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  1. I would guess most of us want to actually fly and not fix something for 12+ months before we can fly it. If you want a project to try and flip and have time/money to burn, sure makes sense. Personally would never consider something this outdated, not just because its old and prone to failing. But also because if they didnt care enough about the thing to not update it for 40+ years what else wasnt done? I would think most people feel the same way.
  2. "Pilot controls for flight director functions are not available on the GDU. They are available only on the autopilot/flight director controller." http://static.garmin.com/pumac/190-01717-10_h.pdf Section 3.6 Page 3-22 It seems the AP controller drives that functionality.
  3. Sent a PM with everything I got in the reg email.
  4. Do these take a bit to process? I do not see anything including in junk/spam. I registered on 6/14.
  5. Cams hard surface hardened and can also be coated. In either case that camshaft should not be in an engine let alone one that flies. The lifter that lobe was riding on is probably also toast, or will be toast. This is also an F which means its a 4cyl, 3cyl with a 4th dragging will not make enough power to get you out of trouble and if it gets bad enough youll be lucky to hold alt. If one of my race engines had a cam in that state it would become a wall ornament and they operate on the ground. I get its expensive but Im not risking myself, friends, family, etc with something like this
  6. Talk to @Parker_Woodruff 10k is a bit insane. Im glad I bought in 2019 right before all of this started to go insane, I dont think I would have been able to buy if I waited.
  7. Just did this swap with my AP upgrade. Chase makes it super easy as per usual and the 450B is quite the upgrade from a GMA 340. Auto squelch is such a nice feature, no longer do I need to mess with millimeter changes for each new passenger. Dual BT is great, ForeFlight on one, Music on the other. The flexibility of being able to mute ATC for passengers or prevent music from muting for them is great. Intelliaudio is probably the most important thing here though, my ability to still hear approach but get the weather has increased ten fold. Just make sure you swap all your headseats to stere
  8. What mode are you in? NAV? My install is less then 10 hours old but I have not had this happen. What steps are you using to get it to reproduce? Definitely not normal though.
  9. You are me one year ago. I purchased a J for the same exact reason, a 172N is $190 an hour wet, and a 182T is $240 an hour wet as ISP, completely insane. I bought at 28 with 78 hours TT, no retract and no time in type. I bought just before insurance started to change, your biggest issue will be getting insurance and finding storage, get quotes now for both and get on waiting lists. My first year insurance was ~$3500, expect to pay 600-1000 per month for a hangar, 200-400 a month for a tie down. I did finance my airplane but I got a very good rate so it made sense for me to keep my money i
  10. Just as a FYI this could have been done correctly, the install guide has like 30 revisions and they at one point had you set it up on the avionics bus. My install has the ADI on the master and the HSI on the avionics bus.
  11. My Garmin dealer did mine. Islip Avionics at ISP. They had zero issues doing this since the IFD is GNS compatible. Avidyne has already approved the IFD to be a slide in minor alteration to a GNS and its also approved to work with the G5s, there is nothing else to approve. http://forums.avidyne.com/g3x-gfc-500-and-an-ifd-540_topic1884.html
  12. The GFC 500 wont work with a Skyview, the G5 is the autopilots brains in that config. You may be able to get a Skyview into the panel with a GFC 500 and a G5 but I doubt any of the nice features will work properly and the Skyview and G5 will not sync. If you want the GFC you are better off looking at a G3X with a G5.
  13. Which means it’s legal because the IFD is a legal replacement of the GNS. People can bicker on the internet as much as they want. It’s a legal install that many people have, probably in the thousands. If there was a legal problem with this install we would have heard about it by now.
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