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  1. Pristine 1975 M20F Available

    Nice looking bird! Is it true that you only see 150+mph @ 10gph? If I were shopping for an F and the owner claimed ~130kts on 10gph (70%ish power), I would be concerned about why.
  2. Speaking of vacuum steps-

    It would be a minor alteration according to the regs.
  3. '64 M20C crosswind limitations?

    The "short rudder" (which is what your C is equipped with) is plenty adequate in my opinion, it's just that the long rudder offers more control authority. I cannot envision a scenario where a pilot would ever say "this would be great flying airplane if only it didn't have so damn much rudder authority". There's no downside to the full length rudder, but that doesn't make the short ruddered birds bad.
  4. '64 M20C crosswind limitations?

    Touch and goes are a non event in a Mooney as well. Just don't forget anything! Having an instructor on board sometimes can cause a pilot to fixate so much on one aspect of the lesson that they forget the gear or clearance to land. The instructor should always catch it, but there have been plenty of incidents during trading operations where perfectly usable landing gear was left retracted for the landing.
  5. AD Search

    I have used AvData in the past. $59 for a complete list by S/N in .pdf format.
  6. 65 M20E Flap Actuator Overhaul

    It was a brief cold snap. It'ss back into the 50's now. Best weather of the year for top down motoring! I honestly have no idea how I ended up with those springs. I'm only 43, just imaginne the crap my kids will have to throw away if I make it another 40-50 yrs!
  7. 65 M20E Flap Actuator Overhaul

    They are a little on the large side. I did not make it out to the hangar the other night as the temps dipped into the low twenties. Hope to spend my afternoon there tomorrow.
  8. Turbo Exhaust Inlet Gasket Leak

    No attachment.
  9. That's a bummer Dev. I can't imagine why an upgrade would be left out of the logs unless the owner did it without supervision. A quick call to Skytec should get you the mfg date. I'd take it but I already have one installed. Any idea why it has what appears to be RTV globes all over it?
  10. Renting Gear Tools

    I have CAD drawings of the tools if anyone wants to have them made.
  11. Ok carb changes things a bit. You've a single source of fuel and air yet the problem is skipping from cylinder to cylinder? I would inspect the intake and airbox thoroughly. This is weird for sure! also FYI, a clogged injector can skyrocket a CHT when full power and full rich by taking a cylinder from comfortable ROP (say 250 degrees) to a very bad place.
  12. Ok, that's not as bad as I expected. A collapsed lifter could cause a reduction in power, but I would not think it would cause rough running. If it is collapsed, you might be able to hear it with the heater open. Might not be a bad idea to do a compression check. It would not be the first time a new cylinder was improperly ringed.
  13. Normally a misfiring plug will cause one scenario or the other. An increase in EGT and decrease in CHT or an increase in CHT and a decrease in EGT. A decrease in both CHT and EGT indicates that cylinder is producing little energy. If it were, where is the heat going? I think an in flight mag check would be a good idea except that I don't think flying th plane in its current condition is a good idea. At worst it's risky to the pilot, at best its risky to the new engine. Best to sort it out on the ground.
  14. Look forward to you reporting back. Reads like it's fuel/air related... Is this only on take off and climb out??