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  2. I don't think I've ever come across a note like this. Looks like KSEA has all of their final approach fixes right over KBFI at 1900 feet; even their visual approaches show overflying KBFI at or above 1900. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Are these photos lost for good? It would have been nice if certain pics could have been reclaimed or a button where you could click to say "Can this photo be uploaded?" There are many great threads with solid information that now don't have pictures which show details needed. Would be awesome to have some way to re-upload from an old internet cache.
  4. Sometimes you might want to activate the GTN missed approach, but not the autopilot Go Around (TOGA). If you miss early on this approach you may need to descend rather than climb. The KBFI published missed approach procedure underlies the KSEA final approach course, hence the altitude restriction. It’s important to plan this sort of thing during preflight planning and to review it during the approach briefing.
  5. Lapping is a band aid, it can make a difference if there is carbon build up etc.that causes the leak as it will remove carbon, but that’s something that comes and goes from one day to the next. It’s like ring flushes, you’re clearing the fault maybe but haven’t corrected the condition that caused it. However for people that fly infrequently getting another 50 hours before the problem re-occurs may give you another year, or if your selling may get it past the pre-buy. Often “staking” a valve can remove the carbon and raise compression, but be careful staking done incorrectly it can cause damage, but done incorrectly so can lapping. If it’s carbon you aren’t really fixing anything just getting the numbers up to pass a test, the carbon may or may not reoccur, carbon formation is more likely ROP than LOP but often it’s from oil so mixture may not have always have a great effect Lapping won’t remove any significant metal and recondition seats, if you lap aggressively attempting to recondition seats you will wear a ridge into the valve / seat. Then as was already stated other things like clearance between the valve and guide can be causing the leak. Compression testers, actually leak down testers are so cheap and easy to use it might be worth purchasing one for yourself, a lot can be learned by listening for where the leak noise is heard, if heard in the intake, it’s the intake valve, same for exhausts and of course if heard / felt from crankcase breather it’s the rings. LOP or ROP isn’t really the issue, avoiding detonation and keeping temps in check are. It is however easier to avoid detonation and keep temps down ROP than LOP, so for new pilots especially it’s likely better to start ROP and not worrying about it and once everything about operating the aircraft is down pat add LOP to your technique. It may also not be a bad idea if things get complex requiring more attention than normal like bad Wx etc to just default back to ROP and remove that from your task loading.
  6. Speaking of prebuy inspection, whats the best route to getting a prebuy? Im sure if the plane is relatively close its best to have AP that you plan to use do it. But lets say its 1000 miles away? Is it a good idea to use a different AP than usually does the annuals....not the sellers mechanic?
  7. BTW, being a Mooney owner is a lifestyle also. Just not the same lifestyle as Cirrus owners. Cirrus owners are the type of people who buy a BMW or MB and have no idea which engine they have. Mooney owners are more in tune with the cars, and possibly even have some quirky weird car tucked away for fun. And remember, we are all CBs to the heart.
  8. Because Boeing managers are MBAs and know squat about airplanes.
  9. That will be a nice set up! Congratulations
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  11. Also, isn't there some settings that have to be done on the KAP-150 to properly communicate and work with the new attitude source?
  12. This is an important consideration. Many individuals are reporting downtimes of a year because of parts availability issues and shop backlogs. What you want to do is find a plane that flies a lot because that is going to minimize the likelihood of needing an overhaul in the near future. This would apply to low, mid or high time engines. The higher time engines are lower risk in my opinion given its being flown a lot because a low time engine can need an overhaul and it’s difficult to determine that during a prebuy.
  13. The other downside these days is I’ve heard there’s shortages with various parts, like cylinders.
  14. Haha. I’d be happy to go get the Mooney with you too. I’ll message you when I get back. cheers, Dan
  15. The one downside to buying a runout engine plane, is that you have the downtime just about the time you are getting used to having a plane at your beck and call. But, in general, I like that idea. Especially with field overhauls. Too many quicky/half a**ed field overhaul shops.
  16. The glass is in excellent condition as I have been anal about getting the bugs off before they dry/fry on the glass and keeping it clean. I didn't do the fuel tanks because I had Weep No More in Minnesota reseal them almost nine years ago in Minnesota. To your point I hope I am not making a mistake on that.
  17. I never thought about that till you brought it up.
  18. The paint shop didn't want to remove them because they are riveted on and have them covered up pretty well.
  19. I live in Trempealeau so that is perfect. When you're back in town maybe we can set up a flight for the wife and I to check ir out. Perfect one stop shopping...plane, CFI, and maybe even ferry pilot to go with if I find a plane.
