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  1. Thinking of how differently folks will read that last sentence.
  2. We’re not anti-vaxers and we have been taking Corona virus seriously. I’ve also had the virus and will get the vaccine as soon as it’s available. I think folks should plan accordingly for possible side effects even though severe side effects are the exception not the norm. It’s not true that the symptoms of the virus are always worse than the side effects of the vaccine. My father had the virus and the side effects from the Moderna vaccine were considerably worse than his symptoms from the virus though much shorter in duration (worst side effect over in 24, back to normal in 48). Second sho
  3. Any restriction on passengers? I wonder if insurance would be as easy to get in this market.
  4. I was insured in my F at 225hours but required 10 in type and before passengers. It was also a bit expensive (relatively) but easy to accept. This guy was 180TT with 6 in type. seems out of the ordinary.
  5. How does one get insurance to fly a Screaming Eagle with 180TT? Maybe he was uninsured. That's a lot of airplane for a new pilot.
  6. Insurance in an IVP is cost prohibitive (relatively speaking) for a retired naval aviator? If I didn't need 4 seats, I'd be thinking about a Glassair III.
  7. My take away from this video is that the airframe is surprisingly resistant to impacts from angles that I would think would be disastrous. A modern car is expexted to take that type of impact but a T-bone like that would render most a total loss. I do not understand ho he ended up oriented as he did...
  8. Plane landed perpendicular to traffic from what I have read.
  9. My 82 yr old dad would beg to differ. Both shots hit him hard and we’re far more debilitating than the actual virus. Perhaps because he had already had it just weeks before his first inoculation. in a moment of weakness he would likely admit that his immune system is probably more akin to that of a 25-year-old.
  10. Not in my case. It was very obvious. Anything more than a very slow walk and my lower leg would get very painful. I thought I could feel an unusual firmness to the area but that could’ve been my imagination. I had several ossification in the aftermath of the trama. This felt similar only worse. It was located right where I told the tech. IIRC, the tech left it to my physician to verify it was a clot but his facial expression and mannerisms gave it away when he saw it.
  11. How did you discover the DVT? I was getting a cramp in my calf with even moderate activity. They did an ultrasound to be on the safe side because of all the trauma to that leg. Trauma pre-dated the DVT diagnosis by nine years. It may have been there for a long time.
  12. Good to know. I’ve urged my dad to report his side effect ASAP. I know that both shots made him uncomfortable because his nature is to be annoyingly stoic. He was vaccinated shorty after he recovered from the actual disease. Don’t know if that plays a roll. Seems it would have made more sense to make his dose available to someone at higher risk.
  13. Do you feel that your F model needs more climb performance? It’s likely going to weigh more and slow you down. I flew my 67 F around the patch last Sunday. A deficiency in climb was not the first thing that came to mind...
  14. The brake system splits from the flaps well ahead of the flap pump. The components are rebuildable in the field but it may be best to send it to Maxwell Aviation or LASAR for overhaul and testing.
  15. This was a weird side effect I forgot to mention. The smell of cigarette smoke randomly filled my nose for weeks after recovering my sense of smell.
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