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  2. You mean the "ground-adjustable speed brake"?
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  4. That's not too bad, I've told this before, but I flew for over an hour shooting approaches in a 172 with the tow bar still connected,.....
  5. So far I have used one of the spare spark plugs, several of the cotter pins to replace the oil hinge pin. I borrowed a tourney wrench to put the plugs back in. Tool kit from walmart. 2 sizes of spare tubes. 2 sizes of spare tires. (the old ones off the plane) Survival pack we won at the VFD auction. plastic ammo box with spark plug tools Cheap shower curtain from wally world. Lying on the ground Quart of oil, in a tupperware container with several blue paper towels, and a funnel screw driver tips The best thing I have added is a teak 2 cup holder with a center section. I lives in front of the pilot seat. If I can have 19 cup holders in the car, why could Al not add a couple to his plane? ty wraps lots of pens in the front pockets of the seats. POH and documents on the rear seat in a tupperware container. Need to put the back pockets on the rear of the seats. spare set of keys.
  6. didnt this used to belong to a Mooneyspcer that now owns an Acclaim? @m20 allegro something?
  7. Congrats on the new bird....... What are going to do with your old plane?
  8. I believe 1965 was year Mooney introduced Positive Control on C model. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. They may have tightened the cable holder on the mixture just for good measure.
  10. Just wanted to swing back to this topic I originally started when I first started considering a Mooney and found Mooney Space. I will be taking possession of my M20J tomorrow and beginning my transition training. It is a very exciting time and I hope everything goes okay. I started out looking at C models. I considered E, F, J and K models seriously before deciding that a J model would be most appropriate for me. I learned a lot by reading Mooney Space so, thanks to everyone for all the great content. Especially thanks to @gsxrpilot who provided a great deal of thought input for me to consider. He met with me personally and spent a good deal of time chatting with me on the phone. Thank you Paul for sharing your considerable knowledge with me. Also, thanks to JD out at SWTA in Smithville, TX for doing a great PPI. Also, thanks to Parker Woodruff who helped me with insurance and will be helping me with my transition training. My old airplane... My New airplane... Guess I like red, white and gold...
  11. The B&C and maybe the skytec have a solenoid that lives on the starter. Then there is one on the pilots footwell. Grounding straps. I have saved many batteries by cleaning the terminals. Clean the terminals on everything between the battery and the starter. A stainless or brass brush is your friend.
  12. PWM for dimming. Works on LEDs also. This one looks pretty similar to the one on Aircraft Spruce.
  13. That would be cool. Thanks. I'm going to be redoing my panel shortly and trying to decide what to do with dimming
  14. If the cable is stuck. You could undo the adjustment on the slide gate valve thing under the cowl. Manually move the gate. Retighten the cable adjustment point.
  15. I’ve got that exact instrument that I removed from my previous ‘78 J a few years ago for an upgrade. It was working when removed and has been carefully stored in my climate controlled home since removal. How about $90 shipped? PM me if you’re interested. Jim
  16. The other one that was interesting was Husky pilot while he was learning to fly. You could tell he was a programmer. He kept trying to take all the inputs of the instruments and and then program the landing. Which works of course if the conditions are the same each day. Same with programing you have to be able to define the repetition event to code for it. We kept telling him flying is different than programming.
  17. Here is an interesting story..... One or two of the Apollo Astronauts drove race boats for John Mecom. There was a complaint from them about all the gauges on the boat and what do they mean. So the crew (of which I my dad was apart of) taped over all the gauges. The Astronauts began complaining "how are we going to drive this boat when we can't see the gauges"
  18. I guess God has been flying as copilot. I have never used an instrument for AOA and am still alive and kicking. I wouldn’t make a comment as strong as Chucks, but I understand what he’s saying. I don’t know that I would be saying one shouldn’t fly if they need one, but if someone has to have one for basic flying, I’m a bit suspicious of their stick and rudder skills. That’s not to say that the instrument has no purpose.
  19. Sorry for the late response. I remembered to look at it today. About 29.6 GPh
  20. Have you seen the steering wheel of an F1 car? They have LED lights that show engine RPM... by knowing what gear and how many RPM to enter the turn at is about the same as using a speedometer.
  21. Thank you for this news Mike. What a relief some good news of improvement. And plans and bonds for the future. Thomas. And co-pilot bear. My bear is about 10 years old. When I got him he was just to be my cute cockpit mascot. Then you. And your program. He has more meaning for me. He makes me think of Mark right now. Co-pilot bear is looking over and smiling.
  22. I would call the responsible office number listed on the STC and see what they can do for you.
  23. I know where the heater box is and have lubed the cable but it’s still stuck on and it’s hot, had to turn around and go home!!!!!!

  24. SA02204AT
  25. The nut is probably just loose on the linkage of the heater control box allowing the cable to slide.
  26. I'm in Stevens point and have a very large hole in the pipe going to the muffler from the back cylinder on the pilot side. Does anyone have replacement parts available? Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
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