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  1. Thanks. I'll do what I can to help but I am working with three other people looking to buy airplanes right now. There's slim pickins' and high prices right now. I'm telling everyone that if you can wait, do so. Buying now is "buying high" which means at some point in the future you'll probably end up "selling low" (or at least significantly lower). That advice hasn't deterred any of them so far
  2. If it hasn't flown in 16 years chances are excellent that it will need both an engine and prop overhaul regardless of the number of hours on them. As a general rule, you'll lose money getting this airworthy if it were given to you for free. Add this to Paul's list of "bargains" and we'll see where it ends up.
  3. Things are done differently on BeechTalk. Many deals are a simple oral agreement and they go fine. Except for the time I sold an airplane there with Neal I don't think I've had anything in writing from my purchases and sales there. It is really a gentleman's place.
  4. That sounds like an argument for a twin.
  5. December 2019: Me to a well respected Mooney expert that all of you would recognize: ´╗┐Is a Liquid Rocket worth pursuing, in your opinion? Reply: Run Forest Run. I maintained one in Dallas for a few years. I felt very uncomfortable with it and finally told the owner I did not want to work on it. Just a bad feeling. Heavy piggy plane. My 2 cents.
  6. Move to Arizona and never fly to California and live a happy and low tax life
  7. Yes he did but from his wording it seemed to me that he had an airplane with an engine that can probably be overhauled.
  8. http://www.jewellaviation.com/pdf/Price Sheet 2020 Engines.pdf
  9. I guess I've been doing it wrong all these years. I'm working on buying my 18th airplane now, only six of which I saw in person before buying.
  10. I assume the 275 will work with the 540. The 275 is the one to install today.
  11. There ya go. We solved the problem of your next airplane
  12. 310Q: "At sea level standard day with zero wind and 5300 pounds gross weight, the distance to accelerate to 105 MPH IAS and stop is 3400 feet." I've attached the accelerate-stop distance chart for a 310Q and a B55. The B55 takes more runway than the 310. What you need for that strip is a P337 with the Robertson STOL kit. I happen to know a guy that has one At gross weight and sea level the ground roll is 475 ft and landing distance is 450 ft. I don't have an accelerate-stop chart readily available but 2,900 ft is plenty long. The stall speed at gross weight is 43KIAS! Can you imagine
  13. Lots of good options out there. Don't dismiss twins. There are some really great ones out there. I bought my first twin after selling my KI Bravo a number of years ago. I figured if I was going to burn almost 20 GPH in cruise I wanted a second engine.
  14. And it is not possible to do that conversion today.
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