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  2. I had to make a supply run to our local pilot shop (2W2) for oil and filters. Not the best day for short field work( 29017G25). However, I thought recorded FA initial climb performance might be interesting to folks not familiar with the vintage 200hp (25°) birds. These are low altitude flights between 2500 and 3500 so no climb to cruise info but a good indication that book climb rates are not as “optimistic” as some would have you believe. I weighed a little over 2200 on the first flight and just shy of 2400 on the return. DA at departure was 0’ at my 701’ field and I assume pretty close to t
  3. let’s not dig too deep what qualifies a shop to be an MSC... because those rules can change with every change of ownership of the Mooney company... What is important... Who is working at the shop... who runs it, and who is working on your plane... Select your MSC, or independent A&P by their skills... Not too hard... ask who people use in your neighborhood... Some people choose a local guy for many things, and use the MSC for Mooney specific things... Often, a few MSers work together at splitting up the task of delivering a plane or retrieving it... I have als
  4. The most common incident with a “new” pilot to a long body Mooney is coming in too fast, porpoising and and “making” it land. That results in a prop strike, prop replacement, engine tear down. Unfortunately you’ll see that over and over again with pilots coming over from other makes, even mid or short body Mooneys or low time pilots. If you take the cost of that incident and spread it over a few transitioning pilots, that premium seems more than reasonable for the circumstances. I used AOPA insurance for over 20 years and felt like they used to always give me all of the quotes and look
  5. Let's ask Clarence, he'll be able to tell us. @M20Doc?
  6. One of the key ingredients to a successful tow bar... Use a bit of an acute angle at the end... Under stress of towing, it tries to open up even more... Once the angle opens up past 90°... you can see how the system tries to wiggle free... Very easy to end up on your back after that... try to have the cross piece have contact beyond the center point of the wheel (deep inside the tube)... this forces the wheel to want to turn in a direction that keeps the bar in place... Is my writing clear enough to understand??? This is why a gusset often gets used on the
  7. Welcome aboard. From what you describe a C, E, or J would be fine unless you want to go turbo charged. Most liekly a C or E with your budget maybe an F. There are a few turbo normalized C,E , F and Js. The F and Js will give you a little more baggage room and back seat room over the C roe E. I would find one with a good solid air frame, decent on the cosmetics and a basic GPS most have some type of wing leveler or autopilot after 1964 working maybe another issue. This will make a great VFR platform while you work on getting your IR. Then you can decide if you want to upgrade the on
  8. Most of the three point harnesses, use a hard point on the side wall under the window trim... I haven’t seen any four point harnesses in a Mooney... that may consider using the steel hoop that is above the front seats... not sure exactly where that hoop is, but it probably aligns with the existing hard points on the side wall... For a more expensive option... the airbag seat belts get considered... +1 For the life long efforts of Jack Hooker! Best regards, -a-
  9. I got to know Jack Hooker at Cessna 120-140 national events and have a wonderful set of his harnesses in my 140. Jack himself is an impressive fellow, and his harnesses are also impressive. I asked him at dinner one evening what led him into the business and the story is quite remarkable. While in college he took up skydiving, met his forever lady, married and then decided that as a Family Man, maybe it wasn’t the right hobby for him. In the course of his skydiving he had earned a parachute rigger certification. From that the opportunity came along to build restraints for a race c
  10. Send a message to @AGL Aviation... In the Covid era, it’s hard to know exactly what is happening, without the ability to stop in... if you get a cell phone response, asking for a tail number... I’m pretty sure that is a defense mechanism to tell if you are a robot dialer... If you are afraid of handing out your tail number, leave your message... any way you are comfortable... I watched my doctor suffering through the same challenge... having to take every phone call coming in... just in case. Throw the small business a bone... having your tail number is the first
  11. You guys have been GREAT. Looks like a trip to Lowe’s is in my immediate future. Oh, I fergot tew tell you guys that I do have a powered one, too. Duh! But I’m going to make one out of steel pipe- save a few bucks and will give me an hour’s entertainment too... thanks to all who chimed in.
