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  1. Andy95W

    Trutrack Update

    Cliffy- You (and I) are looking at this from the perspective of professional pilots who get told every 6 months what they're doing wrong. And the truth is, we enjoy the process because it means we're still learning and getting better. ------------------------------ One of my favorite pieces of the Fundamentals of Instructing from the FAA is the portion on professionalism: "As professionals, aviation instructors strive to maintain the highest level of knowledge, training, and currency in the field of aviation. To achieve this goal, instructors need to commit themselves to continuous, lifelong learning and professional development through study" --------------------------------- "Continuuous, lifelong learning". It's interesting that in the portion on professionalism they hardly even talk about getting paid, they talk about attitude and learning. But unfortunately, many folks don't want to be told what they're doing wrong and get better, they just want to be good enough and to get a pencil-whipped Flight Review every 2 years. Amen to that.
  2. Andy95W

    Trutrack Update

    It's really splitting hairs, but some ILS approaches have minimums greater than 200' AGL. If the minimums were 250', you could still continue down to 100'. Actually, this applies to all Instrument approaches, not just the ILS. So if you're on a VOR approach with minimums of 600-1, if you see the approach lights you may continue down to 100' above TDZE- but you have to continue to have 1 SM visibility, so in the end it wouldn't really matter. Time for me to get off my nerdbox- soapbox!
  3. Andy95W

    Trutrack Update

    But technically Rich has a good point- with 1/2 mile visibility and the runway environment in sight, you can continue to a landing- 0' AGL.
  4. Andy95W

    Do you like your Aspen MFD?

    Oh yeah, that's really atrocious looking. I guess I'll have to keep looking for a better option than 3 Aspens in my panel.
  5. It's only available at 70 airports, and it is actually done by that airport's Clearance Delivery people. This means that it's a big airport with Tower, Ground, and Clearance Delivery frequencies. There won't be a chance of blasting off into the clag without an IFR release. My bet is that when folks find out which 70 airports this applies to, the over-riding reaction here will be "Meh". But it is a great indicator of things to come, hopefully.
  6. Andy95W

    Oil leak on the back of an IO-360

    Clarence makes a better point than I did- since you still have the original front windshield, you have the access panels on the top of the fuselage. That will make it MUCH easier to find the leak rather than lying on your back under the instrument panel!
  7. Andy95W

    Oil leak on the back of an IO-360

    If the small amount of oil is beneath your engine instrument cluster, you probably have a leaking oil pressure gauge or oil line. If you lie on your back on the co-pilot seat with your head and shoulders on the floor you should be able to find your leak. You’ll need a good flashlight and trace the hose from the back of the gauge forward to the firewall.
  8. Andy95W

    Cheap IFR GPS

    Good information, I was talking about the STEC ST-901 which don't interface with the legacy KLN navigators due to input/output differences. Of course the slow update rate of the KLN navigators might have something to do with it as well.
  9. Andy95W

    Cheap IFR GPS

    Not true. May be used for enroute, terminal, AND approach phases (non-precision IFR approaches). All true, except for the GPSS. Old Garmins drive GPSS perfectly well, the problem with the KLN-89 is that it doesn't have the proper outputs for GPSS systems. The oldest unit I would seriously consider installing into an airplane would be a non-first generation unit like a Garmin 155XL or 300XL. Anything older just isn't reliable enough, but Garmin will still work on the XL versions- as long as you don't need a display.
  10. Andy95W

    Soft Field Procedure in a Long Body

    I'm not sure I wouldn't take it as a bit of a coincidence and a grain of salt. A quick search for Don's airplane shows it's a 1991- there's a good chance his tanks were due for resealing anyway.
  11. Andy95W

    Seemingly Stiff Elevator Control

    Powdered graphite- but you're right, it takes some puzzling through it to get the answer. The legend shows 2 circles, neither have a cross inside. The other circle is labeled 5606 hydraulic fluid and is used for the hydraulic reservoir. Additionally, Revision D of the Service Manual from 1981/83 shows the symbol correctly and says either powdered graphite or Tri-Flow teflon spray.
  12. Andy95W


    Since it couldn't be my picture, I'm at least glad it was another pre-65 M20C/D like ours. Nice!
  13. Andy95W

    Frugal Mooney Owners Rejoice!

    Welcome to the CB club! Luckily a membership spot recently opened when the (former) member said that $14k was "pretty reasonable".