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  1. I would call the responsible office number listed on the STC and see what they can do for you.
  2. Call the FSDO and ask to talk to a maintenance inspector. Ask them for advice. What is the STC number?
  3. Do you have the STC drawings? The FAA should have the drawings if you don't have a copy. They should have the baffle part numbers. There are companies out there that make aftermarket baffles. They would be a good resource. I would just fix it.
  4. Sense when does an M20F have a 6 cylinder Continental?
  5. Yes, it is great to be young and bulletproof!
  6. I was just a passenger and a consultant. My friend was instrument rated and current and flew the flight.
  7. The grease leaking from your actuator gearbox doesn't appear to have any moly in it. It should be black.
  8. Go a bit further north and stop at KRWL. Cheap gas, courtesy car to go to lunch (1/2 mile), easiest place to cross the Rocks.
  9. It was a 1981 Datsun 280ZX. It didn’t have a neutral safety switch. It makes a great wedge to drive under the plane! If the flap wouldn’t have caught on the headlight cutout, there wouldn’t have been any damage to the plane. The flap hinge rode up the hood. It made quite a crease on the hood. I ordered a new flap from Mooney and a few days later I was talking to a mechanic and he said that mine could be reskinned for about half the price. So I called Mooney and canceled the order. The mechanic ordered the skins from Mooney. They charged him for the skins, but sent a whole flap, the one I ordered and then canceled. So I got a new flap for the price of skins and the mechanic didn’t charge me anything, because he didn’t do anything! I caught a lot of breaks as a kid! I used the car for work and spun out in the snow in the mountains a few times. By the time I got around to getting the car fixed I had three different insurance claims on the car. The body shop said they would take care of the hood along with the other claims. The out of pocket for the whole incident was about $400. You can’t buy a rivet from Mooney these days for that.
  10. Back in the eighties I was working on my plane and had the car parked behind the wing. After a few hours I thought I should start the engine to charge the battery. I was listening to the car radio. I reached in the window and turned the key. It started right up, it was in gear! The car drove under the wing lifting the wing about two feet. Does the car insurance cover this? NO! Does the airplane insurance cover this? NO! So, at the airport, always park your car behind someone Else’s airplane!
  11. It depends on the plane. I believe mine goes up by about 200 ft at cruise. It would be somewhat speed dependent. A leak at the static drain in the tail cone would probably be a pretty small error the leak would be at a similar position to the static ports.
  12. Yea, I asked my car insurance company if I get a discount if I have multiple vehicles. After all I can only drive one at a time. good luck with that!
  13. After looking at the diagram it is coming back. If you unscrew the curved piece, you can force it out the top. You will scratch it up some, but it will, come out. You have to bend the outboard curved piece towards straight, but it will spring back.