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  1. exM20K

    Best sunshade cover brand

    That is not my understanding of how it works. What causes crazing is differential heating (inside vs outside). The light itself does not harm the plexiglass. I'm not a big fan of the alternative (covers), as they do risk damaging the plexi and are a mess to deal with on a rainy day or Dewey morning. Kennon sells both and has some good content on their site.
  2. exM20K

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    Not between Greenland and Iceland, but w.t hours off St Johns and night with an under cast: http://www.equipped.org/92ditch.htm
  3. exM20K

    Mooney Summit VI

    Don't know how many get that reference, but this BMW rider (Power Ranger) sure does. Thanks for putting in the effort, Mike. -dan
  4. exM20K

    Best sunshade cover brand

    I've had a lot of success with Kennon Covers over the years on a number of aircraft - including Diamonds. They worked with us to make on that actually, sort-of, stays in place in that big canopy. On their website, they state that: Each shield has a clear, polyester coating and a soft Sunbrella edge to help prevent scratching. Kennon Sun Shields are often imitated but more pilots trust Kennon Sun Shields than any other. Nothing will keep your plane cooler except air conditioning! Kennon’s service and quality are legendary. Best value, best service, unconditionally guaranteed! One thing to be careful of: their longbody patterns are cut for steam gauges, not for the lower GX/DX panels, so the windshield coverage is about 1.5" short. -dan
  5. exM20K

    2006 ovation WAAS Adsb cost?

    Really the only reason to prefer the G1000 platform would be the GFC700 ap, and that edge will wane with the new retrofit Garmin ap. Even the old G500 units have something like twice the pixel density as a G1000.
  6. exM20K

    Real world rocket numbers?

    That fuel flow (24GPH) doesn't sound right - way too low. Odd that you're lapsing fuel flow with altitude. Many 231's are run with the cowl flaps set to trail open a finger's width when set for close. Big help in cooling and not a meaningful speed penalty.
  7. exM20K

    Real world rocket numbers?

    To the OP: Congrats on your new ride. You won't regret having a turbo. Book speeds are, in my experience with an M20K and now an M20TN, optimistic. Both my planes had/have TKS, the book speeds in the TN are calculated with the step removed, etc, etc. I flight plan 5% under book speed and slightly less fuel flow. Some things to consider: I'll second the recommendation to get a modern engine monitor - and especially one that logs data. Check all your gauges: Is the fuel flow reading correctly? Mine on the G1000 wasn't (dirty connection read a few GPH low). The TIT sounds low. While there are no live APS classes now, perhaps the online course is still offered. It is very worthwhile in understanding what's happening within your six co-joined power plants. I don't know if the TSIO520 in the Rocket will run LOP. If it will, that is a great SOP. You can much more easily diagnose ignition and fuel distribution issues LOP, the engine will run cooler, life will be better. LOP, you set power by fuel flow, not by MP/RPM/Fuel flow. The charts that come with the Acclaim are silly in this respect. Get your engine operation manual from TCM (I have a soft copy I can share), and fly fuel flow. Ignition issues: 15,000 is pretty low to see arcing/crossfire in the mags +1 on the fine-wire plugs. They are standard in TSIO550 Platinum engines now LOP mag check will tell you very quickly if you've got a harness problem, bad plug, etc. I would defer spending a lot of time diagnosing this stuff (except maybe checking fuel totalizer K-factor and TIT reading) until you have a good monitor and logged data. Enjoy your new plane! -dan
  8. exM20K

    Mooney Bravo Valuation

    Good move.
  9. ExM20K will meander over from the Diamond booth... -dan
  10. Does the M20M POH have grass t/o and landing distances? I believe the M20TN has "Pending Data," which I interpret as "No!" -dan
  11. exM20K

    Mooney Upgrade Time - Need Advice

    Gotcha. If FIKI mattered to an owner, it would definitely be wise to check this carefully. FIKI Rocket would be a heck of a ride. -dan
  12. exM20K

    Mooney Upgrade Time - Need Advice

    Another weight consideration is available payload at max landing weight. MTOW in the long body planes is 3368, but lax landing weight is 3200#. so a 900# useful load at t/o is only 732# landing. With 600# of people and stuff, that's 22 gallons max on landing, with no consideration of divert/alternate fuel. Precise flight planning is a must! @gsxrpilot: I doubt the FIKI certification would transfer from 252 -> Rocket. I know that tip tanks in the Bo are disqualifying. You'd still have all the equipment, but it would probably not be "FIKI," for whatever that's worth.
  13. exM20K

    Mooney Upgrade Time - Need Advice

    FIKI Bravo and get a B-kool portable a/c. Perfect fit for your mission
  14. Thanks, guys. Mike, I was actually going the other way: I have one of these that mostly sits in the seat back pocket unused and was considering selling it here. Guess I'll keep it. Safety Third is my motto!
  15. The Acclaim draws its cabin heat not from the exhaust system, but rather from the intake system. Is there any reason I'd want a CO detector other than to alert the normals taxi and high AOA CO levels from the exhaust?