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  2. Hi All, Does your heater/ air vent flapper under the panel get hot? My heater valve is closing completely but it still warms up the flappers under the panel that lets air get into the cabin. Thanks, D
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  4. It might be true, but it might also be somebody trying to keep others (e.g., LASAR) from filling in to preserve as much value in the factory as possible in the event of a sale.
  5. If that's all it is they've a really ham-fisted way of going about it. Then again, it is Mooney.
  6. Y'know, the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced we're all being overly pessimistic and Mooney is "just fine" (for our purposes, anyway)... 90 employees still kept on, not making parts, and the "parts guy" says the rumors of their demise are greatly exaggerated? Yeah, that sounds a _whole lot_ like retooling. If so, that might be a good sign of things to come. Of course, there are still lots of issues they need to deal with: Marketing, new phone system & FTE's to answer it, being properly competitive with Cirrus, etc. Baby steps, though...
  7. You will never again be able to get parts of any kind, and your aircraft is now worthless for ought but scrap. But, being a pleasant fellow I will happily take it off your hands for 20 AMU's, well north of its scrap value. I know, I'm likley to take a beating on it, but I am a nice guy.
  8. I have a theory, if we were all put in small planes and flown around on a daily basis from a small baby theough to adulthood, we would ALL be flying planes. The problem is we havent and thus aviation is seen as dangerous when actually crossing the road is more so. As is driving.
  9. Oh wow, you angel you, that is stunning. I am soooo jealous you got to see this. I was flying yesterday, but had i gone any where near clouds, i would have turned into an ice cube. Really lovely weather below though. Thanks
  10. Yes but a pain to get to. One recommendation (from Dynon) is to have the GPS Antenna 3 feet away from a VHS antenna. It's not a huge deal in our planes, but there is a way to set offset from the Centerline of the plane for use of ground based ADSB. The other cool thing about the Dynon antenna is that is does the processing in the antenna so you don't run coax to the antenna. Just 4 wires. 8volts/Ground GPS TX/ GPS Rec. Mine are going in over the baggage area.
  11. Oh thank NASA I don't have to build a wind tunnel and my guess about cowl flaps is correct. " Exit location showed a large effect on drag. By adding a diffuse to the inlet,pressure recoveries of up to 95% were demonstrated. That improvement alone can eliminate most of the need fora cowl flap and thereby save up to 3 % of total aircraft drag." Next topic cooling drag
  12. Another article out, but scant new insight
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  14. They may be like, "OMG! This is our chance!"
  15. You are lucky. In my part of the country, the shops will not touch the cylinder until I take it out of the car, and will take it out to the dock, but not in the car. They claim liability concerns. I have one very large one and one slightly smaller. It is just about all I can do to get the large one in and out of the back of my station wagon. But I am not quite as tough as I once was.
  16. To close this out: The cylinder came off, and the verdict was that the valve guides and valves were bad, the cylinder barrel was polished smooth, and the piston was scored on the sides (presumably from contacting the cylinder, and also badly pitted (I presume whatever was going on in there eroded that aluminum pretty fast). Since then, I also had an event that has been tentatively diagnosed as a stuck carb float, but manifested as partial power loss over mountains. I put the airplane down on the nearest airfield, and found blue staining all over the nose-wheel. All this, combined with the fact that every new mechanic who looks under the cowling says something to the effect of "ehh, i guess it's airworthy," means that if anybody is in the market for a 1/6th share of a Cessna 152 based at KSQL, I've got one for sale. Thank you everybody for helping me navigate this adventure!
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  18. Diamond is another example of “what could have been” in the trainer market. However, you can go slightly more optimistic for Diamond: “What could be”
  19. Tom sorry for your loss, losing your very best friend is difficult to deal with, as mentioned good memories are to be cherished. Steve’s event is troubling to me, my wife apparently is one of the lucky ones having her first known heart attack in September, I only hope all of our Mooneyspacers will get a proper physical including having a review of their heart and associated systems. Steve’s event should spark all of us to get checked out hopefully mitigating a similar outcome.
  20. No smart phones and night pictures but some 20y ago I had stunning night flight with full moon reflecting off the surface of lake Ontario. It was great flight even with GS of only 70kt in rented C172. Attached is a sunrise picture at 9500ft over Cascades taken on one of my morning commutes to a job in Central WA. That's Glacier Peak peaking through haze/overcast.
  21. How many has Diamond sold compared to Cirrus? Cessna discontinued the 400 and I believe you can add a chute to the 172 and 182. Anyway, it is just my opinion (and remains so).
  22. My wife is nervous about flying with me in Mooneys - she's ridden in the back on a couple flights with @smccray and @DonMuncy. She has expressed great interest in the chute that Cirrus offers and asked why other manufacturers don't offer that. But she also has been convinced that Mooney has a strong stucture. But I can tell you that's a harder sell than a chute. I like going places in planes. And I don't care to go alone (I want wife and future kids to be along for the ride). If/when an airplane is in the picture, it'll be one of these five: SR20, SR22, M20J, M20K, M20R. And if someone hands me $1MM and says "go buy a new airplane", I'll be first in line for a Piper Seneca V.
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