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    I know we've all seen the video clips but here is a long beautiful video from the photographer. There are some beautiful views of the Ultra over Canyon Lake and the Texas hill country. This is our usual practice area when @bucko, @"Chocks", I and others get together to fly formation. Enjoy
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    I can already see the potential here...The aging Maverick has attained Captain status with United, after retiring from the Air Force Navy with a nice pension. On a transcontinental flight, an unruly passenger defiantly keeps his electronic device on and hacks the navigation system which puts the 747 over North Korean airspace. Tom uses his top gun skills in a dog fight with Kim Jong Un and ejects the troublemaking passenger using him as a human missle to down Un's MiG. Mav does the celebratory buzzing of the tower and is put on administrative leave pending an investigation. He then wins the heart of the FAA official, a recently divorced mother of three, marries and retires to South Florida and buys a Corvette and a Harley.
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    Sometimes it might be worth listening to even more experienced Mooney instructors. Practice makes perfect using full flaps. The C Model can be landed in distances comparable to a Cessna 150 if you use full flaps. The approach sight picture is much clearer when using full flaps. Full flaps makes the transition to the landing attitude while continuing to view the runway much easier leading to a "rolled on landing" without even a "chirp". It's possible that sometimes you don't know what you don't know even while doing what you think you know. So, as a 23 year instructor with nearly 6,000 hours of instructing time mostly in Mooneys and about 11,000 hours total GA time, I recommend landing with full flaps except in gusty winds and strong crosswinds where the crab angle is greater than 15° with full flaps.
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    Just picked mine up from the avionics shop! Pretty nice so far. Jason
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    I speak from experience....the Mooney glider rating is expensive and overrated
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    Don't forget "The Final Countdown" the first movie to feature the F-14 - The USS Nimitz goes through a storm near Hawaii and ends up time travelling back to December 6, 1941. Very neat movie. A remake could be pretty cool. Kirk Doublas, Martin Sheen, fun movie. -Seth
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    High Road to China. Early Tom Selleck
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    So last week started with my King HSI going Tango Uniform on glide slope recognition. Local avionics guy came down, diagnosed, and said it needed replacing/rebuilding. Went online to check pricing for replacement, rebuild or replacement with something glassy. Was not looking good. Avionics guy calls me back and says he has a fresh O/H one he will swap out for me if I can wait for a few days while he finishes up a Citation he has in his shop. To make a long story short, he just called with the invoice for the labor and parts - less than $1 AMU! So a big shout out to Holder Aviation in Pell City at KPLR. I want to nominate him for CB(V) membership. ("V" for vendor) I truly appreciate it when a vendor works with me, and from reading many other posts, there are several we discuss regularly who work with us to maintain our aluminum family members at reasonable cost. Thanks to all of them.
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    Of course since Texas is its own country.
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    Thought I would share some first impressions (and I mean first impressions) of the new ADS-B hardware. For those with the Aspen setup, the L-3 9000+ is a great addition. I literally was just taking off and turning crosswind when I got a traffic alert from a guy entering the extended downwind without talking! The L-3 will display on both the Aspen, PFD and MFD, the L-3 display and on the GTN. Here is a shot of traffic data on the Aspens: A little while later, I got a traffic alert and took this shot (I had passed by him and he made a turn towards me. He was slower but I already had visually seen him). This is the traffic being shown on the L-3 display and the GTN. I will do more write-ups on the traffic and weather on a later post. The Flightstream 510 is a pretty neat piece of hardware. When you pair it with the WiFi, it will do a database comparison and automatically update. Once it completes that, it switches to Bluetooth and then allow you to manage the flight plans between your iPad and the GTN. And in honor of Stinky Pants, I am going to do an ADS-B checkout flight by flying completely around Philly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    I'm referring to the movie, not the MSC. A good friend of mine and fellow Mooney owner/pilot has never seen the movie and I give him a hard time about it. So many great cheesy lines in that flick that I just I love it! So what do you guys think? Is that required viewing for a pilot? If not, what movie(s) are?
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    Hi Jim, I was not aware of this. But it's interesting. I just spent a few minutes looking at it and see some pretty serious security flaws with that Map that I'm trying to avoid with mine. I think it was because it was a self-service map. Everyone was expected to add themselves. As I'm here on a business trip in Chile, and I'll be off to Kenya for the next couple of weeks, it's not all that easy to keep up with the requests to add members, but I do my best to keep up with it as I can. I've thought it would be much easier if I just had everyone add themselves. But in this age of internet bots and identity theft, I really want to keep the security of personal information as tight as possible and that means I have to control it myself. So I'll do it. I hope everyone finds the map useful and I'll plan to maintain it as long as I can, and when I can't I'll hand it off to someone to continue.
