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    I started the day as a VFR pilot and ended the day as an Instrument rated pilot. Today was IFR check ride day. I have to say that this journey has probably been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am proud of myself, and yet keenly aware of missing my Mom and Dad who would have been beaming. I was raised with no limits. They taught me that I would do anything I put my mind to. I want to thank those of you who have taught me, supported me, challenged me and loved me through all this. I decided to take a sunset flight as a treat after the ride. Life is so good. #IFRMooneyGirl
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    I needed something to go over the expresso bar in the house. Saw something similar to this on the internet and decided to drag out the raspberry pi and some LEDs and make one for myself. I used PHP to grab the current metar every 15 minutes and updates the LED colors via Python. Used LED string individually addressable RGB lights. its about 30x20 inches. I used a digital sectional of LA and added an inset of the Bay area since I fly up to WVI pretty often. The code turned out to be the easy part. Glueing and splicing all those dang LEDs was why it sat on the living room floor for a month. Finally pinched myself in the ass and finished it up today. it shows green/blue/purple/red for the flight conditions.
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    My 17 year old son did this today in our 172. I could not be more proud.
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    200 kts won't change any of what you're complaining of. There is almost no scenario were GA is more economical or practical than the airlines. We love to fly GA because of many reasons, but if your reasons are economics and practicality, you should probably just fly the airlines.
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    Had another special delivery yesterday. Momma and daddas work schedules get a bit crazy around the holidays so our little one is spending some quality time with her favorite aunt. Beautiful VFR Day (visibility was over 100 miles) for a trip from Raleigh Exec (TTA) to FYJ in Virginia with my favorite co-pilot. Blue ridge mtns visible 100 nm off the left wing - got the smoke stack next to the field at 60nm and the field at 40 nm!! The best part was that my little one kept trying to tell me something and I have her plugged in to the rear headphone jack so that radio transmissions from ATC will mute her. The frequency was quite busy - so much so that she was muted for probably 3 or 4 minutes but she kept trying to ask something over and over. What she was asking was - “daddy can I steer the airplane”. Like music to my ears. Not only could she steer, but she maintained altitude and could go left or right. She couldn’t see out the front at all, but kept on looking at the AI and told me it said which wing was tipping over. I’m sensing an instrument rating by 16 and a half. She even got a little cheeky with her commemorative photo. Now you know why I got a little teary-eyed when I watched that UPS video. Till next time -B
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    Because most of us are married. If we want to be questioned, challenged, or insulted, we can have it from the comfort of our homes. We come to Mooneyspace to escape that! Stop spoiling the ambiance.
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    As a first time airplane / Mooney buyer it goes without saying that the process can be overwhelming and frought with danger financially as well as physically. Thanks to the research I did in this forum I located a true gentleman who with his staff proved to be an invaluable resource for a buyer such as myself. They provided an abundance of information about our beloved Mooney’s , their history, systems, quirks, personalities and airworthiness. The bird I have chosen to pursue is a beautiful example on a 1967 M20 F. The seller (Alan) flew her to Don’s shop and I flew in from Los Angeles for the occasion. Don and his staff welcomed me and made me feel right at home. I spent a total of nine hours with everyone today asking numerous questions while looking over the shoulder of everyone touching the plane. The patience they all showed me today was so appreciated as it allowed me to review all of the information provided and make a wise an informed purchase decision regarding the condition of the aircraft. After a long day, it appears that the purchase will be moving forward and soon I will have this bird in her new nest in Santa Monica. Thanks everyone for sharing with us newbies on this site. It’s nice to know we all have a place to go for some much needed answers. And as for Don Maxwell, this man is a total pro who deserves every positive accolade the Mooney community can send his way. I am certain he has many already. I found him to be a kind, considerate and brilliant man who provides remarkable service to everyone who is fortunate enough to have him and his team work on their behalf. Thanks again Don for all you do. Michael Rodgers - KSMO
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    2008 Acclaim Type S and 2009 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet. Both have twin turbos and both are fast!
