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  1. MikeOH

    STEC-30 Altitude Hold

    OUCH! Glad my STEC-30 is NOT porposing...yet, anyway. 7 hours, YIKES!
  2. If I didn’t “buy much F” with a GNS430W, STEC-30 w/alt hold, GPSS, slaved StrikeFinder, G3 Insight monitor, 201 windshield, PowerFlow exhaust, Ney nozzles, SkyTec starter, aileron, flap, elevator gap seals, cowl closure, dorsal fin mod, one piece belly, and speed brakes then please explain what I’m suppose to spend the $100K on, please?
  3. MikeOH

    preciseflight speed brakes

    Been happy with mine. Nice tool to have, but I wouldn’t spend the money to install. Glad the PO did, though
  4. Very happy with my STEC-30, alt hold, and GPSS. However, the plane already had it installed.
  5. MikeOH

    MooneySpace Member Map

  6. MikeOH

    which model is the best F,J,K or M

    Yuup! That’s why I bought an F
  7. MikeOH

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    WOW! What a story. The real question, at this point, is if your WIFE is okay with this prop going back on the plane?
  8. MikeOH

    Anti-chafe tape

    TEDLAR (DuPont) Poly vinyl floride based material No personal experience but used to protect highway signs (CALTRANS requirement), UV resistant. Not sure about abrasion resistance. Good luck.
  9. MikeOH

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Please add me and PM link. Thanks!
  10. MikeOH

    My Mooney M20b Adventure

    Yuup! Just finished my first annual on my F; just a hair over $4500.
  11. I thought the TCDS controlled what was required?
  12. MikeOH

    Brakes fluid reservoir

    Interesting. My ‘70F has the 201 windshield and the brake fluid reservoir is on the engine side of the fire wall; easily accessible with the top cowling removed. I just assumed that was the stock location until this thread.
  13. MikeOH

    Eye bolts

    That’s what I have; don’t have to take ‘em off, thus they are always there when you do need to tie down. Very happy my plane had them installed.
  14. MikeOH

    Flying again

    Glad to hear you're back up 'n running:) My first annual is coming up the end of this month....palms are getting sweaty!
  15. Technically, spelled Bowden...just sayin'