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  1. My ticket just came up. Note turnaround is 10-15 days from December 1, and it looks like they've worked through their supply issues. I'm expecting to be grounded for a month when considering shipping, scheduling with local avionics shop, etc. November 13, 2019 MAX Production Schedule for December 2019 You are receiving this email because you are next in the que for December MAX rebuilds and exchange displays. We have communicated this status with your dealer and encourage you to contact them to follow up to ensure coordination of schedules. We cannot express more strongly how much we appreciate your patience in this program as we worked through our supply chain disruption which caused unintended delays. REBUILDS: For those who have NOT previously sent units to Aspen's Albuquerque manufacturing facility, we ask that you wait until December 1 to send in your display unit(s). Going forward we commit to a 10-15 business day turn time for your rebuild once received in our Albuquerque manufacturing facility. IMPORTANT! If we are not in receipt of your unit for rebuild in December we will be moving you to a later month in the que. If December rebuild scheduling does not work for you, please let us know by contacting us at and we willl work with you to help with any scheduling conflicts. EXCHANGE: Display delivery begins in the last week of November. Thank you for being a valued Aspen customer. Sincerely, Aspen Avionics
  2. Annoyingly I have a GTX 335 (“out” only — not my decision, but the previous owners). I think replacing this for the 345 will be on my upgrade list. Apologies for the thread hijack.
  3. I'm still waiting on my call for the MAX upgrade, but I have a tentative date of "December at the earliest" from Aspen. What are you using for ADS-B in for the Aspen? I have traffic from my TAS-600 displaying on my PFD but want to install an MFD and put weather on it. Apparently it's possible to augment traffic from TCAS/TAS with TIS-B, but I've spent so much time research all this it just leaves me even more confused.
  4. I have my '78 J booked in next month for a windshield replacement. I found some good information searching this site but nothing definitive. Sealant: It looks like the sealant described in the service manual (R1403-G-B2 or PRC1321-B-2) is now part number CS3330-B-2 (24 hour cure). However this only seems to be available in red? That doesn't sound right. Can anyone recommend a vendor or sanity-check the part number? Or is a bead of something (not red) applied on top for finishing? Paint: it looks like some touch up work will be necessary. I have a paint code (Tan code A033265 / Paint 577-633) but no manufacturer information. Where are people getting their touch up paint from these days for factory original paint? Any other materials required (other than CR3212-5-2 cherry rivets)? The A&P / IA has done this job before (on Mooneys), but not recently so I offered to do the homework.
  5. I have some upgrades planned for next year and have decided to add a second Aspen display (likely 1000 MAX MFD so I can remove vacuum system). I currently have traffic from TCAS via GNS 430 into my current Aspen PFD, but I'm confused when it comes to weather options. The transponder is a GTX335. What would be most cost-effective? Remove TCAS system and replace GTX335 for GTX345 to get ASDB traffic and weather on Aspens. Or install separate hardware just to get the weather? I'm happy with the current TCAS setup. I'm going to install a Flightstream 210 when I do the GNS 430 WAAS upgrade; I don't know if that complicates things or not. Curious to see what other folks have done.
  6. I have a J with the Lycoming A3B6D and Bendix dual mag. Ghastly thing it is too. My A&P chased a small oil leak down to the top nut being loose, which I understand could have ultimately lead to a catastrophic engine failure. Anyway, the question concerns an owner-assisted annual. My understanding is that it’s perfectly legal for the owner to check mag timing, but an A&P is required to adjust the timing if necessary. I have a dual mag tester from Spruce. However it’s not possible to attach the tester to the P leads as they are completely shielded, and I can’t believe you have to pull these to expose the connectors to check the timing. Run it from the ignition switch? My A&P/IA is unfamiliar with the Bendix dual mag. Was wondering other folks are doing.
  7. Just in case this happens to anyone else, it's fairly simple to resolve. My A&P just loosened the two bolts highlighted and the plate moved about a millimeter relieving enough pressure for the motor to not pop the circuit breaker. Cycled gear a couple of times and tightened the bolts back up.
  8. Thanks Paul and everyone for the valuable feedback. I’ll post the outcome once my A&P has taken a look later this week.
  9. That appears to be the problem. What’s the solution though...? Edit: according to the service manual: “Gear may have been extended manually & ball nut is tight against stops; use wrench on ball nut flat to loosen”
  10. I'll get the thing back on jacks and will report back. Looks like this (hopefully) isn't going to be expensive...
  11. Finishing up owner-assisted annual which was going well until today. Airplane is on jacks, did a couple of gear swings, all good. But after playing with the manual extension when I try to retract the gear the Gear Actuator circuit pops. This is what the service manual says: TROUBLE: Gear will not retract & Landing Gear Actuator C/B trips. PROBABLY CAUSE: Manual engage handle in engaged position REMEDY: Disengage Manual System The manual extension lever is latched though. Is there a microswitch there or something? Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this?
  12. I just got into a hangar after a rather long wait and hadn't considered this. I almost put my back out trying to get the thing into the hangar the first time. I was essentially grounded until I landed a good deal on a used Sidewinder from a forum member here. This was a very slight incline as well. I use the standard towbar to pull it out of the hangar and the Sidewinder to push it back in. A hangar neighbor uses the metal tow bar to position the airplane and a Harbor Freight winch to pull the last few feet into the hangar. That's probably the cheapest solution if you can bolt the winch down effectively. Other essential items to add to your list: sofa and kegerator (or mini fridge). Hangars make really good man caves...
  13. Excellent choice. Paul got me instrument current after more than a decade of not flying -- he has the patience of a saint. You'll enjoy your transition training, I promise!
  14. I have the original factory gauges (cluster). I'm going to swing by the hangar after work to try the above described by @Browncbr1 to see if I can rule out an issue with the engine driven pump. The electric pump sounds strong when priming. I have a feeling that it may be a gauge issue because the needle on the oil pressure gauge (same cluster) sometimes bounces off max with the engine not running (bad ground).
  15. Came back from a cross country this morning: fuel pressure was fine (at the white reference mark near the top of the green arc on the gauge), stopped for lunch, and the rest of the trip the fuel pressure was at 14 psi at the bottom of the green arc. Turning on aux boost pump did not increase the pressure. If my mechanical fuel pump is failing, surely the boost pump would increase the pressure? Clogged fuel screen? Wondering how I can troubleshoot this...