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  1. exM20K

    Long Body Market?

    That is correct.
  2. exM20K

    Long Body Market?

    Chuck, initial cost is not meaningful by itself. It will act as a scalar for insurance and interest/opportunity cost of money, but with current low rates, it’s not as big a part of total cost of ownership as you may think. An extra couple thousand per year in interest paid (or not earned)may be worth it for mor speed, air conditioning, or FIKI. Or maybe it isn’t.
  3. exM20K

    500 Hour past TBO Rocket gets OH

    Really glad you got yours figured out. The mechanic that found the snipped tube (I was in the shop at the time) looked like a kid a Christmas. The frustration dims and the appreciation for persistence grows over time.
  4. exM20K

    500 Hour past TBO Rocket gets OH

    Tom, I went through something similar early this year after a top: MP would lapse in the climb. Things we tried in order to identify the problem: Take the pop-off valve out of the equation Take the wastegate controller our of the equation; run it like a stock 231 overhaul the controller vacuum and pressure test the intake system visually inspect the turbos Since I was able to fly the plane, I was able to identify the MP lapsing. In your case, they've probably done all these things, but make sure 1 and 2 are good. If the plane makes compression and has fuel flow, something is either not allowing the turbo to put out sufficiently compressed air, or that compressed air is leaking somewhere before the intake valve. In my case, it was the rubber hose going from the intake manifold (front of engine) to the G1000 MP sensor/sender (firewall). That hose sits behind a wire bundle, and when the shop's mechanic snipped the tie-wrap, he or she nicked the hose in such a way that it was next to impossible to see. So let's add (6) to the list: check MP gauge plumbing for leaks! -dan
  5. exM20K

    Long Body Market?

    Top is $6 or $7/ hour, so it hardly makes the needle quiver vs $80- $100/hour in fuel or $40 / hr in engine reserves. The downtime sucks, though. TSIO 550G factory rebuilt is something like $85,000 by the time it gets to your shop. TIO540 AF1B is probably close to $70,000. However, it's difficult to do apples:apples since the TSIO550G from the factory comes with turbos, alternator, exhaust system, and on and on. It's almost a complete engine/accessory package, and if you need those things, it is price competitive with field overhaul of engine/accessories/exhaust. I'd guess that the TCO of a bravo and an Acclaim are pretty close.
  6. exM20K

    Long Body Market?

    Rough fleet size; # for sale ; % for sale Acclaim: 130; 7; 5.3% Ovation: 500; 30; 6% Bravo: 360; 12; 3.3% If anything, that Bravo number looks really low. Perhaps discouraged sellers removing their planes from the market? 5-10% of the fleet for sale is pretty much the norm for most makes and models in the piston world.. -de
  7. A PPI is whatever the buyer tells the shop it should be. Some are logbook review only, some are full 100 hour inspection, and some go deeper than that.
  8. exM20K

    “Stall” warning on rollout, very annoying..

    Kevin Kammer from Mooney told me he test flies the new planes at 3100# and 45" CG. I was curious about whether the G1000 stall warning alerted faster than the beeper, and he said they are tied to the same switch. I had incorrectly assumed "Bitchin' Betty" was hard coded to an airspeed level somewhere in the G1000. My M20TN probably flies very similarly to your Bravo (just faster and using less fuel, LOL). He asked me to duplicate his method, so, power off: at 3100# and 45" i got the following: Stall Warning clean: 73 Stall Buffet clean: 65 Stall Warning Landing configuration: 65 Stall Buffet Landing configuration: 57 Betty and stall beeper are at the same speed, as you said they should be. Approx 8 KIAS between warning and buffet. For your situation, I'd record the power-off warning and stall buffet speed in T/O and LDG configuration. See if you have the 8 KIAS difference. Then I'd ask: are you getting book cruise speeds? If you are in a TKS bird, then your ASI is probably indicating incorrectly. Most are 8ish KTAS slow. Lastly, a perhaps obvious question: Are you certain that the Alternate Static is closed and not leaking somewhere?
  9. exM20K

    Wintertime and CO levels

    That is about what I see in the Acclaim, but I don't think it's from the heater. It is from the exhaust under the cabin. Acclaim heat is from upper deck, not muffler, and i get the same readings regardless of whether or not the heat is on. Drops to 0 after level-off. -de
  10. exM20K

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Cautionary note on MT props: most field shops won’t overhaul them any more. At least that’s the case around the upper Midwest. The shop will take it in for inspection, must almost all of them are getting shipped to MT, and the downtime and poor communication on some of these has been frustrating. -dan
  11. exM20K

    What is your icing strategy?

    Scott, isn’t a glory indicative of liquid water regardless of temp? I am always alert when I see a glory below me and am in below freezing temps. -dan
  12. exM20K

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    on windows PC, open in youtube. on iPad, open with youtube app. -dan
  13. exM20K

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    I got them when a mechanic cracked my pilot side visor with his noggin. They were same cost as factory replacement. Overall, they are nice to have, but they are *big.* There are two set-screws that you must be careful with so they don't ding up the headliner. en-route, being able to block a substantial part of the glare coming in the side window is the biggest benefit, i've found. -dan
  14. exM20K

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    Gear doors look nice and tight. On my 231, simultaneously rolling in nose-up trim and slowly closing throttle in the flare almost always gave a mains-only squeaker. Except when people were watching, of course. Next time i'm in AUS or you're in Chi, let's fly together. -dan
  15. exM20K

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    Paul, Nice video. those 360* cameras are really cool for this application. Two comments from me. 1) I stuck a GoPro under the wing to see how well my gear doors closed. It would have been interesting to have run the video another 10 secs or so to see how tight they are or are not. 2) Flare seems a little high, but that could be camera distortion. If you fly into the ground effect and run back the trim through the flare, you will have more elevator authority. It's easier to demonstrate than describe. I have found the technique as described by Rod Machado to be very useful. I have also found @donkaye advice to keep two runway stripes visible over the nose to be a good reminder to follow through. -dan