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  1. 201er

    Audio recording in the cockpit

    Now you can't ever say anything dumb in the cockpit cause there will be evidence!
  2. 201er

    Texas Visit

    I forgot to post this video so I just uploaded it now. Taking our friend from Dallas for a flight around the town! Took off from Adison, continued south across Love Field, around the city and back up from the east side, Lewisville Lake, over Carrollton, and back to Adison.
  3. Yes, fly the plane! Think of it as some free flying. Maybe even go ROP for a bit. Or tell them to find their own ride.
  4. 201er

    1 Year Mooney-versary

    I love the title
  5. 201er

    Malaysian Flight Hijacked?

    They couldn’t come up with a better explanation so now they’re reverting to the suicide excuse: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/05/14/mh370-captain-was-attempting-suicide-aviation-experts-say.html Why the heck would he have to climb, descend, and try hard to evade radar to crash the plane out of sight?
  6. There aren't any great choices. Teterboro, White Plains, Morristown, Linden, or Republic. Expensive, far, and traffic. Welcome to NYC.
  7. 201er

    Oshkosh 2018 - Who's going?

    "I'll be at Oshkosh 2018" no "Transportation" no... This field is required. "Lodging" no... This field is required. Can't submit a vote. Sounds like a pretty rigged election where the only valid choice is to go to Oshkosh.
  8. 201er

    Grim Reaper contact info

    Careful you don’t let him too near your Mooney!
  9. 201er


    Wow, they said 4000 of these per year, 11 daily! That's way more common than I realized.
  10. 201er


    Wow, I can't believe it happens that much! I got lucky that it came from the right and was partially shadowed by my wing so it felt more like taxiing by an airplane blasting strobes at night than a light in the eye. My wife was on that side and saw more of it. It didn't ruin my ability to see afterwards but it had me shook up enough that the rest of the flight home I felt a bit behind the plane and not up to my full capacity. A bit challenging because it was a higher overcast so no moon and no cloud reflection of ground lights either. It was almost instrument flying over the water along the coast (crabbing into the wind seaward made seeing the coast even harder).
  11. 201er


    Does my wife have it too then?
  12. 201er


    Disclaimer: For professional use by adults 18 years old and over. We are not responsible for your actions with this laser. Do not point this laser at flying aircrafts, moving vehicles, people, animals, or anything that shouldn’t be pointed at. Lasers are not toys so please use with care and consider not only yourself but also those around you. Please also check out our laser safety guide before purchasing a laser from us. Additionally, when dealing with lasers especially a high power green or blue lasers, we highly recommend you wear laser safety glasses.
  13. 201er


    I was on with the tower so I reported it to them. They were quite serious about it and had a list of questions to make the report. Is there not a warning on these devices that it is a criminal act to point these at vehicles or airplanes? I understand that people may not be familiar with all rules and laws.
  14. 201er


    Got hit with a laser taking off from Groton returning to Linden last night. It was the strangest thing. At first it seemed like it came from my strobes reflecting off of something (like going through clouds but brighter). But then it appeared even brighter than that and I was terrified it was the strobes of another airplane in extreme proximity. It was coming from the right so there was a bit of shadow from the wing so it really did resemble strobes. Looked like a bright white light. But the next moment, searching my side for the source I realized it was green and coming from the ground near the airport. It all happened pretty quickly but was rather startling. Has anyone else experienced this? And the biggest question on my mind was, why the heck would someone do that? What are they getting out of it? Is it a deliberate malicious act or outright stupidity? How can they aim it with enough precision to target a moving airplane or is it connected with a sight scope? If there's a scope, does it mean it's mounted on a weapon? Could they be simultaneously shooting at us? Very bizarre incident and one I'd prefer not to repeat.