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  1. Hello @Amelia! You can mail checks to me here: Craig McGregor 121 E Alicante Rd Santa Fe, NM 87505 Thanks for the support! Craig
  2. You are all set now. Thanks for the support Niko182! Craig
  3. Ok, I logged into your account and it appears you have a lot of content you are subscribed to for notifications. I went through the first two pages (of 27) for you and turned off will need to do the rest. Here: Once here you can pull up each page and "select all" rows by clicking the tick box at the upper right of the grid and "select all" - then look at the bottom of the page and you will see a pop up that allows you to take action on what you selected. Click on the "bell" icon and select "do not send me notifications" Note that you probably need to do all of this from a desktop based web browser - I don't know if this will work on the mobile version of the site.
  4. Are the emails coming from the Mooneyspace website or from Tapatalk? If you want to forward one of your emails to me I can investigate. My email is admin[at]
  5. I am not showing any donations in yet today. Are you able to message me a copy of the transaction from PayPal? Thanks, Craig
  6. All set now. Thank you for your support @Daneshgari !
  7. Hi,  I donated again.  Would you please remove ads for my account.  Thanks!



  8. I think you posted on her "wall" instead of sending a PM. I have seen users get this confused even when contacting me. See the attached image. The red circled area is where you post on someones wall (viewable by all) and the blue circle is where you click to send a true PM. If you know this is not the case then please take as many screen captures of the issue as you can next time so that I can send a report to the IPBoard people. Thanks,
  9. This topic is unnecessary since political discussion is already not permitted on Mooneyspace.
  10. Mike is correct here. We cannot host copyrighted materials here on Mooneyspace.
  11. Please PM me. I got a donation today but I could not match the PayPal email to any MS account. I emailed that address back but have not heard back yet. Thanks! Craig
  12. It is confirmed the account of a member seems to have been hacked and someone using IPs from all over (likely a VPN) was making the scam post. My logs on this end show many attempts to login to the account with wrong passwords resulting in the account being locked many times and finally the hacker used the password reset tool to change the password. This indicates that the hacker also has access to the victims email account.
  13. Not entirely a "copout" really. GDPR was a pretty extremist approach to online privacy protection and with way over the top penalties, especially for small websites/companies. The cost for a good sized website that is custom built (not like MS which uses a package software for example) could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to meet exact compliance, especially when you really need to bring in a GDPR consultant to make sure you did not miss anything. Again the penalties for non-compliance are in excess of $20 million basically bankruptcy for most small sites. The safer and cheaper option was just to block EU users. If I was still running the old MS forums that I built myself I would have had to do the same thing.
  14. He is having this issue at not Mooneyspace. The forum software we use (IPBoard) is GDPR compliant. The key thing is that if you delete your account all data is wiped from our servers.