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  1. 4-axis? I know Garmin is good, but I didn’t realize they’d STC’ed time travel. I totally agree with getting Bob Weber to help with the Century repair, BTW.
  2. 30 years ago (holy crap!) when I got my instrument rating I noticed right away that it made me a better driver. More precise speed/lane control, more aware of what was going on around me, and thinking at least one step ahead.
  3. Take a good, hard look at your future instrumentation. Sometime (maybe even fairly soon) you’re going to replace your DG for an electronic HSI. Whatever you do now should be laying the groundwork for your future panel. I have dual G5s and I love them. They work together and are everything I need (and more). The 275 is tempting, but for 95% of the time, they’d be doing exactly what my G5s do and I sorta prefer the slightly larger screen on the G5. I love the look of the AV30 AI and HSI, but paired with a Garmin navigator the G5s easily made the most sense.
  4. I think it looks like damage, either a bird strike or hangar rash, that wasn’t repaired well.
  5. Didja ever count up the number of “single points of catastrophic failure” we have in our Mooneys? Single pilot, single engine, single pushrod to the elevator/aileron/rudder, single throttle/mixture/prop control? How about your one fuel line to your one fuel filter to your one Bendix fuel control unit to your one Bendix fuel divider, any of which can shut down your one engine? The list goes on and on. I agree with the need to perform proper maintenance. Trying to exaggerate one point of failure as more scary than any of the others is a bit disingenuous.
  6. I installed the PlanePower voltage regulator in my Interav conversion and I love it. Rock solid and you can adjust it for exactly the voltage you want. I left everything else the same on the back of the alternator as the Interav instructions and it works perfectly. I did add the warning light, which I like. To help mitigate some alternator noise, I added another noise suppressing capacitor. Helped a little, but not much. Had to retire my intercom to help that.
  7. Shock Removal.pdf It's actually an Engineering drawing that allows removal.
  8. I noticed the frequency you have tuned- 120.90- and your standby, 121.75. It is not uncommon for frequencies in the 121 range to interfere with your GPS reception, which I’m betting is causing your 480 to lose its position and then that affects the GDL- since that’s the WAAS GPS feed for your ADSB. Whichever transmitter is doing it may have to go in for work, or if it’s an older King KX model, you may have to install a COM antenna on the belly. I bet the problem doesn’t happen if you’re transmitting on a frequency above 128.xx. Keep us posted!
  9. I would maintain that we have that due to our separate left/right fuel tanks and lines. Simply switch tanks and land as soon as possible. And I find it fairly ironic that we are discussing “duplicate or secondary functionality for safety reasons” for our single engine airplanes.
  10. Well, at least we’re arguing about airplanes instead of politics or COVID.
  11. The dumbest way to lose 5 gallons of 100LL? Forget to put the fuel cap back on. The dumbest way to lose 10 gallons? Do it twice (like me). Both times it was the pilot side. Now when I refuel, I put that cap on the cowling in front of my seat. Haven’t done it since. Found the first on the taxiway, the second time on the runway. I was lucky. I think Ross is right- call the airport where you lost it. Somebody probably found it on the taxiway going to the active runway.
  12. Cliffy- my solution doesn’t meet all of your criteria, but it’s probably closest to what you’re getting at than anyone else here. -dual G5 with GPS175. -JPI 730 (not TSO, but 1/3 the price. Also, I like having the original instruments as backup if the JPI craps out. Plus I prefer the large MP and tach). -Sandia transponder (no ADSB on it, but you should get the Uavionix wingtip unit. I have a FreeFlight ADSB that was cheap). -ICOM radio (non TSO but I did a 337 the FSDO was happy with. Has an intercom). -my “MFD” is a Garmin Aera with GDL-39. Gives me traffic and weather on the yoke, plus gives me audio alerts like “Traffic!” and “Terrain!” Total cost for the above was about $16k, like you I do the work myself. The G5’s and GPS175 were the easiest avionics installation I’ve ever done.
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