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  1. Acclaim Type S market value.

    TIS old technology that is being phased out. It's on all G1000's w/o active traffic, I believe. Empty weight *is* with empty TKS reservoir.
  2. Acclaim Type S market value.

    You beat me to it! 50-60 gallons offers a lot of range. I've never been a fan of "Useful Load with Full Fuel " as a meaningful performance metric except when assessing long-distance ferry flights. I have found that with more than two adults and bags, landing fuel must be considered carefully especially with this particular configuration. M20TN MTOW=3368 M20TN MLW = 3200
  3. Acclaim Type S market value.

    yeah, there might be a few use cases where one small individual needs to fly really far, but that's a small market. As I work through loading on mine, it really is the landing weight that is the constraint most often. My understanding is that it's mostly a landing gear / drop test limitation, and if Mooney were to invest in new landing gear design, I'm confident that they'd sell a bunch more. MTOW Vso is well below the current 61KCAS maximum (currently 59), and when Cirrus went to the increased max gross weight, they got the Vso up to something like 64KCAS with a seat and chute redesign. It's probably not helpful for safety, but it sure is for utility. And if they could make it retrofittable, they could find willing buyers for this max gross weight increase among M20R and TN owners - maybe as much as 10% of airframe value?
  4. Acclaim Type S market value.

    Regarding Vref, and I state this as one of the largest-volume Diamond dealers for almost a decade, The dealer (more robust) version is usable principally as a checkbox for loan approvals. The valuations are naive. I do not know of a significant player in the Diamond dealer community that reports transactions to the company, and the valuation changes appear to be formulaic, not based on actual transactions. Moreover, the equipment valuation adjustments are incomplete or missing eg:FIKI vs STC TKS. They are different. There also is no consideration for how equipment plays together on a particular plane. I do not believe there are many FIKI / AC Acclaims out there, and that's for a good reason: useful load. Lastly, there simply are not very many good airplanes (diamond or mooney) for sale; nearly every Diamond I sold last year was sold privately - not on controller, and that's how I bought my acclaim in 2016. The best you can do as a buyer is to evaluate individual airplanes against each other and make what you believe are reasonable bids for the one you perceive best fits your mission and budget. The supply situation may loosen up in the near future since recapture is no longer such an issue on used aircraft trade-ups. With 100% expensing for business use aircraft, recapture on a sold aircraft is immediately offset by expensing on a more expensive trade-up plane. On paper, and without the benefit of looking for scary stuff in the logbooks, N79333 appears to me to be underpriced at $395,000. If you can live with the useful load and subject to a careful inspection, it would be a good choice, and I don't expect it would stay on the market for long.
  5. Acclaim 310 hp STC issues

    Haven't tried LOP climb - might, but enjoying the big climb rate at full power. Did get to fly a TBM930 with a friend today - super impressive aircraft and short field capable. Now... to work out the CAPEX and the fuel situation.... Garmin NXi is mostly intuitive for me with thousands of G1000 hours. For someone coming from the new Garmin 650 / 750 panel mounts, it would probably be more so. -dan
  6. Acclaim 310 hp STC issues

    I'm going to disagree with you on that point. I'm an APS acolyte, having drunk from the LOP cup many years ago when I owned a 231. If they are correct, then detonation is the primary operating wear factor. Full rich, high RPM, provided that the fuel flow is set properly, offers huge detonation margins. Further, they will tell you that "pulling it back" to a cruise climb power settings typically yields higher CHT's and internal cylinder pressures. Ditto 50* ROP, which is Mooney's recommended Best Power setting. Most continentals will require a mid-life top overhaul. You just bake that into the financial cake, and if yours doesn't: bonus! Go buy a bass boat. Mine made it to 850, though there was some early valve work by CMI. Since I've owned the plane for only 150 hours, I don't know much about how it was operated for most of its life. However, I plan to keep this plane (PA46 is too slow in climb and too big for what I have in my hangar), and the tuned induction TSIO550 runs beautifully as lean as you'd like. Interestingly, my top overhaul was done because of high oil consumption turns out the engine must have sat somewhere wet, as all six jugs were corroded Thankfully, the corrosion was limited to cylinders, and they were reusable. When we had it apart, the shop noticed wrist pins out of spec, and the con rod bushings had been pounded out of shape too. I'm glad we did the top. If I do overhaul at TBO 2200, and between now and then, it will be run 60-100* LOP and probably full power climb. I'll have a single datapoint to support or not th APS way -dan
  7. Acclaim 310 hp STC issues

    Once we finally got the ff set up correctly, full rich get was unremarkably low. I'd have to pull the flight data to put a number on it. I flew in circles because my wanted to stay near the field while doing the first hour or two on the cylinders. This was a fairly extensive overhaul that took three attempts to get right (they said it was done, but it wasn't. ) will i I climb it this way all the time? I dunno. I'll talk to Walter and John at APS. From a wear and tear perspective, it's probably minimal. The engine runs at 2700 on the Cessna TTX and SR22T just fine. Mostly I did it to shorten summertime takeoff runs at our little 2500' strip. Mission accomplished on that matter. -Dan
  8. Acclaim 310 hp STC issues

    wound up with a JPI Mini under the prop control. I'll post up a picture when I get back to the hangar. The verdict on 310HP: Totally Awesome. At approx 3100#, I was able to sustain 1700-2300 FPM @ 120 KIAS all the way to 16,000.
  9. Method 7 Sunglasses

    A couple of us at the Diamond booth bought these @ OSH in 2016. Shockingly, as of OSH2017, none of us had lost, sat on, or otherwise ruined these very expensive glasses. The manufacturer came by with a tool to measure the wavelengths of the light penetrating the canopy, and obviously they'd thought a great deal about this. They are really excellent sunglasses. Survey size of three gives three thumbs up. -dan
  10. Rosen Visors G1000/DX Aircraft

    Thanks, Dan. Rosen sent me this from an Ovation (99 model). I think i'll give it a whirl but keep the protective plastic on just in case.
  11. A non-Mooney-sized service person broke my pilot side visor. I find both the visor and the power chart useless, so rather than replace with an expensive Mooney part, I'm considring an expensive after-market Rosen system. I did search the archives, and can't find the answers to these questions: Do the Rosen visors cover the overhead lighting switches? Do the visors interfere with the cabin door? Does their size/bulk impinge on interior space? Any pictures of a G1000/DX installation available? None found via google image search. Thanks in advance. -dan
  12. My TKS Panel Doesn't Fill Out

    True. Also, the horizontal stabilizer is the last surface to wet (and the first to accumulate ice). I'd fly around with the system blasting away on high for at least a full tank or until the panel got wet. It can take some time.
  13. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    Ditto the TSIO 550 G. 80* LOP is what I generally run.
  14. Full Power Climb

    It's in the chart I copied: 34"
  15. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    You usethe same dull pencil as I do for assessing TCO! Reality includes $50-60 for engine reserve, something for props, brakes, etc, but you're probably not too far off the rental piston single price. -dan