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  1. Or look at it this way: if cirrus can sell dozens and dozens at this price, then Mooney should be viable with a price 25% lower. I do fear that very cheap money and all the excess liquidity sloshing around supports sales at these prices, and cheap money is not a forever thing. I do hope our children and grandchildren forgive today’s “adults” for consuming the income of future earners.
  2. @aviatoreb these guys are not too far from you. https://www.survivalsystemsinc.com I’ve thought about taking a course there before. Probably worth the effort to find the time for me. -dan
  3. I’m sorry you chose to infer that my comment was that the DA40 is better than a 180HP Mooney. That is not what I wrote. Forgive me for violating the Shibboleth of Mooney that Mooney’s are the best in any comparison. What I thought I was clearly communicating is that there are speed, space, and weight penalties associated with retractable gear. My bad if I was unclear.
  4. They never updated the AFM after 2005, so all the aerodynamic and prop improvements are not accounted for. I have flown dozens of new DA40's, and they will do 150 +/- a few. Also, 14,000 is optimal for the NG, not the IO360. -dan
  5. In addition to adding weight, retractable gear requires a place to go when it's retracted. For the nose gear, that usually impinges on the front seat footwell area. For the main gear, it requires a taller wing, which in turn, increases drag. And the extra weight of retractable gear requires more lift and consequently more drag. Consider that a 180 HP DA40 XLS or XLT can do ~150 KTAS. That's getting close to M20 speeds on 200HP. It's also a whole lot easier to get into. -dan
  6. Thanks for posting that excellent essay. I pulled up the FIP charts shortly after your first post and did see quite a bit of SLD marks in that area. Presumably the various icing models are built on the same measurements, and it’s very cool to see what goes into the sauce. Do you have any plans to resume your in-person classes? -dan
  7. agree. that is a second opportunity to break a link in the chain of stupid. -dan
  8. No, no... not a gear up, but rather something potentially much more dangerous. Our little airport got a foot of snow over the weekend, and there’s only so many places to put it. 30’ wide runway compounds the problem. So here I was, trying to successfully navigate to the runway without shaving off big snow berms with an aileron or flap trailing edge, and I was distracted. Rudder trim and flaps set, but I didn’t do the pre takeoff checklist out loud: Trim, Trim, Flaps, Mixture, Masters Mags. The takeoff was sprightly and the nose kept coming up. Huh? Forgot to set takeoff trim
  9. My plane is at Chicago aviation service at DPA right now. JA Aircenter at ARR has done work for me before. Gene at Northwest Flyers at Schaumburg is a Mooney Service Center. I haven’t had him work on my plane, but that’s not for any particular reason. Your biggest challenge will be getting anybody to review the plane. Shops are booked weeks in advance because Wuhan Flu shutdowns and demand. MAPA should have some rebuy checklist samples, and there is always the MX Manual from which any competent mechanic could crib pre buy items. don’t really know anyone up in Waukega
  10. Landing F47 a couple weeks ago. Back in Illinois before a solid 10 inches of snow overnight last night. Great neighbors took pity on me as my snow thrower attachment for the tractor is buried in a trailer at the shop. The L39 is filming the undeveloped Florida coast for discovery channel’s Blue Planet https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N139UK/history/20201219/1255Z/KAAF/KAAF looks like fun flying
  11. And in those places, often the economics and airspace for pro-pilot training favor shipping the trainees to the USA.
  12. It didn’t go very well for Cessna less than a decade ago. Maybe they’ve improved the engine. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2015/may/14/cessna-not-accepting-182-jt-a-orders There are many weight and balance and airframe/systems complexities to retrofitting a 100LL plane with a diesel. Diamond was able to do it in the DA40 because the fuel tanks are welded aluminum and feed stainless lines. Maybe not so easy in the Mooney wing and fuel system. I don’t know. regardless, IMO, the DA40 Austro diesel ruins a delightful-to-fly plane with a nose heavy solution. I’ve flo
  13. @0TreeLemur first off... thanks for using “data” as a plural noun. at least four of the 18 were at night. I have approximately 10% of my total logged time as night, and recently, it has been a lot less than that. Setting aside the stupid pilot tricks (over gross, meth, etc) one take-away here is that night flying raises the stakes significantly if my logbook is typical. -dan
  14. Survived another one today. I must be lucky. Beautiful MVFR flight flown IFR to exercise the TKS and live up to my commitment to fly at least every 10 days (WX permitting) in 2021. The views down through the thin 2500 broken ceiling of snow-covered northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin were something else. And Bessie’s Diner was, as always, there to keep my caloric intake in the green. https://www.bessiesdiner.com
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