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  1. I believe that recurrent training from a pro lowers risk and establishes an objective level of proficiency. Maintaining mere currency by shooting approaches with a buddy acting as a safety pilot...not so much.
  2. Thanks, Paul! That may be the best way to go.
  3. Thanks guys! Most appreciated. I was thinking about the MAPA PPP, but I'm not sure I can get an IPC signoff, or just the FR?
  4. My policy is to get an IPC every 6 months...and it's coming up! I'm based at KPOC (Brackett Field, Pomona, CA) and I like to switch around CFIIs to mix things up Any suggestions for a good CFII in the SoCal area? Thanks!
  5. I have seen the Pyramids of Egypt. I've even witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel. But never in all my years have I witnessed something as improbable, as impossible, as what we've witnessed here!
  6. That's the one I have, too. Happy, so far.
  7. I REALLY like the recent use! If you are going to tie down instead of hangar, maybe the weak paint is actually an advantage (I'd hate to put a plane with nice new paint outside!). Just make sure the paint isn't peeling/flaking off. Nothing wrong with a G; I would have considered one but they are not as common. I have a PowerFlow on my F and no issues, but since it was on the plane when I bought I can't comment on any performance differences, however. Also, very happy with my STEC-30.
  8. Hmm, not upset, and I kinda get what you're saying, but...here's a different perspective to consider: Many of us, for sure myself, are unlikely to own 9 airplanes in our lives. I've always liked Mooneys for the 40 years I've been a pilot. Always wanted one; rented one for nearly a decade. Finally got to a point in life where I could squander my money on my own plane...so, my first plane is a Mooney. I think it's not so much of 'getting used to the maintenance' as it is making sure you buy a plane that isn't going to require an inordinate amount of maintenance (i.e., screwing up and buying a dog!). Buying a 'simple' single like a Cherokee just lessens the amount you'll be out if you buy a dog, that's all IOW, don't buy a 'starter' plane over the fear of maintenance if it's not what you really want. The 'move up to a Mooney later' costs (both $$ and hassle) are not to be ignored as insignificant.
  9. 100% understand. I was't trying to come across as harsh; just concerned that you might be looking at low-end planes because money was tight. Far better to pay $10-$15K more for a plane, than spend the first year or so putting that amount in to bring a low-end plane up to snuff. While the same amount of money in the end, the second method would be far more aggravating.
  10. ^^^ THIS ^^^ It isn't the purchase price that's gonna kill ya.
  11. OK, I'm probably the LEAST experienced owner here...I've only owned my M20F for a year and a half. I shopped for many years and looked at a lot of planes; sad to say, most were dogs that had sat unflown. That is the BIGGEST red flag to me. I walked if the plane had only been flown a few hours in the last year. Many hadn't been flown in many years. Non-use was a deal breaker to me. While I paid $1K for a PPI at a MSC, and would do so again, they don't find everything! My point, as others have stated, is to make CERTAIN you can afford unknown repairs that you can be CERTAIN will arise! For example, not a month after purchase I noticed the prop was leaking...should have that been found at pre-buy? Yeah, I think it should have. But, there was $1500 for a re-seal in the first month of ownership. I'm a fix when I find kind of guy when it comes to my airplane; there was only $2K worth of things to fix at my first annual at Top Gun. However, all-in, (fuel, hangar, taxes, maintenance,...) I spent $18K to fly a little under 100 hours my first year. I had hoped for $1K/month my first year...hopefully, I'll do better this year. But, I just dropped 1.4AMU on an oil cooler refurb and new oil lines last month My advice: make sure you can afford to spend $1K-$2K per month to actually maintain and FLY what you buy.
  12. Dude, this is the BEST frickin'' deal I've ever seen! Jump all over it. I'd say good luck, but you've already got that!