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  1. A really stand up guy

    That is a huge down side. Similar problem with Plane Cover. But, they do take real good care of their customers once you've made it to the point of being a paid member.
  2. J

    Mine. Gimme half a mil and it's yours!
  3. Down for Annual

    Down for Annual so here's a video visiting my bird while it is apart at Air Mods in Robinsville NJ.
  4. A really stand up guy

    My wife had the same problem so I made her some new ear buds using "women's" pink ear plugs and she's really happy now.
  5. Last year I sent my PlaneCover.com plane cover in to have the snap connectors repaired/replaced. But through some misunderstanding, they restitched the cover, which it didn't need and did not change the straps. Now while my plane is down for annual again, I sent the cover in again with my $25 check for another refurb service but stating that it's the snaps that I need done and not the stitching. I get the cover back within a week including all shipping with new snaps and my check returned. Jim took care of their mix up and didn't charge. Another truly stand up guy is Phil from Quiet Technologies who makes the Halo headset. I've needed repairs on Halos every now and then for various issues. I can't remember how many years it has been since I've bought them but Phil has done the repairs and never charged. So here are two companies that charge a dime up front but then stand behind their product and provide true American service. On the flip side, both are quiet difficult to get a hold of and difficult to talk to. Also it's hard to get products from both because they always seem busy or out of stock. I guess that's what happens when a small company does such a great job, they spread themselves thin. But they always stand behind their products so thank you. Any other aviation related companies you'd like to add to the list?
  6. One Last Food Fight?

    When you initiate a go-around early on final, you're speed is still sufficiently fast but how do you it make go up?
  7. One Last Food Fight?

    Or overshoot and steepen the turn.
  8. Off field landing at KSGH

    I was asked to remove my evidence because it got someone's tighty whities up in a bundle so I had to leave just that part.
  9. Off field landing at KSGH

    See, that's your problem right there. Statistically most accidents/incidents did not file a flight plan and look how they ended up.
  10. Off field landing at KSGH

    I don't think high power operations in climb are frequent or long enough to do much harm but I think continuous high power operations still can't be good for your engine.
  11. Off field landing at KSGH

    That's because with normally aspirated engines, the power goes down as you climb whether you want it to or not. You only stay at 100% power for a minute, then 98% for a minute, then 95%, etc. You're down to 85% by the time you reach about 4000ft and you couldn't make more than 75% (cruise) power by 8000ft if you tried. The amount of time spent at above cruise (75%) power is only about 10 minutes and it is perpetually decreasing as you climb. On the other hand, climbing at reduced power takes forever, forward speed is slower so a net greater tach time, higher EGTs, higher CHTs, waste more fuel, get to destination later, and more work adding throttle as MP reduces with altitude. It takes excess power to climb. Not making much excess power if you power back. The IO360 is not the kind of engine that needs a power reduction or affords much of a power reduction in the climb.
  12. Firm numbers

    On that short of a distance, it will hardly make a difference. You're looking at 2:10 at the slowest/cheapest and 1:40 at the most expensive. 20 vs 30 gallons. What you really need or be looking at is a TBM or a Cirrus Jet if you want to see a big difference in speed.
  13. Family pressures?

    Oh wait I forgot, he's Christian so that doesn't apply. Carry on.
  14. Family pressures?

    You're your own worst enemy. Especially when it comes to aviation. Your business skills and car maintenance skills aren't worth a damn if you put a smoking hole in the ground with your plane.