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  1. Rajay turbo

    I would have to dig the manual out but mine (recently overhauled) does 27 till around 18-19 then loses a inch per thousand from there. It will true out 160-165 at FL190. My controller works same as yours and the cabling was replaced/adjusted by Maxwell. So for what it is worth have the same experience as you.
  2. Got me an F Model!

    You are sure of yourself, you know what you want and people sense it. You are an Executive.
  3. If you are below flap speed they go up no problem. I see guys slamming the gear up at times 5’ off the runway. I don’t think Clarence or me are advocating waiting till 5000’. This is one of those common sense things where slowing down a bit probably does more for you.
  4. Some manual gear Mooney drivers get a little crazy on this imho. I like to get up and get going and verify all the gauges in the climb before I start dragging things up. No rush in my opinion and more to be gained by letting hanging longer than taking it up sooner.
  5. Survival Kit Discussion

    I will just add to the comments about a PLB. I have several monster survival kits which are fun to make. When it comes down to it though a PLB is really the thing you need.
  6. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    You also need a whole new cowling and an assortment of other things. It isn't a cheap or easy swap these days. There are also 2 STC's one for the engine (easy to get) and 1 for the airframe (impossible to get). John would have to comment but the airframe STC might only be for an F.
  7. Oil Cooler Relocation

    Have it on mine and after I RTV'ed around the gaps in the baffling it stays consistently 160-180 even when climbing into flight levels. Prior to sealing up gaps it would climb up into the yellow when I went high or got slightly excessive on nose pitch. Can't comment on the original setup but pleased with it and was done as part of SWTA cowling mod in the early 70's.
  8. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    My F turbo is 160-170kts at FL190-210. It still climbs like a pig (about 50 mins to 250) because of cooling needs. Unless you are really driving range it doesn't work out unless a strong tail wind and I commute between Chicago and NJ regularly, seldom use the turbo in the summer. In the winter ice becomes limiting. I can get 150-155 in the mid teens but again unless the wind is blowing I would rather add 20 mins to the flight than suck on O2. I plan 140kts and usually what I see at 65% and around 9.8-10.2gph.
  9. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    I use the blood of virgins in mine.
  10. Corrosion prevention

    Corrosion X every 2yrs and the occasional wash/wax not much else you need to do. My 2 cents.
  11. Ceiling level of a 77' 201

    If you had an Executive you could be at 250. Sadly you can't make use of the cigar lighter but the retractable step really shines.
  12. Ceiling level of a 77' 201

    There is a YouTube of one of Bill Kershner's former students taking a 150 to 17.5 and then spinning it down so I wouldn't see much of an issue with a Mooney getting about FL20 but it would be a long ride.
  13. Demonstrated crosswind is just that, what somebody demonstrated and it is not a regulatory limit (in other words just some guidance). From a practical stance you are going to lose ability to keep aligned with the rudder first. That just means you have to crab and kick (or land with side drift) and then your limit becomes your landing gear. At higher crosswind components it becomes less about control and more about how much punishment you want to put on the tire and the gear.
  14. Summer Cool Down For Quick Turns

    Lowering pitch is really the best and simplest solution. Dialing RPM back a bit can help as well.

    When in doubt flood it as Maurader says. I like to think of myself as an expert and every so often for whatever reason I have to revert to a flood start.