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  1. laytonl

    Florence evacuation

    Good luck to everyone in harms way. Flooding may be the biggest risk in most areas. Lee
  2. What’s the opinion on this acquisition? I really like for filing flight plans and hate to see Garmin mess it up. Any thoughts? Lee
  3. laytonl

    Mooney Purchase Request

    I believe this is a guy who is genuinely looking to buy a Mooney. His price point may be reasonable if he will accept some damage history. Lee
  4. laytonl

    Tach replacement

    I believe I was able to push my out of the panel and behind temp gauge in my old (‘78J) to install a Horizon tach. Good unit. I just installed an EI tach in my Citabria and like it too. Lee
  5. laytonl

    What aluminum grade?

    When I need aluminum I buy it from because they well cut to order. Lee
  6. laytonl

    JPI EDM Questions

    Making the cable to connect the 700 to a laptop is simple. However you must have a rs232 on a laptop to get the data or else by an expensive box from JPI to capture the data. Lee
  7. laytonl

    New VHF comm ideas

    My son bought a used kx-170b last month from Texas Air Salvage for less than $500. It works fine. This is his #2 radio and #1 is a GNS430. Lee
  8. Twinkies are neat airplanes. Just remember you now have doubled your chance of engine failure! Lee
  9. laytonl

    Medeco/Janco replacement keys

    My spare is taped inside the Avionics bay. Don’t tell anyone though! lee
  10. laytonl

    Stratus ESG Install

    I’ve done two ESG installs (with GPS and 2i), one in my Citabria and the other in my son’s Cherokee Warrior. The equipment cost was $3,500 and labor was $1,000. These were done by different shops and the cost was almost identical. Lee
  11. laytonl

    Rip In Inner-Gear Door Sheet Metal

    Yes, I should get a dimpler. Lee
  12. laytonl

    Flying into AVL, Asheville NC

    Zanip is fine. As others have said, respect Mt Mitchell as it is a turbulence maker. I believe it is the highest point east of the Rockies. Richard Collins - former editor of FLYING - frequently complained about turbulence from the mountain. Otherwise, AVL is an easy airport although it can be expensive. Lee
  13. laytonl

    Bose X quit

    You just saved a $250 trip to Bose! Lee
  14. laytonl

    Best sunshade cover brand

    One more thing to the Home Depot sunshades. My wife sews a hem around the edges which prevents fraying and then tend to last longer. I’ve used homemade sunshades for 30 years. Lee
  15. laytonl

    Retirement location

    Lyons Landing Airpark, 5GA2, is a 3,000 foot grass strip about 25 miles west of the Atlanta airport. Great, tight knit community of pilots. Most fly for the airlines or are retired. Lots of interesting planes, including two Mooney’s, Nanchaing, Chipmunk, Ziln, RVs, c-185, etc. There aren’t any homes for sale at the moment but there is a hangar with an apartment that has a nice lot for building. We moved here to be close to one set of Grandkids and the Mooney gets us quickly two the other set in Florida. Lee