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  1. This is what I just did. Turn-around for Garmin to upgrade mine to -ES was about five days. Way cheaper than the alternative. -dan
  2. I hadn't considered this: bike ABS compares front and rear wheel speed for traction loss - not so on turning aircraft - but don't Eclipse and some of the smaller cj's have it? Obviously a different price point (though not by all that much vs new Mooney :-) )
  3. by "check for contamination" i mean with Jet-A in this context of mis-fueling. As noted in the PoA thread somewhere earlier in this thread, Jet-A contamination is not obvious from a sump. The mix will not make a sharp line like H2O and 100LL. It also is not obvious that a mixed batch of LL and Jet-A will smell of Jet-A. Did the A* really take almost a full load of fuel? Lineman says so. I'll wait for the NTSB's final. -dan
  4. It feels grossly unfair to me to condemn this deceased pilot based on only one side of the story - the lineman's testimony. His survivors and friends may well be reading this and other forums. Is it best to smell the fuel or otherwise check for contamination? of course. Is it always possible? no. Is it best to supervise the refueling? yes, but again, it's not always possible. The lineman's testimony seems to me that it has major elements of butt covering, and the references to "Jet Fuel" do not ring true. In 30 years of flying, with plenty of turbine and diesel experience in the last decade, I've never asked for "Jet Fuel." Never. "Jet-A?" yes. According to the airport employee who fueled the airplane, he asked the pilot of N326CW, while on approach to the airport, if he wanted jet fuel, and the pilot said "yes." He said the he asked the pilot if he wanted jet fuel because the airplane looked like a jet airplane When the airplane arrived, the employee pulled the Jet A fuel truck out and parked it in front of the airplane while the pilot was still inside the airplane. The employee said that he asked the pilot again if he was wanted jet fuel, and the pilot said "yes." I will be trying the GATS Jar test when I get my plane back, and I'll look forward to the full report. -dan
  5. At the excellent Mooney Summit, I asked Kromer and Hawley individually why no light piston aircraft have an ABS option? It’s pretty much standard on any new car, both my bikes and my RV have it. Components are light, cheap and reliable. And the benefits, especially on contaminated and or short runways would be huge. Nobody had a good answer. -dan
  6. Have you ever tested your lead levels? We check staff several times per year, and you'd be surprised how quickly poor lead hygiene can show up in the blood test. -dan
  7. http://www.mypilotstore.com/mypilotstore/ProductDocs/GATSinstructions.pdf i really like the GATS Jar, though I’ve never tried this test... -dan
  8. https://taturbo.com The Cardinal TN is a pretty good performer. Website not so great.... Def easier to get in and out than 182. -dan
  9. Paul, I have no direct experience with the Precise Flight unit, but I believe Mooney was shipping them with new airplanes for some time, so there shouldn't be any issues. I weighed the extra cost of 2 PF units vs the low likelihood of battery depletion (O2D2 gives good warning, and I carry a spare set of batteries) and landed on the O2D2. -dan
  10. contact Mooney customer support or any good MSC. There is an approved procedure to close off some of the holes in the heater box on the firewall. I did this in my Acclaim, and it made a huge improvement. -dan
  11. Maybe this is your best choice. IIRC, you are in SoCal. In addition to mountains and water, I’d consider the densely populated sprawl to present a significant hazard to a safe dead stick landing. But I’ve done no flying in the area, so WTHDIK? objective operating costs here https://www.conklindd.com/CDALibrary/ACCostSummary.aspx HPSE $200ish. Multi piston high 300’s. And the Duke checks in at >$700/ hour. purchase price is less important than and a small part of TCO. Twins are not easy to sell as compared to singles. -dan
  12. that should be sufficient. They told me their recommendation is to replace the TCM 100A unit with an aftermarket one that makes full power at lower RPM. Maybe same deal w/ bravo? -dan
  13. What is the alternator output on the Bravo? -dan