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  1. Glad to hear it worked out and you're happy.
  2. Last fall I paid $28,000 for an older 42' Port-A-Port, Tucson.
  3. At 9,500 ft, 40ÂșLOP may be too far LOP.
  4. iFly GPS has become my "go to" app.
  5. Doing a flight review today for a guy in a Mooney 231 and saw this big boy on the ramp.
  6. And here it is on the wall of my living room.
  7. If I haven't used all of the available products I haven't missed many. And I try to keep relatively current on many. But I've gone to iFly GPS. WingX is free for CFIs, FltPlan Go is free for everyone, FlyQ is $19/year for CFIs and AeroVie is free for CFIs. I have them all and use them all to try to stay reasonably proficient with each of them. Despite all the free and reduced fees available as a CFI, I still pay full price for iFly GPS. I wonder if they gave their product to CFIs for free if their market share would increase and be worth it to them. I think a bunch of people would start recommending it if they start using it. And it is available in multiple OS platforms.
  8. What does Jimmy's valuation tool place the value at ? Some airplanes are priced fairly as-is, others, not so much.
  9. And that's the problem with making blanket statements. He may simply need someone on his side that knows what to look for and the questions to ask. Maybe it isn't necessary for him to personally see the airplane prior to purchase. Each person's situation is different.
  10. That's news to me. Most of the airplanes I've bought I first saw when it was delivered to me. I guess I've been doing it wrong for the last +/- 20 years and 16 airplanes.
  11. I made an appointment with an audiologist.
  12. Got a set of Halos last week. I've tried them on a few flights. It seems I have the foam seated properly but the noise reduction doesn't compare to my Zulu 3s. The sound quality also doesn't seem nearly as good as the Zulus. I'll try the black foam plug and maybe consider getting custom ear pieces made. At this point I'm not impressed but we'll see.
  13. 1966 was arguably the best year for the "C" and 'E" model Mooneys. Someone knows not of which he speaks.
  14. This is what my back yard looks like today.