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  1. exM20K

    Defrost blower

    my shop thought it was a grainger part. nope. bought a new one from Mooney.
  2. exM20K

    Medical during Shutdown

    I’m waiting for something I was expecting from that branch in Dec. if certification is truly shut down, won’t this start to eat away at the airlines’ capacity?
  3. exM20K

    First Time in 22 years not a Mooney Owner

    Tom, When I sold our 231 in 2008, we had owned it for 12 years, through various chapters of life: Commuting long distance Couple going on weekend trips. Young family doing the same and visiting grandparents It is a remarkable and versatile machine. I don't regret selling it then, as it would have fallen into disuse, and the buyer is a great guy (sometimes on this forum) who appreciates the plane for what it is and can do. Fast forward to 2016, and I needed a fast, FIKI bird for my business, so here I am with the M20TN, a mooniac all over again. It felt like i never left. Thanks for your contributions to this forum, and maybe we will bump into you at the Creek some day. -dan
  4. exM20K

    Must read Weather

    Scott, when you do a kindle version, please do a “true” kindle ebook, and not a pdf/image upload. I’ve bought a couple (Mike Busch’s engines book for example) that were pdf or image uploads from the print version. The resulting print was so small and not resizable on the kindle, that I had to revert to the iPad. The book was otherwise excellent, but the delivery frustrating. -dan
  5. exM20K

    ILS vs LPV

    Sorting through all the click bait on youtube is getting harder and harder. One showed up for me as recommended: EMERGENCY SR22 over Illinois. 75k views, lots of fanboy comments. The emergency? Alternator failure while VMC. GADZOOKS,!, PULL THE CHUTE!!!
  6. exM20K

    Safe ice melter?

    Our local airport uses beet juice. The town has a big press and does the streets w/ it, too. Pro-tip: TKS fluid will lower the coefficient of friction of ice as it sits uselessly on top.
  7. Really sorry to hear that. I hope Mooney will choose to do the right thing.
  8. Correct, at least for the TN. Mine is s/n 125 (whew!) and was one of the last ones completed before the shutdown. There were eight or so airframes partially completed sitting around during the shutdown, but I think paint is done after the plane is fully assembled.
  9. exM20K

    Java Developer Needed

    I have on several occasions hired developers via Upwork.com. Pretty robust rating qualification, and payment system. Been using it since it was called eLance.com
  10. Avoid the Seneca 1 at all cost. It is the single most horrible, scary plane I’ve flown in 30 years of flying. I will forever Romberg short final over the trees at Flying W in NJ. Both engines operating, bumpy but not extraordinarily so, right wing coming up, full rudder, full aileron. Right wing still coming up. I couldn’t get those hours in that wretched plane over with soon enough. highly recommend any operator using DA42. A little away from you, but Midwest Corporate Air in Bellfountaine, OH operates three and has a very active program. -dan
  11. I have a couple hundred hours in an hk36 motorglider, and let me tell you: stopped prop vs windmilling is a huge difference. Admittedly, the HK would feather, but it’s not the blade angle so much as the work a spinning prop will do that consumes energy. Contemplate how difficult it would be to pull a prop through at windmilling speed. You are working against all the compression strokes each turn. ill have to look for the AFM or my notes to see if it’s measured for the motorglider. one caveat: stopping the prop requires flying very slowly, and a stall on top of an engine out would be sporty. i use the published chart as an “easily achievable” distance. -dan
  12. exM20K

    De-snowing your Mooney...

    Paul, next time, if the forecast has this in store for you, you can wrap the prop, wings, and tail in pallet shrink wrap. Something like this: https://www.uline.com/Cls_03/Stretch-Wrap easy peasy to peel it off before departure. -dan
  13. exM20K

    TLS factory oxygen system - connector

    My Acclaim has the outlets overhead center, so it is a bit of a mess. However, I find the O2D2 to be worthwhile not only for its efficiency, but also because it cures the constant, drying flow of O2. PAX love it. My biggest concern is keeping hoses clear of the trim wheel. For the OP, I’d investigate the pressure regulator or borrow a MH system with the reducer on it to maybe isolate the leak source.
  14. cloud tops just below freezing? Did my IFR currency approaches this afternoon, and there was moderate clear icing in the tops (3000') between Chicago and Rockford.
  15. Interesting. ForeFlight doesn’t present the 18z, just an expires at 16z