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  2. It’s funny. One of our daughters did a science project very similar to this when she was in the 7th grade after reading about two-liter water bottle “light bulbs” that are being used in some parts of the world to bring light to dark rooms during the day time. She wanted to see if the light distribution pattern could be improved by altering the shape of the water bottles. I don’t remember her conclusions, but she won a regional award for her efforts and all I had to do was buy her a light meter on Amazon for less than $20 and collect clear plastic containers of varying shapes and sizes that would have otherwise been thrown away or recycled for a few weeks. I’ve got a set of red and green TSO’d nav light LEDs but have thus far been reluctant to install them because of the question of their legality. It’s a shame because with the tailBeacon I am getting ready to install I am going to have to leave my nav lights on all of the time and the wingtip LEDs would be a nice improvement. I don’t fly at night anyway so the question of their luminescence really is academic to me. I’m more concerned about amps, heat, and lifespan. And legality, obviously. Jim
  3. Wasn't there talk about freeing up more things an Owner/Pilot could do on the older aircraft? Might have been wishful thinking
  4. Really? Had no idea. My old clamp-o-matics were uncomfortable enough that I would have enjoyed that, but never did. Now we weat Halos--no pain, no discomfort, we sometimes forget we are wearing them. But getting out will remind you when they are snatched off your head!
  5. Id say J-3, champ, or chief. Nothing will get you the basics of flying like those things. I like the j3 more personally because of the Door, but its like beating a dead horse. J3 vs champ has been debated so many times.
  6. my zef vr went bad in about 3 months. Went back and forth pointing fingers at plane power alternator. Finally just got a plane power vr and havent had any issues since. And still havent gotten a refund from zeftronics though they have the bad VR. I would never do business with zeftronics again.
  7. I don't think it would be difficult to make a test fixture to measure that. Measuring brightness wrt the device position isn't conceptually difficult, and the spec should define the test criteria. It turns out that TSO-C30c is based on an SAE spec, AS 8037, which lives behind a paywall. Otherwise we could look it up, but I don't think determining brightness and color at various positions and distances (assuming that's how it's spec'ed) wouldn't be egregiously difficult. Clearly it's been done a number of times judging by the number of LED suppliers in the list for TSO-C30c devices. If the measurements are made at a reasonable distance, the "dark spots" might not matter. If the device meets it, and the assembly that holds the bulb doesn't defeat it (e.g., block any of the required radiation angles), then the system should be functionally compliant.
  8. Neat video and looks like fun.. However, I feel the need for rotors. Helicopter baby.
  9. Yep, that's how I did it.... Dampen a cloth shop towel with you favorite solvent, lay it over an area you want clean (8"x8" works good) to allow it to soften up the glue.... Kinda a slow process, so plan on a 4~5 hrs depending on how old and how much glue was used
  10. Congratulations Scott! My mom gave me that book 7 years ago just before my first daughter arrived. Good choice. Cheers, Dan
  11. Interesting: I've always wondered why I could replace a tire and tube but could not undo 4 nuts and one wire connection to change a starter?? I agree that there are many times when replacing parts with like for like falls within in the realm of the owner operator and" preventive maintenance". On the other hand there are many very well qualified and licensed fairies tinkering about. Maybe that is why my plane is named Tink.
  12. Well that's atleast 2 people who have called LASAR this month asking for one, maybe that'll get them moving on production.
  13. There's no such statement, PMA or TsO certificate for my current incandescent bulb. Why do I need these things for one new bulb but not for another new bulb? And how do I as a mere owner know which new bulb needs all of this and which new bulb doesn't???
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  15. Ok. I’ve found about the best solution to my music situation. I’ve downloaded a lot of songs from amazon prime on my iPad and connected it with a 3.5 mm to the Bose A20. It mutes during all incoming ATC calls. Thanks to everyone
  16. Do you have electric gear or a Johnson bar? Did they do any work on the landing gear?
  17. Yes, it’s really not that loud. We often take a break from our headsets on long trips and talk. Kinda the same noise level as a car with the windows down.
  18. Use denatured alcohol, xylene or MEK to remove the glue. Then put in either new carpet or your carpet with the foam removed and install snaps in the floor. The female in the carpet. Two at the rear of each carpet strip. One each between the rude pedals. Two at the forward end of the center strip. And 4 under the front of the pass seat. 2 under the front of the pilot seat. Sailrite has The snaps and the tool
  19. And gas expands at altitude:( luckily the cabins is leaky enough it sucks the smell right out:)
  20. Question is how do you measure or verify 100cd of brightness from zero degrees forward to 110 degrees aft, and from 90 degrees up through down. Those are the requirements and like i mentioned earlier, LEDs tend to have dark spots in random areas.
  21. I hope your able to get the repairs moving soonest. You might be interested to note that Continental no longer uses those drilled bolts and castellated nuts with the cotter pins. Their obsolete and you may find the bolts and nuts are no longer available. The good news is that they now use a self locking Spiralock nut which does a much better job and supposedly holds it grip impervious to vibration. These are spec'd for your LB engine as well by Continental. So if I were you, I would be looking at my available options to get rid of the cotter pin arrangement entirely going with the new Spiralock nuts and bolts when the repairs are done. If you got a factory engine, that's what you would get. The problem is that this may likely require new connecting rods in that I suspect the new hardware is not compatible with the old rod's you have and new current production connecting are some like $1600 each. But if your only option was to pay out of pocket for the update, you might also be able to buy used serviceable ones for much less which would allow the new hardware. You'd have to do a little research to find out what connecting rods are on there now and then check with Continental to find out your options (they are very specific about what fasteners can be used with which rods). Secondly, if I was in your shoes, in an effort to expand my options, I would carefully wash the sump out with solvent and strain the contents with cheesecloth in an effort to find that one missing cotter pin - if I understand correctly that all that isn't accounted for. If you know all the pieces are accounted for, then I would go for the quick and efficient repair of R&R'ing the rods in situ, its not much more than a top overhaul in labor and it seems everybody wins. You get your plane back in the air and I bet even with the expense of new rods to get rid of the cotter pins (if necessary), you'll have an easier time collecting from the original engine builders insurance for paying for all your expenses since the cost should be far less than the current alternative and you'll be flying a lot sooner. Even if you can't find that one missing piece, I'd still seriously consider this option, although not risk free compared to if you can find it, I'd talk to some engine builders that don't have a stake in this for their thoughts before throwing in the towel on a complete engine disassembly. An engine rebuild may be the only safe thing to do without knowing where the missing piece - I am not an engine rebuilder and can't speak to that.
  22. You do INDEED have a beautiful family. Here are a couple of pics my (soon to be having our first granddaughter) daughter sent. She gets her looks from her mom. Thank God P.S.-I can’t wait to smell every smell she sends my way. (Front to back on gals) if memory serves...
  23. Oh man I am not showing you my laser cut N Number powder coated with blingy chain connector. In my defense they were cheap.
  24. I really don’t think that’s a danger here due to how it happened. Sounds like it was a relatively slow incident and the bent prop is more a function of weight than pressure. I’m not sure what I would do in this case, it really depends on what insurance says but I think I’d be fine either way.
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