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  1. I can't tell if you guys are being sarcastical about the twist in the wing....please use the correct font so I can follow. but it looks like there is a lot of inboard damage on this wing, right next to the fuselage?
  2. I can’t recommend AP central. They did a terrible job. Pitch oscillation, supposedly it was the tach generator in the pitch trim servo, they replaced tach generator. Didn’t fix it, chased down a bunch of other supposed issues, that didn’t fix it. I gave up spending money on them. To top it all off, they soldered the tach generator in and the connection failed, now no AP at all. Took to a different shop, and he suspected that the voltage required to start the electric motor was too high, did some simple testing and the voltage required to start operation was all over the place, from within tolerance to outside of tolerance. Rebuilt trim servo for several AMU and now it works. If AP central did their job right the first time and knew what they were doing I would have saved money. Not impressed with AP central at all.
  3. Can you sign in anonymously through a function most browsers have?
  4. Nothing can be plugged in continuously? What kind of short bus special morons are working in government these days......maybe we shouldn't have electricity at all??? After all we are connected to the grid continuously.....
  5. My ship EGT gauge is reading wrong, shows about 200 degrees and doesn’t move on 2000 ovation with moritz gauges. The JPI is reading correctly. Will start diagnosing and wondering if I can swap the leads from the ship probe with a JPI probe and at least diagnose if probe or the moritz gauge,is bad. Any other clues would be helpful.
  6. You would think....we seem excited about vacuum pumps that last 500 hours, speed brakes that need overhaul after15 hours of use, gyros that aren't worth a scheisse, and a simple fluid pump that can't even last 1000 hours. I have industrial equipment that runs thousands of hours before we do anything to it. Just grin and bear it I guess.
  7. I read, understood, programmed the box for some uneccesarily complex departure, got the first turn made and then cleared direct....
  8. Is is it a ball bearing or a bushing type? I cant imagine this isnt a stock off the shelf part from somebody, not that anybody on here would reccomend that.....
  9. The repair shops story was almost identical to yours.....couldn't have been anything we did..... Pulled it out and sent it back to them.....will see if they provide warranty coverage.
  10. Sounds like setting up a situation for maintenance induced failure......
  11. You guys used to always be so helpful...….(sarcasm font) Sorry for the sideways picture......I only recently learned how to rotate a picture on wastebook…...if it doesn't do it for me automatically.
  12. My backup AI decided to give up the ghost after only being repaired/overhauled 10/17. I called the repair shop and they tried to tell me it was because I wasn't running enough vacuum, i.e. idle RPM, this low suction causes something called "washboarding" and then said this was an indication of vacuum pump failure. Well I want to call BS, as my KI-256 is still working. I want to claim BS as I have been flying for 30 years and no a little something and I mean very little. I have never heard of a dry vacuum pump failing slowly, guess it is possible, but every one I have had just fails and it is recently new, maybe 300 hours. He wanted to blame carbon dust was getting in there, well I have an inline filter between the vacuum pump and the instruments, so I know that likely isn't the issue. I also replaced the "oily hose" from the standby pump to the main system so I don't think that should be the issue either. The upside down is with system running and the spinning video is after shutdown, which I have never seen. I guess the summary is I don't trust these guys work and will send somewhere else. Any other shop recommendations? Thanks, Mark 20190106_135259.mp4
  13. When I used to fly professionally out of TEB, southbound to FL during the holidays it was always busy. I think it is just saturation. I remember holding for hour plus near Cape Canaveral area, diverting for fuel, and then answering stupid management questions and then continuing southbound without delay. I dont think it was conspiracy then or now.
  14. Aren’t there some counterweights and keeper in there somewhere? That coming loose would explain blade being that loose. Glad you are OK.
  15. Just bought one, they are like $112......