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  1. But in this appeal, the judgment in favor of Flight Safety was upheld. Regardless, the individual instructor was never named, only the large (deep pockets) school. But I agree- I really wouldn't want to have to pay all of the lawyers' bills just to prove that I wasn't negligent in my instruction.
  2. I've been called worse than random dingus. But you're right, I shouldn't have stuck my nose in. I should have left this between you and anybody you wanted to argue with. Edit- But if you want to pick a fight, you should find someone who isn't as well respected around here as Mike Elliott is.
  3. And this thread isn't the first time you've asked questions and then gotten into an argument when you didn't like the answers.
  4. So then none of us CFIs here have to worry about it. That's a win-win!
  5. From your description, it sounds like your carburetor is set correctly.
  6. But what about using flaps on takeoff? Will that change the sequence?
  7. Bruce Jaeger can get it or knows where it comes from. It's a silicone product that gets glued on with clear RTV. I've only ever seen it in light beige, other colors may be available.
  8. Wait a second- WD-40 and a relief tube mentioned in the same post? José must be back...
  9. I trimmed my aluminum to get everything to fit. As you said, it's not structural. But the person you need to ask is the guy who's signing your logbook. Doing it the way he wants is the only thing that matters.
  10. Interestingly, for all 3 of us, we are comfortable with triple redundancy. (My printed copies are my third power source- sunlight!) I feel like I'm in good company with you two, even if I am the CB of the group.
  11. I carry 2 iPads and I still print out the airport diagram and the 2 most likely approaches I expect to fly. Just in case. A couple of pieces of paper to take notes on is pretty handy, and if my iPad overheats or falls on the floor it’s nice to have.
  12. When I click on my avatar, my info page comes up. Toward the bottom is a list of all my recent activity, to include things I’ve liked and responses I’ve written. The list is not infinite, but somewhat recent. Hope that helps.
  13. Sky Bryce is cool. Final approach into the valley will let you look up at houses on the hills. Very do-able, but not much room for error. I did it in my first M20C when I had less than 1000 hours.
  14. I don't have the exact information, but I have definitely heard the airplanes weren't "just fine" before they crashed. Hopefully Byron @jetdriven can chime in, he seemed to have good information regarding the Max.