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  1. FWIW, I can't find a record of Ottosen charging me anything to determine that my old governor was toast. He just gave me the option that a new governor would only be about $60 more than rebuilding my old one, so I just got a new one. Got the pieces of my old one back in a box. I took my prop in for them to check, too, since we couldn't figure out where the problem was, and they didn't charge me for that, either. I did take the governor back for them to turn the pressure up to the spec limit, and he charged me $150 for that. So all in it was $1900 for a new gov plus $150 to turn the
  2. It's repairable, too. Don't throw it out!
  3. When I did my first check-out in my airplane the CFI had me do some power off 180s from pattern altitude on downwind to the runway, and the point was well made that you need to start turning right away to make it. So the 1000' feet seems consistent from that standpoint, too. When I flew an Arrow, that takes forever to get the gear up or down, I waited to bring the gear up since once it started cycling up it was going to be a long time to get it back down again if need be. In a Mooney, even with electric gear, the cycle time is short enough that I've not really seen a reason to not bri
  4. I've flown KRAP (Rapid City, SoDak) - KDVT (Deer Valley, Phoenix, AZ) a number of times. I'll second @N201MKTurbo that going up and down via the western slope of the Rockies is pretty easy, and is also a nice trip especially once you get into southern UT. The KCPR-KIWA leg is very long and I'd suggest a stop in between mostly for bladder service. I've stopped at KCNY, KGJT, 4V0 and KPGA. I think Page does not have self-serve fuel, but the rest did when I stopped there. KGJT (Grand Junction) and KCNY (Moab) are both good stops. 4V0 (Rangely, CO) is pretty remote and there's not much
  5. There are some aging components somewhere that are causing that, and the warm-up cycle just makes them noisy. It could be in either or both radios or the audio panel, would be my guess, or if you have a separate intercom box, potentially in that, too. It is not static electricity, especially if the airplane has been sitting when this cycle starts. When I first bought my airplane I would have all kinds of comm problems when it was first turned on and it sometimes took 10-20 minutes for it to settle down. I swapped out the audio panel (an ancient King KMA 20) for another one I'd boug
  6. There are a bunch of configuration options in the IFDs and it may just be a box needs to be checked in a configuration item somewhere. The manuals give pretty good guidance on how to get to them and what they do. Mine required a bit of configuring to get it to where I expected it to be.
  7. Many reputable engine shops are authorized repair stations for the servos. Just ask around your area. Mine went to Aircraft Engine Specialists in Chandler, AZ, but they're local to me.
  8. That's interesting. I'm not surprised they switched. I helped a hangar neighbor thread some stuff through the nosewheel well on his Comanche 250, and spent several minute on my back staring up into the nose well while holding one end of a fastener. I have to say it has the simplest actuation/steering/articulation I think I've ever seen in a retractable gear airplane. I was wondering why they're not all made like that.
  9. I often have my phone connected via BT to my audio panel just for the music. Once in a great while somebody will call me and it'll ring, and through the audio panel it's a weird ring that I'm not used to. Recently it started ringing just as the tower was giving me takeoff clearance and I was scrambling trying to figure out what it was.
  10. Once the gear is down the limit switch turns off the sonalert, so it will only beep when the gear is up. It is turned on by a microswitch just behind the panel on the throttle cable.
  11. I need to do that. I cut the vent in the hose and it occasionally makes a mess inside the cowling. I think your way is better.
  12. The "scratch" isn't a big deal as long as it's known that it was the borescope, which it seems like it usually is. It can be hard to avoid if you're poking around there in the dark.
  13. There are so many things in my airplane that beep now I should make a checklist to go through for "Unidentified Beeping". 1. Gear status 2. CO alarm 3. ELT active 4 etc., etc...
  14. The compression test must be performed, like the rest of the items in Appendix D, but there is no requirement to record the results. It is used to determine the outcome of the inspection, and it is very typical to record them so that people can track their compression history for future diagnostic purposes, but there is no requirement to do so. The manufacturer's list is just a list and is not a requirement, either. Only the items in Appendix D are required.
  15. The green crescent on the bottom is the problem. If you have that, it needs attention.
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