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  1. You’re correct. I was mistaken and the plethora of bad information online only served to reinforce my misunderstanding!
  2. https://www.historynet.com/1500-hour-requirement-atp-come/
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/benbaldanza/2022/07/11/the-1500-hour-rule-has-broken-the-pilot-pipeline-in-the-us/?sh=6f9491bd6a0a
  4. Yes but you need 1500hrs and an ATP. Those are not the jobs were talking about nor are they the same candidates as the job listing in the OP.
  5. nope. I am 99% sure he had under 400hrs. Prior to 2010 the minimum hours required to get an ATP rating was 250hrs. The accelerated program at All ATPs was pretty intense class work and basically fly the next check ride. I think they were able to do combined some check rides back then as well. We both got our private tickets at a little country airport in ~50hrs maybe a bit less. He went to All ATPs after right out of undergrad with maybe ~100hrs.
  6. I think I may be confused. In earlier pictures, it looks like it has yokes from a Beech A36 installed. Are you planning on selling the Mooney OEM yokes?
  7. Is this the alleged crack location? It appears too small to be properly assessed with the human eye. Is there anyone on your field that does Non Destructive Testing? Someone more versed than me can speak to the appropriate guidance, but I would think there are additional steps to be taken before it is condemned.
  8. I don't think the site is affiliated with the Mooney Aerospace Group other than a friendly agreement to host a link on the homepage.
  9. Probation is only for a year and then things get better. I have a family member who got his ATP with about 380hrs back in 2001. He worked for the school he graduated from for a year and made less than 10K in 2002. He took a job in the right seat flying bank checks in a Lear 25 his starting salary for "first Jet job" was $18,500 in 2002. He's doing just fine now but it took three years of starving while flying, minimally maintained and minimally equipped aircraft in the worst weather to get there. Getting a shitty jet job is likely harder now.
  10. The bottom line is the Job listinh in the OP has a min requirement of 350hrs with 600hrs preferred. This is a time builder for career starters buidling hours for the ATP. The days of working a low paying job for a few years out of flight school are not over. Indeed they have been extended with the 1500hr requirement for ATP. There was a time when you graduated from ATP school with a min 250hrs sometime with a type rating in a Citation or similar and then built time instructing or whatever else you could do to meet insurance requirements. Now you need to build 1500hrs before getting an ATP rating. 121 ops require ATP Some 135 ops require ATP. 91 ops are driven by insurance The days of entry level time building jobs are far from over. The "pilot shortage" may escalate as the next generation retires and the new generation forgoes the expense and and challenge of getting an ATP in favor of a career that requires less delayed gratification.
  11. Are they? After the Colgan 3407 crash, a bill was subsequently passed requiring 1500hrs to become an ATP. If your young CFI friend is working for a regional, he’s already built sufficient time to attain an ATP.
  12. That’s more than double what instructors make at the ATP mills. This is a job for 25-year-old that wants to build time and travel.
  13. All Fs had smoth comtrol surfaces prior to 1970 (IIRC). The “beaded” control surfaces of the later models are less expensive and easier to make.
  14. Perhaps they do but the IPC for the 1967 model year only shows one P/N for the F model balance weight and it’s the hybrid number from the SB/AD. My F model received its airworthiness certificate in July of 67 and has the solid weights. There is no reference to the solid weight P/N in my IPC for the F model.
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