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  1. Thanks, José. Is the tank capacity affected by the choice between vacuum and electric? Any differences at all? All The Best
  2. Just reviewed some of the “for sale” postings, and they just say “speed brakes” — not “electric speed brakes”. Where do these ideas come from......
  3. Thanks @kortopates for the info. Somehow, I had the idea that the 252s (M20K 1986 and later) all started life with electric brakes.
  4. I guess I omitted some of my assumptions. As far as I can tell, all 252s came with electric speed brakes. Perhaps they were optional, but I don’t recall seeing a 252 without them. I have seen multiple Rocket conversions on 252s with vacuum brakes. Also, as far as I can tell, all 252s with the Rocket conversion have Jose’s tanks. Hence, it appears that there may have been some reason the electric brakes had to go, and were replaced with vacuum. I sent a message to Jose, but he seems to have been offline for a while.
  5. I have been searching for a 252 Rocket. There aren't many, but I have seen a few with vacuum speed brakes. Is it true that with Monroy tanks, the speed brakes in a 252 must be converted to vacuum? If so, why?
  6. Since some of the packaging and some of the use case pics are the same, I suspect this is more than just a knockoff. @Rwsavory got here first.
  7. Also, it appears that the Concorde RG-35A XC likes the BatteryMINDer 128CEC1-AA-S5.
  8. A quick search reveals: Spruce 319.00 including shipping Chief 318.00 including shipping Sky Geek 351.25 Univair 317.75 BatteryOut 319.95 Aircraft Supply 349.80 Wag-Aero 316.20 145.aero 328.49 including shipping There are a few outliers but, in general, the open market is at work.
  9. Guess I should have defined "good" a little better. I did see one on eBay for a little over $700 (plus shipping). Everyone knows that eBay prices are always "good", right?
  10. That's nothing short of amazing in the world of airplanes. I was also shopping for a maintainer. Any suggestions? Also, any suggestions for a good price on the RG-35AXC?
  11. If I'm counting correctly, four different posters have mentioned the Concorde RG-35RXC. Zero references to this number on the Concorde web site. Is it the RG-35AXC? Four identical typos?
  12. I know this is an ancient thread, but I found it while looking for differences between Ovations (1, 2, 3). The URL for the Midwest Mooney that is a Mooney dealer is: https://www.flymooneys.com/ I didn't go further to determine who has the STC, or any other details. Their website is pretty minimal.
  13. Spelled with an "e" on the end instead of "d": https://www.mcfarlaneaviation.com/
  14. For anyone flying with "higher" pressure, does it affect your fuel flow? Does the engine run richer with extra pressure?
  15. Okay, I'll be the goat: What does the aux pump have to do with EGT and CHT?
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