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  1. Art Vandelay's left visor mount...
  2. If you look at this AC, you can make a good case that the G5 meets the regs. https://www.faa.gov/documentlibrary/media/advisory_circular/ac 23.1311-1c.pdf The magnetic compass is on the TCDS, so replacing it will require a 337 listing the above AC and the G5 STC as approved data. I would send this all to your local FSDO for their opinion. I was just at the FSDO the other day to get my IA endorsement (I did) I got the impression that they really are there to help you.
  3. Back 85 or so I was based at O1V (RIP) and was flying the Mooney over the grasslands and noticed a bunch of construction going on building a road to nowhere. A couple of months later low and behold a new airport! Front Range Airport. I was even based there for a while.
  4. I would suspect solenoid or brushes. The solenoids are washers that get spring loaded against contact posts. They rotate and can get bad spots. That way they can work sometimes and sometimes not. Or it could be something else.
  5. You need one of these: https://www.mcmaster.com/92845a105
  6. When I ferried EricJs Mooney to DMs for a pre-purchase inspection, the vacuum pump quit 10 minutes into the flight. I flew it from Phoenix to east Texas with the only heading reference being the magnetic compass. Kind of a PITA, but it got me there. Including navigating the Dallas Class B to spend the night at my brother's house. I did have an iPad and Stratus, but flying looking down at my lap all the time was annoying. It was VFR, I just went old school, got the magnetic compass lined up where I wanted it and picked something on the ground and flew to it. BTW, ground features are harder to come by in west Texas.
  7. The only strange thing I've ever seen was flying back from San Diego a couple of years ago. I was just east of Yuma about 10 feet outside the restricted area surrounding the Yuma Proving Grounds. I was showing a traffic target about a mile off my left wing on my iPad with Stratus. I didn't have built in traffic at the time. It was not my shadow or a false return from me. I had everyone in the plane looking for this traffic. It was at my altitude. We saw nothing. The target then accelerated to a very high speed until it was a couple of miles ahead of me. It sidestepped to the south and now was about 1/2 mile off my right wing. It then slowed down to about 50 KTS until I caught up with it, it then stayed in formation with me for a few minuets. It then climbed a thousand feet, turned north and flew directly over me at high speed. Nobody in the plane saw anything out the window, and we were looking real hard.
  8. Plus you get to see the cows and barns and such, cool....
  9. You have the rare part. Just get a bolt and drill a hole just below the head. The other side is just a lock nut and a washer.
  10. While the gears in the Dukes actuator are critical, you could probably make these blocks out of oak and be in pretty good shape. Not to mention it gets inspected every time you use it. When doing a failure analysis, detection of failure is important, with it right in front of you, detection of failure is very high.
  11. Back in the 80s I has a roommate with a Harley. We went out riding in the country one day. I was riding behind him and saw something fall off his bike and bounce out into a field. (Can you imagine parts falling off a Harley?) It was his shifter peddle. A few miles later he discovered it was missing, pulled over and was mad as hell! I told him I think I can find it. I saw it come off. He said I was nuts and didn't even want to go back and look. When we got home he parked the bike and didn't touch it for years. About 4 years later he had moved out and was living with his future wife. His birthday was coming up, so I thought "I remember where that thing is" I drove out to the country and stopped where I thought it was, I looked for about two minuets before I found it in the tall grass. It was a little dirty and a bit rusty, but perfectly serviceable. I put it in a nice box with a bow on it and brought it over for his B-day. He opened it and his jaw dropped! I said "I told you I knew where it was"
  12. I believe they were made by Tempo Marine. They went out of business about 10 years ago. That probably had a negative effect on the price.