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  1. I use the gear to slow to pattern speed. You can put it out at a higher speed. And it creates more drag.
  2. The oxygen regulators in military aircraft start supplying O2 at 10,000 feet cabin altitude.
  3. With a small portable bottle, you may have to fill for a trip, even though it is not that far down. And many FBOs seem to charge by the fill, not how much O2 the fill takes. As for needing O2, that can change for a person. I was the guy in the USAF UPT in the altitude chamber that they gave up on as I was doing reasonably well after several minutes at 25,000. But a few years ago I developed asthma, possibly as a result of COVID. Now, I have onset of my hypoxia symptoms over 9,000 feet. So I set my O2D2 to start O2 at 5000. Also, unless you have done a chamber ride, you may not be seeing your hypoxia symptoms. They are difference for each person.
  4. THIS ^^^^^ Also a big fan. And there is the convenience. You don't have to hunt down a refill as often.
  5. Update your LHS to the C model. It checks the position of the gear switch (for electric gear) and only reminds you if the switch is not down.
  6. The PFD Max upgrade from Aspen is $5000. 1000MFD Max is about $10,000. Not sure of install costs. One factor is, the Aspen can drive legacy autopilots. The G3X will not. So if you go G3X, you also need to change to a GFC500. The G500TXi will drive your older autopilot, but the hardware is about double the G3X, so final price is about the same. I feel that the G3X/GFC500 setup, with a Garmin GTN gives more functionality and interoperation.
  7. Be prepared to wait. I contacted my FSDO for a replacement AWC (just worn out). I got directed to an online request. And then nothing for over almost two months.
  8. I assume your 1000PRD is a Max? If not, you need to upgrade it. My plane came with a 1000PFD (non-Max). By the time I upgraded the 1000PFD and added the Max 1000MFD, I was getting into G2X territory.
  9. I am having an 830 installed. Where can/did you put the oil temp sensor? I have to keep the original one as the 830 is cannot be primary.
  10. Hmm, the 757 went into operation in 1982. So some of those flying are older than my Mooney. YES, you need to maintain them, but you also need to maintain new aircraft.
  11. The rust converters I have used all required top coating with paint also.
  12. Any tips for cowl mounted landing light cover? I noticed mine is a bit discolored.
  13. My way of dealing with it...... Change to an 830.
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