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  1. Aviation Medical Examiner? Somebody yesterday did say their annuals were like going to the proctologist...
  2. I’m going to be the odd man out here and say that if you had a hangar, I’d inspect the crap out of it for corrosion and then buy it if it was clean. I’m on my 3rd airplane, all of which were flyable but needed a bunch of upgrades/work. It’s fun (to me, at least ) to keep an airplane flying to the maximum extent possible and still work on it a bunch. Over the course of making lists, developing logical plans to fix things so that you don’t have to take them apart twice, and taking lots of quiet time sipping beer while “communing” with your airplane in your hangar, you will end up with an
  3. Michael- a few questions: 1.) how much work are you willing to do yourself? 2.) you said you’re an A&P, do you know an IA who would be willing to work with you to sign 337s? 3.) do you have a hangar, tools, materials, and knowledge of GA piston airplanes to do the work yourself? 4.) how old are you? (That question is based upon how energetic you feel you are. My desire to take on an airplane project at 35 years old was a lot more than I have now at 55.)
  4. As a CFI, I would never fault a pilot for having a procedure that worked for him/her. 3 miles out may not be standard for most folks, but you’ve articulated very good reasons and it works for you. Kudos!
  5. Aviation Consumer magazine recommends both the Sportys PJ2 and the ICOM A16. They especially liked the fact that the Sportys has USB input for power, but the ICOM A16 is 6 watt transmitter instead of 5. They also said the AA battery pack makes more sense as a backup radio power source, and that either one really needs to be connected to an external antenna. They do not mention battery life, and that depends a lot on how much you transmit. Li-ion in the ICOM lasts for 5 hours, AA should be at least as long. Quote from the article: “We haven’t changed our minds, and have
  6. Jim, it sounds like you should be doing more of your own maintenance. Replacing tires/tubes is preventive maintenance that an owner can legally accomplish on his own, to include logbook entry. That way, you would’ve been sure to get the tube you wanted. ISTM a lot of your other issues could also have been avoided by doing more of your own work under the supervision of an A&P. You keep complaining about mechanics, but it looks like you’re not doing anything different to prevent these problems.
  7. The guy you quoted above, @M20Doc, has done more Annual Inspections than you.
  8. My sole intention when I started taking lessons in 1989 was to be a Private Pilot. Didn’t know anything except wanting to fly, but I remember a Mooney PFM poster at the flight school. Instrument rating in 1992 and I lucked out buying my first Mooney M20C. Kept acquiring licenses, and the next thing I knew it was 1999 and I became a flight instructor. Figured I would be lucky to have a career flying Part 135 cargo. Regional airline in 2000, changed airlines and started flying an Airbus in 2006. In the back of my mind, I’m still 24 years old and I figure I’ll be a Private Pilot for
  9. I never really saw the point behind them. Preflighting for nighttime flight is supposed to include lighting. If a light burns out in flight, is someone really going to divert to change a lightbulb?
  10. Most of us honor, and revere, the “Greatest Generation” that fought World War II because everyone pitched in and did their part. From kids participating in scrap metal drives to Army soldiers assaulting the beaches at Normandy, we are grateful that so many were willing to serve their country. Today, we’re not asking anyone to join the Marines and attack Iwo Jima. We’re asking them to wear a mask and get a vaccine to combat a disease that has already killed twice the number of Americans that died during WW2.
  11. “Tex” Johnston, Boeing test pilot. During a demonstration flight. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/60-years-ago-the-famous-boeing-707-barrel-roll-over-lake-washington/
  12. @ZuluZulu- Give them a call, if you haven’t already. The Vantage on-line catalog is incomplete and kinda crappy. The people that answer the phone are extremely knowledgeable and can often quote part numbers by memory. No guarantees for your situation, but definitely worth a call. I’ve bought plastic parts from them that weren’t shown but were perfect and exactly what I needed. Edit- when I dealt with them last they were still Plane Plastics.
  13. Not really that simple for me because I needed another option: Both. I have OAT on my JPI that is set to °F. When I installed my G5s, I also have OAT there. I tried to get them to read the same temperature, but that just isn’t possible with 2 different probes in 2 different locations. So I took the easy way out- JPI is in °F, G5 is in °C. My OCD feels satisfied that way.
  14. Don’t despair! This will get better. It’s going to cost money, but it’s just work. A few hours to remove the components in the vicinity, a few hours to prep the repair, an hour to weld the new tube. After that, a few hours to paint and replace all the removed components. Biggest question right now is what does your local mechanic say? This doesn’t necessarily have to be flown to a special shop, it just needs an A&P that knows the regulations, understands AC 43-13, and who can supervise a welder who can work in tight places. That A&P will then sign off the repair. Keep u
  15. The M20C carb heat is not as simple as a C-152/172, but some shops think it is. That’s where the trouble starts. The carburetor heat on my current M20C was badly mis-rigged when I did the prepurchase inspection on it. I fixed it even though I wasn’t sure I was going to buy the airplane. The owner immediately noticed the improvement in function and engine performance and couldn’t believe his shop (not an MSC) could “fix” the airplane that badly.
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