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  1. N201MKTurbo

    Left mag check kills engine

    It is safer, and easier to take out all the top spark plugs then screw them back onto the leads and lay them back on top of the cylinders. Then just flip the prop and watch the plugs for spark. You won’t get shocked and there won’t be any compression so it will spin easier and no chance of the engine fireing. To do the bottom ones, just move the plugs to the bottom leads.
  2. N201MKTurbo

    Can someone identify this valve?

    It depends. A lot of them have been taken out of service. Cooling fans work in the rain. You will have to trace out the duct and see where it goes. Some go to a diffuser and some are plumbed directly to the radios. I don’t remember which way the valve goes.
  3. N201MKTurbo

    Fuel smell in cockpit on takeoff

    It is a most likely a tank leak. Fuel may be pooling in the wing and flowing to the cabin when you rotate.
  4. N201MKTurbo

    Can someone identify this valve?

    You are supposed to close it in the rain so you don’t fill your radios full of water.
  5. N201MKTurbo

    Would you accept a clearance from her?

    We were leaving Tucson a few days ago after a day of meetings. It took us 15 minutes to get a taxi clearance. There was only one guy running everything, clearance delevery, ground and tower. We finally heard another voice and things started moving. It must have been a bathroom emergency. You would think a big time carrier airport like that would be better staffed....
  6. N201MKTurbo

    Why do they let them sit unflown

    Back in the 90s my Friend Rene and I reseracted a 231 from a hangar at KPHX. The hangar hadn’t been opened in over 10 years. The plane literally had 2 inches of dirt on it along with the rest of the hangar. I wish we took a picture, it looked like an archeological dig. After we shoveled all the dirt out and cleaned the hangar, we drained and changed the oil, fuel and brake fluid. Put in a new battery and flew it on a ferry permit to Gateway to do the annual. The annual went surprisingly well. We added a Merlyn wastegate and an intercooler. Replaced the autopilot and installed a new transponder, 530 and 430. The doctor owner gladly paid the bills. When we were done we flew it to Oshkosh for a shakedown. The owner got himself current and learned how to work all the new avionics. After that he put it back in the hangar and didn’t touch it for another 10 years.
  7. N201MKTurbo

    Mooney fuel tank oulet

    Are you looking at where the fuel outlet penetrates the wall of the tank? The pickup tube goes down inside the tank and usually sits about an inch from the bottom of the tank. You usually end up with about 1/2 gallon of unusable fuel. You can determine your unusable fuel by removing the fuel hose from the fitting on the firewall, attaching a test hose to direct the fuel into a container and use the electric fuel pump to empty the tank. Then measure how much fuel you can drain out of the sump drain. That is your unusable fuel.
  8. N201MKTurbo

    Need a new fuel pump?

    Some of the early C and D models had Facet pumps. You can buy a Facet pump for less than $100. The exact same pump with an FAA/PMA sticker costs $500.
  9. N201MKTurbo

    Need a new fuel pump?

    Do you have a Dukes pump or a Facet pump?
  10. N201MKTurbo

    Whelen flash tube on back-order

    Not advocating any rule breaking, but the chance of getting busted is close to zero. If you called the FSDO to get a waiver, the inspector would roll his eyes and put your request on the bottom of his pile. If you were a 135 or 121 it would be a different story.
  11. N201MKTurbo

    Whelen flash tube on back-order

  12. N201MKTurbo

    Whelen flash tube on back-order

    Strobes are not required for anything.
  13. N201MKTurbo

    RPM creeps up well over 2700 during climb

    Cody should chime in. That shouldn’t happen. There is something wrong with your prop or governor.
  14. N201MKTurbo

    That nasty trim wheel!

    Well, it probably rubs off continuously and doesn’t build up like it does here in dry country. Just like cars have different issues here than there, airplanes are the same way.
  15. N201MKTurbo

    That nasty trim wheel!

    It is skin cells in the knurls. Here in Arizona it is dry and it never comes off. When I fly to a cold and humid place my hand gets smeared with black yucky gunk. A tooth brush and some soap and water every annual will keep it under control.