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again and all of you can hold me to it... If I'm ever in a situation where I can't fly my airplane for more than a few months, I'll find some young aspiring pilot/CFI/etc who needs hours, get them listed on the insurance and make them a set of keys. And if its a financial situation where I can't afford to maintain the plane, I'll either sell it or bring on a partner or two, even if all they can do is cover maintenance and running costs. But one way or another, it needs to keep flying. Holding onto an airplane and keeping it from flying, just because it's yours and you're not in a position to fly it, until it rots, is selfish and shameful.
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    Being a Cherokee owner for 2 years has been fun, but I was always wanting to go faster. Mooney's quickly climbed to the top of my list because of their speed and economics. My story starts this past May as I was finishing up an instruction lesson with a owner of a Saratoga II TC. I mention to him that I was in the market looking for something faster, like his Saratoga. He says, "follow me" and we walk across the small airport together to another hangar way in the back. He walks up and points to a 1 inch gap in the door and tells me to "take a look." What I saw was a Mooney M20J 201 sitting in the corner of the hangar that hasn't been flown in a very long time. I took down the N# in attempt to find the owner and ask what the status was of the airplane. Here is what I found: The owner had fallen very ill 10 years ago and stopped flying until he got well. Unfortunately his illness progressed up until he passed away this past June. The airplane has been sitting for 10 years now in the corner of this hangar. He was the original owner of this 1977 201J serial #0017 all these years! It was a delicate and lengthy process all summer long with the now widow who had just inherited the aircraft. She finally gave me the "green light" in September to do a Pre-buy inspection to find out the value and what it would take to make it airworthy again. I contacted the MSC at Freeway airpark, MD and the mx guys came over on a Sunday to do the inspection. (great guys) 2 cranks and it fired right up! Put it up on jacks and the gear swung nicely. Here is what the conclusion was: No corrosion on roll cage. No rust of corrosion on the camshaft. Both fuel tanks leak. Brake system needs complete overhaul. Pilots seatback is cracked and needs repair. Top end overhaul recommended. Fuel pump leaking. Needs rubber gear pucks. I made a offer and the lady accepted! The best part: 958hrs TTAF Any mooniacs around the Delmarva Peninsula area I can meet up with after I resurrect this J? KCGE Its Mooney Resurrection time!!!
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    Yesterday, I went on my commercial check ride. Nothing really went to plan. ATC was busy and they kept vectoring us to kind of an unreasonable distance and over rough terrain before letting us maneuver. Anyway, it worked out and I passed, but this is what a commercial checkride looks like.
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    This is funny and true. I just shared the observation about me seeing a lot of Mooney tails at a particular shop ( I thought that it was great to see so many Mooney's in the area). Then I thought I would share what I thought was good pricing and service. Next thing you know the thread takes a turn to, "well they must be skipping items" etc.. Is it really impossible they might be a good shop (they have been around long time) and impossible the experience was a good one, great customer service and good pricing. Sometimes I wonder if the keyboard sometimes takes some fun out of our camaraderie....If I was sharing a lunch and telling the same story about my annual and what it cost, would the person sitting across from me really say, "Wow..$1240, they can't be doing a good job, must have skipped some items, there is no way they are doing a thorough job at that price"..If so I would probably move to another table. I guess the bottle of beer is either half full or half empty depending on how you look at things. -Tom
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    Whoever made that video wasn't of much use, was he? Wow. He made his youtube video to show all his friends but it appears he forgot about trying to see if the poor guy flying it might have survived somehow. Not impressive.
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    Since we don't have any kids, I concider these as my children 1967 427/435 roadster and my 1966 M20C. The second picture also shows my first little bird 1973 C150L. My wife said something had to go (me or one of the kids) . . . Just kidding
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    Nothin' special. Just my inexpensive, reliable car (that needs a bath) and my inexpensive, reliable airplane (that also needs a bath). (BTW, I do realize that there is only one person on this site who could possibly hit 'like' for this car/airplane combination. Everybody else is probably yawning.)
