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  1. When your shop said “Got good numbers by leaning it out” are you sure they didn’t mean they ran the engine at 1700-1800 rpm lean for about 90 seconds with EGT’s in 1500 to clean the plugs and then did a normal full rich mag check? That’s normal procedure isolate whether you have a mag problem or a plug problem when your plugs are fouled due to over rich conditions as @kortopates stated. I don’t think they did the mag check with your engine LOP. Sounds like a fuel metering issue vice mag? How long has your airplane been sitting between flights also?
  2. Hello Florida Mooney folks, Well I knew a top overhaul was coming this year and when we pulled it my mechanic saw a couple “rounded spots” on the cam plus an edge the would pull your fingernail back if you went over it. Engine is a TSIO-360-MB and it hit 1530 hours in 11 years so I had no problem saying pull it and let’s get everything in the engine bay back to new. Don George is doing the overhaul. So now until mid August I am planeless. I have a 182 I am renting for my BFR in August and fly a couple times a month but also wanted to let the Florida folks know if you can’t fly for some reason and want to get your airplane airborne let me know. I am a pure VFR only in airplanes not my own. I have owned my 262 since 2014 and have over 750 hours. If you’d like to talk cost per flight hours for flying it let me know too. hope you are all staying safe during this virus......I am glad I live in Florida vr, anthony
  3. I love following@gsxrpilot ....he is very passionate about the 252 and rightfully so....funny stuff All these posts are dead on accurate as usual. I did a quick look to see if there were any 262’s on the market and didn’t see any but I have been extremely happy with mine. You don’t have some of the 231 concerns and you get to function like a 252 (MB performance, cooler temps,etc) with some great perks like single piece belly, speedbrakes, adjustable single piece large cowl flap. Plus as a 231 I think your useful load is a little better. So if one pops personally from experience I wouldn’t shy away from the mod stigma. Things I’d like to have like the 252 Bubba’s have are articulating seats, split removable rear seats (you can get that also with 231 after 1982 I think) and I am always jealous of that white panel.......maybe at my aspen max add an MFD and J-830 upgrade... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I couldn’t agree more and acted on the same urge today. Decided to go out check the oil, Aspen had some calibration issues last flight so got in to go taxi to the compass rose.......well....all done “good thing I preflighted. Maybe just one practice approach......well after a quick flight over cedar key then an approach....262Rv: JAX approach how are you this afternoon?, JAX approach: good 2RV....262RV: how about the RNAV?....JAX approach: sure thanks for stopping by, 2RV: my pleasure....” little bumpy but managed to pull of a squeaker, wouldn’t have mattered if I bounced, still a great day. I was solo so didn’t take the great approach pictures folks posted here bu when I taxied by the pump to top off from my Boston flight two weeks ago this is what I saw, icing on the cake: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Hi Oscar,

    understood about the compass rose but do I need an aspen avionics Authorized Dealers guy to get into the calibration feature?

    1. Oscar Avalle

      Oscar Avalle

      Let me look into the manual and get back toyou

  6. @Oscar Avalle thanks. Just need to find one here then. Sounds like a good excuse for a Friday morning flight. I needed to anyway since I replaced all my panel shock mounts in February and now my attitude and slip are a little off.
  7. Hello all, Flew up and back from Florida to Boston this past weekend and returning Sunday I had a 20-30 deg heading error on EFD compared to wet compass. On RWY 22 at my halfway point heading showed 202. Winds we’re always 90 deg off left wing at 80+ knots. I was able to search and find a video one Mooney owner posted with same issue and said it was “magnetic heading sensor calibration failure”. I sent an email to Aspen support tonight but just wondering if someone else has experienced it and if it’s a pull and send back? thanks
  8. One 100lb German Shepard and one 50lb chow. Usually fly 12k-14kft.....sleepy sleepy for the dogs but anything over 14 we will put their doggy O2 masks which are avail at airox. Average flight is about 4.5 My rear seats are pulled and I have the baggage compartment sectioned off. Put a yoga mat down with one or two large dog beds and they will live it In the summer at lower altitude they might get a little curious so always try and find smooth air usually in the teens. I expect a LOT of fun greetings when you park at the FBO.
  9. Hah! I guess I did. It was late last night. Apologies to the group Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Since we are having a fuel discussion I thought I’d also throw this out to the group as a fun flight activity next time your out.....most of you might already do this especially if you learned to fly back in the day before JPI’s and when fuel totalizers were sh*te.....I.e. the Tomcat.... i still push my wrist stop watch and cockpit timer before engine turn over....I know what start, taxi, takeoff and climb fuel should be to the mid-teens based off pre-flight calculations and just knowing my airplane. I also know what my fuel flow usually is based on MAP, RPM, TIT and CHT’s. So every half hour through a 4 to 5 hour flight when I switch tanks I do a mental calculation and add up where I think I should be for total fuel burn based on time of flight and subtract it from my 75gal useable. Then I take a look at the JPI and see how far off my mental calculation is from the JPI......just makes me feel better knowing if my gauges froze (or started swinging and were unreliable) and my JPI started acting up I still would have a pretty solid assumption of what my fuel state is. Plus the more you practice the more confident you’ll be if the situation ever occurred. Also makes me feel better not being dependent on technology.....kind of back to the days of clock to chart to ground/VOR. Maybe having experienced a total electrical failure in the middle of the Pacific has something to do with it also.... The last exercise is to also mentally calculate your total flight fuel burn (I usually do this during my turbo cool down) and see how it compares to the total fuel at the fuel pump when you top off......
  11. As Carusaom stated, check your connections inside the cockpit along the passenger side lower bulkhead. I had the same issue with my left wing. I pulled the connector and ground, cleaned with electrical cleaner and small wire brush and that fixed the issue. The JPI is great but remember the “total” isn’t the actual measured total in the wing rather the measured total based off your fuel burn and initial pilot totalizer setting. Plus your connection may result in the fuel total gauge swinging from full to empty and setting off your fuel low red light. Annoying and disturbing in flight and one should never get in a habit of flying with a red caution light as a normal practice .......just my two cents.....
  12. Tom, i am going to attempt to repair and replace all my plastic and carpet as well this February. Do you mind PM’ing me with how and what materials you used? Not to hijack this thread so to answer your question I am heading to the hanger this evening and will take some pics for you.
  13. Oh boy....these discussions are always fun to watch..... your mission definitely supports a J. I use my K for both J and K type flying. My original missions are for 600+ miles and enjoy flying in the high teens and don’t mind oxygen. If you think you might in the future start becoming a cross country Mooniac and experience some adventures outside 400+ miles then you would be happier with the K.
  14. Im with @kortopates ......but it sure is fun to hypothesize.......
  15. Hah! That was my initial thought or something like it.....but I’m thinking the state police needed more flight time in the 90’s and @jose hadn’t come out with his STC yet.