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  2. Great documentary capturing the passion of general aviation! Definitely worth $5 rental from Amazon Prime!
  3. With 51 years flying, 40 years of airline experience, I am amazed at this gentlemen's,( a layman not a pilot,) clear thinking in the midst of overwhelming grief on the MAX fiasco at Boeing.
  4. You might want to get Les Abend's articles from Flying magazine about two years ago on flying in NZ.
  5. Deviations are for one time ferry for maintenance and not for non-equipped aircraft. The FAA has been clear on that from the get go. ATC is not the police, but I will tell you what. Every time a Part 121 aircraft executes a go-around ATC informs the FSDO. That is why Part 121 Captains are required to write up go-arounds, in part to answer any inquiry from a passenger, but also to inform flight operations so they can answer any questions from the FSDO.
  6. Today was my first Mooney flight of 2020. I took my son on a flight from BJC to MTJ, I was really a nice day to fly, even though it may not look like in some of the photos. For those of you with young kids, they grow up so fast!
  7. Uh, yeah, that's what I said...............Class C.............wink, wink, wink...... Correction. Thank you.
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  9. Unfortunately here's what the writing on the wall said:
  10. Seen this before--- when you relax the key the right mag un-grounds and you may get a start. You can disable the stater by removing the + cable and listen for the SOS. Paul Loewen
  11. One car that comes in 3 versions. Black, white or silver. I have a 2004 Subaru WRX STI which is actually a really great 4 season car for snow country and I run stuffed snows in winter. It’s a hoot on a white surface. I have a short throw 6 speed manual on it.
  12. You're supposed to call for permission, 1-24 hours before the flight. When (if?) I have to do that, I'll let you know how it goes. ATL wouldn't let me inside the Bravo anyway, and getting to the other side is the closest I come to rule airspace . . . . I just can't land at Falcon Field and have Spruce come pick me up anymore, it's under the Bravo. But 6A2 is outside and still pretty close.
  13. I have a Sidewinder and in TX or other non-snow climates it works very well, best one I've owned.
  14. I went Med Express at the local urgent care. It's good for 4 years, ran me $60. My nearest AME was almost an hour's drive away, and I didn't care for him.
  15. Yep, they're taking the glamor and fun right out of cars. Just bought a lightly-used Altima to run into the ground (90 miles a day commuting at 35-40 mpg), it handles the twisty roads alright. But they even ruined the CVT by giving it fake "shifting points" where the RPMs drop, complete with a "sport driving" mode for altered fake-shifts . . . . Because it must drive like your minivan or people won't like it. Pretty soon there will be one car that comes in three versions: sedan, sedan with extended roof (replacing minivans), and sedan with open trunk (replacing trucks). Not only is the stick shift dead in this country, but coupes are disappearing fast and new trucks are o ly available in 2 versions: standard cab with zero storage, and crew cab (4 doors, two full seats, and 2/3 of a bed if you're lucky).
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  17. FYI.....................the below information is from our recent FAAST meeting at Santa Maria Airport. One speaker was Santa Barbara ATC [Class C]. The controller, when asked about ADS-B non-compliance aircraft within SBA Class B stated that at this point, all aircraft have been compliant. Then asked if a non-compliant situation arose, he did say that they [ATC] were not the "police". However, further clarification on that statement from the controller, he stated that they [SBA ATC] were obligated to report the aircraft to FSDO. SBA ATC is NOT the police, but they have to tell the police !
  18. The C7 had almost convinced me, and the C8 had officially been the first to make me a new Vette guy. But if this is true? A minivan with auto-opening doors is cooler than a Corvette without a clutch and a stick. Same for Ferrari; drove one in Florence last summer. Still sounds like a Ferrari, automatic? Just get a Kia.
  19. Can the E5 replace the BK KI256? Why is the 1000 ProMax $5000 more than the E5? What additional features does it have?
  20. Wanted to share this one with the crowd. When we were flying back from the Bahamas through FL, we got diverted due to some loitering military traffic that was out playing. ATC had no clue what it was but wanted us to give them some space! Clipped this screenshot:
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  22. I’ll pay you Henry’s standard $120 fee if you’ll guarantee the FAA will accept your Medexpress filing
  23. Btw - forward Cg can be completely fixed. I got the 4 blade mt composite prop that is 35lb lighter than the McCauley that is standard on a rocket. Now it’s a much more balanced plane. It was fine before but now it is even better.
  24. Indeed... Glider pilot... I knew that foward CoG would be good for something.
  25. I’m not a doctor. But I’ll be happy to do it.
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