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  1. Lifetime flight miles are the number of miles towards Million Miler status. Miles that don't expire are earned miles you can use for upgrades or free tickets or similar.
  2. I don't see the O2 system adding 50 pounds. In my plane, it is a kevlar wrapped 115 cf tank, that weighs about 17 pounds. I have a 252 upgraded to Encore specs, with O2, but not TKS, I have a 1119 pound useful load. So 3x 200 pounds of people, 150 pounds for TKS with fluid, there is still 350 pounds for fuel and luggage. In the mid teens, I do about 175 KTAS at 10 GPH. I have a upcoming flight that is 550 nm, it flight plans at 3 hours 11 minutes and 42 gallons. So take off with about 50 gallons, would leave you 50 pounds for luggage. Obviously, with only 2 people, you could carry 200 more fuel/luggage
  3. A question, the Garmin EIS on a G3X does have the fuel required to destination and fuel remaining at destination like the JPIs?
  4. These days you can get a rough estimate of install of between 50% to 100% of the cost of the equipment. The range is due to things like it costs pretty much the same to install a GTN-750 and a 650, but the equipment cost is a LOT more for the 750. Also, as you do more at one time, the percentage goes down as you have already paid for taking the interior and inspection panels apart and putting it back together.
  5. BTW, you do not want to capacity check your battery often. It stresses the battery. Concorde has a table of how often to test based on age of the battery and last test.
  6. My trip was golden. Tail wind MD to Longview. About neutral the next two legs. Tailwind home. At one point, 52 knots directly on the tail. 229 ground speed. But a 40 knot head wind, I am still doing 135 over the ground. The Cherokee would be doing 68. Headwinds are less of a factor the faster you go. Heck, 40 knots headwind in a T-38 still has you doing 500 knots.
  7. Actually about a wash on painting every 10 years. Delta is $200 per month. 10 years that is $24,000. Which is about a paint job these days. I am still a HUGE fan of being in a hangar.
  8. When my panel is done, I will have a G3X on a back up battery. A G5 with a 4+ hour internal battery. An AERA 760 with battery. And iPad with GPS. Belt AND suspenders.
  9. DEFINITELY check with YOUR insurer. They have different definitions of what constitutes the same aircraft.
  10. You should be able to sell a new, never isntalled 830 for most of the cost. The 900 and getting rid of the legacy instruments, frees up a lot of panel space. The GPS connection to the JPI is FANTASTIC.
  11. What I did was find a plane that had a panel I could live with, but worked in putting away the money for the panel I wanted. I would definitly get something with WAAS.
  12. I don't use my points for free tickets, I use them for upgrading. Many times I will call and the agent will look into alternate times/dates and find a fare with upgrade (booked) that works for me.
  13. I have had no issue with my Mini 6 getting a position. Even in non-window seats. I have not tried my iPhone 14, but my previous Xr did not work well on airplanes.
  14. They could mean M20C or the could mean any M20. ASK.
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