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  1. One thing they fail to mention is when the green light comes on QUIT CRANKING! If you keep cranking you can actually bend things. I was working on the plane once and I was underneath watching the mechanism and told my helper to crank until the green light comes on. I was watching and things started to bind up. I asked my helper if the green light was on. He said it came on a long time ago but the crank was still turning so he kept going.
  2. I’m sure he was watching the instrument display more than the map.
  3. While I wouldn't necessarily count on ForeFlight and a Stratus as a backup, it works pretty good and wouldn't hesitate to use it if I was in that situation. A friend of mine was flying freight at night in 402s and made two flights IFR with the IPad propped up in front of the six pack to see how easy it would be to fly by IPad. He said it was a lot easier than flying with the installed gyros.
  4. It doesn't matter which way you think. The media and politicians are going to have a field day with this and ultimately the only ones who are not going to suffer are the lawyers!
  5. So the latest news doesn't look good for Boeing and the FAA! https://www.avweb.com/eletter/archives/101/4288-full.html?ET=avweb:e4288:232826a:&st=email#232430 https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/failed-certification-faa-missed-safety-issues-in-the-737-max-system-implicated-in-the-lion-air-crash/?utm_source=marketingcloud&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BNA_031719130226+Crucial+flaws+in+Boeing+737+MAX+safety+analysis_3_17_2019&utm_term=Active+subscriber&fbclid=IwAR0heI7SPRsoWF0DnSKthNZ9opvMePUi1DQpRJ1K6bTC2XjUQIS5JFZ49SM
  6. As far as the $45 gasket is concerned, I have been fixing up a 1951 M38 Jeep lately. I’ve gotten pretty good at cutting out gaskets with a scissors. just saying....
  7. The fancy washer is called a Stat-O-Seal. There are a few companies that make them and change the name a bit. It looks like the invoice above had it as Lock-O-Seal. Search these names and you will find the fancy washer.
  8. You can make it fly level hands free. You can’t fix a heavy wing with travel boards on the ground. You need to adjust it, fly it, then adjust it some more until it is right. you want to get it so it not only flys level but also stalls level. Too bad you are so far away, we could have a day of plane tweaking.
  9. While you may be able to make it work, It isn't correct according to the parts manual.
  10. I was working with that yesterday! On a grinder that has to match 4 different local planes to the product plane. Some people just don't get it...
  11. If you put in the Laser oversized bushing and shim up or replace the srteering horn, you problems will go away.
  12. Pi makes the world go round!
  13. You can always weight the plane for a sanity check. Nobody says you have to update your aircraft records.
  14. V&V only finds bugs that are covered in the test plan. Did their test plan cover AOA sensors going haywire? Don't know. I would like to see the FMEA they used to develop the requirements.
  15. And here I sit in a clean room, in a bunny suit debugging code on a semiconductor production tool..... I think I write pretty good code. Would I trust someones life to it? Hell no! The only people who can write perfect code are millennials fresh out of school. Just ask them, they will tell you. The same millennials that are probably writing the code for Boeing!