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  1. donkaye

    The NEW new panel

    There was a thread on Beechtalk that answers, most, if not all these questions. Certainly Garmin should be able to generate software to run on the G500 TXi to run the Autopilot instead of running the AP software in the G5. You still need the interface GAD 29b. In reality the best AP is the GFC 600 that's packaged all in one, but that is not meant to be for our airplanes. Since all units will be sync'd to each other, except for the AP functions, I plan to use the GCU 485 for most of the control. Beechtalk link:
  2. donkaye

    The NEW new panel

    That's going to be a great setup.
  3. donkaye

    The NEW new panel

    That's a nice layout, Steve. What are the instruments next to the TXi? If one is the older Stormscope, I'd get rid of it in favor of the WX500 Stormscope which will display on both the GTN 750 and G500 TXi. What is the upper right instrument? The ESI 500 backup? If so, where is your Engine Monitor? I'd want it in my field of view. If not the ESI 500, then where is your backup?
  4. donkaye

    The NEW new panel

    If you do that, then you will have to be raising your hand higher than you would want to constantly do in my opinion to change heading and other preselects. In fact, the more I think about it, although maybe I'll change my mind after I use it for awhile, I'll probably just keep the GCU 485, since its placement will make easy work of all the required heading and preselect changes.
  5. donkaye

    An Absolutely Horrible Day! Incident.jpeg?dl=0 Disables next Thursday December 20, 2018.
  6. donkaye

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    The prop could be the holdup. I'm not sure when it's arriving. The engine should take about a week.
  7. donkaye

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    The new reman engine arrived a day early on December 12th. I arrived at a settlement with the Insurance Company last week and received a FedEX delivery from them of partial payment on the same day. The balance will be paid on completion of the repairs. Fingers crossed that maybe I will have the plane back this year.
  8. donkaye

    The NEW new panel

    The reasons: It will be months before the GFC 500 STC is available for the Mooney and I REALLY don't like the way the TXi handles things I do often like altitude and vertical speed preselect and changing from GPSS mode to HDG mode; Options, there will be flexibility in control from either the TXi or GCU 485 or GFC500; I'll be keeping my current panel so I could always sell the GCU 485 at a discount, of course, and just be out the labor, new new panel cost, and discount, amounts I am comfortable with; I will probably wait a number of months to do the GFC 500 to wait and and see if there are any problems with it. (my experience with new products from Garmin is that it takes awhile to wring things out).
  9. donkaye

    The NEW new panel

    John, I'll eat a little crow on that one. As the picture above shows, I tried the PFD on the right for a little while. I just couldn't get used to it over there. Yes, all the functions that are talked about make the GCU 485 unnecessary if that is done and you feel comfortable with it. I didn't like it enough that I am willing to spend the 5K (new panel , GCU module, and labor to install) to get the GCU 485 and clutter up my panel a little.
  10. donkaye

    The NEW new panel

    Steve, the picture shown was what I tried to get comfortable with before deciding to go with the GCU 485 Controller. I couldn't get comfortable with it. It's been switched back to the PFD on the left. The problem with it on the left is that to control all the PFD functions requires crossing your hand over the yoke and is just completely inconvenient--not as inconvenient as tapping for full screen and controlling all functions from the right and then switching back again. The GCU 485 takes care of all that with all controls adjusted with the right hand. All it took was more money. It cost me the extra expense of another new panel and should have been done the first time. I'd recommend anyone getting the G500 TXi get the GCU 485 and save yourself the hassle of doing it later when you're not happy with the way the G500TXi functions or waiting until the GFC 500 comes out for Mooney and just use that for all the PFD control. Regarding the Backup, when the GFC 500 becomes available, the G5 will be required, so I might as well use it and eliminate the ESI 500. I want the backup next to the big screen, and putting it or the G5 on the right doesn't make sense to me, as I'll never be looking over on the copilots side, and i've got more than enough displays now as it is.
  11. donkaye

    The NEW new panel

    I have the aviation dedicated Aera 796 on the yoke; Bright in sunlight (unlike the iPad), Simple, familiar Garmin interface, XM and Jeppesen Plates compatible.
  12. While I really like the G500 TXi, I don't like the way the altitude and vertical speed preselect work on the unit itself. It is VERY clumsy at best, and at worst can get you behind the airplane trying to set it up while ATC is firing commands at you. While my plane was down I decided to go ahead with the GCU 485 install. It JUST fits. I'll put up a picture of the finished panel when it's completed, but here is the projected new new one. After speaking with Garmin, it turns out that, just like the Transponder codes are sync'd with the transponder and GTNS 750 and GTN 650, so is the GCU 485 sync'd with the G500 TXi, the GCU 485, and most importantly the soon to be released GFC 500. That is next on the agenda next year. I really like the ESI 500 with SVT and Obstacles, and Navigation, but it looks like the G5 is going in its place. Anyone for an ESI 500?
  13. donkaye

    GTN 750 pennants

    I've attached a page from the Manual and highlighted in yellow the map of interest. Expand your 750 map and you will see an airport by the Metar. Pages from 190-01007-03_Q.pdf
  14. donkaye

    GTX 345R GTN650 Loss of Comms

    Why not just put the 345 in the top right if there is space? It can be controlled either by the GTN 650 or the Transponder itself. That is the best of both worlds. I have my GTX 335 on the far right. I've never set in a code with it, but it has some nice features so I got it instead of the remote. I also have both the FS 510 and the FS 210 and can use both with Connext, so you shouldn't have problem. You should eliminate the way out of date KMA 24 in favor of a more modern audio panel like the GMA 350 or PMA 450. They aren't that expensive and will transform your audio experience.
  15. donkaye

    GTN 750 vs current upgrades

    If you have the G500 or G500 TXi, you will get a vertical deviation carrot on the glide path and vertical rate carrot on the VSI. This can be followed manually unless you have one of the Garmin autopilots, in which case the autopilot can fly it automatically. You can fly one leg VNAV Direct on any autopilot. This behaves just like an ILS. Since I hadn't had enough time to play with this before my plane became inop until January (see my other post on that one), I'm not sure how well VNAV Direct works on the KFC 150 autopilot.