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  1. Don Kaye (Prof) + Shirley expect to be there.
  2. I called him. He says that in level flight he sometimes feels a little G force on the elevator from time to time, but not the issues I am having. I wish there were some other installs I could compare. If it is not the install, and I don't think it is, while the G500 has potential, I can't recommend it until my issues are resolved. It's unsatisfactory right now. I've never had this experience with any GFC 700. It's disappointing to say the least. I've apparently traded wing rock in HDG, NAV, and APPR, but stability in pitch in GPSS for pitch oscillation in all modes, definitely not a good tradeoff.
  3. I'm sorry to say, No, not yet.
  4. I have flown the GFC 700 extensively. In some regards the GFC 500 is better. In my opinion the VNAV function is better in that with the GTN you can go VNAV Direct and bypass all other step downs. I'm not aware of that function on the GFC 700. Like the GFC 700, the GFC 500 holds altitude to within a foot in ALT mode. I'm still having a little issue with random oscillations in the pitch mode, though. It's not bad, and if not fixable, can be lived with. Vertical mode adjustments are much easier on the GFC 500 with the wheel. On the GFC 700 you have to constantly push the UP and Down button to adjust V/S and IAS climbs and descents. HDG changes on the GFC 700 are better in my opinion. The plane rolls into a turn and rolls out of it exactly on Heading. With the GFC 500 it rolls in at a 30° bank, the nose drops and before the pitch servo activates altitude is lost and some G force is felt as the elevator servo brings the nose back level. Also, the plane rolls out early and takes a few seconds to arrive at the correct heading level. I think it is a "Gain" issue, but is not changeable per the STC. Having said all of this, the GFC 500 is an amazing autopilot, so much better than the KFC 150. Since GPSS is built in, you can intercept courses with it in HDG mode unlike the KFC 150 which cannot in GPSS mode. Procedure turns and holding patterns are flown as smoothly as turns in a Commercial Airliner. It is also so much easier to see exactly what is going on with the various ARM modes including their color changes. In summary, I'm very glad I installed it.
  5. I'm not sure of compatibility. Mine is a -3. Will check with my Avionics shop on Monday. I'm not sure why they would change the KC 192 on the same model aircraft, an M20M. Pictures with P/N and S/N can be found here:
  6. My GFC 500 installation is complete and the KC 192 and all 3 other servos are available for sale (KS 177 Pitch Servo, KS178 Roll Servo, KS 179, Trim Servo). For those who are not planning to upgrade, this is a good opportunity to get these servos and a backup computer for a price not achievable from other avionics sources. I also have a number of lights for the KC 192 Computer. KC 192 Computer Part Number is: 065-0042-03 S/N 52484 $2,500 The KS 177 Pitch Servo Part Number is: 065-0050-04 S/N 1968 $1,200 The KS 178 Roll Servo Part Number is: 065-0051-02 S/N 4700 $1,200 The KS 179 Trim Servo Part Number is: 065-0052-14 S/N 3881 $1,200
  7. Posted incorrectly here. Moved over to Avionics/Parts Classified.
  8. Someone emailed me asking what the annunciator panel height was after my GFC 500 upgrade. I can't find the post or whether it was private or not or who it was, so I'm posting in the blind. The height after the cut is 2.25 inches.
  9. I don't know. I think they spent more time than they had estimated. My bid was a fixed amount.
  10. I want to highly recommend AccurateAero in Minden, Nevada for those interested in quality work on time and flat fee. Although this was their first GFC 500 Install, Mario managed the job perfectly. He is well organized and he and his guys are sharp. I did have the oscillations I discussed in another thread (it didn't occur during out test flight. Mario flew with me on it), but after returning to the shop on my way back from MooneyMAX, Mario set his guys on it and they tightened the cables, found a static leak and repaired it, matched the G5 altitude with the TXi altitude, and sent me on my way. AccurateAreo was a little more expensive than a couple of other bids, but I didn't have to wait 6 months to get the job done and they definitely knew what they were doing, so I felt comfortable leaving the plane in their hands. In fact Mario said this was one of the easier autopilot installs he has done. They've done many G5 and ADS-B installations among other things. It goes without saying that I have no financial interest other than I spent my montey to get the GFC 500 installed. Minden is located up the Owens Valley and it is located in a beautiful setting. We stayed overnight at the Carson Valley Inn and had a great time. Their numbers are: 408-835-4034 775-235-8750 email them at:
  11. I have not been sorry about the placement of the HUD. I can easily glance at it during approach, and would place it there again. Make sure it is far enough forward so that you can open it and it won't touch the windshield. I put it down once in level flight and put it up for approach to landing.
  12. My install was finished last Tuesday. Flight tested it in the afternoon with light to moderate turbulence. I neglected to test one very important function; flying the airplane level for a few minutes. On Wednesday and Thursday I flew the plane 8 hours from San Jose to Longview, Texas. Close to Bakersfield all of a sudden the plane went into a vertical oscillation of +/- 500 ft/min climbs and descents while maintaining a constant altitude, a real roller coaster ride. I just about cancelled the trip at that point because I thought I would have to hand fly the plane for 17 hours round trip. I turned the AP off, leveled the plane, and turned the AP back on. Somehow I was able to stabilize the plane to hold a constant altitude---for awhile. Then it was back to oscillating again. Over the 8 hour trip, this happened about 6 times. Additionally, it was guaranteed to happen anytime ATC had me change heading. The plane would start to turn in a 30° bank, the nose would go down, and the oscillating would start when the nose tried to go back to level. It goes back to the shop when I get home, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this with the GFC 500? I'm probably one of the first installs on the Mooney Bravo. I had not flown the GFC 500 before, but there is one other irritating issue. On all heading changes, the plane leads the rollout by 20° from the selected heading and ends up almost level 10° early. It eventually eases its way to the correct heading, but not like the GFC 700 which rolls out perfectly on the correct heading. Have others experienced this, too? Notwithstanding these important issues, the airplane is an entirely different airplane as compared to it with the KFC 150. Where the KFC 150 was abrupt in function, the GFC 500 is smooth as silk. The Yaw Damper addition was well worth the additional money, as we were hammered over New Mexico in the afternoon. That allowed me to test the function with and without the Yaw Damper. The difference was remarkable. Another plus for me is the wing rock that I had with the KFC 150 is gone. When my issues are resolved, this will be an amazing addition to the plane. (Posted to Beechtalk as well)
  13. I posted the progress of the installation on the wrong thread, so I'm reposting here. There are a couple of bugs they are troubleshooting, but when they are found the ihstallation will be complete.
  14. The G5 fit in the same place as the ESI 500 except the panel was modified by the shop to flush mount the G5.