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  2. Food • 2 qts water • 18 LARA Bars • Water filter + 1 liter bag • Water purification tablets Shelter • 2 Aluminized survival suits • 1 pr gloves • Wool cap • Tent Utility • Duct tape • Parachute chord • Fire starter sticks + matches • 2 Butane lighters • String • Sharpening stone • Notepad + pencil • Kleenex • Soap • Saw • Leatherman • Knife • Mini Maglite • Compass • GPS • PLB • 4 AA batteries • 2 Sierra cups • Butane stove + 2 canisters • Survival manual First Aid Kit Signalling • 4 Flares • 3 Smoke flares • 4 Aerial flares • 3 whistles • 2 Signaling mirrors I also have a Garmin inReach Messenger and a handheld VHF nav/com in the airplane. I really want a lot of ways to call someone to come get me. I figure giving up 30 lbs of useful load is protective because I've never had to use it!
  3. I have a Concorde 24 volt battery 14 months old, RG24-15. It holds a charge and load, long story why I had to replace it. Pick it up at 61-AR Duane best offer
  4. Me, too. I must be slumming it; while the rings or cables are there the chains/ropes were missing.
  5. @PeteMc Correct, and no idea why it would be different from one oil change to another with the SAME oil. If you read the post I was responding to, however, you will see I was addressing the statement "...Xc 20w-50. It should be the same as Aeroshell 100 when hot."
  6. I have actually had to use my tie down ropes on two occasions, and both times it was not really what would be considered “out in the boonies”.
  7. But going from XC 20w-50 to 20w-50 to 20w-50, in theory, should not show any change. Sure, maybe change over years, but not from a flight yesterday to a flight today after an oil change. Why the change with no real time between, using the same oil type that has been used over a long period?
  8. I have changed my reservations to Ft Worth….the airport has not been confirmed yet, but I am hoping KFWS. I have been in there several times and the gas is way cheaper than Meacham.
  9. Good to know. I don't know when it changed from 91.33 to 91.205, but I guess that 2016 legal interp. was to put back in/clarify the "installed" part that was left out of the wording.
  10. Apparently a new owner forgot to put the gear down on his C model at my home base - KLXT - this week. Don’t know the N number but I saw the curled up prop tips on the plane where it is sitting in Hangar 1. Allegedly only had 35 hours on the engine.
  11. It’s much easier with NDB procedures flown with GPS and ADF, it lacks legal guidance on when to make “GPS/VLOC switch”
  12. Maybe, in theory,...but when I discussed high oil temps with my A&P his first question was what oil I was using. FWIW, he said he's seen higher oil temps with multi-viscosity oils than with single weights. Anecdotal as he didn't have 'hard data' available.
  13. Wow. I’d like this too. I’ve never even had one…have all the Mooney shop manuals of anyone needs those.
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  15. The “must be an installed appliance… with a permanent clock presentation” requirement was a 2016 Chief Counsel interpretation. I don’t think there has naan a change to that part of the reg.
  16. @PT20J I'm curious what you carry as survival gear.
  17. Hat rack: cover, cowl plugs, pitot cover, small kneepad (for sumping tanks - saves pants knees). Main: survival gear (I fly over a lot of inhospitable terrain), tie down kit, plastic box containing GATS jar, travel chocks, 2 qts oil, air pressure gauge, tube of waterless hand soap, rags, plastic polish and microfiber cloths, screw driver with interchangeable bits, crescent wrench.
  18. Has anyone actually used their baggage rope?? I’ve been flying with it for a decade and never needed it unexpectedly. I only bring rope when I expect to need it. Haven’t had trouble finding tie down at most airports. I only bring rope going somewhere really remote or unattended. My baggage organizer was becoming unreasonably heavy with all the “just in case” or “couldn’t hurt” to bring kind of stuff. It was gradually growing but lately I’ve slimmed down based on experience.
  19. Hat rack - Gats jar, microfiber cloths, travel john(s), funnel, cowl plugs, pitot cover Baggage area - tow bar, chocks, 1 or 2 qts of Phillips XC 20w50, Cam Guard, 50’ of tie down rope, tool pouch, plane cover.
  20. You already have a JPI 900, why spend the extra money for no real benefit? Why not keep AV30s as backups, still need 1 G5 to backup the G3X. I would remove the annunciator.
  21. I too have a multi tip, but I moved it from the hat rack to the tool kit as it would become a flying shank in the case of a sudden deceleration
  22. I forgot to mention the screw driver. Multi tip screw driver is a permanent resident of hat rack. Everything else is in the most-of-the-time tool kit in the baggage compartment.
  23. Stopwatch? Don't you mean a clock? And note that the clock must be in the panel, your watch doesn't count. Not that you can't use a stopwatch, or a kitchen timer like I used to use before all the other timers appeared in my panel. But a stopwatch itself will make you illegal. ADDED: Just checked and I remember it saying it needed to be an installed clock, but it looks like that has changed to just a clock. REF: 91.205(d) (6) A clock displaying hours, minutes, and seconds with a sweep-second pointer or digital presentation.
  24. That’s a good extensive list, but you’ve got to have a good screwdriver with different bits, a 3/8 stubby wrench, and a small pair of pliers… you’ve probably got those in there, no?
  25. I will stick with, “not according to current regulatory guidance” on the use of “suitable RNAV systems” and agree to disagree on what is required for primary nav on a LOC course. (no one even remotely suggested disabling GPS, nor did I suggest another way wouldn’t work)
  26. @LANCECASPER I always understood that it was the first long body but if you look at the picture of the one on controller it is a mid body. It doesn’t have the extra window. and I knew it didn’t have the 3368, but what kills the UL is they are stuck at 2900 and can’t get the. 3200 increase either. so the stc is bigger brakes and or structural changes? what did they do to the J? I would have thought that late airframe, even the Porsche, had the 3200…
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