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  1. What? Two complete electronic ignition systems to replace a D3000?
  2. A couple of random thoughts: * Having a standalone engine monitor means that if your G3X display craps out, you don't lose primary engine instrumentation * The Garmin EIS is afaik unique in that you can display all of the engine instruments on your iPad using Garmin Pilot, so if the screen crapped out you could potentially limp somewhere VFR using GP for instrumentation (Not commenting on the legality of #2 as a primary alternative, just pointing it out as a differentiating factor.)
  3. My 89 is exactly the same. So if it's a mod, it's a popular mod
  4. I’m actually a big fan of dedicated aviation devices, and I agree with all of your logic above. But I’ll also confess that setting a 760 next to an iPad just makes it look sort of “old” for three to four times the price. Completely agree that it doesn’t impact functionality much.
  5. The thing that surprised me about the 760 (and the 796) is that the resolution is identical to the decade-old 696. I’m sure that this makes the software development simpler, but it just seems odd to have zero improvement in resolution over several hardware releases. Especially since that’s a key improvement of the GTN Xi series.
  6. When I finished by PPL 150 years ago, I bought two pairs of DC H10-13.2S headsets. One of them I upgraded with the Headsets, Inc. kit, as several others have mentioned above. I don't think I've ever had a better headset at noise reduction (the DCs are far far better than the lightweight ANC headsets at passive reduction - they seem to depend almost entirely on ANC - and the Headsets, Inc. ANC does just fine). I've now been through a series of Bose headsets, and I don't think they've ever really beaten the DCs on perceived noise level, though they are much lighter and maybe more comfort
  7. I think I'd be much more comfortable with a 1000-hour engine that's running well and has no known issues than a newly-overhauled engine. I'd certainly do a compression and borescope before departing for a RTW trip, but even a new overhaul that I quickly flew 100 hours on would be less comfortable for me than a 1000-hour engine that's been perfect for years. The A3B6 already has independent mags. I think a factory new Lycoming is back to flat tappets with some sort of diamond coating.
  8. Yeah, maybe. But I see references to the GFC500 all over the place. If it were an experimental feature, I would expect references to experimental autopilots. Here's a quote from the Sporty's review: "There are still more options for connecting to panel-mount avionics. You can find and upload frequencies to a GTR 200/225 COM radio (using an optional power/data cable), send VFR route guidance to G3X and GFC 500 autopilots, and upload/download fight plans wirelessly to FlightStream 210/510 devices. In short, if you have a panel full of Garmin avionics, the aera 760 will play very well
  9. The integrated AHRS is a significant differentiating factor from other portable units that require an external attitude source. If you lose everything else, you've still got nav and attitude on a self-contained battery-powered unit. But if it isn't reliable, then that's worse than not having it.
  10. The FAA publications really are underrated. They're quite good, and ultimately they're the source material (at least in part) for all of the expensive third-party test prep courses.
  11. The one thing that remains murky for me about the 760 is its alleged ability to drive a GFC500 ... I've seen references to this in Garmin marketing materials, but I don't have any clear understanding of how this would work (or whether there is some sort of reversionary capability if a G5 dies). Any insights on the AP integration stuff? (I always assumed that this was a throwback to an experimental setup where your primary flight display and AP controller might be a handheld, but that doesn't seem particularly relevant to a certified aircraft.)
  12. Is this available online somewhere? I have no Bonanza connections, but sounds interesting.
  13. I don't understand why an insurance company would reject a BasicMed applicant. I've heard little to suggest that a third class physical is more comprehensive than a BasicMed physical. What's the deal?
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