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  1. Andy95W

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Thanks! I'll try that next time I have decent temperatures and ceilings. So, maybe mid-April.
  2. Andy95W

    Check Gear!

    Yes, it has the interconnect springs. The interconnect mechanism is identical to later models, such as the '67 M20C that I used to own. Below is an old picture before I cleaned it up. In the photo, the springs are disconnected from the rudder pushrod. I was in the process of removing it and figured I should take a picture first.
  3. Andy95W

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Paul- @gsxrpilot- when do you lower the gear on your power off 180s? I tried doing some today, they were ugly but safe. In the "Check Gear!" thread, you mentioned an instructor who had taught you to not let the gear warning sound- either add power, or lower the gear, but do something to silence the horn. I can't imagine doing the power off 180 without hearing the gear horn a lot. Wondered what your experience is now that you're starting the Commercial.
  4. Andy95W

    Check Gear!

    Thanks, Skip, for the explanation. I always wondered why that was the case. The Mooney's ailerons weren't always beveled (see picture, below). They were changed in 1965 when the PC system was added to the airplane. The original ailerons, like mine in the picture, required higher forces to move them and weren't acceptable for the PC servos. I had this conversation with Russell Stallings of SWTA about a year before he died. He noted that because of the aileron design, STEC servos were the only ones that were strong enough to effectively move the ailerons at speed under an air load. I wonder if or how this will be addressed by TruTrak.
  5. Andy95W

    Check Gear!

    My flaps speed is 20mph less than gear speed... just like the 67 M20C I used to own. I think it changed in 1968/69 to 125 (from 100).
  6. A few years ago, the creator of the "Little Timmy" thread petitioned the administrators to create exactly the type of category requested in this thread. It lasted less than a week, and was mostly the same 5 people talking at each other.
  7. No, the B hub doesn't change the tach. You would have to change propeller types (such as a 3-blade or the scimitar Top Prop) to get rid of the red arc or change it.
  8. Good luck on your IR, Fred. In 1992 I had to use Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0 running on a second-hand computer with a 386 processor. Compared to that, your "computer problems" don't really sound that bad! On the plus side, it is proof that any simulation, no matter how poor, helps with the Instrument Rating.
  9. The red and white striped Mooneys actually came that way from the factory, it was their AT version, for Advancèd Trainer. It was basically a 12 volt MSE.
  10. Andy95W

    Boroscope Exhaust Valve Images

    A lead deposit. The old Texan IA I learned from used to call them "clinkers", no ida why.
  11. Which bulb, the one that was referenced in 2010, 2014, 2018, or last Wednesday?
  12. Andy95W

    Landing rods dust boots

    Haven't we been through this before?
  13. Andy95W

    Yoke sticky , hanging up

    And check that your new eyeballs aren't too tight. They should be able to rotate easily in their sockets. The factory used a bunch of small #6 washers as shims between the metal socket pieces to allow the plastic ball halves to move.
  14. Andy95W

    Check your exhaust

    IIRC, Mouse Milk is required to be applied to slip joints of PowerFlow exhaust systems. Hopefully an owner can chime in here.