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    There is some inefficiency built in... 1) the counterrotating blades have some torque cancelling advantage. The cost is in the fact that, the rotors are tilted a bit away from each other to clear each other's hub. So not all 100% of the power goes into lift... 2) the 'approach from the front' advice probably comes from a warning that you will get hit by the blade as it comes closer to the ground than a typical horizontal blade. 3) There is some mechanical timing involved. It probably requires breaking a gear tooth to lose the timing. 4) the single turbine engine must have a really interesting complex gearbox. I really like the useful load characteristic. If the Mooney could lift like that, the fuel doesn't get included with the payload. And the payload was nearly the same as the Aircraft fully fueled... Best regards, -a-
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    Believe it or not, that's sort of an "also ran" number. :). There are a couple of guys who have broken 3,000, and at least one who has flown > 5,000. When Debi Bois started Pilots-n-Paws (in 2008, I think) there were only a handful of us. Now there are thousands of pilots, and several pretty much do it full time. A couple have the means to support their flying habit without having to fill the kitty back up, and have pretty much devoted their flying life to transporting rescues. It's been inspiring to fly with these legends.
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    You have gotten pretty good advice, there is not much to add, but here is a little. We treat TIT as an absolute number and EGT's as relative numbers. In other words, it matters whether TIT is 1600 or 1700 - it matters what the absolute number is. It does not matter what the absolute EGT numbers are, it matters what they are relative to peak EGT. TIT has a redline and is there to protect the turbo. The turbo runs at speeds upwards of 100,000 and if it gets too hot, the lower deck blades will stretch. The tolerances inside the housing are already close, so blade stretch leads to the blades contacting the housing, and we don't want that. There are other things that happen also, but that is the main concern at high temps. This ahs to do only indirectly with how far LOP or ROP you are running the engine and at what power setting, indirectly because most likely if you see a redline TIT it is because you are running the engine wrong, but there are other contributors such as a hot day or poor cooling due to altitude. You should go over to the Bravo forum and read some of their engine setting stuff. The Bravo and Acclaim guys tend to run their engines at somewhat higher TITs than I do in my 231. I use 1600 and it works, my turbo is fine after many hours of operation. EGT's are relative. We don't care what the absolute number is, and once you have figured out how to set your engine up for a given phase of flight and desired power output, looking at the EGTs becomes less important. We use EGTs in setting fuel flow an turbo output (MP) because it tells us how far from peak EGT each cylinder is operating. There is always some variance in fuel flows among the cylinders, and it is important, in deciding where to run relative to peak, to use the EGT closest to peak. From the rich side, that is the first cylinder to peak, and leaning over from the rich side to the lean side, that is the last cylinder to peak. If we use these temps, then the other cylinders will all be further from peak and well protected. We normally don't use TIT for this, because TIT doesn't say where each cylinder is, so it is possible to have, say, four cylinders running nicely rich of peak, one more rich, and one running lean and sitting right in the red box. All that side, if you have properly leaned the engine a few times using EGTs, and you know that , say, at 29" and 1600 TIT the leanest cylinder is always at 125 degrees ROP, and you are fine with running that cylinder at 125 ROP, then by all means use TIT and use CHT. I hardly ever look at my EGT's anymore, one of my favorite settings is 11-11.1 gph, 34" MP and TIT at or under 1600. I have run the engine enough at that setting that I know the EGT's will be fine, and I check them only, say, if the fuel flow has been rejiggered at annual or something of that nature. Let me hasten to add, this setting is for my 231, not for your Bravo, ask the Bravo guys what they do.
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    When do you really expect anything "close to accurate" to come out of Hollywood? About the only thing accurate about that movie was that there is a US Navy and they did fly Grumman F-14s.
