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  1. A complex endorsement is required to act as PIC of a complex airplane such as all Mooney M20's with the exception of the D model (if a fixed gear one still exists). Additionally a high performance endorsement is required to act as PIC of all post J Mooneys as they have over 200HP. So is there any way for a not yet HP/Complex endorsed Private Pilot to log PIC time in a Mooney? Yes! As long as they fly with another pilot or instructor who is qualified to act as PIC in a Mooney (including BFR, current, medical, and Complex/HP endorsements). More about that and the story of how I got kicked o
  2. @Parker_Woodruffis the state based on where the airplane owner’s residence is or the state where the airplane is kept?
  3. Can someone just post a straight answer or a screenshot how I can see my darn messages on my iPhone??
  4. Did the new ownership at Mooney buy out Mooneyspace or something??
  5. Probably not buckets but barrels and barrels of cash
  6. I hate to admit it, but there's been a couple times I forgot to retract the flaps in climb. It wasn't until I leveled off and could not break 130KTAS that finally cued me in. The first time this happened I had them inspected. By the second or third time, I don't sweat it. The plane tells me I forgot something sooner or later.
  7. See if this will change her mind! And if not, at least live vicariously as @carusoam says.
  8. Except for the pucks, the tanks, low prop clearance, difficult to properly close door, difficulty in getting factory parts....
  9. And instrument training is all about undoing that! Instrument flying a sim is much easier cause there’s no feel. All the challenge is ignoring what you think you know for sure From feel and flying what almost seems like upside down just to follow the instruments.
  10. This is great advice. One thing I’d add is beware of young time builder CFIs! They can disappear at the drop of a hat when they get enough hours and find a job. Might be different for the time being but by the time you are completing your training, it may be inconvenient to have to change to a new CFI solely for the reason that yours bailed!
  11. Nobody flies like that any more! We all use GPS, IPad, magenta line and stuff. Don't get me wrong, it's good to be in the mindset. Reading, talking about it, thinking about it really gets the gears going. I think you can shortcut some of your knowledge based training by being well read and in the loop before you even start. You'll be able to grasp the teaching and convert to long term memory on the first try rather than the instructor having to repeat. But that's about where it all ends I think. The real "feel" of flying an airplane is nothing like a home desktop simulator. Actu
  12. NYC 3 airports don’t have a Signature!!!
  13. I didn’t know Nancy was part of the arrangement!?
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