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  1. You will need a disconnect relay, disconnect switch and yoke switch.
  2. FWIW, The bearings from Lycoming and Superior are both made by King Bearing.
  3. I've never had any issues with Superior parts. The FAA approves them. Ask your engine shop, they have the most experience.
  4. I get my sealant from the local MSC. He just orders it from Aviall. Even after his markup it is cheaper than anybody on line and no shipping. So, just find someone with an Aviall account to get it for you.
  5. These are what I have on my plane. They are worth the money. Which isn’t much.
  6. So, I just searched for the calibration requirements for the FAA. Talk about a regulatory rat hole! Holy smokes! The FAA doesn't really have any regulations about what calibration actually means. They just say you have to do it. There is some reference to the manufacturers recommendations. So if you get a harbor freight torque wrench and it doesn't have any calibration recommendations are you good to go? It also mentions industry standards, well there aren't any aviation industry standards that I could find, there are ISO standards for these things and that is what most calibration labs u
  7. FWIW, I worked with NIST once upon a time. I wrote the software that operated the national DC voltage standard. Calibration has nothing to do with making a device accurate. It is only the act of comparing to a known standard. In the metrology world, making a device accurate is called adjustment. NIST doesn’t adjust anything. So, with that in mind, the worst POS device could still be calibrated to a NIST traceable standard. I happen to have a torque calibrator. My dad bought it at some auction. He didn’t know what it was but thought it looked cool. I was playing with
  8. You will notice that the countersink angles are different. The one on the right looks like the aviation screw. The one on the left looks like Ace Hardware. There are so many Mil specs, but you will find the right one.
  9. Just take off the 4 screws. You have to unplug the heater and disconnect the pitot line through an access panel. I had mud daubers clog mine once and removed it with a borrowed screwdriver and crescent wrench.
  10. So, magneto and other engine ADs that depend on time, make sense. But things like landing gear ADs that depend on time are weird.
  11. I have one of those too. I like it a lot, except reading the tach time.
  12. Mechanical tach's count engine revolutions. Electronic tach's count time. If you are operating part 91, your tach time doesn't matter for your maintenance costs. You can do oil changes and engine overhauls whenever you like. Heck, you can never change your oil, we will tease you about it, but nobody will ever give you crap about it. Well, it is kind of required at annual, but you could drain out your used oil and put it back in again.
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