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    Am I the only one gets the evil eye from the significant other when I'm scrolling through the TV guide channels trying to find something to watch and I stop when I see TopGun, Dangerous Flights, Ice Pilots, The Aviator, Red Tails, Fly Boys or pretty much any aviation program that we've seen 100x. Or if she is in the kitchen and hears the opening music to TopGun...Drives her "NUTS". lol
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    Ive flown up a couple times. Easy airport, non towered. Not to busy in the AM but can get pretty busy in the afternoon. Runway isnt perfect but theres no potholes. Seems to be a decent sized Experimental crowd there. Great bar (ellas). Fog can be a PITA so I plan to get there after 10 or 11am. I'll let you know how this run goes though Its kind of hard to find the airport because you have to hook around a hill and go a little offshore to get on the downwind.
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    If it were me and the rest of the plane is acceptable, I'd negotiate a deduction to cover restoring function to the OEM instruments and buy it. If you want to cover your tail to fly it, getting a ferry permit should be simple, especially since/if everything else is in order. It could cover you + CFI to get it home, but likely not indefinite flying/training. Get it home, then fix it, or better yet, put in a primary replacement monitor and ditch the old stuff! Sent from my LG-US996 using Tapatalk
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    How about a shout out to GSXR @gsxrpilot for that map? How cool is it to see the geographic representation of our network.
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    Here is the page from the AC43.13
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    Top Gun 3: Maverick in the retirement home, winning walker races to the water cooler, while adoring fans in open-backed hospital gowns cheer from their doorways. The head nurse spills her coffee on her shirt when Mav cuts the corner too closely. At sunset, he sits by the window, listening for the occasional Hog running down the highway, smiling at the noise . . . That's what happens when your sequels are 30 years apart--25 years old in the first, 55 in the second, and 85 in the last one.
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    When used as Primary to replace your AI, you'll have the "redundancy" of IAS, Turn Bank, DG, and Alt just like you always had with a 6-pack. Remember it's only primary for Attitude. But if you use it as a backup for an EFIS system like an Aspen or especially a G500 you won't have any redundancy to support the G5 if you loose it. Consider the Achilles heal of the Aspen, air-data, and say you loose the pitot ram air because because your pitot heat fails or any number of reasons as simple as a break in the line. This brings down the entire Aspen, multiple Aspens doesn't help either. Now you don't have a backup EFIS certified to degrade to an acceptable performance level with a loss of pitot air data. Now what? Stick to something that was engineered to meet the requirements of how you intend to use it. They're really not silly requirements. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    9% is a good base number. Remembering that the angle valve engines are 8.7 to 1, there would be nothing wrong with seeing 20gph or slightly more out of a 200hp Lyc IO360.
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    I probably could. If I could just keep people away from the airport, I would be OK. If no one is around I don't bounce too much. But if anyone is watching ...
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    Have you been watching my landings.
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    my riding days are pretty much over... I used to race WERA 600 and worked for Joe Rocket... basically got burned out. It was sad to hear about Nicky Hayden... I had outfitted him and his brothers while he was riding AMA and his first two seasons of MotoGP. We did a few midnight drunken hot laps in rental cars at mid ohio one year... I've left a few pieces of plastic along 129 and plenty of tickets for the privilege of seeing what a liter bike can do. After having changed final drive, tires, and setup on the TW, it is a pretty sweet street fighter though. I had thought about taking it up there, but I just haven't had the drive to make it happen.
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    I would think that CFI's type would be any Mooney for insurance purposes, but unless you are already comfortable with the Johnson bar, or yours has electric gear, you would want someone comfortable with the gear. It would not be a huge deal, but there are a few things you need to learn to get comfortable with it. Also, if a CFI has done much Mooney work, they are most likely familiar with the manual gear. IMHO, a short body is not the "learn from a Mooney expert or you will die" project that some people will try to lead you to believe. That said, I would indeed recommend that the transition instructor be familiar with Mooney's. my $0.02,
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    You are missing the best one. The opening scene of Failsafe (1964) has the general flying to work in a Mooney! I think it is that movie it is one of the nuclear disaster movies.
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    The Right Stuff is one of my all time favorites. I met a military dentist that did a dental clearance check up for Chuck Yeager a few years ago. He was showing me pictures of him and Chuck Yeager on his iPhone. He told me Chuck Yeager offered to take him up in a F-16 but he declined. I just couldn't imagine passing up an opportunity of not only getting a ride in a F-16 but having Chuck Yeager as the pilot would be over the top.
