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    201/231/252 for family/commute

    Strongly suggest 65% power or less (I ran 59% as the most efficient setting with reasonable speed) in any variant of a TSIO-360 as Paul mentioned versus 75% power, unless you don't mind doing a top overhaul . . . or two, before TBO.

    Angel flight accident

    If memory serves, the pilot feathered the good engine in that case. If so, this is a poor example to use as an engine failure accident in a twin; it was "pilot error".

    Mooney Upgrade Time - Need Advice

    Twins are definitely worth looking at. Those that have actually owned them can tell you they don't cost that much more to own and fly than a heavy single. I've written somewhat extensively on the topic here. I could get my Seneca III to run LOP. Most Seneca IIs can't. I burned 18-19 GPH total for 165 KTAS in the 10,000 ft range. And that cabin is absolutely HUGE, a full 7" wider than most light twins. The back door and club seating are very nice for families with small children. Singles can lead to outrageous annuals too, that's not limited to twins. I bought my first twin after owning a Bravo. My Bravo burned 19.4 GPH in cruise (most Bravos don't run LOP well, mine didn't). I figured if I was going to burn about 20 GPH, I wanted a second engine. Comparing my previous Bravo to my current Baron: The annual on my Baron is very close to what the annuals ran on my Bravo so no noticeable increased expense there. The hangar's the same, insurance is less on the Baron due to a lower hull value. The Baron climbs faster but the Bravo cruises faster (on similar fuel flows). I also fly the Baron at a lower altitude than I did the Bravo since the Bravo required higher flights for better efficiency. And then I was wearing oxygen regularly. A typical trip has very little difference in total time or fuel burn. And you can overhaul two IO-470 engines for about the price of one TSIO-540. It just doesn't cost that much more to fly a Baron than a Bravo. But, I have over 1700 lb useful load, six seats and nose baggage (and did I mention air conditioning) in the Baron that the Bravo doesn't have. And the Baron actually climbs in most flight profiles after losing an engine. The Bravo, not so much


    10-12 hours of flight time seems to be typical in my area nowadays. Plus a fair amount of ground. Of course weather is rarely an issue where I live. There are a lot of reasons those numbers vary, of course. The bottom line is, you train as much as you need. There is no "one size fits all".

    Today's flight for 2018

    The wind was not insignificant.

    Today's flight for 2018

    Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico behind the left wing earlier today, coming home to Tucson. Then after clearing Customs for the last short leg home, gotta play with the big(ger) boys.


    How many training hours so far and what do you anticipate you'll have by the time you have the ticket ?

    ADS-B Out Compliant and then some!!!

    With so many newer options available today and with such an extensive and otherwise modern upgrade, why install a box that was originally introduced (in a smaller size) more than two decades ago ?


    There is an active lawsuit that involves the airport right now.
  10. KLRDMD


    Few on the market for a specific reason, we've found out. Our purchase is currently on hold.
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    You forgot "feather", kinda an important memory item.
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    How does the engine know the airspeed ?
  13. KLRDMD

    Log Review - Knoxville/Crossville, TN

    Phones work great with the right app. Scanner Pro https://readdle.com/scannerpro I've scanned logs back to day one in less than an hour. It scans, crops, and uploads to DropBox for you with almost no input.
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    I've done flight training the last three days in AZ. We start at 6AM and are done by 10AM. It was 58º yesterday morning and never over 90º by 10AM. But . . . it's a dry heat here.
  15. KLRDMD

    Today's flight for 2018

    It is always hard kicking them out of the nest for the first time. Student pilot, had soloed a Cherokee with another CFI but he just bought my 231 so I'm doing some training for him. IMG_8716-2.mov