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  1. Agree with the above but would add the caveat that one needs to know enough about how engines behave to identify that the engine is LOP or isn’t. Most properly maintained NA Lycs will run very far LOP (especially at higher MPs) but if your behind one that doesn’t, it’d be good to be able to recognize the situation. At low power it doesn’t matter. I will also say that leaning until rough and enrichening until smooth would put my engine way leaner than optimal at most any altitude. This may be more true for engines timed to 25°.
  2. I’ve hand propped a few modern planes but I don’t go out of my way to do it. The most awkward was a twin bonanza with two bladed props. The way the prop was indexed (~7:00 IIRC) to the compression stroke was not comfortable at all. I’d probably pass on it today. I think hand propping a low compression 4 cylinders from behind is pretty easy but I probably have 100lbs on Martha. She looks like a tiny little thing so I imagine it takes about all she’s got.
  3. For an E model book landing ground roll is 600ft, so 50/70 take off abort should be very doable even at a 2100” strip. I use a 1800” strip regularly and I like to be airborne by mid point. I limit myself to 2300lbs for strips under 2000’ unless it’s the dead of winter.
  4. Fair enough but it read like you were suggesting that I had put forth a false dichotomy.
  5. I’m an older dad of a three and five-year-old. (47 earlier this month). I wish that gap was shrinking for me... I exist on 4 to 5hrs a night. 6 is a godsend. It’s my mind that is restless not my children. I look forward to less interesting times...
  6. I hope I have a chance to unpack and respond before the lock... Maybe tonight after the kids are down.
  7. Wait, are you accusing me of the above fallacy? It's exactly the thing I was arguing against.
  8. My best guess is the latter. I was diagnosed 28 years ago. Lots of environmental changes since then. Symptoms have varied but never resolved completely even with biologics. I ceased all treatment in October because of odd and rare side effects associated with Enbrel. Symptoms worsened a bit heading into Christmas (normal for the dry season). I contracted Covid19 on or about December 30. I noticed psoriasis symptoms were resolving a few days after my Covid19 diagnosis (early January). By the time I was out of quarantine psoriasis was gone. After the skin healed, I went from patches of mil
  9. 99 out of 100 agree? That may be your perception but I’ve seen no evidence that it”s a reality. I appreciate the anecdotal evidence from your epidemiology friends but that’s merely a data point. I was in finance for many years, I have seen firsthand the power of credentialed peer pressure on consensus thinking. I do not put a lot of stock in consensus; I like data analysis. Unfortunately, it is hard to have good real-time data analysis during a crisis. I certainly listen to people in the consensus, but I am absolutely, always looking for dissenting opinions. There is no risk in being a member
  10. Indeed. I’d like to know as well. It did not just improve, it completely resolved for several months. I have searched for others with similar outcomes and had no luck.
  11. I'm not stating fact but more observation. Many of the people on this board and elsewhere point to correlations that support their POV and ignore correlations that do not. Many people on this board and elsewhere act as though the medical community is a monolith in lock step agreement about the actions that are being taken and anyone who dares to question those actions is often maligned as anti-data, anti-science or anti-social.
  12. If you nail your approach speed and don't float the extra 5-10mph isn't going to add much to ground roll probably less than 300'. I don't really have a specific formula I use these days. If I can hold runway heading in a slip on final than it is very likely that their will be less correction needed in the flare.
  13. I'm pretty sure the Bullett STC called for low compression pistons given the fact that the engine is boosted (38" initially and then reduced to 33" per AD in 1993). If your plane has standard 8.7/1 pistons the plane has not been operated in accordance with the STC. If it does have the correct pistons per the STC, they will need to be changed in order to conform to the TCDS and also as a practical matter.
  14. I have thought about it a lot. The only other variable is the Vitamin D3 brand. Perhaps what I have been taking lately is of lower quality. I am hopeful but realistic. The only symptom of covid-19 that was really bothersome for me was losing my sense of taste/smell and the occasional, very odd phantom cigarette smoke smell that would fill my nose randomly and inexplicably. It was so intense that I initially had an odd sort of olfactory nostalgia for my college years. The nostalgia was short lived and then it was just gross...
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