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  1. Dynon Certified thread

    What about an R model?
  2. Full Power Climb

    I have the 310 upgrade and Don Maxwell set it at 30.7 or so. He said it was set too low previously, maybe not to the STC but as someone mentioned the STC might be flawed. Right now I have cool CHT's in climbout, number escapes me, but way lower than redline. I also climb at high airspeed as well, 120-130 KIAS. Since the adjustment I have never had CHT running hot, previously on a hot summer day it would get a lot closer to the redline. I am content with the higher fuel flow number if it keeps things cool.
  3. Mod Works Molded Panel

    I agree it is hideous.
  4. Fuel smell in cockpit

    If you are lucky.....could be fuel senders or the infamous leaky tanks.
  5. Bendix/King news on AvWeb about KI-300

    They are having technical issues with tape dispensing, I will buy that.
  6. Bendix/King news on AvWeb about KI-300

    And the bezel corners are different...
  7. 350HP Mooney

    Interesting disclaimer from the original builder regarding this listing: A One of a Kind Airplane… Not Air Worthy… $30,000 E-Mail from the original builder… I originally built this experimental aircraft as a test bed and proof of concept. I operated it for just over 200 hours, and I attempted to qualify several high time talented pilots in the aircraft. None were successful at safe and consistent operations. The aircraft was unsafe to operate due to the engine and propeller, and gearbox problems. The propeller has wiring and computer defects. The gearbox has tolerance defects that cause gearbox failures/issues every 50-100 hours, and the engine will flame out if overloaded by the pilot during take-off or climb operations (very easy to do with sudden pitch or propeller control inputs). Because I determined the aircraft was unsafe to operate after three engine failures and off airport landings, I dismantled the aircraft and it was sold at auction for ~20K. The court supervising the sale ordered that it be sold as parts ONLY, NOT as an aircraft, and that it was to remain a non-flying aircraft. The purchase was consummated WITH those restrictions in place, and these court restrictions were later ignored by the buyers. That said, I am advising you of the safety defects and issues relevant to the aircraft with the intent that you honestly represent what it is to any potential buyer. As the original constructor of the aircraft, and the one who grounded and dismantled it for safety reasons, you are advised that I hereby disavow any representation of airworthiness or legality for flight operations at all, and especially in the certified or experimental / restricted / exhibition categories.
  8. New Mooney owner with battery question

    I am in Fort Smith
  9. tks fluid buying

    I think I paid about $120 for 6 gallons from DW Davies. Including shipping.
  10. Only $400 per week? That is walking around money. Must not be a very good businessman. Or is that per working lady?
  11. Smoke system for a Mooney

    Yes, but your audience there is only so much, do this over a sporting event, considering TFR's and look at the multiplication factor of social media.
  12. Strip & Seal Fuel Tanks

    Or 2000 for leaks.... All three of the "big" guys mentioned have remarkably similar pricing, give or take a few hundred bucks. About $6000/tank for the 45 gallon ovation tanks.
  13. Leather Restoration

    Has anybody had their leather redyed (redied??, stained, painted, etc and whatever) to get a little more life out of it? My interior leather is basically probably just super dirty and worn in dirt over 17 years. No cracks or anything enough to make me want to replace it yet. Hoping to do just do something to buy some time and squander my resources on other leaky tanks, ADSB, KI-256, the usual.... Asking here before I go into the wide world of the internet. Thanks, Mark
  14. Insurance valuation

    I think you have to realize insurance is a gamble either way. Sometimes you might win and sometimes you might lose but all along you are paying premiums every year. I think a lot of it depends on your comfort level with risk. As a side story I own a building inherited from my father who never believed in insurance. I look at adding it and they want me to insure it for $16 million which is replacement value. But realistically it is 100 years old cobbled together steel, block and old wooden structure and it only appraises at $1.5 million. Talk about moral hazard, as soon as I start paying premiums on a $16 million building I am thinking about encouraging smoking and huge tornados.....

    I am typed in the CL350.....but it never showed up on the ramp....owner sold,the delivery position for several million dollar profit in 2007...... Anyway in training I remember it climbing like that in the sim and I was thinking this is going to be a fun airplane....was upgrading from 500 series citations.