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  1. Do you have data to support that? Or are you just throwing out some bull$h!t to support a weak (nonexistent) point? In 31 years of flying piston airplanes, the only times I've ever taxied back for a bad mag check had nothing to do with the magneto, but with a fouled spark plug.
  2. There's a thread around that talks about vernatherms. 210° is pretty hot at the oil temperature thermocouple. I'd look at your vernatherm is getting old and not opening enough. Once your oil temperature is steady at 180-190°, I'm interested to hear how your pressure looks.
  3. Despite your title, this is one of the least fun topics I can envision. EDIT: Robert originally had a different title for this
  4. I've heard this same rumor time and again. I've never heard it confirmed by anyone who would actually know. Regardless, "all the tooling" really isn't significant. A (slightly) different jig for the roll cage, and slightly shorter sheet metal, stringers, etc. for the fuselage.
  5. Just MHO, but I admit I am completely blown away by Tesla technology and innovation. 10 years ago when nobody could get electric cars to go 100 miles, Tesla figured out how to do 300 miles- in a high performance, luxury car at that. Amazing. But when it came time for me to buy a new car, I bought an Audi. I can buy a lot of dead dinosaurs for the $60,000 difference in price.
  6. In 2002 I bought one from LASAR. It was the standard Mooney part, hopefully they're still available. Let us know!
  7. They can, the Cutler Hammers that were original generally last decades and thousands of hours. Problem is, they cost $400 or more.
  8. No separate time window for the Oral or Practical when I did mine more than 20 years ago, but of course he did charge extra for doing both the A and the P.
  9. +1 My attitude indicator has an orange flag that drops when vacuum fails. I also have a vacuum gauge. When I had a vacuum pump failure (in VMC) the first thing I noticed was the flag, then I confirmed with the gauge, so I definitely agree with David. I should say "used to have". My home office recently approved the upgrade. The day the G5s arrived, my vacuum system got removed. I should have the new stuff installed in the next month or so. Thanks to @bradp for answering questions and posting his thread:
  10. Kinda, but not really. -3 written tests, General, Airframe, Powerplant -1 oral that will encompass all 3 areas -1 practical that will encompass all 3 areas
  11. Counter point: I've never "almost burned up my starter." But if I had an M20F, I would absolutely want the extra 20 horses also.
  12. In the past few years, there have been 2 schools of thought here at MooneySpace: 1.) avoid at all costs except for transitioning through that range. 2.) never set a cruise rpm in that range, and avoid it if possible. In the traffic pattern, with the propeller set full forward and the engine producing minimal power, just fly the airplane (not that it matters, but that's what I do). A few weeks ago, either Rich @N201MKTurbo or maybe @Yetti posted that it was to prevent bad harmonics caused by the power pulses of the ignition stroke at those rpms. So I'm sticking to what I've been doing for 20 years of Mooney flying.
  13. Carb ice in a Lycoming isn't the bugaboo most people think it is. Pretty much doesn't happen and definitely not a big deal. I'd much rather think about carb ice 2 or 3 times a year than a hot start in an IO-360 every time I go to get gas at a different airport. But it would be nice to cruise at the same speed LOP and save 3/4 gal per hour.
  14. Actually, this means you're missing the Flight Manual Supplement portion of your aircraft records. It should be a signed, factory document with the original weight and balance for your airplane and an original equipment list. It will also include weight and balance examples, loading charts, and graphs.
  15. You get into a rhythm after a while. Once you're really in the zone, you'll look up and realize you're less than 1/2 way done. That's when it sucks.