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  1. Has it been confirmed the TailBeacon will fit in the Mooney rudder? I've been concerned it might be too big to fit.
  2. I've had my plane for two years and it has the Zef installed; I'd have to look up how long it's been in the plane. Works perfectly; the Insight G3 always shows 13.8 VDC regardless of RPM or load.
  3. I wouldn't think a fairy needs an airplane in order to fly
  4. Click on his name on the left. Then when his page loads, click on 'message.'
  5. Something's weird with the prop and governor times... 76 hours on prop since OH in Jan 2018,...governor 0 since OH in 2005, what does that mean? Also, pretty sure the fuel is 64, not 54 gallons. I'd look at everything carefully given all the mistakes in the ad!
  6. Sadly, I'd have to agree on all of your points. I feel bad for Planegary, and I'm not sure what the recourse really is. I doubt the painter is going to fix this right by a complete strip and repaint....which is what it will take, I'm afraid.
  7. MikeOH


    In mil-aero the saying goes, "Yesterday's technology at tomorrow's prices!"
  8. MikeOH


    Why choose? You CAN have both
  9. Thanks. Especially to check the servo screen...now to find out where that is and how hard it is to remove/check!
  10. 24-26 psi on take-off with boost pump on.
  11. WOW! CHTs under 360! I fight to keep mine under 400 climbing in hot weather. Once in cruise they drop to 330.
  12. What would be a suspiciously excessive amount of hours for each of those items? What are the recommended OH intervals?
  13. Excellent point! I'm within a gallon on a 35 gallon top-off. So, around 3%...might explain 1/2 gph error.