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  1. Yeah, mucking up a $118 million NASA contract might just be the mother of all 'career limiting moves'
  2. I've been very happy with my Vividia VA-400 Ablescope. Make sure you buy direct so you get the latest version; some resellers are offering older, lower resolution, models.
  3. You were MUCH more efficient than I; I'm too embarrassed to say how many planes I 'went through' before I found mine
  4. Yeah, sounds like they didn’t follow/have a checklist!
  5. Interesting. It looks like iridium has increased in price from $50 per gram pre-COVID to $200 per gram. My question is how much iridium is actually in an aviation spark plug?
  6. EXACTLY! As you said earlier, hard parts don't just break because of wear/age. The whole TBO concept is flawed IMHO. There is nothing 'magic' about crossing 2000 hours where you are suddenly on 'borrowed time'
  7. Coming up on 2600. 7 hours/qt. Compressions consistently in the high 70s. No signs of metal at oil changes. I'm in no rush to OH until it starts 'talking to me'.
  8. More of the same: 1) Unreasonable request to pull cylinders 2) Make sure the price accounts for a run-out engine 3) Make sure you can afford an OH 4) Base your purchase decision on everything else. Six years ago I was in a similar situation when I bought my F; 2100 SMOH. I was more comfortable with the fact the plane had been consistently flown around 100 hours a year for the last 13 years than anything else. I could afford an OH so I went ahead with the purchase. No regrets.
  9. Good theory! However, I have no idea since, as a supporter, I don't see any ads
  10. Ugh! That's kind of what I was afraid of. Sorry to hear it's on its side. Are there any after 'landing' images available, yet? I haven't seen any.
  11. The other thread that mysteriously disappeared recently was the one about Hartzell being bought by that investment company and raising the prices. Wonder what got that deleted?
  12. Yeah, "weak signal"...not trying to be negative, but that really doesn't sound good. No indication of any 'content' to that signal. My fear is that it crashed and the antenna is not oriented towards earth, or is damaged, and the 'signal' is just the remnants of a data void carrier. I'm hoping to hear otherwise but not holding my breath, I'm afraid.
  13. Great car! I owned one for almost two years...until a lady in a Hummer rear ended me at a stoplight Never had any issues; car ran strong and reliable (no overheating issues even with the stock radiator in stop-n-go traffic). I'm still looking for a replacement...prices have doubled in the meantime and none I've seen are in near as nice a condition. Mine was bone stock which is nearly impossible to find.
  14. Rough answer: Call shop, ask hourly rate, multiply by 20. QED
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