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  1. That depends. If you have the G500 TXi, the GTN 750Xi, the GTN 650Xi, a handheld like the 796 or 760, and use Garmin Pilot with IFR Charts, it's an outstanding deal.
  2. My installation was completed yesterday afternoon. With the resourcefulness I have come to expect from Peter Casares at J & R he was able to provide a separate On/Off switch and circuit breaker without removing the glareshield or changing any wiring to the already full inputs to the GMA 35c. The calibration couldn't have been easier. It took maybe 10 minutes at most. I then went flying to test it out. As expected, it worked as indicated. The callouts as demonstrated in the videos were at 100', 70', Check gear down, 50', 20', 10', 5', 2', 1'. The volume on the "Check gear down" w
  3. The connector with a small length of each wire attached is included, but since the run length from the unit to the audio panel is different for each airplane, a cable extension is necessary. My tech conscientiously made that extension, so there would be no issues with it in the future. That takes time to do it right.
  4. I would be interested. I get my first vaccine shot next Tuesday on the 26th. 3 weeks later the second shot. Then another 2 weeks to build up immunity. Sounds like around the beginning of March could work.
  5. I thought I'd add a quick post. My unit came on Monday and I flew over to my avionics shop today to do the install. My avionics tech is an attention to detail kind of person, so he wasn't able finish the installation today. I'm going back tomorrow to have him finish up. Today we located what I think is the best position on the right wing for the Bravo. He cut the hole, mounted the unit to the plate and re-installed the inspection plate, after making and connecting a long cable to go between the unit and the audio panel. He pulled the cable through the wing and up to the panel. The
  6. I think getting your instrument rating if very important. When I teach the rating I like to have my students get at least 4 hours of actual. The amount of money to purchase even a mechanical backup like a Castleberry like I had for many years is small in comparison to the risk involved in flying the old partial panel if your main AI fails. I've read about too many partial panel accidents over the years. I feel strongly enough about having a second AI, that if someone doesn't want or have the money to purchase one, then I think they should, for safety reasons, remain a VFR pilot. If you di
  7. I didn't think there was anybody out there who owned theirs longer than I. Congratulations! We know the truth.
  8. What price do you put on YOUR life? How good is your mental picture of your situational awareness with no moving map? When I got my instrument rating with a pair of VORs and an ADF, the mental picture was pretty sparse. As an example, you may remember when ATC screwed up and vectored an American Flyers airplane into a mountain in LA nearly 30 years ago (they forgot about the plane). With the minimal equipment the 172 had at the time, even though as an instrument pilot your'e supposed to always maintain situational awareness, a couple of VOR needles really wasn't much of a help. Tod
  9. Rolls Royce: G500 TXi, GTN 750Xi, GTN650Xi, GMA 35 GI275(Backup AI), GFC 500, GTX 345 Cadillac: G3x, GTN 750Xi, GTN650Xi, GMA 35 GI275(Backup AI), GFC 500, GTX 345 Lincoln: 2 GI275, GTN 750Xi, GTN650Xi, GMA 35, GFC 500, GTX 345 Honda Accord: GI275, GTN 750Xi, GTN650Xi, GMA 35, GTX 345 Ford: GI275, GTN 750Xi, GNC 255, GTX 345 Ford Escort: GI275, GTN 650Xi, GNC 255, GTX 345 Motor Bike: G5, GTN 650Xi, GNC 255, GTX 345 Bicycle: GTN 650Xi, GTX 345 Walk: GTN 650Xi Above assumes going Garmin. I have no experience with anything else, so have no other sugge
  10. With the 650Xi that his no longer the case. Not with the 750Xi. Just a couple of knob twists to highlight flight plan and you're there.
  11. Let's try again, then. I'll usually ask for the approach I want, and am either told to "Expect it" or given another approach to "Expect". If I don't like what I''m told to "Expect", I push nicely for what I want. Usually I get what I want. Once I know the approach I'll be doing, I'll 'Load" it. I usually ask for the "Full" approach because it shortens the final and has all legs as a part of it. If I'm given vectors, the whole approach is still there and when I see where the final vector will intercept the final approach course, I'll activate that leg. When I'm in the approach wayp
  12. As Garmin mentioned in the initial release of the Xi, with the extra processor speed new opportunities would open up for more advanced features. This first software update added some new features not available on the legacy GTN. Another one is the addition of the glide range ring with an arrow stream pointing to the best choice of "gliding to" runways. Of course, Garmin Pilot already has that, but not the "arrow stream to the best airport for gliding to.
  13. The new GTN Xi software update makes things even easier. Garmin brought back a shortcut bar like the knob on the GNS that cycled from NAV- Waypoint-Aux-NRST, so from any page you can quickly take a shortcut to another page. So, for example, say you're on the MAP page and want to load an approach. Instead of a number of Taps to get to the Procedures Page, you'd just twist the knob a couple of turns and you're on the Procedures Page. You can set up a number of shortcuts that best suit your flying needs.
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