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  1. Andy95W

    Nav light replacement bulb

    Aircraft Spruce. A good website to have bookmarked for quick reference.
  2. I do not believe a history of oil analysis adds to the airplane's value. It may make it easier to sell, however.
  3. You're doing great. I've got 18 years of Mooney ownership and about 1,000 Mooney hours- and my last landing was crap. 95W is still glaring at me in spite.
  4. Andy95W

    I'm back!

    No way! You spent a lot of money and we'll appreciate whatever you got. I promise you, it's better than what I have in my panel, and I'm willing to bet we'll appreciate it more than Mrs. Steingar!
  5. The KI209A was designed to handle either a signal from a KX-155/175 or a GPS signal. It I said generally much more expensive than the straight 209 for that reason.
  6. Andy95W

    M20E sump part needed

    My first Mooney was modified to allow a Curtis drain valve instead of the plunger assembly. I've seen others that were modified in a similar manner.
  7. Andrew- It depends on the type of operation. Since the Cessna Caravan is a single pilot aircraft, you wouldn't be doing work, per se, so compensation wouldn't be a factor. Our FAA has determined, in the past, that flight time itself is compensation. Therefore, if you were logging the flight time you would be in violation as a private pilot.
  8. The FAA has busted people for this in the 30 years I've been flying. @yankele - consider going to an airline (or any other flying job) interview and having to explain why you have a violation on your record. Taking shortcuts is for amateurs. Commercial pilots are supposed to be professionals. Any scheme you can think of has already been tried and ultimately shut down- otherwise everyone would still be doing it.
  9. Andy95W

    Nickel Carbide Cylinders (NiC3)

    I used to own an Aztec with a full set of nickel cylinders. I was very happy with all 12 of them. Worth the money, IMO.
  10. Andy95W

    Prop strike to a dog....

    I think we've all learned that a far more effective method is to deny the facts, blame everyone else, and then double-down on the denial. Works like a charm!
  11. You can't flood an M20C with just the fuel pump. All you'll do is fill the carburetor bowl until the carb's float valve stops the flow into the carburetor. The problem with the M20C when it gets really cold- say below 25° or so- is fuel atomization. The accelerator pump shoots gasoline up into the induction system but not enough of the gas vaporizes to suck into the cylinders so the spark can light it off. Pumping the throttle while cranking helps this to a certain degree because it increases the chances that some of those airborne droplets will be sucked into at least one cylinder and ignited. If that still doesn't work, you're going to have to preheat. Warm metal will entice the fuel to vaporize.
  12. Andy95W

    Baggage Door Arm / Hinge

    $7.99 at Lowes and it seals better than factory. Clean off the old glue first.
  13. Andy95W

    Money interior size

    I've seen a few Bonanza seat backs broken for the exact same reason.
  14. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of that! That may be more than you see together at OSH.
  15. Andy95W

    Where am I?

    At least it's not a poorly designed men's room.