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  1. kortopates

    Insurance woes

    The only drawbacks are the obvious - they won't write smooth limits, only sub-limits and their coverage area is more restrictive if one wants to fly internationally south (I forget exact limits). But the huge plus is they will ensure pilots with a claim history that most others won't touch at fairly reasonable rates. After 3-5 yrs without a claim one can go back to more competitive market including smooth limits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. kortopates

    Leaning / GAMI Questions

    To get started, you can wire your Shadin FF sensor in parallel to your EDM 700. You may need to enable the FF option with JPI's help (firmware update) or just go into program mode to turn it on. But if your model doesn't have memory with downloadable data, this won't be very helpful. (JPI use to add that as a $200 upgrade years ago.) But otherwise for same cost of your injectors you can buy the 830 color display as an upgrade returning your old one and be 10x ahead WRT your needed modern analyzer, then add MAP and RPM sensors when you are able. Your existing harness will plug into a new 830 display. You do need a little panel space to fit it somewhere. I see it has data recording, so a USB connection will allow you to apply a firmware update if it's needed to enable FF. Set the data recording interval from it's 6 sec default to it's fastest - which is 2sec. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. kortopates

    Leaning / GAMI Questions

    Alex, you can't possibly do what you are trying to do with pen and paper. You don't have the data resolution. You need a monitor with 1-2 second downloadable data resolution. Unfortunately, the every 0.5 GPH resolution you tried to record makes it worthless. Just maybe you got the cyl rankings from leanest to richest. That's very helpful if true, but I wouldn't trust your data till you demonstrate it's repeatable. Honestly, the first step should have been an engine analyzer with FF, MAP and RPM. Next read up on LOP, I suggest Mike Busch's article on Red Fin - you can download it on our Savvy website. Next, start with baby steps, after the engine monitor. See the GAMI AFMS supplement for mixture guidance - between Mike's article and the GAMI AFMS I mentioned note you only need 50 LOP at 75% and I can tell you your engine most likely won't support 75% with 50 LOP. So start at ~60% power which is just a little LOP. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. kortopates

    FYI sanity from the FAA

    What it really means is the recently added ICA's added at the request of the FAA on maintenance manuals Do Not retroactively apply to airframes manufactured prior to publishing the ICA. They are optional for part 91 just like all SB and Sal's. You can thank Mike Busch and Paul New of Savvy Aviation for this change since they challenged the FAA on this change and the FAA agreed. It was inconsistent with previous rulings by their legal counsel folks whom have always maintained that maintenance manuals produced at the time of manufacture are the only ones legally binding to prevent airframe manufacturers from retroactively making burdensome changes. Thus we are back too the state that the only legal way to make retroactive changes for required maintenance practices and procedures is though the AD process approved by the FAA. Of course that said, every owner should review every ICA instruction, just like every SB and SL, and decide for themselves if they want to comply. Most of us will want to comply with most of them, just as most of us will want to follow the most recent maintenance manual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. kortopates

    AOPA FLY-IN KJKA Gulf Shores

    I'll try to wear a Mooney shirt too. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the heads up on the winds.
  6. kortopates

    I flew in this yesterday

    They are very nice. Here is the Chinese version I rode in. It ran at 350 km/hr and more recently they slowed it to 300 supposedly to save some electricity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. kortopates

    Nose gear Rigging Tool

    https://lasar.com/tools/nose-gear-rigging-tool-gse030008-100 Used ones are available often on ebay - these are usually sold in sets on eBay.
  8. kortopates

    RAM mount pirep

    +1 - great product!
  9. kortopates

    EI Engine monitors?

