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  1. Hey, I'm a proud CB. No batteries, or glare shield warts with the Scout. Mounts in the corner of the windshield with suction cups. One wire routed inconspicuously is well worth saving well over $550 ($550 delta plus install costs) YMMV, but that's a bunch of avgas!
  2. Well, that explains it, then! I already had the strobe and green position light. And, since I went with the TailBeacon, I was aesthetically copacetic, too
  3. This looks to be a $750, plus installation, solution for ADS-B in. As I have Foreflight on my iPad, I went with the $200 Scout solution (NO install cost): https://flywithscout.com
  4. I'm VERY glad my plane had an AP installed when I bought it. Pretty much lucked out because it wasn't on my list of "must have" items when I was plane shopping. No way I'd spend $20K. I really like my STEC-30 with altitude hold and GPSS. Never any problem in three years of ownership. It's been solid and reliable. It's a real shame that STEC is so greedy with transferring the STC! Even without installation, $4K for the system would be a bargain.
  5. Tried to resist commenting, but can't help myself! Last January, at annual, it was time to OH the mags and I chose NOT to go the Surefly/EIS route. Here was my reasoning: 1) I have read multiple threads, here, and elsewhere, of various 'issues' with these electronic ignition systems, both installations and operation. 2) I have NOT had any problems with my stone-age "Tractor Mags." This is a GOOD thing! 3) Performance improvements with electronic seem marginal, at best. Aircraft engines are stationary, and I think Lycoming did a pretty good job of optimizing timing even if
  6. Are you referencing schematic 800275 Rev IR (gawd, that's a lot of revisions!)? If so, have you verified the feed breaker and fuse F2 are okay?
  7. I have G3 and I believe there is a special tool to remove the knobs. I found it in all the stuff the PO gave me when I bought the plane. Unfortunately, I have never put it to use, so I can't give you first hand advice. I wouldn't force anything, that's for sure; it all looks pretty fragile.
  8. That's the way mine is on my '70 M20F
  9. Me too; I only had M20B time...no problem with having never flown an F.
  10. Amazing, and sad, how you must defend a GOOD decision, ain't it?
  11. LOL! Back in the '70s, in the Los Angeles basin, we used to say, "You can't trust air you can't see"
  12. Well, not so much that it was unreasonable, merely very odd considering there was only one other plane in the pattern on downwind for the south runway and I was approaching from the northeast requesting the north runway. No WAY there was a lot of traffic! I had thought there were two other planes but I listened to LiveATC and only heard one other plane on tower freq. However, I'm not sure how complete the Live ATC recording really was as it did NOT include my response when he told me to call back at 5 miles.
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