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  1. Shadrach

    Wish me luck...

    Pretty sure Don Maxwell sells the mechanical sending units with the factory installation drawings for a very reasonable price. install is easy for a person with the proper tools. Only requires a A&P log book entry to install.
  2. Shadrach

    Don't be like this guy

    That voice... where have I heard that voice?
  3. I have a previous engagement or I’d be there. The airways is pretty good old school diner food. There are loads of really excellent choices in town. Have a good time folks!
  4. Shadrach

    Wish me luck...

    It seems that edge of the fuel at the gas cap is closer to 10gal usable for my F but it’s good to be conservative.
  5. Shadrach

    Wish me luck...

    No Mooney accidents listed at W78. Are you referring to the C model that crashed at W75 November of last year? That gentleman was not an experienced Mooney pilot in the least. He was heavily credentialed and I am sure a great stick but under 30hrs in type.
  6. Shadrach

    Mooney + Porsche

    Or an EMP attack from Putin! There has been one case of a Glasair that was equipped with a fixed timing mag and an electronic ignition being struck by lightning. It fried both radios and the transponder but both Mag and Electronic ignition continued to operate normally.
  7. Shadrach

    Will the engine run on water? Almost found out!

    Did you replace the inner O-rings as well? I’d be very concerned if this came from a fuel truck/farm. That being said, the likelyhood of that amount of water making into the pick up is pretty unlikely. I’m glad you you checked it though. I always sump my tanks...fear of sabatoge.
  8. Sold pending pics. Send me a private message.
  9. Shadrach

    Mooney + Porsche

    Super smooth but not they are not efficient engines for the power produced. He must be running a reduction gearbox. Though light weight, it seems like a poor choice for an Aeroengine.
  10. Shadrach

    Mooney + Porsche

    Nothing I have seen looks like primary electronic ignition system. There are STCs available but only for one mag. This means one fixed timing ignition source and one variable. This negates almost all of the advantage of having the variable ignition source. Mike Busch's article in this months (or was it last) AOPA Pilot speaks to the FAA's illogical position on this issue. Speaking of Porsche, consider that the last air-cooled model (993) they made rolled off the assembly line in 1998 with 220CI engine sporting a compression ratio 11.3 to 1. The engine made just over 270HP on pump gas... Variable ignition timing would solve so many issues. I can think of no other single design change that would be as revolutionary. It would allow aeroengines to run lower octane fuel as well as higher compression ratios. More thermally efficient engine would reduce fuel consumption (an area that our engines already outperform most of their automotive competition) and allow for more power at altitude. With solid state electronics, reliability is improved, not diminished. There is no downside...
  11. Shadrach

    Mooney + Porsche

    Ah yes the Wankel, the smoothness of a turbine but with added complexity and higher BSFC... An air cooled Porsche engine could quite easily make an excellent aircraft engine. The thing is, we already have excellent aircraft engines. We just have lousy ignition management systems.
  12. I'm in the market for gear preload rigging tools.
  13. Shadrach

    Fly with a bad fuel pump?

    I second this question. It should be quite easy to see if the engine is fuel starved; if that is confirmed, then move to the why. Engine driven pumps do fail, but it is not very common. Definitely part of the "flow" (points for easy pun). In fact I can think of nothing in the trouble shooting process that should come ahead of electric fuel pump...perhaps verifying fullest tank.
  14. Shadrach

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Agree on all counts! The best is subjective! Whats your useful load?
  15. Shadrach

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    It’s a great mag! Glad you're enjoying it!