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  1. It doesn’t matter where you start. I normally reduce the MP, then lean until there is a pronounced power drop, then increase MP to where you want it, then slowly richen the mixture until I get the FF or TIT I’m looking for.
  2. It wouldn’t hurt to spray some lube in the base. They get a bit corroded after a few decades. Push It in and out until it loosens up. If you twist it too hard while it is stuck, you will twist the bulb out of its base.
  3. It would be a lot easier to seal a tank if we could take the top wing skin off.
  4. I rebuilt the strut, I need an O ring for the damper. The McFarlane kit for it was the wrong kit even though it was supposed cover this SN.
  5. Way ahead of its time! That plane is one year older than I am.
  6. If you look in the McCauley install and owners manuals, they have That information. They have everything on line, so go look it up, If you publish your propeller model number, maybe we can help. https://mccauley.txtav.com
  7. I just bought a 172 that was 8 years out of annual. I paid $13 AMUs for it....
  8. Well, a 201 won’t really do 201 either. The rule of thumb for turbos is 2 KTS per thousand feet. If a stock 201 does 155 at 6500, add 12 KTS for the extra 6000 and there you are. Go up to 16500 and get another 8 KTS. BTW, I do understand the effect of wind on ground speed. I just mentioned it because if the winds were light, it looked about right.
  9. I have a color blindness waiver, but I can tell colors apart. I went over to AeroPerformance (Aircraft Spruce) yesterday and picked up two cans of Continental Gold (old) to paint some of my Cessna’s engine parts. So, this morning I go to paint them and this doesn’t look like Continental Gold To me.
  10. Your CHTs look fine, just increase your FF until it smooths out. Everybody overthinks these things. If you get your spark plug gaps dead nuts equal, they will all go rough at the same time. If you have equal fuel flows.
  11. 27.5 at 2450 ROP is a lot of power. That’s the settings I use LOP. Your oil temp is kind of high for cruise, I see those oil temps in climb, but in cruise they always come down below 200.
  12. I’ve never seen this in my plane. Do you still have the factory oil pressure gauge
  13. No, I have long arms and legs, I don’t need it. There was one in the plane when I bought it, but I never used it.
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