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  1. Jeff, I’ve also seen the same thing on my g1000 in northern Florida and down in the Bahamas near Nassau. I’m not to sure the coverage areas or blank spots are located in the same areas all the time.
  2. Thanks for the feed back I think I’ll leave the A.I. right where it is and keep an eye on it.
  3. I haven’t pulled the caging knob during spool up, didn’t know that would do anything to help. Do you keep the knob pulled out till fully erect?
  4. Steve would you agree that the electric A.I. that I have takes a lot longer to erect than a vacuum run A.I.? The time it takes to erect is about 3-4 minuets and once erect it works fine it’s been this way since I bought the Ovation 3 yrs. ago. Buddy
  5. I tried to attach a picture of the instrument panel but it looks like it failed. I have a standard g1000 panel.
  6. Unfortunately the only info. in the W&B section is a reference drawing # . No manufacturers info.
  7. I have a 2005 Ovation with the G1000 and my stand-by Electric Artificial Horizon is slow to erect. I have not removed it yet so I don’t know the manufacturer and am looking for a recommendation on a repair shop. Any ideas on who manufactured it and a good repair shop.
  8. buddy

    Braking After Landing

    The brake fluid should be flushed out every couple of years with new fluid as Neil says, for some reason you have to do this with Mooney brakes.
  9. Thanks Russ, I checked with David and I have the -20.
  10. Russ, do you know if Garmin will support repairs on the GIA63W-01 if repairs are needed?
  11. buddy

    Wife’s pic

    It was the sun hitting the airplane as I was descending into the tops of the clouds.
  12. buddy

    Under Wing Flush Mount Fuel Drain Valves

    You may not think the valve is leaking but if you touch your finger on it and find your finger is damp with 100LL it’s leaking. You may not see a puddle on the floor or ramp because if it’s a slow drip it will evaporate pretty quickly and you can be sure your loosing a few gals. of fuel over a 2 week period. Installing a new valve is no big deal, you DON’T have to drain your tanks just rap a towel around your forearm, you won’t loose any more than a quart of fuel and the towel will catch any fuel running down your arm. Do not over tighten the new valve because the nut inside your tank is riveted in place and you do not want those rivets to loosen.
  13. buddy

    Wife’s pic

    Here’s one for ya...
  14. buddy

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    I have an O2 and have had to replace 3 fine wire champions in the past 21/2 yrs. that were defective. Next time around I’m going to install Tempest. As for oil filters I use Tempest.
  15. I replaced the shear coupling on my standby alt. in my O2 a couple of years ago. I replaced it with a vac. Pump shear coupling and I think I payed about $15 for 2 of them.