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  1. I would only add 2 items to Mark’s excellent summation, above. 1.) If you have an autopilot, turn it on. 2.) If you feel like you’re in over your head, declare an emergency. This isn’t a time for pride and ego. Most of us as pilots like to be as self sufficient as possible. It’s probably better to remember that if you have a Comm radio, you’re never truly alone. ATC is there to help and wants you to land safely- almost as much as you do.
  2. Humbling and cautionary. If this can happen to Richard McSpadden, it can happen to any of us. Please be careful out there.
  3. Yes, I understand all that, and addressed some of those points in my second post, above. And as I noted in that post, I was a supporter for years. And as I also noted, a lot of the “regulars” from years gone by are no longer here. I seem to remember from a few years ago that Craig said he actually makes more money from the advertising than he does from the $10 per member. So I’m still doing my part in helping out, because obviously I’m still stopping by. But I’m understanding why so many regulars aren’t any longer.
  4. Scott- @Echo- if you pump the right brake, does the pressure come up and then act almost normal? If so, and if it’s not leaking anywhere, it’s almost certainly air in the system. Keep us posted!
  5. I was a supporter here for many years. When the attachments got deleted from old posts I couldn’t believe the incredible amount of institutional knowledge we lost, and that’s when I stopped paying. Truthfully, I’m not sure how much we actually lost because the search function of MooneySpace has been atrocious for so long we just accept it now as normal. Losing M20Doc and a few others removes even more usefulness to me. And the lack of a true archives and FAQs means having to wade through the same questions every 3 months. And now the ads have become more obtrusive.
  6. I’m getting that also, Cliffy. Supporters who donate won’t see those ads. It’s adding to my reasons to avoid MooneySpace.
  7. I worked at a shop in Killeen, TX where there were 3 IA’s. I know for a fact that they all worked together on the Annuals, but only one signed off the logbook. (I’ll bet the official answer if they were questioned by a Fed was that of course they did the whole inspection themselves.). They all three did more than enough Annuals for currency. I think who signs it off is like deciding who is PIC if there are 2 pilots in an airplane- you should decide ahead of time. For me personally, if it’s my signature I do the inspection or I inspect the repair myself.
  8. A big part is whether the compression test was done hot or cold. 72-75 is fairly normal for a cold engine, for hot I’d rather see 76-79. At 30 hours, ring seating should not be an issue if the engine was broken in properly.
  9. Here’s the wording from the actual AD: (c) Applicability This AD applies to Continental Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (Continental) model engines equipped with an F&M Enterprises, Inc. (F&M) or a Stratus Tool Technologies, LLC (Stratus) oil filter adapter installed per Supplemental Type Certificate SE8409SW, SE09356SC, or SE10348SC. So it only applies to engines with an F&M or a Stratus Tool oil filter adapter installed IAW those STC numbers. It is extremely unlikely (if even possible) that you have one of those oil filter adapters, but you can certainly check through your 337 list to see if any of those STC numbers show up. Those STCs probably aren’t even applicable to Mooneys.
  10. Same here, I bumped mine up by $20k and it only cost $200 more for the year.
  11. I don’t have an Ovation Service Manual in front of me, but I’m wondering how your mechanic is checking the nose gear rigging. On electric gear Mooneys, nose gear down tension is checked by the amount of compression of the nose gear bungee springs, not by using the rigging tool. That is only used on the mechanical gear Mooneys. (The main gear is still checked using the rigging tool.) Your nose gear bungees appear to be fully compressed, which certainly doesn’t seem right (but someone needs to check the actual Service Manual). There is a Mooney Service Center in Lapeer. I’m not sure how good that shop is, but they certainly know how to rig the landing gear. One last thing- gear rigging is only adjusted to set the proper down tension. It is never adjusted to change the up travel. That’s a good way to ensure a gear collapse on landing or exiting the runway. Door rigging fully closed is an art in itself.
  12. There are some things that might be best not experimented with. Landing gear springs are in that category (IMO). There are sufficient wrecked Mooneys out there that don’t need theirs anymore- salvage yards have them. @Alan Fox is our local Mooney salvage guy.
  13. Suggest you check an online magazine called The Mooney Flyer: https://themooneyflyer.com It’s free, and has a list of Mooney instructors in it. Good luck, keep us posted, be safe!
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