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  1. I have found that flying won't spill your drink. Taxiing will spill it. There are no side loads, even in the worst turbulence. But after you land the turn off the runway will spill anything not fastened down. When I was young and foolish, I was flying over the Rockies with a big Gulp with no lid. It was jammed in the corner of the floor in front of the passenger seat and against the door. I hit this ginormous bump and all the soda came out of the cup and was about eye level. The cup was still on the floor. All the soda went back into the cup without spilling a drop! Wish I had a camera….
  2. How much does that thing weigh? like 5 Lbs?
  3. STD-1410 NUT, 5/16-18 plain STD-475 WASHER, 5/16 lock, internal teeth 17 ft.­lbs. (204 in.­lbs.) (23 Nm).
  4. https://www.opentip.com/search.php?cPath=30540&products_id=8258872&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3tvFtpXr6QIVxz2tBh2AlQrlEAQYBCABEgIx0_D_BwE
  5. Just to be completely legal, you need to replace it with the same switch. Those are readily available. Before you replace it, shoot a bunch of tri-flow into it and work it on and off and see if it gets better.
  6. See, you can't do that with your regular wheel chocks! Yo could use a bandsawand cut the front off and double sticky tape it to the panel!
  7. I've found the King ADFs make great wheel chocks!
  8. But it would climb like a Comanche 400!
  9. if the transducer is running slow, it usually means it is dirty. If it runs fast it is either electrical noise giving false pulses or air in the fuel line. Air in the fuel line can come from any fuel line connection, the selector or gascolator. It can also be cavitation bubbles caused by sharp bends just before the sensor.
  10. The problem with these engines with electronic ignition and fuel injection is that they bring practically zero benefit with regard to cruise speeds or fuel flow. Their biggest benefit is in starting and partial power performance. Who cares about that? That doesn't pay the bills. When it comes to overhaul time and you can opt for one of these engines you have to run the numbers, and it rarely makes economic sense. While it would be easy to de-rate our current engines to run on unleaded fuel, no one wants to give up the power. So here we are after 40 years, still looking for a 100 octane replacement fuel.
  11. I have been involved in GA sense the early 80s. Look at all the companies that came out with new modern replacement cylinders meant to replace our old fashioned cylinders. They all were supposed last forever without issue. It seems most were taken out of the fleet by AD...
  12. It sounds like you are in a good position to design and certify a new modern aircraft engine and put Lycoming and Continental out of business. Let me know when I can order one!
  13. If you draw a line that bisects all the cord lines, it sweeps forward. I can't see any way around it.
  14. https://www.mcfarlaneaviation.com/products/product/86309/ https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/alcor86309.php
  15. So, marine engines are more akin to aircraft engines than automobile engines, in that they both run at continuous high power settings. There is one big difference and that is the marine engine has an unlimited source of cooling water, so it operates over a very narrow temperature range. I doubt that any part of that marine engine ever gets above 180 degrees. We could make our aircraft engines nice and tight too if we could cool them like that, but we can't. I've found that most marine engine's fuel specifics are worse than aircraft engines. I believe the power to weight ratios are not very good either.