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  1. not sure why they didnt shut the left engine down when stopped.....and where would they find a mechanic to open up a burning cowling?
  2. Looks like it did lose a blade. The blade also penetrayed up through the fuselage and wing root.
  3. Was thinking the same thing, maybe the oil system?
  4. I am in and out of OFP all the time, 469MM. They will know me at the desk. More than happy to get you a test flight or answer questions.
  5. Will this work? I tried to find historical prog charts, but no luck...or I got bored.
  6. One for her, one for you and one for the dog. I have never gone to bed with a 1, but have woken up next to a 1.
  7. Well let me start with freight companies are criminals...They will cover their asses when you signed your tariff agreement, which is several hundred pages long and we know damn certain nobody reads those. However certain fundamentals do apply. They will pay you a certain $ per pound, since our engines are almost made of gold. The shipper should be responsible, they are the ones providing the BOL. Good luck, they are awful.
  8. Last week I was flying along at 7,000 east bound from AR to VA, mostly between layers but in constant light rain. Temperature was +7 Celsius and I wasn't concerned about icing as the winds aloft all showed the temperature to be plenty warm. Cabin was pleasant, I typically don't run heat as slightly paranoid about it and I do have a CO detector. In less than a minute the cabin got real cold and the temperature dropped to 0 Celsius and clear ice started building on the wing, hit the TKS system and requested lower altitude immediately which was granted. About 30 minutes prior someone reported
  9. We are ignoring the eyes completely. I was always told the flu got in through their as it was nice warm moist spot for viruses to live. How it gets from there to the rest of the body is beyond me. Yes the flue isn't COVID, but in my uneducated opinion it is close enough. I guess i should google it.
  10. You have an idiots guide to reading and understanding this? Asking for a friend......
  11. I think I have one....not able to get to it till next week. Will send pics then. What do you think it is worth?
  12. Mine is just under the green arc almost all the time. I put the winterization plate in and it made almost no difference. At least the temp is consistent.
  13. Sounds like they are trying to fix hardware issues with software.....30 or 40 more attempts and they will have it right or so bloated doesn’t work at all....ala Microsoft, Sandia, BK-300, etc.
  14. The other theory is less fuel means less weight on the rubber landing gear disks and supposedly longer life. I said theory so I am covered. I personally don't buy the keeping tanks full theory, my one repaired leak and maybe tiny seepage are all on the bottom which is covered by fuel 90% of the time and my landings are always butter smooth so hard landings aren't causing it......
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