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  1. Looks simple enough. If I wasn't busy this week, I'd come down there and do it myself and show you guys. It's just 1 Bravo, 6 Deltas, and an uncontrolled field. 93 Notams for LAX alone
  2. That's gonna cost like buying a new (used) airplane. Congrats!
  3. I know. I’m just saying I don’t remember explicitly getting a Bravo clearance once inside. Just when penetrating the perimeter to enter. That’s why if there is a delay in hand off between Bravo towers, it’s mostly their problem and not yours. Behave like you are IFR and continue on your planned route. Every tower in the Bravo gave explicit instructions on how to proceed after takeoff such as “left turn out, direct Kennedy.” In the event of a temporary coms issue or delay in hearing back, I would just continue doing what they instructed and expect.
  4. It was entirely between towers for the Trifecta. There was a short time I was squawking 1200 between Kennedy and Farmingdale. And a short time talking to approach between Farmingdale and Westchester. Teterboro, Caldwell, Morristown all have adjacent deltas so hand offs from tower to tower. When you're on a Bravo clearance it's like being IFR. They have to take the handoff I'm pretty sure. I never worried about it. Now here's a question, when you take off from a Bravo airport VFR, do you need clearance into Bravo!? I don't think they say it. Does a takeoff clearance from that airport imply
  5. I posted the video and complete write up here:
  6. If that wasn't enough adventure for one day, we came home and introduced our baby to our parrots for the first time. Steven is 2.5 months old and had not yet encountered our 3 pet birds. We decided to give it some time. But, in the last few days he started showing an interest in toys and objects and we decided it would be a good time. However, parrots are wild animals and can potentially be aggressive or even just scared of new people. We were not 100% sure how they would react so out of an abundance of precaution and best practices, we made the introductions slowly and used training to e
  7. Since we're not using the airplane to actually go anywhere lately, I decided to catch up on some local flying. I took my wife and her father to see every single airport underlying the NYC Class Bravo airspace in my Mooney M20J 201. It's a flight I've always wanted to do but would keep putting it off cause it seemed so close and attainable. Well, now I went and actually did it. And I have the video to show it. Wednesday January 13, we departed Linden airport with the primary goal of landing at the 3 major airports and a secondary goal of landing at all the rest. I had one of the longe
  8. A real ambassador of Mooneyspace never sleeps Or at least sleeps with one finger on the keyboard.
  9. I’d guess the price of a hundred dollar hamburger but no hamburger. Haven’t been flying to any destinations this year so this can be it.
  10. Just got back to Linden. Dropping my passenger off before going back to add Lincoln Park. @carusoamyou let me down! I thought I’d be reading a play by play when I get back. GoPro didn’t fall off so I should have a video to share once I get it together. And yes, it was an actual landing at each and not passing. KLDJ KEWR KLGA KJFK KFRG KHPN KTEB KCDW KMMU KLDJ Gonna go get Lincoln Park before I call it a day. See ya.
  11. If successful this day might live in Mooney history. And you guys will be able to tell your grandkids (next week ) that you were there the day Mike made this epic flight
  12. For all you bored and curious aviators sitting at home, follow my Epic Flight attempt live on Flight Aware as it happens: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N4361H Planned departure around 1600Z. Video coming at a later point. @carusoam can be the announcer and post updates and screenshots here as they happen.
  13. I’m not happy at all about the numbers. I knew it was going to be bad but this may be even worse. 3/4 of us personally knew someone killed in an airplane accident. Whether it’s 1 in a 100 or 1:50 or 1:300, it doesn’t matter. Fact is, the number of fatal accidents is high enough that within the limited circle of pilots we manage to personally know (not just someone well we’ve heard of it stories passed around) we experience tragedy. I envy the people who answered that they never knew someone who perished in an airplane or better yet don’t even know someone who else who personally knew. I
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