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  1. Many years ago I had the need for one and a local shoe repair shop made one very reasonably.
  2. You have me beat. I only run 20-25 miles a week and am only 60.
  3. Please explain. I have a left tank and right tank, 74 gallons useable. The vast majority of Bonanzas do too. How is fuel management in the Mooney much easier?
  4. Over a decade ago a friend of mine with a T310 said the only way he's flying to a $100 hamburger is if there's a McDonald's at the departure end of the runway.
  5. I did the test flight for Parker when he was looking to buy his 252.
  6. What don't you like and what are you looking for?
  7. If you need to be on the north side of PHX, consider a place at SkyRanch at Carefree: https://skyranchcarefree.com Alternatively, if you'll be flying to Tucson regularly, consider Pegasus: http://pegasusairparkaz.com
  8. A "C" is a 2+2 airplane. It has a small back seat but is fine for kids until they're teenagers. The B-Kool (sold by Bob Stephens in Sedona, SEZ) will keep ice cold the whole day so fill it up in the morning and it will be good for the flight home. I went in a different direction and bought a really sweet S35 Bonanza and had real air conditioning installed for, all things considered, a fairly reasonable price. http://www.arcticaircooler.com/product-p/rac-200-1-12d.htm This unit would fit in a Mooney but would take up the entire space for baggage.
  9. For PHX-TUS you're looking at roughly a half hour or a bit more depending on the exact airports you're talking about. Get a '65-67 "C" model Mooney with a B-Kool and you're good. Anything more is overkill. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/28910845/1965-mooney-m20c-mark-21?dlr=1&pcid=17527&crmid=614667&if=1 https://www.b-kool.net Get it painted for $15k. If it were me I would swap the audio panel for a PSE450B and swap the G430 for an Avidyne 440. You'll have the perfect commuter.
  10. Your understanding of multi-engine operations is poor. You've demonstrated that on many occasions on this forum. It might be better to not comment on things you don't understand. And . . . I'm sure the engines are plenty tight.
  11. As I wrote, "If you want to burn a lot of gas to go slowly, the Aztec is just the ticket!"
  12. That's the first I've heard about wings ripping off a Skymaster but I admit I haven't been following them recently. The 400 series Cessnas will have wing spar inspections. You can't get any twin or many heavy singles through an annual for under $4k nowadays.
  13. There are a lot of days that I would like to have that airplane back again. It was great. N70S?