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  1. Printing owner checklist

    Or you can try switching to a PC. That solve some this issue most of the time
  2. Flying the East River in NYC at Night

    It’s not too bright but might just be that the phone exposure is misleading.
  3. One of our biggest turnouts with 18 people in about 12 Mooneys
  4. There’s a NOTAM about the ramp closed but don’t worry, it doesn’t affect us for lunch time. I called to double check.
  5. No worries, we know you're busy doing Saturday Night Live on Saturdays
  6. NJMP Mooney Lunch Fly in this Saturday March 17 at Reading (KRDG) at noon. Expecting a big turn out of hungry Mooney pilots who haven't flown all winter. At least the runway is extra big!
  7. No, I have same as you.
  8. Texas Visit

    It's a long story. Short version, departed Wednesday, overnight in Nashville, challenging flight back home on Thursday.
  9. Texas Visit

    Currently enroute to Nashville. Will have to stay the night due to northeast storms.
  10. Insurance renewal

    I'll check mine when I get back but just speaking from memory
  11. Insurance renewal

    There’s a per occurance limit and a per occupant limit. Basically the liability is split into 3 categories: Hull, occupants, and external damage. Hull is all the pilot could receive (and maybe $5000 medical). On most policies there is a 1mil total and $100k per occupant limit. This means that with 4 on board, the max that occupants could get is $100k each. The max the folks on the ground, property owner, car driver, etc could get is 1mil (less $100k per occupant). The max that everyone that the pilot is liable to could get with either a smooth or normal policy is the total limit which is typically 1 million. The only thing a smooth policy changes is that occupants can receive any share of the full million up to the full amount. Standard policy caps occupants to $100k each. The difference between occupants and people on the ground is that occupants knowingly and voluntarily participated in the activity while ground parties were uninvolved (the plane just dropped by). It gets a bit sketchy with passengers entering the aircraft because if they claim they were not an occupant but just walking by the plane, then it’s a higher amount.
  12. Insurance renewal

    The difference between regular liability and smooth is that smooth insures the liability of non-pilot occupants up to the total rather than $100,000 limit. If there are no occupants, there is no point of $1,000,000 divided by occupants per occupant amount. Liability to the house or field that the wreck intervened with will be covered up to a million whether it’s smooth or not. However, if you take one friend, smooth provides 10x the liability coverage. 2 friends is $500k each.
  13. Texas Visit

    Arrived in Round Rock. Really enjoyed the Georgetown airport. Very easy, friendly, and affordable.