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  1. Robert, I had the same problem with mine the G1000 tach went crazy but the EI tach was fine. Mooney uses cheap connectors on the 3 wires coming from the mag, once I replaced those connectors I had no further problems.
  2. Thanks, just reviewed the STC paper work and the EI tach is optional.
  3. I have a 2005 M20R with the G1000 and the 310 hp was done I believe the following year. I know that the STC called for the EI digital tach to be installed because the MFD tach only went to 2500 rpm. I had the wass and 345R upgrade done about a year ago and also had the avionics shop replace my 2 G1000 screens and with that the MFD now goes to 2700 rpm. My question is now that my MFD goes to 2700 rpm can I remove the EI digital tach because it no longer works or do I need to have it repaired and reinstalled per the original STC? I would rather just remove it if it's possible.
  4. Flying the east coast

    I don't think you'll have any problems at 5500 over JFK, that's the altitude there going to give you anyway. I never had any problems dealing with NY just make sure you get a class B clearance.
  5. W&B Versus Speed

    Yep, just slide your seat all the way back and that will give you a couple of knots.
  6. Jeff, I don't know if I mentioned this before but I had the same problem connecting my 345R Bluetooth to my iPad and found a fix. In the baggage compartment I removed the carpet from the back wall to access a removable panel that is used when removing the O2 bottle (right side). I removed the aluminum panel and replaced it with a plastic one, the job took me a couple of hours. If you want just remove the aluminum panel go flying and make sure you get a Bluetooth connection before you make a plastic panel. PM me if you want me to walk you through this. Buddy
  7. Parking break valve

    Give Lasar a call they may be able to help you out 707-263-0581.
  8. I also called Mooney after I got my 2005 Ovation with the G1000 and S-tec 55X upgraded to WAAS and installed the 345R and they told me I would not be able to receive FISB weather on the G1000 with the software that I have. Although there is a soft key that I can use to select xm weather or FISB weather it will not connect. According to Mooney it sounds like they are not going to issue a software fix.

    My suggestion would be to tell your IA at your next annual that you would like to do the emergency gear extension your self while the airplane is up on the jacks. Also make sure that you use the POH and go step by step as though you were making a real emergency gear extension. One word of caution after you go through the procedure of lowering the gear make sure the red lever is secured before you raise the gear electrically, if you don't it could cost you a gear box.
  10. Check the inboard and outboard sending unit gaskets there are 2 in each wing. I tried patching my leaking tanks a couple of times when I owned my 201 and it never worked out so I ended up bring it to Edison, wet wing in FXE and he did a great job resealing both tanks.
  11. I believe I read somewhere or there was an SB that the baggage door should be locked before flight, it was a long time ago but I always lock mine.
  12. Oxygen leak dilemma

    Try and find somebody with a factory O2 system or even a portable system and try your Scott connector in their system.
  13. Tire replacement criteria

    Keep flying, I wouldn't replace the tire.
  14. G1000 Tachometer has the hiccups

    Robert check the 3 connectors again, I had the same problem with mine a while back and found one of the wires was just held in the connector by a strand. Give the wires a tug at the connector and see if one pulls out, they are not the greatest connectors. Buddy
  15. 231 Fuel Tank Reseal

    Wet wingologists did a full reseal on my previously owned 201 a few years back and did a great job. I also recommended him to a friend of mine who owns an early Ovation and he did a nice job on his reseal also. Your right about a patch job they never work out, I tried it twice before I finally brought it to Edison. I would recommend him to any Mooney owner with leaking fuel tanks.