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    The journey, So how tremendous 133DB looks now took a great deal of work and humility. In September of 2016 I did the unforgivable, gear up It was so humiliating. Here I am a CFI and I crash landed a plane I have loved for years. Fast forward 14 months, and this is what hard work and a great deal of money lol can do. So many people deserve so much credit, and none of them are me. First J. D. and Laura at Southwest Texas Aviation did everything possible to get me the parts and make sure I knew it would all work out. Simply the best MSC on the planet, remember I live in Florida and Texas is clearly the best! Hal Brannon my A&P at Wing South is simply the best mechanic in the world and probably the best human I have ever met. Such a kind caring person. He even had triple by pass surgery while we were being 133DB back to life. Joe Dinalfo at Hawk Aircraft Painting is a master at his craft. I was so lucky to have ever met him. I think he would do anything to help with your plane. Not just painting but making sure it was done correct. It looks so good because he did it perfect! Manzi Lawfer my next door neighbor who has done everything possible on the plane. New windows/windscreen no problem. New scat hoses no problem. Take out the ram air ok. New gear disc donuts I can do it! The guy is simply the most helpful person I know! Phil and Ralph Tomlinson and Danny Capinga at Tomlinson Avionics are the best shop in America. They have been working on my panel for over 3 years and we have all but a new AP (lol) done. I don’t think any shop could have made that panel any better than what they created. lastly Alan Davis (A&P/CFII). Great pilot really great friend, but he did so much more. Simple speech “those who have and those who will”, but he helped me believe that. I can’t thank him enough for that. Screwing up so bad shakes you to your core. Alan can be the toughest SOB in the world, but he knew how bad it hurt me and he built me back up again. Long rant I know, but the moral is really simple. 133DB is probably the nicest 201 on the planet, and while I get the benefit and joy of owning and flying her, the journey was long and amazing. If you think your invincible and it can’t/won’t happen to you listen to someone it has. Humans screw up and it is a fact of being human. Thanks to everyone of these great friends and especially my wife Rhonda for letting me do all of that work and spend all that money. What wife would let you do all of that after you F...ed up so bad? She let me bring a great old Mooney back to life. Can’t thank her enough for doing that for me. Mike
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    You guys did a GREAT job. TruTrak called me last week and said that they are about to do the testing and fitting for the first Mooney. I will keep you updated!
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    I wish to share my experience in finding an issue with my ignition system. I really like the Savy Analysis tools. I can sit on the PC for hours and view the data from my flight logs. For the past several months I noticed a stumble while flying LOP. I call it a stumble but once at LOP I feel a very quick shudder almost like turbulence for a nanosecond. All engine indicators are in the green. After researching this a bit more I decided to test the ignition to see if something can be revealed as a weak link. I have a new ignition harness, recently overhauled mags, and Tempest fine wire plugs with 300 hours on them. I flew at 8500 and ran an LOP mag check per Savy instructions. Their detailed flight analysis showed the following. The L, B, and R stand for "left mag", "both mags", and "right mag". Note the EGT1 going cold during the right mag test. While on the right mag, sparkplug on cylinder 1 was cold. It was not even firing I do not believe. The engine was rough on the right mag. I replaced the plugs on cylinder #1 and ran another test. Indeed the bottom plug was bad with a cracked insulator. My A&P said it looked like it had been dropped. See the new data with new plugs in #1. Now temps are normal and the engine was very smooth at 50 LOP. Savy has some very nice analysis tools and I appreciate the help in determining the source of the issue. Just sharing this information in hopes it helps someone. Russ
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    It was a beautiful weekend in the Great Lakes area. My daughter was visiting for the weekend. I dropped her off in Buffalo to catch a commercial flight today. We had a little time, so we took a little detour on the visual to runway 14. I appreciate Buffalo approach for making this so easy. I was IFR and just asked for a vector that would take us over the falls on the way in. It wasn’t exactly on the way coming from Erie (KERI). I was given a decent to 4000ft and once near the falls was cleared to maneuver at will and traffic was pointed out to me. There were a couple of VFR aircraft in the falls circuit at 3500ft. They said just give a call when I was direct Buffalo again. We didn’t have that much time to hang out there, but it was a great day for a few pictures. Brad
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    Pilots-n-Paws flights from a couple weeks ago. Thomas – PilotsnPaws – Stockton CA to Phoenix AZ
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    I know there are quite a few veterans here on mooneyspace. I just want to say Happy Veterans Day and thank you for defending our freedoms.
