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  1. So you were one of THOSE guys! I was drug kicking and screaming out of the MD-80, but I got used to the 320. It will never be a favorite, but I do like the “lights out” technology. The problem is that it encourages laziness. I hate to admit the Mooney fleet will eventually be gone, but I can’t fault your logic. Maybe there will be a “miracle cure”!
  2. No doubt that was the procedure at one time, but things have progressed or digressed depending on your opinion to what I think is a pretty universal procedure at all the airlines. I know for a fact how it is at Spirit Airlines. 1000 feet AGL, fully configured AND checklist complete or a mandatory go around. Yes, FOQA will rat you out and yes you will get a phone call….speaking for a friend!
  3. If I was wealthy enough to self insure, I would consider it if insurance rates became onerous. There are probably plenty of owners that are in that category, I am just not one of them. Of course there could be a lot said as to the wisdom of such a decision given our litigious culture, but everyone has different risk tolerances. @A64Pilot was merely pointing out the fact that insurance is not mandatory from a regulatory standpoint. He did not advocate one way or the other.
  4. I am late to this, but I have had almost the exact scenario. In almost 25 years at my airline I have never lied to the passengers, but have been accused of it. They have no concept that just because it is not raining at grandmas right now that the airspace around grandma can be restricted due to weather 100 miles away, therefore I am a liar. I also work with many wonderful flight attendants and pilots. Some very few have not been so good but eventually get weeded out. There are also self absorbed, entitlement oriented and rude passengers. People are people and I try to extend grace because some days I need it extended to me.
  5. You sir, are a fountain of interesting information! Here I am in the cockpit of a 320 to fly almost 4 hours to DFW, and now I can appreciate the marvelous efficiency of this bird in a new way!
  6. Wow! That was very informative and interesting. Thank you!
  7. I am not fully convinced, but I will certainly grant the benefit of the doubt.
  8. You guys are hilarious! Let’s just think about the context of Ned’s instructor. He is an instrument instructor that has just signed off or is in the process of signing off an IFR newbie. Is it remotely possible his point is that in the IFR environment a pilot must be always situationally aware, knowing where he is going and why? Of course I may be wrong. Maybe he really did mean you always had to have a centered needle because even though he was an instructor he may have never heard of a radar vector? I have postulated, you decide.
  9. Not exactly what I was thinking, but close enough. Thank you!
  10. The point was……never mind, you got me.
  11. I know I am late to this, but that is a great line, “You are flying IFR only when a needle is centered.” Both clever and true!
  12. And near as I can tell they were not wrong. Critical thinking has taken a dumpster dive, and not just among the youth.
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