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  1. I know about as much as you do about this (basically I posted a link to the same article here a month or so ago :))... But I believe that there are no currently-manufactured actuators for the J model. If you actually need a new one, they show up from time to time on ebay for 8 or 9 grand. But you can have them rebuilt by a reputable shop for more like 1. I think that Lasar does these. The spring itself can be hard to find, but several people have mentioned this already to @Jonnyand I believe it's on his radar screen for new parts availability. MS has great history on the no-back sp
  2. So iirc this applies only to the Eaton actuators and not to the Plessy actuators. Anyone happen to know whether it's possible to tell without disassembly whether you have an affected unit?
  3. KAXX is particularly challenging because the prevailing winds through the valley are almost always west-to-east, but the runway is north-south (constrained by terrain) so you have very frequent crosswinds. It's a massive runway, about 8900x100 iirc but it's also at about 8300' altitude. If you're heavily loaded in a SEP, best to have flexible travel plans There's a local pilot that made a nice YouTube video with Google Earth animation showing best practices for departure. Well worth a watch before a first visit.
  4. Works great. Dropbox player loads immediately and allows playing in browser. So yeah, it's a way bigger download, but you don't notice so much since you're watching the presentation while it happens
  5. I have no idea whether there is a size limit on MS uploads, but the video could definitely benefit from higher resolution - the charts are quite pixelated and hard to read (your narration is great and very clear, but the charts themselves are hard to make out). TBH, if you have the storage available, it might be nice to have a high-res cloud storage link option that could be streamed. It took a few minutes to download this low-res version from MS on gigabit internet, and I suspect that the 800mb version could be closer to 10 minutes.
  6. Email notifications from MS resumed last night, Oct 23. So there was about a 17-day radio silence period (for me, anyway).
  7. For what it’s worth, I ran an O-360 to 2500 hours almost exclusively on AV-1. It was in perfect shape with great compression at OH (which was done purely for my own post-TBO paranoia). There were problems with big-bore turbo Continentals, and Mobil picked a fight with a guy who bought his ink by the barrel, but the oil did great in a little NA four-banger.
  8. Several quarts or several cases? If it's several quarts, I'd say use them to top off your XC during the warm months and don't worry about it. I've got w100plus in my engine now and nearly had a panic attack recently - parked away from home overnight during a cold snap (about 17F). I very seriously considered putting a quart of oil in a microwave. Fortunately temps had recovered to about 70F before departing and it was a non-issue.
  9. Technically I think you’ll need a radio shop to sign off the 510 install. Garmin won’t sell a 510 directly to certified aircraft owners (you would have to buy the experimental version). I would hope that most shops would do this for a minimum amount of labor, but still.
  10. I’ve actually ended up installing Tapatalk. I generally avoid third-party forum reader apps, since I think they benefit MS less than subscribing directly and using the native app. But zero notifications in four days feels like something definitely isn’t working on one end or the other. Anyway, Tapatalk notifications work fine.
  11. I haven't seen an email for followed content since the 6th. Did something change?
  12. I used an app called TinyScanner to make a very high quality PDF of my flight manual. I never ever ever touch the real one (which sits in a seat back pocket and does not move). It takes a little while to do, but the app is great about reorienting the pages and adjusting contrast for readability. You basically just flip through the book, snapping a picture of each page, and then process the whole thing at the end. It took me about an hour, one time, and I haven't given it another thought. https://apps.apple.com/td/app/tiny-scanner-plus/id556500145 https://play.goo
  13. Not sure if this is already widely known. My GP subscription was up, and I went to renew yesterday. Garmin charges $159 for the "IFR" Premium/Pro version, plus sales tax and other fees that for me totaled about $176 buying direct. Anyway, I found that you can buy either the VFR "Standard" or the IFR "Pro" version on Aircraft Spruce and they charge no taxes or other fees. The total savings for me buying on Aircraft Spruce versus buying direct from Garmin was about $24 for the IFR version. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/avpages/garminapppro.php It took a day for
  14. AOPA sold all of their accounts to Assured Partners, which is a much larger organization and has been on an acquisition binge. Service has definitely suffered. AP is still an AOPA "partner," so theoretically your premium still supports AOPA.
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