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  2. oops its been awhile since my teen years
  3. Glad you all could get together. Do you have a picture or attendee list,?
  4. Blue smoke is usually oil, black is carbon or rich mixture. Clarence
  5. I'm working on keeping the J cooler this summer too with a cooler. Testing out a lawn battery on it to isolate it from ships power. I've run it over 2 1/2 hours now and so far it's still running so I think I'm good. Just bought the Arctic air from a friend to try out. I've frozen some blocks of ice and will try it out on the next hot day. My wife and I put in Gila static cling window film in the rear two windows as well to hopefully reduce some heat. We got the 20% which is pretty dark but I'm thinking it'll be the way to go. We will see.
  6. Especially 50 year old benign neglect things.
  7. My interpretation is: "Even when it is flyable you need to have a continuous bank account. "Things break"
  8. Blue smoke is rich Black is something else. I would scope the muffler
  9. Or boy scouts.
  10. A friend of mine (who's an accoustical engineer) tested the mutt muffs and found they provided no attenuation. My dogs don't mind the noise, in fact they hop in the plane with puppy-like enthusiasm. It's actually quieter in an Arrow (haven't measured the Mooney yet) than in my 1995 Jeep Wrangler rag-top at freeway speeds...
  11. Me too. That and a watch are my best fuel management tools.
  12. Well done Trotter. First indication I have ever seen that another pilot also knows how to splice braided rope correctly. Do I detect a sailing background in there as well?
  13. I will not be going to Oshkosh.
  14. When I bought my E model, it did not have shoulder belts. I bought the Alpha Aviation shoulder belt set and installed them. After seven years of ownership and more than one instance of unlocking the belts during the gear swing for landing, I bought the newer versions of the Alpha Aviation belts with the push button and installed those. Now I have all the advantages of having a manual gear and none of the disadvantages.
  15. someone needs this, before I lose it or break it.
  16. Today
  17. I don't see any post lights on your set-up. I'm guessing you have ring lights? I'm shopping for ring lights for my panel upgrade, please message me if you have ring lights you'd like to part with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Please list me and send me the link. I P.M.'d you but this is plan "B"
  19. This is actually incredibly true. Conventional wisdom for buyers is not to get too caught up in a shiny coat of paint. Nothing could be farther from the truth, though, when the paint is several decades old. If it still looks great after that much time someone has not only kept that plane hangared but they have loved it. Mechanical upkeep has probably followed suit.
  20. So my plane has a 30 year newer paint job and looks the same. That says a lot about the owner.
  21. That doesnt look good. its probably in the bearings, the piston skirts, the oil pump, the prop governor. Cam/lifter stuff is usually more powedery and had some pieces with slivers. Often platelets. Yours looks like chunks.
  22. Thanks, Byron. Of course yours looks better but mine looks pretty darn good to have been painted in 1986. You are absolutely right about the Imron. Constant hangarage is the other necessary ingredient. At this rate I might never get to paint her.
  23. The paint on your airplane is unbelievable. Having shown up in a literally just freshly repainted plane (we painted the last few details that morning) You couldnt tell which one was shinier. Thats Imron for you.
  24. they say when you are rich you buy a brand new Bonanza. But if you are truly wealthy, you buy an old Bonanza and fix it up... Same thing applies here, I think.
  25. Paul how does one see the map. I must néed the link?
  26. You must need it when that thing is operating in the stratosphere.
  27. just a little tidying up to do......
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