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  1. anthonydesmet

    Hangarage in Florida

    If you are going to be in Orlando, look up Orlando Apopka Airport (X04). It is an airport condominium community and there are about a half dozen people that rent out space in their hangar/home. Plus fuel is pretty cheap. Use the contact info on their site and someone will help you out.
  2. anthonydesmet

    I just bought a Mooney

    Ron at Red Sky Aviation - Marion County - X35
  3. anthonydesmet

    Ownership costs

    I was told there would be no math.............. also, @GH3 in order to NOT put any of us old guys into cardiac arrest....around these parts we refer to currency in AMU's and not dollars.... Having said that, I have attached an operating cost spreadsheet that Merl Perry (Mooney owner on this site and fellow Navy brother) generated. Play around with the numbers as you do research in your area for hanger, insurance, etc. You can add what you think your annual flight hours might be then compare your operating cost to renting for a relatively objective analysis. It also spits out nice graph if you need to generate a powerpoint for your wife.... However as stated already...subjectively there is nothing better than going out to your hanger and playing in your personal private club house - maybe do a quick flight, saturday afternoon lunch on a whim, stopping by after work to just give the cowl and prop a quick coat of polish or leaning over to your wife on Monday night and say..."hey, lets fly to Boston or Chicago this weekend to see a baseball game and our son"......non owners will never understand..... Operating costs.xlsx
  4. anthonydesmet

    JPI 700 data cable

    Willer, I have the same setup as you. From experience do exactly as carusoam describes and save the aggravation. Downloading to the USB converter is the way to go. Plug the USB in at home to your computer. Also recommended joining SAVVY. They have software that will allow you to view your data. Plus if you message them a service request from the data analysis page they will analyze the data with your flight debrief if you have an issue. All good info to share with your mechanic. Hopefully you have a mechanic who’s thought process is to go to the engine data as one of his first couple troubleshooting steps.
  5. anthonydesmet

    Avionics upgrade underway For 2PT!!!

    @Jesse SaintI want next!!! Hah, Charlie Carr said you were awesome. I am 262RV hangered in #6 at the approach end of 28. Ron just did my annual. I will give you a call after the holidays to set up upgrades for 2019! George took me around your place in June after my BFR to show me his plane when I think you and family were on vacation....loved the pictures and history.
  6. anthonydesmet

    Engine stutter on right tank.

    What did the engine data say? That would be the best way to validate his diagnosis. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. anthonydesmet

    Engine stutter on right tank.

    I was having that same thought about burning 3/4 tank before any signs. But it still happened after he topped off. So I went down the road of contamination sometime during sitting with a 1/4 tank that was still there after you topped off. Funny thing about water. Once it gets in and trapped behind a couple of the ribs, no matter how much you sump you might not get to it.....that’s why the HEAT. But it sounds like he had pretty dry conditions during time leading up to flight. I am leaning more towards the vent and air into system now I think......the fuel flow spike is weird......that’s a key debrief point I think.. I’d still really like to see the engine data
  8. anthonydesmet

    Engine stutter on right tank.

    Hmmm, If you think you had a fluctuation in fuel flow it maybe something in a fuel line or fuel pump. Although I would think if it were the pump you would have had issues on both tanks and had to go to boost. If its a problem of fuel getting to the engine (and not a water issue) I would assume an obstruction of some sort. You may also be able to verify on your engine download with a spike in temperatures due to low fuel (i.e. very lean for power setting) depending on how long the stutter was. For my water episode there was no fuel flow change and just and just a minor fluctuation in CHT's. Interesting that the fuel flow would spike over normal though when it should come down if you were stuttering for not enough fuel flow....interesting, looking forward to your update.
  9. anthonydesmet

    Engine stutter on right tank.

    Possible water in right tank. - When you fueled up last time was it raining? - Do you keep airplane outside? If so, when was last time you changed fuel cap gaskets? - Do you top off after each flight or leave half empty? - Did you sump before flight and look at sample real well? - Do you have an engine monitor? If so, download and share with the group. I also belong to SAVVY engine analysis and they will analyze your engine data. Good to do for situations like this plus they can also analyze for overall engine health. I had water in my tank last winter. Symptom was a hiccup every now and then, no change in fuel flow or engine temps. Sent off to SAVVY and between my debrief and their analysis we suspected a little bit of water. Made sense because a couple of days prior when I fueled, it started to do a slight Florida winter mist towards the end of my top off. No rain, no sprinkle, just a little mist. A little water can create havoc. I put a half bottle of HEAT in and no issues. - Do you have digital fuel flow? did you look at it and see any fluctuations? But hopefully and probably just a little water. Other possibilities would be something in your lines coming off right tank through gasculator. Was gasculator cleaned at last annual? Just my initial thought from experience but I am sure you get a lot of input in here and a good direction to take next......
  10. anthonydesmet

    Wing sight gauge

  11. anthonydesmet

    Wing sight gauge

    Gents, Just went back out to the hanger to clean out the receptacle. I also wanted to top off the tank to see if I could spot anything and I could see the black sealant around the receptacle get wet. Waited a few minutes and dried the tiny slot with a towel and sure enough smelt like fuel. I am attaching a picture. So yes, fuel dropped behind the gauge and ate through the sealant. Figuring out next steps In the picture the fuel is coming along that black sealant line around the opening Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. anthonydesmet

    Wing sight gauge

    Did you use RTV-108 as called for in the parts manual?
  13. anthonydesmet

    Wing sight gauge

    @carusoam thanks! But is it common to have fuel weep out when they finally go bad?
  14. anthonydesmet

    Wing sight gauge

    Hello, had an issue today when I went to the hanger today and trying to figure out where I need to be on the “concerned meter”. My right wing fuel sight gauge was partially popped out and the sealant around it was deteriorated from I believe is fuel. The gauge popped right out and now I just have the metal space that the gauge goes in. So I am going to order a couple new gauges from lazar on Monday but my question is, how did fuel get around this gauge? My tanks were resealed by weepnmore two years ago. I don’t kno a lot about how the gauges go in, so will putting new ones in solve the leak? Or do I have a leak between the dial and the dial housing in that wing cover plate? I’ve needed to replace my wing sight gauges for due to crazing and the silicone sealant getting old. my concern is if fuel got out in the top of the wings than water can get in.....
  15. anthonydesmet

    m20k Oxygen Part Numbers

    @DonMuncymight have them, he is my go to O2 guy. If not, Dan at LAZAR will have all the info you need.