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  1. I sent my MFD into Garmin a couple of years ago for an auto back light problem and a think it was 1K less than there charging now. Garmin sent me an overhauled unit back so make sure everything works on the MFD, I had a problem with mine and they sent me another one. I think it takes a lot less then 8 hrs. to install the software as long as the avionics shop knows what there doing. Good luck
  2. Just aural alerts on mine with the G1000...stall warning and gear warning which is set up using your throttle position.
  3. The reason for using different heights on the runway and taxiway lights are because of snow. You won’t see high runway light posts used in the south.
  4. I was in Winter Haven this morning and have a G1000 in my O2 and didn’t have any GPS signal problems arriving or departing between 8am and 10am.
  5. I’ve been flying my 2005 M20R with the G1000 WAAS and Stec 55X for about 6 yrs. now and have NO regrets. As long as you understand the sequencing when using the 55X autopilot to shoot an approach you’ll have know problems.
  6. I replaced one of my EGT probes about 1 1/2 years ago with an Alcor 86255 and I have a 2005 Ovation with the G1000. I got mine from Chief Aircraft $95.
  7. If you’re going to Marathon for lunch try the Island Fish Co. about a mile down the road. The FBO has a crew car (1) if your lucky enough to get it. No need for life vests your time spent over the water in a decent is only a couple of minutes.
  8. I also just had my prop (Hartzall) overhauled and when we reinstalled it we found the spinner had very little clearance between cowling and spinner. The prop shop replaced the flat washers (3 apiece) between the backing plate and the hub with spacers which he said was the way it should have been from the factory. We ended up removing the spacers (6) and replacing them with 3 flat washers per spacer and now I have the proper clearance again spinner to cowling. As far as I can tell the prop was never removed from the plane so it came out of the factory with the washers not the spacers. I don’t h
  9. My normal takeoff at SL is everything full forward, rotate, once all obstacles are cleared I raise the flaps then reduce the RPM to 2550 with full MP. I cruise climb out between 130kts - 140kts at 800 fpm and this keeps my CHT’s at or below 380. I adjust my mixture as needed to keep my CHT’s at or below 380 until reaching my cruise altitude.
  10. On my ‘05 if one of the speed brakes doesn’t deploy the other side will go up and retract immediately.
  11. I’ve used Absolute Aviation at Massey Ranch (X50) a few times and like them. Tel. # 386-847-1734
  12. I used PHT just recently when replacing my engine and they will probably have a hose kit for yours like the did mine. Very knowledgeable and easy to deal with.
  13. I have the same problem with my M20R 310 hp and use a K&N air filter. The Alt Air light comes on about 70% of the time on takeoff using 2700 rpm and once I pull the RPM back to cruise climb I push the knob back in (pulls out about a 1/4 in) the light stays off.
  14. I bought the Piper gaskets from Lasar which I think were half the price as the Mooney gaskets and the worked fine on my 201.
  15. I used wet wingolojist and Edison did a great job.
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