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  1. You are all set now. Sorry for the delay but the process for upgrading accounts is a manual one for me so it can take up to 12 hours or so worst case. Thanks for the support!
  2. Yes, it is legit. I just sent these out today. Thanks for checking! Also note that the membership expiration emails will go out to whatever email you used for PayPal and not your MS email on file. Craig
  3. I am sorry Seth but I don't see any way to do that. I don't have any special options as the administrator either.
  4. If you need help recovering your old account feel free to contact me. Thanks! Craig
  5. I'm going to lock this topic since apparently some members are just not capable of keeping politics off the site. Going forward I am going to be giving bans to users posting anything political. It won't matter if you are a Supporter or standard member. Given this is an election year and I don't have the time to police the forums.
  6. I loaded a new default theme for the site and this seemed to fix it - at least on the couple devices I tested.
  7. Sorry, I don't know if that can be turned off. It seems to be part of the new update.
  8. I think there are various bugs in the forum update like this. So far most seem to be related to mobile browsers. Hopefully the folks at IPBoard will have an update soon! Craig
  9. It looks like the missing icons is an issue being seen only on phones. I see this to on my Android in Chrome browser. Very likely they will have an update to fix this soon.
  10. Please give me a screen shot if you can and also please let me know what platform/browser you are using to access Mooneyspace.
  11. I always install updates to the forum software. Every update includes critical security updates to prevent hackers from breaking into the site and doing things like stealing your email addresses, etc.
  12. I still see these. There should be a little mail icon at the top for messages and then clicking on your username should drop a list down with account options. If you don't see this anymore please send me a screen shot of what you do see. Thanks!
  13. Yeah, I had to update the forum software today and the new look just happened automatically. I think it looks pretty clean myself.
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