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  1. Was it one of the hoses to the wastgate by chance? Its a very tight fit and the original hardware with split washer to hold the magneto on is too thick to fit under the Surefly case. I may be within a .001" clearance now with a star washer.
  2. Did the Surefly fit and get installed on your 231? How do you like it?
  3. Never had these issues and wasn’t aware they were lurking. But I guess Iam less trusting about trying to exchange user waypoints. But I can offer the Garmin recommended solution that has worked seamlessly for me with GP. I did this all a few years ago so my details may be sketchy. But as a frequent visitor to Mexico and particularly Baja I wanted all the dirt strips in Baja in my GTNs so I would have them available for wx or emergencies in addition to the few I use. So I loaded a few hundred user waypoints as user Airport waypoints with additional details for runway dimensions and surface type
  4. Thanks for the update - thought that’s what it would be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. And because the 830 is not primary, it means one of your CHTs will be inaccurate, oil temperature will be inaccurate and possibly oil pressure will be inaccurate all because the 830 can not replace the primary OEM sensors. Plus you will need to continue to maintain the OEM sensors/gauges - some times at considerable expense.
  6. Very few J's need Gami's but you really do need integrated engine monitors with FF. You can either upgrade/Add the FF sensor to your JPI 730 so that FF is logged with your EGTs - which essential to measuring your gami spread. Or you can upgrade your 730 to 830 which is the better option. The upgrade just replaces the head display for about 1 amu with your old 730 core credit. Its impossible to get decent data trying to write down the FF as each cyl peaks. It really needs to come from the data dump to get repeatable accurate data. I've seen numerous clients try and their all guesses at best. Th
  7. Yes, it dates back to big radial engines where we had someone dedicated to managing the engines in flight - which has absolutely nothing to do with the ability to run any specific engine LOP!
  8. Excellent point on ignition - most people forget about how important ignition is and running LOP put much greater stress on the ignition - it must be in very good shape Not exactly on the Continental tuned injectors. Continental position tuned injectors are not tuned to the individual engine but to the model engine. Unlike Gami's who do tune the injectors to your individual engine cylinders, TCM provides one and only sized injector for each cylinder that legally can only be installed in the specific cylinder. They're not know for getting gami spreads below 0.5 GPH but typically provide 0.
  9. I know it doesn't seem like much, but if you're going to use this to earn your instrument rating its pretty important. If you're already instrument rated then you already know what you'll be missing and can fall back to VOR nav when ever you might need it - such as "intercept the 340 radial or bearing to XYZ" - which of course is pretty rare but does happen.
  10. Don, I have none of those DB concierge problems. But 2 differences, I am on Jepp charts and I only display the charts on the 750. Do the charts load quickly to 750 and just take a long time to stream to G500? I wonder if it’s do to more voluminous data of Garmin raster based charts versus Jepp smaller vectored based charts. I load all of the America’s charts onto the 750 in just a couple minutes - perhaps more than 2x the data of the US charts alone.Never a problem with syncing with the 650 either. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Its just from those based at Gillespie field! Kidding, we all are. I am sure Craig is working on it. Also based at SEE.
  12. What you need is a OBS unit that is compatible with your GPS. The KI-209 is not compatible, but a KI-209A is compatible. I am a bit confused by your avionics guy saying it would limit you for non-precision approaches like LNAV or LP - but it may be saying you could use the CDI on the GPS screen in lieu of a external OBS but I thought such a configuration is not approved for IFR use without a compatible OBS. But I am not an avionics guy. Prior to glass one would use an external GPS OBS such as the Garmin GI-106A, like your old KI-209. But these days that makes no sense to spend $ on and
  13. Indeed- being sensitive to your earlier post and being clear its not directed to the OP - but show me one thread at 5 pages or more than EVER stuck to the original point of the thread. Sorry, but ALL topics here on MS take on their own life as they evolve with discussion. No one can control it and no one owns it. The only expectation, is we do our best to keep it civil, non-political and inviting for all to participate.
  14. Although this discussion is a tangent to the OP and the point of this thread - but what thread in Mooneyspace ever sticks to the original point - I'll share my thoughts. I'll disagree that the turbo would not have made a difference, but I'll agree its was 110% due to poor ADM that was criminal in my opinion as well as being totally naive about the hazards. But if he had a turbo, he would not have had to stop his climb below the MEA and barely skirt over the terrain abeam the Wind RIvers Range highest peak just shy of 14K. His inability to climb higher above the terrain sealed their fate
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