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  1. Probably for sex appeal more than anything else. I can't think of many NA planes with them but I am sure people will point out others.
  2. Somebody smarter than me can explain better but the thinner air as you go higher acts as an insulator not allowing the static to discharge. It really is only an issue in GA if you fly in the FL's hence why you see them on turbo Mooneys and not others.
  3. No different then a 45 just more back pressure. Technically anything over 59 is acrobatics and you need chutes with a passenger.
  4. Simple green aviation + mineral spirits to wash. Collinite cleaner wax + 845 to finish. You really won't find a better and cheaper combo.
  5. I was going to come add this in seriousness to the thread. Cycling the oil isn't really that necessary compared to a radial (governor works backwards and a lot more oil) the main purpose is to see that it actually works.
  6. TIT isn't really an issue with RayJay, CDT is more limiting because there is no intercooler. Something is wrong in your friends set up but there isn't enough information to determine what. I see the #4 cylinder run a bit hotter with the turbo on but nothing else. What power settings was he running, was he leaning 125 ROP or LOP?
  7. Just 400 HP ones. My Executive sips 1.2 GPH running 300 degrees LOP at 450kts.
  8. Cycle the prop with full flaps, cowl flaps half open, and 50 degrees LOP while slowly richening to 100 degrees ROP.....
  9. I can't hear you.
  10. They are ok if you do them 100 LOP....
  11. Half flaps
  12. Is it a new problem or an old problem. You mention Gami's, resetting fuel flow, etc. Has it been the same through all this, different, etc.
  13. I would figure out where it is going before I start tearing the engine apart. If it is burning a quart every 30mins and it is the rings you are going to see smoke and oil out the exhaust. If you don't then it is probably something else. Certainly going somewhere but until you know where how can you know what to fix?
  14. Mine was overhauled by me and works the same way it did before with the exception that I don't suck in exhaust valves. Oil consumption is sort of like EGT temps. People get way too worked up over it and it is fairly variable. https://www.avweb.com/news/savvyaviator/192775-1.html My 2 cents
  15. How much oil do you put in it (anything above 6 I find leaves mine) and have somebody look to see if you have white smoke coming out when you are running it.