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  1. I did it in my “J” a few years ago and it was a great flight. I would suggest stopping at KFPR where you can rent a life raft and top off. My route was over Freeport, Nassau and than basically direct. I flew at 11k and you can talk to Miami Center most of the way, you will loose them about 120 mi. north of Provo. Enjoy your flight.
  2. I had the same thing happen only my tach was bouncing around on my G1000. Check the small wires coming out of your left mag, there are small cheap connectors they used about 8in up from the mag, easy fix to replace.
  3. On my 201 I took them off and got them power coated, they turned out great.
  4. I agree totally with Paul, great advice. The only thing I would add is if you do see the alternate air annunciator light come on in flight and your in icing conditions make sure the alternate air knob is pulled all the way out, not just partially open. Buddy
  5. You should be able to just remove the screws and replace the gaskets. Give laser a call and they should have the gaskets in stock.
  6. I had the same thing only it was around 10 AM departing VRB to Spruce Creek 7FL6, nothing on the XM NEXRAD but my ADS-B picked up light showers north of VRB. I was thinking maybe the showers were to light and the XM NEXRAD wasn’t picking it up but I guess I was wrong.
  7. Robert have you tried this, cold start everything full forward high boost pump 3-4 seconds throttle back to 1/4 in. Open and should start on one blade. Hot start, everything full forward low boost pump10 seconds, pull throttle back and as you start cranking push the throttle in slowly and by the time you get to 3/4 throttle it should start without a problem. This always works for me. Buddy
  8. I have fine wire Champions in my Ovation but the next time around I’m going with Tempest. I had 3 of my Champions go bad therefore I wouldn’t use them again.
  9. I have the 310 hp conversation and found that 29.8 - 30 FF was better cooling for the CHT’s.
  10. I have 55X and about a year ago my airplane started oscillating in level flight with the alt. hold on and found that the control wheel shaft was binding right in the area that the control wheel shaft would be in level cruise flight. The shaft should not bind even the slightest bit when moving the yoke in and out. My mechanic sprayed the shaft with ??? and the binding stopped along with the oscillating. If this sounds like your problem I will give my mechanic a call and let you know what he sprayed on the shaft.
  11. Please put me on the map and send me the link too... Thanks
  12. I payed about 30K 3 yrs. ago for the GIA63W and the 345R. If your interested I would suggest do it now if you can find the GIA63W boxes.
  13. I just got back from the hangar and it looks like the vent hole your talking about was installed with the hole down. I’d like to pull the unit out and make sure it has a vent hole on the bottom but not sure how, any ideas?
  14. Thanks, I’ve been trying to solve the problem too. I installed the plexiglass O2 door and thought I solved the problem but after one flight I couldn’t connect using my iPad Air 2. I went flying with a friend of mine yesterday and he brought along his mini 2 iPad which is just a little smaller than mine and that connected to my 345R no problem. The next time I’m down at the hangar I will check the location of the vent hole.
  15. I had the same problem when I had my M20J and to solve the problem I took a long screw driver and just pushed the spade connectors in and made sure they were in tight and that solved the problem. Unfortunately you will find that your going to have to do this every few months but it should solve your problem.