    Not really enough details to say - which EDM vs EI model are you switching too? Regardless though, EI makes great monitors; especially their MVP-50. Not that it matters, but I personally went with the EDM 900 since I felt it was a better fit for my Mooney panel. Although there are some differences in the probe types used by manufacturers, both EI and EDM use the better type K probes. But EDM uses a grounded type K versus the ungrounded type K used by EI. Independent research over the years has shown the grounded type K are bit more accurate despite what EI's marketing literature claims - the EI probes actually under report temp a bit compared to the grounded version. But both type K probes are superior to the type J probes used by Insight/Gem monitors. Lastly I prefer the solid screw connectors used by EDM over the barrel connectors used by EI which have been a source of loose/weak connections for some. All of the above, with respect to probe differences between EI and EDM, is pretty minor stuff to a pilot.
  10. The key thing IMO is its pretty much right in front of crest of the divide with the highest peak being Mt Sir Donald at 10774' almost right in front of them. If there were strong winds due to the system moving in a low flying aircraft could be subjected to severe turbulence and very strong up & down drafts - just like the Fossett crash.
  11. Very close! I am wondering if the location ends up being right at the pass too and very likely where they were searching.
  12. Here is some more info I found, which is saying they found it in BC's Glacier National Park, which is in the area they were searching. This early report is saying they have identified the aircraft registration from the air, and working on getting personnel to the location. https://canadanewsmedia.ca/2018/09/11/wreckage-of-plane-matching-missing-aircraft-found-in-bcs-glacier-national-park/ The helicopter flight that was going from Fields to Kamloops that spotted the wreckage with registration # would pretty much be going right over the same route the lost M20D was assumed to be traveling in reverse. It'll be interesting to learn how close to the pass and road it was found and close to the search area they covered since it likely was too buried by snow to spot while searching last winter. Finally some relief for the family. Sad it took so long. It has a lot of similarities to Steve Fossetts crash which happened in the fall in the Sierra Nevada mountains near the Minarets, just west of Mammoth, but wasn't found till around labor day weekend the following year for the same reasons. Hikers found remains of Steve's persona; effects which led to finding the wreckage.
  13. kortopates

    AOPA FLY-IN KJKA Gulf Shores

    I won't be getting in till Friday early afternoon. Should be attending the Barnstormers party Friday evening - hopefully we can meet up then and any other Mooney's flying in.
  14. kortopates

    A couple of questions from a newbie

    The fastest way to get your PVT is in a trainer like a C172 or even a PA28 archer or warrior. Then afterwards you can start flying solo and getting checked out in more capable aircraft and gaining experience traveling out of the local area. As it is, even that "fastest" way takes most people most of year between getting the written out of the way and then the flight training portion completed. I also highly recommend you get the written done before taking flight lessons if you want to speed up the process. But much of what you ask is personal preference and deciding between what opportunities you have near you. For example, I live by and instruct out of what is considered the largest flying club in the country with planes that are more economical to rent than anywhere else supported by many independent CFI's like my self. We also have many local flight schools in the area that people use as well. What route you go will be based on what looks most appealing to you after you check out your available options nearby. But don't get too far ahead of your self. Break this up into small manageable goals that are attainable so that you don't become one of the many starts that didn't finish. Take you time, get the ground school out of the way at a local community college if you can. Then learn in a trainer and as you gain experience and knowledge you'll know where you want to go next aircraft wise after you get the private license. But Mooney isn't likely going to carry anything but a couple very short surfboards. A surfing friend of mine bought a A36 after his private while training on his instrument with me. We went for the big dual cargo doors to be able to carry that kind of stuff. BUT he joined a small partnership to allow him rent a Cherokee 6 to use for Baja trips and still prefers to use that for surfing baha than take his nice A36 into dirt surfing strips in Baja. My Mooney has been into many dirt strips in Baja but it only sees casual dirt runway use during the winter Grey whale season - not the common every other weekend my A36 friend flys down to baja in the Cherokee 6!
  15. kortopates

    Lost a Mooney pilot today

    The preliminary is out: https://app.ntsb.gov/pdfgenerator/ReportGeneratorFile.ashx?EventID=20180820X31422&AKey=1&RType=HTML&IType=FA