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  1. Skip, I have a Garmin GPS 175 and the methodology is the same. Thanks for posting that PDF. It makes you wonder, with these new navigators- everyone says to not activate vectors to final, and there’s really no reason to do so. So why does Garmin keep including that as an option, since it just confuses the process?
  2. ⬆️⬆️⬆️ I second that recommendation. LASAR has oversized bushings and bearings that are PMA’ed for our landing gear.
  3. I have an UMA electronic tach that begins counting at 1500 rpm. Since I normally cruise at 2350-2400 rpm, I’d say mine is very accurate- and I might come out a little ahead.
  4. Agreed. And a great argument to just go with a roller cam IO-360-A3B6 with Powerflow exhaust.
  5. Good luck with the upgrades! My one suggestion, very few $$ required: arrange your pilot side instruments in a standard T arrangement. That is the standard for airplanes nowadays, and will help you with instrument training. To achieve this, all that needs done is to move the VSI one hole to the right, and install the HSI below the attitude indicator. Not sure why you have a second DG, but I’d consider removing it at the same time.
  6. What a man does in the privacy of his own house is his own business, but please keep your private life to yourself, Mitch.
  7. It can be done safely and securely and in accordance with all restrictions. Use straps around the engine mount top bar directly behind the engine hooked to a cherry picker. A tail stand to keep from pulling the nose up too high. (Not my idea, BTW. A major Mooney shop does it this way also. LASAR or DMax, etc.)
  8. My rates dropped consistently during that period, though I will concede to @jlunseth that the total decrease was less than the increase in 2019/2020.
  9. I have a GDL-39 connected to a Garmin Aera, and Bluetoothed to my iPad. I connected the audio of the Aera to my headphones, so I get all of the audio alerts (“Traffic! Traffic!, Terrain! terrain!, etc.) and the display shows all of the weather and other airplanes on my yoke. Great solution for about $1200.
  10. Mitch, I think you're being overly pessimistic. I don't think the future is rosy, but I also don't think its nearly as bleak as you portray. For the nearly 30 years I've owned an airplane, I've seen the market cycle up and down. You've probably seen the same thing yourself. Do you have any reason to believe this time will be different?
  11. I knew I’d seen that scheme before...
  12. I’d keep the Hartzell 2 -blade with the B hub.
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