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  13. Thank you, that’s a useful data point. How much was the labor increase due to the new panel? I was quoted $4K - $6K with panel installation as delta from keeping existing panel. With lower panel cost, 3 x GI275s (with EIS) or G3X would be pretty much the same.
  14. In addition to SarSat and ELTs, don't search and rescue also use ADS-B and cell phone data to localize missing aircraft? Every month Google tells me all the places I've been, so certainly locating my crushed body in a swamp would be a no-brainer for anyone trying to target me with advertising.
  15. Doug, Did you ever resolve this issue? What was the final diagnosis? Seeking input as we are seeing same problem. Thank you, EM
  16. For more discussion re diamond like coating... DLC... https://mooneyspace.com/search/?q=DLC coating&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and -a-
  17. Great responses guys. Thank you very much. if I were to do the DTL process, how would I go about it? Ask this of the rebuilder? Have it done then send parts to rebuilder?
  18. So from your post in my thread about roller lifters it sounds as if you are a motor rebuilder.  If so, can you quote an exchange price for an IO360A1A with roller lifters?  My engine is at 1100 hours and is making metal.  I am awaiting oil analysis results.  Also it currently has Bendix mags.

    Thanks for your reply to my post.

  19. Exactly this! GSXR is reading my mind. I took my new Mooney to AGL, was very pleased. Great people! But NC is a long state, and the guy who has maintained my Mooneys for years, not a MSC, but very competent, reliable, and newly relocated to 100 yards from my own hangar, gets the nod. He goes through the Mooney books step by step, does meticulous work, and I trust him. So I’ll take a nice week in the NC mountains and see AGL again with complete confidence, from time to time, but there’s much to be said for supporting the (very competent) home team, too.
  20. Welcome to MS. When looking for a Mooney, try to find one that's been hangared all its life. As an AnP, you are probably very familiar with the ravages of weather. Particularly salty weather. While the Mooney is structurally strong by design, the metal tubing can and does corrode when subjected to moisture. It can be repaired, but not cheaply. Make sure that any ppi includes the inspection portion of SB 208B. It is not a difficult inspection, but just because it's been done once is no assurance it doesn't need to be done in the ppi. While not all paint jobs are equal, try t
  21. A 1,700' runway is way below my personal minimums for my 1974 Mooney C. If you are not precise on speed a Mooney can float. Most Mooney pilots I speak with like at least 2,000' or 2,500' for minimums. In reality I generally use less than half of my 3,000' runway, but I like the margin for safety. For the I like a long wide runway. It probably stems from starting my flight training at Baltimore in the 1980's. Good luck!
  22. So I’ve read all the discussions about the pros and cons of MSC’s. My question today is what are the qualifications making a shop a MSC? I know in other industries to become an authorized service center the staff is required to take very specific training and be certificated by the manufacturer of the product. Is that the case with MSC‘s?
  23. They just finished up my annual, prior to that they had a m350 in there and a few stop in, need help cases. Mooney space messaging and messaging Lynn (owner) will get you a response in a few days, in my experience. (I also reached out 2-3months ahead of time to schedule my annual)
  24. As a general rule I have found the small businesses in GA aviation world to suck at basic communication skills. Best results are obtained by showing up in person. No way would I again try to handle it remotely.
  25. Cute video by Embry Riddle. It could be a Lycoming 360...
  26. AGL Aviation seems to have a great reputation in here and I'm trying to call them to schedule my annual. It seems very hard to talk with them, not good in my opinion. I have tried both ph#s found on their website. I have received one call back after multiple attempt, asking to text my tail#, and that's it. This is about one week ago, nothing after that. Do you guys have different phone numbers or contact info? Or maybe they are too busy and I should just go elsewhere?
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