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  2. Everyone who starts another one of these threads should have to donate $20 to MooneySpace!
  3. When did service alerts become required for part 91 ops?
  4. I can't say I agree. My experience with sheet aluminum work and pounding rivets in an RV build was shock at how easy and straightforward it is to learn and perform at an ideal level with only minimal learning and practice. There's a reason they made P-51's that way, it was easy to teach people who'd never done that type of work before, e.g. Rosie the Riveter. I haven't done much composite work, but from what I hear it takes a level of knowledge, anticipation, and skill to that is hard to learn out of a book and without a lot of practice
  5. He told me but I was so mad I didn't follow it. Something about the G5 I think.
  6. @MMsuper21 Our next event is this Saturday, December 10, and at this time the weather forecast is good. Also, their self serve fuel price appears to be about the lowest in the State, currently shown on Foreflight as $4.55. Below is an attachment to the restaurant website which shows their menu. All events start at 11:30. Future events: December 10. Lakeland, ( LAL ) at the new Waco restaurant in the old terminal building. We are supposed to be able to park on the ramp in front of the building. If that is unavailable for any reason, park at the FBO and it is a short walk to the reataurant. We will be sitting on the porch to be able to sit together. January, 14, Leesburg, ( LEE ). We will car pool to our house for lunch, then weather permitting run model trains. February, 11, Fort Pierce, (FPR).
  7. My avionics shop had a required dealer webinar last week. Apparently, Garmin told them that the fix will be in Q1 of next year, not this year. Don't hold me to that. It is just what I heard from my A&P/IA. They also told my shop that they had to disable the trim. On the service alert it states that "Before further flight one of the following actions must be completed: Disable the GFC500 Autopilot by pulling the circuit braker and placarding it inop or contact a Garmin dealer to disable the pitch trim" My shop says they have to disable the pitch trim according to Garmin. Oh well....
  8. This makes sense. Personally I do not engage the autopilot until I am stable in climb and heading, and on top of any layers. That way if it does any Crazy Ivans on engagement it is not a major distraction to shut it off and manually re-trim with the trim wheel.
  9. Today
  10. What did they do to disable it?
  11. That's was my understanding also. I'm a little disappointed.
  12. Why? its not a mandatory SB nor an AD. The runaway only occurs at engagement if it occurs and is stopped by the AP disengagement button. My installer straight up said to do nothing other then monitor the trim during engagement and wait for the software update.
  13. Check your logbooks. When the Encore mod was done and presumably new CM2000-5 Master cylinders were installed, Mooney sold them in a kit p/n 940076-000 that includes two links p/n 850080-001 that extend the throw of pedal to correct exactly what you describe. (There are also a couple of new bell cranks spec's for the conversion separate than the links which appear to be present) I test flew another converted Encore, right out the conversion process, where it turned out they only installed the new master cylinders without the additional links and it had the same issue you describe; only corrected when they installed the missing part I referred them too. I am guessing same thing with yours.
  14. My thoughts exactly! But it will double when the fix comes out.....
  15. How many threads are we going to have on this issue? We may set a record!
  16. Way back in 2014, I was at a different company. I took the vp and a foreign visitor to Put In Bay along with weekend sight seeing with other colleagues on rental aircraft… they brought up doing KY trips by plane. We asked hr and the lady inquired with a will-do mindset. Insurance only required an additional pilot in case of PIC incapacitation. Not even a cap on cost. The vp said 2-3 of us not wasting a full day driving through OH was worth the extra charge…
  17. what do you have driving the GFC-500? GI 275? or something else?
  18. Something not stated explicitly in this thread, if you are using a smart charger, or trickle charger, you will need a low power 12V DC source to connect to the activation pin at all times. The smart charger will cycle on and off, running high and low currents as required, but must always read the battery voltage. If you rely on the charger to keep the activation pin energized, you will eventually end up with the charger not connected when it goes to monitor mode instead of charge mode. @wishboneash hooked up a scope and discussed the results in another thread. Very useful Based on that research, when I had a 12V 201, I wired a plug with a cheap hobby 12VDC source to the relay pin and the ground. The batteryminder charger was connected to the positive and the ground. You could hear the relay click when I turned on the little 12 VDC supply. The batteryminder then worked exactly as it should.
  19. Agreed, those are super thick heavy duty cables. I did not use something that thick, but I don't recall the gauge. Easy to coil for storage and light to carry.
  20. In aircraft design we called it creeping elegance, seemed always when you were almost always through you would determine you could make it better if you started over. We had another saying, “At some point shoot the Engineers and just build the thing” Many designs die due to creeping elegance as they eventually run out of money. It’s real easy for it to blow a budget all to pieces, even in something like remodeling a house. But you ought to ask yourself before you spend a couple hundred dollars here and there, does it really improve the aircraft? Unless of course money is no object, some have enough to burn
  21. I had my O in the avionics shop last week for other work and Garmin told him to disable my electric trim (not just pull the circuit breaker) until they come out with a fix for the GFC-500. Hopefully in a few weeks.
  22. I made a power cart using those heavy cables with 3 pin adapter. I connect them to an Astron 35 amp ham radio adjustable volt & amp power supply. I can just plug in the side of the plane and power up all my avionics in the hangar without dragging down the battery. I can also use it as a fast charger. I have a separate connector for the smart charger which bypasses the solenoid (a smart charger connected to the 3 pin cables won't open the solenoid)
  23. If you have a Concord RG battery, a smart charger is better than a trickle charger. By trickle charger I mean a simple low amp (constant volt and constant amp) charger that is on all the time - it does not sense or monitor voltage. You can put a trickle charger on for a few days without issue but if you leave it on for a month (because you can't get back to the hangar or forgot, etc) you will wreck the recombinant gas battery.
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