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  2. Well here's my story. When I first got my 231 it consumed a fair amount of oil. Let's say 1 qt. in 10 hours, although it has been so long that I don't really remember with exactitude. I asked the same question, what is normal. I heard all the normal explanations, its a Continental, the cylinder seal is not very tight, its normal etc. It got to the point where I would use a quart for a long trip, say 4.5 - 5 hours, still was told that's just normal. We had some small leaks, mostly rocker covers. Then I had an incident which I have written about here, where we blew almost all the oil out, resulting in an emergency descent to landing in Can. A small piece of plastic had gotten lodged in the quick drain, there was virtually no evidence on the ground, but in the air with the engine running and pressurized, we were blowing oil out. Within a couple of years I had the engine IRAN'd, and all the small leaks were fixed. It used to be normal to have a number of chafe leaks at the top of the cowling. I still get one occasionally, but not much and not big. Now it is normal to go through an oil change cycle of 20-30 hours without adding oil, and if I am flying alot and go 40-50 hours between oil changes, I might need to add a quart. Now, during that cycle the oil level will have dropped a quart or so. That's about what I use now, 1 qt. per 20 hours. I have heard all that "stuff" about oil usage, and certainly the old radial engines burned through alot. But I no longer buy the idea that a quart in 6 or 8 hours, or even 10 hours, is normal. Maybe on a different type engine than my TSIO360LB it is normal, but if I get to that level again I will be looking for the problem in the engine.
  3. Pirep - G5 (2), GMU11, GAD29B + Century IIB

    There is no guidance in the STC install manual, but look in the experimental install manual and it has complete instructions on how to set up the lighting.
  4. M20E First Upgrade

    But don’t they make it 3 knots faster? ;-)
  5. mixture issue

    Welcome to the forums, Aaron. Please post some basic details (model, engine, prop, etc, etc), also do you have an engine monitor and can back up trends, or has it suddenly started doing this?
  6. M20E First Upgrade

    Makes it tedious to check tire pressures, no?
  7. I thought this might be of interest to the Mooney community, This would be Birmingham ,Alabama. Would any of you, please forward this to the Mooney Owners Association as well. "The Amelia Earhart Luncheon > is an annual event that helps educate the public about > aviation and aerospace hosted by the Alabama 99 and the > Zonta Club of Birmingham. The 2018 speaker is CarolAnn > Garratt. Ms. Garratt has a world record for circumnavigating > the earth in 8 and half days in her J-Model Mooney, all for > ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). To date, she has > circumnavigated the globe three times and taken ALS > awareness to new heights with her aerial accomplishments. > Tickets are $30. All proceeds from the lunch to the Amelia > Earhart Birthplace Museum in Atchinson, > Kansas." If anyone is interested > contact Nancy Swanner at > or 256-656-2656. Around_the_World_For_ALS.pdf
  8. Pirep - G5 (2), GMU11, GAD29B + Century IIB

    Anyone flown with their G5 HSI at night yet? Mine in auto mode is quite dim and have to go manual, the AI is fine. Might be because the black background of the HSI, I’m wondering if the auto mode can be adjusted.
  9. M20E First Upgrade

    Shoulder harnesses make it a good 5 knots faster! (Just teasing ... after several folks who don’t know each other recommended then,we installed them too.judt the two front seats. I hear the back seats are harder to do? )
  10. Looking for M20K CFI near ORD

    I'm pretty sure he's looking for 2 hours of dual to get his insurance. He mentioned his OTHER option is enough time in make and model himself to meet the insurance minimum, which he is working towards sans insurance is what I understood. Should be someone in the Chicago area that can help him. Another option is head straight north to KIMT and Bruce, our local CFII and Mooney owner, can get him his dual. Tom
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  12. mixture issue

    Also would help to know your power setting (MP, RPM and fuel flow), and what the TITs actually were.
  13. mixture issue

    It would help to know what plane you are flying.
  14. mixture issue

    i noticed on my last flight , i had to fully enrich the mixture to keep TIT in optimal , the higher i flew the more i noticed i had to enrich, any ideas what could be causing it
  15. M20E First Upgrade

    I hope that the wrong sized plastic hub cap on the nose wheel doesn’t break and jamb your gear in the nose wheel well. Clarence
  16. passenger seatbelt of doom

    It is also possible that the bottom ends of the pilot and passenger are just too wide for a Mooney with manual gear. Clarence
  17. Pristine 1975 M20F Available

    Nice looking bird! Is it true that you only see 150+mph @ 10gph? If I were shopping for an F and the owner claimed ~130kts on 10gph (70%ish power), I would be concerned about why.
  18. Pristine 1975 M20F Available

    @2000expilot still looking for an F?
  19. Mooney 231 intercoolers

    what would be the projected cost?
  20. It's Raining Planes :-(

    I have yet to find any bullet holes in my engine, so far so good.
  21. Crazy annual (paranoia)

    It’s amazing how small the bolts are that secure the mount to the frame. -Robert
  22. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Nice report as for the rigging just make sure it's done by some one that knows what they are doing.
  23. All instruments going nuts

    Great follow-up, josh! Best regards, -a-
  24. Yoke upgrade

    Sandfords.... @acpartswhse @Alan Fox -a-
  25. Looking for M20K CFI near ORD

    What is it you are wanting from the CFI? Transition training Relocating the M20K Chicago to Socal ? Or did I mis something in your post? Best regards, -a-
  26. passenger seatbelt of doom

    As well, Pep Boys and other hardware stores stock "Mechanix" type of gloves (also called non-contact gloves). Allows you to feel but keeps some of the chill off your hands.
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