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  1. Do you have electric gear or a Johnson bar? Did they do any work on the landing gear?
  2. Last year at the IA refresher I attended a session on MT prop repair and overhaul. I loved the part about fixing stripped out aircraft quality lag screws by putting aircraft quality toothpicks in the holes before screwing in the wood screws.
  3. I remember flying into KSNA just after I got my private license. There were no airlines, it was just a busy GA airport.
  4. You can find the minimum speed of the prop by pulling the prop control all the way back at idle, then advancing the throttle until the RPM stops increasing.
  5. Probably the difference between the cylinders on the different mags has to do with air flow and the fact that each mag fires two top plugs and two bottom plugs. Even though the valves are symmetric about the spark plugs, the intake charge has upward inertia because it comes from the bottom. Therefore there will be slightly more fuel charge at the top of the cylinder than the bottom. This means the cylinders firing the top plugs will be firing a slightly richer mixture than the cylinders firing the bottom plugs.
  6. Remove the panel and apply flat black Krylon. Replace the panel. It will look great!
  7. IO360A1A uses 05K21120 cylinders. Superior doesn't have them. https://www.superiorairparts.com/millennium-cylinders/application/
  8. We should all be knocking on wood, crossing our fingers, throwing salt over our shoulders and hoping it never happens to us! What was the name of that book? Fate is the Hunter. Those who judge should knock on wood twice!
  9. The nylon isn't harder than the aluminum, but the silica trapped in the oil crud under the ty-wrap is harder than the aluminum.
  10. You have to replace those every 40 years or so.
  11. If you look at flight aware, they did a bunch of approaches out at the stack and then came back. There are no other tracks. It is possible it was a touch and go. This will give a lot of fodder for the never touch and goers.
  12. Seeing that you always use the ZEPP product, Clean it with the ZEPP, let it dry then mist it with a water hose or squirt bottle and see if it fogs and streaks. I have used stuff on my windshield before that took quite a while to wash off with water while washing the plane. They look great after application because they have wax in them that coats the plexiglass and makes the scratches go away, but the wax can get foggy when wet.
  13. The white and red hangar in the third picture is an MSC. Chandler Aviation The owner of Chandler Aviation flys a Comanche.