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    Experience might not but a big dose of FLY MORE is never a bad thing. We get rusty when we don't fly often. So go more often. Fly. Fly some more. Go even when you don't have a reason to go. Fly, Fly, Fly
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    I wish I could say that experience would cure this problem. It lessen the frequency of stupid pilot tricks. But never seems to compleatly eliminate it. Any pilot that tells you they are too good to do things like that is probably about to do it. We can only learn from our mistakes and try like hell to never do it again. If we were perfect we wouldn't need an airplane we could just fly like the angels.
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    Going to FXE to get my tanks resealed, I was flying IFR in VMC but was too far away to hear ATIS, so I just turned down the volume on Com2. Vectored out over the Everglades, I started hearing "noises"! Unhappy pilot! Something made me check the radio after a couple of minutes, turned up the volume and found the source of the funny noises--ATIS was strong enough to break squelch. Living at an uncontrolled field, I sometimes either forget to hit the flip flop or miss it. It happens . . . .
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    If you're Mission is 1-1/2 hours each way, this airplane should fit the mission for a lot less money and will get you there at the exact same time: https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/22934371/1997-mooney-m20r-ovation It has the 310hp STC. It has WAAS so it will do GPS approaches with vertical guidance It has SVT. It has Air Conditioning. For $100,000 or more less than the 2008 it will get you there just as fast and your avionics won't be tied to the Airplane's type certificate so down the road you can upgrade to the latest and greatest at that time.
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    So there are humans among us.... I have had had the audio panel set for manual and have it set to the wrong radio. Awesome after landing to have your CFI drill you on stupid.
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    It works for me in my electric C. I'm generally low by this time, so set 2300 and reduce power to ~15". When speed bleeds below 125 mph, I drop Takeoff Flaps, slow down and retrim then add power to hold 90 KIAS = 105 MPHI. Dropping the gear a dot-and-a-half high starts a nice descent at the same speed, adjust throttle and trim to hold a nice 500 fpm. Landing is quite easy with half flaps, and it's also pretty easy to slow to decent landing speed.
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    I agree completely. I am just expressing it is kind of creepy to think about such an event - and as I said, I too when pushing maximum range have used the well accepted practice of running one tank dry so all remaining fuel is well know and in one place.
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    Like @gsxrpilot I dont worry about a suddenly jamming fuel selector when its been used several times in the current flight and thousands of times in the last 7 years.
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    I had mine overhauled at Waltham Aircraft Clock Corp 4-21-2016. Has worked perfectly since. 2364 South US HWY 231 Ozark, Al 36360 334-774-3584 Pat
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    There are four colleges in a small corner of upstate way upstate ny. Therefore we are an upstate rural melting pot of the north.
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    I was amazed at a previous thread about paint job similarities. Yea, a little snarky. I know folks pay and get paid for designing paint schemes, but these things get out of hand sometimes. I think the metallic schemes are really good looking. This plane will attract a lot of attention where ever it goes.
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    I have experience with two other well regarded midwest paint shops. One of the shops did good work at a good price. The other shop did excellent quality work at a higher price, albeit very slowly. When I decided to have this plane repainted, I considered both of these shops, but also decided to research some other options. Priority #1 was finding a shop that I could TRUST. I got several referrals/ suggestions from friends to check out Flying Colors Aviation. When I called them, Ken Kaminski (owner) spent about 40 minutes on the phone with me explaining their process and philosphy. He also expressed a great appreciation for Mooneys and detailed his history with them. He suggested I fly up for a visit. I did and he gave me a tour of their facilities and several planes going through the process. What I saw was a clean, well staffed, professional facility. I was amazed at the attention to detail they gave every plane whether turbine, piston, or warbird. They are not the cheapest option, but I plan on keeping this plane for a while. I placed my deposit in March 2017 and dropped the plane off in January 2018. We are currently in week 5 and they appear to be on schedule. Ken estimated 5-6 weeks for the job. It's interesting that you mention automotive paint because that's what Ken uses at Flying Colors. I knew that I wanted metallic silver as base with some red graphics. Instead of looking at Sherwin-Williams Jet Glo sample charts, he told me to visit various automotive websites and find some colors that I liked. The shade of red that we picked is from Porsche and the silver is from Mercedes. I agree that it looks awesome! Can't wait to see it in person!
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    Clear coat applied Mooney symbol hand painted