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  1. The tach in the G1000 can be changed through the software. The software needs to be changed from an O2 to a O3 and that will give you 2700 RPM.
  2. What is the N number. I sold my 1980 M20J to someone in Sanford about 4or 5 years ago? You can PM me if you want.
  3. I faced the same problem when I had my 1980 M20J, I had a couple of Small sealant repairs made 20 years later and thought that was the end of my leaks and got the plane repainted. Shortly after the new paint job I developed another fuel leak and brought it to Wet-Wingologists in Ft. Lauderdale and had Emerson reseal both wings and he did a great job with a good guarantee. I was lucky the leaks didn’t do any damage to the new paint. Long story short I would have the wings resealed before you get it repainted.
  4. Intercom works fine and your probably right the sidetone should have some adjustment or setting in the software in the GIA63. When I had the King 197’s in my 201 you had to pull the com out and I think there was a pot you had to adjust through the bottom of the radio.
  5. Any ideas on how to adjust the volume of my side tone on the G1000? When I’m transmitting I don’t hear anything in my head set Nor through any other headsets when they’re plugged in.
  6. I just lubricated mine about a month ago, pulled the unit out from the top and lubricated the worm gear through the inspection hole. Easy job and I’m going to make sure I do it annually.
  7. Have you tried pushing the RED bypass button with the gear handle in the up position? Push and hold till the gear fully retracts. Won’t solve your problem but at least you won’t be flying around with your gear down. If the gear does retract when pushing the bypass it may be an airspeed switch.
  8. Paul you right I guess it’s been a while since my WAAS upgrade and installation of the GTX-345R.
  9. The first thing you need to do is make sure the Ovation with the G1000 has WAAS, if not I don’t know what your going to do at this stage. If the G1000 has WAAS than the GTX-345R is the only one that integrates with the G1000.
  10. If you want PM me I have a 2005 Ovation with the G1000 and A/C and live in the Creek.
  11. I just bought 2 6-packs and I think it came to $87. I don’t know why they gave up on a case of 12 though.
  12. I did it in my “J” a few years ago and it was a great flight. I would suggest stopping at KFPR where you can rent a life raft and top off. My route was over Freeport, Nassau and than basically direct. I flew at 11k and you can talk to Miami Center most of the way, you will loose them about 120 mi. north of Provo. Enjoy your flight.
  13. I had the same thing happen only my tach was bouncing around on my G1000. Check the small wires coming out of your left mag, there are small cheap connectors they used about 8in up from the mag, easy fix to replace.
  14. On my 201 I took them off and got them power coated, they turned out great.
  15. I agree totally with Paul, great advice. The only thing I would add is if you do see the alternate air annunciator light come on in flight and your in icing conditions make sure the alternate air knob is pulled all the way out, not just partially open. Buddy