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  1. In Arizona, the floor is a must if you leave the plane on the ramp when you are out of town. If you put it on the glare shield or the seat, you may get first degree burns on your head when you put them on.
  2. Last time I was at the restaurant there they had a bunch of ugly old flat chested waitresses. Who would want to go there?
  3. At my last job, the president had a B36TC. I thought he would rather I didn’t fly my plane, I’m not sure why, but he couldn’t craft a rule that would stop me from flying and let him fly. I flew about 5 times more than him while I was there.
  4. It all depends on who is the decision maker. If they want you to fly, they will find a way, if they don’t want you to fly they will find a way. I think we are so small a percentage of travel, that they just don’t want to find a way to make it happen. A lot of corporations have rules for charter flying, you might fit in there.
  5. I’ve never made it past the takeoff roll.
  6. Oh, I could tell you stories about the HR director who thought she was going to save me from certain death, but I have to run out to the hangar and work on the plane…
  7. There are a number of different quick drains. They all use different size hoses. Just measure it and go to the auto parts store and get some fuel/oil hose and go for it. You may need to put a ty-wrap or lock wire on the hose to keep it from falling off after the hot oil hits it. It can make a big mess... BTW, I use gas cans to drain the oil into, they are easier to transport and dump than an open bucket.
  8. You know we are talking about check valves in the turbo oil system.
  9. You finally found someone to get it going. Hope you get it home soon.
  10. I do, but the return check valve has a broken spring.
  11. Sure, but the problem is when the pins are old and nasty, it is pretty hard to push the connector in, and considering that the ship’s connector is mounted to the lid of the battery box, it is kind of traumatic on the whole thing every time you push it in. My suggestion was intended to make it easier to push in, not to improve the electrical connection.
  12. From the picture you sent earlier, I think you have two senders. I say that because you had two wires going to the inboard sender. The planes with two senders have the inboard sender isolated from ground with insulating washers and the wire from the outboard sender goes to the sender flange. The easiest way to know for sure is to remove the inspection panel just outboard of the fuel tank and see if there is a sender in there. This system can give no reading if any of the connections is bad or either sender is open, usually intermittently. You can see which sender is bad by grounding the wire that goes to the outboard sender, if you get a reading it is the outboard sender if you don't it is probably the inboard sender. Check all the connections first. Also, unhook the wire going to the inboard sender flange and use an ohmmeter to make sure that flange isn't grounded. If it is and the inboard sender works, it will never go below 1/2 tank. The old senders are riveted and soldered together. You can take them apart by drilling out the rivets, heating them up with a propane torch until the solder melts and they will come apart. After cleaning them up and getting them working again, reassemble with brass screws and nuts and solder it all back together, including the screws and nuts. Make sure there are no voids in your soldering or they will leak. This isn't like electronic soldering, it is like plumbing soldering.
  13. Any plug will be tight fitting when it is new. The only ones that go on easy are the ones at the FBOs that are used a lot. If that is a concern for you, the best thing you can do is clean your pins on the airplane. Most, mine included are old and a bit oxidized If at annual you cleaned them with some steel wool and lubed them the plugs will go on much easier. I think I'll add this to my annual check list. It will only take a few minutes.
  14. I never met Ron, but I PMed him a few times. He always gave me detailed responses. I was so sad to hear about his passing.
  15. Another thing with trying to jump to the battery, it is hard to keep the positive clamp from hitting the battery box. You get lots of sparks and smoke and it isn’t good for your battery box. Besides, as said above, putting the top on the battery box is a PITA in a quiet hangar, in the prop wash on a ramp is A real big PITA.
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