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  1. If anyone else has the same issue this fixed it. Autopilot captured the glide slope and flew the LPV approach as expected.
  2. VNAV labels were disabled. I’ll post back here if it resolves the issue. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi all, So I did my first LPV approach this morning since I got this shiny new bit of kit. Approach activated and IFD was showing GPS -> LPV then auto switched over to LPV as expected. Approaching the FAF I got a lateral deviation indicator on the Aspen but I never got a vertical deviation indicator. The IFD unit was a slide-in replacement for a non-WAAS GNS430. I had the GPS circuit breaker replaced (7.5amp) and a WAAS antenna installed. As I did not previously have WAAS I'm guessing something else needs to be wired up but I can't see anything in the install manual. Thought I'd ask here before I bug Avidyne support.
  4. Anyone flying with this combination? I just replaced my GNS430 with the IFD440 and did my first instrument approach (to my home airport) at the end of a 2 hour IFR cross country (edit: VMC conditions) that resulted in a deviation and a chunk of lost time this morning filling in my first ever ASRS NASA report. Fun. Now normally I'd be learning new avionics with an instructor or safety pilot that is familiar with the equipment -- which would, of course, also be contrary to CDC social distancing guidelines. And my plan B of doing practice approaches under VFR prior to this trip didn't happen because of work commitments. Anyway, enough of the excuses. It was poor judgement on my part. Some questions: With the GNS 430 I had a preference of flying the GPS approaches with the Nav page showing the CDI -- so if I lost the Aspen I could continue the approach using the GNS CDI and track. There doesn't seem to an equivalent on the IFD? The autopilot (GPSS mode) was sloppy tracking the lateral path flying both from the IF to the FAF and the final approach segment. After doing some cursory research the advice from Avidyne is (from memory) to set Nav source on the Aspen to GPS1, disabling GPSS, and on the autopilot setting Nav / Approach mode prior to the FAF -- which I haven't tried yet. It seems that the latency from the IFD sending data to the Aspen, which in turns sends the signal back to the KFC via the EA100 doesn't allow GPSS to scale as the final approach segment is tightening. Anyway, I'd be interested to hear how other people fly approaches using this combination of equipment (or point me to some resources) as it may save me some time. I've spent hours with the simulator app and have digested the manual and watched all of the Avidyne training videos, but this is evidently still insufficient.
  5. “(i) One cross-country flight of not less than 300 nautical miles total distance, with landings at a minimum of three points, one of which is a straight-line distance of at least 250 nautical miles from the original departure point. However, if this requirement is being met in Hawaii, the longest segment need only have a straight-line distance of at least 150 nautical miles;“ That’s a question for your CFI! Been a while since I did mine, but I just picked a trip from my logbook that I thought was interesting: San Diego to Portland (Troutdale), with a couple of stops on the way, and a few days in Portland before flying back in one day with 2 hops (all VFR and in a Mooney). The DPE was familiar with TTD and we had a fun conversation about that trip. Long time ago though, but the requirements are unambiguous. There’s nothing saying the trip has to be done the same day.
  6. Non-WAAS GNS 430 owner here. I’ve decided to go the IFD440 route. The problem with the GTN 650, aside from the additional install cost as previously mentioned, is that the avionics shops in this corner of the world are still crazy busy. With the IFD, if the existing coax cable length is good, I only need to replace the antenna and a circuit breaker, and the savings can go towards a second Aspen or back into the maintenance fund.
  7. I’ve flown a Mooney into into LAX probably a dozen times or more, but this back in the early 2000’s as a freshly minted CFI. One week, on the third trip up there in 3 consecutive days, the [irritated] controller working that sector asked me if I was starting up a 121 operation or something (“no sir, just picking up a customer connecting from London”). Legitimate reason for making those flights, but I took the hint. I suspect some TRACON controllers are irritated by certain YouTube videos making unusual requests, which are gaining traction in the GA community, while they are sitting in a TRACON facility that is staffed at 50%. Anecdotally, SOCAL accommodated me yesterday with 3 practice approaches, but one frequency was extremely busy.
  8. If you can wait a few months you might see more inventory and a buyer’s market. Nasty recession = lots of people selling their toys. I found my J in the online Mooney Flyer magazine. Not the prettiest J example but very well maintained by the former owner (a retired airline pilot). There are also some listings in the MAPA Log magazine you don’t see listed in the usual places (Controller, Trade a plane, barnstormers, etc). If I was shopping right now I’d probably reach out to All American Aircraft this time around. If you tell them what you’re looking for rumor has it they may reach out to you with a prospect before the airplane lists in Controller, etc. Happy hunting!
  9. That's what mine looks like on the ground; the Mooney sits slightly nose-up on a level surface. I've only flown mine twice since the Max upgrade and only done one precision approach (ILS). Nice smooth air and I was seeing a constant half-dot deflection on the localizer when doing a coupled approach (KFC200), but it did that prior to the upgrade anyway. All good with mine, except for background noise so I've got a warranty claim in already. I forgot how much fun avionics can be.
  10. Here’s one that’s really polished: Or search for Christophe Jouany on your YouTube TV app. He’s a professional photographer that used to own a 414 and now a partner in a Cheyenne. Some epic trips from Tampa to Baja, Southwest US, Caribbean, etc. and one more: Flies a PC-12 out of a private grass strip in northern Italy...
  11. Happy ForeFlight user here with Pro Plus subscription and Jeppesen plates. I assembled a Stratux and mounted that semi-permanently in between the visors (I have ADSB Out but not In right now). I also came back to flying after a long hiatus and have to say that geo-referenced approach plates and synthetic vision on the iPad was a revelation. With a single subscription you can run ForeFlight on a second (backup) iPad and an iPhone at no extra charge. Garmin Pilot users also seem to very much like that product too. There are cheaper EFBs though.
  12. Update: Max getting replaced under warranty. The bad news is that I won't be seeing a replacement until Aspen's reboot issue is resolved. No ETA on that currently. The installer did confirm that my soon-to-be-replaced unit is unaffected by the reboot issue so at least that's something while I wait for the replacement.
  13. Taking the Mooney up to the San Juan Islands via Southern Oregon this summer (likely stop over in Ashland). Hoping to get it fixed well before then however... Thanks for all the helpful feedback.
  14. Thanks @Baker Avionics @tmo I'm trying to schedule getting this back into the shop to resolve. The noise persists whether the engine is running or not; no broken P leads. Audio panel is a GMA 340 / no music jack. The noise from the Aspen goes away if it's running on battery or is powered down. What is interesting is, with the Aspen powered up and not on battery, if I select "speaker" on the audio panel I don't get the background noise through the speaker, but I do get it though the headsets on pilot and co-pilot side (I haven't tested the rear seat jacks).
  15. @Andy SmithIs there any way I can find out what the manufacture date is? Mine is a legacy upgraded to Max, which was shipped back to me on 2/11, so that falls within the Jan 16 date range. Would be really helpful to know if mine is affected or not.