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    Your in my home turf. It is really hard to see the airport on final, especially if you don't see it before you get real low since that make it harder to see. More than likely he was referring to the FAF waypoint QEWTI. Most likely he was vectoring you to final and put you on a 30-45 degree intercept heading with final and gave you the distance from QEWTI when he said cleared for the approach. And if VMC conditions, the final vector to intercept final could have been only a mile away from QEWTI. Sometimes/often they're real busy making it difficult to ask them to spell the fix. But if you went through final, there is no shame in asking for vectors back to final to allow you to get set up. Be careful, because its not unusual for there to be a miss-communication on which approach you are being vectored too or cleared for (such as RNAV) and if not being vectored on to final it could result in you navigating off his intended course (your clearance) and it's usually the pilot that gets the violation if there is a loss of separation. In this case the RNAV and LOC are almost identical so I doubt that would be an issue here.
  2. Fuel Tank Reseal - Expensive...

    With regards to sealant longevity, my '86 has never been resealed - at least no logged and that's over 30 years now. I think we see a very broad range of years of how long tank sealant last. A very interesting comparison is to the Cessna Cardinals which have similar sealed tanks, but those birds don't get their tanks resealed - at least not yet and they were built between '68 to '78. So what's the big difference - you guessed it, the landing gear is attached to the fuselage rather than the wings so my guess is their is some truth to the notion of the need to change out of the landing disks and avoid hard landings to minimize the shock transfer to the wet wings.
  3. M20K Fuel Flow

    Yes, that is exactly what the STC instructions say to do, set max fuel flow for 100% power per the intercooler temperature table they gave you which should be about ~37.5" MAP. At Savvy, we like to see Continentals high FF number from their specified range of 23.0-24.7, plus 0.5 to 1.0 GPH above that so would prefer to see in the range of 25.2-25.7 GPH at ~ 37.5"
  4. Cloud tops

    I haven't yet used their app, so their website may have different functionality than their app. Their website allows you to look at total clouds, low clouds only, middle clouds only, high clouds only (all by coverage from Scattered, Few etc.), cloud tops and cloud bases. The cloud tops function itself, which does 0, 15K, 30K etc doesn't give as much resolution as just toggling between Low, Middle and High. Its based on the same data as the GFA forecast tool on aviationweather.gov replacing our textual forecast area, but I find Windytv.com provides much better graphics, better resolution and also lets you choose between different resolution models (NAM, ECMWF and more).
  5. Cloud tops

    The easiest to use web site for clouds and could tops is windytv.com - way above the rest. SkewTLogPro is great for a point in space, like your departure and destination, but not that helpful is x-ctry planning IMO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The joys of engine monitor diagnosis

    Yes, the 900 series monitors automatically go into 1 sec sampling rate while in LeanFind mode so that you'll get better resolution using LeanFind. We prefer to always be looking at the better resolution data and suggest setting it for its fastest rate - which 1 sec for these. But 2 sec (such as the EDM 830) work okay too.
  7. The joys of engine monitor diagnosis

    Hi Paul @gsxrpilot that's the profile under Help or http://content.savvyanalysis.com/static/pdf/SavvyAnalysisFlightTestProfiles.pdf We suggest no more than 65% power, I suggest 24"/2500 and 6K'. That equates to near 60% power in ours and 24" at 6K puts ambient atmospheric pressure near the same as MAP which is advantageous because it prevents an induction leak for significantly affecting the results. (But if we see evidence of an induction leak we'll recommend a follow up test - we just want to ensure we can get good gami results). Be sure to go slowly as each cylinder peaks and well into the LOP side (about 50 LOP if able). With the JPI 900, I suggest putting it on 1 second sampling rate for the highest resolution - then re-boot the monitor before collecting the data. Then you need only do 30 sec per mag doing the LOP Mag test including Both in the middle to give time for EGTs to re-stabilize. But shoot for around 50 LOP when you do the mag test and I suggest doing it right after your last gami sweep from ROP to LOP so I can see exactly how LOP the test was done. That way if we do see missing we can tell if it was premature or acceptable. I don't mean to overly complicate the procedure, its just that the above helps to give the best recommendations for maintenance if we do see any anomaly's.
  8. The joys of engine monitor diagnosis

