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  1. These images night not be viewable to anyone without a newish iPhone.. might be worth converting to regular jpegs.
  2. I think to myself.... given the trouble that so many people on MS have had lately with insurance for certified land planes, I can't imagine what a pain it must be to get coverage for an experimental seaplane..
  3. I use MyFlightBook as an electronic pilot's log, but it also has some decent interval tracking features including flight currency, medical, and aircraft maintenance. Well worth a look. Completely free, and available for iOS/Android/web. https://myflightbook.com/ https://apps.apple.com/us/app/myflightbook/id349983064 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myflightbook.android&hl=en_US&gl=US
  4. If Bob is the one who wrote (or performed) the MAPA evaluation for the J, then that's my source too Pretty much everything I do with power settings is from MAPA guidance.
  5. I only ever use 2500rpm for cruise. If it's a normal cross country flight, it's always 2500+WOT. Simple as it gets. If I'm going any distance at a low altitude, I'm normally at 21" or less. But I don't particularly like going any distance at 2k unless it's in a PA-18
  6. Photo shows a 530, not a 530W. If there was a factory upgrade to add WAAS, it really should be spelled out in the description. @mooniac58heads up on this one.
  7. Btw, looks like this thread put you over 10,000 posts. Cheers
  8. Given the apparently disproportionate number of fatal accidents resulting from CFIT or continued VFR into IMC, I suspect that the nature of a pilot's flying activities would be super relevant to an actuary. A low-experience pilot who has high personal minimums and a flexible schedule seems far less likely to be involved in a fatal accident, simply because s/he avoids the scenarios that produce fatalities. If you're just flying a local tour with severe clear and no wind, you might not be gaining much experience, but you're also avoiding a few of the most popular ways to die in an airplane.
  9. I posted this in a different thread a while back - very similar thing I made a couple of years ago. Great minds think alike
  10. @OSUAV8TERis your guy. https://mooneyspace.com/topic/35918-fs-switcheon-remote-power-electrical-switch-199-299
  11. Sounds good, thanks. I'll have this decision to make sometime in the next few months. I'm interested to see whether Electroair can get their dual mag solution certified by then, but I'm also not sure that I want to be a guinea pig.
  12. Yeah, dunno. I never had the problem with headsets from other manufacturers, and never had a problem with Bose before the A20. But I would have sworn up and down that the A20 issue was something coming from the aircraft and not from the headset - until I finally exhausted other options and tried the alkaline thing.
  13. Fwiw... here’s the quote from the Bose manual: ”Warning: Replace batteries with alkaline batteries only. Do not use any other battery chemistries.”
  14. I’m only dealing with single-use batteries.. I’ve never tried rechargeables in a headset. Bose says that only alkaline batteries may be used (but I didn’t know this when I spent months chasing down the source of the ear-splitting noise). The screeching from lithium batteries was really awful.
  15. What kind of headset is it? As crazy as it sounds, I had a horrible screeching sound in my Bose A20 and I went down every rabbit hole trying to isolate the source of the noise. Turned out that you can’t use lithium batteries in an A20. I replaced with alkaline, and never had the problem again.
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