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  1. Insurance

    You can tell your insurance broker since you will have a G1000 there is an Audible alarm that says gear, gear, gear not a gear horn and also an audible stall warning that says stall, stall, stall. I wrote a letter to my broker before he went out for quotes on my Ovation an I believe it helped me. By the way it’s some lady in the G1000 that yells at you.
  2. If your bringing your clubs stop in at 7FL6 Spruce Creek Fly-In been here for 10 yrs. great place, you can also have lunch or dinner in the club house. Key West another must see. I would check the prices out at KSUA they are a bit pricey there, you may want to park at KFPR also has a good restaurant.
  3. Video Camera Inside Cowling

    When I had my 201 I replaced the left side cowl flap with the same one that’s used on the right with the exhaust opening and that seemed to solve the high temp problem.
  4. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    My O2 with the 310hp STC flat out at 5500 ft. Will do 200 kts but I normally cruise at 175 kts all day long using 2400 rpm.
  5. Acclaim 310 hp STC issues

    Andrew, I have a 2005 O2 with the 310 STC. The original owner had the STC done in 2006 and a digital EI tach was installed at that time and the reason for this I believe was that the O3 was not around yet. I had the WAAS upgrade done about a year ago and when I got it back from the avionics shop my G1000 now reads 2700 rpm a change from the original 2500 rpm so this can be done. As for the EI digital tach it is an “option “ as you can see in the 2 attachments. I took my EI digital tach out because it stopped working rather than sending it out for repair.
  6. Seat Track Cotter Pins

    I had clevis pins in my seat tracks when I had a 201, the Ovation uses a screw with 2 spacers an a nut.
  7. Oxygen Gauge

    Ok I found the leak and it was my fill valve a lot cheaper than the gauge $400 instead of $2500. I bought the valve through Lasar. I checked this valve a few times and did not find it leaking, this time I had a little soap on my finger when I unscrewed the cap and covered the opening with my soapy finger I saw small bubbles.
  8. Oxygen Gauge

    I think if I have to replace the gauge it has to be original equipment from Mooney because of the way it's mounted in my side panel by the arm rest and my interior light switches.
  9. Oxygen Gauge

    I think I may have a leak in my oxygen gauge in my Ovation, does anyone know of a company that overhauls these gauges? I called Lasar they didn't have one so they called Mooney and got back to me with a price of $2,400 + and a 3 week lead time. The price seems outrageous and so does the 3 week lead time.
  10. 310 hp fuel flow

    I have a 310hp Ovation and I have my FF set at 30 and that seems to keep the CHT's a little cooler than when I had it set to 28. Can't help you with your JPI, I have the G1000's.
  11. I put my 2K in escrow, number 1035.
  12. Thinking about airpark property

    I moved to Florida, 7FL6 about 10 years ago and really enjoying Spruce Creek. The Creek has about 1600 properties including hangar homes, condos, golf course homes and commercial hangars. The 4000 ft X 175 ft runway was just repaved about a month ago. Spruce Creek also has a nice 18 hole golf course if you play golf. The airport has a GPS approach, 2 self serve pumps 100LL and Jet A. PM me if you need more info. Buddy
  13. Robert, I had the same problem with mine the G1000 tach went crazy but the EI tach was fine. Mooney uses cheap connectors on the 3 wires coming from the mag, once I replaced those connectors I had no further problems.
  14. Thanks, just reviewed the STC paper work and the EI tach is optional.
  15. I have a 2005 M20R with the G1000 and the 310 hp was done I believe the following year. I know that the STC called for the EI digital tach to be installed because the MFD tach only went to 2500 rpm. I had the wass and 345R upgrade done about a year ago and also had the avionics shop replace my 2 G1000 screens and with that the MFD now goes to 2700 rpm. My question is now that my MFD goes to 2700 rpm can I remove the EI digital tach because it no longer works or do I need to have it repaired and reinstalled per the original STC? I would rather just remove it if it's possible.