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  1. Whew!! Glad that’s all out of the way! Now can we hear a little about the airplane and your plans for using it? Just please don’t mention anything about ROP/LOP!
  2. Anthony, you are the master of talking about politics without talking about politics!
  3. I think I need to clarify that I would never encourage anyone to knowingly do something wrong, but when there is this much disagreement even among the MS smart guys there is no need to beat your head against the wall. Log what you want until the Feds who are paid to get this right put out something the average guy can clearly understand.
  4. Anything that generates this much smoke will most likely camouflage your log book from prying eyes! Log what you want and don’t sweat the small stuff!
  5. Oh well, no big deal. Small potatoes after paying a 1500.00 STC fee to burn 15.00 a gallon super dooper no lead fuel, 150.00 oil filters if we buy in bulk, 5000.00 insurance policies, 6000.00 hangar fees etc. Now I don’t know if all that is going to happen but I just couldn’t pass up my chance to pile on the doom and gloom of the future of GA!
  6. Is that statement absolutely true?
  7. Bite your tongue Mon Ami! GW like a Cessna??? Negative on your declarative! GW is more like the Bonanza.
  8. I don’t think scientific accuracy was the driving impetus of the research!
  9. Oh boy, two of my favorite activities are in the top three!
  10. I am so sorry this happened and I am sure you are suffering much emotional angst. Someone has noted that a particularly sublime phrase in Scripture is, “And it came to pass…” This too will pass, and you will come out on the other side just fine. In the meantime my dad’s words come to mind, “Don’t make any major decisions when you are at either an emotional high or emotional low.” Praying for you, Torrey
  11. My 2 cents is a rule of thumb I picked up from Jimmy Garrison. If most of your trips are less than 400 miles, a J is fine. If most are over 400 miles you will be happier with a K. Before I bought my K I rented a buddies J and flew the same trips I do now. Most are over 400 miles. I was very happy with the J, but acting on Jimmy’s advice I bought a K and am even happier. I am sure the O’s, B’s etc would be even nicer but I don’t have the wallet to even consider that league. I don’t fly in the teens, but 10, 11 and 12 have worked out very nicely so far. Grant it I don’t have but 7 months ownership, but no regrets yet. Torrey
  12. I have a 1979 231 that I bought in February of this year. The airplane had sat in a New Mexico hangar for 6 years, so I was a little nervous about this my first annual, even though the airplane has to date performed admirably with a 100% dispatch rate. I took the airplane to Mr. Maxwell on August 24 and received it back on September 13. After about 10 days I received a written quote listing about 36 discrepancies. On the phone Mr. Maxwell went over each one. He was very patient and professional. I asked him to fix it all. Two items were not repaired as we are waiting on parts, but fortunately neither affects airworthiness. The final bill was a little over 5000.00 and a couple of hundred below his estimate. My wife and I left his shop in Longview Texas and immediately commenced our vacation, flying directly to our eldest son’s home in Dexter MO. The next day we flew to our youngest son’s home in Sellersburg, IN. The airplane has performed flawlessly and I am very grateful. I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Maxwell and his team. I am pleased with the quality, pricing and timeliness of the work. I also very much enjoyed visiting with Mr. Maxwell, a very gentle-spoken and knowledgeable man. Torrey
  13. I don’t mind the hijacking. What really bugs me is that the threads all get hijacked to electric cars or sailboats - never to Goldwing motorcycles. I think I am suffering from all y’all’s micro-aggression. Calling my Psychiatrist right now!!
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