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  1. I bought a Teledyne (Gill 7243-16) in March 2020 and it had the exact symptoms as yours in September 2021. (I noticed it slowing down a few months sooner than that, around May.) It showed 26 volts but wouldn't power up the avionics and of course wouldn't turn the starter. A brand new Concorde swapped out in its place solved the problem. Perhaps a bad batch of batteries (worse than usual Gills) at that time frame? My serial number was G03065919.
  2. The climb performance on the 280hp is great with the two turbos so I'm inclined to leave well enough alone, for now at least. I would be putting in fine wire plugs this week, except they are out of stock until early December.
  3. A highly sulfated battery or one with a bad cell can show voltage but when a load is asked it can't push the amps. How old are your batteries?
  4. I think you and I have identical props - the aluminum S-Type Acclaim Prop.
  5. Yes he had at least three and is more into aerobatics. 310hp has crossed my mind also
  6. https://www.avidyne.com/find-a-dealer/ https://aspenavionics.com/where-to-buy/
  7. Did you ever get this resolved? I'm having the same problem.
  8. Re-read the first sentence of his reply.
  9. It doesn't take long right now on the good ones that are priced correctly.
  10. Since it was less than two years and they carry a two year warranty on the Gill 7243-16, earlier this week I thought hey let me check and see if they will do the right thing and cover this so I can at least get something out of this . . maybe give the replacement to someone who needs a battery. The lady on the phone was nice but since I bought the battery in March 2020 they calculate that I'm in my 20th month now, so pro-rated they would give me 4/24ths credit off of full retail, roughly $100 off, if I decide to buy another one of the same batteries. Not a chance they are going to get me again.
  11. Thanks. Just did at your suggestion. Could you tell me which letters need to be checked for the ICAO Equipment for the profile on this airplane?
  12. There were two options years ago: TKS DeIce and TKS FIKI. If memory serves me correctly one was like $30,000-$35,000 and the other started out close to $50,000. Now there's one option: FIKI which is now well over $60,000. It's my understanding there is no upgrade path from DeIce to FIKI. There's a good article on the Bravo in Flying magazine when TKS was first introduced.(https://books.google.com/books?id=SWTxHyD-U_wC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false) (There's one error in the article where he mentions that the 270hp TIO540AF1B engine in the Bravo as being de-rated compared to the 350hp engine in a Navajo. Come to find out, the only thing those two engines have in common is possibly the spark plugs, nothing else. )
  13. Good point. I have one in my hangar. I'll post a picture. Oil makes more sense.
  14. Free Emergency GPU start with the purchase of a Gill battery.
  15. Good choice! Get any tubes you want as long as they are Michelin Airstops . .
  16. Had I bought it in FL yes, but asking Mike to come to NJ no. The insurance company originally wanted to me to get a checkout with an instructor, but then waived that requirement. I still went up with an instructor the day before I brought it back for an overview of the G1000. It flies just like a Bravo, only easier and smoother . . . and faster
  17. For one thing if the pilot doesn’t have a high performance endorsement they’ll need that. (J has 200 hp; K has 210; Encore K has 220) Although technically it’s not needed on a 231 since it’s only certified to FL240, high altitude training should be a requirement. The 252 is certified to FL280 though. I bought a 231 back in 1993 and flew it away after they handed me the keys. Within the first week I was making flights at FL230/240. No backup oxygen, no pulse O2, no clue. Thankfully soon after that I got some additional training, although it wasn’t required back then.
  18. Mooney made a cold weather kit for the Ovation. It's a sheet metal panel that's installed under the cowling.
  19. It looks like the PM2407 might be the way to go: https://www.aviationpros.com/engines-components/aircraft-engines/piston-engines-parts/press-release/12419762/hartzell-engine-technologies-llc-cirrus-selects-skytec-pm2407-starter-on-continental-engines
  20. I figure that they only have so many cycles in their lifespan (especially those little troublesome relays), so I'd rather not use those up by checking them twice before take-off. If they don't come down in my pre-takeoff checklist that means I won't be using them for landing and I'll be getting them fixed soon. But I would hate to scrub a trip over flaps being stuck down.
  21. Now you have two reasons to come to Fredericksburg TX.
  22. They're both great airplanes. The climb performance in the Acclaim S is amazing and I don't even have the 310 hp STC. My Bravo was a '93 and this is an '08 so Mooney came a long ways in interior fit and finish in those years so that's a plus. I tried out lean of peak early on in the flight on the way home and it is smooth. I could never do that in the Bravo, even though some people have made it work.I need some time getting used to the G1000 but I have to say that I really like the integration. Time will tell and I realize going into it that upgrades are tied to the type certificate, but with the amount of G1000 airplanes that have been built of all brands, finding a screen, etc. shouldn't be that tough if you're resourceful. Plus I'm convinced that if it's ever to the point where there are no replacements, someone will do an STC for the latest and greatest at the time. If nothing else I'll velcro my iPad to the screen . . lol The flight characteristics are pretty much the same although it seems to land better and float less. I'm definitely not used to the "winglet" yet. When I look out there I feel like I'm flying the Batplane. Before I came back, I told a friend of mine that I'm bringing back a 172 (which was my 1st airplane and I flew 500 hrs). He asked how many days I had planned for the trip. I still haven't told him what I brought back yet.
  23. Last week after delivering the Bravo I sold to FL I flew commercially up to Philadelphia and drove to Princeton NJ to look at an Acclaim Type S. I ended up buying it and flying it home last Saturday with a stop just outside Memphis TN. (25 kt avg headwind the entire way back to TX ). I have to say on first impression that the GFC700 is the best autopilot I've ever flown behind. Very smooth and a lot of attention to detail. (Small thing but every time you enter a Baro change the autopilot gets you back to your pre-selected altitude. I've never had that before on an autopilot. On the first baro change it started climbing and I thought something was wrong. . lol) This one came from Mooney with WAAS and it had a GTX345 added for adsb out and traffic-in. I'll get ads-b weather-in after I do the -37 software upgrade. It also has the Monroy Long Range Tanks. I'm looking forward to doing some catch-up maintenance (shock discs, bleed brakes, new batteries) and flying it.
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