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  1. Yes external noise is way heavy near the source (propeller) but does reduce a lot with distance unlike the noise measured at pilot/pax head (not for those flying drones), so I guess those low overflight figure vs cabine are at some reference hight/altitude?
  2. Which one of these is piano? and which one is organ ? In the 81' M20J I fly (sort of electric guitar, the Gibson Flying V?), I do measure +90dB inside cockpit at 25/25 while the "noise certificate"* states 74dB for overflights *Something I need to show in Europe to gain access to noise sensitive airports or to avoid expensive landing fees !
  3. Took 2 friends for a 30min UV session overhead the airport at 5000ft while under it was 800ft overcast grey dark day
  4. My phone picture quality is low by night, All my cross-country night flights in the UK were on full moon VMC days, for dark nights I stay within the circuit gliding range
  5. Buy a Bose A20 to each one of your loved family , you can't force others to enjoy flying but you can at least make it comfortable for them I am happy to fly alone without headsets but I want my partner to enjoy it, so I bought an A20 for my wife and she more keen on joining me flying long distance Before that I used to gave my A20 to pax, it did not make much difference for me on a 30min flight but it always left a good impression for them...
  6. Assuming you have lot of power to reach Vx or Vy with gear down very soon in ground effect, once in climb the gear down does create drag without any impact on your lift, that actually help acheiving a steep climb angle, if you don't follow the intuition ask why a STOL aircraft climb on full power and full flaps? In practice, in a heavy touring aircraft (full of fuel & pax) what kills your short field takeoff petformance is the ground roll to liftoff, whatever you do in the climb seems to have less chances of fixing anything, I would just consistently learn to go with flaps at takeoff position, accelerate in ground effect and climb at Vy then retract both takeoff flaps/gear once clear of obstacles and worst case I will just aim for top of obstacles with lot of speed excess while resisting temptation to pull up anything (stick, gear, flaps) This technique works for me, it is not the best, but having done this many times I know exactly how much speed margins I have for various short runways (as it is hard to judge your height margins when flying at Vx) I visited as well if I can comfortably make it somewhere else before trying, and even if I am wrong I can still pull the stick and I may get away with it...
  7. I can't find an easy way to build time appart from few days tripin good weather, I tried to build hours by squeezing few at sunset/night after work, local flights in winter weekends with weather but they rarely accumulate that much, it takes 3 months to get as much as flying in a single 3 days trip Obviously, if flying at night is your only option now do it but not for very long (one would get one or two engine stops in a lifetime, my first one and hopefuly the last was stupid fuel starvation)
  8. Yes, it got that checked on each annual, I was referring to try it while flying? It is a pleasure to see the gear extended while outside and aircraft on jacks, something pilots are not used to see while flying
  9. How often people try testing that manual extension while electrics are still OK? (last time I pull it for "12 arm gym practice" was 1 year ago)
  10. The grass I visit regularly to is 1700ft as well (+300ft displaced thresholds on both sides), it tends to be hard choice beween 60kts overhedge and no breaks or 70kts and lot of breaking, I fly both profiles depending on crossinds/gusts but it seems no go around once I touchdown and rolled for second or two, so having working breaks is a good backup, on tarmac where I am based, I rarely touch them appart from the usual checks and turns
  11. Yes the part is Mooney one and was about to let go on the right side, I used to fly to grass (sometimes wet) and leave it for one or two weeks outside so probably the cause? it is also the same place where I really need breaks (unless I am in the mood to slow it down to 60kts over the hedge)
  12. First post on the forum ! How often do you see this on an M20J? I do look well when cleaning the aircraft but this one took one year to spot it and now I am more concerned with breaks failures and careful with my toes