  20. Hi Rick, I’m based in Winona. You can come and take a look at my Mooney sometime. I’m also a Mooney CFI and can help with the transition training after purchase. I’m in south Florida with my Mooney now, but will be back home in just over a week. cheers, Dan
  21. exploring Mooneys for purchasing but never been in one. I want to make sure my wife is comfortable too. 350 hours Commercial and instrument. Took a job that is 3 hours drive away. I rent a house and stay during the week. Local airport is 2 miles away and I rent frequently to make it back for daughter's sports etc. Well....not knocking FBO but they just raised price of rentals by $45.00 an hour! thinking its time to buy. 75% qould be single pilot. 15% would be with one passenger and maybe 10% would be someone in back seat. Im thinking a C or E because of budget and mission. Also thoughts on buying one with an engine that's at or near TBO. Seems it is worth it to pay $30,000 less than a mid time engine aircraft and rebuild knowing what you have? Anyone in the area of La Crosse Wisconsin to Rochester Mn to Charles city Iowa that has a Mooney my wife and I can at least sit in to see if its a good "fit"? Thanks Rick
  22. I borrowed it from an F owner, so this makes sense.
  23. We've been dealing with a fairly anti-GA sentiment around a couple airports in the past years, and it seems that some of this has gained traction lately with politicians. I've received emails from CPA, AOPA and EAA and thought that I'd pass on the info through Mooneyspace for support. KBJC has already had voluntary night flying curfews and changed flight patterns for noise mitigation, and is poised to be the first in the state to adopt 100UL as well as offering hangar credit for the cost of STC. Yet instead of being more collaborative, the political environment at the capital is more adversarial towards GA. Hopefully the state will continue to move forward in a positive way for all. Especially if you live in Colorado or know someone who does, please ask them to reach out to their representatives in a positive way supporting GA. EAA is supporting the efforts of the Colorado Pilots Association (CPA), Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA), and other groups, asking members to take action to influence the outcome of Colorado House Bill HB24-1235. As introduced, the bill has sections that would negatively impact aviation in Colorado. CABA is working with legislators and encouraging the adoption of amendments offered by the sponsor. HB24-1235, entitled Reduce Aviation Impacts on Communities, is tentatively scheduled for its first hearing on March 6 before the Transportation, Housing & Local Government Committee. As introduced, HB24-1235, among other measures, would: Create an “impact remediation fee” on leaded aviation fuel purchases, up to $.50 per gallon Require airports to develop plans to phase out leaded avgas while establishing a fund to support unleaded fuel infrastructure Require that the Colorado Aeronautical Board be increased to nine from seven members, giving priority to individuals who are not trained pilots and who reside directly in the predominant flight path of KAPA and KBJC Create requirements on airports that conflict with federal preemption Full text of the bill can be found at: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb24-1235 Here are four important things you can do: 1. Email or call the members of the committee now, well before the hearing 2. Attend the committee hearing (in person or by Zoom) 3. Volunteer to testify for 2 minutes at the hearing (in person or by Zoom) 4. Share this call to action EAA and CPA are supporting the Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA) in its efforts to amend the bill. Since the bill has a good chance of passing, work continues cooperatively with the sponsors toward amended language that addresses areas that would negatively impact general aviation in the state. CPA and CABA are asking you to contact the committee members and communicate to them that: You support general aviation and the incentives in the bill to help airports and aircraft owners handle the transition to unleaded avgas. Other sections of the bill, as introduced, would be disastrous for aviation and not effective at controlling noise or lead. The aviation community is already working at the local and national levels toward a safe transition to unleaded fuels. They should adopt the CABA-supported sponsor’s recommended amendments to the bill, which strive to resolve the problematic aspects of the bill. Including “Please Amend HB24-1235” in the subject line is important when communicating. CPA recommends you send your communications to the following emails of the members of the Transportation Committee: meg.froelich.house@coleg.gov mandy.lindsay.house@coleg.gov andrew.boesenecker.house@coleg.gov marc.catlin.house@coleg.gov lisa.frizell.house@coleg.gov Iman.Jodeh.house@coleg.gov tisha.mauro.house@coleg.gov jennifer.parenti.house@coleg.gov alex.valdez.house@coleg.gov stephanie.vigil.house@coleg.gov don.wilson.house@coleg.gov For additional details on these committee chairs, please visit Transportation Committee Details on attendance at the committee hearing will be sent out by CPA Monday night, March 4. If you would like to testify in person or by Zoom, please contact the Colorado Pilots Association at legislative@coloradopilots.org. They will coordinate those testifying so that the committee hears a powerful message. CPA asks all those testifying to write and practice their testimony so that it is 2 minutes, polished, and persuasive.
  24. So headliner WEMAC adaptors (PN 640300-003 and 640300-004) are mirror image 90 deg elbows with duct coming off on either the left or right side of radius. Meaning for the front ducts they are positioned (one of each) with the elbows coming off on the outside (wider) and on the back vents the elbows coming off on the inside (both 003 & 004 used in front and back but just switched left to right between the two stations). The duct work is all the same size. Gee Bee was thinking it was 1.75" and I'll have to measure to confirm. The rough lengths were 9' for long and 5' for short. But downtime for silicone end custom lengths are 3-5 weeks. Breeze Clamp size -24.
  25. Mine is a 77, let me know what you’d like and let’s make a deal. Only really need 1 but wouldn’t mind extras.
  26. My 67 F was upgraded to electric gear in Kerrville after production as you suggest. I’m pretty sure the STC and weight and balance info is in my files. The same post production process seems to have been used for the Brittain autopilot.
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