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  1. A Garmin GPS 175 can be purchased for around $4300. If the goal is an IFR certified GPS, this is one way to accomplish that and won't be at the high end of his budget.
  2. Will it transcribe the audio into text fast enough to be able to read and react accordingly in a busy airspace?
  3. Unfortunately the Ovations and Eagles are a bit outside of my range for the time being. I agree with your assessment of the turbos but I think they tend to meet the requirements from both an operational standpoint and a budgetary standpoint. If I could find a Missile in the right price range I'd certainly consider that as well. It's got enough HP to mitigate some DA effects while not being a turbo.
  4. I like it. It's clean and so far I think it's easier to read than the old theme.
  5. Here's a Liquid Rocket for sale: https://www.usaaircraft.com/aircraft-for-sale/10/1988-mooney-m20l-liquid-rocket-price-reduced 812lbs useful load and a 90 gallon tank.
  6. Kalispell and Glacier National Park is one of my favorite places. I want to go back and hopefully will have the opportunity soon. We enjoyed going to Moose's Saloon when we were there: http://moosessaloon.com/ Otherwise, Glacier National Park is great as well as Lone Pine State Park. We also drove to the east side of Glacier National Park and enjoyed that drive. It takes a couple of hours but it's a nice drive. As @jlunsethmentioned, I'm not sure how much COVID has impacted what is open, but hopefully enough is open. If you're into hiking, the Avalanche Lake trail is great.
  7. I have been in contact with Jimmy and are reviewing a few of the planes he has. He has been straightforward and answered all of my questions. I'm also looking at other options as well just to see what is out there. Don as in Don Maxwell? I'm not familiar with Mimi. In either case, a 231 seems to be the best fit for my mission if I can find one with the right useful load. I'd consider a J with the useful load increase but the 231 fits the longer term mission more so than the J (easier ability to handle the mountains out west).
  8. Interesting that I'm not the only one who's had that experience. I agree that a solid PPI is required from someone not associated with the aircraft. Let's hope I never take an interest in boats. I'm told I have enough hobbies in my life already.
  9. I'm certainly no 231 expert but thanks to the folks here that are, I've learned enough to know what I'm looking for when shopping for a 231. I suppose this is more of a "buyer beware" kind of thing and just a general attitude warning. I've been calling a few places to inquire about various Mooney 231's that are listed for sale and everyone I have talked to has been helpful until today. This morning I called Scott MacDonald Aircraft to inquire about a 231 he has listed for sale. The ad doesn't list the engine model number or if it had the Merlyn waste gate or intercooler upgrades so I wanted to
  10. This has all been very helpful information. If I can find the right 231 then it'll be a nice setup. Just a matter of balance, with useful load being a big consideration.
  11. I agree that Africa has a lot of untapped potential. It would require finding a location that is suitable from not just a manufacturing standpoint, including the logistics infrastructure and the ability to train and educate a workforce, but a country that is stable both politically, economically, and from a security standpoint. South Africa is the biggest one that comes to mind. Again, I have not argued that there are no places in Africa that could do this, I am merely saying they are limited. I assume the planes would be built in said location and then assembled at their final destinatio
  12. Paul, I disagree that the same could be said for the U.S. I don't think that's a direct or even fair comparison. Yes, there are other parts of the world that also lack the proper infrastructure but the statement pertained to opening manufacturing facilities in China and Africa. I do agree, however, that they only need one place and there are a few options to choose from. And it would be a fun experience to ferry your new Mooney back home (I realize that's not the likely method).
  13. Again, I'm not sure if this is directed at me, but I'm not saying there aren't places it couldn't be built. I am merely suggesting that, as a whole, Africa lacks the same robust skilled labor market as many other places, lacks the necessary infrastructure in many places, and is limited in the areas that have the places to handle it.
  14. I'm not sure if you meant to direct this to me, but I am well aware that it is a continent with 54 countries. My point remains that there are only a few places in Africa that would have the underlying infrastructure to even come remotely close to handling a production aircraft like Mooney, South Africa being one of them.
  15. I understand what the goal of the Meijeing Group was when they purchased Mooney, but to date they have not been successful in their goals. That doesn't negate the fact that China has a habit of forcing intellectual property transfers and incentivizing subsidies under certain conditions, some of which are against World Trade Organization rules. Additionally, COVID has exposed supply chain weaknesses. So many companies have their supply chains that either originate in, or transfer through, China and when the pandemic hit, it shut a lot of that down. With little to no diversification in supply ch
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