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    Ain't Mooneyspace great? We get all over annuals that are too expensive, and then we beat up on shops that are too cheap. If I were a mechanic, I'd work on washing machines and just have to deal with grateful housewives.
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    Flew up to KCNY with my son yesterday. Spent the day hiking Arches National Park. Beautiful place! We flew up over the Grand Canyon, then over Lake Powell, and up over the Canyonlands National Park. Had a monster tailwind - 162-168kt groundspeed for most of the flight. In descent I saw over 200kts. Of course, that tailwind became a headwind on the way home and we were cruising at a Model "C" like 108kt GS.
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    GTN Software Version 6.41 was finally released today. Almost every airport now has Visual Approaches to all runways, both front and back. These can be flown just like VTF instrument approaches with vertical guidance. They have a generated Glidepath that can be flown with an autopilot just like an ILS. I've flown a number of them and really like how they work. No longer is it necessary to put the GPS in OBS mode and turn the Course Selector to the runway heading for situational awareness. Just load a visual approach and all the work is now done for you.
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    RV-4 It has the Mooney beat in about all aspects, except seating, which is occasionally important.
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    I have driven so many different cars and motorcycles over the years it's hard to pick just one. But these two come close - 650+ hp Red '79 Mustang and my "Barcalounger on Wheels" '08 Ultra Glide Classic - both give me a thrill like my Mooney...(and my Hatz)
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    Showing true Mooney CB status...spend thousands to fly round trip from home in SoCal to Virginia (Hampton Roads Airport, KPVG) and then get the cheapest rental clown car they offered.
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    Thought I had a picture of the plane and bike. The car is parked in the taxi area, so close enough?. When the weather is cloudy these were option 2. This is why we love our Mooney.. It's all about the speed -Tom
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    That all works until one goes senile and can't remember the commitment you made and get angry when others try to remind you. Clarence
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    I don’t look at it as owning a plane, I consider myself a caretaker for the next owner. It’s up to us to keep these birds in the best condition we can for the next generation of pilots.
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    Approach plates? Sectionals? How 20th Century.
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    Did a mercy flight today, picking up an elderly woman in Rochester MN, flying her to Sawyer (Marquette). A/P heading mode went T.U., sending the plane the opposite way every time during vectors to 3 different ILS Approaches. My hand flying skills got a work out today. I've been on a intense 2 month push getting final bodywork done on the Lancair so only a couple Mooney flights in that time. I kept trying to call the Bonanza either a Lancair or a Mooney. Anyone listening had to have been laughing. Saw some really interesting clouds on the way to Sawyer. They had different twists to them, almost looking like fiber. Tom
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    It’s the modern world where everyone wants to post their sh*t on “Brag Book” Common decency and thoughts for the people involved in an accident don’t even register anymore. Clarence
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    Flight is about a week old but had a fun one to share. Flew from TTA to LYH last Sunday. The region to the east of the blue ridge sometimes gets that bowl effect where the foothills further to the east trap a layer of moisture and that was the local microclimate for the day (the larger picture was stationary front to the NW and a temperature inversion that kept the low layer low) but it ended up being one of those 300-400 ft ceilings with 10 SM below the deck kind of days. I filed for RDU as my alternate, although stations to the west were all reporting 500-1000ft ovc or better. Flight up was uneventful. Did an ILS to just above mins. New avionics performed as advertised. I was expecting the ceilings to lift a little- but this didn’t happen. Temp dew point spread never really budged for the day. I delivered my cargo wanting to depart before sunset, I filed for the next leg ILM. The weather was forecast to start deteriorating further after sunset and I didn’t want to be lingering if I didn’t need to. So the decision was to Go for the next leg. Departure was great - kept the localizer frequency dialed in and had three sources of terrain avoidance up and running for an IMC and briefed exactly when I wanted to be on instruments so there were no surprises. Topped out at about 3000ft. There was a beautiful sunset and great remainder of a night flight to Wilmington. Things they don’t tell you in the NOTAMs - just to the north of the ILM Airport fence was a county fair type thing. I haven’t seen one in about 30-years so the brightness of the insane LED inferno was quite offputting and made the runway hard to find. Fortunately had the ILS tuned in before I was cleated for a visual approach. But the lights and Ferris wheel were so bright that it was distracting on final and did make the runway kind of hard to find. The line guys at Wilmington were super helpful and ran me back out to my plane (I park far away on the ramp as I prefer to not be towed) as a jar of homemade soup my in laws gave me on the stop-over was summarily forgotten. Hopped in a rental car and headed to a good seafood dinner at a local oyster bar. Till next time -B Video disclaimer : not very good. iPhone ignored in the corner as I had more pressing things to attend to...
