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  1. Yeah, I agree… just throwing out the option. I bet there’s tons of these old ones just sitting around in peoples hangars and in avionics shops. I would do a gi275 if you can swing it. It’s gonna cost as much or more than the adi you did as it will need more connections to existing gi275 and autopilot. I wouldn’t do a g5 just based on cutting the panel and square vs the round you already have. Although… the g5 may fit in the large square cutout from the 525?
  2. I do as well. Also have the magnometer that goes with it.
  3. You’re virtually guaranteed to be underwater on any airplane you purchase. It can still be overpriced, but being underwater should be expected.
  4. Also, the sniffle valve is supposed to leak. That’s why it’s there. When the engine is running its sucked closed/sealed, but when the engine isn’t running, it opens to let the intake manifold drain. Usually a few drops of fuel after shutdown.
  5. And just to make it tougher, I’ve had oil come out both the sniffle and fuel pump drain. One was a bad fuel pump leaking oil. The sniffle oil was from a cylinder with some issues… wobbling valve? Bad valves? Oily cylinder? Anyway, there was some oil in the intake manifold that use to drip after each sortie. OH cylinder fixed that one. I know this is a fresh engine, so I really think it’s fuel, maybe mixed with a little something?
  6. If you do an inflight mag check with the SF, pull back the power before switching from the mag to the SF. The bang at full power is annoying, but pulled back, much better.
  7. Well you said greenish, and by the time my fuel drips out the sniffle onto my tire, that’s about how it looks. The tire is a common place to get them, however, that drip occurred after shutdown (wheel wasn’t turning). Directly above that spot should be your fuel pump drain and sniffle drain. Most likely one of those. I’d keep an eye on it and see exactly what’s coming out those two tubes.
  8. Easy. Normal fuel drips out the sniffle valve after shutdown! with Anthony’s standard disclaimer… not an A&P, etc etc.
  9. Since the gear doors don’t fully cover the wheels when the gear is up, it’s very easy for people to think the gear are partially down when looking up at a flyby. I’ve had the same ground report from the tower when my gear were up and locked.
  10. I like the idea of it, but would prefer the ability to have a switch between a “conventional” avionics switch and an “emer” avionics switch that has your items on it. Normal ops would be conventional, all avionics off during start like Skip mentioned. In an emergency, I could have gps, radio, etc. I agree with @OR75 that a radio isn’t required, and neither is a panel gps, but IFR, a radio sure would be nice if you’ve got a long ifr divert ahead of you.
  11. Can you BT in the audio from Foreflight? Some of that seems useful. I also like the USB charging capability (probably no interference like lighter usb chargers) and the separate BT inputs which can be separated out to passengers so the kids get their own movie audio. Finally the ability to turn off the radio to pax is nice for those that want to read or whatever, but not be “isolated”. I’ve been trying to convince myself to put in a 450B for my current GMA340 for a while. Super easy swap, but It just hurts so much to take out something that works perfectly and put in something new that co
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