivet wouldn't do, Or what I am really looking at... Best regards, -a-
  2. Forum Upgrade?

    It takes an inordinate amount of seconds to realise that pushing the heart twice gets the desired effect.... Best regards, -a-
  3. Landing Longer in Summer

    See if this list of logic helps... 1) higher DA in the summer... 2) higher physical ground speed occurs to maintain AOA and/or airspeed in the lower density air... 3) using Adjustments in power and AOA, the skilled pilot delivers the plane uniformly each day to the landing zone. 4) The one thing that has changed is the momentum of the plane. 5) with high DA, There will be more momentum to account for while getting the plane slowed and stopped... 6) While in ground effect... Is there a measurable or noticeable difference caused by the high DA...? 7) The one thing I notice this time of year, we have very little wind some days... 8) fall and winter comes with more wind down the runway... always helps with landing distances... PP thoughts only... Best regards, -a-
  4. brake jam fixed with NOTE

    Great follow-up, Alain! now about that post... unprepared field? Best regards, -a-
  5. U.S Military grounds all C130 aircraft

    Nice follow-up, Thiggy! Best regards, -a-
  6. Don't forget the exterior light to make using the system at night a possibility... PV, That previous off topic post was the long lead-in for this one sentence that got left out... One that doesn't interfere with the wing's leading edge would be greatly appreciated... Otherwise, the existing systems work, and are available today... the various anti-icing systems we see In development, take a huge amount of effort to commercialize. If it exists, will I ever see it on my plane...? It's going to take a lot of positivity. Positivty isn't for everyone. Fortunately, not everyone needs to be a positive force. But if you are developing an anti-ice device on a limited budget... Positivity is going to be very helpful for you. Best regards, -a-
  7. ICAO Flight Plan using FlyQ

    Great follow-up, Neil! Thanks for sharing the results. Best regards, -a-
  8. Rainy season on the East Coast... it helps planning a trip. A stop. A delay. A different route. I use cell phone technology for this. But, if you can get XM to do it and you already have XM. Best regards, -a-
  9. +1 with Peter's request... ^^^ I think something got lost in translation, or choice of words? It is not normal to be on the backside of the power curve... The one time this is normal, is in slow flight... evidenced by: slow speed high AOA/attitude large amount of power required to stay airborn This often does happen when dragging the plane in... something to be avoided. Student Pilots run into this challenge when initially learning or re-learning to fly. So many variables to follow vs. cognitive capacity/overload.... A normal approach is using low power. Being on the back side of the power curve is slow, close to stalling, with a high AOA, near the ground. Clearly, only a private pilot's thoughts. Not a CFI! Best regards, -a-
  10. Context is important... There have been two accidents involving Mooneys and trees near the traffic pattern lately... One stalled prior to falling into the trees. This one landed pretty hard in a crumpled mess after hitting the trees. two people walked away, two people did not... a totaled plane is not so terrible, when you walk away from it. Many Mooneys have given everything in the protection of its occupants... there is still room for improvement. Best regards, -a-
  11. The basic design theory of our Moonies... There is no back-up of major components that have low probability of failure... There are some back-up devices where able... landing gear drive, and vac pump... If you want the best available anti-ice system, go FIKI... If you want the most economical anti-ice system, go non-FIKI... Anti-ice isn't very meaningful for gliders. So an anti-ice system for the prop is going to be important.... Moonies have two to choose from... fluid vs. electric. Flight in IMC doesn't allow much wiggle room for critical device failures... Pilots with high dispatch reliability requirements go FIKI... Pilots that want to be home for work on Monday morning have choices to make... Fun stuff, -a-
  12. Low Cost 2 Axis Autopilot

    Paulie, consider including some data in your avatar area... Second planes and work planes are always interesting... Best regards, -a-
  13. FlyQ insight

    Add in glide rings... 'Siri, display glide rings' calculate the probability of reaching the nearest airport while gliding....directly, over there... That is tremendous data handling capability! Google Glass is starting to show some value as well. Go Ipad! Best regards, -a-
  14. 67C tips for an Ovation Pilot

    Sorry @jamesm James.... Transition Training. I was so focussed on trying to make the point that... the human brain tires quickly during the first day of training it may get tired before smooth landings can be achieved after good cognitive rest, the previous day's training starts to work, apearing like magic... The oddity... it can be tough to identify that one's brain is tired... unless you do this to yourself intentionally? I glossed over the important part regarding making it understandable for everybody. My bad, -a-
  15. Wood is nature's version of composite materials... Mooney was a leader in composite wing structures way before composites became cool. Go Mooney! Best regards, -a-