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  1. Ahh, yes. Thought they changed that when they made the G5 able to use two nav sources recently. I was still thinking about leaving out the cdi for the SL30 since I so rarely use it and it has the internal one, but I’d also understand why you kept it. Nice backup to an awesome panel!
  2. Well said. Honestly, the C E F & G are close enough to be about the same performance and cost as Bonal said. There’s some personal preference in there with J bars and injected vs carb and maybe a few knots different between a G and an E, but honestly they are close enough in performance and cost. C and E have a little less gas. F and G are a little longer, mostly in the backseat.
  3. Looks nice! I was thinking about doing almost exactly the same. I’ve got the same avionics as you and stec 30. Curious, why keep the cdi for the SL30? Could hook both sl30 and gps into the g3x. Now since they are both digital. In an emergency, the sl30 has built in cdi functionality too.
  4. Why you want to own is definitely a good question because it’s very near impossible to make an airplane purchase that makes financial sense. It’s a money pit, but there are still reasons to own...
  5. Wait, that’s not right, the G5 gets nav and distance data from the 430... that means data goes GPS-G5. Maybe it supplies temp too?
  6. How does the IFD get CAS and mag heading or do you have to input that just like the 430?
  7. Yeah, I use that function on the 430 all the time, but that’s like two knob twists and a couple button pushes. Plus, I have to put my snacks down and wipe my fingers.
  8. So the G5 has some cool new capabilities with TAS and winds, however, it seems you need a gad13 computer, and a temp probe. Call me crazy, but I don’t want temp probes sticking out all over the airplane. I already have one feeding the JPI 930. The 930 and my garmin 430w are connected and exchange airdata through a serial connection. Temp seems to be part of that because the 430 temp always matches the jpi. Does anyone think there’s a way to pass the temp from the 430w to the g5 since they are connected anyway?
  9. I have had an F for 5 years. Average has been ~$18k per year including fuel for 80hrs per year. Had a couple small upgrades in there for waas and adsb. 2 cylinders and a Prop overhaul too. My hangar is $250/month and my insurance is $1000/year. I’ve had an msc annual for $10k, and a local IA annual for $3500. It’s a crapshoot.
  10. No doubt. Bluetooth to my phone be real nice. Be nice to have it adjustable less than their established max curve back to the dataplate standard advance too.
  11. I was wondering this too. Definitely worth calling them, I’m sure they’ll have the answer... I guess I was thinking the N version, but now I’m not sure.
  12. I like my AeroLeds. Had one fill with water and company was real easy to deal with. Replaced right away and it was from a previous owner. https://aeroleds.com/pulsar-n-series-certified/
  13. Yes, but someone ought to lock his account out of all the threads ranting about BK! Except he won’t have access to anything. EDIT: This was sarcasm and meant to be funny. Welcome aboard! More info/options is always better!
  14. What’s the gist of it? Did they prefer one over the other? I tried to read for myself but they won’t let me!