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  1. An engine analyzer is the third most useful panel add-on after an angle of attack indicator and GPS.
  2. Yeah yeah. Last time I was IFR 500ft above a solid overcast the only VFR traffic ATC reported was supposedly 500ft below. Passed close based on ADSB but never saw him. I guess 91.113b doesn't apply for VFR into IMC? Most IFR days are such that there just isn't as much traffic above the layer and that altitude. It greatly reduces the workload. Doesn't mean you don't have to see and avoid. Just means you aren't vigorously swiveling your head to look for erratic training flights from various directions and lots of landing traffic.
  3. Dang that VFR flying... Good reason for going IFR Mostly this. A lot of time thinking if I'm going to have enough fuel to make it to the destination non-stop (especially with varying headwinds). If I get really bored, I start giving pireps to flight service. Look at your position on the ipad. At 150KTAS, nothing boring about that. If nothing is happening, zoom in more. Perform 91.171 VOR cross check. Sometimes I have races with traffic unbeknownst to them. It took me like half an hour to catch up to and pass an M20C I encountered on ADSB over Tennessee while enroute from TX to NJ. Lately, there has been so much thunderstorm activity and complications that I didn't have a chance to get bored on 6-10 hour flights. Come to my Mooney Summit round table for more tips on Flying Cross Country Comfortably in Mooneys.
  4. 8 years??? Sounds like time for new tires in any case. What kind of tires? Probably the expensive ones if they already lasted that long.
  5. Love the enthusiasm student pilots have for spending big bucks buying airplanes despite the odds of getting private pilot are less than 20%
  6. Or next time someone is mad about pilots sharing their two cents about an accident. The most unqualified pilot will still share better analysis than the local news.
  7. With so many pilots shrinking due to age and various sorts of trauma, how's the Mooney cabin fit playing in? Has anyone gone from not needing pedal extensions to needing them? Does it get easier to climb in through a single door? Sad to see that there is hardly any "growing" into the plane but the other way instead. Anyone have kids that are learning to fly and getting to the point of being able to reach the pedals?
  8. Talk about shrinking pilot population.
  9. That’s awesome! Now the big question on everybody’s mind is will the STC kits come with Jose’s piss hose or will they have to hold it in for 11 hours?
  10. Are you the FAA standard adult? Are Mooney pilots stereotypically tall and thin? Or are they just a bunch of gross weight @Marauder flying ballasts? Do you need rudder pedal extensions? In a short body!? Did you need to drill additional seat rail holes? Or your head pressed into the low ceiling? Ok spill the beans.
  11. Liar liar pants on fire. Don’t think you’d have enjoyed being in the hot seat. I left a lithium USB charge pack in a rental car in Houston over night or during the day and found it blown up the next day. It expanded so much it popped the plastic casing.
  12. Don’t take so much $hit and then you don’t have to worry about calculating it so thoroughly. I made some calculations for ranges of passenger and baggage weights that cover most configurations. Unless I’m in an unusual weight situation, I know I’ll be good. I only get particular if I’m close to the edge or there’s a chance it will be over the edge and things need to be factored closely. But, if you don’t take too much stuff and easily know you’ll be within gross and within balance, ballparking everything can quickly show you that you are within range and have margin to spare.
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