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  1. From what I understand, the right-seater was 13 years younger and a highly experienced CFI with decades in the airframe. Doesn’t mean there wasn’t a medical issue, but it seems like there was something else in play
  2. Looks like Aviation Safety has a new article that touches on this accident. I'm not a subscriber, so I can only see the preview, but might be an interesting postscript. https://www.aviationsafetymagazine.com/accident_probes/time-in-type/
  3. Does anyone have an example of the mx log entry made after an owner install of a WAT landing light?
  4. At the risk of a minor threadjack, I will point out that Garmin determined early in the GFC500’s certified life that they had produced a bunch of bad servos and they had a quiet recall of the affected units. We had a GFC500 installed in the Piper right after the STC became available, and the AP started the pitch oscillations within a few months. Garmin replaced all of the servos at their cost, and the problem has not returned. I have to wonder whether some of the affected aircraft have the “bad” servos installed?
  5. Former hangar mate stockpiled AV-1 before it was taken off the market. So I still have 30+ cases in my hangar, but it isn’t really used for anything. It’s basically just a conversation starter at this point
  6. For anyone who has Kindle Unlimited, all of Busch’s books are included for “free.”
  7. @BSrigley might have some insight into the plane’s flying habits. I think he was a former partner in this ac?
  8. When I read this, an ancient 1L synapse fired that said “Palsgraf”
  9. Agree with A. It’s pretty unusual for an airplane engine to crap out at cruise, and if you have enough fuel to reach better weather in one direction or another, this doesn’t sound especially risky to me. It would be far riskier to depart with low ceilings for a 5nm radius around the airport and then fly 300 miles of CAVU than to depart VFR and fly over 300 miles of low ceilings with a conservative approach at the other end.
  10. I'm pretty sure that's the same thread I linked in the previous message
  11. Looks like the utility company is updating via Twitter: https://twitter.com/PepcoConnect/status/1597013698287063040
  12. Probably the same as this one from the safety forum?
  13. I wasn’t able to find one at LASAR that looked like my stock one. If you have a link, I’d much appreciate it
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