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  1. There are many airports where rental car company status stopped meaning much for GA several years ago. I've had status with Hertz for a couple of decades, and also with Avis. Many airports where the FBO is separated from the terminal used to still provide service where either you or your car would get picked up and dropped off at the FBO. A couple summers ago I wound up walking about a mile in the sun from an FBO to the terminal. They'd stopped delivering the cars to the FBO a couple years previous, and then they stopped answering the phone so nobody would know to come get you, even if you arranged it with them ahead of time. It's not at all like it used to be, at least at some places I go.
  2. Anybody worried about personal use of a related trademark or copyrighted material just look into "Fair Use" or the "fair use doctrine". There are many, many situations where permission is not required to use protected intellectual property like trademarks or copyrighted material. Personal use is usually one of them, especially if you apply the trademark to the item that the trademark belongs to, i.e., a Mooney trademark applied to a Mooney. I am not a lawyer. "Fair Use", however, is fairly easy to research.
  3. Do you have a mechanic? Does your airplane get an annual inspection?
  4. There are a few of those around here. Yeah, they're the opposite of practical or efficient. Friggin' enormous.
  5. Should be able to test whether you get side tone or not when speaking in a mic but using the opposite PTT. Edit: I checked the installation of my PMA450 and it has separate inputs for both PTTs. The manual says: "Only the person who presses their PTT switch will be heard over the radio." I think that's how most systems are configured.
  6. You have to move your headset mic connection to the passenger side for the co-pilot PTT to work. Usually it is not practical.
  7. This works: https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-14VDC-Dimmable-Replaces-Numbers/dp/B08GH2NWV9
  8. They recommend 1 ounce or when grease comes out whichever is first. There is tribal wisdom that 1 oz is six pumps, but it is highly dependent on the type of grease gun you have. It is recommended to check your gun to see how many pumps are required for 1 oz. Guns that can do high pressure may take many more than 6, and if you have a quality name brand gun the documentation for it might even say how many pumps per oz or particular volume metric. If you assume 6 pumps, you may be getting much less than an ounce, depending.
  9. Next time you have the cowl off check that it wiggles, i.e., the sphere isn't seized in the rod end. It may have seized and caused the bow when you pulled it, which prevented it from moving, and it let go when you poked at it. If it gives you any more odd feelings, maybe shoot some lube at it. Just a speculative thought.
  10. Yes, apparently it's been in the pipeline for a while, and iirc it may be accompanied with some certification category changes or additions. I think it's not been too widely publicized since it has been under development and not yet stable. Supposed to be a pretty big change, though. We'll see what really shakes out if/when it happens.
  11. They're dimmable, so they work at any voltage from 0-28V. I'm using them at 14V and they're still plenty bright, as I mentioned previously. Edit: To answer a little better, a 327 is a 28V lamp, but is often spec'ed in 12V systems when high brightness isn't needed. The equivalent bulb designed for 12V systems is a 330. The bases are the same, so either will plug into each socket. If your IPC says 327, either will work, the 330 might be brighter. I'm talking mostly about the incandescent bulbs here. If you really want a 12V LED replacement with the same base, get a 330 equivalent (they may wind up being the same part): https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-14VDC-Dimmable-Replaces-Numbers/dp/B08GH2NWV9
  12. Are you replacing a 327 bulb? I've used these (dimmable and still bright at 14V): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08GKY8S7L
  13. Me, too. Flying on those missions is a job I think I'd like, probably more doing the science or data collection in the back than on the flight deck, but either way.
  14. Probably just not in N-registered airplanes. We're being "safe" to death.
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