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  1. Ragsf15e

    Cowl plugs

    Funny you should say that... I once picked up my F at the FBO after they finished my ADSB upgrade and drug it over to the fuel pump to top off. While getting gas noticed a family looking through the fence with young kids. Asked if they’d like to check out the airplane. Showed them in /out. Said goodbye, hopped in and cranked for taxi to hangar. Saw the bright red Bruces plugs with flags and strap go flying across the ramp. Shut down, picked up plugs and pride off ramp, waved to kids still watching, got back in, crawled into my hole to hide.
  2. Got one of those for an F laying around? IO-360A1A?
  3. Ragsf15e

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    Just curious, who’s “they”? Ray Jay or another builder? Would definitely be nice for my F out west...
  4. Ragsf15e

    Cracked oil sump?

    To me, that’s 1 qt every 4 hours. Basically just counting the 2 hour lunch run from 6 to 5.5. The first part is just putting oil into your filter. Anything over 6 quarts will definitely be on your belly, and if the dipstick isn’t right you may be running 6 1/2 or 7 quarts and not realizing it. not great, but not terrible. Better than Lycoming advertised limit. Mine is like 1 in 6.5 hrs. To me, this seems like break in didn’t go right. Borescope be good. Compressions be good.
  5. Ragsf15e

    Cracked oil sump?

    Sorry, off the oil leak, but takeoff picture has pretty high cht on 2 & 3... is your mixture set rich enough? Whats takeoff fuel flow? At 4 C oat, 430 degrees cht seems very high to me. I usually have no more than about 380 on the hottest cht.
  6. Ragsf15e

    Cracked oil sump?

    Cylinder 1 running around 30-50f cht cooler is normal for my F on jpi930. Lots more airflow over it. Also have to know if all the cht probes are same type & location before comparing.
  7. Ragsf15e

    Mooney M20J owner experiences

    I guess I should have bought a J?! My annuals have been $3k, $9k, $3.5k, & $3k. Not including 2 new cylinders in between annuals. I haven’t been able to owner assist which could save some $$, but the maintenance manual calls for about 40 hours to annual my F, and my AP/IA is $90/hour, so... I think I’m getting a discount at that!
  8. Ragsf15e

    Backseat of an M20J - Not so bad

    I too have my son up front and wife and daughter in back of my F. Back seat is great once they’re in. Difference is kids are both 3 years old. They ride fine like that though. The hard part is packing 2 car seats for the rental car and all our luggage! Plane gets real small real fast!!
  9. Ragsf15e

    M20F Approach Configuration

    I use 120mph clean while vectoring for an approach, but slow to 90mph & takeoff flaps & gear on the ils. 120 mph is the max gear speed for my 68F, so that’s clearly too fast to be flying the approach. 80 is mushy... 90 works great. 100 probably ok. I use 40% power from the JPI 930 as a starting point at glide slope intercept. As you mentioned, there’s a good bit of extra airspeed to dump after you break out. I generally just leave the flaps, but pull some power and retrim for 80-85mph. Usually runways with precision approaches are long and it’s not an issue, but 120 mph on final definitely too fast for me.
  10. Ragsf15e

    Ram air

    1.0” more mp for Ram air like Marauder and Bob B. 1968 M20F, JPI930 and consistent. More importantly, ~3-4 knots better cruise at 9,000’!!! That’s better than gap seals+cowl closure+inner gear doors! Several 4 way and 3 way ground speed checks, and that door does make a little difference. of course I didn’t use it all summer in Washington because I couldn’t climb higher than all the horrible wildfire smoke. I know what that’s doing to my lungs, and I don’t want it in my engine!
  11. Ragsf15e

    Doghouse Parts Source

    Thanks. Guess I always thought that’s what folks were talking about when they mentioned doghouses. Are those particular to a model, year, or engine? Mine is a 68F... woulda thought doghouse originally?
  12. Ragsf15e

    Doghouse Parts Source

    Ok, I’ve had my F for 4 years and these are the first pictures I’ve seen of someone else’s doghouse... I don’t have that?! At least I don’t think so. And yes, I remove the cowling often. I just have thick silicone pieces that seal against the cowlings to guide the airflow. Temps are great. What gives??
  13. Ragsf15e

    CHT Differences

    It will depend a lot on your cruise power setting, LOP or ROP, IOAT, and altitude, but my 68F generally runs about 290, 330, 340, 300 in cruise at 65% power and 25 degrees IOAT. So a 50-60 split seems ok. Definitely different airflow over each cylinder from our old intakes. I have seen them all 40 warmer on a hot day ROP, and I have seen them all sub-300 LOP on a very cold day in the winter. Btw, i have the lasar bottom cowl closure and JPI 930.
  14. Ragsf15e

    Help ID-ing this screw in cap

    Clarence was right, it was a cap covering the antenna connection on the #2 radio rack. Had to use a scope because there’s 1,000’ of wiring in a 3’ x 8” space behind the instrument panel. I’m sure nobody else’s is like that, right? It’s not far up there from the bottom, but no chance I can get it back on without taking the rack out. Think I’m just gonna leave it alone. thanks for all the help!
  15. Ragsf15e

    Starting my M20F

    COLD, I do the procedure from your original post except I leave the mixture rich or close to full rich after priming (fuel pump on, 5”, off), then engage starter. After she fires I adjust for 1000rpm and lean as far as possible until it almost quits. Now HOT, is a totally different approach. Don’t touch anything from shutdown... throttle ~1/4, mixture cutoff, NO prime (no fuel pump). Crank. Be prepared to add mixture when she fires. Will take 10-15 blades if normal start is 5. There are 100 other feasible ways to hot start.