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  1. Ragsf15e

    How Reliable is JPI EDM900?

    930 going strong 5+ years ~500 hours. Knock on wood. would be nice to be able to do software updates without sending it to California. Otherwise good. Also I had good customer service when I had a minor issue with my remote display.
  2. Got out to the airport to take pictures of the LED torpedo lights in the dark today... just my luck, the one sunny day in Spokane all winter and there’s a sunbeam through a gap in the door right into the cockpit. Like a laser beam of light. Anyway, they seem bright enough, about what the original lights put out. Definitely not hot. Still tough to tell. And remember, mine are assembled just like the original design, but with the bulb cover removed to fit in the torpedo. in the picture, they are aimed in the center of the panel.
  3. Ragsf15e

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    You guys that have dual G5s, and gad29b connected to legacy autopilot and G430w... did you still have to use both 430w ARINC ports? I have a gtx 345 that uses one and I’d like to keep it there, but definitely want to go with dual g5s. (Stec 30A, GPSS, G430W, Gtx345, and King Hsi currently)
  4. There is a 14 volt version on the pilotlights.net website. However, I couldn’t get them to seat all the way into my torpedo lights, so modified them as I described above... ie, they didn’t just work as an easy replacement.
  5. Which bulb did you use? The one I posted above was slightly too big to get the torpedo fully back together.
  6. Well yeah. I need to pull the G5 trigger and ditch the vac, but otherwise, I was just wondering how other F models ended up with ~50lbs more UL? Maybe my electric gear vs J bar is a couple lbs?
  7. You guys making me jealous, my 68F useful load is “only” 1017lbs. 3 blade prop adds a little but otherwise fairly stock. Wonder how you get more UL?
  8. Ragsf15e

    "SabreCowl" Update (part tres)

    Does the cowl open any easier than the stock ones for preflight inspection? I’m guessing ram air is lost?
  9. I don’t have a dimmer on my torpedo lights, only on my panel lighting. Can’t tell as far as brightness yet as I tested it on the ramp in daylight. I’ll try to post a pirep when I use it at night. Honestly, I’m not 100% sold on it as I had to remove the bulb inclosure to get it to fit. The link works for me, picture below. That’s the LED I used (minus the glass bulb).
  10. Bought these lights, still too big as designed. I removed the bulb cover and they now fit perfectly and give decent light. Not sure how long they’ll last like this, but they run cool. That torpedo light is a tight fit as designed!
  11. Ragsf15e

    SureFly Certified

    If you lose both alternator and battery (only 1 of each in my F), Surefly stops working. You’re running on the 1 remaining old school mag. Unlikely, yes. But if I had 2 Surefly type systems and lost my alternator in flight (belt, wiring, etc), I’d be pretty concerned about battery health! Now a double battery/double alternator solution makes that extremely unlikely, but I’m guessing the FAA is comparing the new systems to the independent reliability of current magnetos.
  12. Ragsf15e

    AD 77-17-04 Control Wheel Inspection

    Mine was done as part of my last annual, signed off, and included in flat rate. Now I definitely paid for lots of other stuff, but this inspection seems to be pretty easy.
  13. Ragsf15e

    SureFly Certified

    Oh, then you’re in good shape. Except don’t hold your breath for replacing both mags. Surefly requires input electrical power, so gonna need one mag in case you have battery/alternator failure.
  14. Ragsf15e

    SureFly Certified

    Surefly as currently configured isn’t going to do much for TIO-360... it’s set to fixed timing for turbocharged engines. Only allowed to advance for NA engines. Maybe that’s a future capability though?