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    Thanks to Paul @kortopates and Lynn Mace @AGL Aviation. I requested Savvy study a recent flight (KTPF-KMRN) in which it was clear that the FF was jumping around while I was in Lean Find mode heading to LOP cruise. As Paul and I went back and forth about the symptoms we discovered that the FP was behaving similarly and finally that the fluctuations which were steady at 8000' calmed down completely when we descended to 5000'. Paul suggested that that looked like vapor lock to him. I discussed this with Lynn and he asked about cowl flap position and knowing the design of the PowerFlow Exhaust, he suggested that the fuel line ell fitting on the lower firewall might need to be shielded from the cyls 2&4 exhaust risers. He cut a short length of fire shield and gave me a couple of ss tie wraps. (That's the way he treats me... do it yourself, old man.) See pics, fuel line ell before and after, the exhaust header is just to the left. Who'd have thunk, I took it up to 4500' for several Lean Find passes and then up to 8500' for a few more plus LOP Mag checks per Savvy SOP. Live and learn! Much, much better.
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    News from Mooney Girls.... our new hats are in. If you would like to purchase one, just let me know. We have a special going on through the holidays. $50 gets our awesome v-neck ladies t-shirt, plus the MG hat, plus a lanyard or a bracelet. We can ship most anywhere, actual shipping will be applied. Their debut will be at AOPA in Tampa this weekend. Shoot me a PM or email: MooneyAmbassadors@charter.net I will be wearing mine on Saturday!!
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    Did my couple of shakedown flights with a new set of self-installed avionics and then off to Florida for a short trip to Disney with the family (I thought GA was expensive but I was wrong). Flew from IGX (Chapel Hill, NC) where we spoke for a while with the Airport manager about the history of the Airport, it’s current challenges (owned by the UNC and everyone and their brother trying to close it down or choke it). I live about a mile off the end of the runway, but he’s not allowed to take new customers for tie downs and the hangars are all but gone. There are something like 14 holdouts and the odd medevac flight keeping the airport open now. Sad situation- the original benefactor was Horace Williams who donated the land for use as the Airport in perpetuity, but the University seems to have gotten around that. It was a WWII training facility and has had some famous fliers / visitors including JFK (visited) and Dubya (flew). Overall like a slow SMO. AOPA has been of little help in saving this Airport. Flew down with a few reroutes routes along the way. Flightstream started to pay for itself in convenience and workload with the flight plan transfer. Aural alerts through the new audio panel and a fuller traffic picture was great SA. Got some movies piped through with an iPhone suction cupped to the top of the windshield so the whole family could watch. Best part about the PS engineering audio panel was that the muting mode muted it for me but kept piping entertainment audio for the passengers. Felt fancy. This was kind of fancy because prior to this setup my daughter could do about 2.5 hrs before she pretty much would start to lose it and needed a break. Now we are limited by our bladdders. This trip was about 5 (:-0) hours and the whole family did not need a stop, which surprised me. First time flying into FL for me. Nice airport at Winter Haven. They had a rental car (thanks AOPA discount - but don’t forget to save airports instead of partnering with Insurance and rental car companies). Fantastic city run FBO at GIF. If / when I go back this will be the go to for the region. Seems like it would be a great place for Sun N Fun parking. Had a great seafood dinner at a place called Harry’s Old Place I think (grouper mmmm) and headed towards Orlando. I’ll skip the middle bits suffice to say that we had a great time with the little one. Epcot was fun for adults and had booze. I don’t know how the princesses do their thing - job seems exhausting. All in all a cool trip. Way back was also non stop with great weather. Headed up to FYJ (eastern VA) to visit with my brother and sister in law who were kind enough to watch our dog while we were gone. Another 5+ hour trip - landed with 20 gal (2+) hr reserve For the 800 or so nm that we flew. Amazing mooney. Simply amazing. Home the next day with our dog , and that’s the end of that story.
