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  1. N201MKTurbo

    Why doesn't anyone sell non-solo renters insurance?

    I had my agent check and I'm covered in twins. It might be that I have a bazillion hours? who knows.
  2. The bungees are not magic either. If you just want to take them off and put them back on you don't need travel boards. If you take them off and replace parts and put them back on you just have to make sure you make them the same length as the ones you took off. Here is what I would do. Take the bungee off lay it on a piece of scrap lumber. Get a drill bit that fits the bolt holes in the rod ends. Clamp it to the board with a C clamp and drill a hole in the board with the bit through the two bolt holes. When you reassemble the new bungee, adjust the rod end so the two holes line up perfectly. This will make it the same length as the one you removed. As for the spring in the bungee, it isn't that critical. Count the threads showing when you take it apart and tighten it to the same number of threads. To test fly the bungee to tune it for max speed, fly the plane straight and level at cruise power and note the speed. Now trim it a bit (1/4 turn) nose down and manhandle the pitch back to level flight and note if the speed was higher or lower. Now do the same with nose up trim. Adjust the bungee so you see an equal speed decrease in both directions. This will give you the optimal elevator to stabilizer angle in cruise flight. This is best done on a very smooth day because the speed differences are slight. You will find that the factory settings are pretty close to the mark.
  3. N201MKTurbo

    Rebuilt wheels with new Goodyear's

    Was he planning on painting the other gear leg next year?
  4. Hummm, that does seem odd.
  5. N201MKTurbo

    78 J Oil Pressure Gauge problem

    There is a circular plastic connector for the gauge cluster. Take it apart and clean the pins and put it back together. If that doesn't fixit then take apart the big cannon plug on the firewall and clean it.
  6. One way to check for perfection in aileron rigging is to make sure your tanks are equal and have another person in the passenger seat and do a stall series. If it is rigged right it will stall straight ahead.
  7. If you are having uneven ailerons or a heavy wing, that is fixed by adjusting the flap up stops or bending the trailing edge(s) of the ailerons. If the ailerons are level in flight but the yokes are crooked you will have to make differential adjustments to the aileron links or possibly to the rod behind the panel. Once the plane flies level with even ailerons you can center the ball by bending the trailing edge of the rudder or the rudder trim tab if you have one. One thing the boards would be useful for is setting the aileron stops. They should have been set when the plane was made and they won't change the way the plane flies. Before you do any rigging, put the plane up on jacks and make sure the gear doors are not hanging down.
  8. I couldn't agree more. Even if you replace a flight control, just put the new one on and if it needs adjusting just put it back where the old one was. If it is an aileron and the old one sat 1/8 inch above the flap, put the new one on so it sits 1/8 inch above the flap. I can see using them when the plane was assembled or if you replaced the whole tail, or had to replace a bunch of control rods after a gear up. Anyone who thinks all their woes are going to be cured with a set of travel boards is probably going to be disappointed. Unless someone in the past really screwed it up.
  9. N201MKTurbo

    Seat Rollers

    Considering the OPs original question, this thread has gone off the rails!
  10. N201MKTurbo

    Seat Rollers

    It probably depends on the shoulder harnesses you have. On mine the buttons would end up on the wrong side of my lap. Besides the buckle and tab would be backwards and I would be confused!
  11. N201MKTurbo

    Seat Rollers

    The only problem is you have to swap the seat belts. Not a huge deal, but a bit of a PITA.
  12. I've been flying a 310 lately. It is wonderful sitting there in those big chairs with your arm on the arm rest with a hand full of throttles! Lots of elbow room. The power on takeoff is awesome! A great performer! Then I pull up to the gas pump
  13. N201MKTurbo

    Trim mechanism adjustment?

    There is a trim brake screw below the trim wheel. You can tighten it, if it is installed. It is there to stop the trim from being back driven by the tail.
  14. N201MKTurbo

    Seat Rollers

    I can’t wait for the Mooney seat song!
  15. N201MKTurbo

    Gear pre load and aileron links.

    It shouldn't take more than 3-4 hours or so to set the preloads on all three. All you have to do is set the two rods to be equal and set the nose preload with the limit switch. Then set the mains. They should take about 1/2 hour each once the plane is up on jacks and everything is opened up. The rod ends never really need replacing. Especially the ailerons. They are all in tension in flight so there can't be any slop in them. Unless they are so warn that they look like they are going to come apart, they are fine.