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  1. And the fact that stall is an angle and not a speed. Unfortunately a smoldering crater is not a beneficial lesson that you can stall a Mooney (or Cirrus for that matter) at 90 knots in certain conditions!
  2. Yeah, they do. Airplane C: takeoff, retract flaps, turn cross wind, turn downwind, throttle back, sit back in lala land at 90 knots, reduce power, add flaps, base, final Airplane M: takeoff, retract gear, retract flaps, turn cross wind, throttle back, turn downwind, prop back, mixture back, close cowl flaps, slow down to 90 knots, gear down, flaps, turn base, prop/mixture in, check the gear's down, turn final, make sure the gear's down Yeah, things happen faster in some planes compared to others all while flying 90 knots cause you have to get more things down.
  3. "ALL AIRCRAFT MUST BE ON AN ACTIVE IFR OR FILED VFR FLIGHT PLAN." It says just to file, not to activate a VFR flight plan. I think the VFR flight plan isn't for ATC to use as much as to have a record of your name, phone, and tail number so they know who to abuse if you forget to cross the t's or dot the i's.
  4. This is why I'm not a member. They would just divert my dues for paying the organization's useless president's exorbitant salary. I stopped renewing when the only time I wrote to AOPA was about overreach of VIP TFRs and they wrote me a response explaining/defending the TFRs instead of attempting to do something about them.
  5. Mickey Mouse can't get his sleep with all them aeroplanes buzzing overhead
  6. They trust a foreign military airplane in "critical security" airspace and not citizen civilians in harmless little aircraft!
  7. They let the Russians fly military planes over the FRZ and Trump's golf course TFR and they prohibit American citizens from flying harmless little planes anywhere near those places!? http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/09/us/russian-air-force-tu154-overflight-dc/index.html
  8. That's really cool. But how long do they last!? No matter how quiet it is, if it looks anything like my yellow halo foamies after a few months, it won't last enough to be a reasonable investment!
  9. Ovation book speeds

    Be careful that it has the useful load to fit your mission. They aren't known for being able to take passengers AND fuel.
  10. We

    I hear most pilots say "we" on the radios in contact with ATC and have gotten in the habit of doing so myself. For example, "we'll be needing the ILS approach" or "here's a pirep, we are experiencing some light chop..." I realize that in most cases it is coming from two man crews. However, you'll hear plenty of the same from GA airplanes. Some it may be a student + instructor or even perhaps a pilot + passengers. But I hardly ever recall a pilot ever saying "I." Its always "we," which leads me to the conclusion that we is actually referring to "the plane and I." ATC calls us by N number. They are not calling us by name as individuals but as representatives of that aircraft. "We" is the aircraft that is being referred to plus I as the individual speaking on its behalf So when the pilot acknowledges ATC with, "we're encountering a good bit of turbulence but will do our best to maintain this altitude," even if he is the sole occupant, he's referring to the teamwork between himself and his craft. Does anyone else see it this way?
  11. Favorites EFB's

    Oh, you want to be cheap. Then get FltPlanGo for free, does pretty much the same thing foreflight does and a stratux and a used iPad. With a stratux, all in for maybe $500 and no subscription fee. If you want to pay a little for quality, then use wingx.
  12. Cowl flaps will not stay closed

    Did you just say you have a Lopresti cowl but the Lopresti cowl flaps replaced with the original aluminum Mooney ones? Could that be causing the issue? When I got my J, it came with a throttle with friction lock for controlling the cowl flaps. Previous owner complained about them getting sucked open as you did so they did a lame fix by putting a friction locked throttle in place of the cowl flap lever. Sometimes the locking friction was enough and sometimes it wasn't. It wasn't till I had it replaced with a new, ridiculously expensive, long cowl flap knob and cable that it operated properly. Perhaps you need a new longer cable.
  13. ADSB Advice

    Stratus feeding a 430??
  14. Phil, there you go. Halo with mic and built in oxygen cannula for the turbo guys!? Brilliant.