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  1. If you need to do the procedure turn heading in those directions you are going to do a teardrop or parallel entry into the holding pattern to reverse course back to the procedure turn.
  2. I haven't landed with the landing light for about 30 years. My old F would burn out the landing light on landing, so I started turning it off before I touched down, and it never burned out again. I guess it has something to do with jarring the hot filament. Anyway, I did it so much that I found it very weird to land with the landing light on. The tower sometimes freaked out when I turned it off, but I would tell them it was OK. I just used it to taxiing. Some airports don't have taxiway lights and it can be hard to taxi without a light. My breaker would blow after about 5 minuets and it was getting very annoying, so I went out and bought a Whelen light. I leave it on all the time now and it never blows the breaker! It makes a great taxi light! I still turn it off on final. I will learn to land with a landing light one of these days.
  3. You might want to check the rigging of your mixture cable to make sure it is going to full rich.
  4. It wasn't beyond my skill set. The freezing level was 8000. the MEAs were 7700 and 3 737s reported moderate ice and moderate turbulence at 8000 within 10 miles of the airport. There was no way to get out of the valley VFR and the forecasts just kept getting worse as the day went on. That being said, I'm not being paid to fly IFR in bumpy icy clouds....
  5. Thanks everybody, it looks like I'm hooked up! Go Mooneyspace!
  6. I went to an event in Ramona CA this weekend and the weather turned to crap. Way worse than forecast. Well, I had to leave the plane there and ride back in a truck.... Anybody heading that way in the next week? I can meet at any Phoenix area airport and can get a ride from any San Diego airport.
  7. Hard to do while I'm changing the screen! The 5 is pretty easy. Two screws at the bottom, pry the screen up or use a suction cup. two connectors, swap the button and put it back together. The screens are usually $16 on EBAY or Amazon.
  8. Start doing things and see what makes them click or trace out the wires. I made a complete set of schematics for my avionics install before I started. My avionics guy says nobody does that.
  9. So, replace the gasket and missing bushings and put in the proper hardware. It sounds like your mechanic doesn't fix anything. He just changes parts.
  10. What is wrong with it? There isn’t much that can go wrong with it that can’t be fixed. Are you talking about the alternate air valve or the ram air valve? They can both easily be repaired with some rivets and baffle seal.
  11. I fly Phoenix to Portland periodically and the terrain isn’t that big of a deal until until you get to Oregon. You can make it at 4500 till you get to the Cascades and you still get there at low level if you fly through the central part of Oregon and then shoot down the Columbia river. If you want to go direct you will be at least 10000 figure 12000 for IFR. Any Mooney will do that. If you are going east to Michigan, I would cross the Rockies just north of Colorado over Rawlins Wy. You can go through there at 7500 or so. It is relatively flat. Heading east to the south, head to Socorro NM. It is lower than ABQ and you can make it under 10K.
  12. It would be easy to make a capacitive level sensor that would replace your drop stick. You could mark the electrode just like a dipstick so you could still use it as a standard dipstick. You would need a simple connector for the wire so you could unscrew it. You could probably just add a terminal to the current dip stick and use it as the electrode. It would be interesting to see what the level would do with the engine running, oil splashing around and such.
  13. https://docplayer.net/22125922-Dvr-300i-digital-voice-recorder-clock.html You are welcome. Digital scavenger hunts are fun.
  14. http://www.flightcom.net/pdf/English/prodsheet_DVR 300i Clock.pdf
  15. My iPhone 5 works as good as the day I bought it. I can change the screen for $12 and 15 minuets. I can talk to people, send and receive texts and check my email. That's all I need. Oh, I can take pictures with it too. But then again I flew IFR /A till last year.