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  1. So, does anybody know how many Mooneys have crashed doing touch and Gos? The accident reports must be littered with them.
  2. The return springs are just there to bring them up on the ground. The air pushes them up while flying.
  3. There are a lot of maneuvers that are done for training and check rides that have no bearing on your everyday flying. They are meant to improve or demonstrate your flying skills. I think the touch and go fits into that. It does have some practical benefit. There could be a situation when you had to abort a landing after touching down. It has a lot of crossover skills for a missed approach or a go around. The bottom line is it should be something any pilot can do without much thought. If it isn't than perhaps more practice is in order.
  4. I think it is funny seeing people who seem more concerned about how other people operate there stuff then their own. I guess they are just trying to validate their own decisions. The great thing about owning your own plane is that you can run it any way you like. These planes are so robust that they will soldier on just fine no matter what you do to them. There are engines out there that were treated with kid gloves and still went south and some that were ham fisted from day one and made it past TBO with little maintenance.
  5. Is it a factory hole or a highly engineered field modification?
  6. I would only do them in preparation for a touch and go after a no flap takeoff while LOP.
  7. There is an advantage to running LOP with more advanced timing. A lean mixture burns slower than a rich mixture. LOP requires more advance so the maximum pressure happens at the same crank angle as ROP (Approx 15 deg ATDC) . Anybody who says that LOP and 25 degree timing don't mix doesn't know what they are talking about. Besides it is all about temperature, so keep your temps in control and you will be fine.
  8. You said lever. If you have levers, you have to take off the plastic quadrant. Remove the knobs and then the little screws and the plastic will cone off. You will see the switch on the lever.
  9. There has been a lot written on this subject. Just search and find the threads you will find all you need to know. If you do it right it is easy to remove, clean and lube the jackscrew, making your system like brand new for a few hours of labor.
  10. I believe on your plane it is a microswitch on the throttle cable. I like it adjusted to about 12 inches. There is probably guidance in the maintenance manual. 18.5 would be very annoying!
  11. So, what's the big deal? Fill out the form and send it in. It should only take 15 minutes or so.
  12. The 337 is for Major Repairs or Alterations. This is an alteration. The form has an and because it can be used for either one. It is on a logical slippery slope.
  13. FWIW You don't have to worry about getting oil circulating through the prop governor. it flows all the time. Oil from the governor goes to the front main bearing where it is channeled through the crank to the piston in the prop hub. The front main bearing lets the oil flow out the sides like all other main bearings. The governor supplies enough volume to maintain prop pressure in spite of the flow through the bearing. The oil in the prop hub is stagnant unless you cycle it which causes the oil to come out of the hub and be replaced with new oil.
  14. I flew to Tucson last week. It was 119 when I took off. The plane flew fine. The OAT at 6500 was 91F. The oil temperature never got below 205.