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  2. mike_elliott

    Unknown Connection

    It looks similar to a connector on a Garmin 496 if memory serves me (man that was a long time ago)
  3. Any idea what this connection is for?
  4. lifendet

    Garmin 430W RS-232 Error

    Took a snapshot of what I found. Saying shadin-fuel on channel 3. I do have a Fuel scan 450 hooked up but it works normal. Any ideas?
  5. Today
  6. teejayevans

    No sound from stall/gear horn

    On the 78 J, they are 2 separate circuits, including different circuit breakers. But they might share a ground connection.
  7. teejayevans

    Help finding the right 201

    Higher engine time (runout) is good if priced accordingly. Less risk, if engine needs overhauling you lose nothing, but you could get lucky and go past TBO.
  8. teejayevans

    Weekend commercial pilot courses

    FAA just change the rules, you no longer need to use a complex plane, ie you can use a 172 for all of it.
  9. M20C_AV8R

    Free Overhead Torpedo Lights

    I just put a set of these in, very nice, really lights up the cockpit and they stay cool to the touch if you need to adjust them in flight. My torpedos would get notably warm, almost too hot to adjust. These do dim, using the already installed dimmer, but not at the granular level the torpedo lights do, for me the level of light between high and low works great. These are super easy to switch out/install and a quick entry in the logbook (by my A&P )and done.
  10. I’ve decided to get my commercial license and it was suggested that the easiest way to do it would be one of these weekend courses that do the checkride at the end. I would rather not use my Mooney for this and I noticed there are a few programs where you basically walk in withe the written test done and then walk out a few days later with the commercial license. Just wondering if anyone had had any experiences they would be willing to share with any of these courses. I actually thought it might be fun to do it in a 172 since I haven’t flown one in over 15 years!
  11. It's negotiation skills, they can't really teach that too much. Get in the habit of asking for what you need and why, like deviations around weather. Have a couple requests, that way if they say no to the first one, be ready with a second. Another thing people may not realize, Center has access to the same NEXRAD data you do on ADS-B or XM, and they can overlay it on their scopes. Some Approach controllers do too, if they have newer equipment. In a pinch, Approach's radar can see weather to some degree, but in real-time (as opposed to the potentially-delayed NEXRAD data). You can ask them if they have time to go over problem spots with you and help you avoid problem areas. They're not supposed to interpret the weather information for you, so don't ask them what the returns mean, but if you ask them, say to keep you more than "25 miles away from moderate to heavy returns", you're not putting them on the spot to interpret anything. The vast majority of the time I've asked ATC for anything, they've bent over backwards to try to accommodate me. I've even had one turn me down VFR flight following, and than call me up 10 minutes later asking if I was still on frequency to offer it.
  12. tommy123

    Nav light replacement bulb

    Thanks for posting that, I'm tired of correcting people on this site about the way it should be done. I'm a IA and believe in following the regs.
  13. adverseyaw

    IO-360 misfires at idle and low MP

    I've been chasing the induction leak theory and have had some success so far. After changing the intake gaskets and o-rings, and cleaning up the Precise Flight standby vacuum line and valve, we got the popping to stop at much lower RPMs and get the mixture to richen way up (so much that it barely ran). Clearly, I had big leak(s). I'll be testing the sniffle valve again this weekend to see if that's leaking further air. We only have a few more possibilities. One thing that tipped me off is that I can only pull down to 12-13" MP with the throttle at idle and 600rpm. I found a few YouTube videos showing IO-360s pulling more vacuum at idle. It may be I can only get it this low but high numbers indicate a leak is possible (not guaranteed, but worth investigating).
  14. RobertGary1

    Nav light replacement bulb

    The original bulbs were not led. You’re changing the bulb the type certificate holder used. If you want to use a different bulb you at least need an a&p to sign it off as a minor mod -Robert
  15. Gary Bymers

    WAC Charts Wanted

    Wanted for a wall display - WAC Charts. It is OK if they are not current, plus I cant find any current ones anyway. I want to wall paper a wall in my hangar with a WAC scale map of the US for flight planning purposes and because it looks cool. If you have any you can spare please let me know which ones and how much. Thanks Gary
  16. Vance Harral Website Update

    I appreciate the quick investigation, but something about this still isn't right. See attached Screenshot below, this is with Firefox 59.0.2. Notice there are no "arrow" links for SBs M20-114, M20-117, M20-118, M20-120 and M20-122. The documents themselves are available, e.g., but you can't get to them from the support page.
  17. Mooney in Oz

    Calgary: Piper Navajo lands on city street

    This guy virtually overflew a military airport (Richmond) at close to 7,000 feet that has a 7,000 foot runway and is ILS equipped . ATC offered him Richmond, but he declined and elected to return to Bankstown, which is where the maintenance base was. Never made it. Human Factors - decision making under extreme pressure....This is where we learn.
  18. MikeOH

    Shoulder harnesses installed!

    You aren't kidding! I installed mine about a month ago and it was ugly...the passenger side was worse than I expected, but I couldn't imagine the horror the pilot's side was! Honestly, when I finally got the clamp around the frame I have no idea how, but I sure was happy. Probably had 10 hours in the project by the time I was finished....maybe more.
  19. Lance Phillips Website Update

    Got it. Will hit those tomorrow and make sure the info is right.
  20. Lance Phillips Website Update

    @David Herman, thanks much!
  21. Lance Phillips Website Update

    All links and redirects should be fixed now, folks. Just tested M20-118/120/122. Thanks, again, Vance for letting us know. If anyone sees anything that needs to be fixed, don't hesitate to let me know.
  22. mooney17n

    Nav light replacement bulb

    installed and they are wonderful.
  23. Pitts1e

    parts parts

    I’m looking for one serviceable paramount brake cylinder or 2 of the later version that’s equivalent. Gerdes A-110-37Cleveland 10-49Cleveland 10-24DOne of my paramounts losses pressure when I slowly apply the brakes. Tried the re-build kit with no luck. Thank you
  24. 1) Transition training took about 3-4 hours That was after flying back with the plane from its former home for 3 hours with same instructor. Mostly landings and then some air work and then some solo landings he counted 7 landings I thought it was less. I asked during sign off of the complex etc "Am I safe?" He said "yes". It took another 70 hours to feel comfortable in the plane and knowing that I had all the flows down. It's kind of like the 2 years it takes to get comfortable riding a motorcycle. 2) Are you just adding the rear jacks or a whole new audio panel? What is in there now? The whole new audio panel is the largest effort for a panel. It is not hard. Just lots of pin out diagrams wiring stuff. Not hard just tedious as there is no way fast to do it and you are sitting on a bucket in the cockpit for a long time.
  25. MATTS875

    Help finding the right 201

    Thank you. I would prefer a turn key 201 with all the updates. I know I will pay good money for one but to me it’s worth it for the right one. I’m finding ones with updated avionics but higher engine times.
  26. Mooney in Oz

    Garmin GMX 200 MFD

    Thanks Cris, I don't have that problem. What is happening to mine is when the unit is off on the dark screen, near the top right corner a small triangular shape has appeared similar to some type of delaminate. When the unit is on, the fault can't be seen so I assume it is on the inside of the glass screen.
  27. David Herman

    Calgary: Piper Navajo lands on city street

    “All roads have wires” When I was a young Lieutenant in Army Flight School, the instructors in the AeroScout Course made every student write this on the covers of our “Australian Fold” Maps! Wires = #1 killer of helicopter pilots. If I have a choice, I’m picking a field over a road.
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