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  1. The common gear in a dual mag isn't plastic. The distributor gears on each side are plastic, just like they are in any other mag. All mags have plastic distributor gears so that they don't damage the drive gears in the case if they seize. This is the same reason the shear drive on a vacuum pump is plastic, so it shears when the pump seizes and it doesn't damage or create a drag on the rest of the accessory drive.
  2. Either they re-used the old bushings, which is not supposed to be done, or somebody had some laying around or were able to get them quickly. I think they're pretty commonly-used parts.
  3. The different part numbers on the bushings are because they're different diameters. The prop will only fit over them when properly oriented, or at least that's the idea.
  4. It's M20-206: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/4147179/technical_documents/service_bulletins/sbm20-206-1.pdf
  5. Yes, that means that the shields for those pairs get grounded on both ends. That's not normal practice in electronic communications because it encourages ground loops, but I see it specified in avionics fairly frequently.
  6. This is what I'm finding as well. I haven't even been able to find anything that definitively says you have to do it every year for Part 91. So from that perspective, I have the calibration certification that came with my torque wrench (or whatever tool) that says it is a certified calibrated device (to whatever spec or standard used by the manufacturer, which may be of unknown traceability). I think this defines that device as a certified calibrated tool. Is there anything that says it stops being a certified calibrated tool at some point? I haven't been able to find anything that sa
  7. Part 43 App A part c(21) says you can replace any hose end except hydraulic. Arguing will probably commence from there, whether or not it is OPP, etc.. Whatever your IA says is the opinion that matters, since he'll approve or not at your annual anyway.
  8. The Cessna 177RG TCDS (A20CE) only shows the IO-360-A1B6 or -A1B6D as certified for the airplane. The Mooney M20 TCDS (2A3) shows IO-360-A1B6D, -A3B6D, or -A3B6 as certified for the M20J. So if people want to swap to separate mags from a dual mag, on the Mooney it has to be an -A3B6 and on a Cardinal it has to be an -A1B6. That's kind of interesting. Whatever the operational difference is, it must not be that much.
  9. Yesterday I took a trip over Pinal County Airport to see whether the parked airliner inventory has changed much since I checked it at the end of March. It has! There's a lot more! There are two large areas to the right of the flight line that are new and both full of airplanes. Yesterday (top), and last March 31st (bottom):
  10. I had the same issue, with the prop being "reclocked" before I bought the airplane. I *think* it got reclocked to the A3 position, but I'm still not certain. We had the prop off last year to get it checked as part of the debugging when my governor failed. I mentioned to my IA at the time that maybe it was an opportunity to check to see whether the clocking should be changed, and his opinion was that if I'm fine with how smooth it's been running we probably shouldn't mess with it. I realized I agreed with that and whatever it is, we left it the way it is.
  11. I wouldn't put a smoke machine in it since they can leave an oil film that might work its way into the instrument. I don't know how sensitive it might be to that. Also check the hard lines if you haven't already, as cracks there can make them wonky as well. The hard line on mine broke apart right at the cylinder once with no warning. It must have had a crack for a while before that.
  12. Sometimes software updates are just new bug releases. Somebody convinced me to update the software revision in my G5. I haven't figured out anything it does better, but it did delete the Ground Speed indicator, which I used to use all the time and now I miss it. Fail.
  13. Mine has a log entry by an A&P for re-rigging after painting. Since the paint shops typically remove all of the control surfaces and then replace them after painting/rebalancing, it seems prudent to me. I wouldn't assume it all goes back together the same, but maybe it's done.
  14. Email sent. Thanks for the opportunity to share input.
  15. I noticed that, too, and was wondering whether the Firestone units were designed for a progressive rate or something.
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