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  1. Any idea where Chris Short is located (web url is no go)?
  2. Welcome! Some M20C people will be along shortly.
  3. Thanks. That’s valuable information. Sometimes these people are not easy to find using a web search.
  4. Go to home page (https://mooneyspace.com). Mash the “Donate” button at the bottom, and send in a little money — makes everything work better. EDIT: Just checked, and button says “PayPal donate now”.
  5. How do you countersink the holes in the plastic lens?
  6. Not really definitive but when I Google Aircraft Spruce M34-14M, I see the following two reviews (same guy) mentioning an aileron rod: Perfect, high quality! Solved the excessive play in the pushrod for my aileron on my Mooney Sherman C December 15, 2018 Works great seems to be high quality, have not had much time on the rod end yet to see how long it will last, but definitely way better than what came off my 50 yr old Mooney
  7. Watched for several minutes, but Not a Creature Was Stirring. Weird.
  8. Your hangar fairies are smarter than mine. Thanks!
  9. I stopped reading at "8,000 pounds of batteries".
  10. What if the gasket isn't reusable?
  11. Can you share a link to this video? Thanks!
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