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  2. Thanks everyone. The budget for the price of the plane is $60k, the rest I have stashed aside. Taxes, inspection, etc. At first I was interested in a C model because of the speed loss but it doesn't seem to be that much of a difference. I just can't take another 12 hour day cross country in a slow bird. Especially one without an autopilot so I don't have to always, 100% of the time be constantly 200% engaged and making constant adjustments. I can push that back to 99% engaged and save a touch of mental energy Here are two examples I'm looking at: Either one of them, pending an inspection, seem to have everything I need and if there was a way to buy now, I would. Also, I like the boards so far. Big change in attitude compared to others.
  3. OK, so the real budget is about 46AMU for the plane, 4 in taxes, ppi, etc. and 10 in reserve. You can buy a reasonable C, E, or F model with what you have. Being on the east coast the IO is not critical to your mission. Right now without teenagers complaining "are we there yet" you don't need the extra 5 inches of space. A well equipped C or E would likely be your best bet, if you find an F in the same price and equipment range grab it. Speed wise they will all be 140 knot +/- 5 @ 9gph unless you find one with speed mods that will get you close to 150 knots. Find a good plane that has your list of wants and you won't be unhappy.
  4. That is addressed in the new regulation: "Persons who have, or are newly diagnosed with, a cardiovascular, neurological, or mental health condition described in FESSA, may not use BasicMed until they have been found eligible for special issuance of a medical certificate." Can't hop in and fly after three weeks under this rule any more than you can under the current rules. Jon
  5. Well, here we are. Two months and one day later. And, every week I hear "by the end of the week." I was told yesterday that it would be done today. I am clearly not an important customer to these guys. I went ahead and upgraded to the Stratus ESG transponder after much deliberating. The current Narco transponder was having issues, and I decided not to waste any more time or money on it. They gave me a $500 discount since I was doing the DME at the same time. Then came the IFR certification, which included a bunch of labor for hunting down static leaks that were apparently just O-rings that needed to be replaced. Oh, and the VSI was leaking and not repairable, so they replaced it with one off the shelf (I found all this out after the fact). There was some additional issue with the landing gear, an AD that needed to be complied with (I'll get the number later) and who knows what else. I still have no invoice and no airplane. Now, I will cut them some slack in that they had it during the holidays and some snow/ice days, but I really feel like a low priority customer. I'm hoping I get an invoice that is a pleasant surprise, but I doubt it. I will bring up the issue of charging for the oil change in addition to the annual, the tire change labor in addition to inspecting the hubs, etc. as part of the annual, and the duplicates. I'm guessing they are not going to cut me much of a break. I may even just wait until March 1st at this point since it's been in the shop during every fair weather day of January and February. The rest of the month looks like it may not work for flying it back VFR. Really frustrating, but I'm sure you all have worse stories that would make me feel a little better (feel free to share those NOW! =).
  6. Most K's in that price range have a lot of deferred items needing attention. There are four things I always consider when buying an airplane : engine, panel, paint and interior. If you can find one that has all four the way you like it, even if it's more money than you were planning on, you are usually money ahead. Three out of four might still be ok. Most of the time you will be thousands ahead by finding an airplane where the previous owner did the upgrades rather than you.
  7. Copier, See if you can find his contact info. Sometimes sending them a PM will auto link to an email they have set up. otherwise the have three post in the last six years... last log in was in 2015... Best regards, -a-
  8. Aircraft spruce sells a seat bottom cushion made up of three densitys of temperature sensitive foam which I had in my prior airplane. I put 1800 hours on that seat and it was awesome. It is true that it took about a minute to warm up and conform but excellent long distance comfort.
  9. There is an interesting thread named army, navy, Air Force, coast guard..... People have listed the planes they flew in the service. This one really belongs amongst the ones over there. Best regards, -a-
  10. I've honestly never found that to be the case. I've never noticed visibility issues related to heavy rain on the windscreen. I suspect the prop disperses it. Seems to be much more of an issue during taxi. Some of the heaviest ran can be in cavu -Robert
  11. Don't forget the poor under appreciated knee board light dimmer! Best regards, -a-
  12. Thank you. I did have the heat on, so maybe it simply was just hot metal with the airflow. I had the cowling off the next day and things looked generally okay, but I'll take a closer look at the EGT probes and heat distress. Thanks!
