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  1. I told them push/pull for the 737-Max and they didn’t listen.
  2. Looks like the one in the left requires some assembly, does it come with instructions?
  3. What do you eat on long flights then?
  4. I think it is disingenuous to imply Mooney’s are roomy or a C/E has a big back seat to people looking to purchase. They are great planes as I note, I own one, overall best $ for results. They are definitely not the best planes out there and have short comings.
  5. At 10000’ you get 75% power with 21/27 in a NA Mooney so the RayJay helps in the climb especially when you are heavy. A light E will out climb you though. Once leveled off the E will pull away. The RayJay really doesn’t drive TAS until you put on O2 and the climb rate even with the turbo is anemic. Passing through 11000 you will see about 500 FPM and after 15-16’ish it gets less to keep the CHT down. I can get FL250 in the winter and light (me and full fuel) in about 50-60 mins. 190-210 tend to be the best TAS higher for the winds when applicable.
  6. A 1 & 5yr old aren’t much of an argument for backseat room. For the Kool-aide drinkers that want to do it feel free, for people actually thinking about a Mooney don’t believe it. Single pilot the low race car style seats with no knee bend suck after 3hrs. The back seat of F/G/J/etc. is very nice side saddle for 1 person (single in the back is the best seat in a Mooney). The back of a C/E sucks. Side by side in any Mooney you are going to rub shoulders in the front. Fast, economical, and cheap it’s why I bought one. It ain’t a Bonanza or Comanche though which if you got t
  7. In almost all scenarios the E will beat you, 4-5hr trip with nice tailwind the F likely wins but that’s about it. The bigger tanks in the F help as well. The F is the tortoise the E is the rabbit, but how often is the mission a marathon versus a 200NM ring. I own a TN-F and while it is faster up high FL190-210 being the sweet spot (160-170 TAS for me). The climb eats up your TAS gain unless it is a long leg or the winds vastly improve in the climb. The E is the best Mooney out there for 2.
  8. This is the correct answer it isn’t so much about speed, you don’t just hold 95 and it works out. You just have to figure out how to bleed off and add back energy, takes practice.
  9. Use the same. Won’t catch on fire and heats the gyros and radios up.
  10. E if you never travel more than 1hr with 2 people. F otherwise. https://www.wingsfinancial.com/recreational-vehicle-loans 84 months at 4.99%
  11. See about the same, it isn’t just Mooney owners. Everyone stretches their TAS #’s...
  12. There is nothing wrong with flying +12500. I own a turbo normalized airplane and fly long haul. It rarely benefits me to put on O2. Check out FlightAware and see how many GA folks on a given day are on O2, it isn’t much. The J and Ovation were successful for a reason in terms of sales. Mooney needs to stop trying to be the fastest piston in the world and instead be the best selling. Long range, high useful load, great economy, comfort, maximum TAS without O2. That’s what people spending $1M on a new plane want. PS You can fly your Mooney with +200lbs or more today.
  13. F33 completely out of the listed price range. For what he wants it is a J or F, I would lean to a well equipped F.
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