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  1. Flap handle raising on it's own?

    Ok, it is probably just some crud in the pump. I would just live with it until the next time you have the belly panels off. It may clear up by itself. bleeding the flaps is a PITA. It is good to change the fluid out every decade or so. The pump is easy to take apart and put back together. Don't modify or change any of the springs. The teflon seals don't go bad but crud can get in there. You can replace the o-rings. If the flaps creep up without thee handle rising then the release valve ball is leaking. It needs to be re-coined by whacking it real hard with a hammer and a punch.
  2. Flap handle raising on it's own?

    There are two one way valves. One for sucking fluid into the pump and one for pushing fluid out of the pump. There is another valve that lets the fluid flow back through the pump so the flaps retract. If the outlet one way valve gets dirty it can let pressure flow back through and pressurize the pump pushing the handle up. I have also seen instances where air in the flap system can cause this to happen. You can tell if you have air in the system because the handle will not hit a hard stop on the last stroke and may spring back slightly. You can sometimes get the air out by operating the flaps a few times at high altitude. The two one way valves have teflon seats. The relief valve has an aluminum seat.
  3. Garmin G-5 to control autopilots!!

    I stand corrected. I'm getting more than I bargained for when it arrives.
  4. Garmin G-5 to control autopilots!!

    So, I think that applies to the experimental AP component of the G5. The current certified implementation has no autopilot steering output. And the GAD29B will only output the heading bug error that legacy APs get from a DG. Although what you are looking for is a software release away. Don't expect it any time soon.
  5. Garmin G-5 to control autopilots!!

    I moved the DG to the NAV2 hole. it is there to drive the autopilot until the GAD29B comes out. I have it on order. The install of the G5 was remarkably easy. It fit in the 201 panel without modification. The pitot and static hookup took about 15 min. The cables were simple to fabricate. I had to add 2 circuit breakers. I put them to the left of the yoke by the cigarette lighter.
  6. Terrible Two's

    The trim should be in the takeoff position. The little window is very accurate. You may find you like it a little above the takeoff position or a little below. That's OK but you should be putting it the same place every time. doing it by a certain number of wheel spins is not very accurate. That's why Mooney put the little window.
  7. Garmin G-5 to control autopilots!!

    I just installed a G5 HSI. I will be doing the certification and 337 this afternoon. You can switch it to a PFD any time you want. Just push the knob, spin it all the way to the right and push it again. when I was buying all this stuff I turned down an offer for King HSI system which was just overhauled by Mid Contenent. It looked brand new. They wanted $3000 for it including new install kits. I turned it down and opted for the G5. The install of the G5 is simple. Installing the King HSI would be a tremendous amount of work.
  8. It's like "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm............................"
  9. Terrible Two's

    If your trim indicator isn't working, you need to get that fixed. It is a simple mechanism and there is no reason for it to be broken or inaccurate. The cable is accessible in the belly and nose wheel well. To adjust it, do a couple of takeoffs and find the happy takeoff trim. Find how far up or down from the takeoff mark and adjust the indicator so it is in the right place.
  10. I have always used the rule of thumb that when the fuel was "on the beach" which means the shoreline was straight down from the fuel cap, there was 1/2 hour left in that tank. That corelates well with what you guys are measuring.
  11. Garmin G-5 to control autopilots!!

    I've called their tech support number and those guys haven't seen it yet.
  12. Air force light attack ....Air Tractor?

    I used to work on Joe Henderson's Air Tractors before he crashed. I never got to fly one, but I got to start the engines to make sure my repairs to the electrical system were effective. They don't go very fast and according to Joe they wouldn't fly over 200 AGL but they will carry a tremendous load and you can fly circles under telephone lines fully loaded.
  13. The ignition key has to un-ground the main points and connect the main points and retard points together. The output from the SoS is connected to the paralleled points. As the engine rotates the main points opens first but because the retard points are connected the primary coil is still grounded. When the engine rotates to TDC the retard points open. Now both are open and the MAG fires. The SoS supplies additional energy to the primary circuit through the paralleled p-leads to make up for the slow turning magnets in the magneto.
  14. Garmin G-5 to control autopilots!!

    Anyone heard when they are going to ship GAD29Bs? I have had one on order for 3 weeks now and all I hear is sometime before the end of the year. I can't even get install information or pin outs. I can't even find out if it has the same footprint.
  15. FWIW Attitude gyros can get pretty bad before they cause any real problems. They only truly fail when the precession exceeds the ability of the erection system to keep them erect. If it is just starting to get noisy on shutdown with no other symptoms it probably has a few hundred more hours in it. I would just wait for your next maintenance event where the plane will be down for a while and send it out then, instead of taking the plane out of service just to fix the autopilot attitude source.