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  1. I vote bad brushes, but check the field wire for voltage first. The field wires are two small stud terminals usually at the bottom of the alternator. with the Zeftronics there should be one wire from the regulator and a jumper to ground on the other terminal. Measure the voltage between the two terminals with the engine off and the master and field switches on (if you have a field switch) and you should see battery voltage there. As M20Doc said. If the brushes are worn to the nubs, there will be voltage at the terminals, but no current flowing through the rotor coil.
  2. N201MKTurbo

    Landing rods dust boots

    Nice job. I would have hit the wheel well with some Krylon first, but that's just me.
  3. N201MKTurbo

    What is the source/cause of this leak?

    You can just name your oil leaks and make friends with them. If someone asks about some oil on #3, just say "That's Henry, he likes to come out and play some times"
  4. N201MKTurbo

    What is the source/cause of this leak?

    Lance is right about the pushrod tubes. They are kind of a crappy design and they leak a lot. They are a pain to fix because you have to take the rocker arms off. Once again this is all cosmetic. That baked on oil crud will need to be scraped off mineral spirits will be pretty slow on that stuff, MEK would be better. You might try a Dremel wire brush.
  5. N201MKTurbo

    What is the source/cause of this leak?

    Every Lycoming I have ever owned did that at one time or another. It usually comes from the intake tube. It is probably running over to the exhaust. Replacing the intake gasket is probably your best bet. Some people on here are neurotic about tiny intake leaks, I don't think they matter much. These engines don't have valve seals, any oil that makes its way past the valve stem while the engine is running just gets burned. After shut down there is still residual oil in the rocker boxes. a small amount runs down the valve stem and then drips on the side of the intake port. If you have a good intake gasket it will run down into the sump and eventually out the sniffle valve onto the ground. If the intake gasket isn't perfect, some will run out where you see it. The exhaust valve is kind of self sealing because of deposit buildup, so you don't see it as much on the exhaust side. The only bad effect from this is cosmetic.
  6. N201MKTurbo

    I Think I Found The Source of the CO leak

    I would suspect that was from the exhaust gasket, not the plug. Was the plug loose when you removed it?
  7. N201MKTurbo

    Runup on Snow

    Does Lowell still work there?
  8. N201MKTurbo

    Spray on Passive Deice Boots

    This is what you need: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Arctic-Cove-18-Volt-Two-Speed-Misting-Bucket-Top-Fan-MBF0181/205744083
  9. N201MKTurbo

    Spray on Passive Deice Boots

    What happens if you crash with the deflector shields on? Does it push the earth out of the way? Do you just crash at a higher altitude? Are they compliant? Would they cushion the crash?
  10. N201MKTurbo

    Original W&B missing items??

    It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with airplane value and such. If I had a ferry permit to fly with extra gas, I wouldn’t think twice about flying it 500 lbs over gross if I had a long enough runway.
  11. N201MKTurbo

    Teflon flaps indicator

  12. N201MKTurbo

    Spray on Passive Deice Boots

    Wow, you could make some awesome ice cube trays!
  13. A dipole has a very different radiation pattern then a 1/4 or 5/8 wave vertical. The vertical is omnidirectional in the horizontal plane, the dipole has two strong lobes perpendicular to its orientation.
  14. N201MKTurbo

    Original W&B missing items??

    I used a military lensatic compass to set north. Any uncompensated compass will give accurate readings, the military compass makes it very easy to accurately align the plane. Better than a compass rose. You can use mine if you can get over here to pick it up. https://www.amazon.com/Cammenga-Official-Miltary-Tritium-Lensatic/dp/B07KTB2ZLG
  15. N201MKTurbo

    Original W&B missing items??

    You should be good. Just note that on the 337. My load actually increased and the plane didn’t have an ELA. I had to do the whole thing and found the plane was over capacity.