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  1. My thoughts as well. The NTSB will be able to tell from the impact marks. Determining the impact scenario will be relatively easy compared to the cause. Does anyone know if they were IFR at the time? hopefully the pilot gave ATC some insight into the nature of the problem.
  2. That is an anchor nut.
  3. I'll take a pic sometime this week.
  4. This is a common issue after re-installation. Once the issue is solved, it usually remains trouble free.
  5. Did he make you take it all the way to the break or just the buffet? Full break, flaps and gear will get your blood flowing...
  6. The point of the thread is can you go around in landing configuration. Which we agree is not necessary as the plane can be cleaned up. The reason I think the threads like this start is the idea that reconfiguring from landing configuration in climb is dangerous and or the notion that these birds won't climb in the landing configuration. Neither of those things is actually true so I posted some numbers. Every one knows that climbing at reduced airspeed at full power is suboptimal.
  7. I don't think that angle looks unsustainable. I was asked to do departure stalls during a flight review while I was breaking in newly installed cylinders. Even in a lowly 200hp F model the deck angles at which it would fly were impressive, only to be outdone by the left wing drop when it broke at full power.
  8. improper trim is another possibility. About 5 secs from lift off to impact.
  9. We will likely never know what would make someone lift off at and immediately pitch to what appears to be a 30° nose up in the first 1300' of runway. It seems especially odd given the first single story obstacle is 2400' ahead and there are no major obstacles anywhere in first mile of the departure corridor over three stories.
  10. Don't shoot for typical climb speeds. See what 80 - 85Mias will yield. It'll seem slow but is still 1.5*Vso. I think you will be surprised.
  11. I could say the extra 20hp makes all the difference but I don't think it does. I think it makes some difference. An M20C with everything hanging out should easily be able to climb out at >500FPM.
  12. I would avoid using a wire wheel with anything. 3M general adhesive remover has worked well for me. This is not the citrus spray which is only really suitable for removing sticker residue.
  13. I believe all Stratus use USB C. I don’t bother to charge my Stratus II in the air because the battery life exceeds my needs many times over. They claim 8 hrs and I’d bet that’s conservative.
  14. Thanks for your insight Richard. I am truly sorry that you had to see this. I am sure that it weighs heavily on you.