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  1. Oh, and when I started having issues, the actual download and install to the card wen ok, including the verify step...but wouldn't work when I installed it into the 430W! After two tries it bricked the 430W and the card would no longer load without errors. I swear I did both cards in by carrying them in my wallet along with the RFID 'credit card' for the airport gate...I think swiping my wallet with the cards in it, did them in. Many here swore that wasn't possible and that I damaged them with ESD. SORRY, I don't buy that; if the cards were that sensitive then there would be all kinds of c
  2. Yes, good point! Due to an archaic home computer I've always used the 'older update method' which involves first downloading the actual database to the PC; then installing it onto the card as a second step.
  3. By twice I assume you mean that you loaded the terrain card twice from your computer. If so, did you re download the file from Garmin twice, or just reloaded the data card from the same downloaded file? Beyond that, do you have another terrain card to try? I had my data cards fail and that is the kind of error I got before they just bricked the 430W. FYI, I have installed this new revision with no problem.
  4. Personally, I think insurance costs will continue to rise, but the value of a Mooney won't have anything to do with that cost increase. Sorry, but if you are basing even part of your purchase decision on the value increasing...you should NOT buy. That sounds too much like you believe buying a plane is an investment; it is 100% NOT an investment! A partnership might well be the best way to test whether full ownership is for you. The planes we own and discuss here are mostly for our own enjoyment; some may be a business tool for transportation and have tax advantages. But, even so,
  5. The transistor has made this possible. Here's a, frankly, incomprehensible statistic regarding that technology: In 1965 there was one transistor produced per person per year. In 2017 there was 56,000,000,000 produced per person per year. And the cost of one transistor is 1000 times less than the cost of a single grain of rice. Cite: https://www.darrinqualman.com/global-production-transistors/
  6. Just pointing out the post is a decade old...but, looks like Tony was here back in October, so maybe he'll respond. Good luck!
  7. Epic two volume treatise. I bought my set 40 years ago. It's an unbelievably comprehensive work combining theory with its practical application supported by real test data. It's as applicable today as when it was written in 1960.
  8. Not saying there isn't a special washer, but the voltages generated will be cancelled out as long as both sides of the star washer are at the same temperature; which is pretty certain! Additional thermocouple trivia/minutiae: Common misconception is that the thermocouple voltage is generated at the junction between the two different metals; that is NOT true. If you think about it, it can't be because you would have some, albeit small, voltage across close to zero ohms which would generate an enormous current! The voltage is generated along the length of the two wires; since the wir
  9. I had this happen on my F. Turned out to be a short inside the control box located under the pilot's side glare shield.
  10. The voltages involved with thermocouples are VERY low; a twenty degree F temperature change is around a half of a millivolt! Connections and wire placement are critical.
  11. That sucks! The guy that hit me didn't run off, and the cops came and took a report, so I'm 'lucky' in that regard.
  12. LOL! But, I'm not the suing kind of guy. As long as I get all the medical costs covered, I'm good.
  13. DAMN! That's nasty. So, how many hours does damage like that take to develop? As in, has this been missed at MORE than one annual?
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