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  1. Still pretty new here, but just as another data point... the rates I was quoted for the 1984 M20J ($100,000 hull value) I am purchasing were pretty nuts: ~$3200 was the lowest (USAIG). Avemco was $3500ish. Others were north of $4000. Admittedly I don't have a lot of Mooney or even RG time but I am 37 y/o, 600 TT, CFI/CFII, 35 retract, 10 make/model, no accident or claim history. I sure hope my premium goes down a bit after I get some time in the Mooney.
  2. This was a good read, thanks! That’s sort of how I assumed people would use them. (“Keep the speed up on final” mostly, which I encounter a lot around our busier airports)
  3. I actually am working with the pre-buy guys. They're relatively local (one of them used to be in my flying club) so they were my first choice, and they're great so far. Regarding the bladders... I thought all the Mooneys had bladders. (Or rather, were not a wet wing) Can you point me to some of the pros and cons? Which do you prefer? Regarding the speedbrakes, the Mooney I had flown was not equipped, but I thought I had heard they were relatively ineffective. Is that accurate? Good to know about the late model year MGTOW increase.
  4. When browsing listings I have seen a wide variety of things listed as STCs including: - GAMI Injectors - Something with the Air Filter? - Fuel Tank Sealing / Other Mods - Air / Oil Separator I'm sure most of these things are minor, but for instance, the fuel tank stuff I have seen on several listings.
  5. Hi all, I'm sure these types of questions get asked often, so I apologize in advance. I'm a newbie to the Mooney community here, but I've been interested in purchasing one for quite some time. I've finally gotten to the point where I am seriously considering doing it in the next month or so. After doing a bit of searching to see what's on the market and thinking about my price range, I think I have decided a J model is right for me. I had also considered an F model, but the (admittedly small) speed advantage of the J model is appealing, plus the J models that are available seem to
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