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    Don't plan on using Destin unless you are upgrading to a G5. (Gulfstream not Garmin). Defuniak Springs or Milton are really the only two in the area. You have to define reasonable as for hangar rates. I use Defuniak, new T-hangar ($275+tax), usually the cheapest fuel in the area, on site maintenance and avionics shop (Monarch) The DOM worked at Destin when they had a MSC. Milton has a couple of flight schools so the airspace is busier, they have more hangars. There is a waiting list for their hangars. Even longer for our sized T-hangars, but they will are more than happy to rent you a large hangar (at a premium) in order to get on the smaller size list. Their fuel is usually very close to Defuniak's in price. Depending on where you live one field might be more convenient than the other. If you live in Destin proper, Defuniak will probably be closer, if you choose Navarre then Milton is the answer.
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    Thanks guys. I've always been a bit of a geek for maps. I'm enjoying the project.
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    Just a guess... The white rubber is an insulator and the static wick is trying to deliver the static energy off the end. I lose a wick every now and then, usually by people walking into them accidently in the tight hangar area. I have never noticed if they work or not. It could take some special air quality like cold dry air to make them noticeable... Only missing one, less of a big deal... having one impaired, even a smaller issue. They are easy to replace. They are screw in. Probably available through Aircraft Spruce... Best regards, -a-
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    It's a B25. http://www.centraltexaswing.org/aircraft/b-25-yellow-rose/ It was at the avionics shop at T74. It's always fun to find these sorts of things on the ramp.
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    Meanwhile my generator with updated controller just keeps quietly soldiering on without any issue whatsoever...
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    Ok I'm close if u get into a jam...
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    Shutter speed. You can control it on more advanced cameras.
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    A slight unload? I'm trying to do that, albeit still awkwardly.
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    What part of June will you be coming to the North Coast. I am Hangared at Keka and can give you some insight to the weather (fog) when you are getting close. Pritch
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    For a technicality airworthiness issue I suspect they would have some flexibility...it's not like asking for one after a prop strike or bird strike with damage. Sent from my LG-US996 using Tapatalk
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    Oh, heck no. I don't negotiate like that. Sorry if I gave that impression! I was talking about what do *I* do. I was wondering what I do if we come to an agreement on the issue, like a price deduction if appropriate, or what have you; what happens then? I suppose if I just don't know it's broken or it broke in flight, I could fly it home, right? But what about the CFI flying with me? Would a hypothetical CFI have a problem flying with me in it? Or would this need to be something I take care of where the plane is and then fly it home?
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    Matt, you need to be added! NW Illinois is looking under-represented! @Guitarmaster
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    The Beech 18 flying scene from its a mad mad mad world!!Hilarious boozed up Jim Bacchus knocked out and Non pilot Micky Rooney and Buddy Hackett buzzing the tower and knocking the guy off the tower trying to talk them down...great flying from Frank Tallman
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    I say it is in the injector. Pull it and clean it.
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    Thank you Dan. It really is tough being a human. Thanks to hank too, there is a growing number of electronic things that are getting accumulated into a new checklist for electronics.... Fuel totalizer reset, gallons added... ADSB in plugged in... ipad on and wifi connected to show all the ADSB traffic and weather... ipad recording flight in WingX... ipad recording flight details in CloudAhoy. CO detector max level and reset. Electronic flight plan things. Thank you gents. The small changes seam to collect over time, and remembering all the changes doesn't get easier with time... PP thoughts only... Best regards, -a-
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    Kelly owns a bar/restaurant in Key West called Kelly's. It is located in the home of the birthplace of Pan Am airways. Food is her passion. http://www.kellyskeywest.com/
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    Mr Yetti "Talk to me Goose" Mrs. Yetti "Show me some of that pilot stuff" "Mavrick" Fist Bump
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    This film came I believe from a TV series called Les Chevaliers du ciel. I remember watching this every week or so when I was a kid. Real French stuff. Yves
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    If you want to start at the beginning....Those Magnificent Men and There Flying Machines made me laugh. But ya, gotta love Top Gun back then. Now Kelly looks like one of Marauders girlfriends.
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    Consider getting a modern voltage controller for the generator. Low cost, big improvement. Identical foot print. Rebuilt generators are available from aircraft Spruce. Easy to install, check with your A&P for details. The biggest problem of the old technology was the mechanical controller. Modern controllers fix that and provide benefits such as LED information about system status. Search this site for Zeftronics controllers. Alternators do provide a wider voltage vs rpm output. So if you have to ground idle for extended periods of time, the alternator may be better. Best regards, -a-