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  1. Between two Fs

    Manual gear. Plus HSI, backup electric AI, S-Tec 55W A/P, JPI EDM 900, Dual GNS430W, PS 8000BT, GTX330ES with ADS-B Out. I was sitting in Troy's office when he read your E-Mail to me today
  2. Between two Fs

    That didn't affect the '67 F model.
  3. Recent insurance quotes

    AOPA often is higher than others. A good, hard working independent broker will get you the best rates. I'm happy to recommend mine as are others.
  4. Today's flight for 2018

    This long straight "road" is where Trump is building the wall. It is the US/Mexico border in AZ. No political discussion implied, just showing you the area . . .
  5. Buying an Airplane

    Depending on what the multi is in, it shouldn't be bad. I would say to plan on about 2% of hull value and maybe 5 hours dual. Of course, I could be wrong.
  6. If you're interested in this airplane see if they'll let it go to them for a pre-buy.
  7. Seems as though *someone* on this forum mentioned the outrageously high maintenance expenses they had on their Cirrus as one of many reasons they will probably never own another one.
  8. It is a different culture entirely between Mooney and Cirrus (and different yet with Beech, Piper and Cessna). Cirrus culture is not my culture. Mooney fits me best. Probably Beech, Piper and Cessna in that order afterwards.Cirrus owners and pilots are generally not well thought of in the overall aviation community. Each reputation, at least to some extent, is earned.
  9. How do you mount your ipad

    Probably in April.
  10. With a digital A/P, IFD440 and a three panel Aspen you can ditch the vacuum system, have greater reliability and greater useful load.
  11. I talked to the guy that was going to look at that airplane this weekend. He cancelled the trip and got his deposit back since they refused to allow either Top Gun or LASAR to do a pre-buy on the airplane. He is sending a different Mooney to pre-buy this week that he looked at and flew this weekend at a different broker.
  12. I know someone that went to look at that airplane this weekend. Haven't heard if he made an offer on it or not.
  13. Buying an Airplane

    Or better yet, 175KTAS in a Baron on 20-22 GPH.