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  1. Cliffy, I feel the way you do. And with my previous 2 airplanes, breathed a huge sigh of relief 13 months after I'd signed off the last Annual Inspection. One possible way to give some relief would be to require the purchaser have a pre-purchase Inspection, and have it logged in the books with that A&Ps signature. Hopefully that would encourage him/her to roll it into an Annual.
  2. Dev- the Redbirds are great for both proficiency and currency, but it really sounds like what you're looking for is just staying proficient and comfortable in the system. For that, any of the home PC simulators with a decent stick (yoke and rudder pedals are better) will work admirably. There have been some discussions around here about some of those. Also, as a new IFR pilot some years ago, I often marveled at how just filing IFR and doing a 50 mile cross country really helped keep my head in the game and boosted my confidence, even if the whole thing was done in VMC. But that doesn't really help much this time of year.
  3. Yes, TruTrak (recently acquired by Bendix King) say they have been working on an STC for Mooneys. And they've been saying that for almost 2 years. Maybe another year?
  4. Sorry to be a buzz-kill, but by the time you drop a few thousand $ on repairing your Mitchell-orphaned autopilot, you could've had a TruTrak with vertical modes and GPSS. On the plus side, it'll probably take you the better part of a year to troubleshoot and repair the system, so by then the TruTrak will actually be STCed for your Mooney.
  5. I'm so sorry! Stupid Apple autocorrect strikes again, but my fault for not proofreading!
  6. About 1/3 the size and a little more laid back. OSH is run by volunteers, for the most part, so you get that vibe from it. Not so much at Sun n Fun.
  7. Sorry, dear sir, but I just can't let that statement lie unmolested. So my wife's first visit to Great Britain was after spending 2 days in Iceland. We flew into Gatwick and drove north to my brother's house in Nottinghamshire. Once we got to the Midlands, we stopped at a Little Chef for lunch. After ordering, she leaned over to me and said, "I think they spoke better English in Iceland." True story.
  8. Yvette, that's one of the prettiest M20Cs out there. Nice job!
  9. Skip, I'm still trying to get my mains to not go "thunk" when I land.
  10. Like everyone else here, I've been looking at these all day, too. Impressive, but cluttered, displays. I must be getting old, but the GI-275 displays I like the most are the standard, uncluttered AI and standard HSI- so in the end I'm probably better off with the G5s. I think the G5 upgrade I'm hoping for the most is a price reduction.
  11. It's STC'ed and sold over the counter (unlike the GTN series). But I'm an A&P/IA so i can do it myself. But with that said, if your mechanic is comfortable with avionics, they can do it. And since it's STCed, should be acceptable for Canada.
  12. Paul, I get what you're saying but don't agree- although I'd love to see the sales numbers for the GPS-175 and GNC-355. In my $40,000 M20C, I have a rock solid NAVCOM/ILS (KX-155) and a solid #2 COM. All I really need is a WAAS GPS. So my options are: -new GPS-175: $4300 -20 year old GNS-430W: $6500 -new GTN-650/Avidyne-440: $11,000 That's a no-brainer: new GPS-175 stand alone WAAS GPS. The kicker is, I can install the 175 myself and save an additional $2000. For your 252, I get it- I'd install 2 Aspens and 2 Avidyne GPS/NAV/COMs. And then I'd post pictures constantly just to piss off Peter Garmin.
  13. This almost kind of reminds me of an issue I had 25 years ago with my first M20C with electric gear. I called up Dugosh and spoke with the owner at that time, Ronnie. He said that the tensioner/friction springs inside the motor were old and no longer holding the motor from spinning when the motor wasn't energized. I took my motor to him, he disassembled it and installed 2 standard AN 960-10 washers as shims to make up for the springs that had lost some of their tension. Worked great. And he wouldn't let me pay him. He was a great guy, hope the new Dugosh owners are similar.
  14. I think it falls into the category of it's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. I might have done the same thing but probably wouldn't have told anyone about it.