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  2. Well, the verdict is in and Don Maxwell says the regulator bench tested fine, so now what. It’s possible that I’m dealing with a temperature dependent cold solder that opened up when things got warmer than they were on Long Island, or the flight from Baltimore to Georgia. I’ll ask Don to preheat it in a car or warm oven and also give it a fridge chilling to see if that will open up a connection. However, if that still tests fine, it looks like I’ll be trying to find the ever so fun intermittent electric gremlin. Any thoughts on other causes of full-field alternator until over-voltage relay kicks out? I’ll be giving the contacts a cleaning and add a bit of dielectric grease for good measure.
  3. I have everything you need, I just upgraded to a top prop. -17, and the -23s
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  5. If your temp probe is under the belly, it’s sitting in engine exhaust air and probably reads 4 or 5 degrees higher. That will push your TAS up. Mine has a belly mounted temp probe and reads happy TAS also.
  6. Love my surefly, one of the best airplane purchases i've made. Lost the field wire on the battery once, thing didnt skip a beat even at 8 to 9 volts. I would install a second with a backup battery, if they let me.
  7. If you are addressing your question to the OP, you need to get that person's attention like this: @Chris Tarves
  8. Well, if someone wants to give me a ridiculous amount of money as well, I suppose I would not be opposed. Full disclosure: I tried to trade it to the Chicago Bears for the number one pick in the draft but was rudely turned down. Sad!
  9. Ha! You couldn’t resist my contentious tendentious topic, could you?
  10. With the G5’s, 750 and GFC 500 as well it seems it has everything you could want in a J. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t sell quickly given all of the rusted-out airplanes that have been selling for ridiculous amounts of money recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next topic that gets posted is “Looking for a pre buy in the San Diego area.”
  11. this looks like a Lamar Electrodelta VR415 regulator
  12. Question about your SureFly installation...did you keep the standard plug gap or did you go more? I also have one on a 252 and wondering which way is most common.
  13. This would have been pretty much any altitude in my 231. It cruised at over 30", which isn't achievable via normal aspiration.
  14. Proof of the 159 KTAS displayed airspeed! Also I forgot I have a set of Jet Shades that would also be included, they look really cool on the ramp and they do a great job of blocking light and heat inside. And I also forgot I added Rosen sun visors in 2020. As you can see I have not been shy about adding upgrades.
  15. I promised myself I wasn’t going to wade into to this conversation again… there’s PF and PNF— for cargo, what if the AI was trained to do just one of these jobs? If a 250 hour commercial pilot (in a 172!) can do it, how hard can it really be?
  16. It was a bit short of 950 when I got it, removing the vacuum system probably helped.
  17. @KSMooniac is right - If you want a add a turbo (normalized or boost) to a 4 cylinder Lycoming powered Mooney, the only way you will get one is by trading planes with someone that already has one. The companies that offered STC's in the past are gone - M20Turbos, ModWorks and Turbo Bullet (an early Darwin Conrad company before he started Rocket Engineering). Rajay Turbos has been resurrected in North Houston at Kestral Airpark but they don't own the STC's for Mooney applications - not clear that they will even sell parts to those that already have a ModWorks STC based upon the Rajay turbo. See comment from "tomgo2" who is Rayjay. Note that they ref the Mooney STC's as being in "no man's land". https://rajay.aero/pages/list-of-stcs (Mooney applications via ModWorks listed in the detail at the bottom of page) The Turbo Bullet installation required the pistons converted to lower compression. The turbo originally boosted to 38" but because it produced more than 200 hp and broke crankshafts, the FAA reduced the allowed boost. It effectively had to be flown like TN.
  18. The wiring was correct for an ILS approach as delivered with the 430/430 and 530/430. The extra wire was/needs to be added when the units were upgraded to waas so the 225 could utilize gpss. The garmin 430w/530w/650/750 boxes need to be programmed to prompt APR while transitioning to approach mode so the 225 can do a precision gps approach instead of an ILS. I’m not sure if the garmin box just tricks the AP into thinking it’s doing an ILS during the LPV approach or something happens inside the 225. Again it works really well if the pilot uses the proper procedure at the correct time.
  19. Jimmy G discusses over upgrading older Js. I don’t think anyone is likely to pay anything close to 200k for a 78. Jimmy’s base for a 78 is 100k. There’s a 95 on controller with gnc500 AP plus other upgrades for 225k. It’s been there for 2 months.
  20. Headline: Pilot Unions Form Coalition to Oppose Single-Pilot Operations, Citing Safety Concerns and Profit-Driven Motives The only reason that 3 competing pilot unions would form a coalition to try to stop single pilot operations is because they know it is a imminent real threat to their employment. Notice that it is 3 international pilot unions (not the APLA) banding together - no wonder the concept that airlines have "profit-driven motives" is foreign and confusing to them. I am sure their strategy will be brilliant - go on strike while being made redundant. The same fight is going on with rail - in North America and Europe. The industry is pushing for single man rail crews in the cab. The UK rail unions continue to strike for 2- man crews. However apparently the European unions have already given up on freight trains and are operating those with single man crews. Maybe the logical progression in aviation will be that freight flights, FedEx, UPS, etc will be the first to go to single pilot ops.
  21. I had the same problem on 2003 Olvation when I upgraded to WASS. Initially the extra wire from the KING 225 the autopilot was not added. When that was corrected I found that if I waited to hit approach mode after being aligned on final the autopilot would capture the GS. It was not necessary to make any other inputs to 530. I later found that if I activated the approach mode too early, the approach mode button on the 225 would begin to flash when when it saw the GS and I could just press the Approach button again and it would capture the GS. I have never had to enable autopilot outputs on the 530 to fly GPS approaches.
  22. I am Very surprised to learn that Vy<Vglide. Usually it’s about 1/2 way between Vx and Vy I am also surprised to learn Vx and Vy are so high. In my M they are 85 and 105 kias
  23. What's the best way to get this torque tube out? I'm questioning the intelligence of the engineer that designed this.
  24. Controller has 5 around or above this one. But we will find out, my 78 has similar hours and paint job, recent interior upgrade, G3X,GTN650Xi, GFC500, JPI900, LEDs, etc. I would estimate $200k for mine based on this and others.
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