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  2. This is the brochure that Brittain sent me when I inquired about adding altitude hold to my PC system. It says the entire Brittain Pitch Altitude Control System consist of four elements: (1) Function Panel…to engage and monitor the system via a miniaturized pitch trim indicator which visually references the position of the elevator trim taps. (2) Sensor-Computer Amplifier…the remotely located “sensing” device which is the heart of the system. (3) Altitude Hold Chamber. (4) Pneumatic Servos…connected to aircraft elevator mechanism.
  3. Brittain Pitch Stabilization & Altitude Hold brochure View File This brochure was provided by Brittain when I inquired about adding altitude to my PC system. Submitter Culver LFA Submitted 07/19/2018 Category Avionics  
  4. jackn

    In flight LOP mag test

    Savvy has a nice tool. Free upload & hit the ‘M’. In my case it was clear it was the lower #5 was a little weak. Not to state the obvious, but when you turn the switch all to the left it’s selecting the right mag. Anyway, it looks like your upper #1&3 plugs may be fouled?
  5. I see that it hasn't been converted to the underwing exhaust. Be extremely careful in inspecting for spar corrosion, since these early models are notorious for that. In addition to the nose gear problems, main gear side brace problems, and of course, the slipping starter adapter problems.
  6. Guitarmaster

    Moving to a twin, so the Mooney has to go...

    This one is 185 @ 10000 on 22. It is carburated though so not quite as efficient. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  7. markejackson02

    Comant CI-156

    I found a data sheet that had a scaled drawing of the bottom of the CI-196 which I assume will work. Being a CB before popping for a new antenna.
  8. Have to say the brittain works great. Except for altitude hold. Whst parts do i need
  9. Today
  10. RLCarter

    Comant CI-156

    You can lay the gasket on a copier or scanner then just email it
  11. The upgraded installation (and it definitely is an upgrade from the older G500) was finished last Friday just in time for Oshkosh. I'm still figuring out how to make the best use of its capability. There is a lot to it and much more flexibility as compared to the G500 I traded in. Altitude and vertical speed preselect is much faster than the old way of doing it. Deciding what you want to display can be done easily on the fly as compared to the G500 that required a lot of menu selecting and button pushes. Turns out my problem with the lack of geo-referenced chart display was a database problem. The flight charts database had not become current yet, and while it displayed charts on the dedicated Charts page it did not display on the Map Page until today when the new charts became effective. I'm looking forward to all the new software updates on both the G500 TXi and GTNs. If the ability to reverse the size of the PFD and MFD is pilot selectable, that would be a great addition. I'm not sure from the reading of the update if it is pilot selectable and, therefore, a fixed reversal.
  12. Yesterday
  13. This topic brings back memories... in the early 90’s I flew a rather rough C310Q. It was a blast to fly, and I’d expected that by now it had been parted out. Nope N5LH is still turning dead dinosaurs into beautiful noise. Finding it still active on flightaware made my day. -dan
  14. Marauder

    Comant CI-156

    I don’t have the manual for the CI-156 but I do have the gasket from the CI-156 that I removed and replaced with the CI-196. Here they are side by side. You’re more than welcome to the old gasket if that will help. PM your address if you want it and I’ll stick it in the mail. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. markejackson02

    Comant CI-156

    Does anyone have an installation manual for the CI-156 antenna? Specifically looking for a template to make a new gasket. Thx
  16. I would have expected faster. If I choose to burn 22 GPH (essentially never), I get 190 KTAS from my Baron. 175 KTAS takes 20 GPH.
  17. Wendy has often done things no one else said they could, might want to ask her. Wendy Wenk Wenk Aviation Insurance, LLC 900 North Shore Drive, Suite 109, Lake Bluff, IL 60044 847.235.2491 phone │ 800.225.9365 toll free │ 847.235.2559 fax
  18. Based on all their previous approvals I would venture to say no however nothing is final till the approval. How they explained the lack of the ILS feature to me was that it would be a hang up in the approval process to have the Vision interface with all of the different brands / configurations of ILS outputs. Given that there is a GPS/LPV or straight GPS at just about every airport and many of the smaller airports have only a GPS and no ILS makes it a non issue for me. Couple that with all the other features that I get that are way above and beyond what my century III and legacy autopilots give me and I am happy especially for the price.
  19. I did a LOP in flight mag test today because I noticed a slight (get your attention) vibration on my last flight when I pulled back the RPM at reaching cruise altitude. The roughness only lasted a couple seconds but I noticed it. today I climbed to 5500' over the airport and setup straight and level cruise at -70 LOP ( I wanted to get as lean as possible. I didn't pull it back further because I think my IO550G 310 HP Continental will quit before it starts getting too rough. Number 4 has been the richest cylinder lately. It use to be Number 5. Number 3 has been the highest EGT in cruise by about 40-50 °F when cylinder temp is low to mid 300s. attached is the relevant part of the JPI 830 graph for EGT. The first spike is the L mag. The second spike is the R mag. Any comments?? Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks to all that contribute. TomK
  20. David Lloyd

    Anyone owned a Van's RV6 or RV7 before?

    But when the boss wants to sit in the back seat there needs to be a back seat.
  21. Luckily my plane was service by Brittian 3 years ago. New servos and lots of parts. So mine should be good for maybe more years than my pilot years should take me. Or I will sell all the parts when Skyview comes online.
  22. Are they actually going to make them to fly an ILS? That's one of my biggest hangups with them. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  23. RobertGary1

    Why doesn't anyone sell non-solo renters insurance?

    Maybe underwriter? He said mine only covers singles up to 400hp. Maybe I’ll read through the policy tonight. -Robert
  24. Yetti

    Seat Rollers

  25. N201MKTurbo

    Why doesn't anyone sell non-solo renters insurance?

    I had my agent check and I'm covered in twins. It might be that I have a bazillion hours? who knows.
  26. I inquired about this time last year and was quoted a bit over $3000 for the parts. They said it would probably take 18-24 months to collect and tag the parts and they could put me on the waiting list. While it would be nice to have, I couldn’t justify the expense when the airplane holds altitude so well. ‘Saving’ that money will buy a lot of fuel!
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