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  1. N201MKTurbo

    Intake Duct Needed

    Fine (1oz) fiberglass cloth and black RTV does a fine job of patching the holes. Take it off, clean it with solvent than scrub it with a tooth brush and laundry soap and water. Let it dry thourouly. Smear on a thin coat of black RTV then stick a small patch of cloth over the hole and push it down into the RTV without pushing it through the hole so it lays flat. Let it cure and then put another layer of RTV to compleatly cover the cloth. Do this to both the inside and outside. Try to keep it thin so it doesn't stiffen up the coupler.
  2. N201MKTurbo

    Will G5 dance with IFD?

    Mine works perfectly. IFD 550 G5 HSI If I switch it to PFD mode it works perfectly too.
  3. N201MKTurbo

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    CB way to cast aluminum. Get an insulating fire brick and carve a void the shape of the part you need. Turn your TIG machine up high. Hook the ground to a heavy aluminum bar, start the arc and feed the molten aluminum into the void. Let it cool, bust it out, sand, drill, machine to fit.
  4. N201MKTurbo

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    What is wrong with the factory handle? On my old F the plastic was falling off, so I took all the plastic off and polished the handle. It looked great. I replaced the roll pin with a clevis pin and cotter pin like on the trim tubes and it never gave me any more trouble.
  5. Just make sure the winds aloft are 20 Kts or less and you won't have any problems with the mountains. If it is more than that you have to strategically pick your way through. My suggestion is to descend from altitude towards Carbondale then fly up the river at pattern altitude. Call the tower based on your GPS, you won't see the airport until about a 1 mile right base. It is OK they are used to that. Get set up for landing as you round the bend and a Big long runway will magically appear! Depart down the river and climb towards Carbondale. One thing to watch out for at Aspen is if there is High parked over the airport. Even if the winds are calm the down flow out of the high will pressurize the valley and there can be severe turbulence through the passes. Usually OK towards Carbondale.
  6. They all fly pretty much the same except the Rocket. It is a bit more trouble in pitch.
  7. N201MKTurbo

    When to overhaul the turbocharger?

    BTW, The best thing you can do for your turbo is change your oil often and don't run your TITs to high.
  8. N201MKTurbo

    When to overhaul the turbocharger?

    I would have your mechanic inspect it. Pull the intake coupling off and inspect the compressor wheel. Feel it for smooth rotation and end play. Use a borescope up the tail pipe to inspect the turbine wheel. Inspect the turbine housing for cracks. This should all be done at annual anyway. If all is OK, Then I would say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It should make it to TBO.
  9. N201MKTurbo

    Landing gear panel light inop

    If you are a stickler for the rules, it is not airworthy. leagely you will need a ferry permit to fly it somewhere to get it fixed. The chance of getting in trouble for it are very low. You have to make your own decisions.
  10. N201MKTurbo

    Landing gear panel light inop

    Check if your nav lights are on. It will dim the gear down light.
  11. N201MKTurbo

    Landing gear panel light inop

    Do you have a Johnson bar? oh 76 never mind. The limit switches are on a rod by the actuator in the belly.
  12. I was being lazy and didn't read them all.
  13. Don't ask don't tell cash only.
  14. N201MKTurbo

    Partial panel cover

  15. N201MKTurbo

    Partial panel cover

    Vacuforming isn't hard. Find someone with a vacuforming machine. Make a tool out of MDF. Cut out the holes with hole saws and jig saws. Router the bevels and then sand it smooth. Make it all a little big to account for the plastic. Have the vacuforming guy suck a sheet of plastic down on it.