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  1. Should occurred to me, but I didn't even realize there was a donation regime. I thought an ever-present Donate button would be useful, then I saw your 2015 button that said you lost that feature. Whatever - some kind of flag up top, whether text or functional button, might be useful. I was oblivious (or maybe willfully ignorant) to the pitch line below the ads.    

    Anyway, thanks for your efforts. was my gateway to the Mooney community a couple years ago.  

  2. mooniac58

    New Dark Theme Added

    Yeah that is the only dark theme I could find and it has a lot of issues.
  3. mooniac58

    Mooneymite M-18 web site shutting down.

    I would be interested to look at the data. I am not sure if we can import it into IPBoard. If so we would need to hire a specialist to do it....which of course is $$$. Perhaps some mite folks would contribute for this?
  4. Hello Hermon, Yes the sim is still for sale. Thanks!
  5. mooniac58

    Having issues with Tapatalk

    I think it is working again. It is on my Android phone anyways..
  6. mooniac58

    Having issues with Tapatalk

    I just installed the update. Not having luck logging in on my phone. Is it working for anyone else?
  7. mooniac58 Website Update

    Sorry - as I was telling Lance in private discussion there is no way to resurrect deleted content short of an entire site roll-back of the site from a backup 24+ hours old. The EU has created this new thing called GDPR which requires us to permanently delete all data from users when they opt to delete it. This includes personal data and all content they might create and want deleted. Even restoring that backup I could be in some sort of violation of the GDPR. Our forums (IPBoard) are fully GDPR compliant so if you delete anything here, including your account all information is perma-wiped. I don't make the rules - I am just forced to follow them or pay a 20,000,000 EUR fine! Welcome to the new world order, under the rule of global law
  8. mooniac58

    Having issues with Tapatalk

    It looks like they are just days away from a fix for this:
  9. mooniac58

    Having issues with Tapatalk

    We did an upgrade on IPBoard yesterday that likely caused this. We will likely have to wait until Tapatalk updates their plugin to be compatible to the new 4.3.1 version of IPBoard. I am going to contact Tapatalk to see if they are aware of this.
  10. mooniac58


    The club is approved. Sorry, IPBoard for some reason does not tell me when new clubs are added and need review.
  11. mooniac58

    Donated via PayPal...

    You are a supporter. It should work now. Note that I process donations manually so worst case it can take up to a day for me to upgrade you. Please PM me if you still cannot post. Thanks for your donation and support!
  12. mooniac58

    Donation Drive 2015

    You are totally correct here. I plan on getting some advertisers/sponsors at some point. We kind of do this now with some companies I allow to post sponsored posts in the "for sale" forums for a monthly rate. Honestly, I currently own 3 companies that occupy almost all of my time and while I love Mooneyspace it is more or less a hobby for me...if I can cover software and hosting costs with a little extra scratch for my time I am happy to keep it alive for the sake of this magnificent airplane I had the honor of owning for 7+ years.
  13. mooniac58

    Donation Drive 2015

    Just got a few donations and I wanted to say thanks to everyone. Even though I no longer own a Mooney for "mission" reasons (and no airplane because I cannot afford it right now) I have a deep love for these aircraft and this community. I really hope we can all do better to respect each other and keep matters out of here that do not relate to the safe operation and maintenance of the aircraft. This is a really old topic that could probably use a re-birth but anyone that wants to support the site and remove ads from their browsing experience (sorry, you will still see ads on Tapatalk, out of our control!) - please donate via the button at the bottom of the page at least $10 to support the efforts here. Wishing you all tailwinds and a pleasant year
  14. mooniac58

    PPI Checklist

    PPI Checklist View File Mooney PPI Submitter mooniac58 Submitted 03/23/2018 Category Safety & Techniques