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    Thanks for all of the replies. The oil change yesterday went much better. I used 3 techniques, one of which I read about here. First, I used the ziplock bag technique to hold the filter and most of the oil that drained out. This worked well. Second, I used a "bib" or a plastic sheet that I taped to the firewall and draped over the nose wheel. This kept any escaping oil drops off of the tire and gear. Third, I used a rubber tube on the oil filter attachment nipple. After I removed the filter, in the ziplock, I attached the tube to drain the residual oil into a bucket. I let this drain for a few minutes while I prepared the new filter and supplies. With all of this, I got only minor spillage on the bib and cleanup was pretty easy. Larry
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    I think the big issue is governance. If the airlines are over-represented on the board, biz-av and GA operators are legitimately afraid that an economic downturn would result in huge pressure to cut costs and transfer fees to non-airline operators. On the plus side, it would allow for multi-year budgeting. A lot of projects suffer from the stop/start pace of budget planning. Having watched a few government/corporate projects run by large corporations with nebulous/changing operational requirements, not sure that privatization would really make it much more efficient.
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    "The botched ADS-B ... is a great example: Its behind schedule, over budget and untested. They're not even sure ADS-B is going to work in a terminal environment - so they can retire RADAR as the primary system? Additionally, they have discovered they need many more transceivers than originally thought. Then there's the question as to why the US chose to be the only country in the world to use 978 as opposed to 1090 which the rest of the modern world uses?" None of these technical issues will kill the GA industry. Privatising ATC monopoly into the hands of corporate airlines will. You will stop flying when you get charged, let's say, $500 each time your ADS-B showed up in or near a controlled airspace.
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    Agreed. Fog and fog often. Any detriments are far outweighed by the benefits. Jim
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    Hey! One of my wishes just came true! I have been wanting garmin pilot to allow their synthetic vision in split screen (with charts or plates) for some time - and what do you know - it just came in today's update!!!
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    That red knob can cause commanded structural failure in turbo's in seconds. Not so easily in your io-360. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A CB is a pilot that prefers to spend less, than to spend more... Best regards, -a-
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    That essentially sums up the free market approach. Everything have a price tag pending on supply and demand including health care. It's mind-boggling for many people living outside the US to comprehend how does one put a price tag on something as essential as health and education... Anyway not to mean to hijack the discussion. Apology.
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    I always laugh when I see those estimates as well. It might take that long if the engine was already in their factory on a stand, not covered by cowlings, baffling, and accessories....