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  1. You can see that there is a hair thin contact line on the far side of the seat. Something is causing that valve to seat poorly. You caught it early, but I don't think it is long for this world. If you were to pull that cylinder, have the valve inspected and if it is within spec, change the valve guide and grind it back in. You could fix it cheap.
  2. If your tanks are going to leak they are going to leak. there is no preventative measure to take. Repairing a tank that isn't leaking is silly. My old M20F would emit red particles periodically, but the tanks never leaked. You don't want that stuff in your fuel injection system, but it has 4 screens to get through before it gets there.
  3. Your plane sat for a long time. I would keep an eye on it and see if it gets flushed out. It might have been pumped in there when you filled up.
  4. It is usually deteriorated tank sealant. About the only steel in the tank and fuel system is the ring the fuel cap goes into.
  5. You can't blame the cylinder for this. The installer would normally remove the rockers to install the cylinder, insert the push rods and then re-install rockers.
  6. I used to have one for the same reason as you. It depends a lot on the lighting and the background. You might try doing it with plane facing a hangar wall or something. I always got the best results holding it out the storm window and pointing it at the prop tips.
  7. I would say that 80% of my 5700 hours have been compensated. Raytheon Data Systems bought me my first plane.
  8. The positive side of COVID! The boss comes to me today and asks if I can fly my plane out to Pittsburgh PA to accept a piece of equipment we are buying. And also visit a customer in Santa Barbara CA. He says he doesn't want to put any of his people in danger by putting them on an airliner.
  9. Check the voltage drop while you are trying to start the engine from the negative battery post to the airplane skin (not the shelf). If you see more than ~1/2 volt you need to fix the bonding between the shelf and the airframe.
  10. Yes, there is a ball formed on the end of the skinny tube. It is crimped into the larger socket by the indent that goes around it. It is meant to swivel.
  11. See above, they are insulators to keep the sonoalert and other things from shorting on the skin if you press on the plastic headliner.
  12. You might think about replacing them with bolts. There is guidance for that in 43.13 1b.