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  1. The 1340 doesn’t have the hoses between the cylinders.
  2. Those appear to be Mooney numbers. They probably include the switch covers. It should be fine to swap them and the switch covers.
  3. http://batterymanagement.aircraft-battery.com/BatteryDocs/5-0324-rg-manual.pdf If you have an RG battery, you need a higher voltage setting on your voltage regulator. See table 1 in this document. It will probably take care of your problem. The airplane manual was written before RG batteries were a thing. I set my RG regulators to 14.2 V.
  4. My skills seem to be centered on shipping and receiving. I ordered new cylinders from Air Power. One arrived damaged. I contacted them and they immediately sent out a replacement. The only problem is they sent it to the shop of the previous owner of my airplane. Oh, well, my crank and bearings aren’t here yet. The propellor people are ignoring me and I haven’t heard from my fuel system in a while. I still need to order hoses, but they only take a day or so.
  5. I’m doing my own engine and I’m up to about $14000 so far, and I haven’t even started assembling it. It is a lot of work.
  6. Not only does it have a B but the 8130 states it is in compliance with the SB. Thanks for the feedback, I’ve never dealt with them before. Warner propeller in Tucson said my governor was beyond economical repair and wanted to sell me a new one for 2 AMUs. It was working fine and I just wanted it rebuilt because I was rebuilding the engine. I told Warner to just send it back with the prop. West coast only wanted $1100 for an exchange.
  7. You should look at the valve seat with the valve open. You can see the sealing surface. If it is continuous all the way around on both the valve and the seat, you are OK. Admittedly, it is hard to see the whole thing some times, but if it is bad, you can usually tell.
  8. Maybe the Mooney is perfect and you are flawed?
  9. Laser has them. They are held in with RTV, just pop out the capsule, clean out the old RTV and glue in the new one. The needle in the capsule is magnetically coupled to the mechanism in the tank.
  10. Oops, that was February, here is January. It does have article you want.
  11. I landed at the Lein cement plant back in 84. KRAP went below minimums but they were VFR. They were nice enough, made me fill out a form and called me a cab.
  12. 7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark Hillsboro, Oregon, USA Back in 2000 before they cut the trees. The airport is in a hole with 100 ft trees at both ends. There was another one somewhere that was shorter and in a deeper hole. After I landed an airport bum came up to me and said "I've never seen a Mooney here before" It was kind of an ultra light field.
  13. I don’t see the article you are referring to in this edition. I have all the rest when you figure it out. What do you think it is worth? 1 hour’s fuel for Brice’s T310R?
  14. I don’t get that pack rat thing my wife keeps accusing me of.
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