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    I am fortunate to have a few professional photographer friends, these are some of their air-to-air images.
  3. I haven't read something more beautiful than this in ages my friend. I felt so happy reading this story, Jack really had a passion for aviation. Thanks for sharing :)
  4. My thoughts exactly. My BK servos have worked near-perfectly in 22+ years of operation. Just recently, the pitch trim servo needed OH/exchanged...an isolated incident. I do comply with SB343 - Trim Carrier Bearing lubrication every annual as Skip @PT20J mentions, but don't spend the $2,400+ yearly to perform SB292. Steve
  5. *cough cough shameless plug cough* Make me an offer!
  6. Today
  7. I have also instrumented my engine with RH and temperature measurements. My results duplicate the referenced article. As temperature is increased RH decreases. Using a Reiff heater, blanket over the cowl, and a thermostat I have my setup maintain a constant 90 degrees F year round. The oil fill cap is left off when the airplane is home and inside. This is in a relatively dry California climate. I maintain around 10% RH when the plane is in Truckee and around 30% when the plane is in San Jose. In a humid environment this might not work as well and active dehumidification might be required. Actu
  8. Rich, They certainly do, the cooling fin design is slightly different on a 985 as well. The biggest tell on that picture is the push rod tubes. On a 985 they attach to the nose case where on a 1340 they attach to the power section. Sorry for going all geek mode...
  9. The 195 pilots are close knit. It is a small slice of antique aviation.
  10. https://www.businessinsider.com/final-flight-of-62-year-old-fire-bomber-plane-2020-10 A fine article regarding the retirement of the piston powered fire bombers, giving way to jets. Having such horrific fires here on our west coast this season, and having an air tanker fire base here at KSMX, watching the tankers come and go, I found the article most interesting.
  11. I’ve got a bunch, but I’ll try. All but the most recent memories were from way before digital cameras. 10 years old, we went to the grass strip dad used to keep his first plane at (a C150), where there was a local glider club. I’d been there many times before, but I went for a ride in a glider with Dad’s instrument instructor. I’ll never forget the bags of whatever I sat on to add weight and add height so I could see. The takeoff was forgettable, but the pop of the rope release, then shear silence save for a little bit of wind noise...... HOOKED. There was no stopping my desire to fly
  12. I sent my servo to Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma in Tulsa, (918) 835-9924. They said it had internal leakage. It was not cheap to overhaul (surprise!). Unfortunately, it didn't fix the problem. The gauge still read 5-8 psi. I spent about $5k running this problem down, including replacing the mech pump, which is very expensive because the mags and vacuum pump have to be removed. So, what was the actual problem? The FP sending unit, which costs $50 at Aircraft Spruce, was bad and would give low or fluctuating readings. Now it reads 24 psi except when at idle. What did I le
  13. Hello everyone, apologies for the delay, have been out of the office the last couple of weeks. we do have a process in place for tracking stolen Garmin equipment. the first step is to get the police report filed and then forward a copy as it has been outlined to our aviation.support@garmin.com inbox. we will then add all of this as well as the police contact information to our receiving database. in the event that a piece of equipment is received at our facility we will then contact our legal team and the police department for further action.
  14. Many reputable engine shops are authorized repair stations for the servos. Just ask around your area. Mine went to Aircraft Engine Specialists in Chandler, AZ, but they're local to me.
  15. Agreed, the market will take care of any imbalances. If one shop wants to charge a significantly high markup their customers will either stay (because the service they receive is superior) or vote with their feet. Likewise, if another shop is charging almost no markup, people will either have to spend a lot of money in avgas to get there (which will reduce the "discount") or the service center won't be in business very long because they aren't charging enough to cover their costs.
  16. That being said one person selling another person an airplane is a one time transaction. In choosing a service center hopefully the customer feels like it was a fair price where a reasonable profit was made and feels like they want to go back there next time, not like they were charged the very top of the market price and the shop had them over a barrel. The good shops strike a balance with good work and a price that's fair for both and that's why people like @M20Dochave repeat customers every year.
  17. I don't see any reason to comply with the SB. In my limited experience, BK servos are pretty reliable. I'm in the Mike Busch camp of don't mess with stuff if it's working and not mandatory. SBs are not mandatory unless part of an AD, and ICAs are not mandatory except for the limitations section. Pulling working parts out for routine preventive maintenance seems more likely to cause problems than prevent them. I do lube the trim servo carrier bearing (that frequently gets overlooked) and trim drive chain. Those items are easy to do and minimally invasive. Skip
  18. ... I think you mean a three-quarters of a million dollar airplane. Not only would it cost $750K if new today, it is a 30 year old $750K airframe. Expect to spend some serious $ to keep it in prime condition. That piper being paid, a good Bravo can provide fine travel.
  19. Quite frankly you should be able to quote parts prices and shop rates at whatever the market will bear. Before owners here lose their minds let's think about what you are going to do when you decide to sell your plane. You are going to price it at whatever you think the market will bear. If you have a model that is in demand, then you are going to quote the highest price possible. The "cash price that you originally paid for it" is irrelevant. You are not going to share those costs and debate "fair mark up" with the "customer" (potential buyer). And if you sense that you can get more
  20. Maybe this will help: 14FN0000-ASI-Valve-Safey-Poster_Final.pdf
  21. A couple things to remember - by the time you are all done with it and you get it the way you want it, you'll probably have close to as much into it, or possibly more, that the one that has all of that now. For some people it's the journey of bringing something back to life more than the destination. Secondly, if this airplane was being sold new from the factory today it would be a $700,000 - $800,000 airplane. So, going forward, you will be maintaining a three quarters of a million dollar airplane, Parts will reflect those prices, as will labor. All of that being said if the M20M
  22. It’s a R-985. Kenmore Air in Seattle will make you one.
  23. Which shop gave you the paint quote?
  24. The 1340 doesn’t have the hoses between the cylinders.
  25. you are flying your family onboard.....the answer is simple JPI900 and CiES fuel senders......and the ultimate calibration It is so nice to know to the gallon what you have on board
  26. @INA201, please mark your original subject line with something like "SOLD" so you aren't queried on this going forward. Thanks, Steve
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