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  1. What life are y’all seeing from Concorde AGM batteries? I’m curious if others are removing batteries based on age or load test data. i just changed mine out after six years. It was running fine; I’m just nervous because I never had an aircraft battery last more than 3 years. I plan to build a test box to load test the battery but haven’t done so and it has never been load tested. Since 2013 I have drained this battery twice due to leaving cabin lights on. I have sporadically used an off-brand trickle charger. these are great batteries, lee
  2. My hangar is 50x50x14. I love the stack doors. I can open mine quicker than my neighbor can open his bi-fold. And they let in a lot of light and its easy to open a panel or two to regulate temperature. I used Cooper Hibay led fixtures and have 50 fc on the floor. I have running water but no toilet since it’s not too far to the house. The 50x50 is big enough for my Mooney and Citabria, my sons boat trailer and my workshop. Lee
  3. I did mine years ago, but the comments bring back memories of working in that tight space. I was sore, bleeding, and irritated. Great lights though. Lee
  4. I like the Comanche 250 and 260’s but the 180 is and under powered dog. Lee
  5. Rickey Gilmer at Pell City Al. Lee
  6. Jim, we used the epoxy version, I believe it is called 501 or 510, and we added chips for traction. It would be extremely slippery without the chips. lee
  7. Hank, what’s up with your Annual? Lee
  8. I was planning to use this product on my hangar, but decided to just put a seal coat on instead. However, I did use this on my garage and it’s a great product. It’s hard work to put it down but worth the effort. I believe the material cost was around $2.00 per sqft. I should have done the hangar floor too. Lee
  9. Texas air salvage may have them. Lee
  10. I put mine in the same location as others have shown. I used Goop to glue them on though. I’ve broken one when I kicked it during turbulence. Lee
  11. I’ve used local auto shop upholsterers on several airplanes with good results. Many of them are aware of the flame test requirements. Lee
  12. I have used both MSCs and non MSCs and really haven’t noticed any difference. The key is finding a good mechanic. Lynn Mace at MRN was a good Mooney mechanic before he became an MSC. Not sure he could be any better now. Lee
  13. John, that’s exactly my profile too, lee
  14. Not a Mooney but thought y’all might like to see this photo. While doing my first Annual on my ‘95 Citabria I found this little problem. The safety wire holding the baffling together was sawing into the #4 oil return line. Surprisingly there was very little evidence of oil leaking in the area. I found something similar on my previous Mooney years ago so I’m always careful to look for this problem and to cover the safety wire with hose for protection. Since this was my first Annual on this airplane I expected to find a lot of issues. Other than the oil line it only had a few nits as well as needing new brakes, tires, and plugs. Y’all be careful out there. Lee