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  1. I am of the opinion that ceramic coating is just a new trend/fad....not brave or knowledgeable enough to claim it is fraudulent. Had my brand new car ceramic coated, seemed to be perfect for about 9 months but it has slowly faded to just regular. 9 months seems like the equivalent of regular sealant/wax....I really wish I had time to detail and take car of stuff better. They get good cleanings every once in a while.
  2. How about a right rear passenger seat headset plug in. I only need the plastic cover piece. Will get picture of mine.
  3. Interesting thing is this article showed up on my google news feed this morning.
  4. I think this is it??
  5. Does someone have a picture of this pump? So we can start browsing for ice cream parts for our friends?
  6. I am pretty sure i can see the armature moving inside the alternator, so I don't believe that is the issue. Per other reccomended troubleshooting from above, to check field wires on back of alternator.....well it appears the SOB's screws are delay with that. I found the troubleshooting guide on the B&C website, previously didnt know what voltage regulator to look for so now I have that problem is to find the VR hidden behind the dash.
  7. Quick question, does the “stby” lamp illuminate even if the alternator isn’t making power? About to head out to airport and take another look see.
  8. I am pretty sure it is not the spline, I can move the prop and see movement inside the alternator. I turn the standby switch on and the annunciator light doesn’t come on....what is the wizardry and logic? I am guessing there is a second voltage regulator behind the panel, but I don’t know. The online material is lacking.
  9. My Ovation has a BC410-1 standby alternator which looks like it was installed when the TKS system was installed. I did my semi-occasional test of it and doesn’t work. The annunciation panel light didn’t illuminate, bulb works on test, and the amp meter continues to show negative amps. I tried different RPMs, etc. there really isn’t much to experiment with for diagnosing. Documentation in POH and the STC’s is sparse. Online research from their web site also sparse. Does it have its own voltage regulator? So many questions so a logical process can be started to diagnose it. I have repair and parts manuals, but nothing there. Any advise appreciated. I will contact factory on Tuesday and see what they can provide. thank you and stay safe. Mark
  10. What is the point of an optical reader switch? Seems like a lot of complexity for a switch that simply tells the software to go up or down one position.
  11. I am thinking it is the new BS way of doing things. Years ago I had UPS ask what my margin was on the product, none of their effin business and recently looking at another sales channel and they asked what my manufacturing costs were and my sales price, guess what the answer was again?
  12. I think the bigger issue is sloppy work by the paint shop.
  13. @GEE-BEE well.... you really shouldnt rub it in like that...some of us are sensitive CB's and feel left out of great deals like that