    Bob, No problem. Bob & Paul - yes, you have access to all the tools I use. To measure the Gami spread first zoom in on series of gami spreads that you want to measure. I prefer to add FF to the graph as I pre-examine the data for quality. You don't have to incorporate the following check I do first, but its especially good for turbo's and any NA engines not running at WOT. So I first have a graph of MAP and RPM and check to verify MAP and RPM were reasonably constant the entire time. 0.5" MAP variation is acceptable multiple inches of MAP variations is not and very common on turbo with either fixed or pneumatic waste gates. But that's another tangent. Once satisfied only FF is changing, then click on the G for Gami icon which is highlighted in my screen shot above. That will eliminate all but the one Gami mode chart and why I pre-screen with MAP and RPM before entering Gami mode. Then in Gami mode click at the start of the time line - and see a cursor line labeled "Start" and then click again when FF is at the opposite range (high vs Low or Low vs High). Just be sure unlike the screen shot above to only bracket one peak with FF either going up from LOP to ROP or down from ROP to LOP. After both start and end cursors have been clicked you'll be able to see your Gami spread data in the data box - upper right corner. To get out of Gami mode and back to multiple charts just click on the X at the upper corner of the data box. There is also help published on all the tools available by clicking Help in the upper right corner. Paul - feel free to request analysis at any time. But we ask you to fly the Savvy Test profile along with a full power takeoff and climb for analysis request so that we have multiple gami sweeps and LOP Mag test data to report on. With full Savvy test profile data you'll get a full report back. Cruise data alone doesn't give us much to discuss unless were looking at an anomaly. We especially recommend requesting analysis of your Savvy test profile data before and again right after annual to ensure all is good.
  9. The joys of engine monitor diagnosis

    I had to download your CSV data file, add an elapsed time column as =B15-TIMEVALUE("14:51:30") in order to get us on the same time line and then I could see what I believe you are referring too. Notice that on Savvy's elapsed time line, my Gami spread data was between 1:01:24 to 1:01:53. The 1:01:53 elapsed time corresponds to to 15:53:23. After 1:01:53 window of the gami spread, indeed the FF does go back up to 9.4 for a few seconds, the last data point its at 9.4 is 1:02:14 elapsed or 1:53:44 actual time, the next 2 following seconds and data point is where Eztrends reported 3 & 4 peaking (again). But this is really invalid to go by that because. As you said, the leaning past peak the first time was done earlier as reflected by the gami spread reported above ending at 1:01:53 elapsed (or 15:53:23 actual). But only since the monitor is in Lean Find mode it continues to see it come back to peak in reverse with FF being enriched for a second peak. But if I simply expand the gami spread measuring window to include both peaks it will report the same way EZTrends did (incorrectly). Probably not saying anything differently than your last post but I was pretty confused till I dug into the details to resolve the time line differences and take a closer look. I think a graphic does a much better job of illustrating it.
  10. Aeroleds Landing and Taxi Lights

    Yes it is. LASAR used to make one too that was smaller and simpler to install on the recognition light switch, but they dropped it after Precise came out with this one.
  11. Aeroleds Landing and Taxi Lights

    The simple solution to the "hot" recognition lights is to install a Precise Flight flasher for them. Then they pulse like strobes which improves recognition and keeps them cooler so they'll never melt the lenses if you forget to turn them off after landing. Plus the bulbs are cheap if you are willing to grind down the edges and solder on wires onto the original projector bulb. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Ovation POH needed

    Inexpensive paper POH's are available from https://www.esscoaircraft.com/ Or official POH's and digital copies are of course available through Mooney which can be ordered through any MSC or LASAR.
  13. The joys of engine monitor diagnosis

    This is what I measured Time: 01:01:18-01:01:53 EGT2 peaked at 9.2 EGT1 peaked at 9.1 EGT3 peaked at 9.1 EGT4 peaked at 9.1 GAMI spread is 0.1 Although fairly quickly done, FF was monotonically decreasing as they were peaking and MAP and RPM were constant. So nicely done. But would really want to see an average of a few sweeps to ensure consistency. But it looks like good data too me!
  14. Aircraft Property Tax

    @Jim F nailed it. The state property tax is 1% ever since Proposition 13, but every county has add-on's from various bonds voted in bringing it up to maybe 1.1% or more, so just google the property tax for your county/city. Then each county has their own method of assessing value which they will do on their own. The only thing the purchase prices seems to really count for is the sales or use tax you will owe the Ca Board of Equalization (BOE) - which is based on your city/county sales tax rate for the purchase tax from the bill of sale. There was a program that allowed private owners to avoid CA sales tax when I bought mine (which I took full advantage of) but that program was ended years ago. From what you read on the internet, it appears a fair number of owners try to escape the sales tax by not reporting it but that's silly as there is no way to hide it unless you are parking your aircraft in your garage or something like that. Every airport FBO, hangar lessor etc is required to know before renting and report to the county the N number for any space or hangar they rent/lease. When they figure out the sales tax wasn't paid for whatever reason, I hear they stick them with penalty's and interest just like any past due tax. It doesn't matter if you bought it out of state, acquired it under a LLC, or even registered it in another state. You rent a hangar or ramp space to park it her in CA you'll owe the sales/use tax unless you brought it under the remaining tax free program with letter of exemption from the BOE which these days is limited solely to business use. But another crazy thing discussed here regarding CA is that some airports are known for passing on the hangars annual property tax bill to the renter. Seems crazy, although we know we're paying it as well as the utilities regardless of how its billed. if anyone is spending multiple hundred thousands I'd recommend contacting a professional in this area; especially if you can claim business use. Some other states are even worse, we've read here on MS owners parking their Mooney's in FL for a few months for maybe maintenance and then getting a property tax bill from FL.
  15. LOL's, Thanks Jim, I corrected the typo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk