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  2. The personal physician has to 'sign off' and my guess is that many of them will be wary of this because of liability concerns. So you crash your Mooney and don't make it home. Your heirs sue the doc for missing the fact that you had a <fill in any number of physical conditions, consult an attorney if none come to mind>. The best solution is to just go the new medical route with your AME--win-win.
  3. According to a recent Flying magazine article ... "When paired with the GTN 650/750, GNS 430W/530W or non-WAAS GNS 430/530 navigators, the G5 is approved as a primary source to display vertical and lateral GPS/VOR/LOC course deviation, as well as ground speed and distance to the next waypoint."
  4. It is the newer style Truss. Only horn t shaft was damaged.
  5. And get your IR rating while your at it, for goodness sake don't you know what Mooneys are for? Alex, you might think you're having fun with all of your local hops and pattern work, but the Ministry of Mooney Operations (MMO) knows what's appropriate and what is not and they are keeping tabs on you. And as a side note, rubber shock disks are under compression when the airplane sits in the hangar. Landings will have little impact on puck life. Age and environment have a much larger impact on service life.
  6. Sounds like music to me! One question though. What determines cylinder replacement? Are they bore scoped at each annual?
  7. And you might even end up buying a plane from All American. It was a good experience for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Well, the new PMA LASAR steering horn is currently listed at $1075. That is about what I remember it being five years or so ago when I decided to have LASAR repair/exchange my second generation OEM steering horn instead for $600. That included some new steering linkage Heim bearings that Dan recommended that I go ahead and replace also. LASAR might be charging more for the OEM repair/exchange option now. The LASAR reference document that I got my information from at the time is linked below. You are absolutely correct. I misremembered about the welding requirement with the installation of the LASAR PMA part. Rather you have to cut off the original welded-on pivot stud. Thanks for the correction. Jim shock disc replacement and nose gear wear and tear-5.pdf
  9. I'd be a bit afraid of climbing in and out of the plane to do the swing with that though. As the plane rocks you don't want stuff slipping off, especially with the gear up. -Robert
  10. For what it's worth my 96 Ovation engine is going strong at 1980 hours with most of its original cylinders Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. When I started looking, I also had a "list of wants" but no real idea on how to get there. So, I'm also going to recommend calling Jimmy Garrison at All American Aircraft. He spent the better part of an hour with me going over the different models and variants, which helped me enormously in picking an aircraft. One of the most illuminating things he shared with me: no one selling an aircraft in this day and age (internet) is selling it in the blind. With Vref and all the various websites, everything for sale from any source is probably going to be within 5-10% of its actual value. If you see something selling for $20k less than market value, there's a reason. And the same is true if you see something selling for $20k more than average. There's a reason... Take your time and buy the seller as much as you buy the airplane. Good luck!
  12. I get air hawks cause at half the price they aren't half the usefulness or life of the goodyears. But with that said, why are you averaging 1000 landings per year? If you really want a plane to beat down like that, then rent a skyhawk. I'd be worried about the pucks and fuel tanks a lot more than the tires!
  13. They changed due to the PC. The older style (shown) took a little more force and the PC couldn't handle it. Would still work on an older non-PC airplane. Looks nice, which is rare for the vintage.
  14. I thought it was just over $1k when I did it last year. No welding required. The STC has an ingenious clamp mechanism that clamps over the existing tubing. I suspect it was designed due to the damage this tube receives from multiple repairs to the steering. On the newer ships the stud wears, on older the hole for the bolt gets enlarged. This solves both. I personally got sick of repairing the old style one in my plane. It's just one option. I do think I have a spare (if OP is stuck) as shown above, but it is likely worn and will lead to sloppy steering.
  15. Nice!!!
  16. Personally I won't risk my very expensive airplane while trying to stretch the last few pennies out of my tires. Likewise I won't risk my family with worn tires on the family car. Clarence
  17. I am getting a GTN 650 & 345 installed in June. I will also need a 106 indicator. Can i use a G5 in lieu of the 106 indicator or do i need both? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Continental cylinders are notorious for their bad valve fit, and many typically need to be addressed in the 700-900 hour range. I'd look at borescope pics of the valves (easy during a compression test) to look for the deposit patterns. It could be the higher time engine has good valves to make it that far, or the lower time one might not. No way to know until looking! If it were me, I'd decide my ownership horizon...if a long term keeper, I'd opt for the higher time bird, pay less, and plan to overhaul to my specs. If it would be an intermediate plane, then the lower time bird might allow you to fly and sell before overhaul is needed (unless the valves are bad!). Just now to consider... (I bet there isn't a wrong choice here!) Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  19. Not to be argumentative but I'd say tread is more important on car tires that need to be able to turn at high speeds on wet roads. The legal standard for car tires in 2/23" of tread. The legal standard for aircraft tire tread is no cord/fabric showing. I assume the difference is due to that difference in environment. Although in decades of aircraft ownership I've never found a tire to ever go bold. I replace them on age (15 years or so as indicated on the DOT stamp). -Robert
  20. That's reassuring to know, and also now you have a fresh engine. The reality of an engine with 1,300 hours is that it could easily have another 1,000 hours.
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  22. Just curious where you are putting it?
  23. If you wouldn't drive your family car on bald tires, why would you fly your plane on bald tires? Clarence
  24. By the way, I just got an email from the seller saying that I'd better be serious about the plane because 3 of my friends called to ask him questions about it for me... That would be you guys! I can't believe the well wishes, camaraderie and caring from all you for a fellow Mooney driver. MooneySpace is the best flying club anywhere!
  25. What am I missing? This sounds like what I've been hearing it would be for the last 6 months or so. I now get a physical from my doctor every 48 months using the FAA checklist and do an online course every 24 months. Is this not better than going to an AME every 24 months?
  26. I've owned a C model for years and never heard of the "secret" hand shake... I guess the cat was let outta the bag now.....
  27. I suggest purchase price + 10K Hoses 1.1k Fix Autopilot 2K Fly it home 2-3K Things to buy 1K Other stuff and things 3K in reserve.
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