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  1. I have a similar setup (EFD1000 Max and PMA450B). I don’t think there is anything on the audio panel to check: the audio output from the Aspen is a wire from the back of the Aspen to the back of the audio tray and is always on. You can check the volume setting for audio alerts on the Aspen by going into the Installer menu described on the bottom of page 135: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pdf/11-16466.pdf I don’t think Aspen want their end customers poking around in here, but you can check and set your audio alerts output volume here, which is probably the first thing y
  2. Well that was embarrassing. Before you get your checkbook out and wheel your flying machine over to the avionics shop, check that the small DIP switch in your Lightspeed headset battery compartment is set to Stereo and not Mono (the factory default) to enjoy features like IntelliAudio. Like the manual says so, in bold, that I was too lazy to consult. The PMA450B is awesome, very highly recommended upgrade.
  3. Just installed my shiny new PMA450B and was particularly excited to experience the Intelliaudio feature only to discover that it appears my airplane is wired for glorious mono sound. Has anyone rewired their airplane for stereo? How involved is it?
  4. Resurrecting this thread as I resolved the issue with the Aspen PFD background noise by replacing the GMA 340 audio panel for a PS Engineering PMA450B. Technically it’s not resolved I suppose, but I think the PS Engineering unit constantly samples the incoming audio and is filtering the noise out.
  5. I have the vents on my J and just covered them up when I refurbished mine.
  6. Thanks all for the feedback. For now I’ve decided to just replace the failed CDI as I found a serviceable replacement for only $245 which buys me a little more time while I decide on the upgrade path.
  7. I just did mine. I didn’t have much luck with a heat gun so filled with a polyurethane filler, sanded, covered with a 1mm layer of closed cell foam and then wrapped with ultrasuede with a French seam stitch on the front. It was a full weekend’s work, not including the 6 hours learning how to operate a vintage Singer sewing machine. Edit: mine was also in 4 separate pieces held together with tape, but easily repaired with fiberglass and epoxy resin.
  8. My No. 2 VOR head has failed. Is there any point in repairing / replacing these things given that VORs are on their way out? My primary Nav/Comm is an IFD440 and Aspen PFD Max. My second Nav/Comm is an ancient Colins VFH-251. I still get VOR2 input to the Aspen (and I can still ident it, which confirms it's the head that failed), but it functions as an RMI. What would you do? One thought is to replace VOR2 head unit with a GI275 for CDI + AI backup, and retire the vacuum driven AI and pump at the same time. Or just mark VOR2 INOP and wait for it to go the way of ADF / Loran, etc.
  9. I believe it was about 28 hours labor. To their credit they said they hadn’t done one on a Mooney for a while and quoted high 20-something hours, so no nasty surprises when I picked it up. LASAR, who does this all the time and have really got the work dialed in, quoted me only 16 hours, which is great if it wasn’t for the logistical challenges of trucking up there balancing work obligations. Edit: I ordered the windshield directly from GLAP and had them ship directly to the shop so was only quoted labor.
  10. Nope, but I used Advanced Aircraft at MYF to replace my windshield about a year ago. Busy shop with a good reputation; they do a lot of work on Mooneys. I’m going to have them replace my gear pucks next. My plan is to alternate between owner-assist annuals in my hangar and every other year have a competent shop do it (to mitigate risk of missing something important), which will likely be Advanced Aircraft.
  11. You all got lucky. I just found out that a former employee of mine died from COVID-19.
  12. Mine has been maintained by 3 or 4 well known MSCs over the years (albeit not recently), so you never really know when you’ve got 40+ years maintenance history and several owners, so your observation is well taken
  13. For a meticulously maintained Mooney, I'm finding all sorts of crazy stuff. I pulled the sonalert to find a RadioShack part number. Well that's not in the parts manual. Replaced with correct part (Mallory, which I was able to get from Amazon for $19) and the problem is solved.
  14. So this is annoying. The AP / pitch trim warning sonalert no longer stops making a noise when the pitch trim switch is turned on (after the "beep beep beep" or auto pilot disengaged. Instead it produces noise constantly but at, I would guess, about 30% volume. Any ideas on how to diagnose this issue? It's not loud enough to hear in the cruise, but is loud enough to hear over an ANR headset with the engine idling. I can only stop the noise by either pulling the 50amp Aux CB or holding down the autopilot disconnect button on the yoke, so it seems something is still sending some current to t
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