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  1. Apples to Oranges definitely. The KFC-325 was at least an $80,000 autopilot in +/-1990 dollars plus installation labor . This is a $12,000 autopilot in 2023 dollars plus labor. Asking the small servos in this autopilot to catch up smoothly is probably not going to happen on an IAS climb. I haven't tried this on the GFC700, but I'd like to. If I'm at 120 kts on a climb and engage a 120 kt IAS climb, because I want a constant speed climb, I'll be more than happy if it holds that. Actually I'm happy right now that it does VS climbs so well. I feel that constant VS climbs are more what I want anyway, while I monitor everything else. Constant IAS climbs seem more suited to big iron that have auto-throttles.
  2. I probably didn't word that well when I asked, but what speed are you indicating when you select 120? As an example are you climbing at 90kts manually and then selecting a 120 kt IAS climb?
  3. What is the difference between your present speed and the IAS that you're selecting? I've heard that if you're within a few kts of your desired IAS when selecting IAS, it may work out OK. Otherwise I've heard that without an auto-throttle it's going to be chasing and over compensating and then over reacting, etc, etc.
  4. I think you're chasing something you won't catch. I'm new to the G1000 with a GFC700 (a little over a year) - everyone I talked to before I bought the airplane said that its great at VS climbs but you won't like IAS climbs. I believed them and I climb based on VS.
  5. How does it do when you climb based on vertical speed, i.e. 500 fpm?
  6. They both have a lot of history with the airplane - it wouldn't surprise me if Maxwell was the actual owner.
  7. You could be right - Tom flew it to MoneyMax in June I think.
  8. We consider it our obligation to assist him in spending his childrens' inheritance.
  9. I've heard of some that just didn't work, not sure if that has anything to do with leveling, or just defective. I've had a couple of them installed and if the shop doesn't skip any steps, like doing it with the Mooney level, the AHRS works as advertised. A lot of shops couldn't tell you where the level reference line is on the Mooney.
  10. Bite the bullet and spend the money on a a Garmin GDL50 (ADS-B in only) or a GDL52 (ADS-B in + XM). Solid connection - compatible with with Garmin Pilot, FltPln Go, Foreflight, Aera 660 or 760). You could also mount a GDL50R or 52R behind the panel, however I like the portable since it has built in battery for a good solution for a power out situation. The best permanent in-panel solution for what's out now and in the future is a Garmin GTX-345 transponder - it offers bluetooth for portables, hard wire for panel displays, built-in AHRS, which works well if the airplane is leveled when configured. I don't care for Appareo (Stratus) as a company since they have had known flaws in their portables (power jack) and did not own up to it and do the right thing and they just put the responsibility back on the customer. Based on their poor customer service I don't see them as a long term player in the market and I personally would do whatever I could to avoid any product with their name on it. (I had a Stratus 2 that had intermittent power problems - the usb jack on the unit itself was defective. I took it to Oshkosh a few years back fully expecting them to do something about it since it was a known flaw according to what I had been reading about on online forums. The person I talked to at the Appareo booth should have received at least a nomination for best actor since he feigned complete shock that something like this had happened and that they hadn't really seen anything like this . . . that often. They offered to give me a relatively small discount on a new "updated" unit, which was an insult since the updated unit was admission that there had been a flaw in the previous unit. Had they offered a substantial price adjustment for their flaw and my time and trouble that would have showed good faith on their part. I stayed off to the side and in the next 30 minutes saw three other people approach the same person with similar issues and he went through his same act. Any product can have issues that show up in the field, but the great companies own the mistake, are honest about it, and do something to make it right. I went from their booth over to Aircraft Spruce and bought a Garmin GDL-52 and never looked back. I enjoy basic XM music with an inexpensive subscription with the GDL52 also. I gave the Stratus 2 to a friend who thought maybe he could solder the connection or even wire it directly - he ended up throwing it away in the garbage - exactly where it belonged in the first place. But as you can tell . . at least I'm not bitter about it . . lol )
  11. If you're in Wyoming you want Kerry McIntyre (knr-inc.com) to work on your Mooney. https://www.knr-inc.com/shop-talk-articles.html
  12. Mooney only made one M20T - that's a Predator. It belongs to Tom Bowen https://www.aviationconsumer.com/uncategorized/mooney-predator/ I think you're referring to an M20TN (Acclaim).
  13. I've had the AeroComfort carpet with the foam glued to the carpet, probably very similar to Ensolite. I noticed two things: a little quieter than the factory carpets that they replaced and in the winter my feet stayed warmer in the flight levels. Whatever the cost difference is, you won't remember it in a month. I always regret it when I am thinking about whether to get an option and don't end up getting it.
  14. Just be happy that they aren't stuck down. Only time I've had them stuck it was the relay.
  15. And it looks like you feel you know more about the Mooney 231/JPI 930 combo than @jlunseth. It looks like you've owned your 231 about 3.5 years. Even though I owned a 231 for about the same length of time (May 1993 - September 1996) and flew it almost 400 hours before I bought a Bravo, my knowledge didn't scratch the surface compared to @jlunseth. On this forum he is the most knowledgable and helpful on the 231, having owned his airplane coming up on 14 years . Most likely he has flown behind the JPI 930 in a 231 more than anyone else on the forum. Personally, if I owned a 231 I would want to be kind to him so I might be able to call on him when needed. @kortopates is the most knowledgable and helpful on the 252 (or Encore) and @donkaye is the most knowledgable and helpful on the Bravo. Even though I have some time in all three of these airframes I defer to them and appreciate all of the help they provide to Mooney owners on the forum.
  16. Usually has to do with the jackscrew grease not being looked at in years. This is overlooked in many annuals.
  17. The main reason they need to be overhauled is that the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness are not being done on many of the speed brakes. It involves pulling the cartridge at every annual and cleaning the worm/worm gear and re-greasing with Aeroshell 22. On every Mooney that I have bought it looks as though this was never done. The speed brakes are usually slow to retract. After servicing, the ones I have done are fine.
  18. Since that includes the carpet kit and all of the panels and windlace and a new fire extinguisher plus adhesives, it's not as bad as it could be in 2023 pricing. MSC pricing can vary - I imagine they get 15%-20% to work with - you may get a lower quote if you shop around.
  19. Yeah the natural urge is to re-set since we have the hope that it will just fix itself. But since the breakers are there to protect the wiring - the last thing anyone wants to deal with is an in-flight fire. Good job getting it back on the ground safely, where it's much easier to figure these things out.
  20. Very creative - "Salvador Dali meets Picasso" . That must have been an unbelievable amount of work. You could've asked for a small one ounce container of touch-up paint for each color when you picked it up. . but then you would have been over gross for the trip home
  21. That only works if you're still conscious.
  22. When you say it keeps popping, are you continuing to re-set it in the air?
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