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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations,. I'll probably go with the SIRS since it seems easy to mount. I just need a compass to meet the requirement since I'll be upgrading the panel.
  2. I posted a few months ago that my plane had been broken into. I'm working to get it airworthy again and it needs a whiskey compass and a push to talk button for the radio. Looking for recommendations on both. The push to talk is meant to be temporary until I can have the wiring re-done but the compass obviously needs to stay in. Thanks.
  3. As long as it's mechanically sound (and I think it is; I just want to have a mechanic give it a once over to make sure) then I can ferry it to an airport with a few minor repairs on site. The bolded statement is rather concerning. Not only should I not be dropped for something outside of my control but not having a lot of options in the insurance world is also not good. The entire panel wasn't scheduled for an upgrade, just a few instruments. I may have to add a few extra things to it now. I'm not convinced I should file a claim yet, though. Good to hear. I haven't been overly impressed with AVEMCO when dealing with them on the phone, but I've never had to file a claim. Agreed. Just a matter of getting it setup. Anybody interested in flying with me to drop it off at @Warren's shop?
  4. My Mooney was broken into a couple weeks ago. The thieves stole the DG (and cut the vacuum hose), whiskey compass, removed the leather wrapping on the pilot side yolk, the mic button, cut the mic wires, and attempted to steal the attitude indicator (joke is on them, it wasn't working very well anyway) bent part of the metal panel trying to remove stuff, and broke the faux wood panel covering into a few pieces. There were cameras at the airport but conveniently not working. I've filed a report with law enforcement but there's really not much chance they're going to catch them. At this point I'm more worried about what happens next. I called AVEMCO and they were very reluctant to speak in generalities/hypotheticals and they refused to commit to not dropping me when my plan is up. However they said with vandalism being out of my control it's not likely they'll drop me or raise my premium. I probably don't have it insured for what it's worth in this market, but it's insured enough to take care of all the damage. This leads me to my questions. What experiences do you have with filing insurance claims? Anybody ever had vandalism damage before? I already paid a deposit on new equipment in the panel with @Warren, however we're not located anywhere near each other and so I'll need to get it airworthy enough to get it to him. For those curious, that upgrade includes a G5 and a Garmin 375. I'm open to other suggestions if insurance is going to take care of this for me. I've already contacted a mechanic (who hasn't gotten back to me) about doing a once over to ensure it's mechanically sound so I can at least ferry it to another airport. Getting it to @Warren is a problem for another time. Thanks for any suggestions you have.
  5. I can only fly VFR right now (trying to get the plane to the avionics shop for the upgrade) so as long as it's a nice day I should be fine.
  6. @Ragsf15e How is it looking the past few days? I'd like to try and get through the area here soon if weather will hold and the smoke is clear.
  7. Seems about right! I'd cross that stretch at probably 11,500 so it sounds like I'd be above the smoke and wouldn't have any problems. I'll ask again as I get closer. Thanks for the info!
  8. Most of what I've read is people going northbound. That seems to be fairly common and allows for an earlier start down south. I'm by no means an expert, though. How far into your planning are you? If you haven't already, check out http://www.whiteblaze.net, a big AT resource.
  9. Best of luck to you. Are you going north bound or south bound?
  10. Perfect, thanks! Looking at the general route through Idaho into Montana in a couple weeks. Glad to hear it's finally clearing up.
  11. Thought I'd do a periodic check in on the smoke situation. @Ragsf15e, how is it out your way?
  12. Are you doing a thru-hike? I'd love to be able to do that one day.
  13. It's something I'd like to go see. It'd be fun to link up with a bunch of other MooneySpacers for it as well if enough people were interested and went.
  14. Thanks! Any idea how it's looking either east towards Idaho/Montana or south towards Oregon/Idaho?
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