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  1. Have you heard of the Bendix king KI-300.......5 years to market......(sarcasm txt)
  2. Part of the reason I post is to learn. Called Bob Bramble and described symptoms and he is about 100% sure it is the KG102 remote gyro. I think I will just send him the parts and let him make the decision on repairing.
  3. Has anybody purchased anything aviation related and what was your overall experience? Specifically I am looking for a KI-525. I get it, it is a crap shoot. But don't know if it is any worse than paying way too much to have one overhauled/repaired and getting that "experience". I had issues with my old one, they exchanged, for supposedly overhauled unit, but it is getting flaky after about 2 years, which isn't acceptable in my opinion.
  4. Is the ki525/Kfsm still for sale?
  5. My landings by myself are usually terrible, absolute embarrassment's. However, I recently shuttled my mechanic and an ex Navy instructor pilot into a 3000 foot field and made the sweetest, smoothest landing of all time. I got the accolades, but I was also really worried about firetrucking it up. No sense to me.
  6. Are the blue and green different densities? I have the exact same seat color, but leather is worn and the bolsters on one side are collapsed flat. I am also going to try the rub and restore leather repair stain. Hoping to find somebody else who has already done it.
  7. I think these outrageous prices occur when some automatic process is building a web site, they just scour the web and apply some formulas, mostly incorrectly. I was looking for some casters, I was thinking about $100 for 4 of them, but luckily I found a bargain....almost $7000....
  8. Just out of curiosity, what is a tail link?
  9. I was not aware he changed posting names....
  10. I read on FB for Mooney’s that he had some type of medical issue.
  11. My Ovation has a 2 part glare shield and it still seems like i have to bend, contort and swear at it to get it in......might be poor technique on my part, but i have tried enough variations to get it in.
  12. And if they find out is is burned in an engine that uses lead, it might be haz mat. Possibly.....dont volunteer that when dropping off at recycling center.
  13. I left one somewhere west of Roanoke Virginia..... they arent cheap, seems like $100 plus.
  14. I dont have the POH in front of me, but i have some type of recollection that maximum operating altitude is 20k, reagrdless of how much higher it physically can go. Curious if the F was legally allowed? I personally dont care, just a curiosity thing.