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  1. exM20K

    STOH why are cylinders being replaced

    I had the privilege of pulling and re-honing all six because of high oil consumption due to corrosion this year. On the 231, I had one replaced at 15 hours after a factory engine was installed in 1999 or thereabouts. Bad valve seat grind. Supposedly CMI has improved their processes a bunch since. -dan
  2. I worked with ForeFlight to get the M20TN model in their library, and they were very responsive in modifying some of what I sent them. Since I have TKS and am fat :-) my plane is 8-12 knots below book. Maybe it’s a little closer with the 3 knot add-back for the step and ASI errors, but... whatever... one of the great features of their performance modeling is the slider for fuel flow or cruise. I just peel off 5% and call it close enough. This is something fltplan.com can’t do.
  3. And you know this report to be false how? I’d expect someone throwing around acccusations of tortious slander or libel against another individual to include links and references to hard clad (sic) evidence. See how that works? -dan
  4. So, should I check with you before I recount a bad experience with a mechanic or other service provider? I didn’t see @cujet launching ad hominems like,, for example, you did. I’m glad he or she told their tale, and were I contemplating doing business with dmax, I’d ask him about it. My understanding of defamation is that it requires a false statement. You know his or her report to be false? -dan
  5. exM20K

    Cirrus Delivery

    The video is from Gary’s personal account and likely done at the customer’s request. It wouldn’t be how I’d want to deliver or receive a new plane, but different strokes for different folks. Gary used to cover Illinois for Cirrus, and he’s a solid guy. I wouldn’t read anything negative into this video. we did try the fanfare delivery stuff at the diamond factory 8n Ontario, and it simply didn’t work: too hard to get everyone there on a day that people are working at the factory and which allowed VFR Departures etc.. -dan
  6. exM20K

    Garmin acquisition of Fltplan.com

    I’m just glad Garmin didn’t buy ForeFlight.
  7. I did the DIY method for my 231: Take a piece of Lexan or plexi (don't remember which i did) approximately the right size, lay it in a warm oven in a disposable foil container (like the one under a weber grill), and it will sag nicely into the compound curve you're looking for. -dan
  8. A couple of observations from a 20+ year mooney owner and someone involved in the aviation business: communication matters, and good help is nearly impossible to find right now. Communication: most of the unhappy customers seem to be first time and PPI customers, while most of the happy people seem to be long-time customers. This is unsurprising. I don’t doubt that these experiences, good and bad, are accurately reported. I do believe that when you have a long time relationship with a shop (or any vendor), then both parties communicate expectations better. I’ve used Air Mods since the mid 90’s, and I’ve found that Dave speaks my language. We have a clear understanding of the scope of work before it’s done. Ditto the late Kevin Surrell, who I really miss. Good people are hard to find: it’s not just CFI’s that are scarce because of airline hiring. A&P’s and IA’s are also in very high demand. The shop owners are probably not turning wrenches any more and rely on hired staff. I’ve seen very high turnover at a large local shop here in the Chicago market first hand when they made absolute hash of a top overhaul. We settled up on the excess labor and unneeded repairs and are still friends, but it was a level of frustration that is new to me and which I attribute to the inexperience of the line techs. Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution to the drain of experienced techs to the airlines, other than shop owners recognizing that they have to work extra hard to retain their experienced help.
  9. exM20K

    Bitchin' Betty Behaving Better

    I do both (flaps and speed brakes) out of habit. The placement of the gear handle in the K models and Ultras (high on the panel)is definitely preferable to the standard G1000 birds, (behind hhe yoke) , but it is fortunately very awkward to get to and unlikely to be confused with the flaps.
  10. exM20K

    Bitchin' Betty Behaving Better

    So far as I know, it is not adjustable. If you know otherwise, please share :-)
  11. I'm pretty sure the G1000 "Stall, Stall, Stall" annunciation is based on an indicated airspeed number, and it's really annoying when landing at normal (light) weights. Flew to Northern WI to pick up a plane with three guys and 30 gallons, and the stall warning, for the first time in my recollection, actually sounded before she piped up: I hate having that annunciation well in advance of the real stall warning and wish it could be suppressed. -de
  12. Nantucket is awesome for LIFR! I flew in there a bunch before and after the TDZ lights were installed (late 90's?), and the heat generated by them was often enough to lift the fog a bit. Number of missed approaches went way down post-TDZ lighting. Of course, a switch to LED's will ruin this effect. -dan
  13. exM20K

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    The unheated stall warning vane *will* accumulate ice between the top of the vane and the housing. It will look like a nice little marble.
  14. exM20K

    Kathryn's Report

    There goes my productivity for the next hour or so....
  15. exM20K

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    That's a different feature set than the wing-level button. GarminESP is showing up on more and more new planes. It includes a "stick pusher" functionality when pilot exceeds some bank angle. I've flown with it on DA62, and it works, though I not sure how well it would work at pattern altitude if the pilot suddenly cranks in a bunch of bank and/or excessive yaw. -dan