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    Well, N1017L, my 1982 Mooney Rocket I’ve owned since 2001, flew for nearly 2,000 hours, was officially sold as of 6:00 PM yesterday. Both my wife and I have pretty ambivalent feelings, having flown our Rocket into probably 75% of the states in this country, and kids memories of a lot of those trips too. My first cross country airplane in 1996 was an F model, N929PG. We flew her for 5 years, accumulating 1300 hours with my now 26 year old being 4 years old when I bought it. He used to sleep on a bed made on top the luggage in the baggage compartment during many Michigan to Colorado trips in the early years. The buyer, a very quality guy out of Austin, TX, began the initial inquiry and commitment to purchase during the air show in Oshkosh of this year. He said once we talked extensively about the plane, he was buying from the owner more than just the plane. I was not bashful disclosing things that I would address if I continued ownership of the plane, and a good review of my logbooks made it pretty clear I did not hold back on any maintenance throughout my ownership of the plane. He came up and inspected during my annual, which began in August and was not finished until November (engine overhaul on another thread). He had say in every aspect of the overhaul and never got a final number from me until two weeks ago (I was waiting on all the OH bills to come in). We were $5k apart on his expected number and my final number, and he hadn’t accounted for the $5k prop OH. A tip to other purchasers, he’s getting a lot of items that don’t normally come with the sale. His only request to meet my number was getting a Flight Stream installed, which I provided for the sale. By not beating me up he got a lot of stuff from me I would not have been compelled to provide otherwise. I’ve really enjoyed my participation on this forum over the years. I joined Beach Talk about a year ago, participated for maybe 4-6 months and although most were pretty decent people , I found some so caustic I’ve not been back in 4-6 months. On the other hand, this forum is the BEST ONE I’ve ever been privileged to belong to. I will stay for a while, believing 22 years of Mooney ownership and owner supervised maintenance might be of value to a few of you here. Many of you have followed my Lancair project through the later build years and the two years I’ve flown it. It’s done, reliable, and a great cross country machine. I hope as old age creeps up on me, and I no longer feel competent in the prop jet, to return to the Mooney fold for my last years flying. You guys will never lose this pilot as a huge advocate of the Mooney airplane! Thanks a ton fellow Mooniacs!! Tom
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    A BIG thanks to Shadrach (Ross) and gsxrpilot (Paul) for his MooneySpace Map. My family and I were on route from Peterborough Ontario Canada to warmer climate when we had a charging system failure showing 11.6 Volts. We landed at Hagerstown at sunset and called it a day. Early Christmas Eve morning I remembered gsxrpilot created MooneySpace Map. I used the MooneySpace Map and I was able to look up Shadrach who is based in Hagerstown. I sent Shadrach a PM and he came down to the airport the same time I arrived. We removed the original voltage regulator and cleaned the contacts. Ideally, I would have replaced it but all the service shops were closed for the holidays. We then noticed the SCAT air hose going to the back of the alternator was touching the terminals on the alternator. It is very possible the wire in the hose was making contact with the terminals and grounding it out. We put some RTV insulating pipe around the hose and started her up. To our delight we got 13.8 Volts. We had a great flight on flight on Christmas day to Kissimmee Florida with time to enjoy the sunny afternoon. I can't thank Ross Shadrach enough for spending Christmas Eve day out in the cold and away from his family getting us up flying again. And, Paul gsxrpilot for creating the MooneySpace Map and allowing us to be part of it. You guys saved Christmas and I am very grateful. Stephen Skinner
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    Santa’s gift to me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I just retrieved my 252 from Aero Comfort in San Antonio. Hector and crew did an amazing job and were great to work with. The original 1986 interior was definitely showing its age. The project took just over two weeks and came in on time and price. Hector sent almost daily emails informing me of the progress. My wife picked the colours and the design. I don’t think it could of turned out any better. I think the interior is better than that in the new Mooneys. The quality of workmanship is outstanding. I highly recommend Aero Comfort to anyone who wants to have their aircraft’s interior made better than new. Steve Stansel N252VA KCXW Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Fresh out of paint, our new to us Mooney Rocket. Mechanically she is sound but she will need some love getting the little bugs out. Flew her a couple of days ago at 12,500 doing 206KTAS. Got to love the speed. Anyway, new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. Gavin Woodman CFI/MEI/ATP AEROCOR.com FlightData.com
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    Here are some more photos from my trip to the Bahamas last week. Went to Eleuthera - beautiful beaches and nice people. Quiet is what we were looking for and got it. On the way down we stopped at TIX, visited the Kennedy Center, and stayed the night in Coco beach. This was my first international and overwater flight of any significance. Flew down the next day to just north of PBI (WHELM) and then took the left turn to Grand Bahama. The overwater portion was about 20 min. The sea got that great aqua color and you could start to see reef after reef. Flew over the southern end of Abaco and across the channel to Eleuthera. Landed in Gov Harbor - customs was very straightforward. Explored the island a bit - decided that a boat charter with a 6 month old would be too much, so despite the 5 year olds admiration for swimming pigs, we did two beach days and an explore the island day. Beautiful beaches on both the Atlantic and “Caribbean” side. Hardly saw anyone else - 2 people in a day of beach-going at one beach, three in another day. One of my favorite parts was the Levy nature preserve - hiking trails though different parts of the local ecosystem- really nice. Our daughter loved it too. Hiking for three hours with a gargantuan 6 month old in a baby bjorn carrier left my wife and I with strained backs :-) Food was good / fresh but eating out put the $100-hamburger adage to a real test. Super expensive- probably 2-3x more expensive for eating out compared to the US. We stayed in an apartment that had a well appointed kitchen so did some grocery trips and cooked at home as well. Found a hole in the wall in Gregory town with some of the best fried fish I’ve had hands down. It was pretty much perfect. The proprietor through abs though knows how to cook. Had the opportunity to extend the trip by a day because of some crap weather in the SE and convection moving of the Florida coast. Another day in paradise- sign me up. Flew home the next day up the coast after a stop for customs in FPR and lunch at the Tiki. Smooth skies and great visibility up the coast despite one of those post cold front from the NW stuff headwind days.
