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  1. They are meant to be flown by autopilot in my book and they have the panic button which will correct just about any unusual attitude (and I have tried some pretty funky ones). They are with out a doubt a very safe plane, sorry to hear of your loss.
  2. I have about 500hrs of SR22 time. The seats and seatbelts are wildly uncomfortable (and I hate Mooney seats as well, my #1 gripe). They are also awful to hand fly. That being said they are really a great airplane.
  3. The last paragraph is spot on and if the engine has been done once before usually you know what the status is on the crank. A buddy of mine just did a Senneca engine and went the factory route solely because we knew the crank wouldn’t make it. Was cheaper the sourcing a crank plus whatever.
  4. For regular rain I agree the plastic bags work well. For freezing rain though I find a good wool blanket works the best.
  5. What you really need to understand is any plane you buy is potentially thirty seconds from a overhaul. Great compressions the case cracks, great compressions it eats a valve, great compressions it busts a cam, and the list goes on. All a compression or leak test does is tell you it works today, not that it is good for tomorrow. People put way too much stock in them. Do not buy an airplane unless you are prepared to redo the engine (along with a lot of other stuff, let’s talk corrosion) at a moments notice. There are certainly ways to minimize the risk of purchase but no g
  6. Hangers are for losers, winners use the door.
  7. I keep a herd of Llamas in my hanger, no issues yet.
  8. My Executive comes with a sweet vacuum retractable step, for lesser Mooney’s I could see the need for a ladder.
  9. No comments other then rental car prices are nuts right now.
  10. Any supersonic plane is going to have the same issue as the A380 only worse. There are so few routes to use it on, you can’t sell enough to ever recoup investment costs.
  11. Long range tanks and TKS make that plane worth quite a bit for somebody looking for those things. You just have to find somebody looking for that.
  12. But what if you just made 10 louder, yeah but this one goes to 11…..
  13. I would just keep my existing free vacuum system when I upgraded. Love my G5 (soon to be 2), love my old vacuum with it.
  14. I kept my prehistoric standby vacuum system as well which prior to G5 Nirvana actually supported me through some bush league IMC to land one day.
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