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  1. How about a donation link - say - under the menu? I was looking to donate when I joined, but couldn’t figure how. I just stumbled on this thread. just sent in mine, thank you for keeping this space going!
  2. David, can you share a photo of your panel? I’m considering a twin G3X (10 and 7”). Seems to me to be a better option compared to G3x + dual G5 (one AI backup, and the other HSI for second NAV/COM).
  3. Thank you, will post :). I didn’t save - will do so next. They were black, I suspect organic.
  4. They were resealed last year, however, pre-buy in May this year showed tanks were leaking, so the shop reworked them. I will follow up on the details of what was done.
  5. Hi, this is my first post. I’ve been lurking around here for a while researching which model to buy. Thank you all for your informative posts which swayed the decision to a 1996 O1 that we now enjoy for 3 months. Question: I say sediments yesterday, I had to sump 5 full cups each side to clear them. After the flight, I sumped again and saw more sediments. I’ll ask a mechanic to look tomorrow. Wanted to ask if you have experienced anything similar, whether there’s something bigger to watch out for. The tanks were resealed 3 months go during pre-buy.
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