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  1. Success! Congrats to the caravan participants for perseverance
  2. Mike,, Thanks very much for posting these updates. -dan
  3. Similar experience here: initially they felt too big and always in the way, but storing them longitudinally like you do is fine, and especially for blocking the sun coming in the side window, I wouldn't be without them now. -dan
  4. I visited with Kelly Aerospace last OSH, and they have an Ovation with their A/C unit installed. Dunno what the status of the STC is, but they list a weight of 49 pounds for their system. That is pretty light if they can do it for a long body Mooney. The unit sits in th hat shelf, which wouldn’t meaningfully change my baggage capacity. http://www.kellyaerospace.com/thermacool-aircraft-air-conditioning.html
  5. Totally agree. A well-insulated hangar, with a massive slab, will stay cool pretty well up here in Chicagoland. Mine is 40x50, stick-built w/ 2x6, R-something fiberglass on the sidewalls, blown cellulose in the attic, rigid foam panels on the Hydro-swing door, which makes a very tight seal, and an insulated foundation. It costs pennies to heat to 50* in the winter, and in the summer, even after a three week string of very hot weather, it's still holding low 70's. I'm just careful about when I open the big door and avoid dumping hot, humid air inside if at all possible. B-Kool is sufficient to handle taxi, takeoff, approach, and landing. YMMV. -dan
  6. Staying hydrated helps greatly with the high altitude fatigue as does a pulse demand oxygen system. -dan
  7. How well does th A/C work in the Mooney’s? A few flights in Diamond twins were underwhelming, but maybe it was a poor charge on the A/C. Edit... timing is everything. I see my question is answered one post above. Thanks @Robert C.
  8. Also available on Flightplan page. Mine ties out almost perfectly with ForeFlight and actual fuel when I refuel. TBM930 I flew had a nice weight/runway calculator built in, too. -dan
  9. Ah.... linden. Was based there for several years. Lots of helicopter traffic, the occasional banner tow operator, all sorts of excitement. glad it all worked out for you, but golly: that ramp in your stills.... somebody buy Dudley a sprayer and some Roundup. Are they really letting the place go? -dan
  10. Nice field with a MSC on site and a great restaurant. Be aware, however, that there is no IAP, there are tall (800' AGL) antennas to the SE, and instrument departures will require a non-trivial amount of patience as the work you into the ORD flow overhead. -dan
  11. @ilovecornfields great stuff. In addition to knowing what fields are reachable via FF glide adviser there is one thing I do religiously before IFR (actual IMC) departures from my home drome: field is short, so if something goes wrong on departure, return to field is a not-great idea. I do put the LPV approach for a field that is a straight-in 10 miles or so from home drome into the G1000 flight plan. I don't activate it, but if needed, it's a couple button presses away from steering me to a big rwy with a great approach. En-route, I delete it from the flight plan and continue normally. loading a departure alternate in a stressful situation is not something I'd want to do. -dan
  12. Look at airspeed indicator: 133KIAS = ~ 158KTAS at 9500'. Sameas Aspen calculates for TAS under the tape.
  13. The missing bits, so far as I'm aware, are: 1) unable to handle approaches without glidepath angle and 2) ADS-B weather won't display. (I believe this to be the case, but I haven't tried yet) (1) is not a big deal as I know of no airports that this would exclude. (2) is not a big deal as I run FF with stratus and have XM weather. -dan
  14. https://www.12news.com/article/news/pilot-in-deer-valley-plane-crash-reported-rough-running-engine-minutes-after-takeoff-report-says/75-dffe37a9-3dea-4b37-a86a-b0cd84c7abab No update on his condition. Rough running engine could be a lot of things. It was very hot that day, and the plane had reportedly sat outside, so fuel vaporization will surely be looked at. -dan
  15. In: Dan and Paul. May be able to help w/ ground logistics again.