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  2. It is odd that the squelch did not work for you. I use it every flight to set the volume. Try 121.5 as well. This frequency always has the squelch broken. It actually makes it a pain to monitor guard with the squelch always broken.
  3. Vince, Thanks. I went to the site and now the cheapest one is $95. I have a hard time justifying that price. Anyone else have one that they are willing to part with for a reasonable sum? Thanks, Fernando
  4. I'm 8-10 on the ground - sometimes up to 15 depending on the prevailing wind during the run-up and 0 in cruise.
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  6. Looks like you flew to Victoria, BC. I'm 15 min. Flight south of there.
  7. It is an easier to fly plane than a taildragger - my Hatz needs deliberate rudder inputs on landing and when I do that in the Mooney she starts skidding towards the edge of the runway - be gentle with rudder inputs.
  8. My "no SA" comment was obviously inaccurate. But I do like having my own map with information that isn't scrolling one parameter at a time. Plus, I'm busy catching up on all the movies I never watched in the theaters.
  9. Ask not how the plane handles rough air....ask how your wife handles rough air.
  10. Changing out one Lycoming for another......shouldn't be a problem .
  11. The ground speed value can be changed to anything you want and it is no-wind. It just so happened that the GS was set to 130....meaningless for this trip. I think the longest leg for that particular week was 6.6 block to block against a 100+ kt wind. This is not a trip planning tool, but just a depiction of connected points. The routes depicted are great circle, not actual routes flown and may be quite different.
  12. All of my long overwater flights have had some sort of map available, even before the days of personal GPS. London, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Tokyo . . . Now, they are right in the seatback, easily selectable with almost-real-time updates and include map, altitude, groundspeed, OAT, and wind speed / direction.
  13. But you left Mallards Landing and returned to ATL! What were you flying? Looks too slow to be a jet, but the distances are quite far over land and water.
  14. Mendenhall is almost next to the airport, and crowded with flights from the cruise ship. We climbed out south down the channel and overflew another glacier (for the name, I gotta pull my sectional). It was pretty cool! The wife took 100+ pictures and several videos totaling over 10 minutes from the back seat; I logged 1.2 hours. Our flight was at 2:00, giving us plenty of time to run around town first. The $2 bus ride to the airport . . . stopped outside the Federal Penitentiary . . . We took a taxi back, for ~$20. Having the Juneau sectional as we cruised the fjords was great! It showed all of the glaciers even before the ship got there, so we always knew where to look.
  15. Also available is Great for a quick and dirty depiction of multiple legs. Also selectable statute, or nautical miles. Here was a recent non-Mooney trip I flew:
  16. Also at some point that person that really wants the J with the G500 will just buy one and put it in him or herself. Or buy a different model. There is a ceiling... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Sure, you want a distressed owner (not distressed airplane). But that's not germane to the question of average market -- a distressed seller of a near-perfect plane is a statistical outlier. Or maybe I'm arguing against myself here -- I was maintaining there exists no stable marketplace for near-unique items.
  18. The mooney handles Texas better. Gusty spring weather much better. It is better in a gusty cross wind for the same reason it is fast. There is not as much aluminum to get pushed around by the gust. My wife would get airsick on finals in the 172. Has not yet in the mooney. Thick wing vs slim wing. Took the mother in law for her birthday present yesterday. kind of gusty but no airsick and she had a great time. Getting 172 to 500 feet on a Texas summer day is a chore. Easy with the mooney
  19. I use FF anytime I'm stuck in a cattle car, but found out that it was useless in 787s while flying to Japan last year. Must be the carbon fiber fuselage and the electronic dimming windows. 10 hour flights with no SA sucks!
  20. Um...4 kt max speed...ever been on a 8 kt drift dive?Good bye mother ship hello open ocean!
  21. Darn it, why didn't I think of that while I was up there last summer. Oh, that's right, the misses was busy dragging us all over Juneau during the short layover, but the glacier was cool. Sounds like that was amazing flight. Did you get to fly over Mendenhall Glacier? Cheers, Brian
  22. With the drugs a lot of those will probably be packing, I imagine it will be IFR inside the sub...
  23. Is it IFR equipped?. Under water visibility is less than a mile. José
  24. Your logic is sound except people who can afford and fly this type of aircraft will also be looking at cirrus etc. I personally believe if you put that firm price on controller you could enjoy flying your plane for a lot longer while buyers look for an owner that needs to sell. However, I hope the market comes back so I can sell my O in 10-15 years without much depreciation (not counti on it as I purchased it used 3 years old with a few hundred hrs).
  25. The short answer is the Mooney will handle it better than it's captain [emoji68]‍[emoji574]️.
  26. I had a leak coming from my boost pump, just sent it off, this is what I was seeing, will see if it improves after overhaul:
  27. I didn't hear the beeping, but attention was drawn to the flashing red lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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