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  1. Mine has four screws connecting the front panel to the rear panel. I had to take the overhead speakers out to get to the screws. Lee
  2. Same here, but used their online question bank and went through it every night for a couple weeks. 98 on the score. Lee
  3. On my ‘92 J the headliner is pretty easy to remove. The panels are flimsy but once off you can stiffen them with fiberglass cloth and pvc glue. A couple coats of paint and they’ll look great! Lee
  4. I keep a car at an airport in Florida and the FBO doesn’t charge me anything for doing so. I also use a Coleman solar charger to keep the battery charged. I’ve only had a dead battery once and this was on a 5 year old battery after my wife left the solar charger upside down in the car. For some reason it doesn’t charge the battery when it’s upside down. Lee
  5. Both the hat and socks are ugly. Lee
  6. The aviation section at Lowe’s has them. I don’t remember the size though. Lee
  7. Mine lights up when the HSI is taking directions from the GPS signal from the GNS530W. The light goes out when I switch to LOC. Lee
  8. With over 40 years of experience in the electric utility industry, I read this thread with great interest. A few more comments about ROWs. Most utilities do not own the rights of way under their lines or have easements to re-clear. Also, many times it is state and federal agencies that prohibit trimming on government owned land. Can’t win. @bonal what do think about Bill Johnson as the new CEO? Turmoil seems to follow him around from the Duke-Progress Merger to his time at TVA. Sorry, this is all unrelated to aviation, but I’ve enjoyed the discourse. lee
  9. I had to replace the plessey gear motor in my 92 Mooney. I found a used Eaton and had it overhauled by Lasar. Don’t recall which salvage yard had the Eaton. Paid $2,000 for the core and then $2,500 for the Lasar overhaul, including no-back spring. Lee
  10. See this: Is this the video you were thinking of (You may need to scroll to the video by @AGL Aviation). We remembered it was Lynn from AGL Aviation who had posted tge video – it made the search a bit easier. (We agree the search function on the site isn’t always easy!) Best, Debbie
  11. It’s a pain to remove but it is doable. There is a video link somewhere on MooneySpace about how to do it. I’m lousy at searching the site. Maybe someone can post the link. Lee
  12. I would suggest moving to something like this. Lee
  13. I assume Garmin G5 still can’t drive the AI side of the autopilot. I’m looking at my options too and at the present the Aspen seems the best route for me. Lee
  14. Mine is only a 15 second walk! With this Georgia heat (97f today), if I had a 30 second walk I would need to bring extra water. lee
  15. Maybe it is regional. My neighbor said he only had to wait about two weeks to get his installed. He is scheduled for next week (Atlanta area.). Lee