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  1. We had to stop video attachments. We don't have the storage capacity with our hosting. The only option is to use YouTube or some other video platform and embed the video in your post. Our hosting plan is 250GB for the entire site and most video files are multiple GB on their own.
  2. You can report it. Same as posts...the "three dots" at the right of the message should have a report option.
  3. Hello all, I figured I should update the 7 year old topic regarding donations to Mooneyspace and how to upgrade your membership to "Supporter" status since there has been some confusion regarding this shared with me lately. Anyone that makes a donation of $10 or more will get Supporter status on the site for 12 months. While $10 is the minimum more is always appreciated! The average donation is $25 which seems to support the site nicely. In the past year we upgraded the hosting package to a dedicated virtual server at a 400% increase in hosting costs and the forum software we use has raised their subscription pricing many times over the years. However, we have kept the same $10 minimum donation since 2009. Supporter level will give you: No ads on the website - note that you will still see ads when using Tapatalk as that is separate software from our forums. Ability to post in our classified sections to list personal aircraft/parts/items for sale. Note that this is *only* for personal items and we do not allow businesses to use the forums as a sales platform. 5x Increased storage space for uploads such as attachments in your posts (1GB vs 200MB) To donate you can use THIS LINK. If you wish to mail a check or if the link does not work please send me a message on the site for my address or direct PayPal email address. I would like to give a BIG thanks to all of the members here that have supported Mooneyspace over the past 13+ years. It would never have been possible without YOU! Craig
  4. Yes, that is the link. Thanks! Craig
  5. Texas forum here: https://mooneyspace.com/forum/44-texas-mooney-flyers/
  6. It is through PayPal. They will take your debit or credit card: This link will take you there. Thanks Andrew!
  7. Tick the boxes to the right of each item to select it for deleting. There will be a trash icon at the bottom of the site to delete all selected items. Note that if you cannot see the trash icon you need to minimize the bottom banner advertisement with the down arrow at the top right of the ad.
  8. We already had this once. The forum was shut down in less than a week. It was a moderation nightmare.
  9. I don't see any way to delete notifications as they just persist either as read or unread, it looks like they auto purge after about 90 days. You can manage what you want to be notified about and how you want to be notified about them here: https://mooneyspace.com/notifications/options/
  10. I don't know what you mean by past notifications. Could you provide a clear example?
  11. If you are following a specific topic go to the top of the page and click the "Follow" area. Here there is an option to "Unfollow" Also you can manage all of your followed content by clicking on your Username at the top of the site and selecting "Manage Followed Content"
  12. For some reason a closing HTML comment (-->) was appearing in the header. Not sure why it started all of the sudden that page had not been updated in over a year...likely a new update to Chrome or something didn't like it I just removed the whole commented code and it went away.
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