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  1. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    Aye, one has to be careful when travelling to the PRC!
  2. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    And your AR-15 if you want! (and I have!) In my last few "guy trips" in the Malibu I never loved GA more. We had numerous firearms, R/C boats, R/C planes, booze and god knows (ok god knew, but you cannot) what else - but bottom line - try doing that with any airline & TSA. GA has huge advantages over commercial travel (if you can afford it, which I no longer can) - even if it takes 2+ more hours to get to where you are going you get to do it in style and without having some high school dropout shoving his hand up yer arse (note: I am PC saying that because I *am* a high school dropout!) I have not owned an airplane for 18 months and yet to have traveled commercially, unless a family member needed me I just don't think I could do it. After a decade of flying my family in our own craft it just seems like hell. Honestly I would rather drive 10 hours in my truck than take a 2 hour flight. I just need to shrink one of my kids to like a 1lb doll so that I can buy a Mooney again to travel efficiently!
  3. Dark theme?

    Yeah I have seen that too. Unfortunately it was a package deal I don't have much control over. Perhaps a better one will come out later on.
  4. Now all I need is sharks with frickin' laser beams!
  5. For whatever reason it seems to only be happening to people that are seeing ads - I was getting it as well (as I always leave ads on for my account). Once I stopped the ads the issue went away. It also seems that everyone that has reported this has a basic account which means they also have ads running. The odd thing is we are now only running Google AdSense for the ads - typically you never have issues like this with them.
  6. Are you still seeing this on Android? Anyone else? I switched ad providers to see if that fixed it.
  7. Mark as Read

    Sorry. I am not able to customize the forum myself as it is a software package - but I can pass on your feedback to IPBoard.
  8. I was able to make this happen on my Android phone too. I have always left ads on for my account so it could be coming from a banner ad. This would be a bit shocking since we are only using Google AdSense which is usually pretty free of malicious ads. I have shutoff ads on my account for a while and I will keep testing. I know these things are smart enough to only do the redirect every day or two so it might take a little while to sniff it out.
  9. Landing without landing light

    Departing without a landing light is of course a choice or decision the pilot needs to make. Landing without one is often times just dealing with the current situation (burnt out after takeoff). A runway with good lighting and of no doubt praying there is not some stray coyote or deer on the runway it should be uneventful. Honestly most landing lights on small aircraft offer little assistance to finding a runway and landing - they are best at helping other aircraft and the tower (if there is one) see you and spotting things in your landing path at a very small distance. I think FAR 91.205(c)4 has something about requirements of a landing light and it seems to be only for "operated for hire" flights. So legally I think you are OK.
  10. Donation Drive 2015

    Not with IPBoard - it is a $150 per year add-on called Nexus for all commerce features, including membership management. It would also allow us to sell products like t-shirts, etc. I will likely add this on at some point and set a standard membership fee of $25 per year instead of our current variable donation system.
  11. Donation Drive 2015

    Hello, Please email me at admin [at] and I can try to track down your PayPal donation. Thanks,
  12. Goodbye, Farewell, Auf Weidersein

    Locking this topic people. This forum is NOT for political discussion - period.
  13. Goodbye, Farewell, Auf Weidersein

    No one was banned. That user just decided to leave, changed their username to XXX and put in a bogus email address.
  14. Goodbye, Farewell, Auf Weidersein

    Yes, I warned 3-4 people on that topic. Anyone that I saw bringing up politics at all. There is no place for it here and it just leads to much nastier discussion.
  15. Goodbye, Farewell, Auf Weidersein

    I simply warned a couple users to stop talking politics in the forums...and politely. No bans, etc. Just deleted the posts that did not belong and warned those that I deleted. If that is too much for you then I guess farewell and safe flying.