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    This pic does not do it justice and then breaker panel is not shown but here is what it looks like
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    I finally experienced it. It's a pretty nice evening and I decided to just go tool around a little. Moon is waxing crescent and low in the sky, less than 20% illumination. I took off from KDVT and headed north out of town. My plan was to follow the highway, roughly, to ensure terrain clearance. I've flown 30+ hours at night, but it's all either been from field to field in the Phoenix area with plenty of ground lights or nights with a pretty bright moon that made differentiating the horizon pretty easy. Not tonight. As I left the city lights behind, the moon was behind my left shoulder so I couldn't even see it. The only thing I could really see on the ground was the headlights on the highway. It was DARK. I couldn't see any horizon at all. My body started telling me I was in a left bank. A pretty good left bank and I wanted for all the world to bank right to level the plane. Only problem was, my instruments were telling me I was straight and level. I'm pretty deep into my instrument training right now (12.7hrs in a AATD sim and 13.8 in my plane under the hood) so I felt comfortable just following the instruments and ignoring my 'senses'. It was really quite shocking how powerful the desire was to correct the bank. I can really understand now how you can become disoriented (like JFK Jr.) and lose control. I spoke to my CFII after the flight (he was also my PPL CFI) and told him about the experience and also that I felt like he needed to change up his training. We did quite a bit of night flying for the PPL, but it was all done either around the city with plenty of reference or under the hood, so we could get simulated instrument and night at the same time - saving me time and $. I really think he owes it to his students to take them out on a moonless night with no ground reference and let them try to fly as if it's VMC. It was totally different experience than being under the hood or recovering from an unusual attitude. I really think I might have had a problem if I wasn't so far into my instrument rating.
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    Psh, I carry a suppressed 45* never know when you might get lost innawoods and need to quietly dispatch dinner *proper paperwork required.
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    And I can carry my pocket knife.
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    Did another fitting today. We are finding, on the injected models, the oil cooler is simply in the way. Dave thinks he could work around it, but it is uber tight. The command decision is to relocate the cooler to clear up space and also make room for a second landing light. This will delay things a bit. The plan is to move the oil cooler and plug the with a plate allowing us to test the ram-air. If the ram-air is ineffective, we remove it totally, making even more space and a cleaner installation. If we do remove the ram-air, I will have a nearly-new servo boot for sale. Also for sale will be the LASAR cowl closure.
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    And then check the gear. It should be a retract or tail wheel. All others are trainers.
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    @EricJ Wow, just wow. I'm sure coming from Arizona you never thought water would cause so much trouble. I have the opposite issue of forcing myself to sump the tanks every time. In four years and two different Mooneys, I've never seen any water in the sample. I've given up on gascolator completely. Of course the airplane rarely spends a night outside. And the O rings get changed every hundred hours (couple of times a year) religiously. I think I'd be afraid to fly if I was draining water regularly out of my tanks.
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    If I had any appreciable amount of water contamination, I probably would opt to drain the tanks completely by removing the sumps. I think if you polled Mooney owners, most of us would say we don't see water in the tanks and if we did, something isn't right. In the 26 years of ownership, I have yet to find water in the tanks.
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    The sad truth in this is if you were given these airplanes for free you would have to spend more than they're worth to get them airworthy. Unless you were an A&P of course. Then you'd still spend more than the airplane is worth, but not quite as much.