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  1. Dead Battery...DOH!

    Ha!!! I used to have a turn coordinator that sounded like a garbage disposal....just replaced it, now i am not even sure it is working it is so quiet.
  2. Rough Price on a TSIO 360 IRAN

    Just to continue the education a little bit. An overhaul is a legal definition that a repair shop has to go through to technically overhaul something. All of the details are beyond me but I know that propellers are a big one, involving grinding blades, mandatory part replacement, etc. again the legal side. In the U.S. as private fliers we don't have to overhaul much of anything so we can save some money on the process of repairing something. In other words if you send something in for overhaul it will cost a lot more than just a repair.
  3. Looking for KS179 Trim Servo 065-0052-04

    I am no expert....I was charged $1.8k for an exchanged pitch trim servo from Honeywell, with everything being brought to latest mods. They replaced the motor and other bits and pieces so someone is getting the motors repaired or new. I couldn't tell you which. here is the company that advertises they repair Pittman idea on legality of using them or their actual capabilities...
  4. Looking for KS179 Trim Servo 065-0052-04

    My experience was after an unhappy to be litigated experience with Autopilot Central is that the most economical solution for the motor going bad was only about $1800 for an overhauled up to date mods etc. unit directly from BK.. While I was doing my research on this I did find somebody who overhauled the pittman motors....I think(hope) I saved the link on my ipad. I will check this evening. My avionics guy said by the time he would have gone through, tested, repaired, etc everything the overhauled unit was the most economical. The important thing is he found the problem right away without any shotgunning parts like a certain well regarded repair shop.
  5. How many hours is too many??

    Any reasoning on that? Or just not his market? I would be curious if the other airframe guys, P, B and C have more or less hours on average than our superior Mooney airframes model year being the same.
  6. I think that is the point someone made or attempted to make. We know aviation technology is behind automotive for many reasons and that cluld be applied to airplanes. Yes, jets and hydraulic fluid from skydrol are demanding, but do those challwnges exist in our mooneys? Perhaps that is the reason paint jobs cost $15k....i had my cessna repainted 20 years ago for $5k, yes slightly smaller but a hige increase beyond inflation.
  7. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    That is the problem with insurance, socializes the losses over everybody. Would we be better off taking on more financial responsibility? I would be willing to sign up for coverage that made me more responsible for my FU's, but right now I pay for everybody else. Look what happens when we decided insurance was necessary for health care, costs are spiraling upward at a rate 10 times inflation, give or take. I have high deductibles on my cars, willing to take the risk. Same thing there, I got rear ended, minor scratch marks on the bumper but the other insurance company paid me $1400 as they said bumper needed to be replaced. I am happy taking that money and squandering it on aviation. If I would have hit something and my car was damaged this way, I would just eat the loss of value, such as it is on an 8 year old crossover-SUV. What is your risk level?
  8. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    Yes, but a car engine on the highway is maybe 35%? Or about half of what an airplane does for hours on end.
  9. There is something you don't see everyday

    It just seems like a low benefit value for a window...One more hole in the pressure vessel and another window that needs to be inspected and maintained. Just an observation.
  10. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    Are we not hearing the gear warning horn? Probably something that should get tested once in a while, check to make sure it works and we recognize what it sounds like.
  11. There is something you don't see everyday

    I wonder why it has that little round window in the back?? or at least it looks like a window
  12. Autopilot has me stumped

    I don't know what a KAP 150 is but AP central seems to have quite a following around here and that is where I took my KFC225 to have a pitch deviation repaired. Needless to say it was an absolute disappointment. I spent about $4K while they chased the issue. First diagnosis was faulty tach generator which they replaced, problem still existed, tested the KI-256 twice and it was always stable and proper signals, they tested and "blew out" the static system, finally they just tightened up some springs in the control system to Mooney specs. The problem still existed but now the up and down pitch oscillation is less..... Their final answer was there is an acceleration sensor in the AP control head that might be bad. I gave up till I took the plane out for a long trip, engaged the AP and the pitch oscillations are now wild out of control. Hit the Big Red Button. Hand flew the next 5 hours. Found a local avionics shop who I described the previous problems and the new out of control situation. This shop had another theory that the motor was taking too much voltage to get started on the pitch servo and the feedback to the computer created the up/down deviation. First thing they found was the "new" tach generator soldered in had broken loose, so AP central didn't even do that right. There was also evidence of carbon dust around the motor, which led credence to the theory that it was the motor, not the other associated systems. He applied voltage to motor and it started at the high end of acceptable and on other positions the motor was out of tolerance on startup voltage. I don't have the airplane back with overhauled pitch servo yet, but will keep everybody in the loop on this. The diagnosis on the front end seems to be much better than my experience with AP Central, actually talked to the technicican who is going to do the work versus some go between guy who I would best describe as a customer service sales tech, his knowledge wasn't impressive. My summary is not happy with the guys from Tulsa.
  13. M20U Ovation Ultra Cylinder #5

    Is it necessary to remove the baffle before drilling the hole? I am by no means suggesting I will go boring in there with my dewalt rotary hammer willy nilly, but if it could be drilled in situ that would be advantageous. Guess not sure how the baffling is attached, some of the baffling looks like it is only to be removed once every blue moon, but it is an aviation installation. I guess I should stop keyboard warrioring and go look....but the airplane is at a different avionics shop.
  14. Looks like all is going as planned at BK......(stolen from another site)
  15. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    I need to stop watching this thread as I realize how beat up my paint is....