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  1. The other G has an asking price of $45k. A buying price would be lower.
  2. I'm sure I'm much more of a weather wimp than you. I make eight trips per year to Portland, Oregon and would love to fly myself. But I've talked myself out of it year after year. Even in a known ice, turbocharged, pressurized twin I'm not comfortable making that flight, on a schedule as is required for my business, for my Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr trips. Personally I would need tremendous excess thrust too and that only comes from a turbine, which I'm unwilling to afford.
  3. Flying direct crosses Lake Erie, Huron, and Michigan - in the winter. That means Jet-A to me or be prepared to wait 2-10 days for a good weather window.
  4. The last time I saw it it was the airplane closest to Richie's cafe.
  5. I transitioned a guy into a "G" model last year. It performed noticeably better than I was expecting. They are nice airplanes.
  6. I doubt that you'll end up keeping it at SDL. $$$$$$$$ Look at Falcon Field, Chandler and Deer Valley. Possibly even Pegasus.
  7. Moving quickly may not be necessary in this case. That airplane has been on the market for a couple of years. I doubt there's anything wrong with it other than it hasn't flown and that he had it WAY overpriced originally. It looks like it is at a fair asking price now.
  8. I haven't looked at this airplane to purchase it but I do know it. That's Dale's airplane. He's a good guy. He is an IA at Southwest based at PHX. He may be retired by now. This was basically a barn find that he personally rebuilt from the ground up. He kept it at CHD for many years but it is sitting on the ramp near the restaurant at RYN right now. I know his parents lived in Tucson. I don't think this airplane has flown much, or at all, in a couple of years now. I'm happy to go look at it for you.
  9. A friend of mine that used to own an E model Mooney is 6'4" and 330 lb. He fit just fine.
  10. Not necessarily true. I've seen things like left main tire tread at 75%, brakes worn to 50% of allowable, paint chip on cowl near prop, vacuum pump (and/or magnetos) with 350 hours TIS, paint on main gear needs touch up . . . None of those are airworthy, none should be addressed by the seller and all of that plus much more in the same vein has been listed on pre-buy squawk sheets I've seen. That is most certainly not a run down airplane that needs a lot of work. Unfortunately I've seen buyers walk away after getting results like this. That is a disservice to everyone involved.
  11. Knock yourself out having your mechanic list six pages of discrepancies. As a seller my only responsibility is to deliver an airworthy airplane. I'll have the one or two issues identified as airworthiness addressed but the other 43 things are on the buyer. Too many buyers, especially first time buyers expect the seller to fix everything found on a pre-buy inspection. Sorry, this is a 50 (or 30 or 20) year old airplane. If you want factory new, you need to buy factory new.
  12. Oh no. It has been beaten into us that if we don't do a pre-buy, especially from a MSC, we'll certainly end up UWOF.
  13. Don @donkaye is a lot closer than I am, probably has better availability and has many more Bravo hours than I do.
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