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    PPI Checklist View File Mooney PPI Submitter mooniac58 Submitted 03/23/2018 Category Safety & Techniques  
  2. Rusty.


    Hope the club is starting off strong for you.

    We have about 52 Moonies scheduled for our first Fly-In BBQ next month in Paso Robles.  Thought I'd share with you the Facebook Page I created today to support the club and also reach out to other Mooney pilots who may not be on Mooneyspace.  The page is only a few hours old but hopefully it will grow and be full of content soon.  Check it out when you have a moment and please keep me updated on your group.

    Best Regards,

    Michael Rodgers

  3. Hello all, I am selling a Precision Flight Controls CRX-MAX enclosed flight simulator with motion platform. This sim supports many aircraft and has throttle quadrants for single, vernier, multi-engine and turbine. It also features the Garmin 530W gps and the instructors seat. This is a FAA certified AATD which you can use for logging IFR currency and up to 20 hours towards your Instrument Rating. You can see full details at the manufactures website here: Total Hobbs Time: 561 hours Asking price: $30,000.00 ($59,000 was original price). Sim is in Santa Fe, NM and freight costs to destination are not included.
  4. Club

    Ok, I will pass this on to the IPBoard people.
  5. Probably some glitch in a forum upgrade or something. Hard to tell why it did this.
  6. Ah ok so it is a iPad or Safari issue then. Hopefully the forum software company will fix that soon!
  7. Perhaps you are using the dark theme? It is pretty hard to see on that theme - but I am seeing it fine on the light theme.
  8. setting forum time

    It is supposed to be automatic based on the local time settings of your computer.
  9. Sorry guys we cannot host copyrighted materials here.
  10. This should be cleared up. Apparently we ran out of disk space overnight and a lot of temp cache files were corrupted. I am looking into upgrading the hosting package for more space. In addition I am going to drastically reduce gallery image storage for Basic Members. Sorry for the hassles!
  11. Dumb Ice ??

    Guys if someone posts something vulgar please don't quote it. It makes my cleanup job a lot tougher.
  12. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    Aye, one has to be careful when travelling to the PRC!
  13. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    And your AR-15 if you want! (and I have!) In my last few "guy trips" in the Malibu I never loved GA more. We had numerous firearms, R/C boats, R/C planes, booze and god knows (ok god knew, but you cannot) what else - but bottom line - try doing that with any airline & TSA. GA has huge advantages over commercial travel (if you can afford it, which I no longer can) - even if it takes 2+ more hours to get to where you are going you get to do it in style and without having some high school dropout shoving his hand up yer arse (note: I am PC saying that because I *am* a high school dropout!) I have not owned an airplane for 18 months and yet to have traveled commercially, unless a family member needed me I just don't think I could do it. After a decade of flying my family in our own craft it just seems like hell. Honestly I would rather drive 10 hours in my truck than take a 2 hour flight. I just need to shrink one of my kids to like a 1lb doll so that I can buy a Mooney again to travel efficiently!
  14. Dark theme?

    Yeah I have seen that too. Unfortunately it was a package deal I don't have much control over. Perhaps a better one will come out later on.
  15. Now all I need is sharks with frickin' laser beams!