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  1. I know they get position, altitude, groundspeed and distance to next waypoint or destination (depending on protocol selected) but didn't know about time. If so, then a third party developers (or anyone) can write software to combine datasets using the common time series to synch - not hard. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Good thoughts. All we really need is for the Garmin navigator to pass current time, with position etc. to the JPI for recording its time series and then Garmin data and JPI data could be easily combined by any third part app. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. One nation wide distributor I used earlier on had the policy - I think AirGas, but luckily not all. It's a big help when they load me up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Already answered in the other 5 threads on this - perhaps for a new one still in warranty but certainly not say for an older Ovation and especially not for a vintage model.
  5. Yep, they are heavy but that sounds a bit high, I've seen specs from 139lb to 143lbs https://www.praxairdirect.com/Industrial-Gas-and-Welding-Information-Center/Cylinder-Cryo-and-Gas-System-Information/Cylinder-Size-Information.html Luckily the Gas shops put the cylinder back into the car and then I just have to unload it onto the cart when I get it back to the hangar so its not terribly bad. $33 is a great price on ABO! But consider purchasing your bottles - its been a long time but I think I paid mine off in just a couple years and I've had them over 15 yrs now.
  6. If you are in this for the long haul you definitely want to buy your tanks rather than lease. I've owned mine for over 15 years and broke even after the first two years. With leased tanks, you are generally tied to the company you leased them from. But with tanks you own, which are unmarked, you can shop suppliers for the best deals. Regardless, you never pay for hydros, you just exchange your tanks for refilled ones and on your way in 10 min. Used tanks from any of the big suppliers was very reasonable - plus you’re getting the tank with the O2. I think Anthony was talking about buying a used small tank for the plane but I thought you already had the built-in tank and am looking at refill solutions. At least 5 others threads on this if you use google to search for them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Perfect Jon, you're good. I don't know how long it will take to get it updated to say Basic Med as well - we just got approval for it this week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Oops, that I can't help you with. But check out the precise flight version which doesn't rely on electronics to function. But I am still not certain it's works with the Scott altitude compensating regulators we have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Here are a couple 300 cuft cylinders on a cart - plus the adapter from the CGA540 to the planes O2 port. I started with lighter 200 or 220? But didn't feel I got that many refills. Rather than going to a third tank I went to larger T size which are also 2400 psi but it usually come fresh at 2600 psi This is working out much better and they help keep me in shape Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. [mention=7104]carusoam[/mention] CAMI got approval for Basic Med so we are now able to accept your Basic Med - bring it or a copy of it to the event! I'll update the above announcement/post. All I know is that this has been in the works for long time but they now finally have approval so future PROTE events will allow Basic Med as well. [mention=11242]mike_elliott[/mention]My CAMI contact is Don as well, but Don said Basic Med approval came from a Dr Berry. Will pass the Hi onto Don & his crew.
  11. The Meijing group is private business, not even sure its owner, Veronica, even goes by a CEO title, she was always introduced to me as Owner or Head of Meijing group when I was over there. I think you're confusing Dr Jerry Chen, whom she hired to run Soaring at Chino initially to develop the M10 and provide the 10 year vision business plan. He left Soaring a few years ago; yet rumored to be providing consulting services to her. But fundamentally she knows very little about aviation. But she's am incredibly talented young woman that became a billionaire in her 40's in real estate development and is now diversifying into other businesses including healthcare here in the US. But as Paul said, Mooney international didn't need to be profitable for her to be successful. She just needed a solid and very well respected brand name that the Chinese people would trust. She also needed an economical trainer that could thrive in China to enable her to get into the expected explosion of GA training coming soon - hence the diesel M10 project (avgas is hard to obtain in China). Her future profits where expected to be in China yet with a long term vision that was going to take time. There wasn't even confidence in the Kerrville team to build a new design composite trainer so a new team was developed under Jerry to design and take it through certification. When that fell through, many of the Chino team went on to Kerrville. I lost touch by then but assume the Chino talent took a big role in the new developments we've seen in the recent M20 refinements.
  12. Actually the State Department whom provides advisories disagrees with the exception of Tamaulipas state (a Level 4 - Do not travel area). All of Baja and most of the upper plateau of southern mainland Mexico (south of Guadalajara to the border) are only level 2 like most of Europe. But there are a few other Level 4 areas including Colima state, including Manzanillo which I've been too and where the Movie 10 was filmed, Guerrero state with Acapulco (with lots of armed gov security to keep the peace) and Zihuatanejo, Michoacán state with Morelia where I recently visited to see the Butterflies this past winter, Sinaloa state, mostly due to Culiacan, but even the state depart allow gov employees to go to La Mochis and Mazatlan which are popular tourist destinations. The only Level 4 place I haven't travelled to is Tamaulipas state, due to violent crime and kidnappings in the tourist areas that even has my wife scared away from - she says the state's offerings aren't worth the risk. But one other Mooney friend from Texas was recently down there and thought it was fine. Stick to the Level 2 & 3 areas, read up on where the areas of risk are and take normal precautions and you should be fine. Yet it takes an adventuresome spirit to travel in Mexico which few seem to have. With over 300 mass shooting this year in the US, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mass_shootings_in_the_United_States_in_2019) - "Home" is hardly the safe heaven we make it out to be, we're just comfortable with the what we know and the new normal. The young soldiers that greet us at landing at every airport are fine. They have even been known to give us a ride into town in their Humvee when a taxi wasn't readily available.
  13. Yep, that was a great time despite the winds that year. I am still bummed you couldn't join for whale watching on the final day because of your longer trip home. That was the first of many years going down and getting blown out till the return home day. We had the same problem again last year and didn't do the whales till our return day on Monday - which also had flying back over the local mtns in a snow storm at night; luckily its only a couple minutes and SOCAL said no icing and they were right. Hope to meet up with you two on another trip someday! Yeah, sad to read about the Sonora incident - apparently a mistaken identity. We sure have seen our share of shootings here in the US too. But overall GA tourism is really coming back into Mexico.
  14. It’s a new SB or SL from TCM on there website. Sorry I can provide a link right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. As Eric and Byron summarized above, the way the Mooney gear, both manual and electric versions are entirely inter-connected is genius. The Piper and Bonanza versions are nothing like the Mooney. And this is why the floor window and bulb are primary, not the annunciator in the panel (even though the bulb is on the same circuit as the floor bulb) you want to see the green foot ball position. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk