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  2. Every year you have to inspect them. Once you have the cap taken apart might as well change the rings. They’re very inexpensive. Been outside more than 20 years haven’t gotten any water in my tanks yet.
  3. Nicely done captain and thanks for sharing the experience.
  4. You have a seriously vivid imagination. Portraying the crime of the century with your hyperbole! There will be ZERO alteration to aircraft. It's the identical plane both before and after the purchase of a piece of paper. Yet, your contention is lawsuits if a downed plane is found with yellow fuel in the tank??? You do realize even a frivolous law suit has to be based in at least plausible fantasy? On exactly what basis would you connect the cause of the crash to the absence of a piece of paper? People fly, and crash, with expired medicals and insurance still covers them, yet your outcome is denied claims over a missing STC for a drop-in-replacement fuel? Not bloody likely. And, seriously, you think FBOs are going to start demanding you "Show your papers!" before selling you fuel? I guess FBOs will have to shut down self-serve fuel, too. Thanks for the laugh
  5. well I updated to 8.00 hopefully I get to try it out tomorrow
  6. Call mountain high and have photos of your connectors or ports, which ever you have. I purchased the pulse demand unit which required an inline regulator to drop the pressure. The pulse demand cut my O2 use by 75%.
  7. I can't imagine any IA signing off an Annual if you have a tank full of yellow or light green (comingled) G100UL if you don't have the STC. GAMI is pretty smart with the color - anyone can immediately observe if you have G100UL either fully or partially in your tanks. A child could look at a fuel sample and tell the difference. Without the STC the plane is not airworthy. Why would an IA risk losing his license because the owner is cheap? Additionally if a pilot/owner is intentionally using G100UL without the STC they are knowingly flying the plane when it is not airworthy and the owner will lose insurance coverage in the event of a claim. And if the Airport FBO sells it to an owner without the STC and there is an accident, the Airport FBO will be sued. It's just like selling alcohol to underage minors. Ignorance is not a defense.
  8. I tried to do a LOP mag check today and here's what it looks like with a Surefly in advance setting. I was only at 6,500' (~24.1" MP), so it would be even worse higher because it would have more advance. Egts went up when I turned off the mag, but not a lot and the engine was still smooth. Slight decrease in speed, but barely. When I turned off the SF, EGTs went way up, very rough, and airspeed dropped quickly (#2 plug may be a bit weak too?). I know yours is different since it's fixed timing, but since we were talking about it earlier, I'll post it here. Before switching back to both, I pulled power back to prevent the backfire as SF takes 5-10ms to come back online - you can see the EGTs all fall together at the end.
  9. I fly to Miami to see my mom. I use KTMB for convenience but pay $25/day tie down. If you are staying for more than a few days probably better off paying the monthly tie down fee. You can work something out with the FBO. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. This is largely off-topic, but our discussion here reminded me of this interview. Fascinating and impressive humility and performance from a P-51 pilot faced with a will-I-make-the-field-or-won't-I decision. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2018/may/17/inside-a-p-51-engine-out-off-airport-landing The video at the top of the article is only a few minutes long. The one linked from the bottom is more than a half hour. Both are very much worth a watch.
  11. Thanks for letting me know the side-slip didn’t work. Still will not stop me from trying if i ever get stuck in that situation. I’ll also burn gas down to vfr mins before i set it down as to be as slow and light as possible. Might as well shoot some approaches while getting the gas down. Because in this day in age it will be months if not a year to get the airplane back into air worthy condition with all the lead times now a days.
