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  1. WHEW! I can sleep again. Thanks for the thorough answer, and clarification that the "B" hub indication is in the S/N.
  2. Hmm, I believe, in general, credit card surcharge fees are illegal in California: https://oag.ca.gov/consumers/general/credit-card-surcharges
  3. UGH! I should NEVER have read this thread....now, I'm concerned if my prop is correct on my M20F! I have the original build sheet for the prop which was NOT the original prop on the plane. It shows as a HC-C2YR-1BF with F7666A blades. The 2A3 TCDS for the M20F shows both 2CYR and 2CYK versions of the NON B hub as acceptable, but only lists the 2CYK version of the B hub! YIKES! Further, there is no mention on the TCDS of the 'F' on either the hub, or blade, part numbers??? Are those revision letters that are ok? Or?? Last, the TCDS ends with a -2 after the blade number. That's not on the prop build sheet. Or, is that just the number of blades being referred to on the TCDS? I'd sure appreciate it if @Cody Stallings would respond, please. Thanks!
  4. Just be glad it isn't HIGH voltage troubleshooting..adds a whole 'nother dimension
  5. Yeah, they owe him $69.30 back! Not to mention the 25 bucks for using his credit card...Sheesh, who does that these days?
  6. Hmm, I'm no authority, and certainly NOT an A&P...but the 2A3 TCDS only shows he C2YR hub with 7666-2 blades for the M20F, with specs as 14 +/- 0, and 29 +/- 2 for limits. Am I not reading it correctly? Or, did I misread your post, and you have a non-stock, STC'd prop?
  7. Yep. Just what I did earlier this year; I handed Wayne my cooler and he handed back to me a week later looking just like new
  8. Exactly my procedure, as well.
  9. WOW! That is SLOW. It's been a couple of years since I ordered one, but it only took a week, at most. There's government progress
  10. Order it, even if you're not I must have a dozen, or more, from when I was shopping. They are all of $10.
  11. Yes. I had a good experience with them stripping, prepping, painting, and rebalancing a replacement elevator last fall. Paint match was perfect. Great price and quick turn-around. I would definitely use them again. Ask for Ilio (e-lee- o); he's the general manager. Please don't ask why I needed one elevator replaced...I'm still trying to get over it!
  12. I installed the Fusion 46L in my F last weekend. No issues; stock retaining ring held it in place with no slop. Got a chance to turn it on tonight...way better (much brighter than the stock GE bulb), and I'll never have to worry about it burning out again
  13. OMG! That is just about the most disgusting thing I've ever heard! That is an old fashioned mafia shakedown...incredible that it is legal.
  14. Unreal. I can't fathom how the BOE argued that you owed the tax???? Did you own property in California at the time of your visit? That's about the only way I could see they could make this stick...maybe even a timeshare? I know California has some weird regulation to prevent RESIDENTS from buying an airplane out of state and then bringing it into California within the first 6 mos, or year, or something. Did they claim you had California 'residency' based on a summer vacation? I am ashamed of my state...even more after hearing this!