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  1. I can get a slot in October if I want to book it with my closest Dynon Certified installer. I'm seriously considering it. Fortunately, I have a nice P210 I can fly when my airplane is in maintenance.
  2. I have left an airplane on the ramp before but I’ve never left two airplanes on the ramp until tonight. I was dropping off the Bonanza for annual and picking up my friend’s P210 that just finished annual. As I was taxiing out I noticed that the alternator wasn’t charging. I cycled it five times but it wouldn’t come back online.
  3. Mainly because there is only one yoke in my airplane Secondarily because I would rather have all the information on the screens in front of me rather than way over on the right like they did with the Cessna. Finally, I rarely have another pilot in the right seat anyway so what's the point in having that data not easily accessible to me and of no value to an empty seat or passenger ?
  4. Yes. I am VERY SERIOUSLY considering it. You just need a WAAS GPS source and an audio panel. I have an Avidyne 440 and PSE 450B. The estimate is $45k *installed* for the system with two 10" screens as pictured below.
  5. If they only had Mexican charts, that would be my go to app. I thought they did have them a few years ago. I've have WingX since it first came out, paid for it for a few years until they started giving it away free to CFIs.
  6. Just curious. How much were they offering you to take it off their hands ?
  7. I put Door Stewards on both doors of a Cessna 182 I had and felt it was the best upgrade I made on that airplane. I have two on order for my Bonanza (cabin door and baggage door) and will have them installed at annual in a couple of weeks (along with an Orion LED Beacon and air conditioning).
  8. You realize that your G5 set up as an AI is set to MPH, not knots. For some reason your GS on both G5s is in knots. Strange.
  9. The early 182s will do that, 135 KTAS on 12 GPH. I had a '59 that would. But those are lighter and narrower than the '64 and later models.
  10. Been like that since I owned that airplane 15 years ago.
  11. I want to keep people safe. Sometimes they simply don't know what they don't know, especially as a student pilot.
  12. Was the pilot buddy named on the insurance policy or did he meet the OPW ? Without being a CFI I wonder how the pilot buddy determined that the student is ready for the check ride ? The Mooney almost certainly doesn't have right side brakes and we have no idea if the pilot buddy has ever flown from or can control the airplane from the right seat. We have no idea if the pilot buddy is qualified to fly the Mooney, complex endorsement ? This does not sound like a good thing.
  13. Does this say that you're a student pilot that flew with another pilot as a passenger and this was not a flight instructor ?
  14. I don't mind the exercise, I generally run 4-5 miles 2-3x a week. It is generally a half hour on a shuttle bus that I don't have the patience for.
  15. I don't have an extra half hour or more each way.