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  1. For en-route weather? I did not know you were flying that low cliffy I use Windy it’s just a nice big data visualisation tool (not a forecasting tool), and one single shop for everything, it works well once you get to understand what goes into few main layers & formulas/limits otherwise the other zillions of features is like a full kitchen sink
  2. Beside design (donuts & heavy nose), I think the Mooney famous bounce tendency is mostly related to (true) ground speed then surface & AoA/VSI on touchdown, it’s just like some low speed flutter approach & stall will be flown on airspeed obviously... I used fly M20J to a rough turf surface but only when it’s +20kts headwinds, it will just lands like any Cessna/Piper bouncewise even after hitting bumps, obviously, if one does 100kts on touchdown they will need +60kts headwind to dampen the bounces
  3. For landings there are 4 things that matter: speed control, slow flight currency, engine and height management, the overall flying/landing currency, Mooneys are not difficult to land just less forgiving to the first 3 items as most of the time they are flown on faster speeds, they are less draggy on a wide range of medium speeds and will stay clean way very close to stall then suddenly gets very draggy like anything else or slightly more dramatic The rest is about the same as all aircrafts, just 30kts faster I agree with enough training and will they can jump in turboprops or tw
  4. This was ground testing of a brand new aircraft where engine was stuck running for 10h due controls malfunction after a series of human errors (putting wheel chocks to start with) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7098547.stm There was another one by AF B747 but it was an electrical failure, I am not sure if crew are allowed to make “quick shutdowns before losing control” but surely cutting fuel would be the quickest way, the biggest risk is usually shutting down the live engines before understanding what’s going... On testing benches, you can just cut it off after glitche
  5. STS/HAZMAT or STS/NCOV2 in item 18
  6. ATC told me to standby for 20min, I should have kept my mouth shut and took the long direct they offered while using my iPad for waypoints The perks of flying with KNS80 and no IFR GPS (it was allowed for RNAV5 across the pond), it needs to go as Rho-Theta equipement with code "R" & “PBN/B4" in remarks of FPL I think one deserves 2 years of jail if they file an FPL with "C" code these days (LORAN )
  7. So no heat or pressure transfer between engine & spinner oils when you recycle?
  8. Is it only in cold weather? the oil inside the spinner will be colder than the one in the engine, cycling the first time mix the bits, on second time it has the same viscosity everywhere On hot days, the first one should go smooth
  9. The good news it’s VFR flying in VMC all the time
  10. I had the impression when having fun aeros, for safety & robustness, one is better served by certified aircraft rather than experimental? for paperwork & legality, one is better served by an experimental? I flew one Tiger Moth (DH.82) in UK which was not on certfied paperwork but had a permit-to-fly (I guess this is the same as US experimental?), the permit-to-fly does not say if aerobatics is allowed or banned but makes it clear that 1/ "aerobatics is at own risk" and 2/ "advisable overhead aerodrome", I am glad we sticked to 2/ as one day we went into a slow loop and engine went
  11. This could be useful for Westflug, https://mooneyspace.com/topic/33671-rentals-known-mooney-rentals-in-the-usa-and-beyond/?do=findComment&comment=634943
  12. I am sure @terbang would fly that one in a single leg but yes very tricky these days Way easier to get transition in Westflug in Aachen, and surely they have some available local instructors Training becomes complicated with various registrations & airspaces, I guess your aircraft is now TC-registred? EASA-reg? or N-reg? The M20J I fly is US registred but I am not an FAA CFI...
  13. Westflug in Aachen seems like your best bet for transition & rental I am EASA & CAA CRI(A), so I can help with dual hours & complex sign-off in owned M20J if not far away from London/Paris
  14. Would be nice if it comes with hooks & attachements, so you can get out of the cockpit after landing or get some free stick time with engine off ! Imagine CFI brief*: “the problem with landing in such conditions (50ft wind speed = stall speed + 5kts) is the physics gets bit bizarre: you will be going backward as you reduce power and flare at 50ft, but hey you can’t land backward as 3ft wind slow down sharply near the surface boundary layer, so you will be going forward in your flare, but hey remember your stall speed decreases in ground effect at 3ft, so you end up going backward n
  15. You have to land at some point? or there is a time limit? or you can just go on until you are told to stop
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