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  1. Thanks acpartswhse!
  2. Also - check any apps that you might have installed lately. I had some random game on my phone once that had code in it to redirect me to Yahoo about 1/5 times I would open Chrome.
  3. I don't think so - a) many others would see this including me b] we only use Google for our ads (the only place a virus could really be deployed). Anyone else seeing anything like this?
  4. Let's settle down people. More civility is needed here...
  5. This is a notice for members that the Chat feature on the site is now gone. IPBoard (where we get our forum software from) decided to stop supporting chat all together. When I applied a security update today it essentially forced Chat to be disabled. I never saw many people using chat so I hope this is not a huge loss for our community.
  6. All I can think of is try flushing the cache in your browser.
  7. The only flaw I noted was Italian sports cars, need to shift to the north (MB/Porsce/BMW/etc) end of the axis!

    1. mooniac58


      Sorry, not a fan of German cars...mainly from a aesthetic point of view.  ;)

    2. HRM


      Ohhhh...but the engineering!

  8. I do take action, I just don't take the time to message every person that reports something to tell them what actions I took based on the report. I just warned someone for a personal attack from your report and if the person does it again they will get some level of a ban.
  9. Only flew a few years and 500 or so hours in a P-A46Malibu in the FLs (always IFR and being in the Rockies always in some weather) - but I can tell you I have never been denied a request for a wx deviation and usually at that point ATC just becomes your best buds in the sky trying to help you find holes or new routes through what they can see on their radars. I love flying IFR and I only flew VFR twice in the past 3 years for fitting circumstances...twice because I had a bum autopilot and am scared to fly 3-5 hours with ATC yelling at me for 300+ altitude deviations ;-) As others have said though in the event that ATC does not give you a deviation that you feel is a threat to your ship, you are PIC and you must declare an emergency and do what you need to for a safe flight. A little paperwork is better than being another accident report. The closest I ever was to this was cruising at FL250 and we had rapid cabin decompression, about 2000 feet per minute. I put on my O2 mask and called ATC reporting this and requesting an immediate decent to FL130. They said "are you declaring an emergency?" and my response was "only if you don't clear me to FL130 or something darn close to it." "Cleared to descend to FL130" was naturally the response. They don't like paperwork either
  10. Here are the facts: a] I am the "supreme leader" of this website if that means I am the only one answering the dozens of emails and reports per day and trying to keep the peace and paying the bills to keep it online and software-current. I decide what stays and what goes and *you* decide whether you want to stay or go. I have been running forum websites for 15+ years and I know when s**t is doing downhill. b] Truth is on an average day I might get 1-2 reports on topics. When the United topics were live I was getting 10-15. I don't have time or the resources to deal with it. I have done this to countless other topics on this forum through the years. c] I only have one person that seems to care about me locking these topics up (I don't need to mention names) and I have had dozens of "likes" on the lock posts and many other emails from members thanking me and/or asking me to lock new posts being made on the same topic. I believe that my actions were doing what the majority of the community wanted. Again I only have just one person that seems to be upset about locking the topics and a whole lot of others begging and thanking me for doing so.
  11. Let's just please stop talking about this. Enough has been said already.
  12. Been here before, and locking it again.
  13. Locking this up guys...
  14. I think it is just the user not letting go of the shift key when typing the numbers
  15. To edit your signature click on your username at the upper right corner. Then click "Account Settings" on the left you will see an option for Signature. Here you can also select to hide other peoples signatures.