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  1. Bruce- for your third question, don't worry about it. It's CAN bus architecture. Every component talks TO every other component THRU every other component. Seems weird, but it works.
  2. Since you're going into this endeavor with your eyes wide open, I think what you're doing is quite commendable. Too many old Mooneys are getting wrecked and written off. You're actually bringing one back. Thank you.
  3. Like Tim said above, they're both great airplanes. From what I've seen flying both, Mooneys are less expensive and are really good (and fun) to fly. And Bonanzas fly even better.
  4. DMax said in his article to cut a slot the width of the mounting bolt from hole to edge. That way, you don't have to remove the lower mount bolts. The uppers are easy, compared to that. Probably worth doing, even for the uppers, actually.
  5. It looks to me like your engine is higher than it ought to be. I wouldn't worry about the left/right very much, when you get the spinner pointed down a little, it'll look just fine. Don Maxwell had a good article about shims, but I can't get it up on the internet. I saved a copy, he says the 1/8" shim will move the spinner about 1/2". I'd use a shim on each of the upper mounts. In 100-200 hours or so, when your brand new engine mounts are broken in a bit, you'll probably need to remove them. About 500 hours later, you'll probably install them on the lowers. Perfect!
  6. I have a Garmin Aera 500 paired with a GDL-39 (basic model). For under $1000, I get traffic and weather on a display larger than a 430 on my yoke right in front of my face. Plus- I wired it into my audio system so it yells "Traffic! Traffic!" or "Obstacle Ahead!" into my headphones. A new Garmin 660 and a new GDL-50 will run about $1450 and will do all of that plus give you a backup attitude indicator because the GDL50 has AHRS.
  7. I was having the exact same issue with mine. I asked the JPI guys at OSH. One of them was a tech, and he said to gently "rap" the entire display unit onto a flat surface. Not too gently, you definitely want to jar it without breaking it. He gave a good reason behind the gas discharge displays and how they work. Sounded good to me. I bought a JPI 730 display and installed it, instead. It is head and shoulders better than the old gas discharge displays both in readability and presentation.
  8. Mike Busch describes it all much better than me. The problem now might be that since your local fed knows about the installation, he might insist upon seeing the resolution. So right or wrong, you may be stuck. EAA_2015-06_alterations.pdf
  9. I think this is the 4th “new look” I’ve seen. Overall, it’s not bad, just different. I don’t like how some threads show a kind of “split screen” look for some reason. This only happens in landscape mode on my iPad. Does anyone know how to turn that function off? @mooniac58?
  10. This doesn't answer your question, but adding Aeroflash strobes as a supplemental system to the existing anti-collision light doesn't constitute a major alteration. Just because Whelen went and got an STC for their strobes doesn't mean every strobe installation rises to that level. By the FAAs own definitions, this installation is a minor modification and doesn't need a 337 signed off by a fed. An A&P simply needs to sign off the logbook and say that the installation is airworthy.
  11. Hank, I just installed 2 G5s and Brad helped me a lot. I'm not sure where he put his GMU, but mine is in the right wing 3 bays outboard of the landing gear. When I did the magnetic survey, the only thing that even registered on my G5 to any real degree was the NAV light turning on. I think unless your strobe wiring was unshielded or otherwise wonky, the GMU will pass the test in most wing locations. As far as the diodes and resistors- a short while ago, Garmin started to offer a "Lightning Protection Module" which includes the resistors and diode and is much easier to install. I'm
  12. I agree with Dev and Rob. 10-15 minutes from destination- I'd wait and get it on the ground, while monitoring it closely. More than 30 minutes? Probably try and troubleshoot. Like Dev said, high power mag check with a dead magneto could lead to a muffler-blowing backfire.
  13. Wife replies, "I want the one with the parachute or I'm never going flying with you." Cirrus gets another sale. (I completely and rationally agree with your assessment of the Mooney, just not of the wife- who may be driven by something other than reason.)
  14. This might be true for you or me, but not for the marketing department at Cirrus. The real advantage is when the wife asks, "what about if the engine quits?"
  15. Matt, I'm certainly not taking anything away from what you've done. I'm glad you're back up and running and happy for a reasonable price. The price for the capacitor/condensor has gone up a bit- I'm now showing $42.95 for that part, but nothing else really wears out. File the points, replace that capacitor, set the points per the manual, reassemble. Actually very simple, but the catch is you have to find a mechanic willing to read the manual and give it a try. TCMIgnitionVibratorManual.pdf
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