  13. If you are comfortable removing your own cowling, I would do that first and have a look inside yourself. Look around all of the exhaust pipes (that is where the EGT probes will be). You will be looking for obvious signs of heat distress (melted wires, usually brown or black discoloration) as well as exhaust leaks (often white powdery deposits on the exhaust components). And it may be nothing other than a general smell of heated components. A Vx climb at full power for an extended period of time will tend to heat things up a lot. If you had the heater on, you may just be smelling hot metal at low airflow. But of course, you should check it out to be sure. Good luck, let us know what you find.
  14. If your seeing goofy EGT data, that may be a hint... Take a look at what happened to the sensor or it's insulation. If the EGT sensor is loose in its hole, it will be leaking exhaust which is quite hot at that point. You may be smelling exhaust, or something burning or getting burned by the hot exhaust. Are you able to uncowl and look? Otherwise, it's a good time to talk with your mechanic... PP thoughts, not a mechanic. Best regards, -a-
  15. Anyone ever experienced this? On Sunday, I was flying and was going through a hole to get on top of a cloud deck and I think I was climbing too intensively at practically max power and VX. At one point, I smelt burnt toast and immediately throttled back a bit and the smell seemed to have gone away. Doing a little research, I found this passage, quoted from here: toast smell in cockpit&f=false I got to my destination and back fine with no further smells, etc, but am a bit concerned that I may have caused some damage by the aggressive climb? It was quite cold outside and my CHTs were ok (although at one point one of the cylinders did touch 400, but that does happen sometime in this M20G...), but on the way back one of my EGT gauges kept oscillating strangely. Any thoughts/ideas? If I were to have a mechanic check this out, where would I have them look?
  16. See the Lasar website. About $2600 plus 50 hours. If a shop does that about an additional $4000.
  17. A buddy of mine just had one hooked up to a 530w and its works... I assume it will be fine with the 430w too
  18. I don't think any of us, who have G.A.S., have enough money.
  19. I do the same. The aircraft is equipped with an Emerging Technologies 406 ELT, with built in GPS, and panel mount controls. I keep the PLB in my small survival kit I keep on my back seat where it is easy to reach. When flying over water for any distance I keep the PLB on my ditch bag (floating), that also has both marine and aviation transceivers in waterproof pouches.
  20. Note that Garmin requires these to be returned through an authorized dealer who must request an RMA from Garmin prior to its return. The dealer will specify what issues there are when requesting the RMA. So be sure to tell them EVERYTHING that needs attention such as sticky buttons, bad dials, scratched screen, any error messages etc. so that you get a like-new unit back. Any used unit without a fresh 8130 tag FROM GARMIN should be instantly discounted by ~$1,000 'cause you have no idea what you're buying until you've used it for a year IMO. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Sure it does. The FAA doesn't care if you are flying through a cloud or heavy rain. Visibility is visibility to them. In that kind of situation they expect you to make good judgement and pick up an IFR clearance... "If visibility has been reduced to below that for VFR flight" If you are instrument rated and you and the aircraft you are flying are "legal" for IFR flight. There aren't any grey areas in the FAR's when it comes to instrument flight. In fact they are pretty ingenious. If you are a VFR pilot that inadvertently flies into IMC, and declare an emergency or "crash" and live to talk about it. They will get you my friend.... Mike
  22. What color(s) do you want to try? What material? I have ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, CF-ABS, GF-PETG, and CF-Nylon.
  23. F, See if this works.... There are a few threads. windshield install&item=21051 Best regards, -a-
  24. I'm curious as to the cost involved in changing a mid 60s Mooney windshield to a sloped windshield. Anyone done one recently who is willing to share the costs involved in this type of modification? Thanks, Fernando
  25. The power of MS... Very impressive! Plan C, consider using UV curing inks. They stick to plastics pretty well and chemically solidify initiated by a UV light source. The cured ink resists wear moderately well. Wear resistance is improved by being below the surface that finger actually touches. Packaging / commercial polymer engineering 102, not the ordinary PP stuff I usually go with... Best regards, -a-
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