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  1. If you have a M20R you have an IO 550 Continental. When I bought mine it was just topped at around 1450 TT and that seems to be the average. I now have 2140 TT and it’s still running strong but I’m in the process of replacing it with a factory overhaul....just because.
  2. I’m not to sure what the back of your master switch looks like but when I owned my 1980 M20J I had the same problem. Mooney uses spade connectors (push on connectors) on the back of the master switch and every couple of years I would get wild swings on my amp. gauge. I used a screwdriver and pushed the spade connectors in tight and that solved the problem. My master switch had several wires attached to it. PM me if you want I can probably explain it a little better.
  3. After seeing the first flight I’m glad I got out last year and only lost $65.
  4. Well that sucks I was just going to buy it for the heck of it just to help them out but I guess I’ll just have to stick with XM and weather from the GTX345R on ForeFlight.
  5. Number 3 is your lighting strike detector antenna.
  6. Medeco keys are usually just used as an ignition key (late models) which you would have to by from Mooney once you give them the number on the key. The key for the door and baggage is just a simple key the can be made by a locksmith. I would ask a locksmith if he can make you a replacement key if you give him the lock mechanism.
  7. I’ve heard that one way to screw up the magnetometer is to use an electric screw gun when removing the inspection panel just below it under the wing.
  8. I’ve landed at W13 - 1436 msl in the Shenandoah Valley, VA. 2000 ft long a few times in my “O2” 310hp. I can usually get it stopped in about 1600 ft with 2 on board and half tanks by the time I land, you just have to be on your game. Take off in the morning with about 70 gals. of gas and I use most of the runway.
  9. I used the Jet Center last year and found them to be pretty helpful. When I landed there my windshield was covered with bugs and the line guy didn’t hesitate cleaning them off. I went to the FBO the next day and asked if I could use their courtesy car for a few hours (more like 4 hrs) and they just gave me the keys.
  10. I’d like to order 2 Shaw 531 O ring Kits for my M20R, would you please send me your address and I’ll get a check out. Also do you sell the lube for the O ring installation? My phone # 631-885-1253 or you can PM me through mooneyspace.

    Buddy Dicey

    1. OSUAV8TER


      Hi Buddy,

      Total is $26 and you can make the check payable to Gallagher Aviation LLC. Please mail it to gallagher aviation llc, 8524 Ivy Trails Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45244.

      You do not need lubrication with fluorosilicone rings.


  11. I also forgot to add that 7FL6 has 2 self serve fuel facilities and a couple of maintenance facilities on the field.
  12. Spruce Creek Fly-In Community 7FL6, been here for 12 yrs. now and enjoying my retirement. The 4000ft recently paved runway has an instrument approach. If you enjoy playing golf and tennis we also have an 18 hole golf course in the community. The Fly-In also has 2 restaurants on the property. Hangars and hangar space are always available for rent.
  13. After about 25 yrs On my 1980 M20J I used rivnuts on the holes that were stripped out and they worked great.
  14. Check and make sure that the Hobbs meter is not running after shutdown. I found mine did and I just disconnected it, pulled one wire of the back of it. You can also hear if the Hobbs meter running if you put your ear close to it.
  15. I believe I bought a universal tail pipe hanger from an auto parts store and cut the rubber out from in between the metal brackets.
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