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  2. My paint is chalky and won't hold a shine. :-( Paint is my next upgrade, once I re-skin my flaps and ailerons from some visible hail damage.
  3. Garmin says I true at 140knots in my F. I’m probably due for some rigging. Likely too many people have stepped on the flap over the years
  4. Please don't tell any of my Army buddies that I regularly reference the 'Squid Book of All Things Aeronautical Stuff'! (We'll just keep it between us -- Shhh!)
  5. I wouldn’t your cylinder head temperatures will go way too high and the performance hit is greater at cruise speed than climb speed anyway.
  6. So here is a question to you 231 pilots. Would you ever take off with the barn door Cowl flaps fully closed in order to have better performance on a shorter runway? Pritch
  7. Here's an English translation of the paper by Prandtl that the video presenter says motivated his thinking. I'm pretty sure that Prandtl was an alien. This paper is super cool. The simultaneous translation is really fun. The translation "tapered wing" is assumed to come from "spitzendigen Flügel" The trick here is that the outer bit (< 5%) the wing has 0 angle of attack (alpha) and therefore generates no lift. It kills the tip vortex much more effectively than any winglet. Of course running part of a wing at 0 alpha is muy peligroso. If a rigid airfoil and designed for 0 alpha
  8. I have a JPI temp probe and one for my G5s. They are under the left and right wings, mounted into inspection panels.
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  10. On the E it’s by the front passenger hip on the other side of the lower wall. You might need new gaskets. A fuel boost pump or fuel lime leak smell can get into the cabin as well. My boost failed and leaked from the weep hole under the plane and I could smell that during stalls. You should assume it’s a dangerous leak if it just showed up. Gasoline is dangerous and we forget that sometimes.
  11. This is the perfect situation for a non WAAS G1000 Mooney. Buy it at a significant discount because the owner wouldn't step up and buy the WAAS upgrade back when it was available. SWTA did the first WAAS upgrade in a G1000 Mooney back in 2016, so it's been around awhile and the owner had plenty of time to get it done. But he didn't, and now the Ovation will take a huge hit on the value. Then the buyer will take it home and register it in Argentina where WAAS isn't available anyway and the Ovation will live out it's days in an area where WAAS isn't an issue. Win, Win, if you ask me.
  12. Agree with Don. There is an interesting lesson here: Airframes last for decades. Modern avionics have a half life of 10-20 years. It’s not a good long-term proposition to have the airplane certification include avionics. From the G3X STC AML:
  13. I was always amused by the Radio Shack Realistic brand. What were they trying to communicate? Not quite real, but realistic enough? Skip
  14. That's never going to happen with that plane. It was certified with the G1000 and that can't be changed.
  15. From what I've heard of the proposed price of the WAAS upgrade you could be on your way to replace that panel with something more modern and utilitarian such as a GTN75xi, and G3X or G500xi then tie them into your autopilot
  16. They are amazing planes! You will not be disappointed!!
  17. Thanks to everybody, BTW, for your help; I have learned a-lot and even impressed the old timer avionics guy on the field when I had him inspect what I had done this morning (he was actually there and not out fishing!). He gave me some pointers, and helped me tidy a few things up, but its passed muster so far! I was hoping, however, you guys and gals can help me with one more question; I want to make sure I hook this up to my 430W correctly to ensure future 330ES upgradability later this year. I have various versions of the 330 and 430W install manual, but none specifically mention the 3
  18. My understanding is that it moves, just slower than the further layers. It slows down even further as it travels along a surface. This is why Mooneys have flush rivets along the first parts of the wings and fuselage and non-flush toward the tail and trailing edges. I've noticed this on older airliners as well, the first half or so of the fuselage is flush riveted, the back part not. I got to see a 787 up close last year and it is flush everywhere, so maybe the construction economics have changed or it is considered more useful than it used to be.
  19. 65 C model>> other mooneys. I think this sums it up.
  20. @Philip S Do you have a pic of your fuel pressure gauge? Wondering if you have a 200 hp injected engine bolted to your C?
  21. That's where my new JPI OAT probe is too, except on the right wing. I'm not sure where the G5 OAT probe is but it reads 20 degrees hotter (!) so I am talking to my shop about relocating it.
  22. What is interesting about that article is that it infers that masks did little to contain Corona virus as that country had one of the highest percentages of infections. It also stated that keeping kids out of school was most likely what lowered the flu rates. Obviously the inverse is in effect here as the population caught Covid with the kids not in school. If the kids were in school, would they have neither caught the flu or the virus? Hahahahaha Inquiring minds want to know!
  23. Send me a PM and we can set up a time to talk. I can explain the entire line up and the differences of each.
  24. Same thing happened last winter in South Africa (June-Sept.). They had a record low flu season. The reason given was COVID prevention measures also helped to minimize the spread of influenza. Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/africa/south-africa-coronavirus-flu-season/2020/08/17/bd8aaaca-e084-11ea-82d8-5e55d47e90ca_story.html
  25. Yesterday
  26. Wow. That reminds me- last year I found a NOS 1960's overhead aircraft speaker online. Bought it immediately, and replaced the modern, dual cone, 2 lb magnetic monster that someone had put in with NOS! With great satisfaction, saved at least a pound of UL. Minor victory.
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