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  1. I don't think an out of date database has anything to do with it since the G1000 shows the glide slope when flying a LPV approach. The software in the G1000 may need to be reconfigured to the 55X.
  2. Jeff, I had my WAAS upgrade done last year and your S-TEC 55X should couple to the glide slope when flying an LPV approach. I know Mooney said it wouldn't but it does couple and does a nice job of flying a GPS approach to minimums. Buddy
  3. If you have a place in St. Augustine why don't you try Daytona Aircraft Services at DAB they are a MSC. Give Jake a call he is very knowledgeable and a great guy to work with.
  4. I have had the same problem with mine, as a matter of fact when I picked it up from the avionics shop after the wass upgrade along with the 345R it happened. I am not sure of the exact same errors but the list of errors is about the same length. I've had this happen a few times but it seems to resolve it self quickly except the last time a few weeks ago it must have taken at least 2 to 3 minutes going back and forth from the error page to the PFD screen. I don't remember if I shut the autopilot off on shutdown as I usually do but I think I will now start to leaving the autopilot on as Jake recommends and see if it happens again.
  5. I have an "o" and after every shutdown I unscrew the dipstick using a rag "it's hot" and leave the access door open along with leaving the rag on top of the cowling. The rag on the cowling and an open access door will remind you to screw the dipstick back in before the next flight. I have not seen any moisture in my oil cap or dipstick since.
  6. Alan the upgrade is available, you expect to pay about 21K. The upgrade will allow you to couple the Stec 55X with vertical nav. I had mine done a couple of mouths ago by JD Casteel (MSC) and McKee Avionics out in TX. and it works great. Buddy
  7. Connecting and pairing your iPad with the 345R is easy. Turn your master on go to settings on your iPad tap on Bluetooth and you should see your 345R, then just tap connect. Hope it works for you because I could not get it to connect when I was sitting in the airplane. I had to open my access panel stick my iPad inside make the connection but lost the connection once I got into the plane, just will not connect while I'm sitting in the plane. I am still trying to sort this issue out and I think I'm losing my Bluetooth connection because of all my a/c stuff behind the baggage compartment. Let me know how you made out and if you have a/c. Buddy
  8. My mechanic supplied the O ring, it was a small one. Again if you want to PM me with your number I'll give you a call, I'm pretty familiar with the system.
  9. I just went though the same problem believe it or not in my M20R. The first thing I did was to make sure the valve shuts off completely so loosen up the connection on the cable and make sure it is completely shut off which it sounds like you did. Second try spaying leak detection fluid around all the connections you can find, you can use Joy soap to do this. Make sure all the connections are tight. My problem was the same as yours I lost O2 with the valve shut off. I found a bad O ring (which didn't look bad) in the supply line to the tank. You can easily remove this line, it is the small line that comes off a "T" and runs to the O2 tank, this line also feeds your gauge and is connected to your outside fill port. Remove the fitting on the tank first this will allow the O2 not to leak out of the tank then remove the fitting on the "T". The small O ring is on the end that was connected to your tank. Make sure that when you replace the O ring it can be used with oxygen. If you have any questions PM me with your number and I will give you a call and walk you through it.
  10. Please let me know once the software becomes available to display FIS-B nexrad weather on the G1000. Buddy
  11. My 1980 M20J came with a baggage compartment light, the bad news was if you accidentally hit the switch say pulling a set of golf clubs out during the day you would not notice that the light was on and when you got back to the airplane your battery is dead. My M20R has a time built in so it automatically shuts the light of in a few minutes. As for a map light make sure you have the correct bulb in it. I replaced a bulb that was out in my M20J once with the wrong bulb and it did not give off the same amount of light that was originally in it.
  12. Don thanks but I manually opened and closed the valve several times and it seems to be shutting off. I also leak checked the supply line to the ports when I had the valve shut off and found no leeks there.
  13. I have a 2005 M20R with the 115 cu.ft. O2 tank and it looks like my valve may be leaking air, the more I turn it off and on the faster it seems to lose O2. Does anyone know of a place where I can either get the valve serviced or may have one that I has been rebuilt that I can buy outright?
  14. Looks like you need a new o-ring in your brake caliper. It is an easy job to replace the "o"-ring and bleed the breaks when finished.
  15. I am surprised that know one had a wheel and tire assembly that they could have brought out and changed it right where it sat, it does not take that long. Usually that is what the maintenance shop will do, it's a popular wheel and tire.