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  1. Not a bad idea, Unless you have good soldering skills, I would get an avionics shop do it. If you just put the plugs in and out a bunch of times and spin them around a bit, it will usually get most of the tarnish and corrosion off.
  2. Start by taking some Scotch Brite to your headset plugs.
  3. I would bleed them before you started taking things apart. A bunch of air in your system could cause all your symptoms.
  4. You might call Troy at TAC at KAVQ. He put a new engine in 231JV a few years ago.
  5. I can rebuild it faster than packing it. There are many threads about this. There are very detailed threads about removing it, disassembling it, cleaning it, re-greasing it.
  6. I put a washer under all nuts and bolts. You add washers to get the nut to the right place and to protect the expensive airplane parts. I’m pretty sure if you looked in the parts manual, it would show washers. All that being said, I wouldn’t take it apart to put them in.
  7. I loaned mine out once and didn’t see them for 6 years. I’ll let anybody use mine, in my hangar. Fly out to Arizona, it is beautiful this time of year.
  8. You can test all this yourself. Trim the plane and muscle the pitch with the yoke until the elevator is in trail and note the airspeed. Do this with elevator up and the elevator down . Take as many data points as you like. Plot the data and find the peak airspeed. You may be surprised to find the peak at the factory setting. They didn’t put all that mechanism in there by accident.
  9. You need to get out more Southern Comfort.
  10. Rocket 231JV had 3 prop strikes. Wasn’t me... But apparently, if you get into a PIO porpoise, you can smack that prop on a paved runway.
  11. I lived in Denver when I bought my first Mooney. It was a NA M20F. I flew it to do service calls. Steamboat Springs was one of my regular stops. I probably went there about 10 times a year. I had no trouble getting there. Once when my plane was down, I tried to make it in a C150. That didn’t work...
  12. You say it only leaks down when the O2 is turned on. So the leak is somewhere in the distribution system down stream of the regulator. To leak down that fast it has to be a gross leak. perhaps one of your ports isn't closing. You can test them by turning on the oxygen and put your finger over the hole and see if any pressure builds under your finger. otherwise you will need to pull your interior to inspect all the tubes and fittings. For Leak checking Swagelok Snoop is the best stuff. https://www.swagelok.com/en/product/leak-detectors-lubricants-sealants/snoop-liquid-leak-detector
  13. Back many years ago, I put too much anti seize on my plugs and fouled both plugs on one cylinder. I flew 20 miles back to the airport on 3 cylinders. It was rough, but it kept going. I throttled back to enough power to keep me in the air, about 65 KTS. the lower the power the smoother it was.
  14. I usually fly tight patterns. I will slow to gear speed before I turn downwind. I always put my gear down when I turn down wind or mid field if I'm entering on the downwind. I put all the flaps down as soon as I'm in the white arc. I reduce power as low as I can go when I turn base. And then glide to the numbers. Unless some foreign national decides to fly a five mile final....
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