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  1. Thanks for the replies. I sumped it again this afternoon and it looks like sealant as it's a liquid, not rust flakes, as @N201MKTurbo suggested. I will try what @carusoam suggested and wipe the upper inside of the fuel tank and see what comes out as that's an easy thing to do. One step at a time. The plane has been hangared since 2014 and it wasn't until about two weeks ago that it was moved to an outside tie down. I'm hoping to get it back into a hangar by the end of the year, but we'll see.
  2. I don't see any rust around the fuel caps, and mine are connected by a plastic tube. I'll check a few more areas the next time I'm at the airport, but at this point I think @N201MKTurbo is probably right with the sealant.
  3. I'll watch it over the next week or so. I'm hoping @N201MKTurbo is right and that it's a by-product of how long the plane sat, especially going from the desert southwest to the extremely humid southeast.
  4. Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it then. I sump it back to back multiple times and after the first or maybe second time I don't see it anymore. I noticed earlier this week and didn't notice anything out of the norm during the flight. I noticed it again today after I fueled up.
  5. Thanks. Is this something to be concerned about?
  6. I've noticed this the last couple times I sumped the fuel during pre-flight. It only occurs on the left tank, and only happens the first or maybe second time I sump it. After that it's clear. The fuel itself is clean and this only appears when you first press it into the valve. The aircraft has spent the last nearly 10 years in the desert southwest and is now in south Florida. I assume it's a little rust around the area of the sump valve, but I'm not completely sure. Does anybody have any better guesses? Pictures attached.
  7. Thanks, Paul. I always appreciate your input. Your setup is very nice and I'm glad your'e enjoying it! Can you expand a little on this? Specifically, what do you like about the IFD's over the Garmin series of GPS, aside from the installation costs?
  8. Thanks, but a IFD 540/GTN 750 isn't in the plan. I fully intend to re-organize the panel at some point, but I don't want to do that until I decide on a way forward (see above reference later panel upgrades like a G3X or SkyView). @gsxrpilot What would you suggest? I haven't seen your panel yet but I did enjoy flying your C when you had it.
  9. I went to an avionics shop yesterday and sat down with them. The guy there recommended going with a Garmin 175 and a Garmin GNC-225 which would provide the GPS and a second NAV/COM radio. That is less than a 650xi installed and around the same as the Avidyne IFD 440 installed. It looks like these are probably the best options to choose from at this point. I assume a CDI can be shared by multiple sources with the proper connections?
  10. It's not about being cheap, it's about achieving the necessary end state. If a Garmin 355 does that, then that's fine. If it doesn't, then that's fine too. It's why I asked the question about the necessity of redundant navigation radios. It gives you two CDIs but only one navigation radio which brings me back to my question above. I'm starting to lean towards having two navigation radios for redundancy which puts me back in the Garmin 650xi or Avidyne IFD 440 area.
  11. I'm pretty certain that if I tried to re-organize the panel the A&P who installed it would lose his mind with how messy it probably is back there. I'm curious how many people have dual navigation radios in their planes instead of just one?
  12. The G5s are an interesting idea. The G5s would require a new panel, but not the GI-275 as that should be a drop in replacement since it's the same size. I was steering, generally anyway, away from the G5s since they are a different size. Is it required as a backup to a 650xi? No, at this point it's time to upgrade to a GPS. That's an interesting idea as well. Will it still interface with a G3X or a GI-275 later on? I'm looking at long term upgrade/scalability options. I guess I haven't really thought about it, but how many navigational radios are standard in aircraft these days? I had two but that's because that's what came with it when I bought it. I suppose one navigational radio from the KX-155 would be sufficient as a backup in case I go somewhere that doesn't have a GPS approach or I need to shoot a VOR/LOC/ILS. I appreciate the offer, but I think I'm going to stick with the GPS route. It's a good excuse to step into the 21st century.
  13. Yesterday morning when I went to pre-flight the plane, my old KNS-80 died. I let the smoke out. Given that it's old and I was looking for an excuse to put a GPS in to begin with, this might be a good time to do it. I'm looking for some options on an upgrade path that flow and make sense. Right now I'm not able to continue instrument training because I can only do a VOR or LOC approach. Thanks to @chriscalandro for all the help yesterday. I spent a while with Chris yesterday reviewing the options and what we came up with is below. I've also included a picture of my panel. This is a 1968 M20C model. I have a Garmin GDL-82 installed for ADS-B that connects to my KT-76a transponder. I called Sarasota Avionics who gave me a quote of around $18,000 for the Garmin 650xi plus a new CDI. Apparently the 650xi will only work with either the GI-206b or the new GI-275. Option 1: Garmin 650xi with (likely) a GI-275. This provides a solid platform and I can use the 275 as an HSI/CDI with the 650xi providing the navigation sources via either GPS or VOR/ILS/LOC. The downside is that if I install the GI-275 I'm basically heading down a path of installing more GI-275's since it wouldn't be worth it to then install a G3X or something because of the similar functionality, though there is a cost difference to consider. Option 2: Garmin 650xi with a G3X system. This eliminates the need for the GI-206b or the GI-275 and adds other functionality, like engine monitoring functions that I don't currently have. I am not limiting myself to Garmin options (and not just new products, either). Since I have a GDL-82, it kind of makes sense because they will all play nicely together. Will the GDL-82 play nicely with other products? The SkyView is a really nice looking setup. The only concern I have with it is the lack of auto pilot support, which isn't released yet. For those that have the Avidyne IFD 440, how do you like it now that you've had a chance to use it for a while? Thanks for your thoughts.
  14. I seen our are back

  15. I'm thinking about holding off for the Garmin as well and just going with a complete Garmin system including a GTN-650 and ADS-B solutions. It should make it easier for everything to play nicely. I've got a little time before any of that happens so my thinking may change. Depending on the Garmin autopilot price, I'm also very interested in the TruTrak option. The difference between the Trio and TruTrak prices is enough for a lot of other work to be done.