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  2. Whelen just came out with a new beacon that is shorter. Unfortunately they don’t have much literature out on it but it’s priced similar to their older LED light. I would hope that with newer technology that it would be brighter than their other offerings. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I priced out a vertical compass with bracket and labor and I determined the $500+ was better spent toward the Aspen E5 or Garmin G5 fund as they have a separate magnetometer. Until then, I’m going to let the hanger elves keep the whiskey compass on life support. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Completion Report.... I completely removed the bottom fuel pick-up tube cleaned up the whole area with acetone and it cleaned up nicely.., installed a new $62 mooney gasket, put non hardening Permatex on the threads, and that was fixed. As for the fuel gauge I couldn't get it to pop loose (must be glued in place) removed old screw, installed new screws with the nylon crush bushing barrels, new screws and a light coating of non hardening Permatex and torqued everything. I only went to 15 inch pounds because it felt pretty tight at that. I also, took the opportunity to replace the 40 year old fuel hose, and installed a new quick drain for the tank. FYI if you order a fuel sender gasket from Mooney they are now sending a rubber one rather than the cork cost $28, but I ended up not using it. The plastic barrel bushings only cost $.50 each. Put 25 gallons in the tank...and no leak what-so-ever. YEAH! My A&P mechanic told me that you don't need sealant on the screws (even though we did it) because when you use a new gasket the crushing force of the compression is supposed to seal the screw threads so that nothing can pass through.
  5. If he's only 17 I think the odds are slim that he will retire from the majors, as they exist today. With the coming of the unmanned sector I see lots changing in the industry. I'm 43, right seat of the Airbus 330 for a major and am not pushing my 12-year old towards it. We fly alot, don't get me wrong. But I encourage him to get an otherwise useful degree and then fly afterwards if the opportunity presents itself. Or at least have a plan for what to do when he turns 50 and is replaced by a computer. My 2 cents...
  6. I just got off the phone with Hartwell. While he no longer works on Mooney, he gave me plenty of good advise. Hartwell also mentioned that it would be challenging to perform a good inspection on-site. After all, A&P will need to put the airplane on jacks to inspect the landing gear. Since this is the second seller that insist on an on-site pre-buy, I wonder if this is a norm. Thought?
  7. MBD... You have found the eternal MS struggle... The answer isn’t very hard. You have to compare yourself to other MSers... 1) Do you like reading equipment specs? 2) Can you remember 50 lines of specs from each vendor? 3) Are you adept at integrating electronic devices... home stereos, televisions, video games, DVD players, etc... 4) Do you look forward to getting the newest box each year? 5) Or do you hate when a box literally gets too old compared to the industry? What is that new TV plug that all the new devices use called? Whatever happened to RGB cables...? There is a great company that makes the best audio panel and gives great support on MS... There is a great company that makes the best engine monitor and gives great support on MS... There is a great company that makes the best Transponder... There is a great company that makes the best spare digital AI... There is a great company that makes the best... Transponder... Then, there is Big G... that makes some pretty good stuff that is mostly integrated nearly all of the time... It is hard to go wrong choosing the fully integrated route... don’t look back... The benefit of going with Big G... you are not alone... when a version of software fails... people are sharing the knowledge quickly... The draw back of a highly individual collection of the best devices... your collection of devices is going to be unique compared to the next MSer... you might be the only one with this particular integration challenge... How good do you want to be at integrating electronic boxes? Hanging out with Marauder at a box maker’s presentation is a blast! PP thoughts only, not an electronics technician... Best regards, -a-
  8. Congratulations Ross & Beautiful copilot! I had a 64 in the late 70's and still vividly remember bringing her home. Please post performance numbers operating out of Flagstaff when you get a chance. I'm in Pagosa Springs, CO (7700 msl) and doing a feasibility study re getting another E. She's a beauty...
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  10. Welcome aboard, Marek. +1 for Lasar being familiar with all things Mooney, AND selling all things Mooney around the globe... Best regards, -a-
  11. There are a few Mooneys I know in Arizona who travel to Texas for their annuals. Both DMax and SWTA are sub $2000 for an annual. Might be worth thinking about.
