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  1. Someone on the this thread asked about an AV20s. I installed one in my Citabria as a backup AI, G meter, and AoA. It’s a great little product. The AI is rock steady and g meter is good for aerobatics. I haven’t seen much advantage to the AOA though. The flight timer is nice too. i replaced the electric clock with this device, ran a wire to an existing breaker and had it operational in one hour. static and pitot connections took a couple of hours and wiring the audio alerts to my intercom took about an hour. I paid my Mechanic $75 to inspect and sign off the install. Lee
  2. This happens on my iPad. Haven’t noticed it on my computer but don’t access MS much on the PC. Lee
  3. Can I turn off this pop box from appearing. It pops up randomly and is annoying. See the image. Lee
  4. The fuse usually comes off the master relay near the battery in the avionics bay. Lee
  5. I installed one in my Citabria. It was an easy install and only took a couple of hours or so. I paid my mechanic $75 to inspect and sign off. The unit works fine. The AOA seems to be accurate, though I don’t think it adds much value in the Citabria. I will probably put one in my Mooney for another backup AI. The AI is excellent, it reacts quickly and accurately to extreme attitudes. Lee
  6. I ran my AGM battery completely down twice because to those lights. Both times I put it on trickle charge for a couple of days and it came back up. I changed the battery out last year after six years because I was getting nervous about the battery life. I have the old battery in the hangar and it is still holding a charge. i haven’t built Don’s magic box yet but intend too. Probably when I run the battery down again. I did change those lights to LEDs to lengthen the drain down time. lee
  7. Okay, let’s get this straight, The football team is known as the “Tigers” The rallying cry is “War Eagle” (This from a legend about a civil war veteran attending a game) People who go to Auburn are known as “Plainsmen”. (At one time Auburn was a men’s college and it is located on the plains of Alabama.) At least this who I think we are! Lee BSEE, Auburn ‘77
  8. I talked with Andy a couple of weeks ago. He has a depth of experience in the avionics industry and will be a great asset to us as well as Aspen. Andy, thanks for hanging out on MooneySpace! Lee
  9. I called Aaron today about a 500 hour mag inspection and got a message saying he is not accepting any more products for inspection. Anybody know what’s up? Lee
  10. Mine has four screws connecting the front panel to the rear panel. I had to take the overhead speakers out to get to the screws. Lee
  11. Same here, but used their online question bank and went through it every night for a couple weeks. 98 on the score. Lee
  12. On my ‘92 J the headliner is pretty easy to remove. The panels are flimsy but once off you can stiffen them with fiberglass cloth and pvc glue. A couple coats of paint and they’ll look great! Lee
  13. I keep a car at an airport in Florida and the FBO doesn’t charge me anything for doing so. I also use a Coleman solar charger to keep the battery charged. I’ve only had a dead battery once and this was on a 5 year old battery after my wife left the solar charger upside down in the car. For some reason it doesn’t charge the battery when it’s upside down. Lee
  14. Both the hat and socks are ugly. Lee