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  1. I have one too. It has worked flawlessly also. That seems like a great deal!
  2. There is always airflow through the muffler shroud. the hot air is either directed into the cabin if heat is selected or dumped overboard through the hose to nowhere on the heater box. It stands to reason that the heater box will get hot even if the heater is off. If you open the fresh air vent it should remove most of the heat from the heater box.
  3. Call the TRACON on the phone and discuss it with them. It seems to me that you should descend, call Rogers tower for transition through their class D and then call Bentonville without ever calling approach.
  4. FWIW My wife says she feels safer flying with me in the Mooney than on the airlines. The airlines don’t have parachutes either. That being said whenever we walk by a Cirrus she says “let’s get one of those” Then I tell her what they cost and she says “too bad, they sure are cute and they look so comfy” She never mentions the parachute.
  5. I see your location. Beautiful city. I visited it back in 02 while doing some work for GUM in Warsaw.
  6. I was in NY airspace recently and I believe the airspace around here is a lot busier. When departing KCHD it isn’t unusual to have 20-30 targets within 10 miles. On my trip to New England, I didn’t see traffic like that anywhere else. Most of the trip I thought my traffic was broken because it didn’t show anything. The only time Phoenix is a real problem, is when it is IMC, which is about 6 hours a year.
  7. Drilled 4 holes and put the 4 screws that came with it through the holes.
  8. Cirrus shipped 380 aircraft in 2018. Mooney shipped 14.
  9. For rapid descents, don’t forget the commercial spiral. I did my single engine commercial in my Mooney. I did my spirals with gear down, flaps down, speed brakes out, power at 15 inches and 90 KTS. If I recall, the descent rate was like 2000 FPM. It would come down even faster with the engine at idle or more bank.
  10. No, NASA has you covered. Just go rent this bad boy: https://www1.grc.nasa.gov/facilities/irt/
  11. Just getting ready for happy hour!
  12. Detcord? That might actually work! A one shot emergency get out of jail free card. You could put a tiny thread like detcord under a piece of leading edge tape. These guys look like they could make it! https://psemc.com/products/shielded-mild-detonating-cord/ Looks like it has already been tried! https://patents.google.com/patent/US2930554A/en Lets see if Mooneyspace deletes the name? Eric Ciaramella