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    On December 22nd my wife and I planned a trip to Tucson to spend Christmas with our family. We had planned to leave on Friday the 21st but icing conditions in Huntsville made us push the trip from Friday to Saturday. Saturday was a beautiful day to fly with clear skies and good visibility. The headwinds were high but that isn't unusual this time of year. We wanted to get to El Paso by about 4:00 PM so that we could make Tucson before it got too dark. Everything was working great as I called for clearance from El Paso ground and taxied out to 26L for takeoff. After receiving our takeoff clearance I leaned for the high altitude and started the takeoff roll. A few seconds after rotation I heard a fairly loud thump and felt a shutter in the airframe. I scanned the engine instruments and everything looked good. The plane was flying fine. My first thought was that the airliner that landed just before us lost some tire tread or we lost some tread from the right tire. I called the tower and reported the noise and that I though I had hit something on the runway. I stated that I wanted to return to land and check for any damage. The tower cleared me for a downwind and reported that our gear looked fine. He also stated that he didn't see anything on the runway. I left the gear down, did a normal downwind and eased the plane onto the runway. Even though the tower stated that we had no damage I wanted to be careful. We parked back at Atlantic and I checked the plane over. I started at the right wing since I though I had hit something with the tire. I couldn't find anything on the wings or the belly. One of the Atlantic guys asked if I had always had scratches on the prop. When I examined the prop I knew we were done for the day. One blade had scratches across the entire backside of the blade. There were also a few scratches on the front side but nothing like the scratches on the back. What is really disturbing is that you can move the blade several inches fore and aft. The blade also rotates about 10 degrees without any resistance. After seeing the damage I felt good about the decision to land and check the plane. I called Joey Cole at home (what a guy to take my call on a holiday weekend) and he wanted pictures to see the damage. He though I might have had a prop strike requiring an engine teardown. When he saw the pictures he believes that the hub has failed and there was no prop strike. I had called the tower after finding the prop damage and suggested they check for FOD on the runway. They weren't able to find any FOD but i am fairly certain that at least some of our prop hub was left on the runway. So far I have spoken with the tower, operations and the FSDO. It looks like they will be classifying the event as an incident and not an accident. We'll see how that all plays out. I am to follow up with the FSDO manager when we determine what happened. The good news nobody got hurt. The plane will be fixed. My wallet may be a bit lighter when it is finished. Tomorrow we are driving to Tucson. Before I do that Joey wants me to remove the spinner and send him pictures. I'll update the thread when I see the hub. I'll post prop pictures shortly. Jim
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    I love my Mooney M20J 201. There are so many trips and incredible flights that it has allowed me to do. Local flying, lunch fly-ins, poker run, cross country, international, and formation! I am really grateful for the incredible adventures, friendships, relationships, and experiences that it has led to in comfort, style, speed, and safety. Here's a sampling of some of those flights that demonstrate its incredible appeal and versatility. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all from Dauphin Island, AL! Photo taken by son.
