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  1. The Factory's long range tank - the 50 Gal per side was a change to the filler neck: Joes's long range tank solution is to wet extend the fuel into the next bay out. Since that bay is where the speed brakes are, his kit provides the sheet metal to seal block off the brakes and seal the bay, extend the fuel vent lines, seal rib holes, add drains and second set of fuel caps. Structure of the Mooney bay pretty much dictates what's needed. I think I've seen Mooney install Jose's STC as a factory option too. And I've seen at least one install without the second set of gas caps - w
  2. contrary to the implication above, bladders (oops) are not an option in the K model. never was. i am not expert on this, but i think a DAR or reseal shop would tell you it’s illegal to copy someone’s (Jose’s) STC - he owns all rights to it and even if you pulled his kit out of a salvage mooney you would need Jose’s permission to transfer the STC to your plane, i.e. buy the STC from him. not an easy option but perhaps more possible than the other 2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. prop governor should be adjusted to avoid any over speed. it is a redline limitation. That said occasional “brief” overspeed by 20 rpm isn’t a big deal but if it’s over redline the entire time that’s easily corrected. With MAP on the other hand, it’s normal and expected to overboost with cold oil for up to 2 min as it warms up and will similarly under boost with hot oil. Your POH also spells this out. The controller has to set up with oil fully warmed up (170-175F) so that it hits redline at normal operating oil temp. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I think the G3X experimental only supports 1 GPS but the G500/600 is very rich in supported interfaces including dual GPS/NAV/COM and anything else you want. a better glass backup IMO is the L3 ESI-500 - that’s what it’s designed for and no toggling between different modes like Attitude vs HSI with its single screen that does everything - perhaps more akin to a mini aspen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. At almost -30C chances icing in even saturated air is very small and here we’re not near saturated. Should be minimal chance if any. But interesting we see a small temperature inversion up a bit higher. look forward to learning what I am missing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. That doesn't appear to be true for any Single Engine piston under 6000 lbs, only for all others - from the AFMS below. However, IMO as a CFI-II I wouldn't ever be caught out doing training in actual IMC with only GPS on-board - that's nuts given how easily they're jammed and with almost daily GPS interefence testing NOTAMs putting it at risk of losing coverage. That said, all I ever use to navigate is GPS. But I have lost GPS from jamming 3 times now, including being IMC, (although not yet in US airspace) and each time I was abe to fall back on VOR navigation. So for me, not even two TS
  7. hah hah, In that amount of time its probably limited to a log book entry! But only a frequency of once of month will keep resetting the next annual due date.
  8. My wife and I were headed there today till I saw the winds at CMA: KCMA 281655Z 07027G39KT 10SM CLR 17/M12 A3017 RMK AO2 PK WND 07042/1625 SLP223 T01721117 KCMA 281555Z 07028G41KT 10SM CLR 16/M11 A3015 RMK AO2 PK WND 07041/1549 SLP218 T01611111 Winds like that might be pushing patio dining - although last time I went winds were in the 20's and their protected patio dining area was fine. But with those gust and reports of Severe and Extreme turbulence down low in the vicinity of SMO and CNO along with a SIGMET for Severe Turbulence my wife and I went out for some cardio mountain bik
  9. Final last second isn't exactly all tha useful. Is viewable on my PC.
  10. Apparently you only have one alternator on your 252. When the alternator went offline, and bus voltage dropped to battery voltage, the electric trim is often the first thing to go and suspect there is nothing wrong with the trim. But the alternator shouldn't be putting out anywhere near enough current to pop the output CB - this deserves investigation if its repeatable.
  11. That's very true, in ability of the pump to hold settings is common reason to need to send it out to a repair station for overhaul, due leaky seals. Also, make sure you no longer have the bronze but newer steel lever arm attached to the pump when you send it in, else request they also send you the new steel mixture lever arm that your mixture control attaches too. This was the subject of a TCM SI some years ago that could leave you with an inability to adjust mixture in flight. Last time I saw this priced it was about $120 some years ago. I don't recall the SI # but its an important one,
  12. Exactly! ^^^^ And we can take it a step further and remark about most any thread on MS can experience so much thread drift that the original topic is totally loss. Or that we need to re-create the same thread over and over again with same re-postings because its easier or quicker to create a new thread than search for one of the prior ones. Or.... Good thing, like Vance, I only monitor new posts and decide what topics merit reading beyond the title. Just remember, no one, including the OP of a thread owns any thread here, and no one should assume all post of a thread a
  13. Speaking purely of pleaure flying here - not for business flying which is entirely a different topic. But for some us, it has very little to do with beating the airlines schedue or economics of flying GA vs commercial. Our flying is all about adventure. With an annual flying budget commited as an aircraft owner, that eliminates the concern for transportation cost ecconomics. If economics was an important factor, we wouldn't fly anywhere GA. The only time there is any real competition from an alternative means of transportation is for shorter trips that are driveable when wx and schedule don't
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