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  1. Fred, I believe that port is used to drive some autopilots. Lee
  2. laytonl

    Mooney Lunch Roundup in Alabama

    Great time! It was good to meet everyone. Thanks for letting me participate even though I came in a Citabria instead of my Mooney! Lee
  3. laytonl

    Mooney Lunch Roundup in Alabama

    I plan to come. Lee
  4. laytonl

    Anyone got experience clearing a title?

    I just dealt with a similar issue last week. My son and I just sold my father’s airplane which had been in the family for over 40 years. The title had an issue from 1977 where the name of the owner who bought the airplane from piper didn’t exactly match the name of the guy who sold it to my father. Aero-space reports tracked down an heir and cleared the title with an affidavit for $500. It only took a few days. I was amazed they where able to find an heir. Sad to see the airplane go. Lee
  5. laytonl

    Basing a J on Grass

    I fly my J from a very smooth grass strip all the time. No issues. My experience is that I use about 10% more than the Mooney manual "Takeoff over 50' obstacle" distance. Ground roll distance is almost dead on. Lee
  6. laytonl


    Same in Georgia.
  7. laytonl

    Deposit on Plane

    I have used Aerospace reports for title search and escrow on several transactions, both buying and selling. When I bought the Citabria earlier this year owner said just said to send a $500 deposit and a note about when I will close. He said a verbal agreement was fine but I wanted something in writing, so I sent him my offer in writing and and he signed and returned. He didn’t see the need for an escrow service but I insisted because I was several states away and didn’t know him. Fortunately I was dealing with a forthright owner. The prebuy didn’t find any AW issues though there were about ten minor squawks. The prebuy mechanic set the report to both me and the owner. I called the owner to talk about the squawks and he had already had his mechanic fix the issues. The first time I saw the airplane was two weeks after buying. So far, it’s been a great airplane with no issues. lee
  8. laytonl

    1992 M20J Performance Spreadsheet

    Patrick, I look forward to seeing your “j” worksheet. Please share when you have it ready. Lee
  9. I've been working on a Takeoff Performance chart for my 1992 M20J for awhile and seeing Patrickf's M20R spreadsheet spurred me to finish mine. My solution to the TO performance data is not elegant but it seems to be fairly accurate. This spreadsheet is specific to my Mooney and I've added a TO +15% value because that seems to be my actual results. I also used the "" to make a pseudo App for my personal use (there may be a photo of the app attached - I'm not sure. :)). TOD Chart - Final Version 10 30 18.xlsx Feel free to use my spreadsheet, however, I make no warranties as to the accuracy of the spreadsheet and using anything I wrote will probably kill you. Lee
  10. laytonl

    MIcro-Mesh for window scratches

    +1. I replace side windows before I would spend the time to polish them. Windshield is a different matter. Lee
  11. laytonl

    MIcro-Mesh for window scratches

    As Hank said, practice on a scrap piece of plexiglass first because sanding your windshield will give you quite a scare. The process does work. Lee
  12. laytonl

    Flight tracking

    Thanks Bryan! I don’t know that. Lee
  13. laytonl

    Flight tracking

    What indicated this data is from LA Center versus ADSB data? Lee
  14. laytonl

    Flight tracking

    Thanks guys. I assume it’s an ADSB issue. Good point about perhaps getting charged landing fees etc based on tracking software. Lee
  15. laytonl

    Flight tracking

    My airplane, N918TH, has been showing up on Flightaware on flights around Oxnard CA and I’m based in Georgia. You think this is an ADSB mixup and if so, should I do anything about it? lee