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    Hello Everybody, I'm buying a Mooney!!!Not only my first Mooney, but my first airplane! Ive been lurking for many months and years and have spoken to a few of you off site during my search. Thanks for all of the expert advice on these pages and off. It is invaluable to say the least. I got my ppl/ir/comm ticket way back in the 90s with big plans, then plans changed. I havent really flown much since. Kids were young, I was young, life got in the way. I was ready to get back into it so many times over the years, but never did. I moved to a new neighborhood a few years ago and met one of my new neighbors who has an amazingly restored Cherokee and ive been flying with him every time I could for several years.One day I came to the realization, maybe owning my own airplane is the way to go, so I made the decision to buy. I want to be able to go for that Saturday morning breakfast run, but be able to fly to N Georgia or the Keys if I want from here in Clearwater, so I thought,what fits that mission? Back in about 96, I saw my first Mooney at SPG in St Petersburg FL. I knew when I saw it there was something about it. I couldnt keep my eyes off it, but didnt know exactly why. Weird feeling but as I have studied them over the years,I realized it isnt just one thing, its just the whole package. From the smooth wings, to that unique tail, I just kind of fell in love. I know, sounds weird to some,(maybe nobody here lol) but I never forgot that feeling. Then as I learned how fast and efficient they are, how reasonably priced they are and how far they can fly, I knew I had to have one, one day. So, as long as the pre-buy goes well, I hope to close sometime January on N6952V. The seller, Andy (great name, as its my name too, lol) is a very nice guy who has owned 52V for 3 years. I flew (commercial) last week from Florida to Peoria Ill to see and test fly her, and go over the logbooks and there were no surprises. She has an excellent maintenance history and has been flown 50hrs on the low end and over 100hrs on the high end per year smoh(900hrs since 2006 OH at Gann) with just shy of 2500TT. She has a gns530W, STEC60-2 AP, ST180HSI, EDM700,fuelscan450 and some other niceties like alt hold and GPSS. SB208 done in 2016 and no damage history. Pre-Buy is scheduled at Northwest Flyers second week of January. Fingers crossed, but I'm pretty confident all will be good. I am looking foreword to flying her to her new home in the Sunshine State!!! Andy
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    Merry Christmas to all our MSers, have a great day and wonderful New Year, Praying all of us have a safe 2019..
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    It's one of my pet peeves... CFI's who take themselves too seriously. When I went looking for a CFI to teach me to fly, I was specifically looking to avoid anyone who would try to turn me into a top gun, astronaut, or even 747 Captain. I just wanted someone to show me how to fly a Cherokee 140 without killing myself in the first few hours. If you ask me, the problem isn't with the Instructor, it's with students. And that can't be fixed by any type of regulations or laws. Everyone brings their own level of seriousness, perfection, diligence, etc. to the task. And no matter who, there will always be someone better and someone else not as good. But that's life, and I'd much prefer to be allowed to live it. The one thing I'd change is just to make learning to fly more accessible to more kids and specifically underprivileged kids. Flying is the most amazing experience and more should have the opportunity.
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    Glad to hear all went well. Stories like this are a tribute to Mooney Owners on Mooneyspace and validate the reasons we have this website. It is also a testimonial to what I think sets us apart from other owners groups. I think Mooney owners are more in touch with the technical aspects of their machines, as it should be to facilitate safe flying. It is nice to be part of this community and I am sure others feel the same. John Breda
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    I went for a cruise on Christmas eve. No phone, no pad, no magenta line to follow. had to guess how far away I was to make calls. Strangely pilotage still seems to work. The gear was put down before landing, so no pics were needed.
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    Merry Christmas! Here is what Santa brought me!
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    Paul @gsxrpilot came for a visit today. IMG_9591.MOV
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    "I will never" and "I will not" are almost directly out of the hazardous attitudes from the FAA. Your post reeks of Anti-Authority, Invulnerability, and Macho. "Don't tell me I'll have a gear up accident one day." Per their advice, here are your recomended antidotes: Anti-Authority - Listen to the aviation community, they are usually right. Invulnerability - It could happen to me. Macho - Ignoring the data and the advice of the larger community is foolish. I point this out to say, your post reads almost verbatum of what the FAA has identified as causeing accidents. A bit of humility would go a long way. We all have out opinions and they should be expressed and discussed but, in my experience, the ones who say "I will not" are the exact ones who do. Maybe you wrote your post more harshly than intended, and maybe we are reading it more harshly than intended. Either way, I do ask you to re-evaluate your "I will never" and "I will not" statements. https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/phak/media/04_phak_ch2.pdf See page 2-5 for my references above.
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    Thanks Dan. I have taken him up and already filled his head full of bad ideas!
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    Between the teeth chattering I actually didnt get that many pics. I'm not used to the 20s and 30s anymore. I spent the entire day with her though. She has original paint and interior. She looks great from a few feet away, but definitely shows her age. But dont we all!! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    226 hours in the Mooney... so far. We're away from home with the Mooney and won't be home until next year. So we expect to add a few more hours before we're done. Also 291,431 miles as a United passenger... but those can't be logged so they don't count.
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    ~240 in the Mooney of which ~155 have been in the last 90 days.
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    Panel taking shape Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It will never happen to me. #1, I am much too good as a pilot,. And #2, I use a checklist. This worked for almost 38 years. Unfortunately, I won't make 39 years. In September, I was flying to get a $100 hamburger. I almost always do a standard pattern, but on this day, there was a low cloud layer directly over the downwind path, and the runway was clear dead ahead. I decided to do a straight in and stay out of the clouds. I was close and fast, so I pulled power and pulled the nose up to bleed off airspeed. Once I got to 120 mph indicated I dropped the gear. Slowing under 100 I put full flaps. Something did not feel right, but I did not listen to the little voice. Short final,, 70 kts. I reached over and verified the gear handle was down, a habit I always do (usually 3 times). I came in for my greaser landing and then "womp" - I was sliding down the runway on my belly. After stopping, I wondered what the heck. Looking around, I saw the gear breaker had tripped, and the gear only came down about. An inch. I did not verify the gear down light, nor check the floor window. I assure you, that is on my checklist now. Hope you.guys can benefit from my boo boo.
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