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  1. Nice to see you back Jose. You didn’t know that Mooneyspace was full of so many _____ .
  2. Everyone says Mooney should restart mid body production. Who’s ready to pony up and actually buy one? Who’s willing to spend $700k on a new J with all the latest avionics, maybe they’ll even throw in the 2nd door?
  3. I flew IFR NYC to Pittsburgh with enough fuel to make an alternate in Orlando. On my 2nd missed, I was very tempted.
  4. I’ve done nearly that same route in my 201er KAPA KLDJ nonstop in 9hrs with 3hrs fuel to spare. The more noteworthy thing was that my wife let me skip making a stop near Chicago and endured all the way back without a stop.
  5. Great! Now let’s all go tell Mooney how they should run the company!
  6. Given that the Mooney is 17 years older for only slightly less money seems to imply it is still a more highly valued airplane when you get into apples to apples.
  7. My sincerest condolences. I want to thank Mike Elliot and the Mooney Summit for respectfully relaying the support of the Mooney community to the family and keeping the community up to date.
  8. Well apparently there were some 737 crashes that cost a lot of money so we gotta pay higher premiums.
  9. Day of the originally planned Mooney Caravan, TAF was anticipating CBs everywhere all day.
  10. Citizens Band radio. Also for the cheapos who can’t afford a proper ham rig.
  11. I’ve flown J3 cubs older than that B17. Should they be grounded too?
  12. If he’s bunking with the reaper then he can’t be ok!!!
  13. I better call and check if Anthony @carusoam is ok.
  14. Good and extensive transition, cross country, and instrument training. Otherwise just a fuel cup, chocks, tow bar, and box of gallon hefty zip lock bags.