  12. I have flown my friend’s Cherokee 140 with it. I found it to be very intuitive and it performed very nicely for a basic AP. In just about an hour of playing with it I felt pretty comfortable. The coupled GPS approach worked really well also. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. You are mixing up "Grade" with "Octane". AVGAS 100LL and AVGAS 100 are "grades" of leaded (TEL) aviation gasoline that both have ASTM Octane ratings of 100/130 (lean mixture rating and rich mixture rating). AVGAS 100 has twice the TEL as AVGAS 100LL. As a result, AVGAS 100 was phased out and is no longer sold. Your Mooney M20R TCDS is only certified for leaded grades of aviation gasoline with a minimum Grade of AVGAS 100LL and AVGAS 100. Historically in addition to AVGAS 100 (Green color) there was AVGAS 115/145 grade that had no limit on lead content (Purple color). It was used primarily by the military before jets took over but is still used in aviation racing engines today. (Warter Aviation) f Absolutely correct. The TCDS for your M20F states "100LL or 100/130 octane min. grade aviation gasoline". G100UL is not rated 100/130 per the ASTM D910 lean mixture rating and rich mixture rating. GAMI certified G100UL as 99.6 MON. I suspect they did it intentionally. You need an STC.
  14. Thank you for your thoughts. As I asked my instructor if he had any more ideas, he did! We turned that Mooney every which way but loose! Full power high G tight turns, side slips, rapid climbs, etc.(consideration given for ripping control surfaces off)..... any maneuver we could think of to force the gear to lock itself into the down position...... a tall order it was, but we tried. After all that, I came to grips with what was to be. Safety for my instructor and myself was number one. I’m sharing this information, as you stated, to possibly help others with my experience. My situation and experience, of course will not fit every situation. It’s most difficult to unsee the video, and to stop thinking about this tragic occurrence.
  15. I did. I couldn’t find them anywhere. New steering horn and hardware. Bought the smallest tow bar I could find out there.
  16. My D3000 inspection this year was $3000 at Kelly, and I seriously considered going the ElectroAir route —- but since dual mag failures are rare and they’ve been basically reliable mags for the IO-360 “D” fleet, I figured I’d rather do the next 500 hours on a D3000 than be a guinea pig for an electronic ignition. If anyone does install the ElectroAir mag, I’m very very eager to hear about it. I’m hopeful that the early adopter problems are all worked out by the time I need a new mag
  17. Have you flown in your friends Bonanza especially in light turbulence? We were partners with a neighbor in his v-tail and i was not a fan of the wig-wag going through the sky. Some people it doesn’t bother them and others felt like it was rocking them to sleep but not me, i got nauseous. Back then I wasn’t instrument rated and had a fear of the bonanza’s nickname doctor killers. While it is a safe plane in the speed envelope there is very little room for overspeed error causing flutter and v-tail failure. There was a mooney in Canada that lost both ADI’s in IMC conditions and got into some high speed dives and luckily popped out the bottom of the clouds without hitting the ground and landed. When they pulled the data for the flight the mooney had gone well past VNE and i thought yea if he had been in a v-tail he probably wouldn’t have made it.
  18. I wonder if you yawed excessively if the airflow would have pulled the main gear on one side out then yaw the other direction to get the other side main gear to lock. Just throwing that out there in case someone else is in this predicament maybe trying that might help.
  19. Yeah, I think the same. I had the pre buy done as an annual. They probably missed the cracks developing in it. There is considerable fretting on the inner race which suggests to me that the bulkhead failed from repetitive vibrations. I’ve flown it about 70 hours since last November and had recently noticed a mild, rhythmic vibration at about a 10-15 second cycle. Took my local AI for a ride to get hie ideas but it was silky smooth the whole time. I thought I was just getting “new airplane, old pilot” jitters. Maybe the airplane was trying to tell me something and I just didn’t listen close enough.
  20. Has anyone other than me actually flown the Aerocruz 100? If so, I'd like to hear your comment on its operation.
  21. Oh I see. Yeah, I got 5 prices in 2020. Price ranges by a $25k delta.
  22. For sure but why pay more if you don’t have to. $11,200 for 2axis and electric trim. Figure 50hrs of work (if you already have G5s of gi275s) at $100hr. $16k seems fair but none of these quotes are near that.
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