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  1. The prevailing theory on that sitauation is an improper installation of the gasket. The instructions are very specific.
  2. Anthony! You're admitting that on a Mooney site! You sound like a Bonanza owner
  3. I ordered the Challenger Lifetime Oil Filter (CP48109C) with five extra seal gaskets on August. 29 Each gasket is said to last 5-10 oil changes. It was $315 plus $7 per gasket. It shipped on September 26 (less than a month) and I installed it October 22 when the oil change was due. It appears to be exceedingly well made and super high quality. The filer element is very, very fine. Time will tell but at this point I really like it a lot. I'll probably do another oil change around the first of the year. I went out one afternoon and did a short flight to warm up the oil. Then hooked up the drain hose to the quick drain and let it drain overnight. The next day I came back and removed the old filter and installed the new one. I ran the engine a minute or two to check for leaks and then buttoned up everything. The total time spent from opening the cowls to closing them was under 30 minutes, probably about 20 minutes. Oil spilled . . . not a single drop. Of course a Bonanza is just a *little* easier and faster to do an oil change on than a Mooney
  4. I only go to Mexico and yes that's included. I haven't had smooth limits in years so no issue there either. For me, this was the best options this time.
  5. Even if you aren't a low time pilot, AVEMCO may be the best option. My broker of 20+ years couldn't meet the AVEMCO quote for the last three years but for the previous two years I stuck with her since the difference was a couple of hundred dollars and I valued the long term relationship. But this year AVEMCO was well over $1,000 less than my long time broker could do, and with better terms. AVEMCO offered $0 deductibles for in motion and not in motion versus $2,500/$250 as an example. And I'm not exactly a low time guy with over 2,500 hours, CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP and close to 200 hours time in type.
  6. Just the opposite. The aural callouts allow you to not look inside the cockpit at all and focus all of your attention outside the airplane. I had a -100 in my 310 and am having the -200 installed in my Bonanza next week.
  7. Lighter weight and less complicated than noswheel steering.
  8. If I recall correctly, I installed those when I owned your airplane
  9. I am a CFI and ATP and can assure you there is absolutaly zero education in buying and maintaining an airplane from getting those ratings. Your buddy is incorrect.
  10. I don't have 1,500 lb useful load but I'm petty close on the other two with my M35 Bonanza.
  11. I'm pretty sure Don Kaye has more than 5,000 hours in Mooneys and he travels the entire country doing transition training so those paeople are available.
  12. I think there's a huge difference between a CFI with time in your desired model (maybe 5 hours) and one with 1,000 or 5,000 hours in Mooneys. Just like any old A&P can work on your Mooney but do you want someone that has only done an oil change on one to do your first annual?
  13. Which is exactly why he needs a Mooney specific CFI to transition him into this airplane. Such a CFI would know what parts of the owner’s manual are worth following and which ones have been proven inaccurate in the 60 years since it was was published.
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