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  1. laytonl

    MIcro-Mesh for window scratches

    +1. I replace side windows before I would spend the time to polish them. Windshield is a different matter. Lee
  2. laytonl

    MIcro-Mesh for window scratches

    As Hank said, practice on a scrap piece of plexiglass first because sanding your windshield will give you quite a scare. The process does work. Lee
  3. laytonl

    Flight tracking

    Thanks Bryan! I don’t know that. Lee
  4. laytonl

    Flight tracking

    What indicated this data is from LA Center versus ADSB data? Lee
  5. laytonl

    Flight tracking

    Thanks guys. I assume it’s an ADSB issue. Good point about perhaps getting charged landing fees etc based on tracking software. Lee
  6. laytonl

    Flight tracking

    My airplane, N918TH, has been showing up on Flightaware on flights around Oxnard CA and I’m based in Georgia. You think this is an ADSB mixup and if so, should I do anything about it? lee
  7. laytonl

    Split landing light switch

    Yeah, I’ve bought some of these. Unfortunately I need the split switches and I haven’t found any drawings for these. Lee
  8. I bought the three little switches to repair my trim switch several years ago.. It seems like I paid less than$50 for all three. They are a pain to solder though due to small size and tight fitting. I don’t remember the part numbers but I believe I found the part number on the side of the existing switches. Lee
  9. Does anyone have a 3D file for the split landing light switch cover used on Mooney MSE’s? My son called me and said the switch cover fell apart with him on a night approach last night. Lee
  10. Well done Jeff. KCCO is a dangerous place due to the intensive flight training. My home airport, 5GA2, is about 15 miles north of Coweta and the traffic is sometimes scary due to the poor English skills of many of the students. Lee
  11. laytonl

    Min runway for a 201

    We’ve discussed this scenario a lot in other threads. I live on a 3,000’ grass strip. It’s a one-way runway with 70’ trees on each end. I developed a table of Winds, temp and weights that I use to make a go - no go decision. Generally I don’t fly out of the strip at weights over 2,500 lbs, no more than 10 kts tailwind, and temp less than 90f. These conditions, along with heavy rains, are very limiting in Georgia during the summer heat, and due to tailwinds during the winter. Because of the impact on trips I’ve recently decided to move the airplane to the nearby municipal airport and use my Citabria to flyover there for Mooney trips. My son has a hangar at the airport for the Mooney. The Mooney will come home for maintenance, washing, etc., otherwise it’ll be on pavement. Lee
  12. laytonl

    Refurbishing a basket case

    Sorry to hear about your condition. I heard a sermon recently where the preacher said, “We all know our days are numbered. What’s important is how we number our days.” Make sure you have a plan for each day and to that end I agree with the others; buy something that is already flyable but needs improving. That way you can fly and fix which will keep you busy. good luck, lee
  13. laytonl

    Florence evacuation

    Good luck to everyone in harms way. Flooding may be the biggest risk in most areas. Lee
  14. What’s the opinion on this acquisition? I really like for filing flight plans and hate to see Garmin mess it up. Any thoughts? Lee
  15. laytonl

    Mooney Purchase Request

    I believe this is a guy who is genuinely looking to buy a Mooney. His price point may be reasonable if he will accept some damage history. Lee