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  1. It's not. If it doesn't apply to your airplane by virtue of S/N then it doesn't apply just like if it were a Piper or Cessna or an M20K. The AD list that your IA maintains would be a good place to record that it was noted but not applicable by S/N. Putting it in the logbook doesn't hurt, either, but you don't need to ground after Feb 13th to wait for that.
  2. What year is your J model? The adjustments are different whether you have a quadrant or push-pull cables. It's really easy with the quadrant.
  3. A couple mated cushioned adel clamps would probably do it.
  4. The C-G model SMM that I have doesn't have a section XI, and the SB just says to strip it, so a method suitable for lead and corrosion concerns would be acceptable imho. For lead that's probably scraping as you suggest, so scraping it followed by picking or something suitable on the steel insert should be fine. I think the idea is just to get it bare so that you can inspect for cracks in the material rather than cracks in the paint. The rebalancing requirement seems to be a bit of a stretch, too, since the weight isn't being removed for the inspection. I'm guessing somebody is concerned about the difference in weight between the previous paint and the repaint after the inspection? Or maybe that it's lost weight due to corrosion? My personal view is that this AD, and perhaps the SB, aren't the best examples of how to deal with an issue. There is no provision in the AD for a Special Flight Permit, which has the potential to cause some serious issues for people after Feb. 13th, and I don't see a rationale for it.
  5. If it weren't lead that may have been a go-to inspection method. Not gonna see much through that lead. I don't know if an eddy current inspection even works on that (shhh...I shouldn't give them ideas, it's not past the comment period yet).
  6. This was Wildhorsesracing's C model. He flies a Hatz biplane and a 172 now, and I think polishing this was a project his daughter did.
  7. Nice! Mine was a night-and-day change and went from being extremely difficult to see, even with a functioning incandescent lamp, to be being bright and easy to see. Now I can actually do floor indicator checks before landing.
  8. It's an avionics museum! You could just about charge admission there.
  9. In this case a logbook entry in the airframe logbook. imho, anyway. Lots of people have put automotive or home-made or generically-sourced gaspers and vents and diffusers in their Mooneys. There are a number of threads here with descriptions and photos. Those are generally done with a logbook entry. On the other hand there are those who insist everything that touches a certified airplane has to be PMA and any deviation from the original parts list is a major alteration (I'm exaggerating, but not a lot for some). There are sun visors for Mooneys that have an STC and there are some very popular and well-made sun visors that are essentially hand-made by a member here. What answer you get on what is "the right way to do it" will depend highly on who you ask. You may get very different answers depending on what FSDO office you ask. For you, the guy that signs your annual off every year is the guy that matters, as he's the one who's gonna sign off your airplane as airworthy and conformant to the Type Certificate. Opinions can vary widely among them as well, so the guy that signs your logbooks is the important one.
  10. Presence or lack of a PMA doesn't determine whether it's a major mod or not, which is the criterion for whether a 337 is required. I think it may just be a poorly-supervised comment made by whoever put that particular page together.
  11. That's not gonna get fully sorted out in an internet thread, and leads to lots of disagreement, argument, ruined relationships, bad weather, etc. If you own a certified aircraft, your IA's opinion is the one that really matters.
  12. There should be instructions on the AD for applicability and method of compliance. An AD has an applicability section that may say something like "with X installed", and if it isn't installed then it doesn't apply. If the applicability is by S/N or model or something and the method of compliance describes an inspection for the item, then that inspection has to be performed if the S/N or other applicability description applies. If it is known that it doesn't apply by the applicability criterion then it's not an issue, but if it isn't known then it should be checked. Usually at the next annual any potentially relevant ADs are added to the compliance list with an explanation of "not installed" or "S/N doesn't apply" or something similar so there's a record that it was checked. If an inspection is required by the compliance description then that has to be done and recorded as part of the compliance. So the AD has to be read to see whether it is applicable by the applicability description, and if it is then the compliance instructions come into play and the results have to be recorded. If not then nothing needs to be done but it should be put on the AD compliance list for the aircraft to record that it was checked.
  13. I know but I don't see any basis for that statement. Maybe the competitor of the manufacturer talked them into to putting that on there.
  14. I don't know how it would reduce the cost of the hardware. You'll still need receivers for GPS as well as the correction signal(s), wherever it comes from. If an additional source of correction requires an additional antenna and/or receiver, that's a cost adder, plus the engineering to do the integration.
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