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  1. So what is the installed cost of the G500? My BK autopilot is still working and I would like to spend my $20K per shot over several years..... I believe the G500 will talk to the BK AP's?
  2. How sensitive is placement of the sensor? I keep mine on the floor, because I haven't gotten around to attaching with velcro yet to the instrument panel. I occasionally get high readings on the ground but in cruise it is 0 to 1.
  3. 33% improvement is snake oil....did you miss a decimal point?
  4. My right hand side of the yoke has 2 switches, one for clearing weather on stormscope and the other an instant replay of last audio. Dont use either one of them much.
  5. Is this the Peter from Flying magazine about 20+ years ago? He seemed knowledgeable this project i am not sure of....
  6. I was wondering what the life cycle of said 2nd belt it. Not exactly a benign environment.
  7. I am not sure there is enough vacuum to pull them off, what I suspect happened to mine is water got behind it, at altitude said water froze, expanded and popped it off. I glanced out at wing during said flight and noticed what appeared to be a hole in top of gas tank, not knowing how they worked at that time!!! also they are close to $100 give or take, aviation cheap maybe, rest of world expensive.
  8. My guess on the price.....if less than 10AMU it would be a miracle.
  9. You guys are too mean about BK products, they only have been developing a simple electronic AI for what 10 years and delivered it four years late....give them one last chance.....typed in my most sarcastic font.
  10. Here i was thinking when i got rid of my vacuum instruments (sometime) i would collect a few dollars to help pay for them.....i guess not!! Ha ha
  11. You know what the most expensive thing in the world is? Free pus
  12. I believe the one on the wing is the pitot drain.
  13. When I was flying a Citation the line guy didn't even put the cap back on. I was watching the fueling during cockpit stuff and watched him drive off without putting cap on. I calmly walked into the office and said the fueler didn't put the cap back on, the no response shrug is when I lost my temper. This was 20 years ago. So the stupidity and laziness isn't a new development.
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