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  1. Mooney Wake

    Caption this
  2. New Mooney E owner

    What was your reason for deciding to go Mooney?
  3. perfect mooneys can have problems too

    Did the prop hit?
  4. Mooney Wake

    Reaper's Wrecking Crew
  5. Mooney Wake

    Just chilling
  6. Mooney Wake

    The kiss of death is upon this M20E
  7. Mooney Wake

    We're at Donagel Springs watching Alan get ready to chop the first E Mooney. Anyone have anything they want to ask the reaper?
  8. Tires: Air vs Nitrogen

    So are you saying we don't have to pay for air or water??
  9. Airplane nicknames

    How about backward tailed dentist spinner
  10. Airplane nicknames

    Where's Peter? You taking note?
  11. Keep in mind folks for the poll, we're talking about accidents, incidents, and other mishaps. Ramp checks, pilot deviations, etc are a different story. Unless they were so egregious, they made the evening news
  12. Wondering what proportion of our pilots have been involved in an incident or accident that caught attention from authorities, media, or NTSB. You can vote anonymously if you don't want to talk about it. Or share some details of what it was like. Recommendations if were ever involved in something how to handle it? Get some wood out, knock on it, and then vote and share your thoughts.
  13. "Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan had been filed." Probable cause: the pilot's failure to file a flight plan.
  14. Yaw Gear with Gear down

    Maybe not on an ILS cause most ILS approaches have really long runways on the end of them. But I've seen some LPV approaches to ILS minimums with not so excessively long runways on the end and it's nice to have full flaps by 500 feet to be slow enough when you pop out at minimums.