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  1. I agree that they should make it easier to opt out, but the auto renew is nice that you don't forget to renew and find yourself without current databases. If you don't want it to renew, but it does, a quick call to Garmin (maybe not so quick) Aviation support and they will refund the unused portion of the pack you just bought.
  2. That must be like ricer (import tuner) HP. If I install 10 things that each claim to increase my HP by 10 HP, I now get 100 HP more than stock.
  3. Another thing with going all Garmin is resale. While Dynon seems to make good stuff, IMO, a buyer will pay a premium for a Garmin panel. No, you will not get your money back on the panel. I agree with others to fly your airplane a year. But no harm in starting to think and plan ahead of time.
  4. That was what came to my mind. With a bit of slip, the storm window would be at a low pressure area and help suck the door closed. You want to be slow, as the slip stream on the outside of the door creates "lift" to keep the door from closing.
  5. FYI, the picture looks like mine battery in my 252.
  6. I did the same in early 2022, still waiting. I have asked before and everyone said that they would eventually contact me, but I have sort of given up.
  7. Yeah, cowl plugs have a reason. And one tip, put them in so that the cord between them loops over a blade, so if you start without removing them, they get removed. People HAVE taken off with them in, and it is NOT cheap. I have not heard of issues with Mooneys and birds in the lower cowl.
  8. I am in the camp of the ones that say go ahead. You WILL have a steeper learning curve. And it WILL take some extra hours with an instructor. But it CAN be done. And you will be building time and experience in YOUR airplane. I love the Tiger. I did my PP in Tigers. I started looking at Tigers. But they were more than a vintage Mooney. And I looked at where I wanted to by, and bought my last plane (of this class) first.
  9. It is not that you cannot do it. It is about making it easier to do, thus providing safety in lower the risk of task saturation. I learned with 6 pack. An HSI was AMAZING. No autopilot (including in supersonic jets). But the modern stuff just means I have more time to think about the whole situation.
  10. If anyone else needs one, or any other KAP-150 parts I have them from my plane. And avionics shop will tag.
  11. Well, things are almost done, but had a bit of a snag last week. When they went to laser etch the labels on the left panel, it printed in Shadow letters. Also some labeling errors in the CB panel. The good news is, Power Coat is very durable. The bad news is Powder Coat is very durable. And hard to remove. Otherwise, all programming and configuration is done, including calibrating Cies senders. So, it should be done this week. Annual is being finished on Wednesday. The interior is running a bit slow. Having to light a fire under that guy.
  12. I was thinking to see if you could fine a bag that would work that is easy to get online. Not a custom one.
  13. Might be aerobatic. No aerobatic versions of Continentals.
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