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  1. If you manage to make one for an M20J I'd buy it!
  2. J

    Then I'll submit the question is unanswerable.
  3. J

    Define "best"?
  4. Traffic plus weather in Canada

    In the US as long as you're within range of a tower that's transmitting FIS-B (to anybody) you'll get it. I don't have ADS-B out yet but I get weather, winds aloft, etc., on my tablet from the Stratux.
  5. Lightweight Portable Generator Review

    I bought the Harbor Freight equivalent this summer to use at one of our remote locations. It's 2-stroke, so needs mixed gas, but we keep mix for chainsaws and stuff at the same place, anyway. I have not had a chance to use it yet, but I'm expecting it to be loud. The good part was that it was $88 during HF's sidewalk sale. Coincidentally, the fuel cap from one of these will fit a Piper Cherokee in a pinch. Heard that from a friend.
  6. Time for a new Mag

    I think I'd pop the other one open, too.
  7. handheld transcom recommendations

    I have a Yaesu FT-550 with the headset adapter. It seems like a nice unit and sits in my flight bag like a champ. I've used it as a receiver a few times but have never had to transmit on it so can't comment on that part of it. Seems like a rockin' unit otherwise.
  8. Economic ANR solution

    I have a Faro G2 ANR that I used for quite a while. Even though it is on the low end of the ANR cost spectrum, it's a very good headset IMHO. I did upgrade to a Lightspeed Zulu3 which I do like better, but it's not enormously better than the Faro. The Lightspeed is a bit easier on batteries and just has some nicer features, but it's also significantly more expensive than the Faro. For a low-cost, decent ANR headset I found the Faro is actually quite nice. I keep the Faro in the airplane in case I forget the Lightspeed, which is *supposed* to be in my flight bag, and for passengers.
  9. Contemporary Reserve Champion

    If you ever go to sell it you can market it as an "award winning Mooney".
  10. I suspect the variations are due to how people are taking data rather than actual tank dimensions or capacities. Or did Mooney actually change the tank shape significantly over production runs for similar models? If I were to make my own stick I think I'd use the "mark it before you fill it and see what it took" method until I had a decent calibration, but if I could buy one I'd rather save myself the effort.
  11. Off field landing at KSGH

    Whatever you wind up doing to get it through the fence, take pics!
  12. Somebody send this guy a good M20J/64gal tank calibration! I'd definitely buy one.
  13. Weighed my Naked Mooney Today

    I don't even know how to compute corner weights when there are only three wheels, and I can't find a ride height adjustment on these things anywhere. j/k ... Looks nice!
  14. Cleaning belly and wheel wells

    Of the dish soaps, Dawn is particularly mild. It is used for things like cleaning up animals after oil or chemical spills, etc. I've seen it recommended in a number of places for washing airplanes. Also, what's wrong with the aviation extreme simple green? That's been recommended many times as well.
  15. Noisy radio

    I bought a new headset and had a little trouble until I sorted out the mic sensitivity was a lot different than the previous one and I needed to turn the mic squelch down. Glad you got it sorted! Rich is definitely the man.