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  1. Shadrach

    Wedding news

    Looks to have been a beautiful event. Whomever chose the food has excellent taste! Incidently, We had Dangermouse in the US. I watched it as a kid in the 80s on Nickelodeon. Penfold was a character in the show but not in the the title. I grew up watching Brit TV on pbs.
  2. Shadrach

    M20J CHTs

    Because number three is butted up against the baffle seal wall. Cylinders on the right side of the engine are oriented with their fins facing forward. Mooney attempted to account for this by putting a pocket behind the cylinder to allow airflow around the barrel. It’s sufficient but just barely. If not aligned it’s even less effective. Here’s an old thread from years ago that I started on the subject. Scroll to post 15 for images of what I’ve explained above.
  3. Shadrach

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    Thanks David. Certainly lower profile than any vintage cowl and probably moreso than a stock J. I’m really excited about this. I thought the Gen 1 looked pretty sweet but thought the drag reduction would be modest. This looks like it might compare with the lopresti cowl in terms of drag. Will be following your progress closely. Looks great so far.
  4. That’s how they all work, but the annunciatior is at the switch, not the door.
  5. It means that cable “A” should push Armature “B” forward and upward passed the straight position (center) so that the end of the armature ”C” locks against the stop bolt “D”. It would then be locked in the over center position. In that position, airflow would simply push the Armature tighter against the lock.
  6. Good catch! That’s likely why there’s no lock on the cable. It’s clearle not overcenter in the posted pic.
  7. Shadrach

    Help with an engine problem

    What is several degrees? A significant EGT increase would lead me to believe that the cylinder in question is going from dual ignition to single ignition during the “rough phase”. Hank and Rich have both giving you good advice above. Look forward to learning what you find.
  8. Yeah, that looks like an early J. Would be interesting to know what years the design changes took place.
  9. I just looked through the ICP. The 67 model does not have the triangular frame or the linkage is associated with it. The rammer on my 67F is simply a cable with a naked conduit. The conduit is held in a fixed position near the ram air door. The cable connects directly to the Armature.
  10. Yeah, lots of changes. The twist to lock is what preceded yours and I think began in 74 or 75. I thought it endured through the early Js but you learn something new every day.
  11. I have my doubts about your locking mechanism failing. A good way to verify the integrity of the locking cable would be to try and pull it open without the depressing the button. If that checks out then I would verify that the annunciator light switch that attaches to the cable is tight and properly adjusted to annunciate only in the open position.
  12. We’re talking about two different birds in this thread. Both the 67 and the 76 M20F have RAM Air but the locking mechanism is different for each. The 76 has a twist to lock cable in the 67 has a pushbutton lock mechanism. Also my ram air door does not have all of those linkages shown in the photo. I’m going to have a gander at the IPC to make sure mine is stock. As for the two of you having problems with the door opening in flight. The first thing to do is to verify there’s no slop in the system. The second thing to do is to in sure the cable is properly secured at a point that gives adequate travel for the door to open and close. The last thing I would do is ensure that the cable locks. There’s little else to malfunction other than the door hinge itself. Your mechanic needs to make sure the cable is secure (see red arrows). If the cable can slide within the clamps, your door will not operate correctly.
  13. The warning light is activated by cable position, not door position. I suspect that both of the aircraft in this thread need to have their Ram Air doors rerigged.
  14. Shadrach

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    Looks to me like it was inspired by the late great Studebaker Bullet nose. I’m trying to imagine the “natural inspiration” to which you’re referring. Those three large protrusions would give new meaning to the term “Gross Anatomy”.
  15. Shadrach

    M20 F cockpit fuel drain.

    Check the fuel pump drain.