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  1. Children’s Headsets

    Thanks guys! I think the Sigtronics have an input for an ipad, iPhone, etc so they can watch a movie... hopefully quietly or in isolate!
  2. Children’s Headsets

    Anyone have experience with headsets for young kids? I’ve got 2 year old twins and we’re looking to get their first “real” headsets. Currently they use earplugs and/or passive protection, but it would be nice if we could talk to them and they could talk back. looks like D.C. has a youth model, appears really heavy. Pilot USA and Sigtronics both have youth models that are cheaper and lighter with same NR rating. Anyone tried them on a two year old? thanks, Rags
  3. Stall Horn During Climb Out

    I have similar chirping on mine. Usually in gusty winds and/or near gross, but stops above about 95mph. I do power on/off stalls often and it works fine in smooth air.
  4. G5 HSI released!

    Would love two G5s, one to replace my vacuum AI and one to replace my old king HSI but I can't believe they can't output heading signal to my stec 30 AP?! That's a show stopper for me.
  5. Weight and Balance stations for M20F?

    Thanks guys! Found it and used the data from the TCDS. I'm using WnB Pro as well. Seems good now that I've got the data from the TCDS. Rags
  6. Partnership in Spokane / Coeur dalene area

    I love my F model, but there are 3-4 months out of the year when it's only useable 2-3 days per month. I understand the limitations on small airplanes and icing and don't intend to cruise in it. Around here, I could fly all winter if I could climb/descend through a 2-3000' layer with light to moderate ice. Cruise would be in the clear. The weather isn't really low, but low enough to stop you from going anywhere vfr below the clouds - especially with the mountains around. Lots of SR22s around flying all winter safely...although I prefer Mooney.
  7. Weight and Balance stations for M20F?

    Sorry to bump this, but can someone tell me where the above w&b limits in cg came from? My graph for the 68F is in moment vs weight and dividing out the cg from the weight and moment doesn't seem to come up with the same limits. basically I'm just trying to build my cg envelope for a w&b app. thank, rags
  8. Hello, I'm looking to partner on a FIKI airplane in the KGEG, KSFF, KCOE area. PM me if you might know anyone with an existing partnership or who may want to start one in the future. Drew
  9. Anyone find a way to adjust/calibrate their gtx345 attitude ahrs data? Mine shows a slight bank/pitch in level flight, and unlike the stratus, you can't calibrate attitude in foreflight.
  10. Exhaust Valve(s) Blow

    I have been reading about normalize mode and will definitely try it next time. Yeah, I got into both of those Lycoming documents in the last few days as I belatedly educated myself on exhaust valves...
  11. Thoughts on this M20F

    Can I still get the 1100lb useful load and 150 kt upgrade?? I'd gladly trade my 1017lb useful and 140kts...
  12. Exhaust Valve(s) Blow

    3,500 hours of flying and it finally happened. First "real" engine issue in 25 years of flying. Happened over big mountains just outside McCall, Idaho with the whole family on board too. Worst part was, I didn't even realize it happened until the next day! We went to KMYL (McCall) for a $100 hamburger lunch on a beautiful winter day. 1968, M20F with IO-360A1A. 800 hours SMOH (1998), top overhaul with rebuilt cylinders after prop strike (prev owner) in 2004. Flight down there was normal. Departed about 2pm so the kids (1 year old twins) were right at nap time for the way home. Chosen route was up the Little Salmon river valley over highway 95. There are dirt strips about 40 miles apart in the canyon, but there's basically nowhere to land northwest of KMYL for the first ~30 minutes of flight. Leveled off at 8,500' below a scattered deck and leaned for 20 LOP. Maybe a minute or two later I noticed my speed decreasing and autopilot telling me to trim up. I had lost ~10 knots from normal cruise. First thought was that I set the mixture too lean and was at too low a power setting. Rich mixture, surge forward pretty good, reset to 20 LOP and everything seemed fine. Then I decided to climb above the clouds, adjusted mixture, climbed, reset mixture and it happened again. Huh, interesting. By now we were 30 minutes from home and I didn't really think anything was wrong. Flew along ROP for a while, checked TAS and it was normal, JPI 930 showed normal engine indications. Reset LOP and noticed a very slight vibration. Actually thought about looking into balancing my prop. Landed uneventfully. Thought about the flight and didn't feel right... took off the cowl the next day and checked for leaks around the injectors. Everything seemed normal. Downloaded from EDM 930... didn't like that at all. Pictures below. Watch #3 EGT after leaning. The last picture is right before the decent to landing. They are at a different time scale, so they look a little different, but clearly #3 EGT was not behaving. It was going above it's leaning "peak" and then by the end of the flight, it was pretty unsteady. It had only climbed about 100 degrees from peak and was not noticeable on the EDM unless I had written down the peak values which I don't think anyone does. The fluctuating EGT wasn't noticeable without staring at the EDM which I didn't do. Sent the data to my mechanic and put it in the shop the next day. #3 exhaust valve was shot. The valve guide is worn excessively and the valve and guide have deposits causing it to stick and wobble. While he had that side of the engine apart, looked at #1 and it was not as bad but going down that road. Pulling 2 cylinders to send to an engine shop for new valves and redo the guides, etc. $$ Ouch. Oil samples done at each change and all normal (last one in December). Thankfully caught early enough that it didn't stick and fail catastrophically over the mountains. Any idea what causes this? Am I doing something to the engine to cause it? I guess I'd just feel better if I could see this coming a little before it starts affecting power. Don't want to have any power loss in the mountains, on takeoff, high DA, or all three! Appreciate your thoughts...
  13. Yep, one small wingtip LED fixture contains both the red/green position light and a white strobe. Two switches in the cockpit to operate nav or strobe or both. Taillight is white pos/strobe. http://aeroleds.com/shop/pulsar-nsp-2/?val=aeroleds But wow, your pictures make that red rotator look good! I may put mine back!
  14. Hoping for some guidance

    I love my F, but honestly, if I could have afforded an equally maintained and outfitted J while keeping enough cash in my maintenance slush fund I would have done it. I always miss the extra 10-15 knots. I'm sure if i had a J, I'd rather have a K. Buy as much airplane as you can comfortably afford while keeping a reasonable slush fund for maintenance and first year gottchas. Operating costs for e, f, and j are roughly the same.
  15. Slightly more $$, there's another/better option... remove the rotating beacon altogether and replace wingtip and tail lights with led strobe/position lights. Removing the beacon has to get like 5 knots, right! Mine came from AeroLed in Boise. Great customer service when I had to replace one due to water leaking into it (free). I don't know how much the whole setup cost as previous owner did it. Also mine got a field approval, but they have TSO units. Led light should never need replaced and draw very little power.