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  1. pinkiedog64

    CFII needed in Bend Oregon

    Try Berg Air in Madras. If they don't have one they probably know one. Or Leading Edge in Bend or Hillsboro in Redmond? Not to hijack the thread, but where are you located? I'm in Madras. Just bought a C170 to finish my private in. Up until a year ago I was an engineer at the Mooney factory in Texas. Maybe we can meet up and talk airplanes. Stephan
  2. pinkiedog64

    Looking for a CF[emoji102] in Oregon

    Berg Air in Madras? If they can't do it they may know someone/some place who can.
  3. pinkiedog64

    Career Advice

    My $.02: I grew up very interested in airplanes and all other things mechanical. I frequented airshows and airplane museums, but didn't have parents or family who were in aviation or had an airplane or flew. Wanted to be a pilot for as far back as I can remember. Took some lessons between high school and college, which prompted me to want to be a pilot even more, then went to college, majoring in flight and airplane mechanics. Would have come out with commercial, CFI, CFII, multi, etc, and A&P. After about 1.5 years of that I realized I didn't want to fly for a living. This was mostly due to my realization that most all the "cool" aviation jobs only come after tens of thousands of hours and years in the field or military, neither of which I wanted to do. Call me ill-informed and/or impatient. So I switched to mechanical engineering. Spent my last four years at Mooney in Kerrville, and recently moved to Stratos Aircraft in Oregon. I get to merge my interest in mechanical engineering with airplanes. It's the ideal combination for me. I am financially comfortable enough to fly as a hobby now, and even own a Luscombe, Taylorcraft, etc. All that to say, it may be something he wants to do for a career, but do not rule out keeping it in the back pocket as a future hobby in case he decides it is not actually want he wants to do for a living.
  4. pinkiedog64

    Mooney Family Descendants?

    Oh no problem. Good video and very cool to see the history of the company and people even long before I was born. I've started reading Those Remarkable Mooneys but don't yet have a copy of The Al Mooney Story. The history of Mooney is fascinating (to a nerd), as I'm sure all airplane OEMs' history are.
  5. pinkiedog64

    Mooney Family Descendants?

    Carusoam, Thanks, I've seen it, and even own a copy! I was at the Homecoming when they first showed it. I don't recall any info of Art or Als' kids in the movie. I may need to re-watch it. Mooneymite, Thanks, this is the sort of info I was looking for. Curious if any of the family was involved with the company after Art and Al left Mooney. It is interesting to see how much kids do/do not follow in the footsteps of their parents regarding career. I certainly did not; my dad was a wildlife biologist. Steve, Don't own a Mooney, though would like to some day. Don't have PPL yet. On and off (mostly off) working on it as time/money/interest permits. More likely candidate for airplane for me would be Luscombe, Taylorcraft, Champ, etc. Would be purely a hobby and already have other expensive hobbies so would need to keep it fairly low cost. I live in Kerrville and am an engineer at the factory. Since I work at the factory and enjoy airplanes, I am naturally interested in reading the forums dedicated to the airplanes we build. Stephan
  6. pinkiedog64

    Mooney Family Descendants?

    Hello all, First post here. Mostly a lurker Wondering if any of the Mooney family is still around? Were any of Art and Als' kids/family involved with the factory? Purely curious. Thanks, Stephan Nelle