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  1. For me it’s always been 120KIAS. It’s the aerodynamic sweet spot for the M20J. The handling on the controls is superb, it’s just at or below maneuvering speed (maybe make a sharp move to avoid birds), it will provide a little extra stretch while slowing to beat glide, the viability over the front is good, it’s below gear extension speed, it keeps things out of the yellow arc in terms of vibration, fuel flow is minimal at about 6-7gph, and I can very consistently get to it with an easy to remember setting of “22 squared.” I actually set for that power setting rather than that specific speed of
  2. I know it’s been discussed to death but I’d love to see some numbers on what’s the favorite pattern entry speed. If you use different speeds just round to whatever is the closest representation. In the discussion, specify your model, what speed you use on downwind, and why.
  3. It’s registered as a Cessna 400 but he identifies as Columbia on the radio. I guess is he said Cessna 554Z, ATC would be really shocked.
  4. Maybe that’s just pretty rare for a Cessna to be flying for more than a couple hours at a time...
  5. ATC gets excited about a Columbia going 800nm. Meanwhile 1000+ nm cross countries are no issue in the Mooney (with long range tanks). ATC doesn’t offer the same kind of surprise to a Mooney doing NJ to Wichita, Key West, San Marcos, Winnipeg, or Goose Bay nonstop. Nor 1400nm Denver to Linden. And after all that, the Columbia couldn’t make it past St. Louis without taking a piss. I guess Jose, @Gagarin, they don’t make a piss hose for those things?
  6. Is this peace of junk back up for sale again!?
  7. Have you guys heard the news? Cirrus announced that they are buying Mooney corporation and resuming aircraft production. They are going to modernize the M20 with all the latest and greatest including all composite design, CAPS parachute, Garmin GFC700 autopilot, 1250lb useful load. A 6 seat variant is being discussed. Cirrus is contemplating scrapping production of their popular SR20/22 lines in favor of the Mooney type certificate they are buying out as the staple of their fleet. Now you won't have to choose between 1950's era peace of mind like steal roll cage and one piece wing spar and imp
  8. You'd pay the gas bill, insurance, and maintenance if you were swapped the plane?
  9. I'll start. Nothing. I'm not aware of an airplane that might cost a lot more to acquire but same or less to maintain/operate for this kind of speed/safety as my Mooney M20J. I'd have to be ready to shell out a lot more for operating expenses than I can afford that would appeal to me. Like a longbody Mooney or a TBM. I'd have to spend a lot more to get a little more. I'd have to have a lot more than a lot more to justify that.
  10. So for the 85% of you who answered something between "no" and "hell no" to trading for a Cirrus, I added a new topic to write in what you would trade for if there's anything else that strikes your fancy. Tell us over there what non-Cirrus airplane you'd go for.
  11. Ok, so we learned that the vast majority of Mooney owners find the Cirrus nauseating and would sooner be caught riding a scooter than downgrade to that plastic toy. So instead of a poll, here's a write in. What airplane WOULD you trade your Mooney for? Again, you're not getting any more or less out of the equity, you have to foot all the operating and future costs. Is there an airplane that you'd rather have than a Mooney but only the acquisition cost is holding you back? And if not, is there a Mooney model you'd trade for today and take on all operating costs for?
  12. Considering the majority of aviation accidents are pilot error and most often the kind the chute won't help with (CFIT, Stalls in the pattern), the wife is better off staying at home while her husband flies if she wants to cash in that insurance...
  13. I say no. Definitely not if the operating costs are substantially higher. If the operating costs were the same, I'd have to think about it. However, I can't say that a Cirrus appeals to me overall. The Mooney design is one of the things that got me into aviation. I would definitely like a faster Mooney than a Cirrus. But, again I'm not sure I'd want to take on the higher operating costs of a 2002 Mooney Bravo either.
  14. Hypothetically, would you trade your Mooney for a Cirrus? Let's say you can have a direct swap plane for plane. You can't sell it or if you do, you get whatever your Mooney is worth for it anyway. No gain or loss on the asset value or monthly payment. However, you have to take on whatever maintenance, operation, insurance costs come with it. You have to fly with a parachute and your wheels always hanging out, and you get shunned off this forum. Say something like this 2002 SR22. Doesn't have to be exactly this one but thereabouts. https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/20
  15. It’s no surprise that in a Mooney group we mostly have folks who got into aviation with the intent of private flying. I was just curious to see what portion of Mooney pilots was commercial or military cross overs and clearly it’s a substantial amount as well. Good stuff.
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