  12. Seeing if Ken is around today... @KLRDMD... Advice for Mooney PPI around AZ.... Ken’s history has been to buy something that doesn’t need a PPI... Welcome aboard, Corn Flake. Best regards, -a-
  13. Ross, nice specimen of a M20E, welcome to the SUPER world
  14. This is my old Whelen high voltage flasher after moving the trim ring to their LED beacon. It's VERY bright. The old one was exposed to the paint line. Just remember, nothing for any airplane is inexpensive . . . . .
  15. Take a look at mine in my gallery. If you are handy, you might consider building your own. I can build them with about $450 in parts and materials. One downside, it is not really portable.
  16. Flew home today from KUNV (State College, PA - where I was visiting Penn State). I was delayed a day because of an atypical strong winter storm at home in the style of a spinning noreaster that left a lot of new snow. So we have been covered in white solid now since mid November. The one picture is passing over Ithaca - which I shot because my son is down there attending college. I waved to him... And of courts white and bright clear blue at home in front of my hangar.
  17. I put myself on the hangar list in WV in 2007. I moved to Alabama in 2014. My old airport called earlier this year and said I was at the top of the list, did I still want the hangar?
  18. I need to find your A&P IA- I had a great one where I was previously... costs were typically about 2200 an annual... The MSC’s all start at about $3000 flat rate. Most major shops are about the same... it seems like the only way to find a lower rate than that is to find an independent A&P or to do an owner assist (which, honestly, is probably a better “product”). Throw in a few items like tires, a battery, a “broken widget” or two and it quickly gets over 5k. I digress... this is a different thread!
  19. Steve Hartwell. Dogbone Aviation at KCGZ very trusting and fine work
  20. I don't know how on earth I afforded to buy my airplane on an engineer's salary (what I did prior to airline during the 'lost decade')... at the time, making a bit south of 6 figures. In 12 years of owning my E, rarely has an annual gone north of $2000. I did buy one expensive one @ purchase, but that was it. GPS database cost, $0..... because I just do not see the utility I would get out of an IFR GPS being worth the money for the kind of flying I do. And in 12 years, my airplane is still airworthy... its not a show plane, and that's okay with me. And because the costs were in check --- and nothing expensive went wrong -- I was able to keep my airplane for the ~5 years of income hit it took from leaving the cubicle job to an airline job that paid more. I'm not trying to boast here, but only to say that a lot of what an airplane costs is what you make it cost.. A lot of elbow grease put into the years above.
  21. You will make a fair amount more then $250,000 a year in the left seat of a narrow body at most majors these days (at least the company I am with anyway). I am a widebody FO and I make that much in the right seat (sometimes even more depending if I pick up trips that pay time and a half or over guarantee, sell back vacation etc..) Plus they give you another 16% matching also. I can hold narrow body captain but I see no reason to bid it at this income level and lifestyle. The domestic system is too much of a circus act for me. It has been my observation that a college degree is not mandatory and I would even recommend to skip college get all the ratings ASAP and get on at a regional with a flowthru agreement. You can go from 0 to a regional job in less then 2 years, then flow thru to a major in around 5 to 8 years... no college needed and the regionals do NOT care if you have a degree or not. Plus with a flowthu you WONT have to apply or interview at said major. It is a sweet deal. The airline I work for has a "cadet" program set up to do just that. They will defer finance payments until you are working also. If your goal is a major airline you are better off to stay civilian. Sure the military is awesome, and part of me wishes I had gone that route for the life experiences. But the fact of the matter is the sooner you get hired and get a seniority number the better. Even paying for your own training you win out financially vs military once you do the math of career earnings.
  22. That seems to be the key to maximizing one’s earning (and time) in the Majors.
  23. not the cheapest option, but very compact. Mine is going in at annual currently.
  24. Thanks for the information. I may just keep the whiskey for now. I use the 430 compass occasionally when I want to double check my headings.
  25. Good luck @gsxrpilot! Need to go up with you soon!
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