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  1. 6 S/N apart means they likely came off the line within days of one another.
  2. probably more. I installed my gtx335 under supervision for about $3500. $2800 for the box, $100 in Coax, $200 for the data correspondence check. $400 to the supervising IA. I did move a lot of instruments around and have him perform a W&B.
  3. My friend did this with his Comanche 250. Apparently the Stabilator blocks the GPS. After fighting with it for 2 months hes done (he's an IA). UAvionix would not take a trade on wingbeacon and they would not yellow tag the unit for him to sell. He got some trade in love from an avionics shop and is installing Appereo Stratus ESG ~$2800 for the unit. To each there own. Sometimes cheap is not inexpensive. I'm sure all makes have had issues. I've just heard a fair amount of uAvionix buyers remorse. If I had it to do again I would have gone with the Stratus ESG over the GTX335.
  4. I know the reg. I was asking Chris to provide the reg stating that it was a "One time exception". I was confident that that statement did not exist within the reg when I asked the question. While it's well understood that the FAA does not want aircraft based with in mode C rings to use the waiver as a permanent solution the waiver does not exist as a one time exception.
  5. I am not a fan of the tail beacon. I know of at least two owners that are challenged by their decision to install a TailBeacon. The location is sub optimal for both receiving GPS Data from Satellites above and broadcasting down to ADS-b Stations on the ground. Much better to have a dedicated GPS antenna receiving on the top of the fuselage and a dedicated ADS-b antenna on the belly broadcasting below.
  6. offers a lot of bang for the buck It is geared towards test prep (has all of the FAA tests for study, practice and explanation. Subscriptions prices are reasonable and includes free downloads of pertinent literature. Decent app. Test questions can be downloaded and used offline.
  7. I did all of the above. Controller was not flexible. opposite of my experience when bound for Danbury earlier that day. The New York controllers were very accommodating over and above expectations (this has been my experience time and time again). I was bound to have a mediocre experience with them at some point. Is the exact opposite in the DC/Balt metro area. I’m actually surprised to get accommodating controllers in that area.
  8. The FAST course on the SFRA as well as the AOPA information that I studied on the subject matter did not make mention of any of this useful information. I guess I should’ve come here first...
  9. Yes, I know. I wanted the "Skyline route" which is in the Bravo. I just wanted to be at the floor of the Bravo 1300msl rather than at 2000msl.
  10. Thanks.That makes sense. He could have just told me to ask Newark after the handoff. Still a nice trip.
  11. IIRC it was approach and I was Southbound in the vicinity of Alpine Tower.
  12. I think you’re likely correct. He didn’t want to assign me anything under 2000 in the bravo so it was that or <1300. The way he phrased it left me thinking that I had misunderstood the rules.
  13. So 1) not my first rodeo with New York area controllers and 2) I’ve found New York area controllers to be some of the most accommodating and professional in the country. Potomac Tracon could take notes. I believe the Controller specifically said descending below 2000msl would put me in the exclusion. I don’t see how 2000msl would be any more convenient than 1500MSL. I did not receive a single traffic call out I was well outside the bravo.