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  1. Are there extensions on them? We have some threads on those with pictures. Some rotate the pedals a little if I recall.
  2. Or you can order from a Mooney service center. I got one this way. It wasn’t grossly expensive and it was in stock! Weird. It said Mcfarlane right on the bag…
  3. Someone made a hook for a headset on the left panel down near the pilot’s knee/shin. I just lay mine on the floor. Not perfect, but it works.
  4. I think it’s happened to a lot of them. Mine has a slight crease along the top from some prior owner.
  5. Calling @PT20J… Skip has better insight on how this thing works or is supposed to work than eveN Garmin and he has the same g3x, g5, gfc500 setup.
  6. I’m also no emt, but do you think they would set up right there if it reeked of 100ll from the right wing being torn off?
  7. I have similar and really like the g5s. They have been a great addition!
  8. I guess I thought it was spinning from airflow just because it wasn’t feathered, but not necessarily producing power.
  9. Thats a common issue with the mp sensor. Snubber from omega is pretty cheap and easy. Some need them for oil and Fuel pressure too. Some not.
  10. Thanks, I hadn’t seen that. I removed the picture from my post.
  11. I’m no accident investigator, but it doesn’t look like the prop is feathered or twisted.
  12. Sheppard will teach you the test questions but not much else. But that might be good.
  13. Possibly they were trying to glide to the airpark after an engine issue. Are any of the pictures good enough on the prop to tell if it was making power? It might take ntsb investigation for that since it hit pretty hard prop first.
  14. That tiger peed on me once. I was at the mirage, checking them out and it just turned and doused me. Had to get back to my hotel and shower. Never trust a tiger.
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