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  1. Ever notice when you go to the beach you come back with sand everywhere and in parts of your body you thought not possible? What do you think happens when you have a bunch of sand underneath a cover that is tightly affixed but is still going to shift in the wind?
  2. Use big ass fans in big ass warehouses. Bring a gun to a knife fight, they work.
  3. My rule for flying around mountains is the higher the better. Not the place I would want to be trying to scrape the bottom of clouds down low.
  4. My preference would be early AM/late evening as you planned so I don’t get knocked around. If I had to get in at 1430 then I would be looking at what the vertical development was and their color. A cumulous that is 10-15000 feet might knock you around a bit but it isn’t going to kill you. Where possible stay VMC, you can navigate any weather you can see. Thunderstorms are serious business for sure but a lot of what people fret about are just clouds. If it is high and dark with lightening rippling through it, probably not good.
  5. 30yrs of flying with zero avionics fans. GTN650, 430, 500, MVP50, etc and no cooling fan. I don’t know how I have made it. The modern radios will turn off before they overheat (ala iPhone) but have never seen it. What I definitely don’t recommend is point anything from the outside where water might come in and end up on your electronics. Never had a radio melt yet.
  6. Quoted for truth. People carry way too much crap for the most part. Almost anything you need somebody will have where you land, crash, etc.
  7. I got a PM from a Canook A&P who had the solution. Thanks for all the replies.
  8. Sunshades work just as well. I can also leave my rears in when awful hot on the taxi out. Similar to ROP/LOP arguments everyone has their way. I will say though that a cover definitely will impact your paint in some fashion. At minimum you develop a tan line.
  9. Try 09J, but I am at the beach instead.
  10. Most of what causes corrosion is the humidity over time. This is why planes in places with high humidity see corrosion and ones in Arizona don’t. The cover isn’t going to fix that (nor does a hanger go stand in FLA hanger it is a moisture box) and any appreciable window leakage that might is going to become apparent quickly and fixed. A plane sitting on a ramp for 2yrs with no love and no cover, sure you could get some corrosion inside. But a flown plane that sits on a ramp not so much. Water isn’t the issue, water+time is the issue Corrosion X is a much better solution then a cover. But I appreciate we all have those things that help us sleep at night. I am going to do my tanks next year, I am nearly hysterical when I think about it worried the spar will have corrosion.
  11. If you are getting water inside the airframe with out a cover then you have other issues.
  12. What’s the PN on Spruce or elsewhere?