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  1. Looks like what would happen if Mooney + Bonanza had a bastard love child.
  2. How do you manage reduced power element takeoffs with normally aspirated Mooneys at such altitude?
  3. Where was your mixture while taxiing? Perhaps plug fouling?
  4. Yes but who brought Anthony and made him available for your little gig there buddy?
  5. You mean to tell me they didn't just come out to admire Bob's exquisite Mooney and eye catching paint job?
  6. Did you drain the pitot and the static on your preflight? Did you use a pitot cover?
  7. Camgaurd already has antiscuff. Dunno if there can be too much of a good thing, maybe someone can chime in on that.
  8. I had a long conversation at Oshkosh with the guy at Phillips who developed Victory and what he said it all came down to is that Victory has the Lycoming anti scuff and is certified. Camgaurd is not certified but in addition to anti scuff also has added corrosion resistance. Victory does not. The only corrosion resistance Victory provides is the same as any oil. He did a good job of convincing me to stick with classic 20W-50 with camgaurd.
  9. Lead slowing down, no matter how abruptly, should NEVER be a cause for a collision with wingmen if wingmen are on the proper bearing line which keeps both lateral and vertical separation between all surfaces. In other words, we aren’t ever supposed to fly close enough to be able to run into each other. It’s like driving on a highway where even 3 vehicles in parallel are all in separate lanes and can’t rear end each other.
  10. “Engine readings, compass data, altitude and other readings “could all be manipulated to provide false measurements to the pilot,” according to the DHS alert.” Not a threat to a 1978 M20J! To hack one of those to give false measurements to the pilot you’d need a magnet, some tape, and maybe piss in the static. Too sophisticated for modern day teenagers to hack!
  11. Learned to be more vigilant and stand your ground when taxiing in soft grass in Mooney.
  12. They said they literally just released it at Oshkosh 2019
  13. Not the experience I had. Stopped by the Cirrus area and got the cold shoulder from staff both times! They had lots of salespeople standing around and still wouldn’t engage with me. It must have been wearing the Mooney shirt that gave me away as someone who’s not buying! I even straight up said I currently fly a Mooney, what would be the biggest advantage of a Cirrus compared to a Mooney. They shrugged shoulders and looked at each other until someone finally said, “Cirrus is easier to fly.” What a moronic sales pitch to someone who is already capable of flying a Mooney. They seemed a lot more keen to sit us in a plane and talk to us the time I brought my wife.