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  2. I believe the flipped Cessna is unfortunately an abandoned airplane. The tires are rotten and disengrating along with the rest of the plane. So sad to see that on any airplane. Watch the video in the posted link for some serious excitement!!!
  3. The closest I can think to that which is already easily accessible is a CPAP machine generally used for sleep apnea. Doc's seem well aware of this as a possible treatment in severe but less than critical scenarios but I also read there is a major downside that the concept my aerosolize the virus and so endanger the other personal in the area.
  4. You know how hard it is for the pad to be free of oil? What the heck!! It drips oil until the new filter is installed. :-/ -Matt
  5. I'll try to keep this semi aviation related. Those of us who fly high know we need to use O2 because of the partial pressure of O2 at higher elevations. Those of us who dive also know the partial pressure of O2 a depth can be too much of a good thing. Given the reported shortage of ventilators, I was just wondering abut the potential for large hyperbaric chambers instead of ventilators. Seems like a human sized PVC pipe with 30 to 60 psi of O2 might be easy to build. and potentially effective for increasing lung efficiency. Maybe some of our Mooney space doctors can comment?
  6. Response from Tempest Thanks for the e-mail. I apologize that you‘ve had an issue with removing a Tempest oil filter. We take great pride in manufacturing the highest quality products in the aviation industry and when those products don’t meet our customers’ expectations we take that very seriously. To provide you a little background on the Spin EZ™ oil filters, they were originally a request of Continental Motors. Continental had seen over the years that oil filters in general were getting stuck from time to time when using DC-4 or oil as a gasket lubricant and asked us if we could come up with a better option. After going through many months of R&D we introduced the Spin-EZ oil filter which has a patented lubricant applied to the oil filter gasket during the manufacturing process. This lubricant should allow you to install the filter dry and remove with the same amount of ease or better. A couple of things I’ve noticed since the introduction of the Spin EZ filters, is that if they are installed without the mounting pad being completely dry it can cause the filter to stick upon removal. The second being that if you install the filter using DC-4 or oil it will nullify the benefits of our lubricant and could possibly cause the filter to stick. I’m not sure either of these would pertain to your situation, but I definitely want to help you solve the problem. If you would please send me the P/N and lot number on the filter. The lot number is located on the bottom of the filter around the seam roll. Once I have this information I can determine when the filter was manufactured and continue to help from there. Lastly can you provide me with your phone number. Sometimes I find it more helpful to discuss over the phone vs. e-mail. Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Vince Bechtel Director, Aftermarket Sales Tempest Aero Group, LLC 2801 Wade Hampton Blvd. PMB-122 Taylors, SC 29687 Cell: 843-991-1199
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  8. SCS. It's all part of the kit.
  9. Who did you buy that from and where did you get the wall pieces????
  10. I’ve got a 67’ M20F with the oil cooler relocated, power flow exhaust, plane power alternator conversion and skytec starter. Let me know when your cowling is ready. Count me in!
  11. Having a little fun with my fellow Texas MooneySpace folks.................being an Okie myself.
  12. In the present situation, I suggest this: Otherwise, Misty's in Lincoln.
  13. The plan is for this to be an FAA/PMA part for the J model.
  14. Please tell me a J is included in that statement!
  15. Thank you. No laptop, but I do have Android SamsungTablet A. Per Amazon information, that should work.
  16. Not cheap, but man did it go a long way to clean up the look of the lower half.
  17. This happened Friday at our KSBP airport. Darn! Have you ever had someone do an engine runup with their prop. blast into your hangar? It can be a bit uncomfortable................
  18. Your laptop will have a camera app built in for the built in camera. You will have to select the USB camera from the built in camera.
  19. My technique, Preform on cool engine (lens can fog if engine is hot) remove top plug only ( I find if both plugs are out and it’s bright outside picture quality is hazy) position piston in the down position, bottom dead center clean lens and make sure it illuminated Insert camera and turn lens 180 degrees.
  20. Thank you. Another question please.....what end equipment and app are you using please?
  21. Harris Ranch - complete with hotel!! 3O8 Harris Ranch Airport Coalinga, California, USA
  22. Over the weekend, I thought about that question and agree, a turn in either direction and the PC system turns opposite in an attempt to correct and put you back on a straight line. I do have an issue with the system I have. I was an issue from before I owned the airplane. Now that I am working through the bugs, the PC system is next up. I'd like to know if there is anyone who really knows the system that I could call.
  23. No, not really. A - D are very similar... M20A had a wooden wing, B was the first all metal version. -Don
  24. This is the one! I knew someone would have the info:)
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