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  1. To echo all of the comments made previously.. Buy the plane you want at a price you can afford. Make sure you've got enough money in the bank to overhaul the engine. If you've flown it for a year with no problems, good compressions, and clean oil samples, put the overhaul money into the panel and fly it even more.
  2. This is a key part of our collective delusion. We buy a plane for X, spend X/10 every year on it, and spend X/2 every ten years or so on a big upgrade project. By the time we're ready to sell, we've spent 3X on the bird, but we still tell ourselves that we bought it for X, and that airplanes appreciate over time.... so if we sell for 1.0000001X, we've made a profit, and we can confidently spend more money on the next one. It's an investment
  3. Unfortunately, I didn't have an app either when I lost my tach. But I've carried both of these apps on every flight since then
  4. For what it's worth, these apps are surprisingly accurate, and nice peace of mind if your tach goes inop during a flight... Well worth having one around. (The Android one is free.. the iOS one is kind of expensive, but works equally well.)
  5. My impression was that they had crashed the gate at the base - probably one of those wooden bar things. They were both high on meth, and the driver had above-overdose levels, so the thinking was that he may have swallowed a bag before driving so the police wouldn't get it. In any case, they probably would have been hard to stop with anything less than a physical barrier. Kind of surprising that they didn't have a more serious physical barrier - even one of those pointy stop strip things - at the entrance. But since they were crazy high on drugs, they may have just driven straight through a perimeter fence. Dunno. In any case, both the driver and passenger died after hitting the F18.
  6. Well, the other thread was nominally about Aeroshell pricing, and I'm specifically interested to know whether folks are going to be switching to the multiweight Victory oil - and why.
  7. If you could buy oil that comes with the Camguard additive, I'd be far more interested than I am in buying a separate bottle and mixing it myself. But I understand that a lot of people like it. For me, being able to buy a spare quart at an FBO on the road is a concern, and I don't want to stress about adding Camguard. Even if it's objectively better than oil with the Lycoming additive premixed.
  8. I was a user of Exxon Elite for many years, now using Aeroshell 15w50. Never liked Phillips XC because I didn't want to fiddle with an additive to get anticorrosion. But a petroleum multiweight with the Lycoming additive built-in is very intriguing. Not trying to beat the long-dead oil vs oil horse, but I'm definitely interested in arguments for switching to the multiweight Victory oil. (I'm assuming that this oil will have XC-level availability, which means basically every FBO on the planet - a great argument by itself.)
  9. AP coverage of the same warning: ... And the warning itself, from the CISA, courtesy of some security firm called Rapid7 ...
  10. For everyone who loves working with BendixKing for sales and support, and loves TruTrak products - it's a match made in heaven But seriously, this is not surprising.
  11. I think it was an Antonov, but still.
  12. SL92-1_SN24_1686-2999.pdf Granted you already know that your aircraft is not eligible, I thought maybe the document would add something to the discussion..
  13. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that for the relevant serial number range, this is *not* an STC. The 2900# gross weight is part of the a/c type certificate. Some of the late J models benefit from the higher gross weight that became available for the MSE.
  14. That might be even more obvious than something on the nose gear - though I really would like something that they are forced to remove before they can hook up a tow bar. This might be a great opportunity for an enterprising MSer to make tens of dollars